Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hotel For Dogs!

Today has been a fun day! Ben came down from Austin, and this evening Tony and I visited with Ben, in Outer Space, until nearly dark. After Ben left, Tony and I watched Hotel For Dogs and we loved it! It is a very sweet story.

I've got to get up extra early in the morning, so I am going to bed.

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Face Off!

Today was a great day for me! My dear friend, Cindy P., came out to see me late this afternoon. As always, we had a great time visiting in Outer Space!

Tonight's post is going to have to be short, because of something stupid that I did earlier this evening. Yes, I do stupid things often, unfortunately. Anyway, I decided to get on Facebook, again. But sad to say, it still didn't make sense to me on how to use it, and it confused me, because I am old, and not a techno nerd. I wish I was a high tech wizard, but that ain't going to happen in this life time! Trust me.

This time, I was a member on Facebook, for nearly an hour, and I had one friend—Tony. Thank you, Tone. I love you! Then when I uploaded my face—that was my second big mistake for today, because I had forgotten to photoshop it first! I've learned, through experience, that women my age or older, should only be shot from far away.

Close ups are fine when you're young, because everyone is beautiful when they are young, but not for us seniors. My advice is—if you are as old as me, and someone is insisting on taking a picture of you, make them take it at least twenty feet away, with the lowest light possible, like in a closet, and then tell them there will also be a twenty dollar charge for it.

Usually, the twenty dollar charge, especially in today's economy, will have them quickly making up excuses like, "Darn, I can't believe that I forgot my checkbook. I'm sorry—never mind," or "Darn, I can't believe that my battery just went dead and is out of juice. And, I left my charger at home!" And, be sure to act understanding, and then walk away real fast or skip, so they can't see you holding back your laughter.

Before deactivating my account, for the second time, in under two months, I took the 'What Kind of Dog Are You?' quiz, and found out that I am a Golden Retriever, and that really depressed me. I love Goldens, they are wonderful dogs, but I wanted to be a Boston Terrier or a full blooded mutt. So, I terminated my Facebook account for the last time. Good night. I'm going to bed, because I am doing the Harley Show at 7:45, in the morning.

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cardinal Rule!

This morning, after breakfast and working out—I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. While he was on the phone, finishing up some business, I entertained myself by playing pool against myself. Needless to say—I won and lost.

After Kinky got off of the phone, he and I had a fun visit inside the Lodge, and then out by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard. Forty-five minutes later, I was back inside our trailer returning phone calls. As I hung up on my last call, Tony came inside. "Nance, Pat was just here! I'm sorry you missed her."

"Pat?" I asked. "Which Pat are you talking about?"

"Pat H., the nice woman, who adopted Hannah Montana."

"Oh no! Is Hannah back?" I asked.

"Nope. Pat just came out to give us a donation and to ask us to tell Kinky that she wants to help him with his gov. run."

"That's great! Did she say anthing about Hannah?"

Tony started laughing. "She told me that Hannah had destroyed a small pillow, but she didn't care, because she is in love with her." Tony and I both laughed.

I spent the rest of the day doing my usual paperwork, and returning phone calls. This afternoon, two beautiful Painted Buntings showed up on our porch! They are absolutely beautiful little birds! I took over sixty pictures of the birds on our front porch and deleted all but three. Here they are with my captions. Y'all have a great evening!
"Hey, small fry! I was here first—scram!"

"Hey, little bunting! I was here first—scram!"

"This pan is my pan. This pan is your pan..."

"It works everytime! Cardinals hate yolk music!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kinky! Kinky!

This morning, at 5:30, after having fed our cat and six dogs—I was in 'the big room' starting to walk with Leslie. I know that sounds awful early to exercise, but I had to, because Kinky and I were meeting some good friends for breakfast, in Kerrville at 9:00. By 6:18, I had done the four mile brisk walk, and had started to do the easy one mile walk—and it was still dark outside. As my dogs and cat snoozed—I cruised through the easy one mile—fifteen minute walk!

After I had done that, I showered, dressed, made up the bed, started a load of laundry, and then phoned Kinky to wake him up—I got his machine. "Kinky! Kinky! It's Nancy! Wake up!" I half-hollered into the phone. "Gooie, Brownie, Chumley, Perky—wake Kinky up! I'll call back in five minutes." Then I hung up the phone.

Four minutes later, my phone rang. I let the machine take the call, because I was in the process of pulling organic fruits and veggies from the fridge, for our morning 'Super Smoothie' breakfast. "Nance," Kinky said, talking in his sleep. "I'm up. Thanks for the wake up call. See you at nine." Click.

Tony came home earlier than usual, because he knew I was leaving for Kerrville around 8:25. We drank our healthy breakfast and talked about the garden, and the forty percent chance of rain today, as I cut and pasted stamps on the latest Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes official entry form, which I planned to mail, after having breakfast in Kerrville.

At eight-twenty-three, I was fixin' to go out the door with another winning Sweepstakes entry letter, in hand, when Tony said, "Nancy, please be careful and have fun. It looks like it is fixin' to start raining, so please come back as soon as you can. I love you." Then he kissed me on the cheek, because it is still not 'safe' to kiss me on the lips, because of my newly straightened front tooth! Laugh out loud—he is so sweet to put up with me!

I told him that I loved him, and then he walked me out to Buttermilk, and opened her door for me. "Have fun, now, Nance. And, please tell everyone I said hello. And, please don't forget to turn on your cell phone."

(It is now nine-thirty at night, as I am writing this. Rick and Leisa just called me from Port Aransas! We had a fun visit and they said to tell all of y'all hello!)

Okay, back to my story. Buttermilk and I arrived safely at the restaurant—on time! Kinky met me in the parking lot, and then we went inside to find our friends, sitting at a table, waiting for us. Everyone ordered huevos rancheros, but me. I just ordered a cup of coffee, since I had drank my breakfast earlier. The conversation was fun and filled with laughter! They cleaned their plates, and then it started to rain! We're talking a thunderstorm with pelting rain!

After saying goodbye to our friends, Mr. Green Jeans and Kinky went left on Hwy. 27, and Buttermilk and I went right—right to the Post Office sub-station by Blockbuster. Then we came home.

It rained most of the day, so I spent the hours doing paperwork and returning phone calls and e-mails! We ended up getting over an inch and a half of rain! Yeah!

Y'all have a great evening! Goodnight Rick and Leisa and Squirt! See y'all soon! And please tell John, that we can't wait to visit The Tarpon bar, that he is now working at. It sounds really cool! It has an outdoor bar, with bands playing on the weekends!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Morning—Vietnam!

This morning, after all of our chores were done, while Aaron walked some dogs, Tony and I decided to go to Kerrville—we were out of fresh fruits and vegetables and a few other items! We decided to take Buttermilk, not knowing that she was going to be a bad choice.

About halfway to H.E.B., Tone turned on the air conditioner, because it was nearly eighty degrees outside—that was our big mistake, because a horrible smell suddenly filled the inside of the Explorer! We quickly rolled down all of the window, even though it was drizzling, but that didn't help. "What in the world is that smell, Tony?" I asked, holding my breath, while fanning my nose.

"I'm afraid another mouse has died inside the air conditioner, again. It is definitely the smell of something dead."

Horrors! "That's horrible! Poor mouse." We rode in silence, while wearing that look on our faces, that you make, when something really stinks. After we passed Albertsons, I broke the silence. "Please remind me to get some multi-vitamins." Tony broke out laughing! "What's so funny?"

That Fort Worth accent of yours is really something else, Nance! You pronounced multi wrong. It's not multi, as in tie." Then he started laughing, again. "Multi is pronounced—multe, as in tea—not tie."

"How sad, Tony. I'm afraid that you're wrong, again."

"No I'm not," Tony jokingly argued.

"It's tie, like in multiply. Am I right? Surely, you don't pronouce multiply as multeaply?" Tony was quiet the rest of the way, and just kept laughing and shaking his head.

T. and I speed-shopped our way through H.E.B! On our way to be checked out, Tony said something absolutely brilliant! "We need to get some air fresheners for Buttermilk!" So, we made a sharp left turn, went down the frozen vegetable isle, turned right and then took another left. Oh my gosh, they had about fifteen different air fresheners for cars! I liked the cute cut out leaves kind, but Tony liked the 'clip on the vents' kind. Tony won, and we bought two packets of four.

As soon as we left the store and loaded up Buttermilk, Tony opened up a packet of clip-ons and clipped them on to the vents. Our return trip was much more pleasant, thanks to 'auto expressions Vent's—Outdoor Breeze.' Buttermilk definitely smelled better, too, but the fake outdoor breeze was still filled with a faint odor or roadkill.

This afternoon I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. We had a good visit. When I returned home, I received an e-mail from Kinky's sister, Marcie, who is with the State Department, over in Vietnam! And her note made me smile.

'Dear Nancy,
How are you these days? I met a good friend here at the Embassy who is a huge fan of your blog. He knows every detail and was asking me about "outer space" and had I been there. I gave him a Utopia calendar for Christmas...'

Wow! I couldn't believe it—Vietnam! I've got someone reading my blog in Vietnam! That is way too cool! I now want to give a shout out to Marcie's friend, Christian M., over in Hanoi! Howdy Christian, you rock, and if you ever want to go into Outer Space—Come on! Please give Marcie a hug from me!

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Kinky told me that he got bumped tonight, and will be doing Geraldo real soon!

Kinky's Not On Geraldo Tonight! It Was Canceled Because Of Swine Flu?

Kinky On Geraldo—Tonight At 9:00 CST On Fox News!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Willie Nelson and Nugent—Team Up!

Friday, I didn't post a blog, because nothing really exciting happened out here. It was a great day—just no news to report.

This morning, Linda T. arrived at ten-thirty, to walk our dogs for us! As soon as she arrived, she and Aaron started walking them and the dogs loved it! Thank you Linda and Aaron!

Around eleven-thirty, my dogs started barking, so I went outside to see who it was. "Hi! I'm David. I am a friend of Tony's, and I came out to adopt a dog from y'all!"

Tony stepped out onto the porch, "Hi David. I'm glad that you came out. Let me show you our dogs." Tony then took him and his family for a tour. I didn't go because it was drizzling outside, and I needed to start fixing our lunch.

Twenty minutes later, Tony walked inside the trailer. "They want to adopt Willie Nelson!" Tone said, with excitement in his voice! I was thrilled, and quickly began preparing Willie's adoption papers. I was so happy for him!

A year ago, on April 17th, Willie Nelson and his sister, Bobbie came to the rescue ranch. Willie Nelson, had called Kinky, a few days earlier, telling him about two dogs, that were street dogs, that he had seen running up and down I-35, near Abbott, Texas. Willie asked Kinky if we could take them, if he could get someone to catch them and bring them to us, because he was certain—that they would get run over soon. Kinky then asks Tony and me to come over to the Lodge. As soon as we arrived, Kinky tells us about the two dogs. In less than one minute, Kinky, Tony and I said yes—we would take them. Before we left the Lodge, I had already decided to name these two dogs after Willie and his sister, Bobbie.

When the man delivered Willie and Bobbie, late in the evening, Willie and Bobbie were stressed out, and they didn't want to have anything to do with us—people were not to be trusted. They growled at Tony, as he walked them to their dog pen, and they had nothing at all to say to me. I was okay about it, because I knew that in time, they would come around. I just didn't realize how much time it would take.

Slowly, but surely, their tails started wagging when Tony, John, Ben or I came around, but they still were shy. It took two weeks, before we took Bobbie and Willie to the vet, to get their shots, and to be spayed and neutered, because we wanted them to gain our trust, and because they wouldn't let us put a leash on them.

Month by month, they improved their people skills. On November 3, 2008—a nice man came out and adopted Bobbie! She now lives on a fancy ranch, between here and Kerrville, and she is doing great and their caregivers love her! Willie was okay with her leaving, but still didn't trust most people—especially men.

Okay, now here is a 'fifties moment,' back in November, December or January, Ellen and June came out with their friend Jim—to walk our dogs! When Jim came out, for his very first time—he was determined to leash Willie, and take him for a walk. Well, that took a while. Thank goodness that Jim is a patient man!

After that, Jim started coming out every week to walk our dogs, and he would always spend extra time with Willie—trying to win over his trust—and it finally worked! One day, with Aaron's help—they got a leash on Willie! Jim took him for a long walk and the rest is history! Thank you so much, Jim!

Since that breakthrough day—Willie could not wait to go for a walk, whether it was with Jim, Aaron, Linda T. or somebody else! Willie loved to go for walks, including a swim, and he would start barking with excitement, if he thought he was going for a walk!

After David and Deborah had picked out Willie, Tony told David and Deborah Nugent—Willie's story, and they were excited about adopting him!

When I went outside to meet the Nugents, and to get them to fill out Willie's adoption papers—I was really impressed with them—they loved dogs, and I loved them! After the paperwork was filled out, Aaron helped load Willie into a crate, as Tony, Linda and I watched, along with David's family.

Willie seemed a little nervous about leaving the rescue ranch, but that is normal. I am pretty sure that his adoption is going to stick, and he is going to have one great life ahead of him. I love you— Willie Nelson—today was your day!

Y'all have a great evening! I'm fixin' to watch the Barbra Streisand special that I recorded earlier!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Are Family!

I have a new rule, that I made. When I am doing my daily five mile walk. I do not want to be disturbed, and I will not answer the phone, with the exceptions of four people—my sister, Cindy, my brother, Ronnie, Tony and Kinky.

Yesterday morning, right after I had started my brisk walking, the phone rang. "Hello, Nance. This is Cindy. I was wondering..." I paused Leslie and her gang, then I answered the phone.

"Hi Cindy!" I said, as I continued to walk in place, at the same pace, that Leslie had gotten us up to.

"What are you doing? You sound a little winded."

"I am," I huffed. "I'm in the middle of doing my five mile brisk walk. I just paused the DVD."

"I'm sorry..."

"No, I'm fine. What's going on?" I asked my sister, as I stomped around the 'big room.'

"I was thinking about coming out to see you today, but if you've got plans..."

"I would love to see you, Cindy! Come on out! I can't wait!..." After we got off of the phone, I pushed 'play' on the remote, and resumed my sweaty workout!

After I had completed my exercise session, I started a load of clothes to wash in Queen Bee. When Tony came inside, I told him about Cindy coming! He was excited about seeing her, and we readjusted our afternoon plans. It was no big deal.

Earlier that morning, during breakfast, Tone and I had decided to take Mama, my great, Great Pyrenees, to Hoegemeyers, because her ear was aching. We figured while Mama was being treated at the vet clinic, we would shop for groceries at H.E.B., and then we would pick her up, and come home.

Since I had suggested to Cindy, that she come here, and then we go into Kerrville, for a late lunch, our new plan was for Tony and Mama to ride in Buttermilk, and I would ride with Cindy, so we could visit a little longer. Tony would then drop Mama off and then meet us for lunch.

At twelve-thirty, the dogs started barking outside. I went out to the porch, and saw Cindy's car approaching the trailer! I then left the porch and went to go greet her. Talk about surprised! My brother, Ronnie gets out of the passenger side, and then Cindy! "Nance, I decided to call Ronnie, to see if he wanted to come with me. My gosh, you look great!" Cindy and I hugged, and then Ronnie and I hugged. I was so happy to see them! We are family, but we are also best friends!

Before going into Outer Space, I showed off the Space Ship to them. Cindy had seen it a few months back, but Ronnie had never seen it. And yes, he loved it, and could not believe how cool it was!

The four of us had a great visit in Outer Space, and we laughed so much—my back was was starting to ache! Here is a picture that Tony took of us:

Around three o'clock, we decided to go eat lunch in Kerrville. But, before we left the rescue ranch, Kermit took Cindy, Ronnie and me to Beckham's pen, for a short visit with him. They both thought he was really cute.

As we were returning to the trailer, I said, "Where would y'all like to eat in Kerrville with Tone and me?"

Ron shook his head, "I' don't know, Nance. Tony told me that he has to hurry up and get out of here, so he can take his mother somewhere. Maybe we should just visit here, a little while longer, and forget about eating lunch."

"What?" I asked. "Ron, Tony's mom is dead." Then I figured it out, and I started laughing! "Ron, Tony is going to take my dog, Mama, to the vet and drop her off. I am going to ride with y'all, and he will meet up with us."

"Nance, please don't tell Tony what I said about his mother."

"Don't worry, Ron, I won't, because I am going to blog about it!"

We had a great lunch in Kerrville, and we laughed all through our meal. At four-thirty, we hugged each other out in the parking lot, and then said our goodbyes. Cindy and Ronnie took off for Drippin' and Austin, and Tone and I headed to H.E.B.

I had so much fun yesterday! I wish that we lived closer. I love them so much! Tony and I are going to try to get away for twenty-four hours, real soon, so we can go visit them.

Earlier today, I posted the information for the upcoming Kinky Friedman Ranch Roundup on June 13th, starring Jerry Jeff Walker and Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Kinky and Little Jewford! I hope y'all can make the event—it will be a total blast!

Y'all have a great evening!

Kinky Friedman's Ranch Roundup—June 13th With Jerry Jeff Walker and Ramblin' Jack Elliott!

I've got some great news! Yeah Kinky!

Kinky’s first Ranch Roundup, held on his private ranch last October, was labeled a huge success by all who were lucky enough to attend. Since then everyone has begged him to do it “one more time”. Well, the wait is over….Kinky has agreed to host another ranch roundup on June 13th, and this time his old friends Jerry Jeff Walker and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot will be performing too! Just like last time, there will be only one late afternoon performance at Kinky Friedman's private home, Echo Hill Ranch-- the much storied ranch featured in his mystery novels.
The event will feature:

Dinner with Kinky - Echo Hill Ranch dinner served (included in ticket price)

Guided tours of Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch

Self-guided nature walks at Echo Hill Ranch

Music by Jerry Jeff Walker, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and Kinky Friedman with Little Jewford

A limited number of guest passes will go on sale after noon on April 18th. The price is $200 per person. This event is guaranteed to sell out quickly. Only confirmed guests will be admitted to Echo Hill or Utopia on the day of the event and no tickets will be sold at the gate. The number of guests is limited and the first Ranch Round up sold out in only a few days, so get your place on the guest list soon. To get on the guest list go here:

Kinky Friedman Ranch Roundup

A portion of the proceeds from Kinky's Ranch Roundup will benefit Kinky's favorite cause, the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. Utopia is a nonprofit no kill animal shelter that rescues abandoned and/or abused animals, nurtures them and places them with loving families.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today Was Fantastic!

Today was fantastic! My sister, Cindy, from Austin, and my brother, Ronnie, from Dripping Springs, came to see me and Tony! We had a blast in Outer Space! I will post a blog about our fun filled day, tomorrow! Y'all have a great evening!

It Is Too Cool!

Hi everyone! A friend just sent me this fun test and I hope that you will take it! It is too cool!


Chocolate Calculator:

Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a falsehood anyway -but the Hershey Man will know!

This is pretty neat.

It takes less than a minute .
Work this out as you read .
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1759 ..
If you haven't, add 1758.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number

The first digit of this was your original number
(i.e.., how many times you want to have chocolate each week).

The next two numbers are

YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Grief Tony!

Yesterday, I forgot to tell y'all something. Not because I forgot, but because I was too tired to write anymore. Before Tony, Buttermilk and I went to Kerrville—Mr. Ziffle was returned. David had called me earlier, yesterday morning, to tell me that they were going to have to return Ziffleman and they were sick about it, because they loved him.

Z-Man, had been perfect at their bed and breakfast, until Sunday, when he viciously, for no reason, attacked their cat! The cat was off minding its own business, when they saw Mr. Ziffle suddenly jump up, and run to attack her. Fortunately, the cat is going to be okay, and it is now recuperating at Dr. Leifeste's Animal Hospital. David apologized and apologized to me, for having to return him, but I told him not too, because it was not their fault. It was obvious that Mr. Ziffle had cat issues. David told me that he needs to be in a home with no felines—other than that, he is one super great dog. He got along with all of their guests, their other dog, and is one extremely smart dog! So, if any of y'all know of a great home for him, please give me a call.

When Desiree and David arrived with Mr. Z., he happily went to a new pen, and seemed to be fine with it. After making sure that Ziff was going to be okay, we left, and had a fun visit with D & D in Outer Space! Tony and I really like those two! And, this morning, I went out to check on Mr. Ziffle, and he was happy and squirrel watching!

I did paperwork all day today, after doing my morning chores and walking the five miles. Around twelve-thirty, Tony went to get our mail. When he returned, he said, "Nance, look what I've got!" I looked away from the computer, and Tony was holding the book, that he had purchased, after entering his picture of Bunny and Bosco, into the Cutest Pet Contest! I was so excited for him.

"They put Bunny and Bosco's picture on the back of the book, but I wished they had put it on the front," Tony said, somewhat disappointed.

"What?" I said. "Good grief Tony, that is great! It means that your photograph is one of their top ten favorites! You see, to help sell their book, they used the very best photos to put on the front and back—so people will buy it! Congratulations!" Tony then smiled, handed me the book and told me to check out page seventy—and I did—and there was his picture of the Boston Terriers! I then checked out the book. The pages were filled with the cutest pets doing everything from posing, playing, smiling, winking, sleeping, swimming and wearing clothes! It is a great book and I am so proud of T.!

Y'all have a great evening. Here are pictures of the front of the book and the back! Tony told me, that he guesses he will put it on our coffee table—with the backside showing!

P.S. Tony and I found out who our mystery caller was! It was Harley!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Caller I.D.!

Today has been great! By nine-thirty this morning, I was done with my chores and five miles! Around ten o'clock, June came out to brush our dogs, and to hand out treats! Our dogs love her and so do we!

About twenty minutes later, a car drove up to the trailer. I went outside to see who it was, figuring that it was probably Curt and Sue Swafford, who live in Terlinga. They are involved with burro rescue in the Big Bend area, and I was anxious to actually meet them in person! They had called me last week, to make an appointment to come visit the rescue ranch—this morning. "Hi, I'm Nancy. Welcome to the rescue ranch!"

"Hi Cousin Nancy. I'm Marsh and this is my wife, Dottie." We shook hands. "We are big Kinky fans and we love animals—especially dogs," Marsh said. "And, we wanted to come out and see the rescue ranch. We're from Key West and retired. We're on our way back to our other home in Michigan..."

"That's great! Let me give y'all a tour!" I said. By the time they had met all of our dogs, and fallen in love with David Beckham, our adorable little wild hog, who is a great soccer playing pig—I decided to give them the Grand Tour. I really liked Dottie and Marsh, so I took them into the Space Ship and then into Outer Space, where we had a really fun visit!

"Does Kinky come out here often?" Marsh asked.

"Yes, he lives here. In fact, he is here right now, but not right now, because he is in Kerrville running some errands." I then came inside the trailer and grabbed the phone, and then went back into Outer Space. "I want Kinky to meet y'all. I'm going to call him." I called the Lodge and got his answering machine. Then I called his cell phone. "Kinky."

"Hey Cousin Nancy! What's up?"

"Where are you?" I asked.

"I'm at H.E.B.—why?" I then told him about Marsh and Dottie being here. "I'm heading back to the ranch, as soon as I finish shopping. I would love to meet them."

When I hung up, I told Dottie and Marsh, that Kinky wanted to meet them and that he should be back at the ranch in about forty minutes or so. I invited them to hang out with me in Outer Space until he arrived. They seemed thrilled! While we were killing time, we talked about my book, and they wanted to buy a copy, so I told them to go to Wolfmuellers. "Do you have their address?" Dottie asked. "We can put it in our GPS and it will take us there."

Off hand, I didn't know their address, so I called Wolfmueller's. "Hi Jon!"

"Hello Nancy. What's going on?"

"I need y'all's address, so Marsh and Dottie can put it into their GPS, so they can find your place, after they leave here. They want to buy a copy of my book. They're from Key West headed back to Michigan." Then I laughed, and jokingly said, "I think they must have a really cheap GPS, because it took them to Texas!" Jon, Marsh and Dottie laughed. Actually, I knew that they were headed out to Arizona, so they could visit their son, Matt.

While I gave them a tour of the trailer, another car had pulled up to the trailer. When we came outside, Tony was giving Curt, Sue, Alex and Blake a tour. A few minutes later, Kinky called—he was back. Dottie, Marsh and I grabbed our cameras and went up to the barn, so I could take them over to the Lodge in Kermit. When we reached the barn, we met up with Tony's group. After introductions and handshakes I said, "Hey, let's all go over to the Lodge to see Kinky!"

Five minutes later, we were outside visiting with Kinky. The conversations were fun and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. When it was time to leave, everyone pulled out their cameras and shot each other! Here is a picture that I took. From left to right: Kinky, Blake, Curt, Alex, Sue, Marsh, Dottie and Tone.

And, here is picture of the t-shirt that Curt and Sue gave to me. I love it, and plan to wear it tomorrow!

When we returned to the rescue ranch, Marsh and Dottie left first. I invited everyone to go into Outer Space and we had a really fun visit! After they left, I told Tony, "I really enjoyed meeting all of those nice people today! I'm adding them to our Real Friends List!"

Around two o'clock, Buttermilk, Tony and I took off for Kerrville, to grab some groceries. About seven miles down the road, just as we were starting to go down the pass—Tony slammed on the brakes! A truck was stopped, with the truck driver standing next to a man and a woman motorcyclist—who had just run their motorcycle off of the road! The man was bleeding and in shock. Tony pulled off of the road to see if they were okay. The man's head was all skinned up and he was bleeding pretty badly, but the woman seemed to be okay—thank goodness. We offered to take them to the hospital, but the man didn't want to leave his Harley. Tony then offered to call 911, to get an ambulance for them, as soon as we reached cell service. The man told us that he was sure he had broken some ribs, and maybe his shoulder and he thanked us.

We took off! About four miles later, I dialed 911, for the very first time in my life! After giving the dispatcher all of the needed information—we saw a Sheriff's car, across the road, at a stop sign, fixin' to pull out onto Highway 16, ready to head back to Kerrville! Tony honked his horn, pulled off of the road and we waved wildly at them! Thank goodness they saw us! After everyone's windows were rolled down, Tony hollered to the deputies about the accident, and told them that we had just called 911 asking for an ambulance! The officers thanked us, and then turned right instead of left, with their lights flashing! Before we made it to the city limits, an ambulance passed us going south!

After Tone and I had run our two errands, we headed back to the rescue ranch. When we were just outside of Kerrville, a wrecker passed us, with the man's motorcycle strapped down. I sure hope that man is okay.

When we returned home, I checked our answering machine. We had one new call, and we don't know who it was. The man had seen us on 16 talking to the deputies and was concerned. I have posted it on the sidebar, under favorite videos and i hope you will check it out—maybe you know who made the call. Oh, and get this—for some reason his phone number did not show up at all on our Caller I.D.!

Early this evening, I gave Mama a bath! And, then she gave Tony and me a bath, after we had washed her off! Here is a picture of Mama and me. Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love The Geezinslaw Brothers!

Today has been great! After walking five miles, I went to my office, to finish the feng shui. I spent over two hours boxing up more stuff and labeling it. The fun part was when I finally found some more of my stuff! We're talking more old photos, forgotten artwork and some old Geezinslaw Brother's satin jackets and sweatshirts—that my late husband, Jim and I, had designed for them!

The Geezinslaw Brothers are Sammy Allred and his partner Son Geezinslaw and their band. They are a very famous country comedy act, and one of Austin favorites! They were monthly regulars on CMT's Ralph Emery Show—Nashville Now. And, The Geezinslaw Brothers, with the help of KVET' s morning talk show host, Sammy Allred—who made our embroidery business so successful!

In the late eighties, when Jim and I started up our embroidery business, PDQ Monogramming Shop, in Westlake, Texas. We heard Sammy one morning on the radio, and he was whining about wishing they had tour jackets for The Geezinslaw Brothers. Business was slow for us, so Jim picked up the phone and called him live on the air, "Sammy, Nancy and I will be at the Broken Spoke this coming Saturday night, when y'all perform, with two Geezinslaw Brother's tour jackets for you and Son." Then Jim and I quickly went to work designing their tour jackets.

Saturday night, Jim and I went to the Broken Spoke, Austin's favorite honky tonk—to deliver their tour jackets. "Here's the jackets that we promised you," Jim said to Sammy and Son. They loved them and were beside themselves! Sammy asked Jim about us and our embroidery shop. They visited for a few minutes, then Jim handed him one of our business cards, and then we left, because we needed to get home.

Monday morning, while Jim and I were busy sewing at our shop, while listening to Sammy entertain us on KVET—we had the biggest surprise! Sammy said something like this, "Folks, Cousin Nancy and Cousin Jimmy, over at PDQ Monogramming Shop, in Westlake, made Son and me two of the finest Geezinslaw Brother's tour jackets! They are absolutely beautiful! Those two know their embroidery, and if you need any embroidery—they are the best in Austin!" Jim and I were totally speechless! We never expected Sammy to plug us.

Yes, it was Sammy who gave me my moniker, Cousin Nancy—over twenty-one years ago. Sammy also made our shop famous in Austin, by giving us free plugs three to four times a week—for free. Soon we had more customers than we knew what to do with, and he was the man who first introduced us to Kinky!

After a couple of years, Sammy, who had become a dear friend of ours, would often drop by our shop to visit. He had told us about Kinky writing some great books—three to be exact, and he recommended that we read them. A few months later, Sammy showed up at our shop with Kinky! Kinky was wearing his cowboy hat and smoking a cigar.

After introductions, we visited and laughed a lot. Before leaving the shop, Kinky said to me, "I want to order two of your Shiny Nineties Geezinslaw Brother's jackets for my sister and me. How much will they cost me, Cousin Nancy?"

Being somewhat star struck, at the time, I said, "We'll make you two jackets for three signed, first editions of your books. How does that sound?"

Kinky smiled, "That sounds good to me." We shook hands on it. Then Kink gave me his address at the ranch. A few days later, we mailed off the two black satin—Shiny Nineties jackets, which were sewn with neon thread—that lit up like a neon sign when near a black light. One week later, we received his three first edition books—inscribed to Cousin Nancy and Cousin Jimmy! And the rest is history! Thank you, Sammy—I love you!

Jim and I created over a dozen different t-shirts for the Geezinslaw Brothers, and here are a few pictures of some of them that I found today. Y'all have a great evening! And please check out the Geezinslaw Brothers at:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Checked Out!

Today has been a great day, even though I overslept this morning! By the time Tony returned from the Old Timer—I had caught up with my morning duties, and our smoothies were ready to be consumed! After cleaning up the kitchen, I marched to a different drummer—Leslie Sansone's drummer, to be exact, and walked five miles with her and her walking buddies! I cannot believe, how addicted I am, to her walking DVDs. They are fun and fast, besides melting away the pounds.

I know I must sound like an info-mercial for her, but I am just being honest. Thanks to Leslie and that Vita-Mix machine—I'm half the person that I used to be! I love it and so does T.!

After my walk, Linda T. showed up to walk our dogs, while I was getting cleaned up.! After washing my whiter than white, long hair and showering—I was ready to take on the world. Fortunately for me, the world didn't show up, but I was ready none the less.

Somewhere around eleven o'clock, I had to go over to the Lodge to visit with The Friedmans. We had a nice visit, but I did most of the talking. When Trigger and I returned to the rescue ranch, we caught up with Linda, who was walking Willie Nelson, and Aaron, who was walking Chase Manhattan! Aaron and Linda were smiling, the dogs were soaking wet and their wet tails were slinging water in a five foot radius!

I jumped out of Trig, "Hi Aaron and Linda," I said. "Looks like Chase and Willie got to go swimming! I love it! Thank y'all so much for taking them swimming!"

"Hi Nancy," Linda said. "Yes, the boys went for a long swim, and they had a blast! They love the water." She and Aaron were grinning ear to ear, as the dogs swished water on them! We visited for a few minutes, then Trigger returned me to the trailer. Seeing those two happy dogs, set my mood for the day! Thank you Linda and Aaron!

I fixed Tony and I 'Cajun Style Talapia' for lunch, with sauteed vegetables and it was delicious, not to brag. After lunch, I decided to plant some Kale, even though it is a Fall plant. I went outside and found two small seed starter containers, filled them with organic dirt, and then carried them inside the trailer. I weeded through over sixty seed packets, until I finally found the organic, heirloom Kale seeds. I opened up the packet and looked inside and saw two hundred of the smallest seeds! "Tony. Can you come help me? I need your help."

Tony came into the kitchen. After I had explained to him about the tiny seeds—Tony planted the Kale seeds for me! He is so sweet! I put the pots out on the porch, and then I decided to alphabetize the seed packets—once and for all. It took me twenty minutes, but I am proud to report—finding our seeds will be much easier now.

At three o'clock, after Linda and Aaron left the rescue ranch—Tone and I went to the Walmart in Kerrville, to get dog food, and a few other items. When we were done shopping, we called each other on our cell phones, and met up front, to get checked out. I was dreading getting checked out, because last week, when my newly ordered checks arrived—they have caused me grief at H.E.B. and Walmart!

For some reason, my checks aren't working there anymore. Their computers say, "Failure to read. Try again." It is so embarrassing! Last week, a nice older man, at Walmart, told me the problem was because my check number, at the bottom, interupted the routing and account numbers. Today, after four minutes of standing there, watching my check fail, a manager told me that it was because my checks had been cut too long, and the reader couldn't read my numbers. She suggested that I cut off the bottoms of my check!

I thanked her for her advice and we left the store. As soon as T. had loaded up Buttermilk, I asked Tony to show me one of his checks, so I could see if my numbers were higher on my checks. Guess what—they were! Monday, I plan to call the check maker and request new checks that are readable.

Y'all have a great evening.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Way He Were!

This morning it started raining before six o'clock! While Tony was in Medina, drinking coffee with his friends, I fed our menagerie, and then did some paperwork, and was caught up with it by the time Tony got home!

I fixed breakfast for Tony, Aaron, Ben and me. The guys had eggs, beans and hash browned potatoes, and we all drank smoothies, while it continued to rain outside! "Ben, did you watch Marley and Me last night?"

"Sorta, Nance," Ben replied. "I first watched the documentary on the Grateful Dawg..."

"Didn't you love it!" I interrupted.

"Yes, I did. David Grisman and Jerry Garcia were incredible..."

"So what about Marley?" I interrupted, again.

"I started watching it, and got tired, so I didn't watch the ending. I wasn't in the mood to cry," Ben said, followed by a laugh. After breakfast the guys went outside to work, while T. and I covered up all of the plants in the garden—so if it hailed, our plants would be safe. Fortunately, it never hailed today.

After helping Tony in the garden, I walked five miles, inside the trailer.

Around eleven-thirty Kinky called. "Nance, is everything okay at the ranch? I've seen a weather forecast and it looks like y'all are having some super storms."

"We're fine Kink and so far, we have received over a half of an inch of rain! Where are you?"

"We were in Fort Worth last night, and now I am in Dallas to do another cigar promotion."

"How was Fort Worth?" I asked, hoping that he loved that city as much as I do.

"Fort Worth was great! I always enjoy going there..."

At twelve-thirty, I fixed lunch for the four of us and the guys loved it! They ate all of their vegetables, too ! We're talking sauteed onion, yam, bell pepper, carrot, and zucchini, along with a salad made up of radishes, carrots and kale.

This afternoon, as big puddles were forming outside—I feng shui-ed my office! It took me over thirty minutes, and I am so glad that I did, because I found some of my lost pictures! When I found them inside a folder, where they should not have been, I sat down at my desk and smiled as I looked at them.

Several of them were taken at my mini-ranch in Utopia. There were pictures of Yoda, Chili, Thunder, Little Girl, Hank and Mr. Magoo, swimming and playing in my big stock tank. There were also a few of Thunder, with our duck, Kathy. The dogs all looked so young and happy. I figure that I must have taken them back in 1996 or '97. Tony loved looking at them, and I can't wait to show them to Kinky! He will love the ones of Gooie!

I then put those pictures where they belonged, and that's when I found some pictures of Tony and me, that our friend Andy Reisberg, from Dallas, had taken of us, on July 8, 2005! Laugh out loud, I was bigger than a barn, back then, so I am not going to show you my picture, but I am going to show you Tony's! I absolutely love it! In fact, I think that I am going to get a poster made of it, and hang it in the Space Ship! Y'all have a great evening!

Am I lucky or what!

P.S. This evening, I asked Ben if he had returned Marley and Me, and his answer was no—he had forgotten. "It's no big deal, I need to go over to the Lodge, to check on Perky, and I will get it."

"No Nancy," Aaron said. "I'll watch it tonight. I need a good cry!" We all laughed!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slow Day, Almost!

Today, I worked all day long. I got a lot of work done, too. I had a nice break this morning, when Dee and Mark, from San Antonio, came out!

Dee had been out here before, but Mark hadn't. I gave them the grand tour, which included going into the Space Ship and Outer Space! They loved the tour! And, I enjoyed visiting with them!

Nothing else happened today. Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kinky's Running!

This morning, while I was over at the Lodge visiting with Kinky, he told me that he had announced his run for governor, yesterday! Here is his announcement. To check it out, please go to

P.S. Baby has new strings!

Dear Fellow Texans:
Here’s the way I see it: Democrats + Independents = Victory.
I was serious when I ran for governor in 2006 and I’m serious now. I am a humorist, but I know these are not humorous times for a lot of us. Part of the reason is the pathetic lack of leadership at the state level. The last governor, I believe, who was truly on the side of the people of Texas, was Ann Richards. She was a very funny lady - she was also a great governor. I’ll take my cues from Ann Richards.

I also draw inspiration from Ann Richards’ mentor, Barbara Jordan. Barbara believed that if one is attacked personally, one should never counterattack personally. During the 2006 campaign I was attacked personally. However, like Barbara Jordan, I have no desire to attack anyone personally. Instead, like Barbara, I will merely relegate them to my forgive and remember list.

It’s time to end corporate handouts, get rid of the death penalty, get rid of the TAKS Test, and get rid of the Republican stranglehold on this state. Jim Hightower told me he believes the main reason we’ve lost every statewide race since Ann Richards is the inability of our candidates to excite the grassroots. Jim is talking about rural folks, working people, independents, libertarians and even disgruntled Republicans (many of whom used to be Democrats and should be on our side).

I intend to run a serious campaign, one that grows the party. I intend to visit and listen to the voices of neglected communities, small towns, suburbs, and rural areas, often where Democrats have lately feared to tread. This, I feel, is the very definition of being a Democrat. I intend to play by the rules. I will endorse and campaign for whomever wins the Democratic Primary.

Will the independents support me and vote as Democrats? I think they will. I think many Texans appreciate and respect anyone who gets knocked down and gets back up to fight again. Will Democrats take me seriously? I think they will. When Barbara Jordan, who may well be Texas’ only modern-day statesman, was a young girl she was never very serious in school. The teachers reported to her father (Ben Jordan, a very strict part-time preacher), that though she was the smartest kid in the class, she was a perpetual cut-up, a troublemaker and a class clown. When Ben had finally had enough of Barbara’s antics, instead of reprimanding her with his customary fire and brimstone iron-hand style, he tried a different approach. Barbara, he said, I’ll stick with you just as far as you want to go. That turned her around, and the rest is truly history.

So I say to Democrats who may not yet take me seriously, I’ll stick with you just as far as you want to go. If we stick together we’ll go very far indeed. All the way to the Governor’s Mansion!

God Bless Texas,
Kinky Friedman

PS: Please show me you’re serious about Texas’ future too by making a campaign contribution now to Texans for Kinky.

And Baby Makes Three!

Talk about bad timing, it actually started on Sunday. Sundays are Tony's and my official day off, and usually we go to Kerrville to get groceries at H.E.B. and run a few errands. After Tony and I had run a couple of errands, we went to H.E.B. to buy some much needed groceries, but it was closed, so we returned to the rescue ranch.

Yesterday, after walking five miles, catching up on some paperwork, and returning several phone calls, Tony and I took off for Kerrville, again. We took Trigger, because Buttermilk was low on gas.

I needed to get some new guitar strings, so we took Baby, my guitar, so we could drop it off, at the Melody Corner store, so Stan could restring it for me, while we ran some errands. When Tony put Baby in the back of Trigger—his shoulder went out and he was hurting. Before arriving in Kerrville—we had made us a plan.

First, we would stop by Wolfmueller's Books, to see Jon and Sandy, and for me to purchase a copy of my book, so I could give it to Freda, at La Four's restaurant. I had promised to bring her a book, but I seemed to always forget. When we arrived at Wolfmueller's, Tony painfully took Baby from the back of the truck, and locked her inside Trigger.

Jon was in his office, having a conversation with a man, so we just waved to him—he was busy. Then we go and get a copy of my book off of the shelf, and go to the checkout counter to pay for it. Mary Jo was there and she greeted us. "Where's Sandy?" I asked.

"She's gone, but she will be back in a little while." We were disappointed. After paying for my book, I opened it up, and inscribed it to Freda. Then we left. And, Tony once again, put Baby in the back of the truck, then we headed to 'Stan the Man's' music store. When we arrived—the sign on the door said, 'Sorry, We're Closed.' I was disappointed, but Tony wasn't. I think he was glad that he didn't have to get Baby out of the back.

We were hungry, so we headed to La Four's Seafood Restaurant, I was excited about finally giving Freda my book! When we arrived at La Four's—it was closed, too! Tony and I were definitely on a roll, and we were not smiling! "Tony, there's another music store on Water Street. Let's go there!"

When we pulled up and parked at 'Bandera Strings,' Tony grabbed Baby and we went inside the store. "Do y'all carry guitar strings?" I asked.

"No. We just repair guitars. Sorry" A pleasant woman said. As we walked back to Trigger, I could tell that Tony was starting to get really agitated with Baby, and he groaned when he lifted her up and returned her to her resting place.

Trying to smooth things over, I suggested we eat at The Save Inn. Tony liked my idea, until he had to lock her inside Trigger, again! As always, our lunch was delicious, and the friendly waitress seemed to cheer Tony up some—thank goodness!

As we walked back to Trigger, I said, "Tony let's go to Home Depot. I want to build a coffee table like Carol's. It's just two blocks down."

When we parked, Tony said a few cuss words, as he shoved Baby back into the cab! After locking the doors, we went inside Home Depot. Twenty minutes later, we walked out of the store with fifty dollars of lumber. "Tony, let me load the truck, I know your shoulder is killing you." Tony helped me load the truck, and grumbled something, when he returned Baby back to her place. Then Trigger took us to H.E.B.

After Tony threw Baby into the cab, we went inside to shop. Twenty minutes later, we were back in the parking lot, loading the back with groceries. "Cheer up, T.," I said. "You only have to move Baby two more times!" My words fell on deaf ears. Tony was starting to hate Baby!

When we arrived at the rescue ranch, Tony carried Baby inside, as I carried a bag of groceries. After the groceries were put up—we unloaded the sticks of lumber, and then set up shop on the front porch! Tony's shoulder was really hurting him, so I only asked him to help me nail the base boards together—then he went inside and I went to work! Two hours into my outdoor project—Kinky called! He wanted to come over and have a picnic with Toto and our gang, and he wanted to see my coffee table project!

Kinky was impressed with my building skills, even though I was actually building a big box—to put our feet on. After the picnic, Kink hung around for a little while, as we discussed his plans to plant bamboo.

At seven-fifteen, I had finished my coffee table! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Carol's at all, but I love it! In fact, I am proud of it! Here are a few pictures! Y'all have a great Tuesday!

P.S. Later today, we're taking Baby back to Kerrville to get new strings!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Last month, I sent Pat S., our incredibly talented woman, who is our web master, for Utopia's website—Kahlua's picture to post, because I had forgotten to post it, when Kahlua was returned to us. A few days later, Pat sends me an e-mail, asking me more about Kahlua. I shot her off an e-mail, telling her all about K. A few days after that, Pat sends me an e-mail, telling me that she is considering adopting Kahlua, but it would take several weeks, before she could come out here to meet her! Last week, Pat sent me another e, telling me that she would be out here on Saturday to possibly adopt Kahlua!

Yesterday morning, after doing my five miles with Leslie (I'm now totally addicted to her walking DVD's! They are the best!) I decided to go ahead, and take care of Kahlua's adoption paperwork—hoping that Pat would fall in love with her and adopt her. I had my fingers crossed.

Pat arrived around noon, with her newly wed husband, Bill! I went out to greet them. After hugs and handshakes, I said, "Pat, I love your truck—it's awesome!"

"Thanks. It's his truck, not mine. Let's go meet Kahlua!" Pat and I walked, as Tony and Bill, followed us in Kermit, because Bill had had some recent surgery. When we arrived at her pen—it was love at first sight, for the two of them! "Can I take her for a walk?" Pat asked. Aaron quickly put a leash on K-Girl, then Pat, Kahlua and I left the rescue ranch.

When we returned to the rescue ranch, Pat told Bill that she definitely wanted to adopt Kahlua! Bill was fine with it—he liked her, too! I was thrilled and could not have been happier! I thought. Then Bill tells us that he wanted to adopt one of our dogs, too! This was too good to be true, for me! They told me that on their drive over to the rescue ranch, he had decided to adopt one, too!

Bill asked about a couple of our dogs, but they had already been adopted, and were waiting to be picked up. "Bill, Pat," I said. "Y'all have got to meet Nash, aka Ghost Dog—he is one fantastic dog, and he is a smiler! I love this dog! And, I promise you, that he is one super cool dog!" We then went to G.D.'s pen.

When we walked up to his pen, I said, "Nash, would you like to get adopted today?" Nash started grinning—ear to ear, with his tail wagging faster than fast! Pat and Bill liked him, and Pat wanted to take Kahlua and him, for a walk—her wish was our command! In less than two minutes, Pat and Tony were leaving the rescue ranch with two very happy dogs, while I was silently saying little prayers—that it would work, hoping that Ghost Dog would finally find his forever home, too.

When they returned, Pat said, "Nash is a great dog—we'll take him, too." I almost started to cry—I was so happy for him and Kahlua. Carol and Brenda then drive into the rescue ranch, to walk our dogs. "Y'all, Carol loves Nash, he is her favorite dog, and she always walks him first. I'll be right back, I've got to tell her the great news!"

I then took off to greet Brenda and Carol. "Carol, Ghost Dog is getting adopted..." Carol was so happy for him! We then went to his pen, so I could introduce them to Pat and Bill. Nash was grinning, and when Carol bent down to hug him—he licked her on the face. It was like best friends saying goodbye to one another for the last time. Brenda and Carol then took off to walk our dogs.

"Before y'all leave, I want to show you the Space Ship and take y'all into Outer Space!"

"What? Space ship? Outer Space?" Bill asked. Pat, who follows my blog, quickly explained to him about my space deals. While Tony returned the dogs to their pens for the last time—we went into the Space Ship, and then went into Outer Space! They loved it, and were blown away with how cool they were! Then I invited them into the trailer, for a tour, and they both seemed pretty impressed with it—especially the cedar bed that Tony had made for us, when we got married. It is so awesome! After that, Pat filled out the adoption forms.

Just before we were fixin' to leave the trailer, to go get the dogs, Bill said, "My name is not Bill—it's Harold." Then he laughed!

"Harold?" I said. "I'm so sorry, I thought your name was Bill. I'm not good with names. I thought Pat had said Bill."

"I was talking to you about Bill, Bill Clinton, the dog I adopted from y'all, years ago, and that must have confused you." We all started laughing!

I took six pictures of them loading up Kahlua and Nash, but unfortunatley, they didn't turn out good. After they drove away with two of my favorite dogs, I teared up. Here is a picture of Nash, followed by Kahlua's. Two of the luckiest dogs on the planet! Pat walks five to seven miles every day—and they are fixin' to, too!

Tony and I had a great time over at Carol's last night! When we arrived, Jon and Sandy were already there, but unfortunately, Brenda wasn't—she had to get back to San Antone! Carol's dinner was totally delicious and healthy—and I ate way too much and you would have, too!

After dinner, we laughed so much—I am sure that I burned off those extra calories. And, I am sure that John did, too—because when I told them my rooster joke! He laughed his head off!

This evening, Tony planted my six new Blue Plumbagos for me, by the writing cabin, and then we worked in the garden. Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. This morning Tony received an e-mail from Pat—the dogs are working out great!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kahlua And Nash Got Adopted!

Kinky, Tony and I are on cloud nine! Today has been fantastic, because Kahlua and Nash Bridges (aka Ghost Dog) finally found their forever home! And, we're talkin' one incredibly great forever home! I can't wait to tell y'all all about it, but I can't today, because Tony and I are going over to Carol's to have dinner with her and John, Brenda, and Jon and Sandy. I will post their (Kahlua and Nash) happy ending, tail wagging story tomorrow! You're gonna love it!

Y'all have a great evening! I know we will!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Rules!

Today was a great day—especially early this evening! Carol came over with her good friend, Brenda, from San Antone! We went immediately into Outer Space, and we had a blast! We laughed until it hurt, and I'm not kidding you! Before leaving, Carol said, "Nance, I think you need to make a sign for Outer Space, your trailer, writing cabin, and the Space Ship, that reads—"What Happens In Outer Space—Stays in Outer Space," etc.! I absolutely loved her suggestion, and I plan to make several signs—starting tomorrow!

I wish that I could tell y'all about the fun time that we had in Outer Space this evening, but I can't, because What Happens In Outer Space—Stays In Outer Space! I love it!

Y'all have a great evening—I already have!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Long Live The Queens!

Today was a great day, again! This morning I did The Harley Show, at 7:45! Baxter Black was Harley's Pet of the Week. We had a fun time talking about Mr. Ziffle going to the Trails End Guest House, and Hannah Montana finding her forever home!

This afternoon, Jim Boyd, from Boyd's Appliance, in Sabinal, Texas—delivered our new Speed Queen washer and dryer—Queen Bee and Airy Queen! I don't know who was happier, Tone or me, because our dirty clothes were piled up, to our eight foot ceiling, in the trailer!

While the men were outside, I said goodbye to Mr. and Miss Tubby, and then thanked them for all of their hard work. Then they left the trailer speechless!

OMG! As soon as they were gone, Tony and I were shocked at the mess they had left behind—we're talkin' true trailer trash! There were piles of old dog hair, which included an unused hairy paint brush, a furry blue fly swatter, several coins, a couple of drill bits and a few hair-covered socks! I was so embarrassed! "Nance!" Tony said, with excitement. "Here's my fly swatter!" I sighed. Then T. began sweeping as I vacuumed up—our seven year collection of 'never could find' relics and dust bunnies.

Jim Boyd, and his co-worker, brought in Queen Bee and hooked her up! It was love at first sight—she was beautiful! Next came Airy Queen! He was beautiful, too! Then after signing some paperwork, and writing a check, Jim and his buddy left the rescue ranch, and then we did, too.

Tone and I went to Kerrville, to run some errands. We first stopped off, for a short visit with Sandy and Jon Wolfmueller and then we ran our errands, then Buttermilk returned us safely to the rescue ranch.

As soon as we were home, I started a load of clothes in Queen Bee. When she had completed her job, I let Tony, be the first to load Airy! After figuring out his settings—T. pushed the right buttons, and Airy did his thing!

We love our Speed Queens! Long Live The Queens! Y'all have a great evening! I've got some clothes to fold.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Judy! Judy! Judy!

Y'all today has been fantastic! I have two great stories to tell! I am going to post them as two separate posts! This morning, after walking five brisk miles with Leslie Sansone—I checked my e-mail. My dear friend, Rick, from Port Aransas, sent me two! I want to share this with y'all, because it touched my heart. I can't wait to show Kinky the pictures! He will love it! P.S. I've put these links on the side bar.

Rick is a volunteer for 'Friends of The Ark, in Port Aransas. You can check them out at:

Good morning Nancy--
We released a very large sea turtle yesterday. It was fitted with a radio tracking device so we can moniter it's travels. We named her Judy! In the next day or so you will be able to follow her travels and adventures at:
Hope you guys are are well!

My next e-mail was a forward from Rick! He wanted me to read Lee Harrison’s note, and for me to look at the pictures that were taken by Lee! They are awesome! Here’s Lee’s note and photos:

Judy’s finally on her way....
Kiii You News will have a story I posted...should show up before the day is over. Here’s a few of the 374 pictures I took today. Anyone wanting a CD, let me know. Great job to all of you who helped raise the funds for the satellite tag!! Way to go team!

The Life And Times Of Mr. Ziffle!

This morning after reading Rick's e-mails, the phone rang. "Hello Nancy, this is David Farrar, at The Trails End Guest House. Can I have your e-mail address? I want to send you a story that I wrote about Mr. Ziffle?"

I gave David my address. "How is Mr. Ziffle doing?"

"He is doing fantastic! And, he is so smart! We love him and he is happy."

"Any cat trouble?" I reluctantly asked, as I crossed my fingers and eyes!

David sorta laughed. I didn't. "A little while ago, Ziff went through the doggie door, to go outside, and he didn't know that there was a cat, on the other side—waiting for him. When our cat saw him, she whacked him real hard on the nose! He's okay, and no longer wants anything to do with our cats—he's scared of them!" We both laughed.

I am so happy that Mr. Ziffle finally found his forever home, I mean his super forever home! He really lucked out with David and Desiree! Here is David's story about Mr. Ziffle. Tony and I love it and I can't wait for Kinky to read it! Y'all have a great evening! I am, because this has been one really great day for me!

Here ya' go.

Cousin Nancy,

Just an update from all that's happened with the Ziffer. First, all is good. He understands the dog door after Desiree and Tala (our other dog) went in and out a few times to show him the ropes. (Actually Desiree didn't go through the door, bad knees, but she would have if she had needed to. She has the patience of a Saint.) Ziffer was pretty excited with all the new smells but he has calmed down and is now just one of the family at Trail's End. He's a very smart and learned dog for such a young age. He learned a lot from his birth mother and late last night he passed on to Tala some of his stories.

As I am an early riser, Tala woke when I did, took me to the side this morning about 4:am and passed on to me the true tale of Mr. Ziffell.

The story begins back in the early 1920's when a man going by the nom de plume B Traven traveled into the northern range of the Serria Madre Oriental with his constant companion, a pure bred male black German Shepherd. During his travels in the area he was befriended by a group of local intellectuals who, upon his departure, gave him a tamed Mexican Wolf. They entrusted him with this female wolf as they felt he could smuggle the wolf out of Mexico and somehow perhaps preserve the species, which had been all but eradicated throughout all of Mexico just few years earlier. They locals knew and understood Traven to be a person disgruntled with Capitalism and they hoped he would share their vision of all things wild to be free and above the taming hand of progress. While they didn't completely share all his views, they knew to save their last native wolf they would need someone with a radical outlook.

Traven retreated to Tampico and waited for a ship back to post Kiser Germany. During the interim, nature took it's course. The Shepherd and the Wolf hit it off in a big way and before he knew it Traven had a brood of seven puppies to contend with. Not being able to handle all the animals, Traven took a great amount of time and found a kindly low level public official and gave he and his family five of the pups. Traven then departed into the future and nothing of the departing Shepherd, Wolf and puppies are known. Since Traven was always a mysterious figure one can only imagine what stories those animals saw and lived.

Of the pups left in Tampico, they enjoyed a good life. The official and his family took extra care of them. As the pups grew up they were taken into areas of northern Chihuahua to breed with other known surviving wolf mixes. In 1947 an American movie production company came into Tampico to make a movie about three American drifters searching for gold. During the filming the Mexican official was able to secure a small bit part for two of his adult children as locals. His children were well educated and spoke fluent English. They quickly became friends with one of the actors, Tim Holt. Holt introduced them to Humphrey Bogart and others of the production company. As the filming was completed the two wanted to present a gift to their new American friends. They gave one of the cast members two dogs that were in the direct linage of Traven's breeding pair.

(Mr. Ziffel said his family wasn't sure who in the production company received the puppies, among most dogs all humans look alike.)

The production company member left along with everyone else but along the way the puppies were held up in quarantine. There was a question of worms or something. (Mr. Ziffel is a little sensitive on the discussion of worms. It is the feeling of dogs universally that worms are caused by eating after humans. In the view of dogs Humans are not known to be the cleanest of animals. They have never been witnessed grooming their anal area in the correct fashion and rarely do they approach and evaluate another human correctly; I.E. polite butt sniffing to ascertain the other Human's hygiene habits.)

By the time the puppies had cleared customs the contact for the crew member was lost. The crew member had been trying to get custody of the pups but was called out of the country again for a location shoot. He left contact info for a friend to pick up the pups but when the friend went to Customs the pups had been returned to Mexico.

The Mexican official's family gladly took in the returning pups. Due to growing health problems of living in an industrialized area the family moved into the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert, close to the Arizona border. Here the generations of the families, both human and wolf dog alike thrived and prospered. There was, in the late 1970's a resurgence of interest of preserving the Mexican wolf. Some of the descendants of the original breeding pair that belonged to Traven were sent to be part of the experiment. Some things went awry and in the Carlsbad project the pack meant to be released were instead scheduled to be euthanized in 1997.

A young male was able to escape and with many trials and tribulations he made his way to Texas. He lived as many things; street dog, a short stint as a drug dog, junk yard dog and finally ending up as the loving companion to an aging Hippy desert rat living in a small travel trailer just east of Sanderson, Texas. As an aging male one of his last acts was to mate with a full blood black German Shepherd that happened to stop, with its owners, at the Hippy's trailer looking to buy some desert rock carvings.

From there, as Mr. Ziffel would say, the rest is history. Now, Tala says he doesn't know that Mr. Ziffle's story is 100% true, but why would he make it up?

We will pass along more as we find out.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Afternoon Got Weird!

This morning, after doing my five miles, Kinky called. "Morning Nance," Kinky said. "Can you come over? I need to talk to you about a few things."

"I can't, Kinky. I wish I could, but I've got too much paperwork to do." So we talked on the phone for over thirty minutes, instead! Laugh out loud—I love that man!

When I had finished my paperwork, I went outside, to put our new 'Proof of Insurance' cards into the vehicles. Then I decided to visit with our dogs some. I was on cloud nine, while I visited with our great dogs. When I passed Mr. Ziffle's pen, who Ashley Judd and Lucy are now occupying, I thought about his super adoption, and was so happy for him! Then the dogs cranked up barking—a green compact car was driving in. "Aaron," I half-hollered. "Who is that driving in?"

"I don't know, Nancy." The vehicle slowed, and I went to see who was here.

"Hi, I'm Nancy. Can I help you?" I said, to a friendly, smiling woman, who was about my age.

"Yes. I'm Pat H., and I want to adopt your little black dog. I'm from San Antone. I came out yesterday to look around. After I left, I couldn't quit thinking about that little dog. I have two cats, and one dog. Can I adopt her?"

"Oh my gosh, Pat—you sure can!" I was now on cloud ten! "Are you talking about little Hannah Montana? That little dog over there, in the puppy pen?" Then I pointed to her.

"Yes, the little black one."

"Her name is Hannah Montana, and she is one sweet little dog, but I have to tell you that she was returned to us, because she ate a sofa and was pretty destructive."

The woman laughed! "I don't care. Honey, I once had a dog that ate the corner off of my TV set! I'm a retired teacher, and she will be with me all day long. My other dog is a small mix named Anna, and I am sure they will bond and be buddies fast." Pat and I visited for several more minutes, then I excused myself, to go write up Hannah's adoption papers!

"Tony, Hannah is being adopted! This woman said that she came out here yesterday, and fell in love with her." I said.

"Great!" Tone said. "I forgot to tell you about her coming out. I'll go get Hannah for her." T. then left the trailer.

After Pat filled out Hannah's adoption form, Tony brought Hannah to Pat, and it was love at first sight! We visited a little while longer, then Pat needed to leave. After backing up her car, to turn around, her last words to us were, "Hannah just licked my face. I love her! Thank you so much—bye!"

Tone and I waved, and said goodbye to her, as Hannah was happily riding 'shot gun' in the front seat, with her tail wagging!

This afternoon got weird. T. and I went to Kerrville, to run several errands. Walmart was fine. The post office was fine, but when we parked in front of Blockbusters, to go to the health store, two doors down, to purchase some vitamins and supplements—I couldn't believe what I saw!

As I got out of Buttermilk, I looked over to the closely parked car next to us—a man and a woman, were in the car making out—in broad daylight! Their car seats were lowered down, and they were going after it! I couldn't believe it! So, I quickly closed the door, and race-walked to join Tony. When I told him about them, he laughed about it.

Our last stop was at Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic, to pick up some pills for Thunder, and a bag of special Science Diet dog food for Alfie, who has skin allergies. While we were waiting in the lobby, with several other people, a man, about thirty-five, walked inside with a big, handsome, friendly, male yellow Labrador! "You're dog looks just like Marley," a man said, to the stranger.

"Yes, I know," The Lab's owner replied. "But my dog is not nearly as destructive as Marly was." Everyone in the lobby laughed, including Tone and me!

Y'all have a great evening! I've had a great day! I am so happy for Ziff and Hannah! They have found their forever homes—at last!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ringo Starr!

This morning, I was up and running by five-thirty, because Bess called. When I heard her talking on the answering machine, I got out of bed. For someone, who is in their nineties, who never seems to sleep—Bess always makes my day with her phone calls!

After putting the dogs outside, I called Bess back, and we had a fun conversation. We talked about it not freezing last night, and her new exercise regime. She swims for an hour every day! Maybe I should start swimming, too? Just kidding—I don't have the time to do that or a pool.

I did my five mile walk, after cleaning up the kitchen, and I am glad that I took yesterday off, because my knee was no longer hurting, and my workout seemed much easier for me.

Now, I have some really great news to tell y'all! Mr. Ziffle got adopted today, at one-forty-five, to Dave and Desiree, our new friends, who own and operate, the beautiful bed and breakfast— 'Trails End Guest House' right outside of Kerrville!

Before Desiree and David came out, I had called Kinky, to tell him about Ziff's upcoming adoption, and he told me that he wanted to meet D & D, and asked me to please call him when they arrived, so he could meet them, and be there for the adoption.

At eleven-thirty-six, Kinky showed up at the rescue ranch, to meet Desiree and David, but they were running late, so he visited with Tony, Aaron and me instead, before taking off for Kerrville—to have lunch, with some old family friends.

When Desiree and David arrived, after hugs and handshakes, Desiree quickly filled out Mr. Z's adoption form, then we visited for a few more minutes, before Aaron took Mr. Ziffle out of his pen—to be with his new family. Ziff seemed to know that D & D were now his, and he jumped up to kiss them—with his tail wagging wildly! I tried to take some pictures of the adoption, but unfortunately they didn't turn out good enough. I wish that I had taken a few more—darn it.

When it was time for David and Desiree to leave, Aaron had to pick up Ziff, because he was a little scared to load up into the backseat of their truck cab.

Kinky called me around four o'clock, to tell me that his friend, Brent, who works closely with Ringo Starr, was coming out for a visit, and Kink invited me to come over to meet him when he arrived. He then asked me about Ziffleman, and I told him all about the great adoption. Kinky was thrilled about it! He loves Mr. Ziffle, and wanted to adopt him, but couldn't because The Friedmans are all too old, and it wouldn't be fair to them.

Early this evening, Desiree called to tell me that Mr. Ziffle was doing great! He and their other dog were already best friends, and getting along great! There had been a little scuffle with a cat, but overall, it looked like the adoption was going to stick! She told me that Mr. Ziffle seemed happy to be there, and they had already fallen in love with him! In fact, David was writing a poem about him—out on their patio! How cool is that!

Y'all have a great evening! It is supposed to freeze in the morning, and I hope it doesn't. It is nine o'clock now, and I am going to bed! Sweet dreams.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Sorry Nance!

This morning, my really old friend, Bess, who is ninety years old, called at five-forty-five, and left a message for me to call her. Bless Bess, she is so sweet. I have known her for over ten years. We met because she loves animals, and our rescue ranch. Bess usually calls me about two to five times a day, to tell me that she is doing fine, and she sends her love to all of us.

When I heard her message, I got out of bed, and returned her call. Bess was fine. She just wanted to say hi. I was wide awake, so I fed our animals, then I did a little paperwork, before Tony took off for Medina.

At ten minutes till eight the phone rang. I figured it was Bess again, and was going to let the machine take the call. "Nancy, this is Carol. Are you there?"

"Hi Carol! It's me! What's up?"

"I'm heading to Bandera to ride horses with a friend, and I just saw a beautiful peacock, on the side of the road on 16—between your cut off and Benton Creek! I just wanted to let you know. I was thinking that it might have been one of your newly rescued peacocks."

"Carol, thanks for letting me know. Tony isn't here, but as soon as he gets home..."

"I will stop at the Old Timer and tell him about it. I'm nearly there."

"Great! Please tell Tony I said 'hi." We laughed. Then I asked Carol for some advice about my knee being sore. Carol told me that I should always take one day off a week from exercise, so my body could rest. I thanked her for her advise, and then we hung up on each other.

When Tony came home he said, "Nance, I didn't see any peacocks, but I did see an old wild turkey. I got a great picture of him, too." Then he picked up the phone, and punched in our neighbor's phone number. "Hi Sherry. I was callling about the peacocks. Do y'all still have the six new ones? Our friend, saw one on 16 this morning." There was a pause. "Great. Bye." After T. put the phone back into the cradle, he said, "It wasn't one of theirs, and Sherry said the birds were doing fine."

"That's good news," I said.

"Are we not eating breakfast this morning?" T. asked.

"We're not eating breakfast here," I said. "We're going to The Save Inn for breakfast. How does that sound? Carol told me that I should always take one day off a week from exercise, and I think that we need a break in our daily routine. Let's go to Kerrville and let Aaron and Josh take care of the chores today."

We arrived at Randy and Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant, a little before ten, and the two of us really had an enjoyable breakfast there! As always, the waitresses were friendly and fun, and our meals were delicious! And, the best part was—Tony talked to me about him starting up a walking program! I was thrilled!

After breakfast, Buttermilk took us to H.E.B., so we could pick up a few more groceries, then she brought us home.

This afternoon, I made Carol's pumpkin bread recipe, because my dear friend, Cindy P., was coming over for a visit. Cindy arrived about four-thirty. Right after she had gotten here—Kinky called. "Nance, we need to talk about..." Kinky was on a roll and had a lot of information to share with me!

"Kink, listen. I've got company over here right now, and this is not a..."

"I'm sorry, Nance," Kinky said. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I couldn't, because you wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise, Kink." We both started laughing.

After Cindy left the ranch, Tony and I went out to the garden, to cover up the plants, because we might have a light frost in the morning, even though the San Antonio weatherman, last week, swore that we were done with anymore freezes! And, he is now predicting another freeze for Tuesday morning, too! I hope not, and for the first time—I'm hoping he is wrong!

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Was Bitter Sweet!

Tony and I really had a fun evening, last night. We went to the Wine Share at six o'clock. We met many new people, but we mainly hung out with our good friends. There was tons of good food, wine and laughter! Before leaving at eight o'clock—my box wine beat out Rambam's expensive French vino, because his was bitter, and my boxed wine was sweet!

Today was great! After walking my five miles with Leslie Sansone and her great crew of walkers, I added up how many miles I had walked with Leslie, in the past twelve days—we're talkin' over sixty miles! Yes, sixty miles! Her walking DVD's are the best.

Linda T. showed up around ten-thirty, and she and Aaron walked nearly all of our dogs! Yeah! Thank you Linda and Aaron!

This afternoon, I fixed lunch for Aaron, Linda and us. I wanted to try out our new outdoor dining table, so we went into Outer Space to eat our meal. I am happy to report that it was fun eating outside, and everyone seemed to like my cooking! During our lunch break, Linda told me that she fell into the creek, while walking one of our dogs, and her shoes started sinking in the mud—fortunately, it wasn't quicksand and she was fine—except for walking in soaking wet shoes.

Around two o'clock, Carol came over, and we had a really fun visit with her, inside the trailer. She is so sweet, and—she laughs more than I do! It was a fun time as always. I wish that y'all could meet her.

Y'all have a great evening!