Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Episode: 20: Heart Cycles!

I had a blast doing this podcast yesterday. In this super fun and interesting podcast I interviewed Tony's and my dear friends Jay Pennington and Gerry Olert of Olert & Pennington Productions about their latest award-winning feature film Heart Cycles. And please note Gerry is on the left and Jay is on the right side of the photo.

Jay and Gerry are known for making fabulous films on shoestring budgets that are high quality films that win many awards. In fact, last year I actually played a small part acting like a crazy, old woman who spends most of her time stacking rocks when not worrying about her outlaw son— in Vinegar To Honey soon to be released.

In this episode, between my corny jokes, my friends discuss their backgrounds, how they met and how they work so well together. And they also talked about the multi-talented actors/actresses and the awesome music score that has made Heart Cycles a must-see feature film.

Also after I told a corny joke about a pony I reminded Jay about the two of us both getting pictures taken of us on the same pony even though Jay's photo was taken in his front yard, in San Antonio and mine was taken in my front yard, in Fort Worth. I guess you could say at the time, "It was a small world for a small pony."

To listen to this podcast please CLICK HERE or near the top of the sidebar on the left. And please always remember my favorite quote, "Life is short and so am I!" 

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Episode 19: Remembering The Alamo With Fourth Coates! or Duck And Cover!

Today has been a blast, because I was lucky enough to interview my and Tony's dear friend Fourth Coates. And you can see why we love Fourth so much by listening to this entertaining interview with Fourth telling one funny story after another. And with me often cutting in to tell a few jokes.

Fourth kept Tony and I laughing with his hilarious stories about growing up on a ranch, in South Texas.

To listen to my Episode 19th podcast: Remembering The Alamo With Fourth Coates please Click Here or up on the sidebar—The Cousin Nancy Show.

Thank y'all for listening and take care and keep on laughing!

9/4/2022 Update:

Here is a photo of Fourth's 4th grade class that "Saw the bomb and lived to tell about it!" And please note that Fourth is standing top row left of George.