Sunday, August 30, 2020

100 Pounds!

Today has been a quiet day and I have nothing exciting to tell you, except that Tony had a strange dream about me.

Late this afternoon Tony took a short nap and when he came into the kitchen he told me that he had the weirdest dream about me and it didn't make any sense. So I asked him to tell me about it.

"For some reason four nice guys, from Kentucky, came to see you, because you had baked them 100 pounds of cookies. They had come to pick them up, so they could take the cookies back to Kentucky. And that's it." 

"What kind of cookies?" I asked, as I tried to image baking 100 pounds of cookies—using my small, counter top, convection oven. 

"I don't remember," he said, then he went back to his man-cave to watch TV.

And that is about it for today, because I am going to binge-watch more episodes of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, on Pluto TV. 

FYI: Pluto is free to watch and they have great classic tv shows, etc.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

They Aren't Coming Back!

Today has been great, considering everything that is going wrong on Earth. The reason my day has been so great is because our dear friends Wolfgang & Angel, next door, gave me the most perfect present ever. And I am still laughing about it, because I think it is so true or at least it helps explains things a little better.

I don't know if to frame it and hang it in The Last Resort (my writing cabin) or to display it proudly, in the kitchen and vow to never use it, because I love it so much. 

As I am writing this I just had one of those lightbulb moments and I have solved my dilemma as what to do with their perfect present.

I am going to have a sign made of the quote and also frame the gift. That way I can display them inside The Last Resort and inside The Cabin, so every time that I see it—I will laugh out loud. And now I think I will have two signs made, so I can hang one outside, too.

So as I finish writing this I want to thank Angel & Wolfgang for thinking of me when they were shopping in Fred-Town and for buying this perfect gift for me. "Thank you, Wolfgang & Angel. I love y'all!" 

Here is a picture of my perfect gift that I totally love. And if it doesn't make you laugh too—you just might be one of those people mentioned in the quote.

Y'all have a great day and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

 Tony and I are doing fine thank goodness and I hope all of y'all are, too. We are still working non-stop, sleeping, eating, etc. and I hope all of y'all are, too.

I still don't have much to write about, because it is the same as it was yesterday, last week, last month, etc. So all I have to share is this cute cartoon that Mari sent to me and I am still laughing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

 My good friend Mari sent me this and I am still laughing! "Thank you, Mari! Where can I buy it?"

I could give this to my friends and family as early Christmas gifts. It beats making them pot holders—thumbs down! 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Number 3! or Rinse & Repeat!

 The only thing exciting that's happened to me since I last blogged is I made my third pot holder, about an hour ago. And that is about it. 

Because it is so hot here and with everything going on it seems that all Tony and I do now is work, sleep, eat, watch tv and get groceries once a week. Then we rinse and repeat. So Life Is Okay.

Y'all have a great Sunday and keep on laughing!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Home On The Range!

This morning when I checked my e-mail, sweet Jean sent me this e-mail with a tutorial on how to make loom potholders. Jean wrote:

"Saw your blog tonight and commented but not sure it went through and then remembered this tutorial from a knitting person that I like to watch. Keep up the good work! Miss seeing y'all. Hugs, Jean"

So I watched the video and I really enjoyed watching it. Plus the instructor's tips were so helpful. So I wrote Jean back and told her that I loved watching the video and to also let her know that her comment did not make it to my blog.

This afternoon after Tony left to go to Medina, I was so inspired by that loom potholder tutorial I decided to make another potholder—like the one she used in the tutorial. And I finished making the potholder five minutes before Tony came back home. His words when he saw it, "Nance, it looks great! I love it!" 

Then I put away my supplies and took a short, sleepless nap with our four-leggers. And Henry Standing Bear snored for the very first time.

After my wannabe nap, I decided to go ahead and bake Tony a birthday cake. Because this week I will not have the time or energy to bake one for him one or to shop for a birthday present before August 6th, because of our heavy work schedules this week. (Plus I do admit that I was craving something really sweet to eat.) 

But I am so glad that I did take that noisy nap, because I came up with a name for my potholder Christmas project—Cousin Nancy's Home On The Range Potholders!

Anyway, while my/his birthday cake baked, I checked my e-mail and then I checked my blog to see if Jean's comment might have come through. And it did and so did Anon's! (And you can read both of them at the bottom of last night's post if you want to.)

I love my new pretty potholder so much that I've decided to go ahead and give Cindy the first potholder that I successfully made. The one that didn't unravel itself, before I could finish tying off the loops

And to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, even though that is a stupid expression, I already know what Tony is going to get from me for his birthday present—Cousin Nancy's Home On The Range Potholder #2! Because when he saw it he did say, "I love it!"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, August 1, 2020


This morning Mari sent me this sign and it made me laugh out loud then it got me thinking.

So when Tony and I went to Kerrville to stock up on supplies, I asked him to take me to the craft store first, so I could buy some pot holder loops, because I had decided to make pot holders for my Christmas presents for my friends and family. And just maybe it would keep me busy, so I would forget about eating comfort food and to help me flatten my curves.

Tony wasn't thrilled about me trying to make pot holders, again, because he didn't think I should try making pot holders without Jean's much needed help. Anyway, I ignored his  warning comments even though I knew that I would most likely need Jean to "bail" me out and finish off the pot holders for me. 

And needless to say I had fun at the craft store and I not only bought two big bags of loops, because I have a lot of friends and family, I also bought a sign, because I love signs and this one made me laugh.

Before starting on my Christmas pot holder presents I went outside with Tony so he could add "the one way" sign to our collection of signs on our future bathhouse building. But before he hung the sign I took a before picture, so I could show y'all before and after pictures.

When we came back inside The Cabin I started making/weaving my pot holder and I was determined to do it all by myself to prove to Tony that if a four-year-old can make a pot holder I could do it, too. 

Things went smoothly at first as you can see.

When Tony walked into the kitchen he saw my almost finished pot holder present, and he said, "It looks pretty, Nance. Good luck tying it off." And his words even made me more determined to make the pot holder all by myself. (Even though I was truly tempted to call Jean to tie -off the loops.) 

And after Tony had left the kitchen, within minutes my sister Cindy's Christmas present completely fell apart or better said, "came undone" while I was trying to tie-off the loops on the third side. And I wanted to cry or eat something. And of course, Tony returned to the kitchen and saw this mess. "What happened?" he asked. 

"I was temporarily blinded for a few minutes," I said, with a little sarcasm in my voice. "A few minutes later when my sight returned I saw this mess. I think Henry Standing Bear did it."

Then after calming down, I explained to him that the third side and the fourth side "just jumped off of the loom and began unraveling..." Then Tony went outside to take pictures. So while he was gone I unraveled the entire wannabe pot holder. Then I quickly smudged The Cabin. And our four-leggers and Tony were not real happy about that.

Then I sat down and meditated real fast for a few minutes and then I actually began making another pot holder. This is a picture of it, before I took ten deep breaths and slowly began tying off the loops, while thoughts of using duct tape to help hold down the third and fourth sides, raced through my mind.

And without using any duct tape at all I actually managed to finish tying off the loops! I made my first pot holder!

Even though this pot holder was meant to be my sweet, sister Cindy's Christmas present I've decided to keep this one. And as I finish writing this post tonight I am now seriously thinking of giving our family and friends $10.00 Home Depot gift cards for Christmas if I can't persuade Jean to help me—for free! I could tell her that it would be like her Christmas present for me? So please wish me luck.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!