Sunday, September 27, 2020


 I wish that I had seen this before reading Mari's e-mail.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Signs! or Steps! or Sign!

Well I know that it has been a long while since I've posted anything, but I have been busy or trying to keep myself busy, so I don't get the blues, because of everything that is going on in our world.

Luckily, Tony and I are still working at our jobs which helps pass a lot of time. Plus we're making some money and having contact with our friends at work helps a lot, because we do a lot of laughing. And when we're not working, wed still eat, sleep, enjoy our four-leggers, take naps, solve jigsaw puzzles and binge-watch Netflix, etc.

Last weekend I did accomplish a few things on my days off. First, I drilled holes in the two metal signs that I had ordered and I hung them up. 

Since, I already have that cute, funny dish towel that Wolfgang & Angel gave to me and having two metal signs made with that quote I decided to hang one of the signs up in my writing cabin and I put the other one on the side fence right next to our front yard gate entrance.

Then I decided to paint another mural on the water tank that has my other mural painted on it. I made this decision, because it was a beautiful day outside and I wanted to be surrounded by nature and listen to my music all day.

I spent last Saturday and Sunday working on this mural and then I decided I didn't like it and am going to start all over and paint something different, instead. Here is a picture of it, before I paint over it and start over.

Anyway, today I did not have to work, so this morning Little Debbie, Henry & I went outside and we spent an hour or so, hanging out inside my writing cabin—The Last Resort. 

And when we left the writing cabin the first thing that I saw were the steps that used to lead up the back porch deck, before Tony and I closed the deck in and turned it into Tony's man-cave. And those stupid-looking stairs made me laugh and they inspired me to paint a sign.

So we went back inside The Cabin and I grabbed a tube of black paint and a small cutting board and went to painting it. And when the paint had finally dried I went outside and hung it up.

And since it is hard to read, here is a picture of my new sign, before I hung it up.

And when Tony came home from work he and our four-four-leggers followed me outside, because they all thought I wanted to show them something inside The Last Resort. And when Tone noticed the sign, before getting to the cabin—he burst out loud laughing and he told me that he loved it. Which was exactly the reaction I was hoping  for!

And that is about it for now.

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Social Dilemma!

 Two nights ago I watched the documentary, The Social Dilemma, on Netflix and it was a real eye-opener for me and it also scared me. This is a quote from Netflix that describes this documentary.

"We tweet, we like, and we share—but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? As digital platforms increasingly become a lifeline to stay connected, Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media is reprogramming civilization by exposing what's hiding on the other other side of your screen."

So last night I asked Tony to please watch this documentary with me, because I felt that he needed to know what is actually going on when he is using the biggest platforms, such as FaceBook, Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Needlesss to say Tony was not interested in watching this documentary, so I tried to bribe him by offering to pay him $20.00 to watch it with me. "No Nance," he said, grumpily. "I'll watch it and you don't have to pay me..." So we watched it. And here is the official trailer for The Social Dilemma.

I encourage everyone who uses social media to please watch this, because the next time that you tweet, like or share—you will understand what is actually going on and how these major platforms are using algorithms to feed us the kind of news or fake news that we want to hear, etc.

This documentary, The Social Dilemma, is mind-blowing and is now trending in the Top 10 on Netflix and is rated #9 in the U.S. Today. And it is why it is the Sundance 2020 Film Festival's Official Selection.

Please note that I will be very careful using any of these top, most popular, social media sites. And I've already turned off all notifications and I will no longer be clicking on recommended sites, etc. or believing any of the fake news that is customized for me personally by these mega-computer's algorithms.

And lastly, I will no longer follow any links sent to me by my friends and I hope that they will understand.

Now I will step down from my platform/soap-box and go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy nature with my dogs.

Have a great day and keep on laughing! And please take the time to watch The Social Dilemma.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Today's Thought!

 My dear friend Clive sent me this and I totally love it and cannot quit laughing.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

I Went Back In Time!

 This morning a few minutes before I went to meet my dear friends Kris and Denise for coffee, in Kerrville, I decided to do a pyramid check and it was back. 

So I grabbed my camera and took these pictures to document the mysterious pyramid. And my rooster clock, above the calendar, shows the time I shot the pyramid. The first picture was taken about 9:03 and the second picture was approximately 9:04.

Then I flipped off the lights above the kitchen sink and the kitchen island and this is what I got. (To make sure the lights were not casting a glare on the calendar.) These two pictures were taken at 9:14 and 9:15.

Then I left The Cabin to go meet up with Denise and Kris, at Monroe's East End Grill at 10:30. But before I went to Monroe's I stopped at the little H-E-B and stocked up on groceries.

I was almost ten minutes late when I walked inside Monroe's East End Grill and I immediately found Kris inside visiting with some friends that are in a walking club. Kris introduced me to her friends and then she and I went to get our drinks and something to eat.

I had a fun visit with Kris while we ate and waited for Denise to arrive. After thirty minutes had passed Kris decided to call Denise to see if she was okay. Bottom   Line: Denise had thought we were meeting on Sunday. 

Anyway, ten minutes later Denise arrived and the first thing she did was give Kris and me matching gifts that she had bought for us in Roswell, New Mexico. And Kris and I loved our Bob pillows.

I had a wonderful time visiting with my friends and when I got back home, after showing Tony my newest Bob to add to my collection—I took this picture around 1:30 this afternoon, as it briefly began raining outside.

When I showed Tony the pyramid he told me that he thought it was a reflection, but like me he had no clue as to where it was coming from. But we did note that the calendar is semi-glossy.

So I did an experiment—I removed the calendar from the wall and the pyramid was gone. But when I put the calendar back on the wall—the pyramid returned. 

And after taking care of a few things I decided to do another experiment. I removed the calendar where the pyramid was shining and held up a black note book where the calendar hangs and there was no pyramid. Then I held up a shiny, dark blue notebook where the calendar hangs and there was no pyramid. Which obviously proves that the pyramid is partial to George Boutwell's fabulous Texas art.

Then I did what Kris had suggested I do—"Why don't you change the calendar page to October and see what happens?..." And this is what I got or didn't get. October was a no-show.

Then I went back in time and changed the calendar back to September. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, September 4, 2020

A Pyramid! or The Famous Horned Toad! or Multi-Tasking!

Today has been great, but it was also a little bit strange. And late this morning, Tony and I actually had a few hours of unexpected fun, because we ate lunch with our good friends Eileen & Wayne. While our friends/awesome mechanics, at Balser's Northside Automotive, next door to Acapulco, gave Silver, Tony's truck, its yearly inspection.

This morning while Tony was working next door, at Escondida Resort & Spa, I was home washing some dishes while listening and chanting to my most favorite Deva Premal & Miten beautiful chant—Om Namo Bhagavate/Oneness

Anyway, something distracted me, so I turned around from the kitchen sink and saw this perfect pyramid glowing from across the room, on the wall. So I immediately quit chanting and I just stared at it, while asking myself, "How come this kind of weird stuff always happens to me when Tony is never around?" Henry, Beau, Little Debbie & Big Al(ice) said nothing, as they too stared at the shining pyramid.

So I grabbed my camera and took aim at this about one-foot-tall pyramid that seemed to be perfectly centered at the top of my beautiful George Boutwell 2020 calendar, that Kris & The Mineral Man had given to us last Christmas. Here is that picture. And in this picture the clock, above the calendar, shows 9:38 or 9:39.

Then I took this picture of the calendar, close up and at a different angle, so I could prove to Tony that this actually happened while he was gone. And please note the sun does not directly shine through this window, above the kitchen sink and I made sure that nothing was reflecting off of the glass of the kitchen window.

Anyway, when I got up close to the calendar I took this side angled picture and as you can see—no pyramid. 

And a minute later, just as the chant had ended—the pyramid vanished completely into thin air, so to speak and it was no longer visible on the calendar. And the time on the kitchen clock shows that it is either 9:40 or 9:41.

So all I know is this morning there was a beautiful, glowing pyramid on the George Boutwell calendar and then it simply went away. And that is my weird pyramid story.

Next Topic

During our fun lunch with Eileen & Wayne we got to talking about growing up with Horned Toads and how much we had loved them. So I said, "Well, I still feel sorry for Ol' Rip. I can't believe they put him inside a jar and sealed him inside that new courthouse cornerstone...."

And because of the look on Eileen's face after I had said this I suggested that she Google this famous Horned Toad that had some how survived 31 years in hibernation, inside a glass jar.

Well, Eileen Googled it and then she read the story to us of Ol' Rip's famous life. Here is a picture of Ol' Rip and please click here for the famous story about his life and times.

And as I finish writing this tonight I want to share another one of Mari's funny quotes that she found on the Internet.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!