Friday, October 31, 2008

Help Us Help Them!

In honor of Kinky's birthday, I am excited to announce that our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch 2009 Calendar is now available! To purchase one please go to: Utopia Calendar

This is so exciting, I just had to take another aspirin! Happy Birthday Kink!

P.S. They can also be purchased at in Kerrville!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wayne Newton Rocks!

This morning, at 6:30, I got out of bed and called Kinky to wake him up. He was up. Then Tony helped me feed our six dogs and cat.

At 7:30, Tony and I pulled up to the Lodge, and Kinky was standing outside—waiting for us. Tony parked Buttermilk, and then the three of us climbed into Kinky’s dark green truck—Mr. Green Jeans, and then we took off—headed for Kerrville—the hospital to be exact!

The reason that we were headed to Kerrville was not an emergency. Part of Kinky’s yearly physical, requires a procedure, where he must be sedated, and he is not allowed to drive after the procedure, so that is where Tone and I come into the picture.

Kinky drove Mr. Green Jeans, Tony rode shotgun in the front seat, and I sat in the back seat—trying to join in on the conversation, that I could not hear real well, because of the sudden blasts of cold wind, that Kinky kept creating! He kept rolling his and Tony’s window up and down—because he was smoking a cigar. It was 32 degrees outside, as I froze and watched a beautiful Texas sunrise!

When we arrived at the hospital—we were fifteen minutes early, so we sat outside in Mr. Green Jeans and had a business meeting. At ten minutes past eight, we climbed out of the truck, Kinky handed over his keys to Tony, and the three of us marched into the hospital. Two different, friendly people, in the lobby, stopped Kinky to shake his hand and to tell him that they had voted for him.

After Kinky registered at the check in desk, we were asked to go down the hall, and hang a right. We did as we were told. In the waiting room, Kinky went up to the counter and signed in again—Tony and I went and sat down by a giant fish tank, and then he and I pulled out our iPod Touches—we came prepared. After Kinky filled out a few forms, he came over to where we were sitting and sat down. “Kink,” I said. “Would you like to play the slots on my iPod?” Kinky nodded, and I handed him my iPod to help him pass the time.

As Kinky fiddled with the slots game, that Sandy Wolfmueller had recommended to Tony and me to get. Tony fiddled around on the internet, and I fiddled my thumbs, before I remembered my Emoto book about water and crystals—that I had stashed inside my purse. We passed the time.

“Mr. Friedman,” a friendly nurse said. “We are ready for you to come back now. Do you have anyone to come back here with you?”

Tony shook his head, no—Kinky looked over at me. “I’ll go, Kinky,” I said, and we followed the nurse, as Tony stayed behind fiddling. Kinky and I ended up in a small curtained off room, about half of the size of my Space Ship. The nice nurse asked Kinky some questions, as she filled out some forms, and then she told him that it was time for him to undress and let her hook him up with drips, etc.

“Are you his wife?” She asked, with a smile. “No,” Kinky and I answered in unison, and then we both started laughing. “I’m his friend,” I said. “I’m Cousin Nancy.”

“Cousin Nancy isn’t my cousin,” Kinky said, as the nurse raised an eyebrow. “She runs the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.”

“I see,” She said, probably thinking we were both doing drugs, as she continued filling out some paperwork. Then it was time for Kinky to change outfits, so I stood outside as he went from cowboy to a good looking man in a hospital dress! After he had climbed into the bed and was covered up with blankets, I was invited back into the room.

Then this really young, pretty nurse knocked on our curtain. “Excuse me, Cousin Nancy, you probably don’t remember me, but my husband and I adopted a dog from you several years ago—Wayne Newton. We first adopted Patsy Cline, but we had to return her after a month, and then we adopted Wayne Newton!”

A smile came on my face, I looked at the nurse’s name tag, and said, “Yes Melissa! Wayne Newton! Oh my gosh! I loved that dog so much! Kinky, Melissa adopted Wayne Newton!” Kinky, who was covered up with so many blankets, and with the pain pills kicking in—looked like a wannabe King Tut, fixin’ to be placed into a newly built pyramid—nodded his head and smiled—he was out of it. “Yes, I remember you, Melissa!” I said. “How is Wayne doing?” I asked. Melissa filled me in on Wayno and then she took off for a minute and then she returned with her cell phone.

“Wayne is one giant dog, now,” Melissa explained, and then she showed me a recent picture of Wayne! He was a giant, happy looking dog, and so beautiful! “We love him so much! When my husband and I adopted him, and took him home, he sat in my lap—he was three months old then. And, you’re not going to believe this, but everytime I sit down—he still sits on my lap!” We laughed, because Melissa is a small petite person.

“I’ve got a picture of Wayne, too,” I said, as I pulled out my other iPod and turned it on. I quickly scrolled to Wayne Newton’s picture. As I showed her the picture, I said, “Guess what? Wayne Newton is in our new 2009 calendar, too and you can buy it at Wolfmuellers Books! He is in the month of February!” My news delighted Melissa, so she wrote down her e-mail address and asked me to send her a copy of my picture of Wayne as a puppy, and said she would buy a calendar or two!

Kinky, who had drifted off into La La Land—said nothing. Then the nurses showed up and rolled Kinky away. I left the cloth room, and went and found Tony. Knowing that the procedure would take over an hour, Tony and I took Mr. Green Jeans to the post office and then to Albertsons for some groceries.

When we returned to the hospital, we found chairs next to each other, beside the huge fish tank. Tony pulled out his iPod Touch, and I picked up a decorating magazine about cottages, for ideas on decorating the Space Ship. When I turned the page to sixty-three, a nice, smiling woman doctor, walked up to me and stuck out her hand and said, “You’re Cousin Nancy! I’m Dee D.! I listen to you on Harley’s show—every week!”

I stuck out my hand and shook hers. “Well Dee,” I said. “It is sure nice to meet you.”

“I can’t believe it! Cousin Nancy, you sound exactly like you sound on Harley’s radio show!” Dee said. “Can I have your autograph?” Then she started laughing, and then told me about wanting to adopt a Doberman Pinscher, because she had to put her old, Chops, down a few months back, because of old age. She gave me her card, and I told her to check the pound and call the veterinarians and that I would add her to our list. Then Dee had to return to work—I really liked her—she had good vibes. In fact, everyone in that hospital had good vibes. It was the happiest hospital that I have ever been in! And, if I get sick—that is definitely where I want to go!

Around noon, another smiling nurse came out and asked T. and me to follow her back to Kinky’s cloth tent and sit with him. We followed her, and sat down in chairs next to Kink’s bed, and listened to him as he snored—he was in a very deep sleep, and the nurses encouraged us to try to wake him up.

“Wake up Grandfather Clock,” I said, over and over again to deaf ears. Tony tried coughing real loud—several times, but to no avail. Kinky’s doctor showed up to check on Kinky and I asked him how the procedure had gone and he was all smiles as he told me that Kinky was in great shape and healthier than a horse! That made my day, and I could not wait for Kinky to wake up, so I could tell him the great news! Finally, Kinky started waking up, but he was really groggy—we’re talking goofy, too. After about twenty minutes of ins and outs of it—Kinky was fully awake! Tony and I told him the good news! Then the super nurses reappeared, asked Tone and me to leave, then they closed the curtain, and helped him dress and put him in a chair.

When they reopened the curtain, Kinky was sitting in a chair—still super groggy. A very nice nurse then showed up, and started telling Kink what he could do and not do in the next twenty-four hours. “Mr. Friedman, I voted for you. The doctor said that you are absolutely fine, but you cannot drive a car for twenty four hours....And, you cannot operate heavy equipment.”

“You’re kidding,” Kinky said, in a serious tone. “I can’t operate heavy equipment?”

“No sir,” the sweet nurse answered back. Tony and I broke out laughing! The Kinkster was back!

We went to the Del Norte for lunch and then Albertsons, and then we arrived back at the ranch at 2:45! It was a long day for all of us.

P.S. There’s more, but I am truly tired and fixin’ to go to bed! Here is the picture that I took of Wayne Newton years ago—that we rescued from the Kerrville pound! Wayne Newton Rocks! Y’all have a great evening!

Monday, October 27, 2008

True Love!

In the wee hours of the morning, Doug Everett and his fabulous crew, began cooking their authentic chuck wagon dinner, to be served later in the day, for over two hundred and forty people!

Saturday, at five in the morning, Tony and I were up! We fed our dogs and cat, and then T. took off to Medina to drink coffee with his friends. While he was away, I made Kinky’s giant birthday card, so everyone at the event could sign it! It looked okay, but it was not the best that I could do—after a sleepless night in Medina. After that, I dusted and vacuumed the trailer—just in case someone had to come inside!

When Tony returned around 7:45, I fixed him and Ben and me breakfast. Ben had spent the night in my writing cabin with his two dogs, Valerie and Penny. After breakfast, Ben went over to Kinky’s to help set up things.

When Tony and Aaron had finished feeding the dogs and cleaning their pens, they clipped on our walkie talkies, and went over to help Ben out. Then I grabbed a drinking glass, from the kitchen cabinet, and wrote the word ‘LOVE’ on it, and then I filled it with water. Then I took another aspirin for my heart, and then drank another glass of ‘worded water.’ I then said a few silent prayers for the event, and then I headed over to Kinky’s. By the time I had parked Trigger—I was filled with love, thanks to M. Emoto’s books—on the power of water! It really does work—I promise!

While Aaron and Ben set up the benches for the concert, A.J. Agiewich, Ben’s business merchandising partner, showed up, and he began setting up their merchandise tables, while Debora busily set up the items for the silent auction in the Gazebo.

After Tony and I had swept the leaves off of the Pavilion floor, the men went to fill the ice chests up with ice, and the water jugs, so I skipped over to the Lodge to see Kinky. His Lodge was full—everyone was in the kitchen and the vibes were great! His sweet sister, Marcie, who had flown in from Vietnam, for the event, was there, and the incredibly talented photographer, Brian Kanof, from El Paso, was there, too, with his better half—Jackie, and Jerome was there from Pasadena, Texas to help us! After a short visit with everyone, I left. I was on my way back to the rescue ranch to get ready, just as Dylan and Sage Ferrero arrived! They are our friends and had volunteered to help out with the parking over at Kinky’s.

By eleven thirty, our great friends and volunteers, Copper Love and Max Swafford were set up, outside of the rescue ranch, ready to greet our guests, and invite them to take a tour of the rescue ranch first, before going over to Kinky’s. Then our friends and wonderful volunteers, Carol Vail and Charlie Cooper arrived to help Tony and me give rescue ranch tours. Then Tony and Aaron arrived to help! We were ready for the event to start—let the fun begin!

At 12:00, Tony opened our rescue ranch gate, and the cars started arriving, and the nicest people on the planet, began walking into our rescue ranch—full of love and smiles and compliments! I don’t know if it was because I had drank those two glasses of ‘love worded water,’ that I saw things through rose-colored glasses, but all I know for sure was—love was definitely in everyone’s hearts! I loved it! Here are some pictures, that Tony and I took of the event! I wish that all of y’all could have been there!

Kinky giving tours of the rescue ranch!

Our dear friends, Dianne and Len Nowicki, showed up, and surprised me with a beautiful turtle for my birthday! It was absolutely gorgeous, and poor Len had to carry, the thirty pound turtle, all the way in! I love it and I plan to put it into Outer Space tomorrow! I gave them a tour of my Space Ship, and then we went into Outer Space for a fun visit! I love those two people!

“Welcome to the rescue ranch!” I said. “I’m Cousin Nancy. Where are y’all from?”

“California. I am Keith O., and this is my friend Jimmy, from San Antonio.”

“Keith?” I said. “Oh my gosh—I finally get to meet you in person, after all of these years!” We hugged and Tony shook hands with them. Then I invited them to go into Outer Space with me, for a visit!

Then our friend, Matt, from Austin, arrived with his latest pictures of Albert Einstein, a dog that we had rescued years ago! And, he joined us in Outer Space! It was a lot of fun and filled with laughter!

Here is a picture of the Gazebo full of items for the silent auction!

A picture of the people in line for their chuck wagon dinner! And, it was absolutely delicious and Kinky could not get over how great it was! He wants to use them again, for our future events!

Here is a picture that Tony took of Carol and Ben talking, with me in the background!

The concert:

P.S. After the concert, when I met Jimmie Dunn and his lovely wife, Nelda, from Arkansas, he confessed that he reads my blog, which absolutely delighted me! Then when he told me that he now has every book that Kinky has written, and his collection was now complete, because he had just bought a copy of “The Missing Puppet Head,” which is only available at Wolfmueller’s Books, where he had also purchased the fantastic book, “The Kinky Files,” the day before! I smiled, and then introduced him to the talented author, Max Swafford, who had written, “The Kinky Files”— because he was standing right behind us!

P.S.S. Love is definitely all you need—and it truly works! Thanks to everyone who came out to help us out on Saturday, and to everyone who has supported us through the years ! I love y’all so much! Have a great evening—I’m headed to bed, now—it’s past my bedtime! Good Night!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh My Gosh—We're Talking A Blast!

I don't know how Debora Hanson, single handedly pulled off such a great event, with her wrist broke, but I have to thank her, because I do not believe that I have ever had so much fun at an event! The weather was perfect! Doug Everett's Chuck wagon dinner was absolutely delicious! The volunteers were the cream of the crop! The performances by Washington Ratso, Little Jewford and Kinky— was incredibly great—along with Ruth Buzzi, one of my favorite funny ladies of all times—who made the crowd roar with laughter! And, not to brag—I got to meet her, and guess who was star struck and speechless—me!

As for the people attending, I felt like they were all family, and I really enjoyed meeting and talking to them!

I have so much to tell, but not tonight. I am fixing to go to bed, but I swear to you, that I will write more about it tomorrow—there's just too much to tell!

P.S. We had two fantastic dog adoptions because of the event! Princess was adopted to Jessica, who lives up in Fort Worth, who btw lives in the same neighborhood, that I grew up in—South Hills. And this afternoon, Tina Turner was adopted to a forever home, by a nice couple, Sally and Sonny, from North Richland Hills, which is right next to Ft. Worth! Fort Worth, Texas Rules!

P.S.S. People came from Oregon, California, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, Vietnam and Slovenia to attend the event! And, we loved them all, and I hope that they will come back for the next one! Good night. Sweet dreams to all!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Note!

Hi everyone! Yesterday and today, we have all been really busy getting ready for tomorrow's sold out event with Kinky, and apologize for not being able to blog more. Tomorrow is the big day out here, and I will try to blog tomorrow night if I can. Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Pill!

This morning, what could go wrong—went wrong! While my laptop played head games with me, Buttermilk’s water pump died. While Tony talked on the phone to our mechanic, I was struggling to put a picture in a uncooperative picture frame—causing me to knock over a full glass of Ozarka water on the breakfast bar! And, I haven’t knocked anything over since going through that wonderful time in my life— that dreaded ‘M’ word. Fortunately, there was no water damage, and Tony helped me clean up the spill. Nothing was going right or running smoothly for me this morning—so I cried, as Kris Kristofferson sang, “Why Me Lord?”

I realized that I needed to change my energy, so I turned on my salt lamp, and pushed the play button on our DVD player, and did my three mile walk—using my weights. Then Kinky called.

“Nance, Perky is coughing really bad. She coughed all night long. Could you and Tony come over here and give her some of those cough pills?” Tony and I went over to Kinky’s Lodge and gave her three pills—Prednisone, Lasix and her cough pill. Then the three of us had a short business meeting. Before leaving Kinky’s, we agreed to meet for lunch at Del Norte, at 1:30 in Kerrville.

When we came back home—I had fourteen new messages on the machine, from people wanting us to take their dogs. That depressed me, again.

As I returned the many phone calls, a wrecker tow truck came out, and picked up Buttermilk. Then Jon Wolfmueller called, and left a message about some exciting news, and then he asked us to come see them at the bookstore, when we came to town.

Tony and I arrived at Del Norte at 1:30 sharp, and Kinky was already there, sitting at a table, reading his snail mail. Lunch was fun! As we were fixin’ to leave, a nice gentleman walked up to our table. “Kinky, I doubt if you remember me, but I am Harry G. and I was in your elementary class at Edgar Allan Poe, in Houston. And, now I am a neighbor, so to speak.” Kinky smiled and shook his hand.

“Yes, Harry,” Kinky said. “I do remember you! This is Cousin Nancy and Tony, they run the rescue ranch.” We shook hands. Then he and Kinky went back in time, to their wonder years, and talked and laughed about those days gone by. It was a blast listening to their funny stories, and talking about their classmates, and the teachers that they had had. “Do you remember that crazy teacher that made all of us practice, for months, on that Christmas play—the one I protested and refused to do?”

“Yes!” Harry answered. “Talk about being politically incorrect!”

“Nance and Tone,” Kinky said. “This woman built that play around herself, so she could sing a lot of opera like songs. And, during her first song—she fell off the stage! It was hilarious!” All of us laughed. After their visit, we said our goodbyes and went off in separate directions.

Tony’s and my direction was Wolfmueller’s Books to see Sandy and Jon! Talk about fun! We visited and caught up with each other’s news, and of course, there was much laughing! “Sandy and Jon,” I said. “This morning was so crazy! Something is going on in the universe. When I walked into my office this morning, the printer started blinking its lights, and a box, on a bookcase suddenly fell down on the floor! I am convinced that Mercury is still in retrograde, or else Tony and I now have a full blown poltergeist, taking up residence, inside our trailer! I don’t know if to get a psychiatrist or an exorcist!”

Jon and Sandy showed us their brand new 2009 Toyota Rav, and Tony and I were really impressed with it! Before leaving, I asked Sandy to please give it a name. “I don’t know what to name it! I love it—it’s a cool car!” Sandy said.

When we arrived at the rescue ranch—Kinky had called. I called Kinky. “Nance, I got the liquid medicine for Perky. Could you come over and help me give it to her, along with the Prednisone pill?”

When I arrived at Kinky’s Lodge, the wind started blowing fiercely—the cold front had arrived! In the kitchen, I picked up little Perky, so Kinky could give her the medications for her cough. Perky wasn’t a good patient, she resisted taking the pill hidden in a slice of turkey, so I leaned my head into her head to keep her from throwing her head back. “She took the pill, but not the turkey!” Kinky said, with delight!

Then Kinky carefully filled the no needle syringe with the liquid medicine. Once again, Perky fought not to take it, and I leaned my head next to hers, so Kinky could put it in her mouth. “Mission accomplished!” Kinky said. And, then we thanked Perky for taking her medicine. She left the kitchen—wagging her tail. Then Kinky and I went outside, so he could smoke his cigar.

While we were outside, I showed Kinky my new books, that had arrived today from— ‘The Hidden Messages in Water,’ The Healing Power of Water,’ and ‘Love Thyself’ by the New York Times Bestseller—Masaru Emoto! He found them to be interesting as I showed him the pictures.

I stayed over there for over an hour. When it was time for me to go, we walked outside of the kitchen, and Perky took off in another direction. Kinky called her name, but she is deaf, just like our old Thunder is, so we began to follow her. Just as Kinky caught up with her, I felt something in my ear. I put my finger up to my right ear, and there was something in it, and when I touched it—it scared me! I thought, oh my gosh—not a tick? Then it fell out of my ear, and I looked down towards the ground, and picked it up!

“Kinky!” I said loudly, followed by a really big laugh! “Perky didn’t take her Prednisone pill—it just fell out of my ear! Look!”

Kinky came over quickly, to examine the pill, that I was holding in my hand, and then we roared with laughter! “Kinky, I can’t believe this! That pill has been inside my ear for over an hour and I never even knew it! We’re talking wind, etc. I never knew it was there!”

“Nance,” Kinky said, as he laughed non-stop. “This is absolutely hilarious, and you need to blog about it tonight! Perky must have flung it into your ear! This is unreal.”

“I know,” I said. “I never felt a thing in my ear—until right now.” I then picked Perky up, and Kinky gave her an earful.

Y’all have a great evening! I am fixing to go with Tone into Outer Space!

P.S. I think Sandy and Jon should name their new, beautiful 2009 Rav—C.C. Rider! For—Cool Car! I’m sure Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels would love it! I’m going to iTunes right now, to buy that song—that I used to shimmy to! We’re talking 7th or 8th grade, Wedgwood Junior High, Ft. Worth, Texas!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Flag This!

Well it’s official now—I am O.L.D.—and Luby’s Cafeteria in Kerrville—proved it today! Tony and I had to go to Kerrville this afternoon, so I could run a few errands. When the errands were done, we decided to eat at Luby’s—so I could eat their Three Vegetable Combo, and Tony could eat some fish and vegetables.

I did a quick head count, as I walked to my table. “Tony, there are twenty-six people eating in here right now, and everyone of them has gray hair or no hair at all! Look!” I whispered, but Tony didn’t hear a thing I said, because he is hard of hearing, too—so I repeated myself, as I unloaded my tray.

When we started to eat our lunch, music started playing, and I nearly choked when I heard it! “Tony, listen! That song is ‘Wooly Bully!’ I can’t believe this! It proves that I am really old!” Tony slowly nodded yes, which was not the response I had wanted. “Thanks Tony. I’m glad to know that you think I am really old, too, but I will guarantee you, that I am the youngest person in here, with the exception of you.”

Before Tony could open his mouth— ‘Hey there, Georgie Girl,’ started playing! “Nance,” Tony said. “I was just teasing. You’re not that old. You look good for your age...”

“Thanks Tony, now I am depressed, and that song still sucks after all of these years.” Tony and I ate in silence, as we listened to George Benson singing, ‘They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway. They say there is always magic in the air. But when you’re walking down that street and you ain’t had enough to eat...’

I had had enough to eat, so I put my fork down, on my half eaten plate of vegetables, and then I looked around the room for another head count. The count was now down to fifteen senior citizens, plus Tony and me. And, all of the old people were tapping their canes, or moving their heads to the beat of ‘On Broadway!’ By the time George was done, so was Tony—they played the long version.

As Tony paid for our meals—the late, great Jerry Garcia, and the Grateful Dead started singing, ‘Truckin’ and I wanted to stay so I could listen to it, but Tony opened the door for me, and we left. “Are you still depressed?” Tony asked. “I really was just kidding you.”

“No, I am fine now. Tony I think that there are two kinds of old people—the Geritol bunch and the Woodstock survivors. Do you realize that some of those people in there, were probably once hippies, Dead Heads or even Woodstock survivors? That is too cool!”

“Tony laughed. “ Not me. I wasn’t a hippie. Hank Williams was my hero. And,they looked like the Geritol bunch today.”

When we arrived home, I had seven messages on the machine—two were from Kinky, one from Little Jewford and the rest were from people wanting information. I called Kinky first, then Little Jewford.

Little Jewford wanted to talk to me about this Saturday’s, sold out event, out here, and he wanted to know if Bandera County was still under a burn ban. “Jewford, I have no idea, but I can find out pretty fast. I’ll call you right back! Tony, do you know if we are under a burn ban or not?”

“I have no idea,” Tony said. “Call the Medina Ace Hardware in town—they will know.” Then he went back outside to help Aaron with some chores.

I grabbed the little telephone book, which is less than an inch thick, and has the listings for all of the surrounding twenty-two towns. I looked up the number and called the store. “Hi Patty, this is Nancy, over at the rescue ranch, and I am calling, to see if we are under a burn ban or not. Tony said that y’all would know.”

“Hi Nancy. I don’t know—but I can go outside and check to see if the flags are flying by the Big Apple. Hold on.”

“Thank you,” I said, as I heard the opening of a door, and the sound of cars driving by.

“Nancy, no flags are flying today, so I guess we aren’t.”

“Thank you, Patty. Good bye.” I said. Then I called Little Jewford back, to tell him that no flags were flying by the Big Apple. He was relieved to hear about the flags.

FYI: Medina, Texas is famous for their apple crops, and was officially named, ‘The Apple Capital of Texas!’ And, just about, in the middle of town, on Highway 16, stands an enormous apple statue! Next time I go to Medina, I will take a picture of it and share it with y’all. It’s really cool!

P.S. If you ever go to Medina, please check out Andy and Patty’s Ace Hardware. The store is the best one that I have been in and the owners are friendly.

P.S.II. This is what I will be wearing the next time I go into Luby’s Cafeteria! I will fit right in! But the real question is—will Tony go in with me, or will he just drop me off? Actually, it really doesn’t matter—I can hitch hike, like I used to do way back when! Fingers crossed, I am hoping that Tony will go into Luby’s with me! Wish me luck!

P.S.III. Don’t worry, I will be wearing my pink overalls—I forgot to add them to the picture.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cross Cultures, Kerrville, Texas!

I have a confession to make to all of y’all. This morning, I decided to finally finish painting our front porch deck. I painted half of it barn red, months ago, but I never got around to painting the other half. So, since it was a beautiful morning, with low humidity, I asked Tony to help me put the cat and the dogs up, so I could complete my painting project.

After Tony fulfilled my request, he opened up the can of barn red oil based paint, and went to stirring it. The paint was real thick, and Tony told me that it was ruined, so I went inside the trailer, filled a glass with creek water, and then went back outside and poured it into the paint bucket. Tony stirred and stirred and the paint wasn’t near as thick as it had been!

Tony then filled my paint tray, and I went to work—rolling paint on all of the unpainted surfaces and then I repainted the original paint—then I went inside. Mission finally accomplished!

After lunch, Tony and I took off to Kerrville to go to Cross Cultures to complete my new wardrobe, Wal Mart to buy more air time for Tony’s phone, the craft store, to buy a stamp for the event and lastly to get groceries at HEB.

On our way home, I thanked Tony for helping me with my paint job, earlier this morning. “I hope the paint is dry when we get home,” I said. “When I painted the first half, it took over twenty hours for that oil paint to dry, because it was real humid that day.”

“What?” Tony asked. “That was oil based paint?”

“Yes, Tony.”

“Nance, you never told me that it was oil paint. Oil and water don’t mix. It will probably be all bubbly or not take at all.”

When we arrived home, the water and oil paint was nearly dried, but it looked like a mess—there were clear patches and dark patches, here and there! And, I have to admit—oil and water definitely don’t mix!

This evening, Jon Wolfmueller called to talk to me about our sold out event, this coming Saturday. During our conversation I told him about the mess I had created on the front porch. “It looks like I am going to have to buy a bucket of latex paint tomorrow, and repaint the entire front porch.”

“Nancy, you can’t,” Jon said. “The oil paint won’t adhere to the latex. You will probably have to re-sand the entire porch and steps.”

“Are you serious, Jon?” I asked.


“Forget that,” I said to Jon. “It will be easier to remove the front porch entirely, and we can just use ladders to get inside the trailer and into Outer Space.” We both laughed!

Tomorrow, I am planning on vacuuming the outside of our trailer’s front porch and Outer Space, because of the thousands of spider webs that seem to really like it here. Our trailer, right now, looks like a haunted trailer, that the Adam’s family poorer relatives would live in—it’s scary and I don’t do scary or spiders!

P.S. I have decided to leave the porch as it is, and in six months, when it will need repainting—I’ll buy latex paint!

P.S.S. At Cross Cultures, I purchased a new tie-dyed t-shirt, a necklace with a peace sign, a purse from India, and a black hat with a peace sign on it, and the word peace on the brim! I wore them over to Kinky’s for shock value—he just smiled when he saw me, and then we discussed the future musical events for the spring. And, the names he was throwing out at me, for the future Bonefit events out here, were totally awesome—to say the least!!

Hummingbird Man-One. Medina Bulldog-Zero!

Today's pool championship involved beans being eaten earlier today by both players!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Birthday Ever!

I had the best birthday ever—thanks to all of y’all! I woke up, to find one of the sweetest birthday cards from Tony—it actually made me cry, when I read what Tony wrote to me—I love him so much! After tearing up, I fed our six dogs and cat, then I checked my e-mail and was shocked!

I was overwhelmed when I saw that I had received over a hundred e’s from friends wishing me a happy birthday, and only seventeen of them were spams, who didn’t know, I guess! I was on cloud nine—even though I was now officially fifty-seven years old! Then the phone calls started coming in from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday, and some even sang happy birthday to me, before nine o’clock! I felt the love and loved it!

When Tony brought the mail in, after lunch, I had so many birthday cards, the bills didn’t even bother me. I was feeling the power of love! Each card that I opened and read, made me grateful for all of the friends that I have—I am so blessed.

Later in the afternoon, I checked my e-mail, again and fell out of my chair laughing, when I read the e-card that Debora and Little Jewford sent to me! It was absolutely hilarious and on target! The card started out showing peace symbols and two-fingered peace signs, followed by those hippie flower-power flowers from the 60’s, with the words Have A Happy Hippie Birthday, and We Hope It’s A Groovy One! Tony and I laughed our heads off as I continued to replay it! And, yes I was definitely having a groovy birthday!

And, Fay’s note with the picture of a VW Bus next to a candle, still has me laughing—even though the VW Bus, that I wanted, had already been sold in Austin!

Kinky called to wish me a happy birthday, too! “Happy Birthday Nance—enjoy it, because it only gets worse. Trust me.” Then he invited me over for a visit and a game of pool. I enjoyed our visit, but not the game of pool—I lost as usual.

At one o’clock, my dear friends, Drew and Renee, and Cindy P. showed up for my birthday party! And, Renee baked one of her famous chocolate birthday cakes for me—which was so delicious! She has promised to give me her secret family recipe, and little does she know, it will automatically become Cousin Nancy’s Super Chocolate Cake recipe, as soon as I get it! And, I will post it, too!

My three hour birthday party was a blast in Outer Space! We laughed so much! I had the best birthday ever and I want to thank all of y’all, once again—for making it great!

Today has been pretty quiet. We had a few visitors come out, but no adoptions, unfortunately. And this evening, Tony saved a squirrel in despair! Mr. Ziffle and his sister, Biscuit—had treed a squirrel in their pen! Tony had to go outside, leash the two giant dogs, so the squirrel could escape from their pen!

P.S. ‘All You Need Is Love’ by the Beatles is playing on my iPod right now! How true. Love Is All You Need! ‘We love you all, yeah, yeah!’ ‘Everyone Deserves Music, Sweet Music’ has just started playing! I’ve got to go dance! Peace and Love! Have a great Sunday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank Y'all For Making My Birthday The Best Yet!

Today has been one fun filled day with friends calling, e-mailing, snail mailing, and posting best wishes for my fifty-seventh birthday, and Tony threw me a birthday party this afternoon in Outer Space, and Kinky beat me in a friendly game of pool!

I want to thank all of y'all for making this birthday—the best birthday that I can remember, but then again, I have no memory! I will blog about today tomorrow, because Tony is insisting that I go into Outer Space right now, because he has a surprise for me, and he wants to celebrate some more! Peace and Love!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

California Dreamin'!

I went to bed early last night, and am here to report that I caught up on my sleep deprivation, but after looking into the mirror, this morning—I saw that I was still deprived of beauty rest. Oh well, you can’t have it all, so I counted my blessings and then put on my wire rims.

At 7:45, I did Harley’s radio show, and it was a lot of fun—I even told him about Drew’s 1971 VW Bus, and my hot pursuit of getting one, too. After his show, I checked my e-mail to find an e from John Kemmerly! His note was short, but exciting!

He sent me a link to check out a beautiful blue VW Bus in a city in Texas (Sorry, I can’t tell you where it is, because I might buy it!). I am waiting for the owner to e-mail me back, about the Magic Bus, and I can’t wait for them to get back to me! I hope that it hasn’t sold! I want it, I want it, I want it!

Then I did my three mile walk, inside the trailer, using my weights, too. It was a good workout, but I was glad when it was finally over. After the work out, I took a bath, and realized, while sitting in the tub, that I looked exactly like Buddha—with a braided ponytail, which made me laugh out loud—which then caused my dogs to come running into the bathroom to check on me! Then Kinky called!

“Nance, I’m at the Vegas airport. You’ll never guess who I spent the evening with last night!”

“You’re right, Kinky. We’re talking Vegas,” I said. “Who?”

“Donnie and Marie Osmond!” Kinky said. “They are really great people! I really like them and their show was really great, too!” Kinky and I then talked a little business and then we disconnected.

Today for lunch, I cooked up Sandy Wolfmueller’s Black Bean Soup recipe, and it was absolutely delicious, and Tony loved it! Tony, who has never been real fond of black beans—changed his mind today. He is now a big fan of Cousin Nancy’s Black Bean Soup! Sorry Sandy, you know how it goes—it is called give and take, and I took! Thank you for the recipe—it’s mine!

Following lunch, Tony and I took off for Kerrville to run some errands—Wal Mart, HEB and the post office. As we were leaving Kerrville, we stopped at the signal light, just past the Guadalupe River bridge on Highway 16. We heard a car honk next to us, looked over to our left, and discovered it was our good friend, Dennis L. and his dog, Boomer—from Los Angeles! “Hi Tony and Nancy!” Dennis hollered. “Boomer and I are on our way to the rescue ranch, to visit with you guys!”

Just as the light changed from red to green, we hollered back, “Great, follow us!” Then we took off. Tony and I talked the whole way back, about how weird it was for Dennis and Boomer to pull up right next to us at a signal light in Kerrville, Texas—when they live in California! “Tony,” I said. “Do you realize that if we had spent one minute longer in the HEB grocery store—we would have not hooked up with Dennis and Boomer, and we would have probably missed their visit? That is amazing to me.”

When we arrived at the rescue ranch—the party began with hugs and handshakes! Then we said hello to Boomer, the dog that we had rescued, that Dennis had adopted years ago from us. (Boomer’s story is in my book.) We had much to talk and laugh about in Outer Space. Dennis caught us up on Boomer’s latest escapades, and we laughed hard, when he told us about, a moose cow chasing off Boomer to protect her newborn calf in South Dakota. “Boomer just wanted to be friends with the calf. He loves all animals. When I finally returned to my car from the bike trail—Boomer was hiding underneath it—waiting for me!”

Dennis’ visit was way too short, but full of fun and laughter, and we hated to see him and Boomer leave. They were on their way back to California, because Dennis could not wait to see the other love of his life—Marilyn!

Well, I have some sad news to report—the countdown has officially begun for my fifty-seventh birthday—tomorrow, and I still can’t believe that I am that old, and that many years have passed! We’re talking fifty-seven Halloweens, and I’m over eight years in dog years, for goodness sakes! My sister, Cindy, sent me the cutest birthday card today, with a picture of a startled looking Chihuahua dog , that reads: ‘Pepe just figured out your age in people years!’ And, bless my dear Canadian friend, Fay, who sent me this! I love it Fay, it is perfect and blue, too!

P.S. Dennis loved my Space Ship and was very impressed with it—Far Out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fulll Moon?

Today, Ben sent me an e-mail! As of 3:06 today—Mercury is officially out of retrograde! My birthday is not going to be in retrograde after all! I was so happy when I read Ben's note! Unfortunately, we are still under the full moon. Last night, Tony took some shots of the moon and they are incredible! His pictures don't look like the moon at all! His pictures look more like alien sightings! Check them out—they are awesome! This is the order that he shot them in within two minutes!

My other great news is that Trisha, over at Copies Plus, sent me an e-mail this evening, telling me the calendars have been shipped, and we both are crossing our eyes and fingers—that they will arrive tomorrow! I can't wait to show them to Kink!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vulture Club!

This morning, I received the funniest phone call from my good friend, Rick, who lives in Port Aransas! “Cousin Nancy, I just read your blog, and I tried to post my VW bus story, but it wouldn’t take! So, I decided to give you a call, so you could tell me how to post a comment on your blog.”

“Hi Rick!” I said. “I have no idea, why it wouldn’t let you leave a comment, in fact, a few of my friends have told me the same thing. Please tell me your story.”

“In the 60’s, I was in a VW bus, with about five friends, and we were headed to a concert. We were rolling on down the road, when a buzzard hit the windshield and came right through it and began vomiting on all of us! We pulled off the road, opened the slide door and the buzzard flew off!”

“Oh my gosh, Rick!” I said. “How horrible! Did y’all still go to the concert?”

“Heck no,” Rick answered. “We were covered in buzzard vomit!”

I started laughing and could not quit, and then Rick started laughing. “That is a great story, Rick—gross but funny. And, please don’t tell me y’all were headed to a Byrds concert.” Then we started laughing again. “Did the Bryrds ever come to Fort Worth?”

“I don’t know, I was living in South Carolina back then.”

“Rick, have you told that story to John Kemmerly? He would love it, because he wrote a great children’s book, ‘Velma The Vomiting Vulture.”

“No, I haven’t told John, but I will, the next time I see him.”

“Here are some possible titles for your story,” I said. How about:‘The VW Vomit Van’ or ‘The Buzzard Bus’ or ‘VW Van Vulture Club!’”

Rick started laughing. “Bye.”

It is now 3:52. Tony has just walked in, with his laptop, to show me the coolest VW bus! Please check it out at:

I will end this blog with the words from the song ‘Magic Bus’ by the Who—‘I want it! I want it! I want it...”
P.S. Kinky called this morning to tell me that my book is still selling at the Austin airport and he will see what he can do to help me get a VW Bus!


Anyone who has or has owned a VW or VW bus please make a comment and tell me your story! I would love to read it!

Yesterday, I did paperwork most of the morning. Tony and I had lunch with Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller, but I can't tell you what we talked about, because I am sworn to secrecy. I spent the rest of my day doing paperwork and returning phone calls. My sister Cindy, called to invite us to a party Saturday night, and I am hoping that we can go to it.

Kinky took off for Vegas, yesterday afternoon, to speak at an event for a Judge. Tony spent the evening, searching for VW buses on his laptop, while I tried on my new outfits.

P.S Pete O. thank you for commenting and giving me the website to check out for VW buses—
I just checked it out and it is a great site and made me smile as I looked at the VW buses!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Even though Mercury is still in retrograde—and we are getting close to full moon time—I had a wonderful day! In fact, I had a great day! This morning after my three mile walk inside the trailer, with weights—I sat down at the kitchen table to check my e-mail. I received sixteen spams and forty-one e’s! The most important e and the e that made my day, was from my dear friend Drew, in Kerrville!

Drew’s e was short, but it instantly put a smile on my face—Drew, who after an exhausting five year search,, had just purchased a 1971 VW van—in mint condition! I was so happy for him, and I must admit a little bit jealous, because I love those old vans—they had the spirit of the 60’s and early 70’s—when my life—was so much fun and filled with love! The best of times for me.

When Tony came inside, after his chores, I told him Drew’s good news. Tony immediately picked up the phone, and called Drew to tell him how excited we were for him, and how jealous we were! When Tony told Drew that we were headed to Kerrville, Drew invited us to come over to see his new van. Tony told him that we would. I couldn’t wait to see it!

First, Tony and I ate lunch at LaFours, our favorite seafood restaurant. Our meal turned out to be a lot of fun. Tony and I had been talking about how happy we were that Drew had finally found his VW van, while we were enjoying our delicious gumbo soup. “Tony, I wish I had a time machine, because I have just decided, that I am going to start living my life as I did back in the 60’s!” Gumbo came out of Tony’s nose, and he was laughing so hard—he was shaking! Fortunately, no one saw it but me.

“There’s something on your mustache,” I said, as I pointed to where a little piece of shrimp rested on his mustache. Tony immediately dabbed at his mustache. “It’s gone now. Tony, those were the best years of my life. I am going to start dressing like I did back then, too. We’re talking jeans, flannel shirts, hiking boots, tie-dyed t-shirts, sweat shirts, and overalls and leather moccasins, too. I am getting rid of all the rest of my stuff I have, and live like I did back then—simple. Like a hippie!”

“You can’t Nance,” Tony argued, as the waiter served our main course. “Are you really going to sell your digital cameras, computer, Bose and Bose iDock, the Vita-Mix machine, and your iPods? They weren’t even invented back in the sixties.”

“No, Tony,” I answered. “Don’t be silly. I am going to live in the 60’s as much as I can, and will only listen to 60’s and early 70’s music, and when I have to live in the present—I will. I am not giving up my computer, iPods, cameras, Bose or the Vita-Mix machine, but I am going to get rid of everything else.”

“Groovy,” Tony teased. “I can dig that. That’s really far out, man!” Then we started laughing!

“Tony, you could grow your hair long?” I suggested. Tony’s mouth was full of catfish, and he shook with laughter, while shaking his head no way. “I don’t know what color Drew’s van is, but if it is yellow, I think he should name it, The Yellow Submarine or the Magic Bus.” Tony continued to shake. When he was done shaking, we went to Wal Mart.

When Tony and I were done shopping at Wal Mart, Tony called me on his cell phone, and we met up in the electronics department. Tony’s basket had two items in it—a much needed larger camera bag, and a small one man, portable pop-up camouflaged deerblind—so he could photograph the deer and the wild turkeys. My shopping cart was full. It had blue jean bib overalls, three long sleeved t-shirts, three buttoned down, flannel plaid shirts, and a pair of fake moccasins made in China—lined with fake fur—I hope.

When we drove up to Renee and Drew’s house, my jaw dropped when I saw Drew’s ‘71 VW van! “There it is! Oh my gosh!”I squealed. “I love it! I have to get one! I’ve got goosebumps!”
When Renee and Drew came out side to greet us, all I could do was grin! “Drew, can I have your van, I really want it?” Drew and Renee laughed.

“No, but we will help you find one,” Drew answered. “Isn’t she pretty!”

“I love it!” I said. “Please help me find one! We have got to have one!”

Drew and Renee showed us the engine and told us about how cool it was, as we climbed inside and sat inside it! Wonderful memories of my past flooded my head—as I went back in time to the late 60’s and early 70’s! “Drew I love your van so much—it has a good spirit, and is filled with good vibes from the 60’s and ‘70’s!”

“I know,” Drew agreed. “I was thinking of naming it Flashback! Do you have any names for it?”

“The Magic Bus!” I said. “But Flashback is a great name, too.”

Drew agreed, then he proudly started up his old, beautiful VW van, and then he took Tony and me for a spin around the neighborhood! When we returned to their house, I did not want to get out of the van, but I did, because Tony and I had an appointment to meet with Kinky and Debora and Little Jewford about the upcoming event on the 25th.

On our way back to the rescue ranch, the only thing that Tony and I talked about was Drew’s beautiful 1971 VW van and how cool it was. Tony told me that he isn’t going to grow his hair long, but he will help me find a VW van, because he wants one, too! And, then I discovered Tony once owned an orange Karma Ghia when he was young!

During our meeting with Kinky, Little Jewford and Deborah, I told them about Drew’s new used 1971 VW van, and getting to take a ride in it! Then I listened, as they shared their great stories about their fun adventures in the old VW vans back then! Their stories were so funny and filled with happiness, and I couldn’t help but notice, how their spirits lifted, as they told their great stories of the past! I am convinced that everyone needs an old VW van, and I am determined to get one! I’m thinking of selling the Space Ship, so I can get one. Old VW vans make me smile, and we all need to be smiling right now! That is what life is all about—happiness—keeping it simple.

P.S. Cindy Lou sent me a precious picture of Mater, her Boston Terrier and Bridgett Bardot, the great dog that she adopted from us several months back—riding in their new car! I love it! Thanks Cindy Lou! Peace and Love to all—we need it now!

Driving Miss Daisy!

Yesterday, around two o'clock, a nice young couple, came out to meet Miss Daisy. Years ago, Michelle had adopted Tabasco, a Katrina dog that we had rescued. She wanted a friend for Tabasco, so she and her boyfriend drove down from Austin to possibly adopt Miss Daisy. The minute Michelle met Miss Daisy—she wanted to adopt her! To make sure that Tabasco and Miss Daisy would get along, we took them for a long walk. In less than a mile Tabasco and Miss Daisy were best friends! We had a great adoption and Miss Daisy has a great forever home!

P.S. Kinky was delighted about the adoption!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The NoMads Are Coming! The NoMads Are Coming!

When the NoMads, Mari B. and Lori G. arrived, we went—straight over to the Lodge, to see Kinky! Kinky was outside, by the gate, waiting to greet our guests. After the greetings were done, Mari told Kinky that she had a gift for him, from The NoMads! Then Mari went back to the van and returned with a small box, that she gave to Kinky. Kinky opened the box!

Inside the box was a beautiful, handmade Native American necklace, made of sterling silver and turquoise! “That’s a real bear claw, Kinky,” Mari pointed out. “It is against the law to buy or sell bear claws—unless you are a Native American, and I asked my brother, who has a Sioux friend, to make this necklace especially for you.”

“I love it,” I said, and Kinky agreed. He removed the necklace from the box, and with Mari’s help, Kinky was wearing it within two seconds! “Kinky it looks great on you, and it is too cool!” Everyone agreed.

“I’ve got something to show you,” Mari said. Lori and Mari then opened up the back hatch of the van! In a huge kennel, stood two of the most adorable Blue Heeler pups! “Their names are Tim and Chase and they are about three months old,” Mari said. Then she got Chase out of the kennel, and asked if she could take a picture of Kinky holding the pup. Then she handed the puppy to Kinky and it started squirming, while Mari got her camera ready, while Tony held Tim in his arms.

The happy, hefty, healthy puppy was all over Kinky with kisses, so he handed Chase off to me, and sidestepped over to me, for the photo shoot. As I held the wiggling puppy, Mari snapped two pictures of the three of us! Then they returned Chase to the kennel, and asked Tony and Kinky to stand together, so Tim could get his picture taken with Kinky and Tony.

After the shooting was over, Mari and Lori told Kinky that they had brought the pups with them, because Lori wanted Tony to see Tim, and she was hoping to give Tim to Tony—if Tony wanted him. “This is too weird,” I said. “The dog’s name is Tim. Kinky rescued Blue from a man named Tim. Tim had heard about our new rescue ranch, so he called Kinky, to ask us to take his dog, because if we didn’t, he was fixing to put a bullet in his dog’s head! And, get this—he was going to kill Blue, because he was afraid Blue would get run over!”

Tony told them he needed to think about it. Forty minutes later, after a fun visit with Kinky, Lori and Mari followed us back to the rescue ranch. As soon as The NoMads climbed out of the van, they asked to see my Space Ship—they couldn’t wait! I proudly gave them the grand tour of it, and they were totally impressed with it. Then they asked if they could go into Outer Space with Tony and me!

As Tony and I, led Lori and Mari on the final steps, before entering Outer Space, I pointed out the sign, that I had made, that reads: Welcome to Outer Space... They loved my sign and Outer Space more!

For special effects, when everyone was seated, I turned on my iPod, and the music from the Bose iDock filled the air. Tony decided that it was Happy Hour, so he asked The NoMads if they wanted a beer or some of my expensive fine boxed wine—they chose water, but on one condition— as long as it didn’t come from the creek. Their request was easily granted. I served them cold Ozarka bottled water.

We had much to talk about, and I am certain that Mari is now the funniest person, that has ever gone into Outer Space with us! And, she is now tied with Little Jewford, as being the funniest person on the planet! Her stories were absolutely hilarious and I bet I lost at least two pounds from laughing! At one point Mari had me laughing so hard—my rocking chair, was rocking me so fast—I came close to having motion sickness! And, Tony was laughing so hard, he had to go take a couple of Tylenol for his backache, and go to bed!

I am so glad Mari and Lori came out to visit! It was a blast! Lori Rules! And, Mari literally—Rocks! I love The NoMads!

P.S. Tony really liked Tim, but declined Lori’s generous offer. He told me this morning, there will never be another Blue.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Have No Idea!

This morning, I got up at 6:00. When I came into the kitchen, there was a note on the breakfast bar, from Tony. “Nance, I’m going to go wake up Kinky, so he can do Imus, and then I’m going to the Old Timer. Love you, Tony.”

I didn’t know Kinky was going to be on the Imus show this morning, so I turned on the television, started the DVD recorder, to watch Imus. Fortunately, I didn’t miss Kinky’s telephone interview!

Kinky was great on Imus! At one point during their conversation, when Kinky was talking to Imus about Kinky’s upcoming Ranch Roundup out here, on the 25th—Kinky said, “I even lost a bet to Tony, Cousin Nancy’s husband...” That was the very first time that Kinky has ever mentioned Tony’s name on Imus, and I was thrilled that I had recorded it!

When Kinky’s part of the show ended, I phoned Kinky, and then drove Trigger over to the Lodge, to drink a cup of coffee with Kinky. During our visit, Kinky challenged me to another game of pool. Probably, because The Medina Bulldog had beat him last night.

The game didn’t take long. I sank a couple of balls—yellow and red, before The Hummingbird Man won. I am not sure if I should tell Tony or not, because Kinky was pretty happy about winning.

Around 7:30, I said, “Well Kink, It’s now my turn. I need to get back over to the rescue ranch, because I have to do Harley’s radio show.” I then left the Lodge, climbed into Trigger, and turned the key—nothing happened. I tried several times to start Trigger, but he would not respond. So, I went back inside the Lodge, to tell Kinky about Trigger dying, and to ask him if I could use his phone to call Harley and do the show from the Lodge.

“Good morning Cousin Nancy!” Harley said, over the air waves. “How is everyone doing at the rescue ranch?”

“Well, I’m doing just fine, Harley, even though Trigger just died, and I am having to call you from Kinky’s Lodge because I can’t get home.”

“I’m sorry to hear that about Trigger. Well Cousin Nancy, tell me who is Harley’s Pet of the Week, this week.”

I laughed, “I have no idea, Harley—Kinky doesn’t have a computer over here.” We both laughed.

Harley and I talked a little while longer about the rescue ranch, and then I said, “Harley, Kinky’s sitting right here, and he wants to talk to you. Here’s Kinky.” I gave the phone to Kinky, and then I went outside to try to revive Trigger.

I tried a few more times to start Trigger, and got nothing. A couple of minutes later, Kinky came outside and tried to start Trigger—still no response. Kinky pulled the hood release handle, from inside the truck, and then he went and opened up the hood. "How old is Trigger?" Kinky asked.

"Ten," I said. "But in truck years, he would be close to ninety years old."

Then Kinky and I both leaned forward, and silently stared at Trigger’s engine, for at least fifteen seconds. Then I burst out laughing! “Kinky, neither you, or me know anything about engines! Why are we staring at the engine?” We both started laughing at ourselves. Then we returned to the Lodge. I called the Old Timer, to tell Tony the sad news about Trigger’s untimely death, and also to ask him to please pick me up at Kinky’s, when he returned to the ranch. He said he would and he did.

After Tony and Aaron had finished their chores, they went over to the Lodge to see why Trigger had passed away, so suddenly and unexpectedly. Fifteen minutes later, Tony walked into the trailer to tell me that Trigger was going to be okay, but his battery had died. Tony then took off to Medina to buy a new battery.

While he was gone, I did my three mile walk inside the trailer—using my weights and the stretchie band. It was a good workout.

During lunch, Tony and I watched the Imus show together, and Tony nearly fell out of his chair when Kinky mentioned him! He was totally surprised—I loved it!

I’ve gotta go now— Mari B. and Lori G. are fixing to show up out here! Tony and I are going to go down to the gate and meet them, so we can take them to see Kinky first. I can’t wait to see them!

This one is for Mari B.— To Be Continued...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Long May You Run!

I am still avoiding the news and am happy and basically sane. I am also proud to report, that I did my ‘inside the trailer—three mile walk’ using my weights and the—stretchie this morning! Yeah, me!

After my workout, I checked my e-mail. Our good friend, and super rescue ranch dog walker volunteer, Carol V. sent me an e-mail, congratulating me on starting up my walking program, and then she told me some upsetting news!

A week or so ago, Carol and her gigantic lovable, black Lab, Scout, had been out walking on a neighbor’s ranch, with a friend of hers, and Scout was bitten on his leg by a rattle snake, inside an old barn! They had to rush Scout to a veterinarian clinic, and fortunately, Scout survived, and is now doing fine and back to normal! As for the rattler—he didn’t make it. So, until we get our first frost out here—these boots are made for walking—inside my trailer.

I spent much of my day taking care of business, while listening to my iPod play one favorite song after another. It is amazing to me, how strongly music affects me. I love it and am hardly ever without my music—it grounds me and calms me.

Late this afternoon, Kinky returned to the ranch! Around five-ish, I went over for a visit. We had much to talk about, and he is very excited about our calendar raising money for our rescue ranch! After we had discussed some business, and caught up with each other’s news—Kinky challenged me to a game of pool. Short and sweet—The Hummingbird Man won.

When I returned to the rescue ranch and told Tony about Kinky beating me in a game of pool, Tone called Kink and asked if he could come over to the Lodge. Tony was only gone for about twenty minutes or so.

When Tony walked into the trailer he said, “Medina Bulldog—1 and The Hummingbird Man—0. He had four balls left on the table.” Then Tony grabbed a beer out of the fridge, and went outside to go check on the dogs.

I hope that y’all have a great evening! Neil Young is singing, ‘Long May You Run.’ I love that song so much! Long may you run and I mean it! Have a wonderful evening!

P.S. NoMads, Lori G. and Mari B., are coming out to the rescue ranch tomorrow! They can’t wait to get into my Space Ship, and go into Outer Space with Tony and me! It will be their very first time! I can’t wait to see them! We will have a blast! The NoMads Rock!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Five Star Beautiful!

First off, I want to thank all of y’all for the kind comments, about yesterday’s blog. Secondly, I must confess, that I didn’t get my three mile walk in today as planned, because I was a little too busy, and that is my excuse, and that is all that I am going to say about it. Trust me, if you knew what all went on today—you would accept my excuse. Now, I have some great news!

This morning, around ten-thirty, I received an urgent and exciting e-mail from Trisha Sanders, over at Copies Plus—that absolutely changed my mood, and made my day! FedEx had just delivered the proofs of our 2009 Calendar, and she could not wait for us to see them!

I immediately shot her back an e, and then I called her on the phone. “Nancy! The calendar looks absolutely fantastic!” Trish said, all excited. “It is so beautiful!”

Her news, and the excitement in Trisha’s voice—made me get all excited! I told her that Tony and I would get to Copies Plus as soon as possible! “Tony!” I half hollered, because he was just down the hallway. “We need to get to Kerrville—fast! Trish has the final proofs, and she told me that our calendar looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it! Okay?”

Tony, who is, as y’all well know, not nearly as an excitable person as me, said, “Okay, Nance.”

Twenty-four miles, and thirty-six minutes later—I jumped out of Buttermilk, and skipped into Copies Plus! Tony chose to walk. “Trish, I cannot wait to see it!”

“I can’t wait for y’all to see it either!” She replied, as she quickly opened up the FedEx box. “Here it is!”

I just about fainted, when I looked at the cover of the calendar—it was five star beautiful! And, I am not kidding you! As Trish slowly turned the pages of time—I felt goosebumps, as time marched on and on! Trisha was so proud of the calendar. Tony was proud of the calendar, and I was absolutely thrilled with our rescue ranch’s 2009 calendar! Y’all are going to love it!

Our 2009 calendar is going to be available within the next two weeks! The price of our calendar is $20.00 plus shipping and handling. I will give out more details on how to purchase it, within the next week. It is a beautiful 12” by 12” glossy calendar, printed on the finest paper, and it is filled with over seventy pictures! I can’t wait for Kinky to see it! Here is the front and the back of it!

Monday, October 6, 2008

There's Something Happening Here!

I did it! This morning following breakfast—I did my three mile workout, inside the trailer, without the two pound weights, and I am feeling fine, and glad that I did it! And, I used my new lavender colored stretchie—and it did not break—thank goodness!

After watching the depressing news about Wall Street crashing, early this morning, I did what I had to do—I turned off the television, and turned on my iPod, and then concentrated on some paperwork, that needed to be taken care of.

The first song that started playing on my iPod was ‘For What It’s Worth,” by the Buffalo Springfield, so I immediately went to the bedroom, put on my old colorful tie-dyed t-shirt, and braided my long salt and pepper colored ponytail—to remember the good times back then, and to help me forget the depressing news of today.

Thirty-eight years ago, life was all about peace and love for me. Everyone was happy, no one had to lock their doors, there were no gangs and the music was the greatest music of all times! I had just graduated from Southwest High School, in 1970 in Ft. Worth, and had moved to Austin and was the proud new owner, thanks to my Mom and Dad, of a used, dark blue, ‘67 VW —which came with an eight track player!

Ronnie had an off white ‘65 VW, with a six volt battery, which meant he could either listen to music or use his headlights. My ‘67 VW came with a twelve volt battery, which meant I could drive in the dark and listen to music at the same time! I was so lucky!

I thought I had it all back then, yet I actually had nothing at all, so to speak! All I had was a used ‘67 VW, named Blue, my treasured 0018 Martin guitar, which I had gotten from my parents on my 18th birthday, and a good-looking boyfriend—that could play anything on a guitar, and a ten dollar duffle bag, purchased from Academy Surplus, which was full of clothes—jeans mainly. It was the best of times for me—life was so simple.

I was five foot two, eyes of blue, had long brown hair, and was beautiful—as all nineteen year old people are! Everyone I knew was happy, and wanted to give peace a chance! Which some people thought was anti-American? I was young and innocent, and loved shooting people the universal two fingered— ‘peace sign!’ My heroes were Abraham, Martin and John—and Bobby—Janis and Jimi. I had no enemies—it was all about love.

My boyfriend, Steve Andrews., my first, real true love, a good-looking, dark haired longhair, who was two years older than me, and an incredibly talented lead guitarist, who had actually once played guitars with Jimi Hendrix at Hendrix’s home! Those were my bragging rights—back then!

When I moved to Austin, Steve and I rented a house, with my brother Ronnie, on St. Johns Street and then later on 45th and Duval Street. At night, the three of us would play our guitars and sing, or play Monopoly. In the morning, Ronnie did construction work, and learned his trade, while Steve and I sold carnations, at different locations in Austin, for twenty-five cents per flower—on street corners! It was a blast and I met some really interesting people! One man, even asked me to get into his Mercedes, and ride off into the sunset with him—I didn’t.

Not to brag, I outsold all of the’Flower People’ in Austin—including Steve, who would play his guitar for extra tips! And, I actually bragged to my parents, about making thirteen to twenty dollars a day—it was a lot of money back then, and all that I needed—and so much fun! Life was so simple back then and I miss it terribly.

I never ever dreamed that there would be a day, when Greed would rule our country—it is so disturbing to me, especially since most of the CEO’s came from my generation. It truly has made me sick. Seriously, how much stuff do we really need?

I am guilty, too, and as of tomorrow, I am going to be getting rid of just about everything I own—except for my life changing Vita-Mix machine. And, I am hoping to get everything that is important to me, to fit into an Academy Surplus duffel bag.

I am very sorry for writing this depressing blog, but I am feeling hopeless about what has happened to us and our country. There’s something happening here, and what it is, is exactly clear—greed!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Bit Of A Stretch!

This morning during breakfast, Tony and I discussed my walking program. He did not like me taking off by myself, for an hour, because it made him worry about my safety. In a way, I was relieved to hear this, because it is a little scary to me. I don’t need the surprise snakes, the deer running into me and lizards startling me. Walking is for relieving stress—not causing it!

Tony asked me to walk inside the trailer, using my Leslie Sansone ‘Walk Away the Pounds’ DVDs until we have our first frost out here. He said it would be much safer for me, and less stressful for him. I love my Leslie Sansone's walking tapes, so I agreed to do it.

When Tony went back to his office, I found my Leslie Sansone three mile advanced walk DVD and shoved it into the DVD player. While it was loading, I grabbed my two, two pound hand weights, and the purple stretchie, and placed them on the breakfast bar.

I decided to cheat a little. In the three mile walk, there are no weights used—just the stretchie. I wanted a better workout, so I used the weights until it was time to work out with the stretchie. When she told me to get my stretchie, I put down my purple weights and grabbed the purple stretchie. I was ready to use the stretchie, and be done with the weights!

Leslie said something like,“To start we are going to extend our arms out in front of us,” I put my arms out in front of me as she did—leaving about a foot of stretchie between my hands. “Okay, now we are going to slowly pull our arms all of the way back...” As she and her friends began pulling back—so did I—I could feel my muscles stretching. Then there was a loud popping noise—causing the hair, on the back of my neck—to stand up! I screamed! Then I realized that my old stretchie had separated!

Tony came rushing into ‘the great room!’ “Nance, are you okay!”

“Yes, my stretchie just broke! What can I do? I’m missing my workout!” Tony grabbed the two purple pieces from my hands, and then he quickly tied some kind of knot! Then he handed it back to me, I thanked him, and then continued my workout.

After I had completed my three mile advanced walk, Tony came back into the room. “Nance, you nearly caused me to have a heart attack, when I heard that pop and you screamed! I don’t know about you, but your walking program is causing way too much stress on us.” Then he laughed. “We could get you a treadmill at Wal Mart today? I’ll buy it.”

“No,” I said. “Treadmills scare me, and they are too expensive. Shoot, with my luck, I would probably fall down, and be strangled to death, by my stopwatch’s lanyard. I just need a new stretchie, that’s all.”

Today, Tony bought me a three-pack of latex stretch bands! I love their colors—lavendar, yellow and turquoise I haven’t decided which one to use for tomorrow’s three mile workout, but I am not going to let it stress me out, because I am already stressed out—because I am not sure if I can do the workout tomorrow because—my muscles are killing me!”

P.S. I can’t wait to tell Kinky!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Magnum, PI!

This morning after breakfast, I decided to start my Fall walking program, because yesterday, Ben had told me that it was safe to walk now—because the snakes were slowing down and going into hibernation. So, after cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I put on a hooded sweatshirt, grabbed my iPod and ear plugs, put the lanyard which is attached to my stopwatch around my neck, and then left the trailer.

When I reached the barn, I told Aaron, Ben and Tony that I was officially starting my walking program—three miles everyday! “Tony, I am going to be walking north on the road and I think it would be best if I took a walkie-talkie with me—just in case.”

“They aren’t charged,” Tony said.

“Just in case of what?” Ben asked.

“Just in case I see a snake, a mountain lion, a coyote or fall down.”

“Why aren’t you taking your new walking poles, Nance?” Ben asked.

“Oh my gosh, I forgot about them. Tony, I am going to take Kermit up to the trailer and get them. I will be right back!” I climbed into Kermit and went to get my walking poles that I had purchased last Spring at Wal Mart.

When I returned Kermit to the barn, Tony adjusted my poles, then the guys told me to have fun. I clicked my stopwatch, put my ear plugs into my ears, turned on my iPod, set it to play my ‘Walking’ playlist, then I took off walking, as I listened to “Magic Bus” by the Who. I love that song!

I had only walked about three songs when, yes, right there in the middle of the road was a young, one foot long, blackish-gray snake! I stopped dead in my tracks—it didn’t move, so I quickly sidestepped around it. When I looked back, it was still in the same place, and hadn’t moved. Then when I crossed the bridge, a small red lizard ran quickly between my feet, which startled me, too.

I was sick that I had seen the snake, and by the time I reached the one and a half mile mark, I was scared to walk back, but I did. I was thirty-seven minutes into my walk, when I heard the sound of Kermit! Within thirty seconds Tony pulled up. “I just wanted to check on you, to make sure you were okay,” Tony said.

I hopped into Kermit. “Tony, I am so glad that you came to check on me!” Then I told him about the snake and the lizard.

“I didn’t see any snake in the middle of the road. Are you sure you saw a snake?”Tony asked. Then he turned Kermit around and we headed back to the ranch. “Tony, please slow down, we are getting close to where I saw the snake.” Tony slowed down and we watched the road as we slowly moved forward.

“Stop! There it is!” I said. Tony stopped Kermit. “It has moved Tony! It was literally in the middle of the road when I saw it earlier.” Tony took one of my walking poles, got out of Kermit, and walked up to the twelve inch long snake. He touched it with the pole and it moved slowly, but did not try to strike. Tony then lifted up the snake, using the pole and carried it to the side of the road, and released it into the brush.

“It is just a young grass snake, Nance,” Tony said. “They can’t hurt you.” Then we drove back to the rescue ranch.

“The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming! Nance, Tone—call me! Call Kinky!” Is what I heard, when I checked my messages on the answering machine. I called Kinky to find out, that some Germans were coming out to interview Kinky for a major German magazine, and he wanted to make sure that Tony, Ben and I would be around, in case they wanted a tour of the rescue ranch. I told him we would be around.

It was getting close to lunch time. I decided to make soup and zucchini bread for us. I found a cream of mushroom soup recipe from my ‘Fannie Farmer’ cookbook, and decided to give it a try. I first made the zucchini bread recipe, in my Vita-Mix machine, and then put it into the oven, to cook for an hour. Then Tony and Ben walked inside the trailer to tell me they were starving.

I gave them two choices. “We are having zucchini bread with cream of mushroom soup. I just put the bread into the oven and it will take an hour to cook. We can either wait for the bread to bake or I can fix the soup right now, and we will be eating in five minutes or less.” They chose the five minutes or less menu.

Using my Vita -Mix machine, again, after cleaning it, I threw all of the ingredients for the soup into it, switched it to high and four minutes later, I stirred in the heavy cream and one minute later, we were enjoying the best organic cream of mushroom soup! It was delicious! Tony and Ben loved it, and Tony filled his bowl twice!

While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Tony and Ben started watching an old rerun of Magnum, PI on the television. During the commercial breaks, we talked about Tom Selleck and what a great actor he is and was, the characters, etc. When the show was nearly over, I realized that Ben was just like Magnum—his mannerisms, the way he talks to people, etc. “Ben you are Magnum PI! I can’t believe this.” We all started laughing. Then the oven bell rang—the zucchini bread was ready to come out of the oven!

While they watched the show, I pulled the bread out of the oven, set it down on the drain broard. I then flipped the bread pan upside down onto my cutting board, and nothing happened. The bread was stuck! I found a kitchen knife, and began to lift the pan slowly, and the bread fell out—or should I say—half of it did. When I lifted up the pan, half of the bread was stuck to the pan—I had half a loaf! It was two inches high! Something had gone wrong with my recipe! Tony and Ben came over to inspect the bread. Ben tried to cut a slice, but it fell apart. “I think it is under cooked, Nance,” Ben announced.

Tony then tried to cut a slice, “It tastes good, but the consistency is like pudding.” We laughed (even though, deep inside my heart I was crushed—just kidding).

Disappointed that it had turned out bad, I laughed and said, “Fine! I’m calling it Cousin Nancy’s Zucchini Bread Pudding! Grab a bowl and a get a spoon!”

After we ate the so-called bread, the three of us went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky.

Happy Birthday John Kemmerly!

Happy Birthday Judy Green on the 3rd!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Talking Robots In Outer Space!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I had to watch Survivor and the Debate. Survivor was fun, and the Debate was debatable.

Yesterday, around five o’clock, Ben, Tony and I went over to welcome Kinky back to the ranch. While Kinky was unpacking, I told him the bad news about Mercury being in retrograde, and about how strongly it was affecting everyone on the planet.

After Kinky checked his mail, he challenged Tony to a game of pool. The Hummingbird Man said, “I am going to win the title back even if Mercury is in retrograde!” The Medina Bulldog took his cue, and racked up the balls.

During the game, I said, “Kinky, earlier today, while in Outer Space, Ben was telling us about this new robot that sounds incredible great! It is called the Sentry Robot, and it is so cool! You can be anywhere in the world...” Kinky sank the cue ball.

“Nance,” The Hummingbird Man said. “Please, not when I am shooting.”

“Okay, but you can be anywhere, and call it on your cell phone and it will take pictures and send them immediately to your e-mail, and you can steer it around your own house, to check out things, like the dogs feed dishes, or water bowls or...” The Hummingbird Man missed his shot and did not sink any of his balls left on the table.

“Cousin Nancy, if you don’t mind—please, don’t talk to me—when it is my turn to shoot. I’m trying to win back the championship.” I was silent as The Medina Bulldog sunk a ball, and then another, and then missed.

“You program the little robot on routes to take, and paths to follow, around your house and then you can steer it all around the house—from anywhere! And when it needs recharging—it goes into its little house and recharges itself. Right Ben?” Ben nodded yes. The game was nearly over. The Hummingbird Man and The Medina Bulldog both had one ball left on the table to sink.

“Nance, I don’t want a robot—I want to win this game. And, I am fixing to win it right now, Medina Bulldog!” The Hummingbird Man studied the table, and then bent down and hit the cue ball real hard! The cue ball sank his ball in the far corner! “I fixing to win! Medina Bulldog loses, again!” He hollered! Then the cue ball hit the eight ball, and sank it—in the side pocket!

Tony, Ben, Kinky and I burst out laughing! Then I said, “I think why you lost was karma, Kinky. When you were so excited, and then said that about Tony loses, again. It’s called instant karma, and it is happening more and more to people these days. The proof is in the pocket.”

“You’re wrong, Cousin Nancy,” Kinky quipped. “I lost, because Mercury is in retrograde!” We all laughed!

“No Kinky, I don’t think so," I teased back. "I’m pretty sure that it was instant karma.”

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Worry About It, Nance!

Continued from Monday...

“Nance,” Kinky said. “I’ve got some great news to tell you about our calendar! Barnes & Noble wants you and me to do a calendar signing on November 15th, a Saturday at 2:00 at their Barnes & Noble Arboretum store in Austin!”

“You’re kidding me? That is great news, Kinky!” I said. “Are you sure they want me there?”

“Yes, Caren told me that she really wanted you to be there to sign calendars, and on Sunday, November 16th they want us to sign calendars at the Barnes & Noble San Pedro store, in San Antonio, at 2:30!”

“Kinky, that is really great news! But, I’m a little concerned about getting there. Maybe Ben can meet me, somewhere in Austin and drive me to the store—MoPac scares me to death! I haven't driven on it, in over thirteen years. I’ll talk to Ben and ask him.”

“Don’t worry about it, Nance,” Kinky said. “You can ride with me to San Antonio on Sunday.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Then there’s Houston! On November...”

“Hello, Houston—we’ve got us a problem,” I said. “Kinky, I can’t go to Houston—I’m serious. It’s too big of a city, and it really scares me. Seriously, I can’t go there. Besides, the people are going to be coming there to see you—not me and you know that.”

“Okay, we’ll discuss that issue later. You are such a baby,” Kinky said. “Nance, on Saturday, November the 29th, we, I mean, I am going to sign calendars at my friends, “Murder By The Book” store in Houston at 5:00! And then, on Sunday, the 30th, we are going to sign calendars at the Barnes & Noble Town & Country store in Houston, at 2:00!”

“Kinky, this is incredibly great news! I cannot believe it. The calendars are going to be selling like hot cakes! I’ll bet you that we are going to sell out of our calendars—fast!”

“I know!” Kinky said. “Now Nance, here is the last of my exciting news, “I’ve talked to Allison at Book People, in Austin, and she wants to talk to you, about us doing a calendar signing in December! She wants you to call her. Here’s her phone number...”

To be continued...