Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Squirrels Be Gone!

This morning after doing my chores, breakfast, four fast miles—I returned phone calls and did more paperwork. Then I took a break and had some fun! I decided to put up some chicken wire around my soon to be Fairy Tale Pumpkin Patch! I had just started unrolling the chicken wire, when Tony and Aaron appeared. "Nance," T. said, "What are you doing?"

"I'm fixin' to put up chicken wire, so the varmits can't get in and eat my pumpkins. Can you help me pick up the chicken wire, and lean it against the fence, so I can—attach it to it?"

"Nope," Tony said. "Let me and Aaron do it. I don't want the wire cutting you." He and Aaron then went to work! In less than twenty minutes, my pumpkin patch was completely fenced with chicken wire! Yeah! When the guys were done, they took off for Medina, to buy some hay.

While they were gone, I removed Tony's Walmart bird pole, from the front yard, along with four bird feeders, and took them down to the feed barn. When I returned, I removed my hanging wooden birdseed box, and returned it to the front porch—where it had originally been.

The reason I did this, was because of the small herd of visiting squirrels, that have overtaken our bird feeders, and front yard! This morning, before Tone had returned from Medina, our self appointed Squirrel Police Dog—Hank Sr., our little, sweet, twelve year old, black and white dog, nearly caught one of the little fat squirrels! It nearly scared me to death and Hank, too! So, my newly implemented plan— "Squirrels Be Gone," has officially commenced! I figure, no food—no squirrels! (Please note: We do plan to move the bird poles, and feeders to a new location—far away from our trailer and garden.)

This afternoon, Tony and I went to Karen's, 'The Plant Haus' to buy a few more plants for our garden. Her place is Kerrville's favorite plant nursery—it is the very best! Tony and I love to go there, to see all of her beautiful flowers and plants!

Y'all have a great evening! I've got to return Kinky's phone call, and then we're fixin' to watch Marley and Me!

Monday, March 30, 2009

One, Two, Three!

This morning, I phoned Kinky, because he had asked for a seven o'clock wake up call. At seven-up, I made the first of four telephone calls to the Lodge. At seven-fifteen, Kinky answered his phone and thanked me for reaching out and touching him. After that, I did my chores, fixed breakfast, did the four fast miles walk, took care of my paperwork, and then returned numerous phone calls. Then I decided to take a much needed rescue ranch break.

I took Hazel out of the closet, and we into Outer Space. Within four minutes, she had Outer Space sparkling! Before going inside, I decided to clean up our front porch, too. First, I removed a bucket load of empty flower pots, two bags of inexpensive bird seed, a sky blue can of paint, and some tools—that had collected on the table. Then I did something that most people can't claim to have ever done—I vacuumed the outside wall of our trailer! It was covered with old cobwebs. Then I vacuumed up the expensive birdseed, that had fallen onto our porch.

When we were done—the front porch looked great—no clutter! Hazel and I had feng shui-ed it! Yeah! Before we went inside, Tony and Aaron drove up in Kermit. "Nance, the porch looks great," Tony said, and Aaron agreed with Tony. We talked about a couple of our dogs, and what we needed to do, when I spotted a big black wasp—trying to make a nest on the porch ceiling!

"Oh no!" I said, as I pointed to its location—right above our window.

"So much for blue paint," Aaron remarked.

"Aaron, the sky blue paint works—this wasp is simply stupid or sick, that's all!" I said, in defense. "This is the very first black wasp to do this! Here Tony please take this, and let Hazel suck up the wasp!"

Aaron didn't like my idea, but not as much as T. did. "On the count of three," I said. "I will turn Hazel on, and then do it real fast! Okay? One, two, three!" Hazel immediately came to life, Tone hesitated for a couple of seconds, and then he stuck the long wand up to the ceiling—swhoosh—the black wasp was gone, and so was its soon to be wannabe nest! "Thank you, Tony." Tony said nothing.

The men then left the porch, jumped into Kermit and quickly sped away. After I had unplugged Hazel, from the wall socket inside, and was wrapping up the electrical cord, I realized that I could not empty the nearly full bagless vacuum bucket, for several days—because that angry black wasp might still be alive in there—making plans to get even with me! That really sucked.

After Hazel went back into the closet, I made lunch for Tony and me. We had organic chicken, asparagus soup and some of my delicious beans. When my kitchen was cleaned, I returned some new phone calls. After that I went outside to the garden to see Tony. He was busy planting his new seedlings, so I got inspired and decided to plant my Fairy Tale Pumpkin seeds, courtesy of Grace A., who gave me the giant pumpkin, and Carol V., who did the dirty work for me—cutting up the gigantic thing, cooking it, and removing all of the seeds, which she shared with me—along with a half of a loaf of her delicious pumpkin bread, and several bags of cooked pumpkin meat!

I can't wait to plant the pumpkin seedlings into the new "Cousin Nancy's Fairy Tale Pumpkin Patch," which is now located in the alley, right next to our front yard!

Y'all have a great evening! Tone and I are fixin' to go outside to visit with Beckham, and feed him a few grapes. I love that little wild hog. I'm going to really miss him, but I am so happy that he is going to have a really great life, at the Trails End Guest House, just outside of Kerrville.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Big As A Tool Shed!"—Part 2!

This morning, I was only able to walk four fast miles, because Tony wanted me to go with him to Bandera—to return the rented garden tiller. After Tony had unloaded the tiller, at Bandera True Value, he and I went inside the store to shop—then we turned on our cell phones and went our separate ways.

Five minutes later, while I was checking out their table cloths, "Nance," Tone said. "Come with me. I want you to introduce you to some friends of mine!" Two isles over—Tony introduced me to his friends—Max and Carol. We had a fun visit, in the fertilizer section. By the end of our visit, I invited Max and his sweet wife, to come out to see us. Tony and I then went our separate ways, again! I went looking for an outdoor stove top—like Carol's.

As I was scanning the room, I asked a friendly clerk, Peggy, if she had any vinyl oilcloth tablecloths. Two minutes later, I had a red-checkered tablecloth for my new outdoor dinner table—then I ran into Max! He and I visited some more and then T. and Carol showed up—they had been looking for us. "Why didn't you call me, Tone?"

"My phone is dead. It needs recharging." The four of us then visited some more, for several minutes. I really liked this couple. As soon as they were gone, I found this really cool two burner, gas, cast-iron grill, so I bought it!

It was twelve-fifteen, Tony was hungry, so we went to Brick's for lunch. As we were eating our delicious meal, someone puts their hand on my shoulder, and says, "Big as a tool shed!" I was startled, and looked to see who was talking to me. It was our dear friend, Garnet! "Nancy, Sandy and I read your blog everyday. You really have lost a lot of weight, and you look great...!" We had a fun visit with her, then she went back to her table. Tony and I waved at her husband, Sandy.

When we returned to the rescue ranch, Tony went to check on his garden, while I went into Outer Space and tried to assemble my new two-burner, outdoor cooker, and it wasn't easy! I had a very hard time tightening up the screws—the legs and burners were real wobbly! When T. returned from his gardening, I said, "Tony, can you please help me? I have it nearly put together, but I need your help tightening up these screws."

Tony went into Outer Space, looked at the directions, then the box, "Nance, you have mounted it backwards. Give me the screwdriver."

I did as I was told, and then watched Tony completely disassemble my hard work. Fifteen minutes later, Tony began reassembling the 'Made In China' cast-iron grill. After he had put it together right—I was somewhat disappointed.

I realized that it would drip grease onto the table, because it had no pan to catch the drippings. I guess that I will have to return it. I hate returning anything, but it was not what I thought it was. I then went inside. Kinky called and invited T. and me to come over for a visit, and to shoot some pool.

Tony was tired, so I went over to see Kinky. He and I had a great visit in the kitchen, then we went outside, so Kinky could play ball with Gooie. Mr. Magoo loved it! We then came back inside the Lodge, and shot a game of pool. The Hummingbird Man-1, Cousin Nancy—Zip! After losing—Buttermilk returned me to the rescue ranch.

I started a load of clothes in the washing machine, then I went out to the backyard to give Mama, my seven-year old, rescued Great Pyrenees—her summer clip. An hour later, after grooming Mama, I came back inside—covered head to toe, in long, white dog hair!

So, I pulled Hazel out of the closet, and began vacuuming Mama's hair off of me. Tony then enters 'the big room,' "Nancy you've got dog hair all over you! Does Mama have any hair left?"

"I know," I said. "And yes she does," as I ran the upholstery brush up and down my Levi's. Tone laughed. and then helped me get the rest of her hair off of me.

I'm fixin' to go online, to find Carol's Brinkman outdoor cooker. Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big As A Tool Shed!

Oh boy! Do I have lots of great news to tell! First off, let me backtrack to yesterday evening, while Tony and I were over at Carol's ranch, visiting with her and Lorri. Somewhere, in between our laughing and sharing funny stories, Carol says, "Nancy, you are going to have to change your profile. You are not 'bigger than a barn.' I think you should change it to 'big as a tool shed!'" That caused all of us to burst out laughing! I told Carol that I would think about it.

This morning, by ten o'clock, I had done all of my daily chores, and walked another five fast miles! At ten-thirty, Linda T. arrived, to walk our dogs! She and Aaron immediately started their dog walking! Tony then comes into the trailer, to tell me that he has to take off for Bandera—to rent a garden tiller.

So, I went outside and found Josh, a very nice young man, who works for us occassionally. "Josh, will you come help me put together a table, that I bought yesterday at J. C. Penney's? It's in the Space Ship."

Josh, followed me to the Space Ship and we went inside. I showed him the box and he went to work. In no time flat, the table parts were out of the box. As I was holding the base parts together, so he could screw them together—our dogs began barking! I looked out the window and saw a cute PT Cruiser coming into the rescue ranch. "Josh, I need to go see who that is. I'll be back." I then exited my spacecraft to greet the visitors.

"Hi, I'm Nancy, welcome to..."

"Hi Cousin Nancy! It is so great to meet you! I'm Maridee and this is my friend, Karen." They got out of the car, and we shook hands. "We are fans of Kinky and have read all of his books. Karen lives in Kerrville and I will be soon—and I can't wait to move here! We are both from California..."

I liked these two cheerful women—they were fun. "Well, why don't y'all let me give y'all a tour of the rescue ranch." The three of us took off. As we visited, I introduced them to everyone of our dogs. They seemed to really enjoy meeting them—as did our dogs liked meeting them!

When the tour was over, we visited for a little while longer, in front of The Space Ship. Before leaving Karen and Maridee made generous donations to our rescue ranch. "We love your rescue ranch! It is so beautiful, and the dogs are so happy! We are going to Wolfmueller's to buy your book, too!" As they got into the Cruiser, they told me that they want to come out regularly, and become volunteer dog walkers for us! I loved it! Their last words to me made me laugh out loud: "Yesterday, we told our husbands that we were coming out here to stalk Kinky! Please tell Kinky that we love him, and that he has two friendly stalkers!" I could hear them laughing, as they drove off!

I then looked into the Space Ship—no table—no Josh! Then I looked to my left—Josh was in Outer Space! I then went into Outer Space. "Oh my gosh Josh! I love it! Thank you so much for putting it together for me! You did a great job!"

"Thank you, Nancy. It was easy. I put the green table under the tool shed in the garden. Are you expecting someone?"

"No, why?" I asked.

"Some man is walking towards the trailer." I turned and saw a man approaching. I left Outer Space to go greet him.

"Hi, I'm Nancy. Welcome to the rescue ranch! Can I help you?" The handsome, thirty-something man smiled and started laughing! "Will! I'm so sorry! I didn't recognize you! You look great!" Then we hugged each other!

I met Will W., years ago through Ben. He is one of Ben's best friends—they grew up together in The Valley. Years ago, Will used to come down, and volunteer for us and his family donated a truck to us. Tone and I think the world of Will, or in other words—we love him like family!

As he and I caught up with each other's news, I proudly showed him the Space Ship, and then we went into Outer Space together, and we had a great visit! Will stayed for about an hour or so, and then it was time for him to leave. As I walked with him, a pickup drove into the rescue ranch. "Nance," Tone hollered. "I'll take care of the new visitors!"

As I walked with Will, I told him that he had to meet Beckham, so we headed towards Beck's pen. Will laughed out loud when he saw our soccer playing pig! Will thought he was cute. I then proceeded to tell him Beckham's story. When I had finished Beck's tale, I said, "I love this little fella, but I am praying, that someone will come along, who has a bed and breakfast—will adopt him! Will and I hugged and then Will left the rescue ranch.

I turned around, and Tony was one pen down from me, visiting with our soon to be, new friends—David and Desiree. I walked up to greet the couple. "They want to adopt Beckham!" Tony said, wearing a big smile. "They have a bed and breakfast nearby."

I was in shock! "Seriously?" I asked. "My last words to Will were—"I am praying, that someone will come along, who has a bed and breakfast—will adopt him! This is so incredible! I can't believe this! Hi, I'm Nancy." Tony then introduced me to Desiree and David and we shook hands.

We had a long visit with these two very nice people. By the time our visit was nearly over—I felt like I had known them all of my life! Now my story gets even greater!

D & D, who owned the B & B, told us that they also wanted to adopt Mr. Ziffle! I was so excited, I started pinching myself—to make sure I wasn't dreamin' all of this up! I wasn't—it hurt, and I am sure I will have a couple of bruises by morning to prove it!

D & D, then got their beautiful dog, out of the cab of their truck, and Ziff and him—hit it off beautifully! We're talkin' another great adoption! I was on cloud fifteen, about Beckham and Mr. Ziffle getting a home with these two super neat people!

We discussed their adoptions, and it looks like April 3rd—Zee-Man will move to their bed and breakfast, and in about three weeks, after a super play-pig-pen is built—Beck will be moving to his new forever home, too!

After Desiree and David left, I went over to visit with Linda and Aaron—they were eating lunch—on Aaron's tailgate. They loved hearing the great news about Mr. Ziffle and Beck getting adopted! We visited a while longer, and then Aaron starts telling Linda about my fast four and five mile walks and how hard they are. "Nancy, you are going to have to change your profile. You are not bigger than a barn," Linda stated. (I took it as a sign.)

After a fun visit with them, I went inside to check the answering machine. I returned the few phone calls, then I went outside to the garden, where T. and Josh were working. All we could talk about was Beck and Ziffle's good luck—then another car drives into the rescue ranch. "Who is that?" Josh asked. "Y'all sure have a lot of visitors."

"I think it is Carol, and her friends— Lorri and Brenda," I guessed. Well, guess what? I guessed right! Tony and I took off, to greet Carol and her great friends. After hugs, we went to visit Beckham! Of course, I talked way too much, but it was fun telling our great news about Ziff and Beck's soon to be—forever home!"

We played with little Beck for quite a while, then we petted and visited with our dogs, until Aaron and Linda T. came walking into the ranch with Ghost Dog, aka Nash, and Alfie. When Lorri saw Nash, she took off to greet him, because last year, it was Lorri, who had actually caught Ghost Dog for us. She and Ghost had history—they loved each other! When Nash saw her—his tail went to wagging non-stop!

After Linda and Aaron had returned the dogs to their pen, we went over to it, and talked to, and petted the two super sweet dogs. "I named Alfie!" Carol proudly proclaimed. "She has really turned out to be a great dog. I love her." Carol's words fell on Nash's and Lorri's deaf ears—they were having a reunion! It nearly made me tear up.

After that, we went into the Space Ship, and then into Outer Space! We had a fun visit, and Carol loved my new outdoor dining table! Before they left, I gave Brenda a tour of our trailer, and she really seemed to like it! She couldn't believe that it was built in 1983, and that I had bought it for only $6,500, back in 1995! As y'all well know by now—I love my trailer so much and am so proud of it!

After a too short visit—Carol and crew had to leave. After their departure, I called Kinky to tell him about Beck and Ziff's good news—he was blown away with my good news! He was as thrilled as me, about their adoptions, and he can't wait to meet Desiree and David!

After our conversation—I went on line to check out David's and Desiree's bed and breakfast. OMG! It is too cool! In fact, I think Tone and I need to go spend a night there! It is called, 'Trails End Guest House,' and it looks like a lovely B & B—set in the perfect location to tour the beautiful Texas Hill Country! It is just outside of Kerrville! And get this—it has a 'Writer's Cabin, too!' Their cabins are beautiful and seriously, I think it would be a blast to rent all of their cabins up for a weekend, with friends! Please check it out at:


I have linked to it on the side bar, too! And, please note that I have changed my profile—LOL! Y'all have a great evening! I already am!

Friday, March 27, 2009

God Bless Allan King And His Beautiful Family!

This morning I got up before six, fed our critters and then did the four mile fast walk, followed by Leslie's one mile walk! Then as I listened to Harley, I prepared our breakfast smoothies. Today's ingredients: ginger, almonds, wheat germ, flaxseed, local honey, blueberries, banana, apple, radishes, an 8" cinnamon stick, fairy tale pumpkin, Fage Greek strained yogurt, orange juice—it was delicious! Then I went to work returning the many phone calls, e-mails, writing thank you letters, and faxing off some documents. Never a dull moment.

At ten-forty-five, Molly and her family arrived to maybe adopt one of our dogs. They liked Rockett and Christy Brinkley! As they tried to make up their minds, Carla fell in love with Mr. Ziffle, and she took him for a walk. At twelve-fifteen—Christy Brinkley was officially adopted! Tony and I loved it! Christy is a medium sized, black, long-haired Border Collie mix, with shyness issues, who was dumped, over a year ago, at our cattle guard, with another dog, Alfie, at ten o'clock at night—right before Christmas!

After her adoption, Tony and I had to go to Kerrville to run some errands. When we passed the orange colored restaurant, I saw Mr. Green Jeans in the parking lot, so I called Kinky, and told him about Christy Brinkley getting adopted to a forever home, and going up to Chicago area to live!

Kink was thrilled with my good news! Then he had to tell me some very sad news. Our dear friend, Allan King, our wonderful next door neighbor, who we all loved—passed away in Houston yesterday. His passing made me cry. I truly loved Allan King—he was one great man and respected by all!

Kinky told me that last week, he had called Allan at the hospital, and had had two great visits with him, and that Allan had sent me his love. Kinky also told me that President George Bush, Georgie's dad, and a U.S. Congressman had gone to visit Allan at the hospital, before he had slipped off into a coma. Please say a prayer for Allan's family. He will be greatly missed—he was truly one of the last 'Good Guys.' And, I feel honored to have known him, and to have called him my friend. Our prayers and sympathies are with his loving family. He will never be forgotten.

Tony and I ran our errands in silence, because of Allan's passing—we were both so depressed about his passing. Fortunately, when I was in H.E.B. shopping for some groceries—I was cheered up!

The store was packed as always, and somehow, I suddenly found myself pinned, in between two grocery carts, going the same direction as me, when a man, wearing a blue baseball cap, with his head down, looking towards the floor—heading straight towards me! I stopped, but he didn't! The man rammed his cart right into mine! We're talkin' a head on collision—no whiplash, thank goodness! I didn't know what to think or say! Then the man looks up, smiles, and says, "Hi Cousin Nancy!" Good grief, it was my good friend, Dr. Craig Janssen, our great veterinarian, the owner of Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic—and then he starts laughing! "I got ya!" He and I had a fun visit, for a few minutes, and then we went our separate ways to shop!

While I was bagging up some pretty red potatoes, a woman says, "Hi Cousin Nancy—my familie's favorite blogger!" I looked up. It was Donna S.! Oh my gosh—it was Schloss!

Hi Donna!" I said. "How in the world are you, and your family doing?" We had a fun, short visit by the sweet onions! Tone met up with me in the banana department, a few minutes later!

On our way home, T. and I talked about Allan and his wonderful family and wife, Gloria—remembering the many great times— the fun breakfast events, that we had with them at the rescue ranch, and their holiday dinners with Kinky, Tony and me that we had, at their home. I was starting to cheer up some—sorta.

When we came home, there were nine new messages on our machine! I returned all of them, and was proud of it—then the phone rang again! "Nance, it's Carol..."

I picked up the phone! Carol invited Tone and me over for 'Happy Hour' with her, and her friend Lorri, over at her ranch! Ten minutes later we were over there—laughing and telling stories on each other! Tony and I had a blast, and we really enjoyed our visit with Carol and Lorri—who we count as our friends!

Y'all have a great evening tonight, and please remember to always count your blessings, and remember those who have touched us, and made our lives more fun, and full! Thank you, Allan and Gloria—I will always love you, two.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Missed The Bullet!

This morning I was up by six o'clock! After feeding our dogs and cat, while listening to The Harley Show, I decided to make a loaf of Carol's, I mean Cousin Nancy's Fairy Tail Pumpkin Bread! At 7:45, while it baked, I called the Rose 99.9, to do The Harley Show! His Pet Of The Week was Linda T. aka L.T.! Harley was great and it was a lot of fun!

When Tony returned from Medina, and walked into the trailer—the pumpkin bread came out of the oven! It smelled delicious!

After Tony and I drank our super smoothies for breakfast, our new photography friends: George, and his two assistants—Erin and Sara showed up at the rescue ranch! We invited them inside for Leisa and Rick's expensive organic coffee, and my 'fresh out of the oven' organic pumpkin bread. Guess what? They loved the coffee, and thought my (Carol's recipe) pumpkin bread was absolutely the most delicious pumpkin bread that they had ever eaten! I ate it up, and had to agree with them! Thank you Carol!

While they munched away, Tony got on my laptop, and showed them a couple of my Beckham videos. And, needless to say, there was much laughter. The five of us, visited inside the trailer for a little while, hoping that the thick morning fog would lift—but it didn't want to. I decided to call Kink. "Hi Kinky. I just made some delicious totally organic pumpkin bread this morning, and it is fantastic! I'm real proud of it. Would you like for me to bring you some?"

"Yes, Nancy, as long as it is—TOTALLY ORGANIC!" Kinky joked—sounding half awake. "You know that I only eat organic." Then we both started laughing! "Come on over and drink some coffee with me."

Our coffee pot, was now empty, and our new tres amigos went outside to set up their equipment, and I went over to the Lodge. Kinky and I had a fun visit, and he cleaned my plate of pumpkin bread! He loved it! Then Buttermilk took me home.

While George and his crew were setting up outside, I decided to do my 'Fast Four Mile Walking Marathon!' Fifty minutes later, I was done stomping, sidestepping, jogging and kicking with Leslie Sansone, and her fabuous walkers! I was so proud of myself—we're talking over twelve miles in three days! I'm addicted to her walking DVD's!

I'm really glad that I had done my walk when I did, because as soon as I removed Leslie's DVD from our player—lightning stuck—a little too close for comfort for me! Yikes! Tony and I quickly unplugged all of our electronic equipment, as the rain pelted the rescue ranch, with the much needed rain! We had one awesome thunder storm, too, that made our lights go off and on, a few times!

By noon, the violent storms had finally left us—headed for San Antone for their attack! Tony and I then plugged in all of our electronics to find out that Atacosa County was under siege, as blue skies and the sun shone over us! We missed the bullet—thank goodness!

We got nearly an inch of rain today! Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bella Vita!

Today was a great day for me! This morning I did Leslie Sansone's 'Four Mile Fast Walk,' again! And, I loved it—it was great! And, after doing the four swifter than swift, twelve minute miles—I must admit that my hair was a mess, and I looked road hard, too! I highly recommend her walking tapes, because she is fun and personable. I plan to do it again tomorrow! That will make it day three!

This morning, Kinky came over for a visit, and to also see our resident, celebrity soccer ball, playing pig— Beckham! Beck was great, and he was glad to see the Kinkster! There was a lot of laughing, as we played with Beck!

Before leaving the rescue ranch, I told Kinky about Bella Vita, the new Italian restaurant in Kerrville and I recommended that he give it a try. Then Kinky took off through the woods and over the river—back to the Lodge.

Thirty minutes later, Buttermilk, Tone and I took off for Kerrville, to eat lunch and run some errands. We decided to eat at Bella Vita. When we pulled into the parking lot—we saw Mr. Green Jeans parked outside. Tony and I then decided to play a joke on Kinky!

When we walked inside, "Hi Cousin Nancy and Tony! Welcome to Bella Vita! How in the world are y'all doing?" Cat said! Cat is the woman who adopted Cher from us, a long time ago! "Howdy Cat!" We said. "Can we get one of Jessica's tables?"

"No. Sorry, Jessica has already gone, but Kinky is here. Do y'all want to sit with him?"

"No," I said. "We want to play a joke on him. Where is he?"

"Outside. Over there."

"Can we sit inside, right next to him?"

When Tony and I sat down at our table, with a french door separating Kinky from us—I tapped on the window. Kink looked over, and then he recognized us! He smiled and waved at us, as he was finishing off his dinner.

On his way out, I said, "Kinky did you like it?"

He nodded his head up and down, "Really good, Nance. The fish was excellent. Have y'all tried it?"

"Nope, but we will. Thanks for trying the new restaurant out. I told you that it was great. We'll see you back at the ranch in a little while." Kinky smiled and left the restaurant.

After we finished our delicious meals, T. and I ran two errands, and then we returned to the rescue ranch. When we walked into the trailer, I had seven new messages on the answering machine—five were from Kinky! "Nance, call me, etc...!"

I called Kinky. "Nance, George, the photographer is here, and he wants to come over to the rescue ranch, to shoot pictures for the cover of my new book—'Kinky's Celebrity Pet Files!' Can he and his camera crew come over there now?"

Five minutes later, George and his camera crew—Sara and Erin, all super nice people, were busy setting up their camera equipment, in front of our trailer, outside our front yard, for their photo shoot! It was pretty exciting!

While they were setting up, I called Kinky and asked him if I could come over to the Lodge, to visit with him, Little Jewford and Debora.

As always, I had a blast visiting with the three of them! Little Jewford is so dog-gone funny—he had all of us laughing our heads off—which was not a pretty sight,—but was a lot of fun! After visiting for over forty-five minutes, the four of us, went over the river and through the woods—for Kinky's photo shoot over here! Talk about fun!

As they shot Kinky, Little Jewford had us laughing, until there were tears in our eyes! I took a bunch of pictures of Kinky with his costume changes, but none of them turned out great, so I deleted them, but here are a couple of pictures I took, from our front porch, as George and his crew visited with Kinky! Y'all have a great evening! I'm going to bed early, because George, Erin and Sara are coming back over tomorrow morning at 8:30!

P.S. I am doing 'The Harley Show' tomorrow morning, but unfortunately we can't go to The Rose, 99.9 radio station. I hope that y'all will listen in at 7:45!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You've Got To Come In Here!

Today was a great day! This morning I woke up at 6:00—without the help of our alarm clock! Tony went to Medina and I did my morning chores. At eight o'clock, I gave Kinky a wake up call—that he had asked for.

After T. and I drank our morning breakfast, I put my newly purchased— 'Leslie Sansone's Four Mile Fast Walk' into the DVD player—hoping that I could do it! OMG! Her fifty-minute, four mile workout was almost too much for me! It was real different from her other DVD's. It was more like a female version of Tae Bo's workouts—without makeup!

When the DVD started, Leslie already looked rode hard, and put up wet! It was totally different from her other workouts, where she has makeup on, and everyone is dressed alike and not sweating! Her hair was a mess, and she looked already worn out. Her new set was completely different, too—all black walls, and I didn't recognize any of her walkers.

"Tony," I said. "You've got to come in here, to see this!" I said, as I quickly found myself jogging to her choice of music, which I wish that she had asked me to pick for the four miles! Tony came into the 'big room'—and started laughing at me, as he watched me jogging forward and backwards, and doing all kinds of new moves! I was sweating within seven minutes into the video!

Leslie's workout was fantastic, but exhausting for me.! I didn't realize that I could still jog or jump and kick like that! At one point, she says something like—I'm the oldest one in here—I'm in my forties! "And, I'm fifty-seven and crazy to be doing this!" I said out loud!

When it was over—I was soaking wet, but proud that I had done it! Thank you Leslie—You Still Rock, but please let me pick your music for your next workout video! The James Brown deal was weird.

This afternoon, Tony took off, to get out mail down on Highway 16, as I was cleaning up the dishes from our lunch. Aaron had joined us for lunch. We had organic chicken salad, homemade organic zucchini soup, and cheese and crackers. "Nancy," Aaron hollered from outside. "Some people are driving up in a black car. Are you expecting them?"

"Nope," was my respone. I then went outside to see who was here. "Hi, I'm Nancy, " I said, to three friendly people.

As we shook hands, "Hi, Cousin Nancy! I'm Blas, and this is my wife Sybil, and our daughter Suzanne! We're from Pearland, and we drove all of the way up here, to see the rescue ranch! We read your blog!"

I felt honored, that they read my blog, but I couldn't quit staring at Blas's t-shirt. "Well, thank you. Let me give y'all a tour of the rescue ranch." As Blas went to their rental car, opened up the trunk, and took out a giant bag of dog food and placed it into the back of Trigger, I said to Sybil, "I was trying to read Blas's t-shirt about Free Michael Vick. What does the rest of it say?"

Sybil laughed. "Blas let Cousin Nancy see your t-shirt." Blas walked up to me, so I could finish reading it, and I laughed out loud—I loved it, and told them so!

I gave Blas, Sybil and Suzanne a tour of the rescue ranch, and they took pictues, as they petted all of our dogs—and Beckham! They fell in love with Beck and gave him an apple to eat—and he loved it!

When the tour was done, I took them into Outer Space, and they loved it! Before leaving, Blas gave me a generous donation and the shirt off of his back—his Michael Vick t-shirt! Thank you Blas! I love it!

Y'all have a great evening! Here is my new t-shirt, which I can't wait to show to Kink!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Breakfast Club!

I loved 'Return To Me!' What a great movie—it made me cry twice. After watching it, Tony and I hit the hay early.

At 4:30 in the wee hours of the morning—I was in bed—wide awake, with Tone snoring softly, while Mama licked my face gently, as she snuggled up close to me—with her head resting on my pillow. (For the new readers, Mama, is my eight year old Great Pyrenees, that we rescued over seven years ago. She is the sweetest, and the biggest dog in our trailer, and she always somehow manages to sleep between T. and me. I love it!)

I hugged Mama, kissed her, and then crawled out of bed, trying not to wake up Tony. And, I was successful! By five o'clock, I had fed our menagerie, started a load of clothes in the washing machine, and was in the process of fixing breakfast—when Tony came into the kitchen for some hot coffee! "Morning Nance," T. said, as he gave me a hug—before filling his mug. "Why are you up so early?"

"Tony, you forgot that Kinky and I are meeting a couple of friends for breakfast, in Kerrville at 9:00, and I wish that you would join us. It'll be fun!"

"Nance, I can't. You know I hate that restaurant, and I can't believe that you are actually going to eat there," Tony said.

"I'm not eating there! Good grief, do you think I'm crazy? I'm fixing breakfast for us here. I'll just drink tea there and that's it."

After we drank our breakfast, while watching Imus, on RFD—Tony dressed while I cleaned up the kitchen. At six o'clock Buttermilk took Tony to Medina, to drink coffee and gossip with the old timers—as I began walking briskly inside the trailer.

At 7:15, after I had walked four miles, showered and dressed for our breakfast club, I phoned Kinky, to give him his wake up call. After leaving three messages on Kink's machine—Trigger took me over to the Lodge.

The outdoor lights were on, and the indoor lights weren't. I opened the kitchen door, "Kinky, it's Nancy! You need to wake up. It's 7:23! We've got to leave in an hour."

Gooie rushed out of the bedroom, and came outside to greet me—then the rest of The Friedmans followed in Goo's footsteps, except for Kinky. Then the bedroom light came on. "Nance, I'm up," Kinky half-hollered from his bedroom. Thanks for coming over. I overslept."

"You're welcome. I'm going back over to the rescue ranch. I'll see you in Kerrville."

I was halfway to Trigger, when the kitchen door behind me opened, "Nance, come on in and have a cup of coffee with me, while I wake up." I did—thank goodness, because thirty minutes later—our friends called Kinky to cancel our fun breakfast, because they were sick with the flu. We rescheduled our breakfast date—for later in the week!

"Thank goodness they called, Kinky," I said. "I was fixin' to take off early for Kerrville, to run a few errands, before doing breakfast with y'all." Kinky agreed with me, and then we visited a little while longer.

When I returned to the rescue ranch, Tony said, "Nance, you're running late! It's twenty-five minutes till nine. I thought you had already taken off."

"I've been over at Kinky's all of this time, Tony. I had to wake him up, and then, right before I was fixin' to head off to Kerrville, our friends cancelled on us, because they are both really sick. I'm not going anywhere, Tone."

I spent the morning being very productive—catching up on all of my paperwork, returning e-mails and phone calls! Later this afternoon, Tony and I worked outside in the garden, and it is really looking great!

Well, I'm fixin' to watch Carol's movie, 'Return to Me, one more time, before I have to—Return to Her! Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Return To Me!

This morning, after doing my four miles, I called Kinky, and then went over to the Lodge for a visit! We had a great visit! We talked business, politics and writing, as I helped him haul several of his plants outside, and fill his hummingbird feeders. An hour and a half later—Buttermilk returned me to the rescue ranch, and I returned several phone calls!

Today, Tony and I worked in the garden, and then we went to visit Beckham. Knock on wood, the garden is doing great and Beckham is, too!

Nothing notable happened today at the rescue ranch. I am fixin' to watch a movie that Carol loaned to me— 'Return To Me.' She told me that I would love it—it's a chick movie! I can't wait!

Y'all have a great evening—I'm fixin' to!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Just Found Out That I Am Rich!

Today was a great day! Linda T. arrived at ten thirty and she and Aaron walked over a ton of our dogs! Our dogs loved it, as did Tone and I! Thank you Linda T.! My day was pretty quiet today, and after we closed the rescue ranch at three o'clock—Buttermilk took Tony and me to Kerrville.

We went to Home Depot first, to buy screen, so we can re-screen Outer Space, after we finish painting the west side of our porch. Y'all, getting old is so much fun—not!

When we arrived at the Kerrville Home Depot—we realized that we had forgotten to bring our blue sky used paint bucket, so we could match up the paint! If you are over fifty years old, you will understand our predictament, and if you are fortunate enough to be younger—trust me—the forgetfulness kicks in as soon as you turn fifty years—and all you can do is laugh about it or cry! It's like suddenly becoming legally stoned on pot—it suddenly makes you really stupid! Personally, I don't like pot or feeling stupid, but there isn't a whole lot that I can do about it, but just laugh about getting old, and blowing it off!

Tony and I went into Home Depot and filled our cart with four rolls of screen, then we went to the paint department, hoping that we would remember the color that we had picked out. Sadly, that didn't happen—we couldn't remember—Laugh Out Loud! So now, we've got to go back to Home Depot, with out empty bucket, to match the color.

Before we checked out at Home Depot, I bought some more flowers, because I am putting in a flower and herb, rock garden—in front of the Space Ship!

When we left Home Depot, we went grocery shopping over at H.E.B., and then Buttermilk safely returned us to the rescue ranch.

After fixin' dinner for T. and cleaning up the kitchen, I went outside and planted my new flower- friends! Then I came back inside and read this quote in a magazine, "There are two ways to be rich: make money or desire less!" I laughed out loud—I loved it! And yes—I desire less, in case that you are wondering.

Y'all have a great evening! Here are a couple of pictures of my future rock, flower, herb garden! I can't wait for Kinky to see it! I'm thinking about putting an Eternal Squirrel in it, too!

Friday, March 20, 2009

You're Gonna Love This!

My good friend, Grace A., who gave us the Fairy Tale Pumpkin, just sent me her recipe for her Squash or Pumpkin Muffins! I'm trying it tomorrow! Her husband Dick, told me it was absolutely delicious! So here's Cousin Nancy's new Fairy Tale Muffin Recipe! I hope that y'all will try it!

Cousin Nancy's Butternut Squash (or Fairy Tale Pumpkin) Muffins with a Frosty Top!
12 muffins

14 ounces butternut squash, skin on, deseeded and roughly chopped
2 1/4 cups light soft brown sugar
4 large free-range or organic eggs
Sea salt
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, unsifted
2 heaping teaspoons baking powder
Handful of walnuts, chopped
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

For the Frosted Cream Topping:
1 clementine, zested
1 lemon, zested
1/2 lemon, juiced
1/2 cup sour cream
2 heaping tablespoons icing sugar, sifted
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise and seeds scraped out

Lavender flowers or rose petals, optional

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line your muffin tins with paper cups.

Whiz the squash in a food processor until finely chopped. Add the sugar, and crack in the eggs. Add a pinch of salt, the flour, baking powder, walnuts, cinnamon and olive oil and whiz together until well beaten. You may need to pause the machine at some point to scrape the mix down the sides with a rubber spatula. Try not to overdo it with the mixing - you want to just combine everything and no more.

Fill the paper cups with the muffin mixture. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Check to see whether they are cooked properly by sticking a wooden skewer or a knife right into one of the muffins - if it comes out clean, they're done. If it's a bit sticky, pop them back into the oven for a little longer. Remove from the oven and leave the muffins to cool on a wire rack.

As soon as the muffins are in the oven, make your runny frosted topping. Place most of the clementine zest, all the lemon zest and the lemon juice in a bowl. Add the sour cream, icing sugar and vanilla seeds and mix well. Taste and have a think about it - adjust the amount of lemon juice or icing sugar to balance the sweet and sour. Put into the fridge until your muffins have cooled down, then spoon the topping onto the muffins.

Thank you Grace! I love my new recipe!

We Had A Blast!

Today has been a great day! This morning I did my four miles, and then I did some never ending paperwork. Around one o'clock Tony and I went to pick up a round bale of hay in Center Point. Tony drove Trigger, and guess what—we got lost! We had forgotten to take Garmin along with us, but luckily, we found the ranch, with the big rock entrance, and still made it on time for our appointment.

After getting the giant round bale of hay loaded into the back of Trig, we were hungry, so we stopped at the Camp Verde Store to eat lunch—and it was absolutely delicious! Then Trigger took us safely back to the rescue ranch.

When we arrived we visited briefly with Ben and Aaron, and then Tony and I went to the Space Ship, and Tony helped me transplant some flowers into big pots for my new 'Flower-Rock Garden,' in front of the Space Ship! It is now half full with plants and looks great!

Around four o'clock, Ben came up to the trailer, to go into Outer Space with us, for a fun visit! We had a blast and there was tons of laughter!

Sorry, not much happened today, but it was a great day! Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Tomorrow I will take a video of our newly painted Outer Space and front porch!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ceilings Are Now—Sky Blue!

Today, after doing The Harley Show, Tone and I swung by Home Depot and bought some sky blue colored paint! Today, Ben, Aaron, Tony and I painted the ceilings—sky blue! Ben and Aaron did most of the painting, and we love it! This afternoon, after the ceilings were painted—the black and the red wasps showed up, but left our porch and Outer Space immediately—once they saw the color blue! Thank all of y'all for helping us! Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're Doing The Harley Show Tomorrow Morning—Web Casting Live At 7:45!

Cousin Nancy's Pumpkin Bread Recipe!

Today, I didn't oversleep and I did my four mile walk, before 9:30! I've really gotten addicted to doing the four miles of walking! This morning, while I was walking my second set of two miles, Tony walked into the trailer and said, "I'm gonna start calling you—Nance, the Four Miler!"

I want to thank everyone, that has commented about our 'wasp war!' This morning, Mari's comment convinced me to paint the ceilings sky blue— in Outer Space and on our front porch.

This evening, Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller, called me on their speaker phone, and our conversation was fun! "Cousin Nancy, we wanted to call you about your wasp invasion," Jon said. "Sandy and I were talking to Scott and Julia S. today about your wasps, and Julia told us that painting your ceilings sky blue, will cure the problem! The wasps get confused, thinking the paint is the sky, and they won't build nests! She told us that it works, and her family for several generations have done that."

"Jon, that is great news! This morning Mari, of the NoMads, left a comment, on my blog, telling me to do it, too! I think I will use spray paint. And, that pretty pink wasp catcher, hanging on the front porch, is working! In fact, I just told Tony."

"Good," Jon said. "What's Tony up to?

"He's headed over to the garden right now. He has just finished tracking a chicken."

Jon laughed! "Did you say Tony was tracking a chicken?" Then he laughed, again!

"Yes. Her name is Beth. We named her after a good friend of ours."

"Why did he track a chicken, I mean Beth?" Then he starts laughing, again and so does Sandy, in the background.

"Beth has made a nest somewhere outside the pig pen, and she has been sitting on some eggs, and we don't want the varmits finding them, and killing Beth to get to her eggs."

"I see," Jon said. "What else is going on?"

After telling Sandy and Jon about tomorrow's possible happening over in Bandera, and inviting them to join Carol, and us, I said, "Well, I talked to Kink today. He called to tell me that tomorrow night, David Hartstein's documentary—'Along Came Kinky,' about his 2006 Gov run, is airing tomorrow night in Austin, at the Paramount, and it is already sold out! It's part of the SXSW deal! I can't wait to see it."

"We know," Jon and Sandy said. "David spent a lot of time working on it—at the bookstore."

"I love David!" I said. "He is so nice! Years ago, he adopted Jimmy Stewart from us, one of my favorites, and then a while back, he adopted Harrison Ford from us! He is really a nice guy."

"We know, we like him, too." Jon and Sandy said.

"Oh, Jon!" I said. "I want to bring y'all some Fairy Tale Pumpkin seeds! Remember, Grace A. brought us that gigantic pumpkin, last week, and Carol killed it for us. She cleaned it and then cooked it! She brought us some of its seeds for planting, the innards to freeze for future use, and the best tasting pumpkin bread that we have ever eaten! In fact, it is the best bread that we've ever eaten! Carol is a gourmet cook!"

"We want the seeds, Nance..."The three of us visited for a little while longer, and then we said our goodbyes to one another.

Here is Carol V.'s Pumpkin Bread recipe—which I now fondly call, "Cousin Nancy's Secret Pumpkin Bread Recipe!" I hope that all of you will try it, because it is absolutely the BEST!

Cousin Nancy's Secret Pumpkin Bread Recipe!

1.5 (I don't know how to lower case the 1/2) cups of 100% whole wheat flour
.5 tsp. sea salt (I use Alessi)
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp. baking soda
1 cup of pumpkin puree
.5 cup canola oil
2 eggs from Beth—beaten, but don't let her see you doing it!
.25 tsp. nutmeg
.25 tsp. of cinnamon
.25 tsp Allspice
.50 chopped nuts

Preheat oven to 350. Mix dry ingredients. Mix wet ingredients. Mix togethter, but don't mix too thouroughly. (Use a spoon, not an electric beater.) It'll make the bread tough. Stir in nuts. Pour into oiled loaf pan. Bake 50-60 minutes.

For the spread (Don't use Greek strained Fage Yogurt, as Cousin Nancy thought she was eating.)

1 block of low fat cream cheese
.5 cup of butter or Smart Balance spread
1 tsp. lemon extract
Powdered sugar to taste

Mix with electric beater or Vita Mix machine for just seconds! Just keep adding sugar until it's as sweet as you like it!

I hope that all of y'all will try Carol's, I mean my Pumpkin Bread recipe! You'll love it! I promise! Thank you Carol!

Tomorrow morning, Tony and I are going to Kerrville to do the Harley Show, and then eat breakfast at Randy and Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant! Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Latest Buzz From Outer Space!

This morning I was up, and walking my brisk two mile walk by 6:30! And, an hour later, I had walked four miles—using my weights and stretchy band both sessions! Yeah!

After breakfast, Kinky called and I went over to the Lodge, to visit with Kinky, and to discuss some business. Our visit was fun. The rest of my day has been pretty uneventful—except for the buzz from Outer Space.

I've got a really big problem or should I say—Tony and I have a really big problem and it is wasps! They are trying to live in Outer Space, take over our front porch, and they are not welcomed here! It's sorta like an invasion, or an attack—that we were not prepared for! We've never had a wasp problem, but we sure do now!

Do any of y'all have an environmentally safe way of getting rid of the wasps? We're willing to do just about anything to drive them away! In fact, earlier this evening, I went into Outer Space with my guitar, and played it, while loudly singing off key, hoping that would make them buzz off—instead it drove Tony away, and made Lucky, our three-legged cat—scream and hiss at me! If any of y'all can help us—please leave a comment—we're desperate here!

Lastly, I am proud to announce that my dear friend, Shirley, has awarded me a "Best Blogger Award!" Thank you Shirley! I am honored! I tried to copy and paste it on my blog, but it didn't work. And congrats on getting the award, too!

I'm fixin' to go into Outer Space, again, and do some yodeling, even though it will make our rescue dogs howl! Y'all have a great evening! "Yodel Lady Who!"

Happy Birthday, Katelyn!

Today is Katelyn's Birthday! She is my beautiful niece—Ron and Nita's daughter! Happy Birthday Katelyn! We love you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

We Forgot, Again!

This morning I was up by six o'clock! After breakfast, I did two two-mile walks, again! After my four mile, hour workout, my elbows and shoulders ached just little and still do. I guess I need to back off of the handheld weights. Like maybe do one two miler with them, and then not use them on the second brisk walk.

After my exercise session, I did some paperwork and returned a few phone calls. While I was checking my calendar for this week, I realized that Tony and I had forgotten our anniversary, again. It was on March 10th—Ten Years! I then made a few more phone calls and forgot all about our anniversary.

"Nance, it's twelve-thirty, are you ready to go to Kerrville with me?" Five minutes later, Tony and I were on Highway 16 discussing where we wanted to eat in Kerrville. By the time we reached the city limits, we had decided where we wanted to eat, before going to Home Depot for supplies!

But, when we drove past that Orange colored Mexican food restaurant, that won't fix their sign, we saw Kinky and our friend Beano standing in the parking lot! Tony tooted Trigger's horn, and we waved at them and they waved back! Two minutes later, Trigger was parked next to Mr. Green Jeans.

The four of us shot the bull, in the parking lot, for over twenty minutes, as we rested our arms on the backend of Mr. Green Jeans. The conversation was fun, too! At one point, Kinky teased me and tried to persuade me to eat at the Orange restaurant, but I refused and so did Tone! Then Beano starts in on us—recommending their bean burrito—nope no way! After Kinky and Beano had exhausted their efforts, trying to talk us into eating there—the conversation took another turn and there was even more laughing! Then it was time for all of us to take off in different directions

Before leaving, Beano suggested that we try the newly opened Italian restaurant, Bella Vita, where his daughter, Jessica, is a waitress. Bella Vita is where 'Cathy's on the River' used to be—on Water Street. Then we said our goodbyes!

When we arrived at Bella Vita—the parking lot was nearly packed full—which is always a good sign. When we walked inside, we saw Jessica and asked for one of her tables—our wish was granted! OMG! The food, the service and the vibes were great! It is a great Italian restaurant!

Tony and I were halfway through eating our meal, when I said, "Happy Anniversary, Tone. I can't believe that you forgot it." Tony glanced at his watch.

"Happy Anniversary to you, Nancy. You forgot it, too. It was on the tenth." Then we both started laughing about it! After leaving Bella Vita—we ran our errands and then Trigger returned us safely, back to the rescue ranch.

The first thing I did when I came inside the trailer was check the answering machine—Carol had called, Kinky had called! I called Carol.

Carol had some great news—John was leaving Bandera, heading our way—with a big round bale of hay for the cows, and she was coming over to meet up with him! Yeah! Tony and I were excited about getting the hay, but even more excited that we were going to get to see our good friends—Carol and John!

Twenty minutes later, Carol arrived! I quickly called Kinky to alert him that we were going up to see the cows, and we would be in John's truck and then we had a short visit. I then went outside to see Carol and then John arrived! The four of us, visited outside, by Trigger, for a short time, and then we climbed into John's great, gigantic Ford 250, four-wheeled pickup, and went to see the cows!

The cows were excited to see us, and chased the pickup to the hay drop off point! We hung out with the cows and their adorable calves, for about twenty minutes, and then we returned to the rescue ranch, and we had a very fun visit! Tony and I love those two—they are both great people—and we know them! We are so lucky!

I've just posted two short video clips on the sidebar: Tony, The Hog Whisperer, and Cows 101. Y'all have a great evening—we did!

P.S. I love you, Tony! Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Face It!

This morning I overslept again, but by eight-thirty, I was caught up! After breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. I decided to go to Facebook, to try to figure it out. I spent over an hour on my Facebook and was exhausted when I left it. It is a great deal, but too big of a deal for me! I wish I was a techno-nerd, but unfortunately, I'm not.

Feeling frusterated, I decided to do my two-mile brisk walk with my lavender weights and strechy band. After I had completed my walk, I decided to do the two-mile brisk walk again, because of my 'I can't believe it's not yogurt—frosting feeding frenzy fiasco,' yesterday morning! Four miles and thirty minutes later, I was pooped, but proud of myself for doing my two-mile walk—twice! Yeah!

Then I got on my computer, and went back to Facebook, again. OMG! We're talking tons of posts, pictures, and many people wanting to be my friend! Good grief, I had people from all over the world asking to be my friend! It was very exciting! I felt honored that so many people wanted to be my friend, but it was truly overwhelming—to say the least!

I ended up spending a couple of hours trying to add new people, who wanted to be my friends on Facebook, but when I saw that people were sending in requests to be my friends faster than I could add the older requests—I left Facebook, again! I then went to check my e-mail, to find that I had over seven pages of new people, who I mainly didn't know, wanting to be my friend! It made my smile turn into a frown.

I didn't know what to do—so I got out my sewing machine, and made myself a new shirt. It is red with a pink collar and cuffs! I love it and can't wait to wear it! (Please note: When I am feeling overwhelmed, I either sew, decorate or build something—with my iPod always playing my favorite music from our Bose.)

After I had ironed and hung up my new shirt in the closet, I showed Tone my Facebook, and asked him for his advice. "Nance, this is unbelievable!" Tony said, after laughing. "You are really popular. I don't know what to tell you to do. I only have six friends on my Facebook—and I actually know all of them." Then he went outside to plant some more seeds—for our upcoming organic heirloom garden.

The sun finally came out, after four days of cloudiness, so I went outside to talk to Tony, while he was planting seeds—faster than Johnny Appleseed! "T. I think that I am going to cancel my Facebook. I hate to do it, after all of these people have taken their time to be my friend, but I don't know how to answer them all. I'm a writer, and I love blogging. I think that is what I need to stick to. I don't have the time to blog and do Facebook. And, a few of my friends, (which shall remain nameless) have sent me e-mails, telling me that they don't want to join Facebook. They just want to read my blog, and e-mail me back and forth. I am going to cancel my Facebook."

I came inside the trailer and went to Facebook for the very last time. It took me three minutes to cancel. I want to thank all of y'all for posting! I want to do a shout out to my friend, Geir and all of his friends in the Netherlands—thank y'all so much for wanting to be my friend—y'all are my friends! I hope that everyonel has a great evening! I am because I am blogging—and I love it! That's what I do!

I'm Not On Facebook As Of One Minute Ago!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm On Facebook!

Laugh out loud, yall! I have just spent over an hour trying to figure out Facebook and I still don't understand all of it, but give me a few days and hopefully my Facebook will improve. I put my Facebook address over on the sidebar and am posting it on this blog. My Facebook address is: I am no longer on Facebook.

So Far, I've Walked Two Miles Today!

This morning, I heated up some of Carol's homemade pumpkin bread and whipped up some smoothies. When Tony returned from Medina, I asked him to please try a slice of Carol's Fairy Tale Pumpkin Bread, even though he does not like pumpkin or believe in fairies. He said he would try a slice.

So, I spread Carol's Greek strained organic yogurt, onto our warm slices of pumpkin bread, (Carol had brought the yogurt along with her loaf, and recommended that we make sure and spread it on the top of our slices.) OMG! It was absolutely delicious! And, Tony loved it, too! In fact, when he sliced his third piece, I said, "Tony isn't that yogurt great with the bread? I was just reading the label, and it is low in calories and really good for us!"

"Nance," Tone said. "I think that you are wrong. This isn't yogurt—it's frosting. Carol just used the container." I thought about it and he was right.

"Great! I just ate a ton of that frosting, because I thought it was low calorie and nutritious yogurt, and now it looks like I am going to have to walk four to six miles today!" Tony laughed, and then drank the rest of his smoothie. "What do you think of the smoothie I made?"

"I like it," T. said. "What new ingredients did you put into it this morning?"

"Fairy Tale Pumpkin!" I said. After cleaning up the kitchen, I did my first two mile brisk walk—using my weights.

At ten o'clock, I was on the phone with Jon Wolfmueller. "Jon, last night when I was fixin' to go to bed, I went to the backdoor to bring Mama and Abbie inside, but they didn't come in! I panicked first, and then I woke Tony up! He got dressed, put on his boots, grabbed his giant flashlight, and then went outside to the backyard. Five minutes later, all three were back inside the trailer. Jon, you're not going to believe what they did! This morning, Tony goes out to the garden to check on it. When he comes back inside, he is madder than a wet hen, because Mama and Abbie had eaten all of his five to six inch broccoli plants!"

Jon laughed, and then he asked me if I could help him find the infamous Mari, of the NoMads, because he had lost her phone number. Then Tony walks inside the trailer to tell me that Jennifer B. and her family were here to adopt Fred Astaire! I told Jon that I needed to get off of the phone, and go outside for an adoption! We said our goodbyes.

I knew that Jennifer and her family were coming out this morning, because earlier in the week, she had called me about adopting Fred! They were in love with Fred and couldn't wait to meet him! She promised that they would be here at ten o'clock. So, earlier this morning, I had filled out his adoption papers, and was ready for the adoption!

I went outside to greet Jennifer and her family. Fred's tail was—just wagging in the rain! The B.'s had brought their son, Michael, and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, who they had adopted from us a while back, to make sure that Fred and Rebecca would get along. Rebecca is a 'smiler' and she grinned, when she saw me! In fact, she wouldn't quit grinning! She was happy and she looked great!

As Jennifer filled out Fred's adoption form, Tone and I visited with the B. family, and laughed as we watched best friends—Michael, Rebecca and Fred playing! These were great people and I was so glad they were giving Fred his forever home with Rebecca!

It is nearly eleven-forty, I am fixing to sign up on Facebook, as Aaron and Todd are outside, taking our dogs for their walks. I plan to walk another two miles around one o'clock—wish me luck! Here are a couple of pictures of Fred with his new family! Y'all have a great afternoon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Have One Friend!

I believe in signs! I'm not talking about the red colored 'Stop' signs or the yellow 'Watch for Water' signs. I obey those. I believe in astrological signs, but what I am talking about tonight are cosmic signs. The kind of signs that are sent to us, pointing—us into another direction to take—or what I like to call, 'The Heavy Heavenly Hints' made to get our attention!

Two weeks ago, when Ben was down here working, he told us that he had signed up with Facebook, and was having fun with it! He told us that he was just learning all of the ropes, but he was really enjoying it.

Last week, when Ben was down here working, he told us that he loved Facebook! He went on to tell us about all of these old friends that he had reconnected with, etc. I thought it sounded pretty cool, but didn't have a clue as to what Facebook was about.

Then this morning, when I checked my e-mail. I had two new e-mails. The first e was from a friend, announcing that he had joined Facebook, and he invited me to checkout his Facebookt, join it, and be one of his friends.

Then my second e-mail was from my good friend, Fay, up in Canada, asking me to please post this note, because Dwight Yoakam had just joined Facebook, and wanted to let his fans know about it. I love Dwight and he has done so much to help our rescue ranch—I had no problem posting this note:

Dwight Yoakam, country music performer, actor and friend of Utopia is looking for friends! Facebook friends, that is! He’s looking to expand his internet presence during this time before his next album so everyone will know what he’s up to. Anyone remember that shampoo commercial…. If you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on? That’s the kind of thing he’s looking for!

DYs management is committed to keeping his Facebook up-to-date with news about his music, movie and concerts, here’s what they’re saying: “We will be using the fan page as our primary Facebook spot for Dwight, but first, we have to get everyone over there!!!!”. For those of you who are active on Facebook, and have lots of Facebook Friends, you are cordially invited to join Dwight’s Facebook, here’s the direct link: http//www.facebook.com/pages/Dwight-Yoakam/7178551770?sid=1dda391e3ca80c8c17caecc1e98b1555&ref=s

If you are so inclined, please send a message to each one of your friends by going under "compose new message" and invite them to join DY's FAN page by giving them the link. You may be able to add all of your friends with the stroke of ONE key if you put them on one "friends” list.

There’s also his online Fan Club, which will remain "the" spot for perks you can't get on those public pages… exclusive photos, videos, info, contests, meet & greets with Dwight, etc. etc. Check it out on www.Route23Club.com and join today!

This afternoon, after spending thirty minutes over at the Lodge, trying to help Kinky build a fire, in his fireplace—using wet wood—we finally had a fire blazing, and it was burning full steam, too! After completing that project— Trigger returned me safely to the rescue ranch!

When I walked into the trailer, Oprah was on—talking to the founder of Facebook! What another Facebook deal? I sat down and watched her show. Near the end of her segment with this young man—Carol called. I confess, I let the machine take her call, so I could finish watching the deal about Facebook.

As Oprah talked—Carol talked. "Nancy, this is Carol. I was wondering if I could come over there—I have something really big for y'all!"

As soon as Oprah was done talking—I called Carol. "Carol, we're here, we would love for you to come over! Did you just see the deal on Oprah about Facebook?"

"Yes!" Carol said. "It sounds really cool!"

"I know! Tony watched it with me, and he is signing up on Facebook—right now! I'm going to sign up, too! Give me five minutes, so I can go down and open up our gate. Bye!"

Ten minutes later, Carol was inside our trailer, with her special delivery, and within minutes, we were all laughing! A few minutes later, Tony announced, "I'm now a member of Facebook!" Carol and I went over to his laptop and took a look.

"I want to be on Facebook, too!" Carol announced. "Let's check it out! Do you know anyone on Facebook?"

"Ben is," Tony and I answered. "Carol, you're welcome to get on Facebook using my laptop," I said. Carol pulled up a chair, sat down and went to Facebook!

Carol had to sign up on Facebook, and then she tried to find Ben! We didn't know how to find him, and Carol kept coming up blank, so I called Ben. "Hi Ben, it's Nancy..." Then I put Carol on the phone with Ben. A few minutes later, Carol passed Ben off to me. "Ben, I am putting you on speaker phone now, okay?"

Within minutes, Carol was a friend on Ben's Facebook! Then they started instant messaging each other, and it was totally hilarious! Then Carol starts laughing out loud and says, "Look! It says that I have one friend!" We burst out laughing! T. and C. were hooked!

I plan to sign up on Facebook tomorrow. Facebook was definitely a sign for me! It has been too much in my face! Y'all have a great evening! Here are a couple of pictures I took of them addicted to Facebook. The first one is of Tony and Carol and the second picture is Carol on the speaker phone with Ben:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off The Grid!

It is six-twenty-four, I just finished watching our evening weather forecast and am fixin' to start blogging! I just muted the sound on the television, and have cranked up my iPod—I'm listening to 'Oh Happy Day,' by Ramsey Lewis! It is a perfect, because we have received 4.5 inches of rain since yesterday!

Last night, Tony and I had a blast with Carol and John! Those two are great people, and we love them! We had a fun visit, and they actually ate my dinner that I had prepared, earlier in the day—and they said it was delicious! The proof will be in the pudding—if they accept another dinner invite over here!

Well, it thundered and the sky lit up, non-stop last night, as the rain fell on our thirsty rescue ranch! I could have done without the noise and the light show, but I welcomed the rain. I think it stormed almost all night.

This morning, thanks to our trusty alarm clock—I was up by six o'clock! After doing my morning chores, I faithfully did my brisk two mile walk. Ten minutes before calling Harley at the Rose 99.9, I went to my computer to get online to see who Harley's Pet of The Week was going be. Horrors! The internet was down! I was going to have to wing it!

At 7:44, I picked up the phone to call Harley to do his show, but there was no dial tone! The phones were dead, which explained why the internet was down! I tried to reach out and touch Harley about four times, and then gave up. Then Tone walks into the trailer, "How come you didn't call Harley this morning? I was listening and you never called in."

"Morning, Tone," I said, as I quickly copied down some phone numbers. "I couldn't, because our phones are dead and so is the internet. I guess you could say that we are two-thirds off of the grid. Let's hope the electricity doesn't go out. Will you drive me out to the road, so I can call the phone company and Harley?"

On Highway 16, in front of the Medina Children's Home mail boxes, I got out of Buttermilk and called the telephone people to report that we were down. Then I punched in Harley's number, as T. sat inside listening to The Harley Show Live. "Hi Becky, this is Cousin Nancy, please tell Harley that our phones are down at the ranch and that's why I couldn't call in!"

"Please hold on Cousin Nancy," Becky said. "Harley, Cousin Nancy is on the line—their phones are out and she is calling from Highway 16!"

"Folks," Harley Belew said. "I have Cousin Nancy, on the line, from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, calling in from Highway 16, because their phone service is down. Good morning, Cousin Nancy! How are you doin'?"

"Hi Harley, I am fine."

"Good. How much rain have y'all gotten?"

"We're talkin' four and a half inches, so far. Harley, I'm sorry, but I have no idea who your Pet of the Week is, because our phones and internet are down. But I have some good new—K.K. got adopted and she's living up in Austin!"

"That's great! She was a cute little dog. Kerrville has gotten five and a half inches, so far. Thanks for calling in and stay dry."

"Will do. Bye," I said, then I turned off my cell phone, and jumped back into Buttermilk, and then punched in another phone number. "Kink, it's me. All of our phones are down at the ranch, and I just wanted to let you know."

"Nance," Kinky said. "I've been trying to call you. Are y'all okay?"

"We're all fine..." After we ended our conversation, Buttermilk took us safely back to the rescue ranch.

The phone service came back around twelve-thirty—and I was back in the saddle—returning phone calls and answering e-mails! The forecast for tonight is more rain, and I am hoping that we get it! Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dinner Party!

I am writing this blog early, because this evening, our friends Carol and John are coming over for dinner! And we can't wait!

This morning I overslept again, but I was back on schedule by 9:45! Around ten-thirty, Kinky called to talk about the rain. Yes, we are actually getting some much needed rain! After our conversation, I went out on the porch and shot a short video of it raining. I've posted it on the side bar.

At noon, I decided to go ahead and pre-cook tonight's dinner. I first made two almost totally organic spinach and mushroom quiches and put them into the oven to bake!

While they were cooking, I made up a pot of homemade organic asparagus soup. Then I decided to make my corn casserole, too! I put it into the oven—after taking out the twin quiches.

Tony then walks into the trailer, after going to get our mail, "Look what I've got!" He said with excitement! I looked, and this is what he was holding in his hands:

Last Spring, he entered a cutest pets photo contest, and his adorable picture of Bosco and Bunny was selected to be in their upcoming photo book! Yeah Tony!

It is now 3:30, and I am fixing to drag Hazel out of the closet and let her make our trailer—look like we don't live here! Then it will be party time! And, the big question that I leave you with—will John and Carol ever come back over here for dinner? We shall see! Y'all have a great evening! I'm sure we will!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They Never Come Back!

This morning, thanks to our alarm clock—I was up by 6:30! It was still dark outside, as I fed Lucky and our dogs. I then did my two mile brisk walk, showered and fixed breakfast—all before 8:00!

At ten o'clock, I went over to the Lodge, to visit with Kinky. We had a fun visit, and then Buttermilk and I returned to the rescue ranch, so I could catch up on some more paperwork.

At 2:00, Buttermilk took Tony and me to Kerrville, so I could buy some groceries for tomorrow night's dinner party with Carol and John! I would tell y'all what I plan to cook, but I want it to be a surprise for Carol and John. Actually, I am pretty sure that it will be a surprise—no matter what I cook, because I am not a very good cook and I have proof! Every time that I cook for guests—they never come back for another meal! It's not because they died from eating my cuisine—it's because they ate my lousy cuisine—and left with a bad taste in their mouths.

Fortunately, it doesn't hurt my feelings that my friends and family avoid my dinner table like the plague, because I totally understand where they are coming from. My cooking simply stinks—just ask my dogs! They run and hide in our bedroom, if I offer them some leftovers! And trust me—there is always a lot of leftovers! Tony tries to hide his disdain for my cooking, by saying things like, "I'm really sorry Nance," as he is quickly scraping off his half-filled plate, into our kitchen compost pile, because he couldn't get our dogs to eat it, "I'm still full from yesterday's meal. It was really good."

And, when I fix my pot of beans, that I am so proud of—which unfortunately, do cause him to be quite the gassy guy, he'll say something like, "You're beans are to die for, Nance. I love them, but why don't you let me take you out to lunch today?" And, I'm thinking—Liar, Liar—pants on fire!

So, tomorrow evening should be quite interesting! Compared to me—Carol is a gourmet cook, and she and John are in for an evening of surprise! I wish that I could video tape them eating my carefully planned out meal, and am looking forward to their excuses, for never coming back over here to eat dinner! I bet you that she says, "Let's forget doing the dinners, and just get together for 'Happy Hour?'"

This afternoon, when we arrived back at the rescue ranch, we had just carried in 'our mystery grocery sacks,' when the dogs cranked up barking—outside! Tony and I went outside, and saw an unfamiliar pickup driving up to our trailer! "I'm Bobby Ray, a volunteer firefighter. We received a call that their was a brush fire on Echo Hill Ranch."

"What?" Tone and I asked, in two part harmony.

"Someone called in and reported a fire at Echo Hill Ranch. The fire truck is on the way." We all looked up into the sky—searching for smoke, even though we didn't smell any smoke!

"We just got back from Kerrville," Tony said. "We don't know anything about it." Then the three of us said, "Look, there's smoke!"

"OMG!" I said. "It looks like it is coming from Kinky's Lodge?"

"Bobby Ray, you can ride with me in Kermit! Let's go check it out!" They jumped into Kermit and took off, with Trigger and me—right behind them! After we went over the river and through the wood, Kermit's party of two went left, and I went right to the Lodge!

Kinky met us at the gate, when Trigger and I pulled up. "What's going on, Nance?"

"Someone reported a brush fire at Echo Hill Ranch, and the fire department is on the way! Tony and Bobby Ray, Jr., a volunteer fireman, are going up to the South Flat to search for the fire! Thank goodness you're okay! It looked like the Lodge was on fire from over at the rescue ranch!"

Ten minutes later, as Kinky and I stood by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, we heard Kermit heading back from the South Flat! Kink and I went down to the parking ring, so we could find out what was going on!

"We couldn't find any fire," Tony stated, and then he introduced Bobby Ray to Kinky. Kinky knew Bobby Ray, Jr. and his parents. He had known them for over thirty years. The four of us discussed the burn ban, and the fire that they had just put out over in Tarpley.

"I've radioed in, that there is no fire here," Bobby Ray said. "False alarm—I guess."

"Thank goodness!" I said, then Kermit whisked Tony and Bobby Ray—away! I stayed over at the Lodge for a few minutes, visiting with Kinky—then Trigger took me home. Tone and I visited with our good neighbor for over an hour, before he went back home. Thank goodness there was no fire! Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. I hope that you watched the touching video—I loved it!

I Love Jimmy Stewart And Johnny Carson!

This afternoon, my good friend Carol, sent me a video to watch—and Tony and I loved it! It stars the late, greats Jimmy Stewart and Johnny Carson. I can't wait for Kinky to watch it! I promise that you will love it! I hope that you will watch it:


Monday, March 9, 2009

Young At Heart!

I'm listening to the song, 'Young At Heart,' sung by the great, late Jimmy Durante. I love that song so much! It reminds me of simpler times, an age of innocence, when I was just a kid, who believed in fairy tales coming true—which I still do!

'Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you,
If you're young at heart.
For its hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind,
If you're young at heart...'

Last night I purposefully went to bed early—trying to adjust to the new time change. Unfortunately, it didn't do any good, because I woke up at 8:05—not a good way for me to start off my day. At 8:15 Tony walked inside the trailer, "Good morning, Nance," He said. "Where's breakfast?"

"I don't know, Tone—I overslept again. I haven't even fed our dogs or Lucky, yet," I said. "I think we need to seriously think about moving the rescue ranch to Arizona, because they don't do DST." Tony chuckled—I didn't. "Tony, I woke up at 7:05 this morning, but because of the time change—I woke up at 8:05. It's not fair and I don't like it. I've lost an hour!" Then Kinky called me about doing breakfast on Wednesday in Kerrville with him. I told him that we would.

Then I quickly fed our dogs and Lucky—I made our breakfast in record time! And, by 9:30, I had caught up with my lost hour, and started doing my two mile brisk walk at 9:30, as I always do! Thankfully it worked off my stress.

At eleven o'clock, a big white pickup drove into the rescue ranch. I was doing some paperwork, so Tony went outside to see who it was. Then he returned to our trailer, "Grace A. is here!"

Tony and I went outside to greet our good friend, Grace. After our howdies were said, Grace said, "I'm meeting Carol here, to show me the ropes on walking the dogs, and I have something to give y'all." Grace opened the door to her truck and pulled out the biggest orange thing that I have ever seen! "This is a pumpkin that we grew! It's called a Fairy Tale Pumpkin, from Spain, and it is absolutely delicious! Here." She then handed off her twenty-something-pounds of fairy tales to T.! Tony carefully carried it over to Trigger's tailgate, and set it down—we're talking big—it was so big it scared our dogs!

Tony and I thanked Grace for her and Dick's giant pumpkin donation, and then she told me how to cook it. I plan to bake it tomorrow! It is so big, it will take all day!

After that, Grace went into the Space Ship and then she went into Outer Space with us! Then Carol showed up and joined us in Outer Space! We had a blast!

After a fun visit in Outer Space, we decided to go see Beckham—Tone brought along some grapes for him, too! When the four of us entered Beckham's pen—Tony fed our soccer playing pig—grapes. Beck loved the grapes so much, he wasn't interested in playing soccer at all—he wanted grapes! So, after about twenty minutes, trying to get him to play soccer, we left Beck's pen.

I needed to get some paperwork done, so Carol went and got leashes and she and Grace walked many dogs for us! Thank you Carol and Grace—our dogs loved it and so do we! Here is a picture of our Fairy Tale Pumpkin! Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back Tracking!

Sorry for being a blog slacker, a lot has been going on here—so now I am playing catch up. Here goes!

Last Friday, while Beckham was at the vet getting neutered, our great volunteer, Jim, came out and walked many of our dogs! Thank you, Jim!

Later, in the afternoon, Annie H., a good friend of my sister, and a member, in the same book club, as my sister Cindy, arrived with her husband, Regan, and their friends Cathy and John—from Austin! Annie had made an appointment earlier in the week, to come out, because their good friends, Cathy and John, had lost their dog, from old age, months ago, and they were now ready to adopt another dog. Annie had talked them into coming here, so they came! When they arrived Tony and I started the tour of the pens—on the east side first.

They stopped and petted every dog, as we told them each dog's story. After they had met Nash (aka Ghost Dog) and his roommate Alfie—we went to the last pen—the puppy pen, where K.K., Hannah Montana, and Linda T. were. (we named Linda T. in honor of our great dog walker—Linda T.!) After introducing them to the little ones, Cathy smiled and said, "I'm in love with K.K.! I think she's the one!" Then we told her K.K.'s story, and then she and John talked about it, as we crossed the road to show them the dogs on the west side of the rescue ranch.

First, we went to Beckham's pen and went inside. Beck was sleeping inside his 'hog—dog house' but came out when we called his name. He was still a little groggy from his surgery, earlier that morning, but he perked up, when we fed him some grapes! While we petted Beck, John said, "Cathy, I really like that dog over there." Then he pointed at the dogs behind Beck's pen.

"That's Lucy and Daisy," I said. "The darker one is Daisy, and the lighter one is Lucy. They are great dogs, too and they haven't been here very long. Two weeks—I think?" Then we left Beckham's miniature soccer field, to show them Lucy and Daisy and the rest of our dogs.

After showing them all of the dogs, they decided to adopt—K.K.! Yeah! I then invited them up to the trailer to give them 'the grand tour'—which includes taking them into the Space Ship, going into Outer Space, and to also come inside our trailer. I think they were pretty impressed!

After the adoption papers were signed, we left Outer Space, and they followed us, as Kermit took us to K.K.'s pen! Tony leashed K.K. and then carried her out of her pen, and then handed her off to Cathy. After hugs and handshakes, K.K.'s party of four left for Austin—after making a quick 'pit stop' after leaving the rescue ranch!

Saturday morning was great! Carol, Todd and Linda T. showed up to walk our dogs! I love these people that walk our dogs for us—including Jim, June, Ellen, Aaron, Kim, Katherine, Joe, Sasha, Jack, Rebecca and Ken! And, I am proud to say that all of our dogs got walked and had so much fun!

Saturday afternoon, at 2:30, Tony and I took off for Kerrville, so we could go to Robert Earl Keen's book signing at Wolfmuellers! When we arrived, the book store was packed full of people wanting to get their Robert Earl books signed!

Our good friend, Carol V. arrived right behind us, and we had fun visiting with our friends, Liz and Jim Cravotta, Dusty and Martha Pendleton, Jon and Sandy and Kinky! At one point, Carol, Tony and I went and jumped into the line, to get our Robert Earl books signed! When it was Tony's and my turn, I handed Carol my camera and asked her to shoot Tony, Robert Earl and me!

Just before Carol took our picture, I held up my hand, placing two fingers behind REK's head! Carol laughed and took the picture! She told REK about what I had done and he laughed, as he signed his/our book.

Tony has just called Carol about some Spanish CDs, and she just asked Tone, "When is Nancy going to update her blog? I can't wait to see that picture I took of her and Robert Earl!"

"T. tell Carol—that I am blogging right now and she is in it! I will be posting it real soon." Unfortunately, I am not going to post the funny picture of me and Robert Earl—because I look fat—so I deleted it! Sorry Carol, but thank you for taking the picture.

This afternoon, Tony and I went over to visit, our good friends, Liz and Jim Cravotta and we had a blast, visiting with them in their famous, authentic 1880's 'Grey Goose Saloon!' We had invited Carol to go with us, but she couldn't because she had two incoming rescue cats to deal with!

Well, I am nearly caught up now. Here are a couple of pictures of the famous Grey Goose Saloon! Y'all have a great evening!