Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Peech Fuzz!

Yesterday was great or at least most of it was. Monday mid-morning, Tony and I took off for the Home Depot, in Kerrville, to buy some more 1"4"s Imported From Sweden and a few more cans of Rust-oleum's Black Gloss spray paint.

When we got back home Tony and I stained the boards outside and then Tone went to watch the high school baseball game, in Medina. So I cranked up my Bose and went outside to try to finish spray-painting our gate entrance's side fencing—glossy black. And while I was using up one can after another, three to be exact, our dear friend Steve Pietzsch, the incredibly famous, talented artist, pulled into our driveway to say howdy.

Tony and I love Steve aka Peech so much, for so many different reasons. First being he is a super nice man, a great friend, fun to hang out with and for him finding this fabulous, rare picture of Texas Ranger Big Foot Wallace. That he personally framed and gave to Tony, because he knew that Tony is related to this famous Texas Ranger.

Anyway, while Steve and I were visiting, I kept spray-painting the fence and when Steve told me something funny, I stopped spraying the paint and started laughing. And while I was laughing at what he had said I wiped my face with the back of my hand, trying to get a few stray, gray hairs out of my face.

And when I did that Peech frowned and made a face, like ooh, while shaking his head sideways. Then he remarked, "You shouldn't do that while you're painting..." I laughed and blew it off and went back to spray painting.

Steve stayed for about twenty more minutes, because he and I got to talking about the benefits of harvesting rainwater, because that is what he has done, at his home. And before we adios-ed each other Steve had convinced me that we should definitely consider harvesting rainwater.

I used up two more cans of black gloss spray-paint when I finally quit and came inside and I would have done more painting, but I had run out of paint, again.

It was nearly 6:00, so I decided to drink one of Tony's cheap beers and when I passed by a mirror I was shocked and nearly fainted at what I saw. "Omg!" I said to Roy, Belle, Beau, Henry, Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) and they just stared at me. Then Belle looked at me, again and she barked at me, because she saw my black mustache that was made up of about twenty, scattered, tiny, short, facial hairs.

"It's me, Belle," I said, as I skipped off, to the bathroom, grabbed a wet washcloth and began scrubbing my upper lip trying to remove the black glossy hairs. Seriously, I was mortified and embarrassed that Steve had seen me like this. And it must have happened when I had tried to brush away my strands if hair and wiped my face with wet paint. And that's why Steve made that face and suggested for me not to do that again.

Okay, in self-defense I admit that I have a part-time mustache that I pluck away at daily and so do most women my age. And also the late, great Nora Ephron even wrote about hers, in the book The Most of Nora Ephron. The chapter on Maintenance and I even blogged about it, on October 30, 2016 and I titled that blog For The Ladies Only!

Tony got back home around 6:30. Medina lost and I had lost my black, shiny mustache ("peech" fuzz), thank goodness. So I didn't say a word about our losses.

Today has been great. This afternoon, while it was still drizzling, we went back, to Home Depot, to buy more cans of black spray paint and gutters and all of the necessary materials needed for us to start harvesting rainwater.

Before we came back home, we stopped by TNJ Engraving to pick up our ranch signs. You see I had two made, because one will go on our fence and the other one we are not sure yet where we want to hang it. Anyway, these people are the very best at what they do and I would highly recommend them to any friend or stranger, because they are so good. And to say the least about our ranch sign—we love it! And I mean we absolutely LOVE it.

Right after we got back home I fixed us lunch and then Tony and I went outside to hang up our ranch sign, on the fence. And when I say "we" hung it up—Tony did all of the work, but I stood back and helped direct him where to hang it. So ladies and gentleman here is our sign with the name of our ranch on it!

The name of our ranch took me a long time to finally decide on what it should be and Tony is happy with it too, because he is so proud of his famous relative, Big Foot Wallace, and of course, as you must know by now—I am totally into Big Foot/Yetis, aliens, etc. So it is perfect for us. Thank you, TNJ Engraving!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Today has been great. Early this afternoon Tony and I started transforming his room (formerly the back porch) into a faux-looking log cabin room, like the rest of our cabin.

And we would have finished his room today, but we ran out of wood, at the exact same time that Kinky called me. We had a fun conversation and after we adios-ed each other I decided to check my e-mail.

Liz sent me an hilarious note about her running down to their gate, several times today, to check to see if I had left my red crock pot there and I am still laughing about that. Liz also told me that Jim does not want mine or anyone else's crock pot, because the secret to their long, happy marriage is: Jim only cooks outside with fire and Liz only cooks inside using all of her gadgets. And that kind of logic makes a whole lot of sense to me.

After reading Liz's funny note I clicked on Drew's latest e-mail and he sent me this picture, that Ellie took of him and his super-cool dog, Harry, actually hiking the Appalachian Trail today. And I must admit that I am kind of jealous, because hiking the famous Appalachian Trail is one of the things for me to do on my bucket list.

A little while later, while Hazel was helping me suck up hair and dust Ronnie called and left me a message, on Carlton, "Hi Nance. Just wanted to let you know that I am getting ready to cook some ribs, in my Instant Pot. Call me."

So I called Ronnie back and teased him. "....I just wanted to let you know that I am cooking another roast, in my Instant Pot..." And we had a good laugh about it.

And before I finish writing this tonight I want y'all to know that our new, motion-activated, solar-powered, solar light "As Seen on TV" works like a charm and we absolutely love it. Even though Little Debbie pooped on our front porch, again.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

As Seen On TV! or Paint It Black!

Today has been great, but before I write another word I need to clear up something. In case you were wondering about me wanting to give sweet Liz my bread machine if her husband, Jim, decides to claim my red crock pot as his. Sadly, the reason that I'm not doing it is not out of kindness as it should be. I'm doing it for my mental health, because there is absolutely no space available, in the kitchen and I have no where else to put the dang thing. And with all of that said I've just had another light bulb go off in my head. (Don't worry. This happens to me all of the time.)

Anyway, giving away my bread machine could be the start of something really big, because we simply have too much stuff, since we are downsizing.

Heck, I could anonymously give away all kinds of stuff that we don't have room for by secretly leaving them, at friends gates or near their front doors. It would be helpful to me and also a lot of fun. So starting tomorrow morning I will add a new pile to my list of what to do with all of our stuff.

Up until now I've had only three piles when sorting and putting away our stuff.
     1. Keepers
     2. Goes To Good Will
     3. Trash it
And now I can add:
     4. Secret Give Aways To Friends

Late this morning Tony and I went to Kerrville. Our first stop was at the Post Office drive-thru, so I could mail out a few things. Our second stop was at Walmart, so we could buy Tony some new underwear and a dozen white, wire coat hangers for me. Our third stop was at the big H-E-B, so we could buy some more pork ribs to cook in my Instant Pot. (Remember, I told Tone that it was his Valentines gift to me?) And our last stop was at Home Depot so we could buy some more imported Swedish Pine, so we could stain it today and put it up, on his walls tomorrow, so it will look like a log cabin room, too.

That was all that we had planned to buy, at the Home Depot, until I saw this amazing rack, near the lumber section, in the front isle. And when I read the words "As Seen On TV" and saw that it was a Motion-Activated Solar Power LED Light, for only $12 bucks and some change—I just had to buy it. So Little Debbie will hopefully start pooping,  outside, in the front yard, instead of on our front porch or on the potty-pads we have strategically placed in The Cabin.

When we got back home, the first thing we did was unload the twenty 1"x4"s "Imported from Sweden." Seriously, I can't believe that they are from Sweden, because they are the cheapest white pine boards that you can buy at Home Depot.

After we unloaded them we stained them and our fingers too. And after we had stained them we gathered up several more Swedish 1"x4"s of different sizes and we stained them too. Just in case we run out of boards tomorrow when we do Tony's room.

Then while Tony took a brief break, I took a picture of my "As Seen On TV" Quick & Easy Outdoor Light package and then I went outside and screwed it into our front yard's gate post.

Then because the sun had finally come out from hiding, late this afternoon, Tony and I spent the next thirty minutes spray painting our front fence black to match our black gate. We used up four cans of black spray paint and now, the next time we go, to Kerrville, we must go back, to Home Depot, to buy some more spray paint so we can complete this "Paint It Black" fencing project.

And I guess that is about it for tonight, because I can't wait until it gets dark outside to see if Little Debbie will go outside and poop, in the yard, because of our newly installed, action-motivated solar light—"As Seen On TV."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Crock Pots!

Today has been great. It has been rainy, so I spent most of my day putting more of our stuff up and the results are huge. Seriously, with the exception of "our tool area," still in the corner of the big room, the kitchen and the rest of the big room look great.

I moved some of my musical instruments around, reorganized the kitchen shelves, unpacked six boxes that included items such as clothing, kitchen gadgets, framed pictures, etc.

Speaking of clothing, today I found my "I Hiked The Entire (width of the) Appalachian Trail" t-shirt that our good, dear friends, Drew and Ellie, bought for me, as a joke when he and Ellie were actually hiking the Appalachian Trail. (That was a few years ago and I did blog about it.)

Anyway, Drew is such a fun loving character and we totally love him for it. Years ago, precisely on January 29, 2015, the day that I blogged Packin' It— he is the man who loaned me his backpack and walking stick, so I could pose like I was hilking the Appalachian Trail. And here are a few pictures to remind you.

P.S. I used Photoshop to put the sign on the tree.

I had so much fun joking about me hiking the Appalachian Trail I ended up making a trail sign and I hung it up on the wall, above our kitchen table. I love that sign. So when we started moving over here it was one of the first things that I hung up on the wall, in the big room. 

And the second thing that I hung up on the wall, next to it, was my prized, pretty, pink potholder, in a shadowbox that our good friend, Jean, helped me finish making, because I was too stupid to figure out how to tie up the ends of the potholder. And here is a reminder of those two precious items.

So me hiking the Appalachian Trail has become a long-running joke with us and all of our friends. In fact, a few months ago, Carol, gave me a hiking sign, as a house-warming gift for our new cabin and we hung her hiking sign, on our front porch.

Okay, I am betting that right about now you're probably asking yourself, "Why is she telling me all of this old news about the Appalachian Trail?" And I don't blame you for asking. Because I think it is really weird that today I find Drew's Appalachian Trail T-shirt that I absolutely love and Drew who corresponds with me regularly about every 6 months or so, sent me this hilarious e-mail just a few hours after I had hung up my T-shirt, in the closet. Drew wrote:

"....Well we are back on the Appalachian Trail. Going to spend the summer here. We are sitting at a brewery with a bunch of hikers. I am about to make a public announcement and explain they are walking on sacred ground retracing the steps of the famous hiker, Cousin Nancy (Parker-Simons)...."

After I read Drew's laugh out loud e-mail and I had settled down a little bit I read my dear friend Liz's e-mail. Her subject line was: 4 New Instant Pot Recipes From Mark Bittman. 

In her fun to read note Liz told me that she has enjoyed reading my blog about our move and the Instant Pot. She mentioned that she was old school, because she had just gotten a red crock pot that she told Jim was his Valentine gift to her. And that instantly made a light bulb go off in my head.

Since Tony and I only give each other Valentine's Day cards I am going to tell him that I am going to give him my old, used, red crock pot as my belated Valentine's gift to him, since for Valentine's Day he gave me the Instant Pot!

Anyway, I checked out the epicurious link that Liz sent to me and the four Instant Pot recipes blew me away and I cannot wait to try them. Of course, now I am feeling guilty about me getting an Instant Pot and sweet Liz being thrilled about getting a red crock pot. 

So I've decided that if Tony doesn't want my red crock pot belated Valentine gift I will sneak over to their ranch and leave my old, crock pot, at their gate. Then Liz will have two crock pots instead of just one and she'll not be jealous of me and my Instant Pot! That is unless Jim finds it first and claims it as his crock pot. 

And I've already decided if Jim claims my/Tony's crock pot as his I will sneak back over to their beautiful ranch and leave my bread machine, next to the gate with an anonymous card that will simply say, For LIZ!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bulls-Eye! or I Decided To Retire!

Today has been great and tonight's post will be a fairly fast read, because I can't wait to get back to reading Marie Bostwick's awesome book Second Sister.

Early this afternoon for lunch Tony and I ate (Instant Pot) leftovers—delicious roast beef, carrots and potatoes. Then he and I took off for Kerrville to run two errands.

Our first errand was, at Home Depot, to pick up a few cans of black spray paint, so tomorrow I can finish spray painting our gate and the fencing right next to it. And we purchased another bird feeder and a couple of big wire baskets for me to use, in the kitchen, under the counter top, to store more stuff.

Our second errand was to buy a few groceries, at the big H-E-B, on Main Street. But our primary reason for going to H-E-B today was to buy some pork ribs and the other two ingredients needed to make my Cousin Nancy's (Ronnie's) famous "Fall Off The Bone Pork Ribs" recipe, in our incredibly great Instant Pot pressure cooker.

Then we came back home as fast as we could, so I could make my new pork ribs recipe, that only takes 15 minutes to cook, in the Instant Pot and just five more minutes, in the broiler, to glaze the BBQ sauce.

Omg, it was fun and so fast and easy to cook these delicious pork ribs and Tony loved them so much he ate a few too many. But before he went wild devouring these mouth-watering, fall off the bone, pork ribs I took a picture of them, in front of the half-full bottle of Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce that Ronnie had highly recommended that I use.

After I finished eating these ribs and had just started to clean up the kitchen our dogs, outside, started barking—the FedEx Ground truck was parked at our gate.

Fortunately, Tony was outside hanging up his new bird feeder, so he met the friendly driver, at the gate and then Tony came inside to give me my package. "Omg," I said. "I can't believe my boots are already here. I ordered them yesterday afternoon, from Justin Boots, in Fort Worth." Tony smiled and then he went, back outside, to gather some more wood for our wood-burning stove.

As y'all well know I love my Justin Gypsy Cowboy Boots and I've been wearing them for over 10 years, because they are so comfortable and pink. 

Anyway, yesterday I decided to retire my old pair of pink boots and buy some new ones, because I've literally worn them out. Because I've been wearing this pair everyday for the past year and a half. And to prove it here is a picture of my old pink boots I've been wearing compared to my new pair of pink Justin Gypsy boots that I just pulled out of the box.

And that is about it for tonight, because I still need to exercise and walk four, fast miles with Leslie Sansone, in the privacy of The Cabin. And come to think about it I think I'll wear my new boots, so I break them in.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tiny Pink Pills!

First off, Monday night after Tony and I spent over thirty minutes searched to find Big Al(ice)'s thunder jacket I finally found it. For some reason it was stuffed inside one of my straw, Resistol cowboy hats that I have yet to hang up, on a wall. So we survived Monday night without a hitch.

Yesterday, we spent most of our time outside burning brush. So it was a pretty uneventful day. But last night wasn't.

It was around 11:30 and Tony had already gone to bed, while I stayed up reading Second Sister by Marie Bostwick. I had just started reading this great book, around 9:00, and I was so hooked on reading it I could not put it down and it is a good thing that I didn't.

Because at 11:46, there was this big, loud thunder clap and suddenly the rain started pouring down, which made Big Al(ice) go into a full-blown a panic attack. The lightning strike was so loud that it also startled Henry Standing Bear, Belle and me. So I immediately went into action to help Alice even though I knew that I needed to unplug everything.

First, I folded up one of Alice's tiny, pink, happy pills, inside an even smaller piece of Honey Wheat bread and then I picked up Big Al and put her, on top of the kitchen island and gave her the pill. Then with her still shaking and standing on top of the island, with Belle and Henry closely watching us, I put Big Ali(ice)'s thunder jacket on her. And that seemed to relieve all of us.

Then with Alice tightly clutched in my arms I raced around The Cabin unplugging everything as fast I could. And right after I unplugged Jaws (my mighty Vita-Mix machine) lightning hit real close again startling all of us, once more. Several seconds later all was unplugged and Big Al(ice) seemed to be calming down some.

So I left Big Al, on the sofa, cuddled up with Belle and Henry and went and took my little pink pill (Baby Aspirin), so I wouldn't have a heart attack or a stroke, because of all of the unexpected commotion.

Well, it rained hard for about forty-five minutes and I could hear the thunder finally moving farther and farther away, as Big Al(ice) slept peacefully between Belle and Hen. (Yes, sometimes I call Henry Standing Bear—Hen to save time.)

A little after 12:30, I decided to do a little more reading, because I love this book and also because I was too wound up to go to sleep.

Anyway, I was so engrossed in reading Second Sister the time flew by and I ended up going to bed just a little before 2:00.

Today has been great even though I got up at 7:00 and was moving slower than normal. The Cabin was warm and cozy, because Tone had gotten up early, at 5:00 (Like he always does.) and he had started a big fire, in our wood-burning stove. It seemed everyone was rested but me.

We spent most of our morning putting away more stuff. Then using my new Instant Pot I made us a super, delicious lunch—pot roast with red potatoes, carrots and onions. And Tony and I were both impressed with how delicious it was and how little time it took for the pressure cooker to cook our meal.

So late this afternoon, after sweating and walking 4 Fast Miles With Leslie Sansone, I called Ronnie, because I wanted to tell him about how great our Instant Pot is so he could buy one, too. "....I know, Nance," Ronnie said. "I bought us an Instant Pot, about a year ago and we use it all of the time..."

After he told me about Nita making the best macaroni and cheese in their Instant Pot and rice, roast, etc. we changed the subject and talked about what Heartland episode he and Nita were watching, because I've already watched the entire series. "Well, let me see. We're on Season 10 now and we've watched the first three episodes and...." Then we went back to talking about Instant Pots, again. And before we adios-ed each other Ronnie gave me his Instant Pot Pork Ribs recipe, because he told me that he makes it all of the time for his friends and they absolutely love it and they can't believe that it only takes 13 minutes, in the Instant Pot and only 4-5 minutes in the broiler.

So tomorrow I plan to go to the big H-E-B, in Kerrville and buy some pork ribs, chicken broth and bbq sauce, so Tony and I can eat Ronnie's "Falls Off the Bone" pork ribs for our dinner. And that's about it for tonight, because I am going to read for a little while and then hopefully go to bed early, so I can catch up on my much needed beauty sleep.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Cats Have Staff!

Today has been great even though this evening the weatherman has predicted heavy thunderstorms tonight for the Hill Country. Which to me means giving Big Al(ice) a tiny tranquilizer, putting her thunder jacket on her and then unplugging everything.

I am not complaining and this is totally doable as long as I can locate which unpacked box or garbage sack we packed it in. And Tony and I plan to start hunting for her jacket as soon as I finish writing this. So tonight is going to be a short post.

This afternoon after we ate lunch I decided to build another bookcase for our bathroom, so we can store more stuff. It took me less than an hour to make this smaller bookcase/storage cabinet and that included me spray painting two boards needed to complete the doors. Here is the unused space between the bathroom sink and the doorway where the bookcase/cabinet will go.

After taking measurements for it I went outside and used the chop saw to cut my 1"x4" boards. Then I came back inside and started building it, on top of the island. And in this picture knowing that I wanted to store toilet paper, I stacked two rolls of toilet paper and added a board, before I screwed the shelf in and I did it on both sides, so the shelf would be level.

After the bookcase was assembled, I took measurements for the doors and realized I was 2 boards short, so I went outside and I found 2 unpainted boards and chopped them to size. Then I came inside and studied the colors of my almost empty cans of spray paint. And as you can tell I used hunter green and colonial red. Then I built the two doors. 

And after Aaron helped me put the hinges on it I took it into our bathroom and secured it to the wall, using 2 L-brackets. Then I filled it with more of our stuff.

In the above picture you will see the embroidered sign, on the top of the bookcase/cabinet that reads:

Cats have staff

 I love that sign that I made, in 2003, because I remember making two of them. One to give to First Lady Laura Bush and one for me.  

The reason that I made the sign for Laura Bush, was to thank her for helping our rescue ranch, because she did a fabulous fundraising luncheon for us, at the Four Seasons, in Austin. 

And thinking back to that fun event I have to laugh at myself for doing something really stupid that day. You see Kinky had asked Tony and me to meet him, at the Four Seasons, about an hour before the luncheon began, so I could give Laura, a big time dog and cat lover, my embroidered sign and we could thank her for helping our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. 

Well, to say the least Tone and I were pretty nervous about the event and getting to meet the First Lady and all.  

Anyway to make a long story shorter, when we arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel, we quickly hooked up with Kinky, in the big, fancy dining room. All kinds of people were running around setting tables, doing a sound check, etc. and Laura Bush was standing about twenty feet away from us and she was  talking to someone.

Well about that time, Kinky took off to go greet some of the musicians and entertainers that would be performing and he left us standing there and told us he would be right back. So I decided it would be a good time for me to go over to Laura and deliver my gift to her. 

So I took off and walked right up to the First Lady and handed her my embroidered sign as I introduced myself, gave her a hug, and I thanking her for doing this awesome fundraiser for our rescue ranch. 

And she was as nice and gracious to me as she could be, even though unbeknownst to me, my actions were being carefully watched by all of these Secret Service men, dressed in their dark blue suits. And right after I did this Kinky showed up and he started talking to his friend Laura Bush about Tony and me and our rescue ranch. Bottom   Line: After the enjoyable event I found out that no one is to ever touch a First Lady and that was why I had semi-panicked the Secret Service guarding her. 

So please let this be a lesson to y'all if you are ever in the same room with a First Lady, so it will save you the embarrassment it caused me. And that's about it for tonight, because now I need to go find Big Al(ice)'s thunder jacket.

But wait, I forgot to tell you this. Following the Laura Bush luncheon, she graciously, posed to have her picture taken with everyone who attended the event. 

And the next day, following the fun, fundraising luncheon, Ronnie (my sweet, big brother) called me to talk about how much he enjoyed going to the luncheon. And before we adios-ed each other Ronnie told me that he also got his picture taken with Mrs. Bush, too. "Nance, she was so nice and the picture the cameraman took of us was me with my arm wrapped around Laura Bush's shoulder!...."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The One To Clean It Up!

Today has been great and I slept in, because I had no agenda planned for today. Until Tony took off to go take some pictures later this afternoon.

But let me back up first. Late this morning Tony told me that he was craving Jim's (The Mineral Man's)Pressure Cooker Senate Navy Bean Soup and it was weird because I was too.

Anyway, I suggested that he learn how to make them with my help using Jim's (I mean my) delicious recipe. And he was all for it, because he was anxious to try out our new Instant Pot. So we went for it.

As I read Tony the ingredients and the amounts he measured them carefully and added them to the pressure cooker's pot. And I was pretty impressed with his expertise, but not the mess that he was creating, on the counter top, because I knew that I would be the one to clean it up. Which I actually don't mind doing, because I enjoy washing dishes, etc.

Forty-five minutes later, Tony served us up some delicious Cousin Nancy's Senate Navy Bean Soup for us. And yes, he ate two bowls of it and I cleaned up the kitchen.

Around 1:30, Tony bid me farewell, because he was going to go take some pictures of some ducks and after he left it only took me about fifteen minutes to decide to build a bookcase for our small bathroom, because we both have way too much stuff and nowhere to put it, since we down-sized from having 2 1/2 bathrooms with a walk-in shower to one bathroom with one shower for both of us to share. And I took these pictures to show you how I did it, before Tone returned home with beautiful duck pictures.

This is the empty spot I chose to put the bathroom bookcase. Between the toilet and hot water tank.

I took a few measurements and then I went outside, on our front porch and used the chop saw to cut the number of boards I needed. Then I started building the bookcase, on the kitchen island.

Then I started screwing in the shelves. And, to make sure the shelves would be level and not going to come out slanting—I used various can sizes or two rolls of toilet paper stacker or sometimes 2 cans stacked on top of each other, etc. And please notice our La Crosse Atomic Clock, hanging on the front wall.

Even though the bookcase was longer than the island it was not a problem.

When I finished it I put it in the bathroom and used 2 L brackets to secure it to the back wall, so it would not fall down, in the middle of the night and trip me during the wee hours of the morning.

Then I started organizing our stuff on it. I got four shelves for my stuff and I gave Tone one shelf to cram all of his stuff into.

Then about this time Tony returned back home with duck photos and when he saw what I had accomplished he helped me finish making the cabinet doors and helping me hang them, even though he had only one shelf for his personal use.

Tony and I love our new storage bookcase and are thrilled that we have more space to put our things, in our bathroom.

As I finish writing this tonight I want to share The Mineral Man's delicious, Pressure Cooker Senate Bean Soup. Which I hope you will decide to call Cousin Nancy's Pressure Cooker Senate Bean Soup or Tony's Perfect Pressure Cooker Senate Bean Soup.

And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

La Crosse! or Gibsons!

Friday was great and so was today. Yesterday morning, as planned, our good friend Aaron came over to help us install the brand new front door for our cabin.

Actually, back in June, when Tony and I bought this place the first thing we did to celebrate getting it was to go, to Home Depot, to buy our new front door for The Cabin.

I know that sounds a little weird about getting excited about buying a front door, but I was adamant about it, because the last time I had gone to Ronnie & Nita's Ronderosa Ranch, in Dripping Springs, they had just put in new double-french doors that were double-paned with blinds built inside and I absolutely fell in love with them. So that is why we splurged on our beautiful, metal, front door, which I hope to paint it Glidden's Candy Apple Red, later this week. Here are a few pictures. And please note that the first picture shows our old reddish/orange front door removed and it is outside leaning up against the fence while our white one is waiting to be installed.

After installing the front door, Aaron was helping Tony install a ceiling fan, in the bedroom, while I was in the kitchen trying to figure out how to set-up my new La Crosse Technology Atomic Clock, because our old atomic clock had died during the move. It was due and not a big deal.

Anyway, as soon as Aaron and Tony got the wind spinning around, in the bedroom, Aaron was ready to go home, but before he did he easily set-up my new La Crosse Atomic Clock for me. And I totally love this La Crosse clock.

Yesterday afternoon my dear friend Chet O'Keefe had sent me a note, from Terlingua. He told me that all was good with him and Liz and that he has been very busy writing new songs, recording his music and was playing a lot of gigs and that made me happy. And he had attached this beautiful poster that Liz had designed for Presidio's upcoming Bluebonnet Music Series.

I was thrilled to see that Chet was kicking off this music series, on Friday, the 23rd and it really makes me want to go out there to hear him play. And then when I checked out the other great musicians that will also be performing, later, in the Bluebonnet Music Series, it tempts me to go out there to Terlingua and spend the month of March out there, too. So I guess time will tell if I go.

Today has been great. Late this morning Tony and I went to Kerrville, to help celebrate Gibson's Discount Center's 50th Anniversary and we had a total blast.

As you can see the parking lot was packed full and parked vehicles were lined-up up and down the streets. When we got there a fabulous band was playing to a standing room only crowd, while others were eating, delicious, pulled pork sandwiches, with chips and sodas—and it was all free to the Public.

It was a very festive crowd and in no time flat Tony and I were enjoying the food, tapping our boots to the great music and we also ran into several friends while we were there. And that is about it for tonight, because I plan to do a little reading and then shuffle off to bed.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Today has been a great day, again. Even though all I did was unpack our stuff and find places for it. I think it is amazing how easy it is to accumulate so much stuff.

Seriously, this afternoon I made 3 piles, in the bedroom. One pile was for stuff to keep. The second pile was stuff to take to Good Will, whoever he is. The third pile was trash stuff.

I sort of enjoyed opening up one trash bag after another to find our clothes, linens, pictures, little keepsakes, etc. It was like my very own guessing game— "I Wonder What Stuff Is In This Bag?" When I told Tony that I thought it was fun finding all of this stuff he rolled his eyes, and said, "How long do I have to play it?"

I let Tony play my game with me, for about an hour and then I cut him loose so he could go outside and take some pictures. And that's when I stumbled on my homemade, leather moccasins that Aaron had volunteered to help me make.

You know the ones. I had bought this kit, at Home Town Crafts, so I could make them and use them, when I was outside Earthing, to help ground myself. The very same moccasins that Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) had chewed on the leather laces.

Okay, if you don't remember them—I wrote this blog about them, on December 6, 2016. And I had titled it: Moccasin-Challenged.

Anyway, I was so thrilled to find my leather moccasins and I slipped them on immediately, even though I was still in the bedroom and was prevented from grounding. And here are pictures of them before I put them on today. And please note that the second picture shows the remaining glue, that was left on the bottoms, because I had to rub and scrub off the cushioning pad, because it was not leather and would prevent me from grounding. Also, they came with the number 49 on the bottoms.

Early this evening before dark-thirty, I grew tired of playing my guessing game and I went outside, wearing my moccasins. And I spent over an hour getting grounded, while playing my favorite guitar.

So as I finish writing this tonight, I feel like a new woman and I want to say belated Birthday Wishes to my dear friends Carol and to Denise, because I totally forgot their birthdays, until I got grounded today.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Okay, Now I'm Done!

Today has been great thank goodness, because the last three months were totally exhausting for both Tony and me. But the best news is that we survived the move and the shutting down of our beloved rescue ranch, with the awesome help of our good friends, at Austin Pets Alive.

In fact, we were so busy packing, moving, etc., during this time, that I finally found the time, two days ago, to remember to please ask Pat Symchych (our fabulous webmaster) to please post this farewell message on our utopiarescue.com site, before we officially take the site down next month.

Anyway, the past 90 days have been such a whirlwind for me there is simply too much for me to tell or explain. So, I am going to leave it like that and just look forward to what's ahead for Tony, Roy, Belle, Beau, Henry, Big Al(ice), Little Debbie and me. End of subject. So from here on out it's onward through the fog for me.

But wait! Omg, I forgot to say a big thank you to all of our dear friends that helped us, in one way or the other, during this transition period. I cannot express how much I appreciate those who either allowed me to vent my frustrations or literally cry on their shoulders, those who physically helped us move everything and for all of those who kept us in their prayers. Okay, now I am done. (I hope.)

This past Monday afternoon Tony and I had to go, to Kerrville, to buy groceries, at the big H-E-B.  On our way there Tony told me that he wanted to treat me to lunch, because I had finally quit whining, about this or that, that we still needed to do. And as soon as I said, "Okay," we both said, "Let's call Kris & Jim and invite them to eat lunch with us."

We had a really fun lunch with our dear friends, at the Cracker Barrel and believe it or not Tony and I did not order the exact same thing. Which I thought was pretty amazing.

Anyway, during our fun get-together, The Mineral Man and I started talking about easy ways to cook food without using our electric stove, because we still have not put the 220 in, so I can start using it, again. And FYI: My electric stove right now is still, over in Carol's barn, where she kindly is letting us store a lot of our stuff that we had to put somewhere.

When I complained to our friends about us being "stoveless" Jim's eyes lit up, and he said, "Nancy, get an Instant Pot! It does everything a stove does and more....In fact, H-E-B has them on sale right now for only $79.00....I am going to buy one myself....You can make pressure cooker Senate Bean Soup with it using navy beans."

Well, I must have had an odd look, on my face, because I've never heard of Senate Bean Soup, and that's why Kris added, "Oh, it is so delicious! It is my favorite soup that Jim makes."

"It's so easy," Jim chimed in, as we were leaving the Cracker Barrel. "I'll e-mail you the recipe when we get back home. You only need water, navy beans, butter, garlic, parsley, onion, salt & pepper and smoked ham hocks." And as we were exiting the dining area guess who walked in as we were leaving? Yes, it was Kinky, Max and Dylan, but they didn't see us, because they were talking to each other.

"Hi Kinky," I said, and it sort of startled him. Then he laughed and greeted us. So we had a fun, but short visit with him.

So after lunch, Tony and I adios-ed our dear friends and then we went to H-E-B to buy groceries. And the last thing that I put into our shopping cart, before checking out, was an Instant Pot. And to say the least, it was very exciting for me, because now I can cook, again. Instead of having to micro-wave junk food for us to eat.

Today, I made Jim's delicious recipe that he shared with me and I must admit that Cousin Nancy's Senate Bean Soup recipe was easy to make and it is absolutely delicious. And Tony loved it so much he actually ate seconds. Here is a picture of it, but you can't see the navy beans, because like a submarine they sort of sunk, to the bottom of the bowl.

Now before I go, I know that I told y'all that I would tell you the name of our new ranch, but I guess you could say that I lied, because yesterday I designed our ranch logo and took it to Tito, at TNJ Engraving, so they can make a gate sign for us. So sadly, y'all must wait for a couple of more days before we pick up our sign and I can reveal it. And that's about it for tonight.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!

P.S.S. It feels so good to be blogging again!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Eternal Squirrel!

Late this afternoon I took a break from moving more of our stuff over to our new place and I started working on the bedroom, because it was driving me crazy. It has been filled with boxes, garbage sacks full of our stuff, etc. and the bedroom looked like a total mess with only a small path leading to the bed and the bathroom.

Anyway, it is much more livable now, thanks to Tony, for helping me hang up some pictures and move things around and put things where they might permanently belong. But that will all be decided after we get everything, out on the front porch, unpacked and moved inside The Cabin.

I am thrilled with the results so far, because I know that I won't wake up, in the middle of the night and trip or fall or stump my toe, trying to find my way to our bathroom.

Here is a little peak at what we got accomplished today, in the bedroom. And please know there is still much to do like move and unpack the crate, in the chair, beside the bookcase and move the other chair out of the room, that my beloved, boxed, solar Eternal Squirrel is sitting on before we move it outside.

So please cut me some slack on how it looks right now, because I am hoping, that by the end of this week, we will have everything put in its place (where we can find it) and it will start to feel like home.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Today has been a good day. And tomorrow looks promising.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing~

Monday, February 5, 2018

Flower Power!

Late this afternoon, after a hard day of moving to our new ranch the phone rang—it was Carol. "Hi Nancy! Can I come over and see you? I just...." And of course my answer was "Yes, please do."

Five minutes later, after Tony and I quickly tried to hide a ton of boxes and garbage bags packed with our stuff, in the kitchen and big room—my dear friend Carol arrived.

So I went outside to greet her, while Tony hid a few more boxes and bags, in the bedroom.

When Carol climbed out of her white truck she was smiling and carrying this beautiful vase full of beautiful flowers. And she told me that she bought them for me, because she thought they would lift my spirits. And she was right about that—I absolutely love them.

In fact, late tonight (11:49PM to be exact) before it becomes early tomorrow morning and I go to bed, I was admiring my bouquet of pretty flowers while downing a dose of ZzzQuil. And that's when I decided to take a picture of the flowers, so you could see just how lovely these flowers are. And that is about it for tonight, because it is 11:54. And please note that I cropped out the boxes and garbage bags.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

We're Alive And Well! or I'll Return To Blogging On Valentine's Day!

Hi Y'all. Tony and I have been and still are in the process of moving to our new place. To say the least—"We're exhausted, but things are almost done. At last."

Anyway, once we finish moving and get settled in I do plan to start blogging regularly again. And by the looks of things I will be ready to start blogging on Valentine's Day and I am so looking forward to it.

I have some great moving stories, small car (truck) catastrophes, Little Debbie aka Escape Artist, etc. to tell and by then, I hopefully will be laughing once again and be able to turn my stories into something to laugh about. And that's about it for now, because I plan to relax by drinking a couple of glasses of my fine boxed wine and watch a movie, read a little and then go to bed.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!