Monday, March 31, 2008

Buster Brown Is Going To Chicago!

Kristine Banks, my great friend up in Chicago, who I had just e-mailed about possibly taking Buster Brown—shot me back this e-mail about Buster Brown!

Oh my gosh yes!! For some reason or another we have become the "Land of the Misfits"-like on the old movie Rudolph-even as a kid I wanted to take all those broken toys without a home-little did I know someday I would, only it would be dogs! We have RC(ray Charles)-he is blind and was heartworm positive, he has been here 2 years or so. The shelters we work with up here have come to know as the last hope for some of the hard cases. I never intentionally went looking for these guys, but they have a special place in my heart. We take a lot of older dogs with issues from Chicago Anti-Cruelty(luxating patella's, dental probs, heart murmurs, deafness, cataracts, dry eye...) Plus some dogs are sent out because of some behavior issues. We just took in an Old English Sheepdog and a cockapoo last week. The Old English was cage aggressive, at 1 1/2 years old, he was to be put down. The 2 year old cockapoo has some hair loss, probably allergies. They are both highly adoptable, and are doing well. The county animal control calls me when they get a few difficult dogs. The great pyr girl was one, we are nursing to health a 2 pound chihuahua, we have Jilli Bean, a tiny girl that was nearly bald and covered with scabs(not pretty!), so yes, here we are, still cheering on the underdog, and obviously we are not alone, we have had excellent adoptions by some wonderful caring people. Jilli Bean is on our website, and she has been #1 in the petfinder stats for weeks. She can't be placed yet, we are waiting for her to get stronger, and grow more hair, and then get spayed, but we have people waiting in line to meet her! Not to mention my own spina bifida, diaper wearing diva, Kiki Rose, my English bulldog. Sometimes it's tough, one little fella was sent up to us, he was 14 years old, and owner relinquish! He was in poor health, and he was sent to us because they couldn't bear to heave him die at the shelter, how could I say no? He enjoyed a home, love, good meals, and fresh air for 2 weeks, then Mr. Doodle quietly passed away. Mostly, being involved in the lives of these special guys has been the biggest blessing, witnessing their spirit and strength, and then being part of finding their forever homes with some extra special people-unbelievable! But, I do go is a bit of a yes, send us your blind...your deaf..your needy...!Ha! Dry eye is very common with some of the dogs we see, and often over diagnosed. Sometimes it is an infection that has been chronic, especially in cockers and other dogs with big lashes. But the bulging eyed dogs like pugs frequently need the eye ointment, not a huge expense or problem. Kristine

Kristine, you just made our day! Thank you so much!

May Day! May Day! Buster Brown Needs Your Help!

Buster Brown needs a great home now! We rescued Buster Brown from the Kerrville pound over a week ago. He is approximately one year old, neutered and has been given all of his shots. He is as sweet as he can be, well mannered and trained! And, we love him!

Yesterday, John took Buster Brown back to Hoegemeyers, because he just didn’t seem to be feeling real good. He was squinting and somewhat lethargic.

This morning when John arrived with Buster Brown, he put Buster back into his pen with Sally, and then John came up to the trailer to discuss Buster’s many medications. Buster is now taking antibiotics to treat his eye infection and anal gland infection.

The vet told John that it appears that Buster’s tear ducts are not producing tears, so three times a day, we are going to apply two different ointments to his eyes—five minutes apart.

I am hoping that Buster will be fine once all of the meds kick in, but knowing that there is the possibility, that Buster Brown might need to have his eyes treated three times a day for the rest of his life—we are looking one very special home for him—now!

A little later this morning, I went out to take a photo of Buster Brown and John helped me. Once inside Buster’s and Sally’s pen, Buster seemed to already be feeling much better—his tail was wagging! John picked Buster up, so I could get a good picture, but after about ten unsuccessful snapshots, John placed Buster on top of his dog house and this was the best picture out of all the pictures that I took.

Please help us help Buster find a great home! He deserves a great home—NOW!

P.S. Cuzz just got adopted at 11:30!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Today's Joke From Ben and Valerie!

A Department of Water representative stopped at a ranch and talked with an old rancher. He told the rancher, "I need to inspect your ranch for your water allocation."

The old rancher said, "Okay, but don't go in that field over there."

The Water representative said, "Mister, I have the authority of Federal Government with me. See this card? The card means I am allowed to go WHEREVER I WISH on any agricultural land. No questions asked or answered. "Have I made myself clear? Do you understand?"

The old rancher nodded politely and went about his chores. Later, the old rancher heard loud screams and saw the Water Rep Running for the fence and close behind was the rancher's bull. The bull was gaining on the Water Rep with every step. The Rep was clearly terrified, so the old rancher immediately threw down his tools, ran to the fence and shouted out....."Your card! Your card! Show him your card!"

Thanks Ben, we loved it!

Oklahoma Loves Velma!

Today has been a busy day at the rescue ranch. I started my day, by waking up at 5:00 this morning, and I was wide awake and could not go back to sleep. Around ten o’clock this morning, Kinky invited us over to see his three new heirloom rose bushes that a friend had sent to him from Washington and he also wanted Tony and I to check out two moths that were attached to his back porch wall. “Nance, I don’t know if they are dead or in love.”

“Tone and I will be over there in a Montana minute! We’re bringing our cameras!”

Three minutes later, Tony and I were photographing the giant moths. They were four to five inches tall and wide. We have no clue as to what kind of moths they are.

Kinky then showed us his heirloom rose bushes, and the three of us, discussed where to plant them, while Kinky uprooted some leeks for Tony and me to plant over at the rescue ranch. Then Tone and I came home.

Before all of the visitors arrived, Tony planted the leeks in our garden, and then we checked on our organic heirloom seedlings in my writing cabin. Oh my gosh! Some of our plants were already four inches tall! Tony and I planted the seeds last Sunday afternoon, and it was amazing to see them sprouting so quickly!

After a late lunch, I was pretty tired, so I went and took a nap with some of my best friends— Toto, Little Girl, Hank, Sr., Thunder and Lucky, the cat—all snuggling up close to me. It was a good nap. I slept for over two hours with my furry friends and feel rested.

When I came into the ‘big room,’ Tony told me that our friends, Bob and Ann K. had come by to see us, and had asked us to give John the pictures they had taken of their granddaughter, Autumn, who lives in Oklahoma. “They loved reading “Velma the Vomiting Vulture,” and Autumn loved the book, too!” Tony said.

I’m so happy that John’s book is really getting out there! In fact, I just mailed another copy of “Velma the Vomiting Vulture,” to our new friends in California, Kurt and Alissa, for their children—Ruby G. and Leo G. to read! And I can’t wait to hear their reviews!

Tony just walked in and asked me to go to Medina with him. I’ve gotta run! (skip)

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Letter!

Yesterday, we received this letter from a dog that we rescued back in August! Our friends, PawMatch, adopted her out for us, in Austin! The Letter made our day!

P.S. Kinky will be on MSNBC tonight on the Verdict with Dan Abrams! And, Pat, who does the Utopia web site for us, just came out and adopted Jane Fonda! Jane's new name is Taylor!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never!

As I have stated, in an earlier blog—do not buy a GPS! This morning Andy called from Austin to tell me that he was headed our direction to pick up more dogs, to adopt out for us, in Austin. “My GPS,” Andy said. “Tells me that I will arrive at precisely 11:19.”

I knew that Andy was coming this morning, because we had talked yesterday about him driving down. I spent several hours yesterday filling out all of the paperwork for the twelve lucky dogs, writing names on their new collars, and then putting their dog tags on. I was ready for Andy!

When John arrived, after rescuing five more dogs from the Kerrville pound, earlier this morning and taking them to Hoegemeyers—he quickly put the new collars on the lucky dogs, and then he started cleaning pens.

At 11:15, Ben and Kurt arrived to help us load up the dogs, and Andy was late by three minutes! And, this is why I’m definitely not going to purchase a GPS—not until they can work out all of the bugs! Three minutes, for goodness sakes!

Within twenty minutes, John, Ben, Kurt and Andy had loaded up Archie, Blondie, Lucy, Sushi, Wally, the litter of five pups and the two other puppies! After a round of handshakes and farewells—Andy took off for Austin with our dogs!

It’s been a great day!

P.S. Kurt, we really enjoyed your visit and thank you for the generous donation! Have a safe flight!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ruby G. and Leo G. Rock in Santa Cruz!

Today has been great! This morning at 9:30, when I was leaving the rescue ranch, to go take Kinky and his guest from Santa Cruz, Kurt G. some organic bean burritos, that I had made for breakfast—I met John at the gate coming in. He had Wally, Blondie and Archie with him! Before coming to work, he had gone by Hoegemeyers and picked them up. We visited for a minute and then I drove over to Kinky’s Lodge.

Following their ‘delicious’ trailer-cooked breakfast, Kinky had some editing to do for Texas Monthly, so I took Kurt over to the rescue ranch to give him a tour. Kurt was very impressed with our rescue ranch, and he loved our trailer—especially the painted rugs in “the big room!” We had a fun visit.

Around 12:30, Kinky drove over to pick up Kurt. He and Kurt were meeting Jewford at La Fours at 1:45 for lunch. As soon as Kinky and Kurt drove away, Tony suggested that we go eat at La Fours, too. So we did.

Tony and I arrived at La Fours around 1:30. We placed our orders and in no time flat—dinner was served! When Kinky and Kurt showed up—Tony waved to Kurt and Kurt waved back at him. “When we walked in, I saw this guy wave at me, so I waved back, and was thinking who is that man and why is he waving at me?” Kurt said. “It must be a Texas deal, I thought, and then I realized it was Tony.”

I got up from our table, and went over to them, “I know that y’all are having a business lunch and y’all don’t have to sit with us.”

“No Nance,” Kinky said. “Let’s all sit together.”

Tony and I moved our dishes over to a larger table, because Max Swafford, the author of the best book about Kinky, “The Kinky File” was going to be joining us, too. The waiter took their order, “We’ll have what their eating,” Kinky said. As soon as the waiter left, Max showed up! When the waiter showed up with Kinky’s water and Kurt’s ‘Lone Star’ beer, he took Max’s order.

“I’ll have what they’re eating,” Max ordered. At 2:00, when the restaurant closes—there was still no Jewford, but the conversation flowed and there was a lot of laughing! At 2:12, Jewford arrived and it was too late for him to order—what we were eating! So, we gave Jewford all of our scraps, which he covered in ketchup and then he chowed down!

After lunch, we went our separate ways. Tony and I went to HEB to get groceries, Kinky and Kurt went to Albertsons for groceries and Jewford headed to Echo Hill for their business meeting.

When we got back to the rescue ranch, I returned twenty new phone calls, then did the paperwork on Blondie, Archie and Wally. Around 5:00, I asked Tony to please help me plant some flowers, in the pots on our frontporch—and he did a great job!

After that, around 6:00, I was fixin’ to write my blog, but didn’t. Instead I called Kinky to ask him if I could come over to get a picture of him, Kurt and Jewford. “Sure. Come on over, Nance.”

I ran into Kurt and Jewford standing outside the Lodge. And no, I didn’t run over them. “I’m writing a blog for tonight and I need a picture of Kinky and y’all!”

“That sounds great,” Kurt said.

“I don’t know,” Jewford teased. “I need to check with my agents.”

Kurt and I burst out laughing! “Kurt,” I said. “I need to also know what signs you and your wife, Alissa are. I already know yours, Jewford, you told me years ago, that your sign is “For Rent.”

“I’m a Gemini,” Kurt said. “Alissa is a Libra.”

I was thrilled that Alissa was a fellow Libran! “Kurt, Gemini and Libras are a great combination, and did you know that Libras...”

A few minutes later, after spouting off about astrology, we decided to go take the picture. “Wait,” Jewford said. “I need to go call my agents and put on my makeup.” We burst out laughing, again! ( Jewford is one of the funniest people that I know.)

“Let’s take the picture outside in front of The Friedman Family Bone Orchard,” I suggested. So we went to the Bone Orchard and I took their picture and then I came home and blogged this.

P.S. I want to do a shout-out to Kurt’s and Alissa’s children. “Ruby G. and Leo G. Rock in Santa Cruz!”

Monday, March 24, 2008

Moon Dance!

This morning at 10:15, Tony and I took off for the Kerrville pound to rescue more dogs! We ended up rescuing eight dogs and a litter of five puppies, along with two other puppies! We took Blondie, a sweet yellow Lab, Wally, a hound mix, and Archie, a medium sized yellow muttigree to Hoegemeyers to get them spayed, neutered and to be given all shots.

Before leaving the clinic, we took Sushi, a beautiful, sweet Pekingese, that we had rescued last week from a woman who was moving, and she couldn’t keep her three small dogs—Sushi, Muffy and Maxwell Smart. Max and Muffy are Poodle mixes that John brought in Saturday morning from Hoegemeyers.

A staff member at Hoegemeyers wanted to give Sushi a try over the weekend, but unfortunately his other two dogs didn’t like. her.

After Tony, Sushi and I left the clinic—we headed back to the pound to pick up the seven adorable puppies. And, they couldn’t wait to get out of there!

On our trip back to the ranch, Sushi slept next to Tony’s leg, while the crated pups howled with delight in the back of the truck! How Sushi could sleep with all of that is beyond me.

When we arrived back at the rescue ranch, Tony put Sushi in Mama’s old pen. Then he and I went to the puppy pen to move Max, the black one, and Muffy the white one—over to Mama’s pen—so they could be reunited! Easy task? Not!

When Tony and I went into the puppy pen to leash up little Max and Muffy—they got scared, and they raced around the pen—growling and barking at us—like we were the bad guys! Fortunately, John drove up in Kermit!

What’s wrong with these dogs, John?” I asked. “They won’t let us leash them, and they are growling and barking at us—like they hate us!”

“I’m glad,” John said, “because that’s the same way they act around me, too. I thought it was just me, they didn’t like. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.”

“I’ll bet it’s because of the full moon,” I said. “It affects animals, too.”

John, Tony and I then tried several times to calmly catch the angry little Poodles, but to no avail. So, we made a plan.

John went to the barn and grabbed a pair of our brand new, heavy duty, leather gloves and the catch pole—that we had just purchased last week. (Please note: We all hate catch poles, but we knew that it would be the only way to catch these two hostile little critters.)

When John returned to the puppy pen, he volunteered to try to catch them with his hands, first. He then put on the pretty, peacock blue gloves and he couldn’t get near them. Last option—the pole. After John and Tony figured out how to use the darn thing, Tony tried to catch them!

After about six or seven attempts, Tony finally caught Muffy, the little white wannabe Poodle! And that really made Muffy mad! John then reached down to grab her and she bit him! John said, “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” If Muffy wasn’t biting John’s glove she was biting the pole. Tony and John quickly put Muffy into a crate.

“Are you okay, John?” I asked. “I’m so sorry you got bit.”

“I don’t know,” John answered. “Let me get this glove off and see.” John carefully removed the pretty leather glove and then pointed to his knuckles, “Yeah, she bit me right there.”

Tony and I looked at John’s hand. There was no blood, thank goodness! “That’s just a dent, John,” I said. “She didn’t break the skin—thank goodness.”

“I know,” John said, “but it still hurts.” And, then he started laughing.

Fortunately, Tony caught Max on the second try and they quickly crated him, too. Then Tony and John carefully carried the crate over to Mama’s old pen to reunite them with sweet little Sushi.

When we reached Sushi’s pen—we went in. Tony opened the door to the crate and the two Poodles ran out of the crate to go see Sushi! They seemed happy and much more calmer.

“How in the world, can Sushi be so sweet and well adjusted, and Max and Muffy so different?” I asked.

“I’ll bet you, when that woman bought Sushi—she threw the Poodles out in the backyard and had nothing more to do with them,” Tony said.

“I agree,” John said.

“That makes sense,” I said. “Susan at Hoegemeyers called me when they arrived last Friday, at the clinic and she told me that the Poodle’s hair was all badly matted, and she suggested that they wash them and clip their coats short.”

John was squatting down petting Sushi, during our conversation, and before you knew it, Muffy was standing next to him and Sushi, and she let John pet her and she didn’t seem to mind a bit! Max then came over really close to John and he seemed calm and happy. All of us were amazed at the drastic change in their personalites—from Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde—to sweet dogs!

Later today, while Tony was outside feeding the puppies another meal, I was outside taking pictures of the puppies, Sushi, Max and Muffy. And Max and Muffy came up to the fence—tails wagging and they both licked my hand!

Full moons drive me crazy.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Hummingbird Man-2 and Cousin Nancy-0!

I knew it wouldn't last. The Hummingbird Man wins again. I'm sending Tony over there this evening—to regain his title! A lot of visitors today. And, we might just have another adoption happening. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Velma's Back!

This morning, Ellen Cooper called and left a message on the machine. “Could y’all get John to call me. I want to buy a copy of John’s book, “Velma the Vomiting Vulture," for my grandson, Taton.”

Later that morning, we caught John outside, and asked him to call Ellen about buying one of his books. John called Ellen and told her that he would give her a copy for free. They bickered back and forth—and John finally won—she was getting his book for free. After hanging up the phone, John signed his book and then went back outside to work.

A few hours later, Ellen drove out to the rescue ranch, and picked up her grandson’s book.

Around four o’clock Tony had to go to Hoegemeyers Animal Clinic, about a cat. After he had left, I phoned Kinky and he invited me to come over for a visit. During our visit, he challenged me to a game of pool.

I racked up the balls, and The Hummingbird Man shot first, then second, and then third! He was on a roll! Finally, it was my turn—I sank the cue ball. Well, in no time at all, The Hummingbird Man had sunk all of his balls and he only needed to sink the eight ball. Voila, something magical happened to me, and I started sinking one ball after another, until he and I were down to the eight ball! Guess what? I sank the eight ball and won!

The Hummingbird Man was a gracious loser, and he complimented me on my much improved skills. I was so excited about winning, I came home to tell Tony, my good news, but he wasn’t back from Kerrville, yet.

As soon as Tony had parked the Explorer in front of our trailer, I rushed outside to tell him that I had beaten Kinky, and it hadn’t been by default like all of the other times! Tony was happy for me.

Around six o’clock, our friend Travis, from Medina, showed up at the rescue ranch because his parents, Al and Lenora, were visiting him, and they wanted to adopt one of our dogs! Talk about super animal lovers! At 7:30 this evening, we adopted out Roger Miller! They had fallen in love with him, just about as fast, as Roger had fallen in love with them! I told them about him coming back to us because he had eaten a saddle and they promised me that they would put their saddles in a closet. Another super adoption!

When Tony and I returned to the trailer, there was another message on the machine—from Ellen.
“Hi, this is Ellen, again. I loved reading “Velma the Vomiting Vulture!” After I read it, Mr. Copper read it, Charlie read it, and then my friend that is visiting read it. We all loved it and please let John know. And, please tell him thank you for the book. I can’t wait to read it to my grandson!”

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kris Kristofferson!

This morning, my dear friend, Fay, up in Canada, sent me this short video clip of her daughter, and Kris Kristofferson, aka Prince. It made my day. Kinky, Tony and I loved it! Please check it out, and notice when Kris / Prince realizes that Sarah has run out of treats—he gets up and leaves the room!

Today was fairly calm at the rescue ranch and quiet—and I loved it. Please check out Fay’s video—it will make you smile!¤t=PrinceSaysHi.flv

P.S. We flew Kris Kristofferson up there last year, and he is one lucky dog!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Buy A GPS!

This morning has been incredibly great! Andy called at 7:45 this morning to tell me that he was headed to our rescue ranch to pick up some more dogs for them to adopt out in Austin! I then got busy doing adoption paperwork on twelve very lucky dogs, that will more than likely, be in great Austin Homes by this weekend.

At 9:30, to our surprise—John showed up for work! Tony and I weren’t expecting him to come to work today, after the twenty-something hour drive to get Mama to Louisiana! After dropping Mama off at Bob and Tiffany’s home—he drove all of the way back and got home at 3:30 in the wee morning hours! John was pretty tired, but he was ready to help us with the dog adoptions.

Andy called to tell me that his GPS told him that he would be arriving at the rescue ranch at 11:33! While Tony and John busily put names and dog tags on Mari’s new dog collars, I worked on the dog’s paperwork. At 11:34—Andy arrived! He was one minute late.

Within the hour, Andy drove away with Layla, Ms. Pepper, Amber, Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Henry Fonda, Susie, Sam, Bunny, Bocepheus, Ringo Starr and Ann Landers! Tomorrow thru Sunday, they will be at the area PetSmart locations in Austin, between the hours of ten o’clock and six o’clock to be adopted to great homes. I love it!

After Andy left the rescue ranch, Tony and John finished their chores, and then John went home for much needed sleep.

Tony and I are now taking the rest of the day off, and I will return the twenty-seven new phone calls tomorrow morning. I’m pooped.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sleeping in Shreveport!

Kinky called me at 6:12 and he was laughing. "Nance, Bob just called me. Mama's asleep on the floor in the kitchen! And, when I told Bob that Mama could maybe be eight years old, he told me that he didn't care because he and Tiffany have fallen in love with her!"

This is one very special adoption for all of us! Thank you, John for making the ten hour drive to get Mama to Shreveport. And, thank you Bob and Tiffany for opening up your hearts and your home for this very special dog! I promise that she'll be the best dog that you have ever known! I love y'all!

Mama Loves Louisiana!

Great news! John called at 6:05! "Hi, this is John. I just dropped Mama off. She's in the house and happy. I'm heading back. Bye." As soon as I reached for the phone—John was gone. I then immediately called Kinky to tell him the great news! Kinky was thrilled!

When Cows Vote!

Since yesterday evening, we have received two inches of much needed rain! Last night, we had some pretty rough thunderstorms with hail! I am not a big fan of thunderstorms for two reasons. The first being that I was raised to be scared of them.

When my mother was six years old, she was hit by an eighteen wheeler in downtown Fort Worth. Because of that accident, she stayed in the hospital for over a year, during which time they had to put a metal plate in her head! Before releasing my mom from the hospital, the doctors warned my grandparents of the high possibility of her being struck by lightning—she was a walking lightning rod!

Fortunately, Mom never took a hit—but her brother did! My uncle was a famous writer. His name was John Howard Griffin and he wrote the classic, “Black Like Me.” He was struck by lightning several years after he had written that book, while typing on his electric typewriter!

The second reason that I am scared of thunderstorms is because I live in a trailer, and they’re a really big target! I love my trailer, except during thunderstorms. Enough said about that.

It is nearly three o’clock and there is still no word from John. Hopefully, he and Mama are getting close to Shreveport.

I went over to Kinky’s Lodge an hour ago, to discuss some business with him. Before leaving, Kinky showed me a picture that his friend, John McCall had taken while driving from Bastrop to Giddings, Texas. When I saw the picture I laughed out loud and so did Kinky! I asked Kinky if I could blog it, and he said yes, and then he asked me to please enlarge it to an 8 X10 and frame it for him.

That’s all of the news for now. I need to go work on Kinky’s picture.

John and Mama Left For Louisiana at 7:45 This Morning!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Louisiana Hay Ride!

Last Friday, Kinky called me, from Austin, with some very exciting news! His friend, Bob, and his daughter, Tiffany definitely want to adopt Mama, our three-legged Pit Bull! Bob and they cannot wait to get her! They told Kinky it would be a couple of weeks before they could make the drive from Shreveport to pick her up. Kinky and I then discussed the possibility of asking John to drive Mama to Shreveport for us.

Guess what? John said, “Sure!”

This morning Kinky called. “Nance, I just got off of the phone with Bob. He and Tiffany are very excited about John driving Mama out to them. You need to call him and get things rolling.”

I called Bob. Then I went outside to find John—to ask him, if tomorrow would work for him.

Tomorrow morning, John and his co-pilot, Mama, are leaving for Louisiana!

I called Kinky to tell him the good news. “Nance,” Kinky said, after hearing the good news. “Have you told Mama, yet?”

“Nope, not yet,” I said. “I’m going to pick out a pretty collar for Mama, get Tony to put her tags on it, and then go tell her.”

“Great, Nance,” Kinky said. “I’ve gotta take this call.”

I have just finished filling out Mama’s adoption form. And, Tony and I are fixin’ to go tell Mama now! This a dream come true!

P.S. Thank you so much, John! We are so lucky to have you working with us!
P.S.S. Tony took this beautiful picture of Mama!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blonde On Blonde!

At nine thirty this morning, the dogs outside started barking! I went outside to see a caravan of vehicles driving in—John’s van led the way, Carol’s truck followed and Malea and Lorri’s rental car was bringing up the rear! Hello, adoptions! I put on my pink Crocs, grabbed my trusty camera and headed outside.

Malea had already taken off to go get Ghost Dog with Tony, and John, Lorri and Carol were at the barn. When Carol saw me walking up, she left John and Lorri, who were discussing Sierra's adoption.

When Carol met up with me she was wearing a big smile. “Nance, this is too funny! John just told Lorri that he didn’t think Sierra would be a good dog for her to adopt, as a companion, for her blind Lab!”

“What?” I asked.

“Lorri said,” Carol said. “Blonde Lab and John thought she had said blind!” She and I burst out laughing and then teased John about it—as Lorri filled out Sierra’s adoption papers.

After Tony had put the dog tags on Ghost Dog’s and Nash’s new dog collars—Malea and Lorri loaded up the two very happy dogs, and then took off for North Texas! We were all wearing smiles as we waved goodbye to them.

Carol and I visited a little while, and then at 10:30, a big fancy Suburban drove into the rescue ranch! It was Joy and Wayne delivering Amber from Houston!

While I visited with Joy and Wayne and discussed Amber—Carol and John took Amber and introduced her to Ms. Pepper! Ms. Pepper was glad to have a new roommate, since Sierra had just left, but Amber seemed a little sad. I am sure, that within a couple of days, Amber will be happy to be here.

I am so happy that Ghost Dog and Sierra were adopted this morning! It had made my day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Carol Vail Rocks More!

Carol Vail, our wonderful volunteer, dog walker, just called to tell me that her friend, Lorri and her husband, Mike are going to adopt Sierra tomorrow morning when Carol’s friend, Malea comes out to pick up Ghost Dog aka Nash Rambler!

Today when the three of them were out here, Lorri fell in love with Sierra, while Ms. Pepper, aka “Our One Ton of Fun” gigantic dog, laid on top of her—nearly crushing Lorri!

What a great day this has been! I love it!

P.S. Carol, we will pay you after they leave! Just kidding—laugh out loud!

Jennifer Pryor and Joy Rock!

This evening, around 5:45—Joy showed up with her and Jennifer Pryor’s two rescued dogs—that were fixin’ to get shot! They are two wonderful dogs and very loving, especially when I handed out several rounds of Milk-Bone treats for them to enjoy! The female Blue Heeler’s name is Blue Pearl, and her male sidekick is Red Sky!

Joy had a long drive ahead of her and she couldn’t stay very long, but before she left—Tony loaded the back end of her pickup with boxes of Milk-Bone treats, so she could give them out to her twenty-something rescued dogs to enjoy!

Jennifer Pryor and Joy Rock!

Looking For Love!

This morning John arrived with Layla, Mr. Ziffel and Biscuit! They are all great dogs! While Tony and John were feeding the dogs this morning—Kinky called and invited me over for some Kona coffee.

When I arrived, The Hummingbird Man had just won a pool game against Goat. He then asked me to shoot a game of pool with him. I grabbed a stick, The Hummingbird Man racked the balls, and took the first shot. In a matter of minutes—I had lost, again. So what’s new!

When I returned to the rescue ranch, there was an urgent message on my machine, about an eight year old Bassett Hound fixin’ to be euthanized! I phoned the desperate woman in Houston. It appeared that Amber was the result of a broken home and the parents divorced and moved out of town and neither wanted her!

The woman trying to help save Amber sent me an e-mail telling me all about her. As soon as I had read the e-mail—I called Judy. “Hi Judy, we can take Amber.”

Amber is coming in tomorrow, before noon. I am sure that we can find her a great home in no time!

It is twelve thirty now. Carol has just arrived to walk dogs and Joy should be arriving soon with the two Heelers, that she and Jennifer Pryor helped rescue! I’ve got to go outside and take pictures of Mr. Ziffel, Biscuit and Layla.

Friday, March 14, 2008

March Madness!

Today, has been a very busy day for me at the rescue ranch. The first thing I did this morning was to fill out adoption forms on five dogs that are being adopted by our friends, Catherine and David, of Happy Dog Rescue at Buchanan Dam! Catherine and her husband, have been helping us adopt our dogs by taking them up to Happy Dog Adoptions, because they are located in a highly trafficed location and their dogs seem to fly out of there! They are doing a great job and we love them!

After getting all of that paperwork done, I then filled out the adoption form for Ghost Dog aka Buddy—who is getting adopted tomorrow by Carol’s friend, Malea! Tomorrow, Ghost Dog will have a new home in Dallas and a new name—Nash! We can’t wait!

Around ten o’clock this morning, John’s friend called to tell me that she had fallen in love with Miss Daisy May, who she had been trying out on a trial basis, and she was now ready to officially adopt her! More good news!

After filling out Miss Daisy May’s adoption contract, I went outside to tell Ben and John that Miss Daisy May had been adopted, and to ask John if he would please go to the pound after work to pick up the two remaining dogs there, that they were holding for us, and to take them to Hoegemeyer’s Clinic to be vetted. As always, John said, “Not a problem.” He is so great! Then I told Ben and John that I had named the two at the pound—Mr. Ziffel and Biscuit, and I had already called Susan at Hoegemeyers to tell her they would be coming in and gave her their names. Then I asked John for one more favor. I asked him, to come to the trailer, to phone his friend about delivering the adoption papers, and making Miss Daisy May’s adoption official. “Sure, not a problem,” he said with a smile.

Before leaving the guys, Ben and John helped me pick out five new collars for the lucky five, so I could write their names on them, to make it easier for Catherine and David to know who was who.

Around one o’clock, John left the ranch to go pick up Mr. Ziffel and Biscuit at the pound. Then Tony took off for Kerrville to get parts to repair Kermit, our four wheeler. Ten minutes later, the phone rang and it was Catherine and David’s friend Richard, who had volunteered to haul the five dogs up to Buchanan Dam for them on Saturday. Richard told me that he had decided to leave today and wanted to know if he could come pick up the five dogs within the hour!

As soon as I had hung up the phone, Ben and I went outside to gather crates and to begin loading up the five dogs and it went very smoothly. Before loading the five dogs into their crates, Ben and I put one of Mari’s beautiful, donated dog collars—on each dog! The dogs were excited and they looked great wearing their new fancy, colorful collars! All dressed up and ready to go!

As soon as Ben and I had successfully crated Roxanne, Darla, Foxy Lady, Sir Elton John and Hannah Montana—Richard arrived! We quickly realized, after Richard and Ben loaded a few crates, that there was not enough room in the back of the truck for the four extra large crates! Then I had an idea! I asked Richard if he would mind letting one of the big dogs ride in the cab with him. I told him, that I knew that Foxy Lady loved riding in cars and if he felt comfortable with that—it would solve the space problem. Richard didn’t have a problem with Foxy Lady riding shotgun with him, so the guys loaded up the last crate and luckily there was just enough space left for Hannah Montana’s crate! Ben uncrated Foxy Lady and she jumped right into the cab of Richard’s pickup—ready to go!

After thanking Richard for helping us and giving him the dog’s paperwork to give to Catherine—he took off with five very happy dogs! Ben and I then returned to the trailer. I called Catherine to tell her that Richard had asked me to call them, to let them know he was headed their direction—now! Catherine was excited and she couldn’t wait to get them!

Tony returned to the ranch, five minutes later and he was hungry. While I fixed a spaghetti dinner with salad, he and Ben were outside working on Kermit. When lunch was ready— Kermit was ready, too!

Following lunch, after cleaning up the dishes in the sink, I phoned Kinky to tell of the days events. Kinky was thrilled to hear about the five dogs going up to Catherine and David’s, and for John picking up the two dogs at the Kerrville pound. “And, Kinky,” I said. “Jennifer Pryor’s two dogs that she helped rescue with the help of her friend, Joy, are coming in really late this evening—from Oklahoma! One’s a Blue Heeler and the other is a Red Heeler!”

“That’s all great news, Nance,” Kinky said. “I’ll come over in the morning to meet Mr. Ziffel and Biscuit and the two Heelers. Talk to you later, I’ve gotta take this call.”

At four o’clock, Tony phoned Catherine to see if our dogs had arrived safely. “We’ve got them and they are all doing great! Rufus was excited to be reunited with Roxanne. Hannah Montana is the cutest little dog, and Foxey Lady and Sir Elton John are in a pen together, and we put Darla in with Angelina! I’m pretty sure that I can probably get all of them adopted out to great homes within a week or two, and then we will be ready for more.”

Ben left the rescue ranch around five o’clock, after helping Tony put together my new vacuum cleaner that arrived today! I love it—it’s lavender colored! The Shop Vac has left the building.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gotta Go, Gotta Go—Gotta Go!

This morning, John showed up and surprised Ben and Maribeth with signed copies of ‘Velma the Vomiting Vulture’—and they were thrilled to get a signed copy!

This afternoon, with Tony’s help, I found the time to get pictures of two more of our recently rescued dogs!

Sierra is an 8th month old Rottie mix and she is sweet as she can be. A friend of ours had called, and asked us to please take her, because it was his son’s dog and he had just left for Iraq, last week—for the second time. He told me that his son, was heartbroken about having to give up Sierra because he loved her so much, but he was relieved that we were taking her.

Last week, when Sierra came to the rescue ranch, I tried to take her picture, but because she was so sad, every picture that I took of her—broke my heart. It took two to three days for her to get happy! She is now happily running and playing in her pen, with her roommate Ms. Pepper.

Hannah Montana came to us, because some people had rescued her off of a highway! She is a small, sweetie pie. She is approximately 10 weeks old, and is currently roommates with Susie and Sam—our two Jack Russells.

Tony spent this afternoon preparing his heirloom, organic garden and tomorrow, with the help of John, and Ben—who still has the flu, are going to help him plant our heirloom seeds!

This year, Tony has decided to plant ten different varieties of tomatoes and jalapenos! Kinky, John, Ben and I love Tony’s homegrown tomatoes and jalapenos—and we can’t wait to eat them! They are so delicious!

Well, I just got off of the phone with Jennifer Pryor (Richard Pryor’s widow in Los Angeles) and we are fixin’ to help her rescue two dogs in an emergency situation! Gotta go!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ben Is Sick!

In the last few days, I have been sent three great videos from my friends, Mari (NoMads) and from John’s mom, Mary S.! I found the time to watch them today, and I want to share them with you. Please check out Mari’s 2 favorite picks:

and then go to and type in: Merry Christmas from Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Mary S.’s is great and Kinky and Tony loved it, too!

go to and type in: dog cat rat

P.S. Ben just called, and he caught the flu from us, but he is starting to get on the well side, and is driving down tomorrow to work with us! Please wish him well! Have a great evening!

The Secret!

On November 28th, I blogged about something great that had happened at the rescue ranch—but it was a secret, and I could not announce our good news until now! This is the thank you letter that I wrote following that great day:

Dear Del Monte Pet Products Group,
On behalf of the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, I want to thank you for donating over forty-four thousand pounds of Milk Bone treats that you delivered to us, in Medina, Texas!

On Wednesday morning, November 28th, at 8:00, your eighteen-wheeler arrived—packed full of your delicious Milk Bone products to be unloaded into four, giant storage units! My husband, Tony Simons, and his crew of volunteers were there— ready to unload!

Kinky Friedman and I arrived at the storage units, a few minutes later, to watch the unloading, and we were awe stuck and left speechless—at the sight of what forty-four thousand pounds of Milk Bone dog treats looks like! I wish that you could’ve been there.

Within an hour, Tony, Aron and Blake had the eighteen-wheeler unloaded. Three hours later, our four large storage units were packed to the ceilings! This was a dream come true for all of us!

Since then, we have shared your Milk Bone treats with several rescue shelters, including the Guadalupe Humane Society, Bandera’s CCPAL (Cowboy Capital Pet Alliance League), Happy Dog Adoptions, and PawMatch and various shelters in the San Antonio area! And, we promise to continue sharing your great products with other shelters—until we run out!

Our dogs love your Milk Bone treats, and we cannot thank you enough—for your extremely generous donation to our rescue ranch, and the many other animal shelters that you have helped across the nation!

We invite you to come to our rescue ranch, to witness the joy and the tail-wagging happiness, that you have given to our dogs, when we give our dogs—one of your Milk Bone treats! I promise—that it will bring a tear of happiness to your eyes. As it is often said, ‘What goes around comes around’—well, thanks to y’all—the love is spreading around and around and around!

We love the folks at Del Monte, and the Del Monte Pet Products Group, and Milk-Bone treats! Y’all Rock! And, thank you once again for your most generous gift and for caring! Happy 100th Year Anniversary!


Nancy Parker-Simons
Executive Director

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sleepless in Medina!

Greetings everyone! It’s official—we’re all well! Being sick makes me sick! I just can’t stand it.

Yesterday afternoon, we had fun. Our friend, Cindy Lou Ruffino, author and artist, came to see us, all the way from Spring, Texas—along with her son, Josh and his better half—Elizabeth. Cindy Lou had three reasons to come to the rescue ranch. One—to meet us in person and to see our rescue ranch. Two—to give me the cement plaque that she had made for Yoda’s grave. Three—to pick up John Kemmerly's autographed book, ‘Velma the Vomiting Vulture’— signed by him to her new grandson, Jamie!

When they arrived, the first thing Cindy Lou did—was to give me Yoda’s custom grave marker, and I absolutely loved it! In fact, it actually looks just like her—not Cindy Lou—Yoda! After that we all came inside the trailer and had a brief visit, which included giving Cindy Lou her signed copy of John’s book that she had won in my contest.

Following that, we went back outside to Yoda’s grave site, and placed the beautiful tombstone between the flying pig and The Eternal Squirrel. Then we took pictures, and yes—I did tear up.

After that, we went over to the Lodge to see Kinky. Kinky visited with everyone, and then he suggested that Josh shoot a game of pool with the Medina Bulldog, so he could make some phone calls. Josh didn’t have a nickname, so I quickly gave him one—the Spring Chicken!

When the game started, Cindy Lou and I went outside, so I could show her the ‘Friedman Family Bone Orchard.’ Cindy Lou was impressed with the little cemetery, and she took pictures of it. Then Kinky came outside to visit with us, and to throw a few balls for Mr. Magoo to retrieve.

When the Medina Bulldog and the Spring Chicken came outside—the game was over—the Medina Bulldog had lost! And, Kinky relentlessly teased Tony about it.

Before leaving, Mr. Magoo, found one of his chewgars in the yard, that ‘Erb and Karen had given to him on their January visit! Gooie began running around the yard with the big chewgar sticking out of his mouth! He looked like he was smoking one of Kinky’s cigars! It was hilarious!

We then returned back to the rescue ranch and had a great visit, and hated to see Cindy Lou and her crew leave!

Note: Cindy Lou’s latest book, ‘Out of A Texas Mist’ will be coming out soon, and you can check it out at: cindylouruffino. com

Today, we finally received some welcomed rain! When I woke up this morning at 8:00—it was pouring outside! And, I for the second day in a row, had overslept, again! I am having a lot of trouble—adjusting to the new time change, and I plan to use the alarm clock for tomorrow or else move to Arizona tonight.

Around ten o’clock this morning, which use to be 9:00 a few days ago, I drove over to visit with Kinky. During our visit, I realized that today was Tony’s and my anniversary. Nine years ago, Tony and I said our ‘Do’s’ at my ranch over in Utopia, with all of our dogs, cats, and rescued dogs—as our witnesses! Gosh, time has flown.

When Tony and John had finished with the dogs, they came inside the trailer. “Tony, do you know what today is?” I asked.

Tony looked at his watch and thought for a few seconds, “Our anniversary?” Tony asked, wearing a sheepish smile.

“Yep,” I answered, and then we broke out laughing!

Tony took me out for lunch today, to celebrate, and then we went to Home Depot to buy dirt for his heirloom, organic garden! Happy Anniversary, Tony! I love you!

P.S. Ann K. won a copy of John's book and I mailed it out last week—Priority Mail. Today, her package was returned to me for postage! Yes, I had forgotten to put the stamps on it! I remailed it today with postage, and I'm blaming the flu!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Dogs Rule!

This morning, John picked up five more dogs, from Hoegemeyer’s, that we rescued, from the Kerrville pound, on Wednesday—and were they happy to get here! John put Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in one pen. Katherine Ross and Jane Fonda are happily sharing a pen, and Henry Fonda has his own pen for now—until we decide who should be his roommate.

Roger Miller, who was returned to us, a week ago, for eating a saddle, is glad to be back and he loves his roommate—Lucy!

DOCTOR’S REPORT: John is now fully recovered from the flu! Tony is still sicker than a dog (whatever that is supposed to mean). And, I am a little bit better. Cough, Cough, Cough!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We Just Rescued These Dogs!

Starting on Monday, we rescued Miss Daisy, Layla, (Mr. Stubbs—who has already been adopted). and Susie. On Tuesday, we rescued Ms. Pepper, Sierra and Sam. Today, we went to the Kerrville pound and rescued Henry, Peter and Jane Fonda, along with Dennis Hopper and Kathryn Ross—and we're all still sick with the flu!

These dogs are the first to be released to us from Hoegemeyers—after being spayed or neutered and having received all of their shots! They are great dogs!

Tomorrow we plan to go back to the pound to get two more, because we are replacing the 14 dogs that we adopted out last week!

Needless to say, we have been busy, and fortunately, we are all starting to feel much better!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Got Chicken Soup?

I have a lot of great news to blog about, but unfortunately I’ve had the flu since Saturday morning. I hope that I can blog tomorrow.