Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Pranksgiving! or Moon Pies!

Today has been great and I am happy to report that last night Stephen K. Morris' awesome music was a big hit with the fun crowd, at the Medina Highpoint Resort.

On my last blog I promised to tell you about the prank I played on our dear friend, Jeff Severson. Many years ago, because of dear Carol, who is dear friends with Jeff and his sweet Lori, introduced us to Jeff and since that time Carol has always made sure to get us together with Jeff & Lori when they come to visit her & Bill.

For several years Jeff & Lori have come down to Carol's ranch to spend Thanksgiving with her & Bill. In fact, it has become a "family" tradition, so to speak. And when Lori & Jeff are down here Jeff and I always get to do a little picking & grinning and it is so much fun. And please note that Jeff is a much better musician than me hands down. 

In fact he is actually a professional actor/retired pro football player who earned 4 or 5 Super Bowl rings/singer/songwriter/ musician known worldwide as "Jeff Severson The Singing Cowboy." Here is a picture of Jeff.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving Lori & Jeff spent Thanksgiving with Carol & Bill, up in Weatherford instead of at Carol's. And Carol called me and she gave me a heads-up before Lori & Jeff arrived, at Bill's place. "Nancy, be on alert about Jeff pulling a prank on you. They should be here any minute and I promise you that within the first hour Jeff is going to ask me about you and then give you a prank phone call."

With that said, I prepared myself to be ready to receive one of "Bob's" (Jeff's prankster alias) crazy phone calls. And sure enough, a few hours later, Jeff called me and left this hilarious message, on Carlton. With his voice changed to sound more like a redneck, he said, "Hello. Hello. This is Bob and I need a turkey—now. Please get me a turkey...."

When Tony and I listened to his message we were nearly rolling on the floor. But because we had company, I didn't return his call, because I had decided to wait and return his phone call as soon as I came up with a good prank to play on him.

The following day Jeff called me again and left another message on Carlton. This time Jeff went on and on about needing a turkey which made Tony and me burst out laughing when we heard it. Tony urged me to call him back, but I didn't because I had not come up with a good-enough prank to play on him. So I let it slide until Thanksgiving morning. This is the e-mail that I sent to Carol around 11:00 Thursday morning:

"Hi Carol! I received Jeff's aka Bob's 2 hilarious phone calls about needing a turkey. I am finally ready to get him back. Here's the plan and you must be a good actor:

1. Tell Jeff and everyone (i want to also get Lori and Bill, too.) that you just got an e-mail from Tony telling you that I've been totally exhausted and depressed about.... and please tell Jeff that Tony has asked you to please ask Jeff to please quit calling me, because I am a basket case, etc. 

2. Then tell them that Tony told you that I've been so depressed that each time that Jeff (Bob) called that I burst out in tears when I heard his message, because i am so sad they didn't come down here.

3. Now let that sink in for a minute or two until Jeff, Bill and Lori feel bad about Jeff calling me and depressing me more.

4. Then call me so I will know that it is working and then act like I am crying on the phone, because I am so sad and make sure to do it in front of Jeff, Bill and Lori. Then tell Jeff that I want to talk to him so i can say, "I got you Jeff, Bill and Lori!"

I plan to be here for the next hour or so and then we are going over to the property to work, so, if y'all are not around we can do it later today…Nancy"

About an hour later Carol called me, and she whispered into the phone, "This is perfect. We just went for a short walk and while we were walking Jeff said that he wondered why you haven't called him back." Then Carol and I burst out laughing.

"Okay, Nancy. I am going to call you right back." Click. 

"Hello Nancy?" Are you okay? We miss you and.....(I talked back to Carol trying to sound like I was depressed, etc. in case Lori, Jeff and Bill could hear me.) "Nancy, I am going to put you on Speaker Phone now, because everyone wants to talk to you." 

"Happy Thanksgiving Nancy," the three said in unison and they sounded like they felt sorry for me and I was loving it. "We miss you and Tony," Jeff said, sounding very serious.

"Next year we are all coming to Carol's," Jeff proclaimed, in an effort to try to cheer me up and I had heard enough.

I started laughing and then in the background Tony started laughing and then Carol burst out laughing, on the other end, "Ha, ha, ha. I got you Jeff! I mean Bob and Lori and Bill!" Then there was a moment of silence, in Weatherford, Texas, until they had figured out my (and Carol's) prank. "I'm not depressed at all, y'all. You fell for it hook, line and sinker...." I said between fits of laughter. 

Later that evening Carol sent me this e-mail: 

"Jeff's brain is in overdrive trying to come up with a way to pull One on you 😊 
You got him good!
I miss y'all and I'll be home in a day or two. Happy Thanksgiving!"

Late this morning Tony, Little Girl and I went, over to the property, to meet up with our dear friend Ellen and her super-nice friend Curtis, because sweet Ellen was ready to adopt Little Girl from us. But before Ellen signed-off on Little Girl's adoption form, she gave Tony and me two-mini Moon Pies, and said, "Today is Moon Pie Day and we're celebrating its 100th Anniversary...."

Tony and I love Moon Pies and I was so excited about it I forgot to take a picture of Ellen and Little Girl's adoption. But at least here's a picture of our mini Moon Pies, before we ate them.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, November 24, 2017

So Tonight Be There Or Be Square!

Tonight Tony and I have plans to go to the Medina Highpoint Resort, because of there super-delicious All-You-Can-Eat Catfish buffet and also because our dear friend Stephen K. Morris will be playing his awesome music, outside on their beautiful patio. So tonight be there or be square.

P.S. Tomorrow I plan to blog about the best prank that I've ever played on our dear friend.

Y'all have a great evening and meet us up at the Medina Highpoint Resort for some great music!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Number Two!

We've been busy. But before I start writing about it I want to wish my sweet sister, Cindy, a Happy 71st Birthday.

My sister is the best sister anyone could have. When I was around ten years old Cindy was my idol, because she was so smart, kind and very pretty and she still is for a 71 year old. But back then I was frustrated with her, because she was older and I wanted to be older than her. So I wasted a good amount of time trying to figure out how I could become older than her. Which at this early age just proves that I was already not the sharpest tool, in the tool shed. And I think my family already knew that, too.

Anyway, now I'm at the ripe old age of 66 and I am really glad that Cindy is older than me, because I can use her as a measuring stick to see what's going to be up ahead for me, before it is my turn to fall off the slow-moving conveyor belt of life or better said, "When God honks my horn."

So I wish Cindy the best birthday ever and I wish that I could be with her today to help her celebrate her birthday, because I love her so much. But I must confess that I forgot to send her a funny birthday card this past week, because we've been very busy working, on the property. But the good news is it won't matter a bit to Cindy that I forgot to send her a birthday card, because she is always happy and she is more forgetful than me. Something for me to look forward to in the future.

Two days ago our dear friend Jim Keaveny came to visit us and he spent the night in The Cabin, over at our property.

While Jim was visiting us he got off, of the Internet Thursday night and he told us that he just found out that his song Is It You has been climbing the Hit Tracks Top 100 chart, for several weeks, over in Europe. "It is now at the number two position on the chart," Jim told us.

Anyway, we had a wonderful visit with Jim and before he left us we gave him one of those super cool, motion detector toilet lights that we've already given away to many of our dear friends. He loved the toilet night light and he also loves our new place—especially the 1977 Airstream and The Cabin.

Yesterday morning around 7:15 Tony took Jack Black (Jack is one of those three dogs that was returned to us, on Halloween.) to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to get him vaccinated for Rabies, because Jack was due and because he was getting adopted later on that morning.

So before Jim adios-ed us and took off, for Austin, with his motion detection toilet bowl lights, he ate breakfast with us. And while he was inside taking a shower over here, we went outside to greet Christine & Cliff and their cute son Max, the nice family that was adopting Jack Black from us. And here is a picture that I took of Jack Black's awesome adoption.

After we adios-ed the family that adopted Jack, our great dog-walking friends/volunteers and Jim, Tony and I ate lunch here and then we went to the Home Depot, in Kerrville, to buy some more 2'x4's, paint, stain, etc. so we could finish building "The Closet," in the bedroom, of The Cabin. 

When we left Home Depot "where everyone knows our name," because we are in there so much we drove straight, to the property and we started working on "The Closet" project. 

While Tony was working outside, on the back porch, busily staining the wood and his fingers and before we officially started building "The Closet" I was inside slinging paint on the bedroom wall that will be behind "The Closet." And that is when a UPS truck showed up outside and made a special delivery to us.

Tony went out to the front porch, to go meet our friendly UPS driver that knows us well, because I had more blue paint on me than was on the wall that I was painting. And when Tony came back inside The Cabin talk about surprised. "What is it, Tony?" I asked. "And why did the UPS man delivery it here, because hardly no one knows this address?"

"It's from Karen & Terry, from Port Arthur. They sent us another one of those delicious, spiral-cut hams for our Thanksgiving dinner. Last week I ran into the UPS driver and I took him over here, to show him where we will be moving to. He told me that he went to the rescue ranch first to deliver our package and when he saw our vehicles here that is why he stopped and delivered it here."

"That is so sweet of Karen & Terry to do this again and when we get back home I'll make a note to send them a thank you e-mail." Then Tony and I went back to work for another hour. And here is what we have accomplished so far.

Last night, after we got back home, I spent the evening binge-watching the first three episodes of Longmire's Season 6, before going to bed early. And just so you'll know Longmire's Season 6 is totally awesome. 

Early this morning while Tony was outside doing his daily chores I was inside drinking some coffee and I Googled Hit Tracks Top 100 ( and I was thrilled to see that Jim Keaveny's awesome song Is It You is now rated at the number one position, on this European chart. And when Tony came, back inside, I showed the chart to him and he was just as thrilled about it as I was. And that is about it for now.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stark Naked! or True Words Of Wisdom!

Yesterday and today have been great. Saturday, Tony and I spent several hours working on the bathroom, over at the property. The bathroom was fine to begin with, but because we are turning all of the the walls, inside The Cabin, to try to look more like a log cabin we stained some more 1'x4's and then put them up on the walls.

Originally the bathroom was cute enough and it looked like this, but knowing that Tony would have a really hard time pulling/lifting/dragging me out of the beautiful claw foot tub we chose to remove the tub and replace it with a 32" walk-in shower kit. So that way we can only slip and fall and bang our heads when we're stark naked and dripping wet. Which trust me would not be a pretty picture.

And yesterday when we left to come back home this is what we had accomplished in the bathroom.

We still have a little more work to do, in the bathroom, to complete its makeover, but I am already loving it, even though I know that, in the future, we will have to be sharing this one bathroom.

This morning was fun. After talking to Kinky on the phone, We went over to visit with him, in the Lodge and to also pick up the old, cedar bed that Tony and I had made for him, over 15 years ago, about three months after moving our rescue ranch to his beautiful Echo Hill Ranch, in Medina.

Don't get me wrong. Kinky loved this cedar bed that we had made for him, but after he had rearranged his bedroom he decided to return it to us due to a space issue and also because I wanted it. 

The reason that I wanted his/our bed back is because I decided that we could use it, over at the property, as an extra bed, in a soon-to-be built smaller, cozy cabin, in the forest. And hopefully we will be able to rent that cabin out, on the weekends, to tourists, as a dog-friendly Airbnb, in the Hill Country.

After we loaded up Kinky's bed, in the back of JJ Cale, we had a very fun visit with him, in his kitchen. 

While we were drinking some delicious coffee I told Kink my new joke, mind you not the dirty one, because he like Tony has already heard that one too many times.

Anyway, when it was time for us to go, Kinky walked us back to the truck. And while we were standing there adios-ing each other, he told us something that his sweet sister Marcie had just recently told him. A friend had told it to her and it has been stuck in my head ever since—because I love it so much.

Kinky spoke softly, after taking a puff of his cigar, "This older gentleman told Marcie, "What I've learned about life is: It's not about the pot of gold—it's about the rainbow."" 

Then Kinky, Tony and I all agreed that those were true words of wisdom. And that is exactly why I wanted to share this with you. 

On our way back to the rescue ranch, I was doing all of the talking (of course) and then I had one of those light bulb moments, and said, "Tony, I am going to make a sign that reads: "Kinky Friedman slept here (for over 15 years)! And I am going to ask Kinky to put his autograph on the headboard...." And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, November 10, 2017


Today has been great. This morning after our great friends/dog-walking volunteers walked our dogs for us they came over to check out the progress we've made with our cabin.

I was already working, over at the property, when Tony showed up with Andy & Judy, Sarah and Jim.  In fact, I had just chopped up some 2'x4's and was in the midst of building a small coffee cup shelf to put up on the kitchen wall, that will showcase my beautiful collection of Mara mugs—that I love so much.

Anyway, when they all arrived I already had started a beautiful, blazing fire, in our incredibly great wood-burning stove and I had just sprayed on my first coat of polyurethane to protect the rag rug that I painted last night, for my dog statue.

Tony and I gave everyone a tour of The Cabin and everyone seemed to think it was pretty cool and then we had a fun visit with our good friends.

After we adios-ed our friends Tony and I stained about 20 - 8 foot 2'x4's, so tomorrow afternoon we can hopefully finish turning our bathroom into a faux-looking-log-cabin bathroom.

Anyway last night, on my blog, I promised that I would take a picture of my dog statue resting on his new metal, rag rug. And here are the before the rug and on the rug pictures.

And that is about it for tonight, because I plan to work, on Carol's Top Bun Christmas present, because I just finished having Hazel suck up another ton of dog hair. Then I plan to relax and watch a few more episodes of Heartland, on Netflix and then go to bed.

P.S. Next to Longmire, Heartland is now my new favorite series to binge watch. Netflix has nine Heartland seasons and each season has 18 episodes, each episode being 40 minutes long. And it is Canada's favorite show. 

Also, I copied the curtains for our cabin, in the Heartland ranch house log cabin. Except mine are green—not blue.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Rug!

I am sorry for not writing much this past week, but I am not sorry for all of the things we've accomplished, over at the property. And, because I am tired I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story tonight.

This is the kitchen and we built the shelves using the wood that used to be underneath the cabin's floor.

This is the front of our cabin, before we decided to spruce it up and eventually, we will turn the entire outside of the cabin using this stained wood. And soon we will replace the front door with our new, red, metal door that was built-in blinds.

We were so happy with the front of the house we decided to build a deck using some of our old lumber.

Then we decided that we wanted a covered front porch, instead of just a deck.

And while Aaron was busy, outside, putting the metal roof, on the front porch, using the old Outer Space roofing, Kris & Jim came out to give us their house/cabin warming gift. And here are Jim and Tony putting together the bench that they gave to us. And it is the most comfortable bench that we have ever had. "Thank you, Kris & Jim!"

An hour later, here is the finished, covered front porch, with Kris & Jim's bench being the center piece, on the porch.

Early this afternoon, my sweet sister Cindy came to visit us and she was anxious to see what all we've done to our cabin and she loved everything. Her favorite part was the shelving made out of these old, 1950's 2'x4's that were used as the pier and beam supports, underneath the cabin.

To celebrate my sister coming to see us and because it was chilly outside, we decided that today would be the first "Lighting of the Wood Burning Stove" for the very first time. Tony took the role of fire-man and in no time flat our new wood burning stove, that I bought over a year ago, was heating up the cabin nicely.

This is a picture of the wall you see when you first enter the cabin and I am still decorating it. And please note that I made the bookcase using some of our old, recycled lumber. At the bottom, left corner, of this picture is the head of my dog statue that we (Tony) put, in front of the wood burning stove.

And there he is, laying in front of the wood burning stove, on the cold tile. And right after Tony put him there I realized that my dog statue, that I treasure, deserved to have a rug to be resting on, instead of the cold, hard tile.

So early this evening, after Cindy left to go back to Austin, we came back home and I got busy making a rag rug for my dog statue, to rest on, in front of our super-cool wood burning stove. And this is what I made.

My rug is approximately 30"x18" and I used many different colors: yellows, turquoise, reds, blues, greens, etc. and I am thrilled how it finally turned out. And I cannot wait to take it over to the cabin, tomorrow afternoon, and get Tony to place it underneath my heavy dog statue.

I promise to take a picture of it so you can see how it looks and please do not worry about my rug catching on fire, because I used the back of an old, metal sign to paint my rug on. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Finger!

This has been a really weird week for me. Some of it not so good, some it really bad and some of it really good.

On Monday we had three of our rescue dogs returned to us for different reasons, so that was not so good. These dogs were happy to come back "home" and they seem to be doing just fine.

For the most part of the week Tony and I have been spending all of our spare time working, over at the property and in our opinion we've accomplished a lot considering our age.

Anyway, yesterday morning I was in a great mood, but not long after that I went into a full-blown tail-spin, because this creep, driving a dark, maroon Tundra pickup tied his beautiful, male, Chocolate Lab to our rescue ranch's gate, using a thin, short piece of rope. Leaving his sweet, but confused, happy dog with only a very small bowl of water to drink—until we found him.

Tony was the one who actually found this dog tied to our gate, because I was already working, over at the property.

So Tony fed the dog and put him into a pen and after Tony had done his morning chores outside he came, over to the property, to tell me about this poor dog being tied to our gate. Tony was madder than a wet hen about it and I just got really depressed, so I just focused all of my attention on working really hard, so I wouldn't have to think about this poor dog being dumped.

Anyway, last night I had intended on writing a post for my blog, but because I was feeling so down about this dog being abandoned I did a little bit of reading and then just went to bed.

This morning after I got up Tony told me that he had some good news, "Last night I told Karon (yes, that is how she spells her name with an "o"), on Facebook, about the Chocolate Lab and she is coming out early this morning to check him out, because she has been wanting to get another Lab...."

Bottom   Line: Karon instantly fell in love with this Chocolate Lab and tonight this lucky, Labrador is getting to know his new family. Here is a picture that I took this morning of this super sweet dog, before Karon came out and adopted him and took him home. And I must confess that I was some what in a hurry this morning, to get over to the property and "the finger" that you see in the photo below belongs to me.

The rest of our day has been great, because several of our friends came, over to the property, to visit with us. First came our dear friends Alison & Blake, from Austin, who were actually, over at the rescue ranch, when Karon came out and adopted the lucky Lab. 

And after the adoption they followed Tony, over to the property and while we were visiting, inside The Cabin, with them sweet Carol showed up, so we all sat around and had a fun visit with all of them. 

And later on, as we were outside adios-ing Blake & Alison— Tom & Marie showed up, because they are Winter-Texans, from Minnesota and they could not wait to see us and the property.

So as I finish writing this tonight—Life Is Good, once again, at the rescue ranch.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!