Saturday, August 30, 2014

Miles Of Chocolate!

Today has been great. This morning I got up real early and went outside and did my morning chores, because as soon as Tony got back from The Old Timer, I was going to cook breakfast for Tony, Chet and me.

Before I stared cooking, I made us delicious, healthy smoothies using: kale, spinach, almond milk, almonds, cinnamon, chia seeds, banana, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe and peaches.

Then I cooked homemade hash brown potatoes, scrambled some eggs with onion, garlic, red & green bell peppers, jalapeno cheese and ham—topped with salsa. And I served it with buttered muffins and fresh slices of avocado. To say the least, "They loved it and went back for seconds.

Late this morning Ben and Serena, his beautiful, sweet girlfriend, came over to see us! And he brought us three giant bricks of Miles of Chocolate! Which I know will make our super volunteers happy, because we always share it with them. And yes, some people would call that bribery, but we don't care, because we'll do anything to keep our dear dog-walking friends/volunteers.

Our dear friend Debbie, the owner of The Old Timer, called me last night to invite us to go with her, to her friends big ranch party, near Medina. "Charlie will start playing around dark!" She told me. "Tony knows Charlie Montague and..."

For those of you who don't know about, The Charlie Montague Band, they play Rock and Soul and are listed as the 2014 Billboard Top Ten Artists. Anyway, Chet, Tony and I are leaving around 5:30 and that's only twenty-five minutes from now, so I need to go get ready.

Tomorrow afternoon, my good musician friend Ryan Hatch, Donna's husband, is coming over, so he and I can pick & grin, on our guitars. He and I have never played music together, but I know it will be a lot of fun. And that's about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening, because we sure are!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Old Timer, better than! or OLD TIMER, continued from 1B!

Today has been great. I got up early, so I could drink a delicious cup of Green Mountain Donut Shop Coffee to help wake me up before I did my call-in to Harley Belew's popular radio show, at 7:45.

While sipping my coffee, at the kitchen table, I first checked our website to see who Pat had picked to be Harley's Pet of the Week and it was Dottie West! The sweet, six-month-old, Pit mix that we rescued last Saturday—Buddy Holly's new roommate. Then I took Ginger, Alice and Little Debbie outside, so they could take care of some personal business.

After the cute Chihuahuas had watered the front yard and left their calling cards, we came back inside, so I could feed them. 

While they ate breakfast, I sat back down, at the kitchen table and went to the Bandera County Courier's website, because my dear friend, Judith Pannebaker, the loved and well respected editor for the popular newspaper, had told me a few weeks ago, that she was going to run the story about the very first wedding, at The Old Timer, in today's paper.

Oh my goodness, I totally loved reading the sweet story, about Sherylyn's and Luis' super cool wedding, held at Debbie Martin's—The Old Timer. In fact, I had so much fun reading it—I read it twice. And you can read the great story too, if you CLICK HERE.

This morning, after Tony and I did our chores outside, we went over to the Lodge and had a really fun visit with Sean Rima, Chet O'Keefe and Kinky. And there was a lot of laughing.

When Tony and I got back home I started cooking us lunch, while Tony and Trigger went, to the highway, to fetch our mail, because I could not wait to get our copy of the Bandera County Courier newspaper.

When Tony got back home he was smiling ear-to-ear. "Nance, you're not going to believe this. Judith put the story on the front page, in the Hill Country Living section. I read it down by the mailboxes and it's a great story. Are we going to eat pretty soon, because I'm starving?"

After Tony had temporarily quit starving and had put his empty plate, in the kitchen sink for me to clean, I picked up the Bandera County Courier and reread the story again. And then I shot it, so you could see it for yourself.

And that's about it for today. 

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Urgent Kerrville Longmire Fan Club Update!

Today has been great. This morning after we did our morning chores outside Kinky called me. After he had invited us to come over for a visit, I said, "Kinky, I've renamed my Chihuahua again."

"What did you name her?"

I purposely paused for a few seconds and then I slowly said, "Little Debbie."

My two words made him chuckle and then he said, "That is a great name for a Chihuahua, Nance. Little Debbie is perfect. You've done it again...." And a few minutes later, Kermit took Tony, Little Debbie and me over to the Lodge, because I wanted Kinky to finally meet the newest and smallest member of our hairy family.

While Tony was busy outside, near the Lodge, using the chainsaw to chop up a downed tree for firewood, Kinky met and fell in love with Little Debbie, inside the Lodge. And needless to say, "Kinky thought Little Debbie was beyond precious, as I knew he would."

Now for the most important news for the day. I have an urgent Kerrville Longmire Fan Club Update:

Our dear friend Pat, the extremely talented woman who is the webmaster for our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, has just sent me this exciting e-mail:

"LOL, I just read your blog and with the exception of the one-eyed dog, I totally qualify for your Longmire fan club."

So after talking it over with Marguerite about Pat not having a one-eyed dog yet and telling her that Pat, over the years, has adopted more than three dogs from our rescue ranch—we've decided to expand our exlusive Kerrville Longmire Fan Club base to THREE OFFICIAL MEMBERS with Sandy & Jon Wolfmueller still being our two honorary members, because they turned me on to the show and they have adopted two cats from us that they named Tony & Nancy! "Welcome to our prestigious fan club, Pat! Longmire Rules!"

Y'all have a great evening!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dogologie! or Dottie West!

Today has been great. This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to run a few errands. Our first stop was at the H-E-B, on Main Street, to buy groceries.

Sixty-four dollars and twenty-one cents later, we took off for one of our favorite stores, on Junction Highway, in Kerrville—Wild Birds Unlimited, owned by our friends Linda and Kevin Pillow. We had two reasons for going there. The first reason was, Tony wanted to buy some more of their superior birdseed and secondly, in hopes that we might catch our dear friend Marguerite working there, because we were anxious to find out how her new Chihuahua, that she had adopted from us, that I had intentionally named after her, was working out with her other dogs that she has adopted from us.

When we walked inside Wild Birds Unlimited, that has the greatest vibes, Kevin and Marguerite greeted us from behind the counter. "How is the Chihuahua working out?" I asked.

"She's doing fabulous and she is so sweet." Marguerite said.

"What did you name her?"

"Kevin helped me name her—Mini-Marguerite. Nancy, I have a big surprise to tell you. I LOVE Longmire, as much as you do! When I read about you loving the series I could not wait to tell you that I am hooked on it, too. Isn't Walt Longmire handsome! And did you know that he is from Australia and..." With that Kevin, Linda and Tony started laughing and then they took off to go show Tony some birdseed blends.

"Y'all take your time," I said, "because Marguerite and I have lots to talk about. Sandy and Jon turned me on to the show and since Friday night I've been spending every free minute watching the episodes. I'm nearly done with the second series..."

After our exciting conversation about Longmire, I said, "Marguerite! You and I need to start our own Kerrville Longmire Fan Club. You can be the president and I can be vice—president. And to be a member you must have a Chihuahua, a one-eyed dog and at least three dogs that you've adopted from our rescue ranch. Like you have. And we can make Sandy & Jon Wolfmueller honorary members."

Marguerite, who adopted our precious, one-eyed Odi from us, over a year and a half ago, laughed and said, "Nancy, I joked with Linda & Kevin and Susan, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, that I was surprised that you didn't try to get me to adopt the one-eyed Chihuahua that you adopted."

After all of us had quit laughing, I confessed, "I have to admit that I did think about it, but Tootsie had already stolen my heart. This morning when I was outside playing with her I decided to rename her again and her new name is Little Debbie, because I kept finding myself calling her "Little" this or that."

"Nance, look at this cool frog, tabletop, rain gauge," Tony interrupted. "We need one, since Beau broke our last one."

"It's on sale too," Marguerite sales pitched. "70% off."

"Sold," I said. "Marguerite, we need to do lunch in Fredericksburg real soon and take our Chihuahuas with us, so we can shop at that famous doggie store, Dogologie, so we can buy cute, little clothes for Mini-Marguerite and Little Debbie, carry bags for them and...."

A few minutes later, before Tony and I adios-ed our friends, Marguerite and I were joking about going to lunch, with our Chihuahuas, up in Wyoming, instead of Fredtown, in hopes of us meeting the actor who plays Longmire and maybe getting to be extras that get to play two quirky senior citizen women that carry around two adorable tiny dogs.

Our last stop was at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, so we could pick up Dottie West, that we had rescued early Saturday morning. She is a lovely six-month-old mix, that is great with other dogs. She is sweet, not hyper, a digger or a jumper. In other words, "She is another perfect dog for you to adopt."

As soon as we got back home, Tony and I decided to put Dottie, in the alley, next to Buddy Holly, to let them get to know each other, before Karon and the kids from the children's home came over to walk our dogs for us. And the good news is the girls walked Dottie and Buddy together and they love each other. So tonight before I start watching more episodes of Longmire, please know that Buddy Holly and Dottie West are now living together.

Y'all have a great evening and watch Longmire!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Things are great here. Friday evening Sandy and Jon Wolfmueller treated Tony and me to a delicious dinner, at the Medina Highpoint's Koyote Grill. The Koyote Grill is becoming famous for their "Friday Nights All You Can Eat Catfish Buffet" and word has been spreading fast, all over the Hill Country, so we met our dear friends, at 6:00, so we could be among the very first to eat and not have to wait in line for the popular buffet.

During our delicious meal Sandy asked me, "Have you watched Longmire, yet?" because she and Jon are hooked on the series that they had told us about last week.

"Not yet." I confessed. Then Sandy, Jon and Tony started talking about how much they loved the popular crime fighting television show, filmed in Wyoming and five minutes later when they were all talked-out about what a great show Longmire was, I said, "Okay, I'm sold.  I promise that I am going to watch it tonight as soon as we get back home."

Needless to say, when we got back homeI kept my promise and that is why I didn't post anything on my blog Friday night. I loved Longmire so much, I stayed up to nearly midnight watching the first five episodes. I wasn't hooked on the show—I was addicted to the show!

In fact, I was so hooked on the show, Saturday afternoon, I started watching episode six, right after we had adopted out Chi #4 aka Banjo, to a very nice couple, that lives in Medina! Which means we now only have the two Chihuahuas, Alice and Ginger, left to find homes for, before we can remove the puppy pen, from the big room, in The Cabin and return to normalcy.

Yesterday evening, as I was about to watch another episode—Sandy and Jon called me. "....Well, did you watch it?" Sandy asked, using their speakerphone.

"Yes! Omg, I love it and I can't quit watching it. I'm hooked and am..." They kept laughing, as I went on and on talking about the great actors, the plots with a twist, etc. and they were in total agreement with me.

"We've just started watching Longmire's second season," Jon told me. "It's really good too, with some surprises and...."

"Well, I'm going to try to finish watching season one tonight and then hopefully, I'll watch all ten of the second season's episodes tomorrow," I said, followed by a laugh. "The race is on as to which one of us finishes the series first!...."

As soon as I adios-ed our dear friends—I immediately started watching another episode and I spent the rest of the evening spending Longhours watching Longmire. And that is my reason that I didn't post anything last night, so y'all have The Wolfmuellers to blame for turning me on to Longmire and me slacking-off, the past two nights.

Today, as I finish writing this, it is around 3:30 and I am scheduling this to post at 7:00 tonight. I only have nine second season episodes to watch and I'm fixin' to start watching episode two, of the second season—right now. So, if you are reading this tonight please know that I am glued to the TV, with three, adorable Chihuahuas sleeping comfortably, on my lap. Longmire Rules!

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Dog Days Of Summer! or For Whom The Bell Tolls!

Today has been great. It has been a quiet day and there is nothing much to write about, so I am going to show you a few pictures that I took today of Tootsie, the newest and smallest member of Tony's and my family, along with our three other Chihuahua house guests.

Roy & Belle on guard duty with Tootsie, Banjo and Ginger, posing on the steps.

Tootsie's turn for guard patrol. I've named this picture, For Whom The Bell Tolls, because she is wearing a small bell, attached to her pink collar, so we will always know if she's behind us.

Our new step-daughter Tootsie with Roy and Ginger.

Roy shooting me a wink, with our new step-child sitting behind him.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me, because I'm leaving, early in the morning, for Fredericksburg. The Chi's will also be going with me, because we are going to meet up with a very nice woman, from Austin, that is seriously thinking about adopting one of them.

If this nice woman does fall in love with one of the Chi's tomorrow, she will officially adopt it, but she won't be taking it home with her, until she gets back from her trip, next week! So keep your fingers crossed. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It Worked! or Dog To Go!

Today has been great! We got about 5 inches of rain last night and this morning, but I have even greater news to tell! A few days ago, when I posted the Chihuahua's new names on my blog, I kept my fingers crossed that our dear friend Marguerite—might consider adopting Chi #1, because I intentionally named that Chihuahua Marguerite and it worked! This is what I had posted Sunday night.

"Chi #1 is now Marguerite, named in honor of our good friend, who in the past has adopted two of our super dogs, Enzo and Odi, from us and who recently lost her dear old dog, who was the love of her life..."

On Monday, August 18, 2014 7:56 PM, Marguerite wrote:

"OK, that's just not fair. I've been tempted by your little brindle Chihuahua since the group appeared on line, and then you give her my name. Is that a sign or what?!? How does she get along with your bigger dogs? Marguerite"

So I wrote her back at 8:28 PM:

"Here's your sign! All of the Chi's love Roy (110 lb. sweet lovable Lab), Belle (65 lb. sweet mutt and Beau (Tony's 40lb. Blue Heeler). We already have all of them house-trained and they are all very cool (not shaky like some are). They are great with guests that show up and Marguerite is only 2 years old and she is a sweetheart, like you are. You could try her out to see if it works, too. No pressure. Nancy" 

On Monday, August 18, 2014 9:34 PM, Marguerite sent me this:

"Well then, when do you want to do this?"

This morning, after I told Tony the great news, I e-mailed this to Marguerite:

"This afternoon works for us. We are going to Kerrville after lunch. We can meet you or drop her off at Hoegemeyers. Whatever works for you...Nancy"

A little before 2:00, Tony and I dropped off Marguerite, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic and Susan and Robin were already expecting her!

This evening at 6:51PM, Marguerite wrote:

"Boy, you didn't waste any time getting her here. I stopped by the vets after work for a bag of Kemo's food and got a dog to go!

She was a bit overwhelmed at first, but has settled in nicely already. After exploring the house and yard, she jumped up on the futon then over to the ottoman and curled up for a brief nap. She doesn't seem to mind her big, one-eyed shadow, and Scampy (was my mother's mini dachshund) doesn't seem bothered by her, which is good since I expect to put them together when I leave the house...away from the big dogs.

Sadly, my camera died 3 weeks ago, so I won't be sending pictures for a while, but I'll keep you up on her progress. I look forward to watching her personality blossom as she gets used to her new life. Thank you!  Marguerite"

Y'all have a great evening! And thank you, Marguerite!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Roll Call!

Today has been great. Kinky is back at the ranch and late this afternoon I went over to visit with him. He told me his East Coast and Canadian tour was fantastic and that he enjoyed seeing Fay and meeting her husband Ian. This morning Fay sent me this picture of her and Ian with Kinky, at the Toronto concert, which Fay said, "It was totally awesome, Nance. I wish you and Tony could have been there..."

When I came home Tony and I played with all of Chihuahuas and with Tony's help we have finally named all of them.

Chi #1 is now Marguerite, named in honor of our good friend, who in the past has adopted two of our super dogs, Enzo and Odi, from us and who recently lost her dear old dog, who was the love of her life. Here's the Roll Call:

Chi #2 is now Alice.

Chi #3 Tony named Ginger and I am hoping he adopts her and Eileen is hoping that Ellen adopts her. 

Chi #4 is now Banjo.

This evening, Tony and I are going to our friends Donna and Ryan's porch party, in Kerrville, so that is about it for tonight, because I need to go get ready, because we're leaving in fifteen minutes.

P.S. Eileen and Lisa, our super friends/volunteers, sent me these beautiful pictures of Pit Bulls wearing flower crowns and the photos are totally awesome, so please check them out. Click here. I promise they will make you smile.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Uncle Bill & Cousin Pepper!

Today has been great. This afternoon I officially adopted Chi #6! Yes, the little white one that is blind in one eye. I knew I was going to adopt her since the day we rescued her and ever since Monday, I've been trying to figure out what to name her, because she is so special and has already been through so much.

This afternoon, right after 3:00, Buttermilk took Tony, Chi #6 and me to Pet Plus Supplies, in Kerrville, because I wanted to buy "what's her name" a pretty pink collar and matching leash, etc. And #6 did fine on the ride to town, because I held her in my arms.

After we three picked out her collar and leash we visited the toy isle and while we were picking out some toys for the Chi's I spotted a large, fake sheepskin, bone-shaped—Mr. Fluffy. "Tony, we've got to get this for #6, because Yoda loved hers and it will be like a security blanket to her." Then I put it inside the pushcart, where "what's her name" was so she could check it out, while we shopped for tiny dog treats for all of the Chi's to enjoy.

When our $76.00 shopping spree was done, Tony took #6 to the Expedition, so they could wait for me, in air conditioning, while I bought a few groceries, at the little H-E-B.

While I was shopping and about halfway through with my grocery list, I heard a woman, behind me, softly say, "I want you to know that I've been stalking you all through the store." So I turned around and this very nice woman, about my age, but much prettier, was smiling at me. "Cousin Nancy, my name is Melody and I read your blog everyday and I love it. When I saw you shopping, I wanted to catch up with you because I really wanted to meet you and...."

"Well my goodness," I said. "I'm not that hard to catch, because I'm old and walk real slow. Thank you for your kind words though—you just made my day sort of. I mean, earlier today I officially adopted one of the Chihuahuas and that has already made my day great and you've just added to it. Thank you."

"Did you adopt the white one that is blind in one eye?" Melody asked. "She's so cute."

"Yep." Then we talked about the Chihuahuas for a few minutes.

"Oh, I am so sorry about you losing Mama. What a beautiful dog. She was a very lucky dog to have found you and..." Melody's sweet sympathies about Mama made me start to tear up and I could barely talk, as I stood by the Kraft Classic Catalina salad dressing shelf. We visited for a few more minutes and before we adios-ed each other I invited Melody to come out to the rescue ranch for a fun visit. And she said she would and I hope that she does.

On our way back to the ranch, I put Mr. Fluffy next to #6 and she instantly loved it and slept all of the way home with her head resting on it.

When we got back home, Tony said, "Nance, please go inside and let all of the Chihuahuas come outside, because I am sure they need to relieve themselves, while I put "Little One," in the yard and carry the groceries up to the house."

Omg! When I opened the front door, I about fainted, because all of the Chihuahuas were out of their puppy pen, standing around Belle, in the big room. Belle gave me one of those looks that said, "I didn't let them out." And I believed her.

Then Tony walked inside The Cabin and said, "What?" And once again, Belle wrinkled her forehead and without words, she said, "It's not my fault and I'm glad that y'all are home. These little dogs have been driving me crazy." Then Tony told Belle and the Chi's to go outside and potty and they did and they potty-ed.

Thirty minutes later, after Tony had put #6's pink collar on her, I grabbed the great Grady Spears cookbook that Eileen gave to Tony for his birthday, so I could show it to Carol and Bill, while Tony picked up #6, attached her pink leash to her collar, grabbed his camera and Mr. Fluffy, because we were going over to visit Carol and Bill.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at Carol's ranch and I was thrilled, because "what's her name" had slept peacefully all of the way over there, because of Mr. Fluffy. After Carol and Bill had raved about how lucky and cute #6 was and had introduced us to Bill's cute, sweet dog, Pepper, we went inside Carol's ranch house for a super fun happy hour. And while we visited little "what's her name" slept soundly, with Mr. Fluffy, right next to my boots.

While I was showing Carol & Bill some of the recipes in the fabulous cookbook that Eileen gave to Tony, Carol said, "Bill is a fabulous cook and some of his best recipes are from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier by Ree Drummond." Then she handed me the cool cookbook, so I could check out some of the recipes, while they checked out Grady Spears recipes. And when all was said and done—we decided to loan each other the cookbooks until we see each other tomorrow.

When I started complaining about not finding a great name for #6, Bill who was sitting between Carol and me reached down and petted "what's her name," and said, "Hi, Tootsie."

"Oh my goodness, Bill!" I said. "You've just named my dog! And I love it. Tootsie is absolutely perfect! Tootsie, Uncle Bill has just named you!....Thank you, so much." 

When happy hour ended, Carol, Bill and Pepper, aka affectionately sometimes called Dennis The Menace, walked us outside and I said, "Tony, before we go would you please take a picture of Uncle Bill & Cousin Pepper with Tootsie and me?" Seconds later, Bill picked up Pepper, his pride and joy, and Tony shot us.

On our way home, I took this picture of Tootsie sleeping soundly, next to me, with Mr. Fluffy.

When we got back home, Belle, our official Chi's-sitter greeted us, at the front door and all was good, because the four Chihuahuas were sound asleep, in the puppy pen. "Let's go potty!" Tony said, as he woke them up and opened the pen's gate.

While they were outside doing what Tony had suggested they do I took this picture of Belle in the yard with the Chi's.

Then Tony took this adorable picture of Tootsie.

And when we came back inside, I put Mr. Fluffy, on the table, next to Carol's Pioneer Woman's cookbook along with Tootsie's pink leash and took this picture. Then I went online and purchased the cookbook, with the fabulous recipes, because after hearing Carol and Bill rave about the delicious recipes in Ree Drummond's cookbook—I just had to have it, too. 

Y'all have a great evening! And Melody, please come see us, because I really enjoyed meeting you!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Salt Water!

Today has been great and so are the Chihuahuas. I am running behind now, because twenty minutes ago when I was over at Kinky's, watering his plants for him, etc. something stung my right hand's middle finger and by the time I got back home—it was swelling, itching and burning. Not a pretty sight.

When I walked inside The Cabin, Tony said, "Fay just called. She and Ian are hanging out with Kinky before his concert, in Toronto. She said that Kink's phone isn't working and he saw that you've called him twice, but he can't call you back and he wants to make sure everything is okay."

"I'll call her, but first I've got to put a salt and water paste, on the spider bite I just got on my finger." When Tony asked me which finger, I held up my hand and saluted him and that made him laugh.

While our dogs and the Chihuahuas watched me doctor myself, in the kitchen, they were all turning their heads sideways and looking worried, so I let them sniff my salt water paste, before picking up the phone and punching in Fay's Canadian phone number.

Fay and I visited for a few minutes, because Kinky was busy, over at the bar, signing autographs. She told me that it was sixty degrees and I told her that it was hotter than hot here. Then we talked about the Chihuahuas. Then she put Kinky on the phone and we talked for a few minutes.

As I am writing this, my finger has finally quit stinging and burning and the swelling has gone down, as the dried up salt falls gently onto my keyboard—making it look like it has been lightly dusted with snow.

Yesterday and today, Tony and I've spent a lot of time taking many pictures of our six little house guests that we've almost gotten house broken. Then I will keep it short and tell you what actually made my day so wonderful.

The Chihuahuas After Arriving Here:
Chihuahua #1

Chihuahua #2

Chihuahua #3

Chihuahua #4

Chihuahua #5

Chihuahua #6

What made Tony's and my day so great is—Ellen, our great friend and volunteer adopted #5! This morning when our super volunteers came out to walk our dogs for us, I brought Eileen and Dawn up to the trailer, so I could show them our too cute, Chihuahua-six-pack and of course they fell in love with the girls, because Eileen has Chihuahuas and Dawn and her husband just adopted Sissy from us, a few weeks ago.

After Eileen and Dawn left to go walk some dogs, Ellen knocked on the door. "Can I come in?" Ellen asked. 

"Sure!" I said.

"Eileen just warned me that I shouldn't come see the Chihuahuas, because she told me that I would want to adopt one of them..." Without Ellen noticing—Tony and I shot each other a look, knowing here was our chance to get one of the precious Chihuahuas adopted to a great home! So, we went for it. And within fifteen minutes, as Ellen held #5 in her arms , she said, "I really like this one and I'm going to think about adopting her." Then once again, Tony and I shot each other a look, knowing that we could talk Ellen into it. And it didn't take long.

"Her markings looks like one of those Queen Ann dogs," I said. "Except she has short hair."

"You mean King Charles dogs," Ellen replied. "She is really pretty."

"Let me take a picture of you and Chihuahua #5," I said, as I grabbed my camera. "One, two, three!"

A few minutes later, when it was time for all of us to go up to Koyote Grill, at the Medina Highpoint Resort, to meet Kris & Jim for lunch, Ellen said, "Yes, I do want to adopt #5 and June is going to think I am crazy, but...."

After a really fun, delicious lunch with Kris & The Mineral Man and our incredibly, fantastic volunteers, we came back home to let Ellen signed-off on #5's adoption papers and take her home, so she can spoil her, like she has spoiled her other very lucky, rescued dogs!

And that is about it for tonight. Life is great—Adopt A Rescue Dog!

Y'all have a great evening! And thank you, Ellen!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Countdown!

Today has been great. This afternoon we went to Kerrville to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Home Town Crafts, because I was hoping to buy some small metal letters and numbers, because I want to make a headstone for Mama's grave. I love the craft store, but unfortunately they didn't have what I wanted.

So we went to Home Depot, so I could buy a pink rose bush to plant by Mama's grave. Then I went to check out their metal letters and numbers, for addresses, etc. were bigger than I wanted. So, I suggested that I (we, of course) make Mama a limestone grave marker instead. So, we went back to the garden area and bought a 14" x 12" limestone paver and a really heavy, 5" thick by 8" tall thing used for landscaping flowerbeds.

Then we went back inside the store and grabbed several engraving bits for our routers, before we went to the checkout counter.

Our last stop was at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, so we could check on the six Chihuahuas that we rescued Monday evening. When we walked inside the clinic, Kathy and Robin greeted us and then they started raving about how sweet and great our little, Chihuahua-six-pack was. They told us that the small dogs had been covered in fleas and had been bathed and treated for fleas. The six girls loved to kiss everyone on the cheek and they were all very calm and not shaky like some Chihuahuas can be and they are not barkers, etc. Which of course, thrilled Tony and me, because when Tony and I rescued them, we thought they seemed to be pretty cool little dogs, too.

Then Kathy told us that they had temporarily put 1-6 numbered, tape-collars on them until I come up with names for them, so we can keep the records straight and then she handed me their paperwork and rabies certificates. "Dr. Chavira spayed all six this morning, gave them all of their vaccinations and all of them tested heart worm negative. They are healthy and good to go!"

That put a huge smile on our faces. "This is wonderful news," I said. "But, we can't take them home today, but tomorrow afternoon, we will pick them up. Can we go see them, because we were in such a hurry, Monday evening, to rescue them and get them to the clinic before y'all closed? I want to see them cleaned up, instead of the way they came in."

Seconds later, the six, adorable, female Chihuahuas were staring at us—as we stared back at them none of them barked at us and they were all wagging their tails, as they tried to lick our fingers. "I am thinking of adopting one of them and so is Tony," I said. "I'm thinking of adopting Chihuahua #6,  the little white one, with the bad eye."

"She is about three-years-old and only blind in that eye. The vet told us that it wasn't bothering her and there was no reason to remove the eye unless it starts bothering her."

"I really like that little, brindle and white one," Tony said. "Chihuahua #1."

"She's great and only about two-years-old, Tony," Robin said. "In fact, all of them are about two-years-old except for #6, that Nancy wants and Chihuahua #5, the tri-colored one, because she is about three-years-old, too...."

When Tony and I got back home, my good friend Judith Pannebaker, the editor for the Bandera County Courier had called and left a message for me, on Carlton. "....Call me, Nancy, as soon as you can..."

After I called Judith back and had had a fun conversation with her and then e-mailed her some photos that she had requested, I sat down at my computer and pulled up the pictures that I had hurriedly taken of the Chihuahuas, when we rescued them Monday evening, so I could match them up with Hoegemeyer's paperwork that Kathy had given to me.

So y'all, please excuse these pictures that I took on Monday, of the Chihuahuas, because Tony was pulling them so fast from their pen, I only had seconds to take pictures of them, because as soon as he would hand me one, Becky would hold it for me and then I would take it as fast as I could and go put it in the crates, inside Buttermilk. And none of them look like this anymore, because they are healthy, clean and happy and I cannot wait to update their pictures. Here's the countdown from 6 to1 when we rescued them on Monday:

#6 White Chihuahua—3 years old and blind in one eye—5.5 lbs. (The one I want.)

#5 Tri-colored Chihuahua—three-years-old—6.8 lbs.

#4—Tan and white Chihuahua—two-years-old—9.9 lbs.

#3—Tan Chihuahua—two-years-old—7.3 lbs.

#2—Tan and white Chihuahua—two-years-old—6.2 lbs.

#1—Brindle and white—two-years-old—7.1 lbs. (Tony's favorite and a lousy picture.)

Tomorrow afternoon when we bring them home, the adorable, sweet Chihuahuas will stay, in my office, between the big room and Tony's office, until we can find great homes for all of them, because they are too small to be outside. So, if you want a wonderful, sweet, beautiful Chihuahua—please give me a call at the rescue ranch, because these girls deserve the very best of homes.

Tomorrow night, I will have updated pictures of the girls and I cannot wait for you to see them now. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yesterday after Tone and I did our chores outside, he told me, "Nance, in a few minutes I've got to go to Medina, because Sheryln Barton, my friend that cuts my hair for me, is getting married, at noon, and she's asked me to photograph her and Luis Perez's wedding."

"Do I know them?" I asked.

"I don't think so. Why?"

"Because I want to go and take pictures, too. For my blog."

"That's fine, but you'd better hurry up and get cleaned up, because we need to leave here in fifteen minutes."

On our way to Medina, I asked, "Where's the wedding at?"

"The Old Timer."

"Wow! That is way too cool. I bet it's going to be the first wedding ever, at The Old Timer or at least the first wedding that Debbie's Old Timer has ever had..."

Ten minutes before wedding bell time, we arrived at The Old Timer and I started taking pictures of the famous store, outside and inside, that our good friend Debbie Martin owns, while Tony took off to go talk to Sherylyn and Luis.

While I was inside, I noticed a wall that had Tony's photos for sale. So, I went over to check it out. 

And the last picture that I took before Sherylyn and Luis got hitched outside was the famous table where Tony and his old timer friends sit every morning while drinking coffee and solving the world's problems. 

Here's a picture that I took of Sherylyn and Luis saying their vows, at the very first wedding ever held at The Old Timer and yes, I teared up, because I always tear up at weddings.

After Sherylyn, the beautiful bride and her lucky husband Luis tied the knot, they and the wedding party posed especially for Tony, because as Sherylyn said before the wedding, "He's the only one here with a real camera."

Left to right: Makayla Moreno, Jacelynn Barton, Sheryln and Luis, Paige Perez and Cathrine Larson 

Here's a picture I took of Luis, Debbie Martin and Sherylyn, before we all went inside to celebrate the couple's wedding.

While we were inside Debbie's store, I introduced myself to Sherylyn and apologized for crashing her wedding and she told me not to apologize, because the whole town had been invited and then she showed me their Wanted poster, taped to the checkout counter, inviting "A posse to witness the hitchin of the outlaws..."

And while I was visiting with Sherylyn, she told me, "The reason that Luis and I wanted to get married at The Old Timer is because two years ago, on August 11, at 10:30 in the morning, was the very first time that we met. He came into the store and I was working the cash register...." And that is why this was the best wedding that I have ever been to. "The Old Timer Rules!" And who knows, maybe this fall, Tony and I will be the very first couple to renew our wedding vows, at The Old Timer.

P.S. I'll write about the six rescued Chihuahuas tomorrow when we will know more about them.

Y'all have a great evening!