Friday, October 14, 2022

Episode 22: Full Of Gas! or One Amazing Man!

I have had a blast doing this podcast: Full of Gas that was filmed entirely at Ben Silva's gas station in Staples, Texas! This super entertaining film was written and directed by my new, dear friend Dave Crowe

It was produced by Dean Reading and Tony's and my good friend, Gerry Olert, was the director of photography. And I do want to thank Gerry for showing me Full of Gas and for recommending that I do a podcast with Dave Crowe to discuss the making of his fabulous movie.

The talented principle actors in this humorous film are:
Dave Crowe
George Streib
Jeff Hardwick 
Andy Andersen

And the also talented supporting actors are:
Weldon Oliver
Karlin Clark
Ron Clark

Music by:
Rodney Joe Smith
Chris Burns

Catering by Brick And Blossom

Location Manager
Paul Castillo

Horse Wrangler
George Streib

Gerry Olert

Left to right: Dave Crowe and Weldon Oliver

The pict above ↑ and below↓ shows Gerry Olert setting up his cameras.

In 2000, Dave Crowe was in the famous movie Jericho which was filmed at Alamo Village, Brackettville, Texas. He had seven minutes on screen and had over 20 lines. And here are a few pictures of him in this film.

And here is a more recent photo of Dave Crowe.

And here is a photo of "Marshall" Dave Crowe taken at the Alamo Village, Brackettville, Texas.

Dave Crowe is one extremely interesting character. In fact, I could have spent a few more hours interviewing Dave Crowe about his life. So Dave has promised me to do another podcast with me when he releases his latest film Full Of Gas.

Besides being a film actor in many, many movies, a cowboy poet, an author of 9 books with more to come, he is a real ordained minister, animal lover, screenplay writer, story teller, film producer, a film director, speaker, etc., because his long list of his accomplishments never ends. Seriously, Dave is one highly intelligent, super talented or better said—"One amazing man!

After Tony took this photo of me with Dave Crowe and Gerry Olert—Dave gave me a signed copy of his book Cowboyin': Cowboy Poetry, Short Stories and a lot of other stuff.

And you can find his books on Amazon and at our dear friend, Nancy Harvey's storeSpirits Of Texas, at 1107 Cypress Street, in Bandera, Texas. And here are a few more titles of his awesome books to look for:

Ridin' Life's Many Trails
A Tale of Early Texas: Chanlers Crossing
Texas Hill Country Sage: Hank
The Adventure of Billy Joe McLister

If you would like to listen to this podcast please click here or click on the sidebar near the top of this page. And before I go please always Remember The Alamo! And please always remember my favorite quote that I came up with: "Life is short and so am I."

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!