Friday, May 31, 2013

Congratulations Brandon!

Today has been really great. This morning when Kris and Jim and our super volunteers came out to walk our dogs they had an envelope to give to me. "Please give this to Brandon for graduating. We are so proud of him. Here's a copy of the Kerrville Daily Times with his graduation picture in it," They said.

"He and his family are coming out for a picnic lunch in just a little while," I said. "I will be sure he gets this graduation present and his mom gets the newspaper..."

A little later on, while Tony was outside showing Kris and Jim his garden, I had just started making bacon wrapped bananas appetizers—Brandon called. "They're here. Is it okay for us to come on out?"

As soon as Brandon and I had adios-ed each other, I skipped outside to the garden. "Brandon just called and they will be here in five minutes! Why don't y'all stay, so you can meet his family and give him your gift?"

Four minutes later, the four of us greeted Brandon and his beautiful family: Lynn, Wayne, his sister Emily and her cute baby, Grayson. Brandon loved Kris and Jim's present and Lynn was thrilled to get the newspaper. After a short visit next to the pigpen, Kris and Jim adios-ed us, so they could go eat lunch with the volunteers, at the Koyote Ranch Grill.

When Tony and them went into The Okay Corral, so Tony could light the grill, I came back to The Cabin to finish wrapping the bananas. When I opened the front door Mama came running outside nearly knocking me down. And, when I walked inside our trailer I knew why Mama had skedaddled.

Mama had gotten up on the counter and helped herself to a 1/2 pound of raw bacon. An uncooked bacon wrapped banana slice was on the floor half-eaten. I guess because she doesn't like bananas or she could not remove the two toothpicks. Then everyone walked inside The Cabin, because Brandon could not wait to show them our home.

After giving them a quick tour of our trailer, which they said they loved, I said, while pulling out another package of bacon, from the fridge, "Brandon, Mama ate the appetizers and a 1/2 pound of bacon. Could you help me make up some new ones?"

"Sure. Let me wash my hands first." And that's when our graduation party began.

Our picnic was so much fun today. Tony and I love Brandon's family so much that tonight we are going to sit together, at Brandon's Class of 2013 Medina High School graduation. And tonight I am hoping that I don't cry with joy, when I see Brandon receiving his diploma. And that is about it for tonight, because I need to go get ready for the graduation ceremony. We love you, Brandon and we are so thrilled for you! (Uh-oh, I am starting to tear up now as I finish writing this.)

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Herd!

Today has been great and very busy. Rio was Harley's Pet of the Week. He is a Lab mix, is only two-years-old and he is a super dog. He came to us because his owner had passed away.

This morning after Tony and I did our morning chores outside Robert came over to trim Maya's hooves. My horse, that Carol gave to me over a year ago, is such a sweet horse. When Robert trimmed her hooves he was amazed how easily Maya was to work with. Here's a picture I took of Tony putting on Maya's halter and the herd grazing, just before Robert arrived.

After we ate lunch, we went to the H-E-B, in Kerrville, to buy groceries, because tomorrow afternoon we are having a picnic lunch with Brandon and his family, in The Okay Corral. 

Brandon graduates from high school tomorrow night and his parents and family have driven in, from Alabama and Arizona, to attend his graduation and to celebrate it with him. Tony and I cannot wait to meet his family, because if they are anything like Brandon—we're going to love them. 

Late this afternoon, Kinky invited me to come over for a visit and it was a lot of fun. We sat in the rockers, on his back porch, talking about Sophie's new summer clip and how pretty she looked. His trip to Arkansas tomorrow, the weather and about Tony needing to give Kinky a wake up call at 5:45 tomorrow morning, just to make sure he was up. 

While he filled his Hummingbird feeders, in the kitchen, we laughed about Kinky's herd of Hummingbirds (I know it is a flock) being five times bigger than Tony's herd, in The Okay Corral. And that is about it for tonight, because this evening we are going to attend Elle's and our nephew, Zac's 8th grade graduation, in Medina.

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tony's Dog!

Today has been great. Early this morning, a little before 6:00, we had some really high winds blow through here. In fact, for the very first time, three of our dog's wooden houses had the roofs totally blown off or blown open.

Ben Stiller's and La Toya Jackson's roof was totally ripped off.

Lois Lane's roof was blown open and partially damaged.

Rocky's roof was blown open and wedged under a heavy branch.

After Tony and I had fed the dogs and cleaned their pens I took these pictures before we became roofers and fixed them, before this afternoon's predicted severe thunderstorms Rocky's roof was the most difficult to fix, because of the heavy branch resting on it, not allowing us to close the hinged roof. After we had pushed the dog house a half foot forward, we were able to lower the roof and the only real damage is some dented tin. 

Lois Lane's damaged roof was not hard for us to fix and Ben and La Toya's roof just had to be lifted up and reseated.

This afternoon, Tony and I received some cool books and the sweetest card from our new friends, Brittany and Brian, who live up in New Hampshire. We became instant friends the minute that we first met them. When they recently flew down to meet us and see our rescue ranch. Since I know that Brittany reads my blog, I want to thank her and Brian for the books, especially the one for me, Rin Tin Tin: The Life And The Legend, that I cannot wait to start reading.

After taking the above picture Beau, Tony's dog, threw up something really weird looking on his doggie blanket. As I cleaned it up I could not figure out what it was until I glanced over and saw that the cobalt blue flower pot, by the front window, was flowerless. It was just a pot of dirt, with my chewed up, pink Geranium, laying dead beside it. Beau looked guilty.

So, I picked up what was left, of what he had just eaten and thrown up and put it beside him, in the chair, for my first guilty dog picture. Beau looks guilty with the dead Geranium near his front paws. 

It is now 3:20 and so far we have not had any rain or severe weather. I wrote this post early, because of the predicted bad weather, in case we need to unplug later. And that is about it for today, because I need to go do some editing before the children from the Medina Children's Home arrive, to walk our dogs.

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Leisa Lea!

Today is Leisa Lea's birthday and Tony and I want to wish our dear friend a great birthday.

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Dear Leisa. Happy Birthday to You. And many more.

The Keystone Cops!

Yesterday and today have been great, but not really much went on. Yesterday, when I was over at Kinky's visiting with his friends, Brian showed me what he has done to his Kinky's Man In Black Tequila vehicle and I loved it. "Brian, it reminds me of the Keystone Cops car," I told him before snapping this picture of it. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chet O'Keefe!

Today has been especially great, because at 6:32 this evening I finally finished writing my second fiction, mystery cliffhanger! And to say the least I am thrilled with it, even though I must still edit it and then have a friend edit it for me, design the cover and still write a dedication—the hardest part is behind me now.

Late this morning Kinky invited me to come over to the Lodge to meet his singer, songwriter, folk musician friend, Chet O'Keefe, who for two weeks opened for Kinky's Bi-Polar Tour, in Sweden and Norway and other Scandinavian countries. "Nance," Kinky said. "Two years ago, Chet O'Keefe won the International BMI Best International Bluegrass Song of the Year Award for his song, Ring the Bell, that he wrote and the Gibson Brothers recorded."

"Wow. I'll be over there in just a second!"

When I arrived at the Lodge, Kinky and Chet were standing outside to greet me. After introductions, Kinky said, "Now Nance, I want you to know that Chet O'Keefe is the secret grandson of the famous artist Georgia O'Keefe."

"Oh my goodness, I love Georgia O'Keefe." Then I realized that Kinky was pulling my leg. "No, he isn't. You got me again, Kink." Then the three of us went inside the Lodge and had a really fun visit and I really like Chet's music.

Before leaving the Lodge, Kinky told me that Chet is going to be on Big G's morning show at 9:00, tomorrow morning and Tony and I are planning on listening to it and I hope that you will tune in too. To listen in the morning, please go to this link to Big G's popular morning show. Kinky is going to go with Chet to the radio station, so we might get to hear Kinky too.

And that is about it for tonight, because I am exhausted from writing and all I want to do now is just celebrate me finishing, The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Part II, Death In New Mexico, with a glass or two of fine boxed wine.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today has been great, but yesterday turned out to be sad, because Toto, our sixteen-years-old terrier mix, had had a stroke the night before and he could no longer stand. We have known for a long time that his days were numbered, so late yesterday afternoon we took Toto to Hoegemeyers and had him put down. I miss Toto so much and I hope that my little buddy is at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting to be reunited with us. And that is all that I can write about Toto, because it makes me cry every time that I think about him.

Now on a lighter note, l received a phone call around 7:00 from a very nice woman named Sarah, who lived in Ingram. "Ten minutes ago, a beautiful yellow Lab walked up to my front door and he is wearing one of your dog tags." In less than a minute, I knew it was Gus and I asked the woman if she would let me call her right back, so I could call his owners, who also lived in Ingram.

When I dialed Heidi and Alex's phone number I got a recording saying that the phone had been disconnected permanently. I then called Sarah back and told her the news. Then I asked her if she could keep Gus for the night and at her convenience, Tony would pick Gus up today. She happily told me that that would be fine and for Tony to come around 10:00 in the morning.

Around 9:15 this morning Tony jumped into Buttermilk to go fetch Gus, while Brandon and I did the outside chores. When I was halfway done feeding the dogs, I was worried sick about not being able to find the owners, so I came inside and left a message at the Kerr pound, to alert them that we had rescued Gus, if anyone called them. Then I went back outside to finish feeding the dogs.

When Brandon and I were nearly finished, Tony returned with Gus, happily riding in the front seat. After he had put Gus into our emergency pen, he drove up to me and said, "Nancy, that dog has been well taken care of. We've got to locate the owners..."

After feeding the dogs I went back to The Cabin, because I had an idea about how to locate Gus' family. I looked at Alex and Heidi's address. The road they lived on was *&^%$ Lodge Road, in Ingram. So I Googled *&^%$ Lodge and found the Lodge's phone number.

"Hello, ma'am, this is Nancy at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. Last night a woman....and we now have the dog here. He belongs to Alex and Heidi."

"We love Gus! Everyone here loves Gus. Thank god that you've got him. My daughter and son-in-law and their little girl have been worried sick about him running off last night. I'll call Heidi right now with the great news..." As soon as we adios-ed each other, I went out the front door and said to Brandon and Tone, "I've found Gus' owners!..."

Then I came back inside to wait for a call from Heidi or Alex. Ten minutes later, while I was teaching Brandon how to cook Salmon cakes—the phone rang and it was Alex. And he and his family were thrilled about us rescuing Gus. "We love that dog so much and we can't thank y'all enough for getting him back to us. We will be their in about forty-five minutes..."

While Brandon commanded the stove top, I grabbed my camera and went outside to go see Gus. After telling this super sweet dog about Alex and Heidi coming to get him, I stood back and took this picture of this very lucky dog. We rescued Gus from the pound on October 10, 2011. Adopted him out on Christmas Eve 2011 and then him being reunited with his family today.

When Gus' family arrived, Alex and Heidi got out of their car and hugged me and thanked us, as Gus wagged his tail and barked happily inside the small pen.

After Tony and I had told them the whole story about Sarah, Tony mentioned where she lived on Junction Highway and they could not believe it. "Oh my god, this gives me cold chills, Heidi said. "We know exactly where she lives, because three days ago, we rescued her family dog that had shown up at the Lodge."

"What? You've got to be kidding?" Tony said.

"No, sir," Alex said. "We didn't know her name, but that is where she lives..." 

After Tony told them Sarah's name and how nice she was, Heidi said, "Before we take Gus home we are going straight to Sarah's house to thank her for rescuing Gus..." Then they loaded up their happy dog and we adios-ed each other and they drove off to go thank Sarah. 

Brandon did a great job cooking the Salmon cakes and our lunch was delicious and fun. Then he and I picked and grinned for about one hour, before Brandon and Tony went back outside to work. And that is how this happy story ends tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Apple For My Eyes!

Today has been a great day, because it is raining! I woke up at 7:00 to thunder, lightning and heavy rain and I was thrilled about it. Tony had already taken off for the Old Timer, in Medina, to drink coffee with his friends, so the only ones to celebrate the rain with me were our dogs. And to say the least, none of them seemed to care.

Last night, my Apple TV started blinking real fast and it would not make a connection, so I Googled, Apple TV Blinking Real Fast No Connection?" Within two minutes I had found the answer to my problem—it was dead. It had died a little before 8:00 and I was already beginning to mourn the loss of the Apple for my eyes.

Five minutes later I was happy again, because I had just purchased a new Apple TV and I am expecting it to be delivered this coming Tuesday. Please note that I am blaming the loss of my Apple TV to it being FMT (Full Moon on 25th).

It is nearly noon and it has been raining non-stop since I woke up this morning. I just checked our rain gauge and so far we've gotten one inch of precious rain. And I hope it continues to rain and that Tony wins the photo contest. And that's about it for today, because it is beginning to thunder with lightning outside again and I need to go unplug everything again and try to finish writing my novella.

Y'all have a great day and evening!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tony Has Entered The Contest!

Today has been a quiet day and a great day. This afternoon, after lunch, Tony and I studied his favorite pictures and decided which four he should enter into the upcoming photo contest. When we uploaded his awesome pictures, we had to name them. So we put our heads-together and came up with these names for them. 

Winging It

A Lean, Green, Fightin' Machine

Drinkin' Buddies

Three Amigos

I wish there wasn't a limit of four entries per person, because Tony has taken thousands of beautiful pictures. As I was helping him upload them I said, "Your photos are so great, my pictures don't even stand a chance, but I do hope you win the contest..."

So, Tony has entered the contest and I hope that all of you will keep your fingers crossed for Tony winning the contest, because mine already are. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Happy Birthday Karen Cares!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's 3:00! or Is It 12:15!

Today has been great. This afternoon we met our good friends Kris & Jim for lunch, at Billy Gene's restaurant, in Kerrville and Tony and I had a blast.

We talked and laughed about a lot of things. We talked about Fourth doing a great radio show yesterday with Big G, thrift stores, other restaurants, writing and travel. Needless to say, Tony and I didn't have a lot to talk about us, when it came to us traveling, because we don't travel.

Then they told us about Jim taking coconut oil daily, because they had seen a show about it helping these people to prevent Alzheimer's disease. He told us the show talked about a simple test they used to see if you are a candidate for Alzheimers. "What's the test?" I asked, before forgetting my question I had just asked.

"They ask people to draw a clock," Jim answered. That made me chuckle, because anybody can draw a clock.

"No, Nancy. There really are people who cannot draw a clock and they showed pictures with these crazy and messed up looking clocks. Some of the numbers were in the wrong places, etc. So I take one tablespoon a day of it if I don't forget..."

Near the end of our lunch we were talking about some of their latest excursions. "Dang it," Jim said. "What's the name of that little town near New Braunfels?"

"San Marcos?" I said.


"Bulverde?" Tony said.


"Wimberley?" Kris said.

"Yes! That's it." Then he told us a funny story about Wimberley, Texas. Then we laughed and talked about how funny Bill Cosby's comedy albums were.

As Jim was telling us one of Cosby's famous routines about Noah, an elderly woman, about my age walked up to our table and interrupted Jim. "I bet the town is Gruene," The friendly woman said. We all sort of looked at each other for a second. "I was listening to y'all and I bet it is Gruene."

"No ma'am," Jim said, politely. "It was Wimberley."

"Oh, well I'm from Houston and..."

After she walked away from our table Jim said, "That's what I love about Texas. The people are so friendly..." A few minutes later we adios-ed our friends and went to the Big H-E-B and to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to pick up some pills for Mama. Then Trigger brought us home.

After we had put up our groceries Tony went outside with his cameras to take pictures. So, I looked up at one of our many clocks on the wall, grabbed a pad and pen and sat down at our kitchen table to see if I could draw a simple clock. It took me less than 30 seconds to draw this, but I am still going to take a daily spoonful of the coconut oil, that we had purchased earlier.

After that I checked my e-mail. Sandy & Jon had sent me an e-mail, for Tony to enter a Hill Country photo contest, so I forwarded it to Tony and encouraged him to enter it, because he has gotten so good with his photography.

While Tony was looking at what pictures he would enter in the contest, I went through my pictures to see if I had any that were good enough to enter, too. Of course, I know mine don't come close to Tony's but here are four of my best nature shots.

Y'all have a great evening!

6:30 Update: This evening I was telling Brandon about people not being able to draw a clock. So I asked Tony to draw a clock, which looked fine. Then I asked Brandon if he could draw a clock. He's a jokester and when I looked at his drawing, I burst out laughing.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Left Behind!

Today has been great. Yesterday afternoon, I was planning on writing a post for my blog, but when I heard and saw the news about that monster tornado ripping through Moore, Oklahoma I was saddened and became depressed.

This morning when Tony woke me up, so I would be awake enough to do the Utopia segment on Big G's Roadshow, I turned on the television and then I immediately turned it off, because I did not want to hear any more bad news, because it upsets me.

Gordon James aka Big G called me a few minutes before it was time to do his popular morning radio show to visit. We talked about our friend Jay Pennington and Kinky. Then we went On-Air.

During the Utopia segment, I told Big G about Lulu being his Pet of the Week, who last Thursday was also Harley's Pet of the Week. "Cousin Nancy, do you know that our friend, Fourth Coates, is going to be on my show later this morning?"

"No, I didn't. Tony and I love Fourth, so please tell him that I said howdy. You know that Fourth was in my first novella and he's in the second one too, if I ever find enough time to finish it. Oh, and you're also in Part II."

"Well, my my, that's some exciting news," Gordon said. "Fourth is going to be on at 9:00 and the first thing that I want to do is to find out which one of us wears the biggest hat..."

When Tony returned from Medina the first thing he said to me was, "Fourth is going to do Big G's show this morning..."

After breakfast, before going outside, Tony and I listened to Big G's interview with Fourth and we really enjoyed it. When Big G told Fourth, "By the way, Cousin Nancy asked me earlier, to tell you howdy," We laughed out loud.

"I love Cousin Nancy and Tony," Fourth replied. Anyway, Big G's show with Fourth was very interesting, informative and often funny, because both of those men have a great sense of humor.

A little before noon, Marcie came over with her friends from Viet Nam, Ian and Hi, who were visiting her. Tony and I immediately liked Ian and his wife, so we invited everyone to come inside The Cabin for a visit.

When we came inside, I picked up my guitar from the bench, so there would be enough seating. "Nancy, you might want to dust off the bench before they sit down," Tony suggested. It didn't look dusty to me, so I didn't.

Ian and Hi went over to the bench and sat down. Then our fun visit started.

Late this afternoon, after I went to Medina to mail a few things, I walked inside our trailer and immediately laughed. Because the sun outside was shining brightly into our trailer and I could see all of the dust left behind on the bench, after Ian and Hi had sat on it. Feeling so embarrassed about it being so dusty, I took this picture of their behindprints that they left behind.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cactus Jack Two! Or Tailgating!

Today has been great so far. This morning while I was cooking breakfast for Tony, Brandon and me, Tony walked inside the trailer and said, "Good morning, Nance."

"Where's Brandon?" I asked.

Tony shrugged his shoulders and said, "I forgot to pick him up. I'll be right back."

Eight minutes later when breakfast was ready, Tony and Brandon walked inside The Cabin, laughing about Tony forgetting to pick him up.

After a fun breakfast with Brandon, Tony and him went outside to do the morning chores, while Hazel and I cleaned the trailer. Around 10:45, Mama ran down the hallway and then let herself go outside, with Belle and Roy barking inside. (All of the Great Pyrenees that I have had or known, for some reason, all know how to open gates and doors.)

I figured that it was Kris and Jim, because they were bringing us a flagpole today, so I went outside to greet them, but it wasn't them—it was our friendly neighbor Andy. After we greeted each other, Andy said, "We just found this little kitten and we wanted to know if y'all could take it, because we can't keep it."

Then Andy showed me the kitten. It was adorable and it looked just like Cactus Jack that we rescued the other day from Kinky. The one that we took to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic to get adopted. "Andy, we aren't set up for cats, but let me go make a phone call."

"Hello, Susan. This is Nancy...." When I went back outside I was grinning ear-to-ear. "I have great news. Hoegemeyers can take the kitten, because they have already adopted out Cactus Jack, who must be this one's litter mate..."

While I was telling Andy and his wife to take the kitten to Hoegemeyers, Brandon and Tony walked up and then the kitten jumped out of Andy's arms and took off running. "Don't let it get near the dog pens!" I said, as Andy, Brandon and Tony scrambled to catch the frightened kitten.

One minute later, the kitten ran to hide under Buttermilk, our Ford Expedition. Then the four of us surrounded the vehicle and seconds later Andy caught him, put him in his car, so he could go drop off Cactus Jack Two at Hoegemeyers.

Around noon, Mama ran down the hallway. Then she opened our front door and went back outside again, slamming the door. This time it was Kris and Jim. So, Tony, Brandon and I went outside to greet them.

After howdies and hugs, they showed us the flagpole in the back of Buddy, which is the name of Kris' new pickup. Ten minutes later, while Tony tried over and over again trying to thread the rope through the top of the flagpole, Jim explained  how to put the pole together.

Finally, after Tony successfully threaded the rope, he said, "Let's go put it up." So, Brandon and Tony jumped into Kermit and took off for the ranch's entrance gate. Then Jim jumped into Buddy and took off with Kris and me, riding on Buddy's tailgate, which I think is against the law.

In less than ten minutes, without an Officer showing up to arrest Kris and me for tailgating, Tony and Brandon had put up the flagpole. Then Jim helped them attach the new flag that they also gave to us—Old Glory was waving in the wind. Which startled our donkeys and Maya, because they were grazing inside their corral, near the flagpole.

After the donkeys had followed Maya out of the corral, Jim took this picture of Brandon, me, Tony and Kris standing next to our new flagpole. Thank you, Kris and Jim. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today has been great and so was yesterday. Late Tuesday afternoon after taking a sleepless nap with our dogs, Hazel and I quickly cleaned the trailer. Because our friend, "Rick, The Friendly Lighthouse Keeper," had called earlier to ask if he could come spend a few days with us. We were thrilled, so of course we said yes.

Rick arrived a little after 4:00 and our fun began. Yesterday morning after cooking a big breakfast for us, Rick told us that he wanted to treat us to lunch in Kerrville. We told Rick about how much we loved El Sol de Mexico, so after all of the chores were done and we had cleaned up, we jumped into Buttermilk and went to our favorite Mexican food restaurant, before running a few errands.

Rick loved El Sol de Mexico's delicious food, too. He and I ordered their #26 and Tony ordered their #27. And because I was so full, Rick ended up eating my puffy taco, but he was too full to eat my cheese enchilada.

After lunch we ran a few errands and then we came home. Around 4:00, Karen brought over Brandon, Sophia, Natalia and Elle, from the Medina Children's Home, so they could walk our dogs. And our friend Simone, from Amsterdam, who was visiting Kinky and us showed up too, so she could walk our dogs with the kids.

Needless to say, our dogs love these great kids and we all had a fun time watching our dogs swim and romp.

After the kids left, Rick, Tony and I had a happy hour, while I cooked Rick a peach cobbler to take back with him. Then we called it an early night.

This morning Tony woke me up at 6:00, so I could do The Harley Show at 7:45. Rick, Tony and I drank some coffee, before he and Tony took off, for The Old Timer, to drink some more coffee with Tony's friends, because Rick really enjoys doing that when he is here.

Lulu was Harley's Pet of the Week and I had fun doing his popular radio show this morning. Lulu is about ten-years-old and she is a sweetheart.

Rick adios-ed Tony, at The Old Timer and took off for Port Aransas. We really enjoyed his fun visit as always. After we did our chores this morning, I returned e-mails, phone calls and did the middle-of-the-month paperwork for several hours and then I worked on my novella. And that is about it for today, because I am tired from sitting in front of my laptop.

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Yesterday was almost great. Tony and I met our friends for our monthly luncheon at Toucan Jim's, in Center Point.

During our fun lunch, Denise told us about frog poop, that she is constantly having to scrape off of her porch and statues .Kris, Jim, Deb and I started laughing and making jokes about frog poop, even though we had no idea what frog poop looks like.

When we had exhausted that interesting subject I told our friends about purchasing a new electronic device, that was going to be delivered to me when we returned home. I was all excited about getting it and we had a long discussion about iPads and Kindles.

While we were eating lunch or were laughing between bites, the song YMCA by The Village People, started playing. So Denise held up her arms making the Y, the M, the C and the A. We started laughing and then Kris, Deb and I joined her. And I am pretty sure that our husbands thought we had all gone temporarily insane.

As always our lunch with our good friends was a lot of fun and the food at Toucan Jim's was delicious.

When we got home my electronic device was in our mailbox! And after spending over four frustrating hours with it I pulled its plug and packed it back into its box. Then I went Online and canceled my order and filled out the return merchandise form, so I could get refunded.

By then it was past 7:30 and I was too exhausted from messing with It to post anything. So I spent the rest of my evening doing paperwork.

Today has started out great. Kinky's and our good friend, Simone, from Amsterdam, is coming over shortly so we can visit an catch up with each others news and I am looking forward to it, even though right now I am wishing that the I had time to take a short nap. And that is about it for today, because I plan to get as much writing in as possible.

Y'all have a great day and evening!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

When You Have To Go—You Have To Go!

Today has been great. This morning after Tony and I did our daily chores outside, we came back inside The Cabin. In no time flat we realized that we had to go to the H-E-B, in Kerrville, even though we had planned to stay home. So I could to try to finish writing my second novella and Tony could work in his garden and take pictures. In other words, we were both disappointed about having to go to Kerrville, but when you have to go—you have to go.

As Tony drove us to Kerrville, in Trigger, I decided to make a full blown shopping list, so we would not have to buy groceries again, for several more days.

When we entered the big H-E-B, on Main Street, we were ready to speed shop. Tony pushed our grocery cart behind me, so I could quickly navigate my way around the store to get this and that. In our shopping cart I put in: 18 count adult under pads for Toto's personal problem, 50 feet of Reynolds heavy duty aluminum foil, H-E-B's lemon scented disinfectant wipes, a bottle of bleach, a bottle of Coffee- Mate's French Vanilla, a jug of 2% milk, Scott 8-count paper towels, because I had a seventy-five cent off coupon, a box of butter, orange juice, wine, beer, jar of Parmesan cheese, a brick of sharp cheddar cheese, bags of frozen Brussels sprouts, frozen okra, frozen peas, a loaf of 7 grain bread, a bottle of organic maple syrup, a bottle of Kraft's Catalina dressing, one can of ranch style beans, V&V smoked jalapeno sausage, ground beef, bag of large frozen shrimp, box of mushrooms, a bag of angle hair cabbage, an onion, four bananas, one ripened avocado, small sack of Frito's and few other things.

We got back home around 12:47, so we quickly unpacked our grocery bags, so I could fix lunch for Tony and me, before Karon and the kids from the Medina Children's Home, came over at 2:00, to walk our dogs for us. But before I started preparing Cousin Nancy's Taco Salad, I picked up my camera and took a picture of the item that forced us to have to go to Kerrville in the first place. Then I put it up.

Tony loves my taco salad as much as I do and here is my recipe:


1 lb. ground beef cooked and seasoned with a packet of taco seasoning
1 can of drained and washed ranch style beans
1/4 cup of crushed Frito's
1 bag of angel hair cabbage
1/2 cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese
1 avocado thinly sliced
1/4 cup of diced onion
1/2 bottle of Catalina dressing

In a large bowl add the above ingredients and mix them together. Serve immediately and enjoy!

And that is about it for tonight, but before I finish writing this, I want you to see the picture that I took, earlier today, of the item that made us have to go to Kerrville today, because we were completely out of it.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Before And After!

Today has been great. This morning while I was cooking breakfast for Tony, Brandon and me, Brandon told me about his love for music and about him buying a full set of Hohner Harmonicas that were on sale at a box store, in Kerrville. "They had a keyboard too, that was on sale for sixty dollars and I am thinking about buying one, "Brandon said.

"No, don't do that, Brandon," I said. "I've got one or two keyboards stored in the barn outside. A good friend of mine gave me one that he found at a garage sale and the other keyboard is a really nice one that I bought several years ago. This afternoon when y'all finish working outside let's go down to the barn to see if we can find it. And if I remember correctly I also have a stand for it..."

Late this afternoon Brandon and I found the keyboards covered in dust. "The one I want to give to you is way up there." Brandon climbed over our kayaks to get it and fortunately, the 12 volt wall jack was still plugged into the back of it, but some heavy boxes were sitting on the wire and it would not budge. While I was holding the keyboard he moved this box and that box to finally retrieved the electrical wall jack.

He loved the Yamaha keyboard and he would not quit thanking me for it as we cleaned it up, in the kitchen. A few minutes later when he plugged the jack into the wall, the old keyboard looked brand new and it sounded great.

After he had messed around with it and figuring out what all it could do, we went back to the barn to see if we could find the black metal stand for it. We found the keyboard stand fast and he was thrilled, but I was even more thrilled, because I found my backup Eternal Squirrel! And the box had never been opened, so we opened it and sure enough it was brand new.

On our way back to the trailer I told him about the Eternal Squirrel cemented to Yoda's grave and not being able to find a replacement squirrel anywhere. "This has really made my day great...," I said.

After we cleaned up the keyboard stand Brandon put his new Yamaha keyboard on top of the stand and he started playing some Jazz. Then he thanked me again and again and again.

Forty minutes later, when Tony took Brandon home, I decided to rehang some signs on our newly painted front porch. When Tony returned home, he helped me drive the screws in further for me, because they were still sticking out about a quarter of an inch. Here are the before and after pictures of my project that needed Tony's help.

And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thunderstorms Tonight!

Today has been great. It is 5:51 and it is starting to thunder. I just went outside and took this picture before I unplug everything. I like everyone in Texas hope that we get a lot of rain.

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bring It On!

Today has been great. Yesterday morning when  I went over to Kinky's to tell him the great news about Betty he was thrilled then he told me that he and Marcie had a surprise guest that they wanted me to meet. Then he asked me to come with him.

We left the Lodge and went to Marcie's white Annex, but before we went inside, he told The Friedmans to stay outside. Then we went inside. As soon as we walked inside I heard a kitten meow. "I hear the kitten," I said. "But where is it?"

"On the bed." Then I saw a small black and tan kitten jump off of Marcie's bed. Kinky bent down and picked it up and it began to purr. After Kinky petted it he handed it to me. As I petted it and it began to purr Kinky and I sat down in chairs.

"Where did the kitten come from?" I asked.

"Marcie, Winston and Chumley rescued it last night. It had come into the yard and was hiding under a cactus. It is a beautiful kitten. What do you think we should do?"

"I think we should take it to Hoegemeyer's, because it needs its shots and we should ask them to help us adopt it out. Tony and I are going to Kerrville after lunch and we could take it and drop it off." Then Marcie came inside the Annex and Kinky told her what I had suggested with the beautiful kitten. She thought it was a good idea, too. Then I came home and called Kathy at Hoegemeyers' to ask if they could help us adopt out the kitten.

"Sure," Dr. Janssen's wife said. "Bring it on!"

After Tony and I ate lunch we drove over to the Lodge to pick up the kitten. While we visited with Kinky and Marcie outside, Kinky asked me, "What do you think we should name it?"

"Cactus," I said. "Because it was hiding under the cactus."

"Cactus Jack," Tony said.

"Let's call it Cactus Jack or Cactus Jackie," I said. "Since we don't know if it is a boy or a girl."

When we arrived at Hoegemeyers with Cactus Jack/Jackie Kathy took the kitten from Tony and held it in her arms. It immediately began to purr. While we were talking about the kitten, Kathy said, "Listen, let us take over and adopt out the kitten. That way we won't have to charge the rescue ranch anything." Then  Dr. Rydberg came into the lobby and he told us it was a male kitten. So, the kitten's name is Cactus Jack.

So, if anyone is looking to adopt a sweet ten-week-old kitten please call Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Important Message!

Today has been really great, thank goodness. I confess that I have been very depressed and worried since last Sunday and here's why. Around 3:20 Sunday afternoon, just before the kids at the Medina Children's Home were fixin' to leave—I received a frantic phone call from Betty Rubbles new owners. They told me that Betty had runaway late Saturday night. They were sick about it and they had looked everywhere for her. "A friend told us that they saw a dog that fit her description on Highway 16..."

My heart sank when I heard the news and as soon as our telephone conversation ended, I grabbed my purse and ran outside. "Karon, can I borrow Brandon? I just got a call that Betty has been lost since Saturday night and I want Brandon to go with me to look for her."

"Brandon!" Karon half-hollered. "We need to talk to you. Hurry." Tony and Karon were sick about Betty being lost, but they had to take off, for their monthly 4:00 camera club meeting, at the library in Medina.

As soon as we told Brandon about Betty Rubble running away and being lost, he and I jumped into Trigger and took off to go find Betty.

Brandon and I slowly drove up and down the highway calling for Betty for over an hour, but Betty was a no show, so we gave up. So I took Brandon home and then I came home and printed up a few Betty Rubble Lost posters.

Then I took off for The Old Timer, in Medina. When I walked into the store I explained to the friendly cashier that Betty was lost and asked him if I could put up her poster on their front door. Then he helped me tape the poster on the door and told me he would ask everyone who came in if they had seen her.

Since then, Tony and I have been worried sick about Betty. She was constantly in our thoughts and prayers. 

This morning when I woke up my first thoughts were about Betty, wondering if she would be found dead or alive. And I was thankful that it hasn't rained, so it wouldn't wash away Betty's scent to come here or find her way back to her new home.

When we finished our morning chores this morning, I came inside and Carlton was flashing on the breakfast bar. So I pressed Carlton's button, "You have two new messages." The first call was from Kinky, "Nance, call me when you get this message."

The second call, at 10:22, was from the man who adopted Betty, "Hello, Nancy. This is Clovis. I wanted to let you know that Betty showed up at the front gate just a while ago. I don't know where she's been, but we're so glad that she is back. Thank you." I was so thrilled I immediately called the couple back and talked to the man about Betty.

He told me that when they looked out the kitchen window, Betty was outside trying to figure out how to cross the cattle guard to get in. They ran outside and opened the side gate to let her onto their property and Betty was so happy to see them. "She jumped up on us and started kissing us. Even though we had just broke her from the bad habit of jumping up we didn't correct her, because we were so glad to see her. She was in good shape and she wasn't even that hungry. Before he and I adios-ed each other I said, "Clovis, getting Betty back has truly made my day great..."

A few minutes later, Tony walked inside The Cabin and in a sort of depressed-sounding voice I said, "You had better listen to the last message." Tony shrugged and then he pushed Carlton's button to hear some bad news. And when he heard, "Hello, Nancy. This is Clovis..." he smiled and like me he was thrilled beyond words.

Then I told him about talking to Clovis. Then I went over to Kinky's to tell him the good news about Betty.

Late this afternoon when Brandon came over I played the same trick on him as I had played on Tony. Acting sad, I said, "Brandon you need to listen to this message." And like all of us Brandon was grinning ear-to-ear when he heard Clovis' message about Betty. And that is about it for today. I'll tell y'all about the kitten tomorrow.

Y'all have a great day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Quiet Day!

Today has been great. This morning after we did our outside chores, I came inside The Cabin and spent most of the morning and the early afternoon doing paperwork, etc. and as of this moment I am once again caught up—until the mail comes tomorrow.

Late this afternoon, I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and his sister and to install Kinky's new telephone. When I arrived at the Lodge, Kinky and Marcie were sitting outside, under a couple of beautiful oak trees, with The Friedmans.

Kinky told us some funny stories that happened on his European Bi-Polar Tour and we talked about The Friedmans, the weather, friends that we'd seen and his telephone that hums so loudly in the background, that neither he or whoever he was talking to could hear each other.

After a fun visit, we went up to the Lodge, so I could set up Kink's new Panasonic telephone. Within five minutes, I had installed the batteries into the receivers and had them plugged into the wall. "Kinky, you can't use it yet, because it says the receivers must charge for a minimum of seven hours. I'll come over in the morning and finish the set up." And that is today's news.

Y'all have a great evening!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Today has been great. Kinky called me at 9:13, from La Guardia Airport, in New York City. It was so good to hear his voice. He sounded up and excited about returning to the ranch, this evening. After we talked about The Friedmans we adios-ed each other. Then Tony and I went outside to work.

Late this morning, after Tony and I did our morning chores outside, Paul, one of our great volunteers, came out to deliver some free dog food and while we were helping him unload the back of his pickup, two cars drove in, so I went to go greet whoever it was.

After introductions, the three nice married couples told us they had come to Kerrville for a family union. They were very interested in our rescue ranch and they were all big fans of Kinky. I visited with them, by the pigpen, for about twenty minutes. Then I gave them a grand tour of our rescue ranch and I really enjoyed it.

Five minutes after they left to go eat lunch at The Apple Store, in Medina, Tony and I took off for Medina too, so we could run a couple of errands.

Our last stop before coming home was at The Old Timer. When we pulled up, Tony got out of Trigger to go buy some milk. As he passed a man filling up his truck I saw the man say something to Tony and then pointing to our pickup and then Tony went into the store.

I thought the older man seemed friendly as he smiled at me and started walking towards Trigger, so I rolled down the window. I figured he wanted to talk to me about our rescue ranch, but I was wrong. "I knew you were Ronnie's little sister, because y'all look just alike," he said.

"Yes, I am."

"I'm Burl A. and I live in Dripping Springs, too. Been friends with Ronnie for a long time and even jammed with him and his friends. I doubt if you remember, but I called you several months ago about a dog."

"Hi, Burl. Yes, I do remember you. Your friend in California was sick and might not make it and I told you that we could help you with his dog if things turned out badly."

"Well, I just wanted to thank you for being there for my friend and his dog. My friend's operation was a success and he's now healthier than I am..."

After Burl drove away, Tony returned to the truck. "Who was that?" Tony asked.


"When I walked past him he asked me if you were Ronnie's little sister and I told him yes you were. Then he asked me if it would be alright with me if he talked to you. I told him sure." As we drove away I told Tony Burl's story.

As soon as we got back home I called Ronnie and told him the funny story about running into Burl and he thought it was pretty funny, too. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our Bread!

Today has been great and so was Thursday and Friday. Thursday morning, my family arrived right around 11:00 and that's when all of the fun began.

We mainly stayed inside The Cabin, because it was cold and really windy outside. After we had talked about the unusual cold weather we sipped our coffees and caught up with each others latest news. I bragged to them about Topper, our new mattress top that we purchased in March and Old Blue, our new 50% wool blanket.

They loved Old Blue, but after showing them Topper and getting them to take turns laying down on our bed to feel how comfortable it was. When Ronnie got off of our bed he declared, "That's absolutely amazing..." Then he told us about the new carbon steel frying pans he had just purchased and how much he loved them. "And they're real cheap too, Nance," he said. So I immediately wrote carbon steel pans on my reminder writing pad, so I wouldn't forget to check them out later.

Before we went up to Koyote Ranch for lunch, I showed off my pink, Daisy Red Ryder BB rifle and they couldn't quit laughing and wouldn't quit teasing me about it. "Y'all, I had to buy it, because in my second novella I am advised to buy a weapon for my protection and because I have never touched a gun or a rifle, I needed it, so I would know what I was talking about." Then I grabbed one of Tony's cold beers out of the refrigerator and said, "Let's go outside and see who can hit the can first."

As we were putting on our jackets, Ronnie laughed and joked, "It's so dang windy outside, I bet the wind will blow the BBs back at us."

On our first shots Ronnie, Ray, Tony and I missed the can, but Cindy didn't and she was thrilled about watching Tony's beer spew out of the can. Three minutes later everyone had hit the can several times, so we came back inside and joked about the wind not blowing the BBs back towards us and putting one of our eyes out.

After we ate a delicious lunch at Koyote, we came back home. "Let's play some music," I said. Ronnie grabbed his banjo, Ray pulled his dulcimer out of its case, as I was opening up my guitar case. We jammed for about an hour and I really enjoyed playing some old tunes with them. Then it was adios-time, so we hugged each other. To say the least, I had a blast being with my family.

Yesterday afternoon, Ronnie called me. "Nance, I just bought a mattress topper!..."

"That's great. I just got on line and bought a 6", 9" and 12" carbon steel pans just like yours! I couldn't believe how cheap they were and did you notice that they are Made In USA?..."

Today has been quiet. Brandon came out to work today, so I stayed inside and did some paperwork before cooking us lunch. After lunch, I went to The Wine Cellar, our bedroom closet, to get the bread machine. After sitting it on top of our crowded kitchen counter I asked Tony to please help me program the bread machine. While I opened up a box of pre-measured bread mix. Brandon read the setting instructions off of the box to help Tony and when Tony started the bread machine he joked, "If the sour dough bread comes out perfect—I made it."

"No," I said. "The three of us made the bread. It is our bread. Then Brandon took a one hour break, so he and I could pick and grin.

Three hours later, the bread was ready and it turned out perfect, so Tony went outside to invite Brandon to come inside and eat some bread with us. While he was gone I took this picture of our perfect loaf of bread, which turned out to be delicious, too.

And that is about it for tonight, because I am going to go take a short nap with Belle and Roy. (Note: Roy's hind legs are resting on top of Belle's shoulder.)

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Can't Wait!

Today has been really great, but tonight is going to have to be another short one. This morning after we did our chores outside Tony took off for Bandera, in Trigger, while I stayed behind and got completely caught up with my first of the month paperwork.

While Tone was gone I went outside and jumped into Kermit and drove down to the barn, because a very nice man was coming out, by appointment, to look at our dogs, because he and his wife recently had lost one of their dogs to old age.

While I waited for his arrival I had a long talk with Betty Rubble and told her about this man coming out to possibly adopt one of our dogs, "And Betty, I hope that it is you..." Betty wagged her tail the whole time that I talked to her.

A few minutes later, this very nice man, who lives in Medina, arrived and parked his big, fancy pickup in front of Lois Lane's pen. When he climbed out of his super truck he was grinning from ear-to-ear and then he pointed at Betty and said, "I like this dog very much." Then I was grinning from ear-to-ear. Then I told him all about Betty and what a great dog she was, as Betty tried to paw the man's hand, while wagging he tail non-stop.

"My wife and I prefer Lab mixes and Betty is the right size and I like her temperament..." After he and Betty had fallen madly in love with each other, I gave the man a tour, so he could check out the rest of our dogs.

Before he left, he made another appointment to bring his wife out around 4:00 today, so she could meet our dogs and help make a decision on which dog would live the life of Riley, with their other dog, on their two-thousand-plus acre ranch.

When they arrived at 4:00, I gave them a tour of the rescue ranch and thirty minutes later, after filling out our adoption form, Brandon helped load Betty into the backseat of their pickup. So Betty could ride  in comfort, to her new ranch.

All of us are thrilled that they picked Betty, but not as much as Betty was. So, please keep your fingers crossed, that it all works out for her.

That's about it for tonight, because I need to continue to clean our trailer, because tomorrow morning my brother Ronnie, my sister Cindy and her husband Ray, are coming to spend the day with us! Ronnie is bringing his guitar and banjo and Ray is bringing his dulcimer, so we can pick and grin. And I can't wait to see them!

Y'all have a great evening!