Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Proof Is There!

Today has been great. This afternoon Kris & I went to our 2nd line—dancing class and it was as much fun as it was last Tuesday. Even though I am still the worse dancer in the class. Tony took pictures of me today and the proof is there.

I apologize for not writing much this lately, but my excuse is a good one. Here is my excuse:

Basically, if I wasn't working next door or sleeping—I was writing, because I am determined to finish this third novella and self-publish it before my next birthday rolls around. (October 17th)

When I write I go into a trance or better said—the zone, where time literally flies by. Sometimes I write or edit for hours on end and when I am done for the day I am so exhausted with nothing more to say. And sadly I do not have the will power to make myself post something on my blog.

I love blogging and it keeps me happy writing about my days, but right now, because I am on a roll, so to speak I must keep writing to make this the best novella that I've ever written.

So, I am taking the next week off from posting on my blog, so I can put all of my energy and concentrate on my writing.

I hope you understand and will be patient with me. Now I must write!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


I had a blast this afternoon, at the Dietert Center in Kerrville. On our way, to the Dietert Center, to meet our dear friends Eileen, Kris & Jim, this old song from the '60s popped into my head.

I could hear the tune in my head, but I could not remember the name of the song or the lyrics. In fact, all that I could remember was it was a beautiful song sung in Japanese and it drove me crazy until just a few minutes ago, after I had Googled it.

Anyway, the reason that Tony and I met our friends at the Dietert Center was because Eileen and Kris were going to do a line—dancing class with me. None of us had ever line—danced before and we thought it would be fun to give it a whirl, so to speak. Plus it would be good exercise for us.

Jim and Tony came along to support us, even though they refused to participate in the class and it was fine with us, because they both had good reasons why they could not line—dance with us. Here is a brief description of Jeanette's line—dancing class, I found in the Dietert Club Ed fall catalog.

Tony and I were almost late (2:59) when we arrived at the Dietert Center. Kris & Jim and Eileen met us at the front door and we made it to the classroom at 3:00 sharp!

Jeanette, the friendly instructor, greeted us and talked to us girls as we signed up for her class and then about 20 or so women of all ages greeted us, too. And because Jeanette and her class were so friendly to us I knew that it was going to be a lot of fun. And I was right.

We line—danced for an entire hour. And I was the worse dancer in the entire class and I often caught myself going in the wrong directions or was kicking with the wrong foot, etc. to some really great music. 

The hour flew by so fast, because I was having so much fun, so I wasn't all that self conscious about making so many mistakes, because I just chalked it up to being old.

But my "being old" excuse didn't hold water for long, because when one of Jeanette's students asked her about her upcoming birthday—Jeanette proudly said, "This birthday is a really big one, because I will be 85."

And when I heard her say that my jaw dropped to the floor and I almost tripped on it, because Jeanette could easily pass for being 60 years old. So I want to highly recommend enrolling in Jeanette's class to everyone, because I plan to make her super fun, Tuesday line—dancing class a weekly thing that I must do. 

On the way home from my first line—dancing class that Japanese song kept popping up in my head, so as soon as we put the groceries up, I Googled it and I also found it on YouTube!

The name of the the Japanese song is Sukiyaki (Ue o Muite Arukou) and it was sung by Kyu Sakamoto and in the U.S. it reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, in 1963. 

And this is an excerpt from Wikipedia about the song Sukiyaki:

"An instrumental version of the song was played by NASA over the radio for the Gemini VII astronauts as mood music, thereby becoming one of the first pieces of music sent to humans in space...."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Motel 6!

The past week has been a lot of fun. We've had visitors, been working and I've been getting a lot of work done on my third novella. And Darlene won last weeks steps competition. I came in 3rd place.  : (

I came into third place, because when I am writing I am not walking or at least that is my excuse for now.

I am really excited about today, because this afternoon, in Kerrville, Tony and I are going to be doing something that we've never done before. And several of our friends are going to be doing this with us, too. And I plan on writing about it this evening.

Here's some good news. This morning Chet sent me an e-mail from Roswell, New Mexico. And he sent me these two pictures of Bob, posing as a greeter, outside the Motel 6.

So now I am green with envy, because I want to go out to Roswell, New Mexico so I can greet him and shake his hand or at least put my arm around him and have Tony take a picture of Bob and me.

Tonight I am planning on writing another post for my blog, about what Tony and I did this afternoon, unless I am too exhausted from what I will be doing in a few hours. 

I am now going to get back to my writing.

Y'all have a great day and keep on laughing!

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Today has been great. Tony and I worked this morning and we've spent the rest of the day resting and I spent most of my resting at my computer—writing/editing on my 3rd novella.

Several of y'all have been interested in Tony's and my new healthy lifestyle change. Eating only Whole Foods & Plant Based diet. We love this dietary change and the delicious food. And it shows.

Anyway, because I need to get back to my writing I want to share with you this fabulous  Plant-Strong & Healthy Living: Rip Esselstyn @ TedxFremont. It is only 12 minutes long and he explains exactly why this way of eating is so important to our health. And I hope that you will spend only 12 minutes to watch it, because it could be the most important thing that you do today.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

It's About Time! or Free! or Time Will Tell!

Today and the past few days have been great. I apologize for skipping a few days and not posting anything. My excuse is we've been busy working and I've spent most of my spare time writing, because I am determined to finish this 3rd novella by October.

First off, I want to brag about me winning the first week of our steps competition! Darlene, Sarah and Tony were good sports about me "walking circles around them" or better said—walking in circles inside The Cabin.

The past few days since I've been doing so much writing I am definitely lagging behind in my steps compared to my competitors, but I am actually fine with it. Because I've been enjoying sitting in my chair with Little Debbie and Big Al(ice), on my lap, instead of pacing around the house drinking my 2 glasses of cheap boxed wine.

This morning I got up around 5:00 and when I went into the kitchen/big room our atomic wall clock said it was 10:00?

All of the other clock functions were working, but for some strange reason the clock was 5 hours fast.

This afternoon the inaccurate atomic clock was driving me crazy, because it was 5 hours fast, so I decided to fix it.

The first thing I did was replace the old batteries with new batteries. But when I tried to reset the clock—nothing seemed to work. I would press the buttons in the correct order to reset it, but it did not respond.

Long story short—after spending/wasting 1 hours of my time, reading the manual, watching YouTube videos, etc. I decided to give up. In fact, I was so frustrated with the dang thing I was thinking about chunking it into the trash can.

But when I checked out the new higher prices to replace my beloved atomic clock, I decided to pause and take 10 deep breaths and rethink it. And I am so glad that I did even though it was a little bit scary, because Tony was next door helping Sarah and Darlene move a big fireplace. (And yes, I said fireplace.)

Anyway, I decided to press and hold the Atomic Clock button, on the back of the clock. A little wi-fi icon appeared and it started blinking. 📶—it was in search mode to find the world's atomic clock, which I guess is in Outer Space, on a satellite.

I decided to leave it on the kitchen island and started answering some e-mails. About five minutes passed and I got up to see if the icon was still blinking. It was.

As I started back to my desk, I heard the strangest noise. It was like something was inside my atomic clock and it was trying to get out. In fact, I put my hand on the top of the clock and the clock was vibrating.

It was unbelievable and then it quit vibrating and making the oddest sounds. But when I looked at this amazing atomic clock, Made In China, the time and dates were rapidly changing. Of course since Tony wasn't here I thought "Great. No one is going to believe this happened...Where is Tony when I need him?"

Then once again as I started back to my desk—the clock started making weird sounds and vibrating. So I looked at my atomic clock and wondered if it was possessed by an evil spirit or a restless soul that was trapped inside it and wanted to be set free.

As it continued vibrating I listened closely to see if I could hear little voices or something coming from inside it, as I was looking on top of the refrigerator for my sage, because I wanted to smudge my atomic clock and to set whatever was inside it free.

With a small amount of sage in the bottom of a cereal bowl, I started to get matches, but when I looked at the clock—the time and date, etc. were correct and it was no longer vibrating and making strange sounds. So, I was thrilled to say the least.

So I took my atomic clock and hung it back on the wall and then I took this picture of it showing the correct time, temperature, date, etc. Life was once again good and as it should be.

And of course it was perfect timing, because right after I took this picture Tony walked inside The Cabin—the fireplace had been successfully moved.

As I finish writing this I have not told Tony about the possessed atomic clock, because I am sure that he won't believe me or else he will think that I am totally crazy. But time will tell.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Monday, August 5, 2019


Today has been great. I didn't work nest door today, but I did work on cleaning The Cabin. And I am proud to report that it is so clean, no one would believe that we live here.

I spent most of my afternoon working on my novella. Then I took a restful nap with Henry Standing Bear, Big Al(ice) and Little Debbie. Roy Rogers and Beau Bridges missed taking a nap with us, because they were outside helping Tony.

It is now 8:52 and I am going to do a little reading and then hit the hay, so to speak. And before I finish writing this post I want to show y'all how many steps I walked today—10,268.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

I'm Tired!

Tony and I worked this morning and I am so tired I am going to bed early. I hope I win today's steps.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Darn Darlene!

I can't believe that I did what I did last night. It is embarrassing, but it was well worth it and I have no regrets.

Last night Tony and I worked with Darlene and before we adios-ed our dear friend after cleaning up the kitchen, we all checked our pedometers and told each other how many steps we had walked.

And please note that "Darn Darlene," is the new nickname that I've given to her, because she keeps out-walking me.

Darn Darlene was close to 11,000 steps, as she locked up the kitchen, and I was trailing her by nearly 2,000 steps. Tony had walked over 8,124 steps and I was thrilled that I had at least beat him in our daily steps.

When Tony and I got home let's just say that I was semi- depressed about Darn Darlene out walking me and it didn't seem to bother Tony at all.

After I had hugged all of our dogs, I poured myself a glass of my cheap, fine, boxed wine and then I went into the bathroom to put on my pajamas, because I wanted to relax and watch a couple of episodes of Heartland, before going to bed.

While I was in the bathroom, Tony knocked on the door, and said, "I just got a message from Darlene. She wants me to tell you that she has walked 12,644 steps today."

Well that good news hit me like a lead balloon and it nearly pushed me over the edge knowing that Darn Darlene had out-walked me again. So I decided that I had to do something about it. Then I put my socks back on and slipped on my pink Crocs.

After coming out of the bathroom, actually it is the shower-room, because we don't have a tub, I bravely went into Tony's man cave and asked him to show me Darn Darlene's message.

Then I went into the big room, turned on Heartland, grabbed my glass of fine wine and started walking around the house—sipping wine, as I watched Ty fall off a cliff and then watched Amy and her magnificent horse rescue Ty.

I continued strolling inside The Cabin, drank one more glass of wine, until I had watched two more episodes of Heartland. And yes, I know that I looked like a fool.

When I checked my pedometer I was way ahead of Darn Darlene's 12,644 steps, but just to make sure she wasn't home walking around or secretly dancing to add more steps, I decided to walk some more, even though Tony and the dogs had already gone to bed.

So I tip-toed around the kitchen and the big room and paced myself until I hit this mark—14,456 at 10:11. In hopes that I had out-walked Darn Darlene. Then I went to bed, but it took a while for me to fall asleep, because my feet were sore from all of the walking.

This morning when Tony and I went to work I was anxious to find out, from Darn Darlene, if I had out-walked her. And the good news is I won yesterday's competition by 1,812 steps! And when I told Darn Darlene and Sarah about what I did last night—they teased me and they could not quit laughing about it.

As I finish writing this I have already walked 4,749 steps today and it is not even noon yet. Tony and I are going to be working again tonight. So it should be interesting to see who wins today's step competition, because when we get home tonight—I'm not walking.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Good Sport!

Today started out great, but then it went south real fast, when I met up with Darlene, in Escondido's awesome kitchen.

She was busy cooking a fabulous breakfast for the guests, so after putting on an apron, I asked Darlene a question that I already knew the answer to. "So how many steps did you take yesterday?" Already knowing that I had out-stepped her by a long shot.

Darlene got this big grin on her face, and she replied, "10,856!" And I guess that you should have been there to watch my smile turn upside down. "I can't believe it!" Darlene said. "How many did you walk?" Darlene asked, as she kneaded some dough.

I was speechless for a few seconds, because I had realized that sweet Darlene had out-walked me and she's five years older than me. Still stunned with the news about her winning yesterday's competition and that I had actually lost to her, I finally forced myself to say, "54 steps less than you did. 10,802."

Darlene tried to fake how excited she was about out-walking me, but I saw through her even though she was glowing with the thrill of victory, as she punched the dough down, again.

I congratulated Darlene on out-walking me and I was happy for her, even though I wanted to kick myself in the pants for removing my pedometer, at 5:20, right after I had updated my blog last night with a picture showing my 10,802 steps.

But wanting to be a good sport about losing and knowing that all is fair in love and walking, so to speak, I blew off my loss and took off for the dining room, so I could quickly add more steps to my pedometer and to turn on the lights in the dining room. 

Then I found every excuse I could find to walk more steps this morning, because Darlene already was over 1,000 steps ahead of me for the day and it was still early.

As I finish writing this for tonight, because Tony and I will be working tonight, I have walked  a total of 6672 steps so far. And all I have to do now is dance for an hour (Like that will really  happen.) and take a shower before going to work. Life is good and Losing sucks. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Today has been great. Before Tony and I went next door to work a few hours over at Escondida Resort, I decided to get a head start on my steps, so I spent close to twenty minutes dancing to Gary P. Nunn's songs. And I had already walked over 5,000 steps before we even arrived at Escondida.

After finishing my work, I punched my time card, so I would be off-of-the-clock, when I went into the kitchen to visit with Kelli and drink a cup of coffee with her and staff.

During the fun conversation with Kelli and some of the staff members, they had started talking about drug testing athletes, in high school. So I joined in the discussion and it went something like this.

"When I was in high school," I said. "My junior year (1968-1969) I experimented with marijuana and a few other illegal drugs, but all they ever did was make me more stupid than I already was. In fact, when I was experimenting with marijuana, no one seemed to notice. But when I quit doing marijuana and the other stuff I had messed around with—everyone accused me of being on drugs."

"It wasn't fair, because I was straight—drug free," I complained. Then I told them this true story. "My junior year, I was working at the Fort Worth Children's Zoo, taking care of baby animals. It was a great job...."

"Anyway, one day after working at the zoo, I rescued a small, orphaned opossum, so I took it home with me, because it needed to be bottle fed. I named it Nancy and I kept it for about a week or so. To say the least, Mom & Dad were not real thrilled about me having a baby opossum, in my bedroom."

"When Nancy got off of the bottle and started eating real opossum food, my sweet parents suggested that it might be time to release her back into the wild. And I was fine with that, because Nancy had these really sharp teeth."

"So I asked my boyfriend at the time, who we will call Albert, to drive me down to Forest Park, so I could release it. Mind you, neither one of us did drugs or drank alcohol."

"Albert took us near the zoo, which was locked up tight for the night, so I carried Nancy, who was inside this shoebox, over to a tall tree. It was already dark outside, so Albert had his headlights on, so he could watch, from the comfort of his red convertible."

"It was all pretty uneventful, because all I did was put the shoe box on the ground, next to the tree and removed the lid, so Nancy could be free. Then I went back to Albert's car, so we could watch, in between our making out sessions, in the front seats. They were bucket seats."

"Then out of nowhere, police lights started flashing white, red, blue and then this police car drove up and parked next to Albert's car. It was scary even though we had nothing to hide."

"This officer asked us what we were doing? So I told him that we were releasing, Nancy, my pet opossum. And it was the truth. But the officer didn't buy it, so he accused us of doing drugs or better said—sniffing glue! Then he made us get out of the car, so he could search it. And of course he found nothing."

"So, I suggested that he go with me to the tree, so he could meet Nancy and see that I wasn't lying to him. And when we arrived at the tree, so I could prove my innocence, the shoe box was empty. Nancy had disappeared into the woods."

After my friends had quit laughing, I continued, "After the police man drove away Albert and I went back to his car, so he could drive me home. And just as Albert started his car we heard this voice from up above that spoke down to us. But now I can't remember what he said to us. But he was friendly. I do remember that."

"Anyway, there was this homeless man, way up high in the tree, who had witnessed the whole thing and he thought it was totally hilarious. And that's the end to my story about me being innocent and accused of doing drugs."

Before I adios-ed our friends, next door, Sarah, Darlene, Tony and I entered yesterday's steps, in a log book, and I am proud to say that I won and Tony came in second place. In other words: Team BIG FOOT won and Sarah and Darlene's Team TWO-STEPPERS— 0. I like that.

This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to buy some groceries and to run a few errands and we did a lot of walking. So as I finish writing this for tonight I've removed my pedometer and here is a picture of how many steps I've already walked today. And it is only 3:55!

Yes, 9,614 steps and I am putting my watch/pedometer back on, so I can hit at least 10,000 steps. And I think dancing at least one time to Gary P. Nunn's song, For Old Times Sake, will definitely get me there. Because these boots are made for walking.

And the last time that I checked-in with Tony he has already walked over 7,000 steps today. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Another Update: 5:18