Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kinky Called!

This morning, I went out to the Space Ship and decided to build a bench seat, beneath the front window, in ‘the great room.’ After studying the angled wall at the bottom, for over twenty minutes, I figured out how to build the bench. Normally, you build a rectangle and shove it up against the straight wall, but this wall was angled out to the floor. I then went to cutting boards on the chop saw.

Twenty minutes later, I had all of the boards cut for the frame, and that was when Tony walked up. After explaining my design to Tony, he went to work—nailing and screwing the boards together. It took him about thirty minutes.

Once the bench frame was built—we pushed it up to the three walls and Tony nailed and screwed the frame to the two sidewalls of the Space Ship. Then I started cutting the boards for the seat, as fast as I cut boards, Tony nailed them down to the frame. Unfortunately, because I am not an expert carpenter, like my brother Ronnie—we were three and half boards shy of completing the project. So, we went to Kerrville to eat and to buy more lumber.

I made a fool out of myself at Luby’s cafeteria as I was leaving. Tony had gone to the restroom, so I went to the cashier and paid our bill, and was then going to go outside to wait for him. As I started to push on the door, that would not open, I heard Tony laugh and say, “Nance, I’m taking you to the eye doctor on Tuesday. That’s a window that you are pushing on, the door is right here—right next to it.” Then Tony opened the door for me and we walked outside.

In my own self defense, the windows looked exactly like the doors—just no handles! I will never make that mistake again! Then we drove over to Home Depot and bought the extra boards, to complete the project.

When we returned to the rescue ranch—Kinky had called. Before going outside to work on the Space Ship, I returned his call.

“Nance,” Kinky said. “Last night was great with Levon Helm and a lot of fun. Is everything okay at the ranch and how are the Friedmans doing?”

“Kink, knock on wood—everyone and everything is fine.” I said. “That’s great about playing with Levon—I love him and his music and The Band. Where are you calling me from?”

“Ratso, Jewford and I are headed to Philadelphia, and we should be there in about an hour or so. I can’t wait for you to read this magazine article—I promise, that you will love it. And, you do know that Nancy Doyle., isn’t going to be able to visit us in September—don’t you?”

“I know,” I said. “She called me, the other day, and I am sick about it. She is such a great person. I was really looking forward to seeing her.” Kinky and I talked for a little bit longer, thank goodness, because I found out that I posted Kinky’s Tuesday’s shows wrong.

Kinky, Little Jewford and Washington Ratso will be doing Imus first, around 7:00 or 7:30, Tuesday morning, and then right after that, they will be doing Fox and Friends. Sorry about that.

Here is a picture of the bench and the matching quilt—doggie bed on the floor. I will make cushions for the bench seat—later this week. I miss Kinky!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Raining! It's Pouring!

Tony and I had a blast last night, watching the movie, “Palo Pinto Gold!” It was a really good Western and Kinky did a great job playing his role as the Governor of Texas—it was like he wasn’t even acting! Tony and I both give it a two thumbs up! Since Kinky gave Jon and Sandy the movie, I don’t know if it is available now or what. I bet if you go to: you can find out.

This morning, I made my new tomato juice recipe for breakfast! I loved it, as did Tony, Aaron, and Maribeth! They gave it a six thumbs up—even though it was greenish colored, due to the spinach and lettuce, that I added. That Vita-Mix machine is really something else!

After breakfast, I reupholstered cushions for the Space Ship, and repainted my logo for the new look to match the quilt. Here are the latest pictures of Outer Space: And, please note that the countertop is now tiled and grouted!

We had a few visitors out today, but because of the numerous thunderstorms—things were pretty quiet around here. Sorry, not much happening today. I need to go now, because it is starting to thunder again and I need to unplug everything!

P.S. I took this picture at 5:00, and the Four O’Clocks, that Kinky gave to me, from The Friedman Family Bone Orchard, have just opened up! They must be on East Coast time—like Kinky is.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dirty Water!

I have just gotten back from Kerrville. Tony treated me to lunch at Lafours, a great seafood restaurant, in Kerrville, that makes the best gumbo on the planet, next to my gumbo recipe, of course, which I stole, awhile back, from Mary S.—John’s mom! After lunch, we went over to Wal Mart for a few needed items.

Tony needed more fishing lures and I needed to buy organic vegetables, so I can make my new recipe called, “Cousin Nancy’s Snappy Tomato Cocktail” without vodka—and it is totally organic! And, as usual, I stole that recipe, from my Vita-Mix recipe book—page 33!

The organic ingredients for my newest recipe are: Tony’s hand-picked heirloom organic tomatoes and jalapenos, from his garden, spinach, carrots, onion, parsley, bell pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Alessi salt and a cup of ice cubes from the freezer.

It is trying to rain outside and it is sorta feeling like an early Fall. Today has been another great day for me! My quilt, from J.C. Penneys, arrived three days early! I plan to cut it up, so I can reupholster the cushion in the ‘big room,’ in the Space Ship, and for a cushion for the bench that Tony is building for me—for the Space Ship. I will use the leftover remnants to make throw pillows, etc.! I love the colors in that quilt, and cannot wait to get started tomorrow!

To set the mood for my blogging, I do what I always do, before writing. I have just turned on my salt lamp and my iPod. “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith, just started playing and it caused me to laugh! I laughed because, everytime that I hear that song, I think of Ben Stiller’s movie with Owen Wilson— “Starsky & Hutch!” Which is one of my favorite movies, because it is one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen—next to “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!” Jonathan Winters was so funny in it! And, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell’s roles in ‘Starsky & Hutch were as funny as Jonathan Winters was when he single handedly destroyed a filling station, while wildly throwing tires! I love those two movies.

Kinky called a few minutes ago, from Atlantic City, just as “Dirty Water” by The Standells started playing—perfect timing. He called to check on the Friedmans and Tony and me. As we were talking he said, “I’m in Atlantic City, Nance.”

“I know, Kinky,” I said. “I can hear the sound of the slot machines in the background.”

“Nice detective work,” Kinky said. “I’ve got this magazine article, that I cannot wait for you to read. It’s about this woman, in Florida, who rescues chimpanzees and monkeys. You are going to love it...” Near the end of our conversation, Kinky said, “The tour is going great! We are having a lot of fun, too. I really miss you and Tony and the Friedmans. Please tell Tony, I send him my best. I will be back on Wednesday.”

“We miss you, too. And, please tell Little Jewford and Ratso—I said hi and send them my best.” End of conversation.

I have to go now. “Oh Happy Day!” by Ramsey Lewis, just started playing. I love it!

P.S. Tony and I are fixin’ to watch the movie “Palo Pinto Gold,” the movie, that Kinky plays a role in—as the Governor of Texas, set back in the 1880’s! Little Jewford, Robert Earl Keen, Jay Novacek, Roy Clark, Mel Tillis, and Kevin Fowler also have roles in it. Thank you, Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller—for loaning it to us!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy 64th Birthday Maribeth!

Maribeth is one of the sweetest people that I know, and she is a great friend of mine and Tony's! I wanted to tease her and post something like Happy 70th Birthday, on my blog, but I didn't. Here's to you Maribeth! Happy, Happy Birthday! And please remember that you are only 9 in dog years, and you don't look a day over 10! (LOL—I'm teasin'! I couldn't help it!) We love you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tres Amigos!

This morning I overslept! My dogs woke me up at 7:45! Knowing that Drew and Renee, Cindy and Maribeth were coming out for a picnic, in Outer Space, to celebrate Tony’s August 6th birthday, Drew’s birthday today, and Maribeth’s birthday tomorrow—I quickly fed the dogs and cat, vacuumed the trailer, dusted a little, and then I returned phone calls, e-mails and caught up on some paperwork! By ten-thirty the trailer looked clean enough, the paperwork was caught up and all correspondence done—I was ready for the birthdays party!

Maribeth showed up first. Cindy second, and then Renee and Drew! Everyone loved the Space Ship and thought it looked beautiful! And, they loved the little boxes of fine wine, that Jon and Sandy had given to us, for a Space Ship warming gift!

After showing everyone around the Space Ship we went into Outer Space! Drew and Renee brought everyone’s lunch, packed inside in their picnic basket, a birthday cake for Tony, along with a giant talking Tweetie Bird balloon for Maribeth—that sang Happy Birthday to You!

The ‘tres amigos birthday’ party had commenced! Renee’s sandwiches were absolutely delicious. After lunch it was time to ignite the birthday cake. I went inside the trailer, found some matches, and then reentered Outer Space. No one wanted to light the candles on the cake, so I reluctantly volunteered for the job.

I pulled out a match, struck it—one, two, three matches later—I struck out—no lit candles! The crowd grew quiet, and I went back to the bench. Tony then stepped up to the plate, which was sitting on top of the green bar stool, in the middle of Outer Space. Strike one! Strike two! Cindy then jumped out of her chair, and she quickly cupped her hands around the two wannabe burning candles—numbers 5 and 4. She gave Tony a positive nod. Tony then leaned into the plate, struck a match and it was a home run! The number 5 and the number 4 candles were burning!

“Quick Tony,” Renee suggested. “Make a wish and blow them out before they go out!” But it was too late. By the time Tony had made his wish, the number 5 candle was out, so he jumped up to the plate and blew the number 4 candle out, and then we all sang, “Happy Birthday to Drew, Happy Birthday to Tony, Happy Birthday, dear Maribeth. Happy Birthday to y’all!” Then we all clapped our hands.

“Tony, I sure hope your wish was big,” I said. “Because, you know, only half of it is going to come true.”

Then it was time to cut the cake, but there was no knife. I went back into the trailer, grabbed my big bread cutting knife and a spatula because I do not own a cake serving knife—I never bake cakes.

When I returned to Outer Space, no one offered to cut the cake, so I reluctantly volunteered again, because I am not good with knives or cutting cakes.

That knife was so big, it reminded me of the swords used in the “Star Wars” movies, but it didn’t light up. When I walked up to the plate, everyone held their breaths as I made a clean cut. Then I sliced the cake again. Renee came up with her plate, and I awkwardly dropped her slice onto her plate. Everyone laughed. Fortunately, everyone was served, without one piece of cake—kissing the floor! Renee’s cake was delicious!

It was a really fun birthdays party, filled with non-stop laughter. I wish that Kinky could have been here for it. I love my friends so much!

Happy Birthday Drew W.!

We love you and Renee! Happy Birthday, dear Drew! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Drew—We love you!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Retro-Chic! I Love It!

Today Aaron helped tile the kitchen counter, and I can’t wait to grout it and then put in the sink!

Around 3:45, Sandy Wolfmueller called to ask if she and Jon could come out! She said, they were in San Antonio, and she wanted Jon to see my Space Ship, go into Outer Space with us—and they also had a Space Ship warming gift for us! I told her to come on out! I love those two!

Thirty minutes later—my Spirit mattress arrived, along with the quilt, pillow shams and matching doggie bed! I love the pink mattress with white clouds, and the quilt so much, I came inside and immediately ordered another quilt, so I can use the fabric to make a cushion in the ‘big room’ of the Space Ship! I love the fabric! It’s called Retro-Chic and the color is neutral!

When Sandy and Jon arrived, we went immediately to the Space Ship! So much more had been done to it since Sandy’s last visit with her brother. Sandy and Jon loved it! They were very impressed with it! I can’t wait for Kinky to see it next week, when he returns from the East Coast Tour.

Before taking Sandy and Jon into Outer Space, Jon went to their truck and they followed us into Outer Space carrying a shopping bag. After entering Outer Space, they gave us their Space Ship warming gift—two small boxes of fine wine—from Target, and they are stackable, and each box is the equivalent of two bottles of fine wine! They are called Wine Cubes, and the fine wines they gave to us are ‘2007 Pinot Grigio’ and ‘2006 Merlot’—both good years—from California! Definitely a perfect gift! Thank you Sandy and Jon!

We had a blast in Outer Space! We talked about everything and laughed a lot. Jon was real interested in our solar lights, and I am pretty sure that their beautiful outdoor patio will soon be lit up with solar lights, with their iPods playing their music—from a new Bose iDock.

This has been one great day and I hope that yours has been as great or better!

Full Of Spirit!

This morning, while drinking coffee with Kinky, we discussed ranch business, and when that was done, Kinky showed me Mr. Magoo’s latest toy. It is a green and yellow, stuffed ball, and when you squeeze it—it starts playing zydeco music! Gooie was running around the Lodge, with the toy in his mouth—serenading us!

Then, while in the kitchen, we looked outside to find our donkeys, Roy and Gabby—trying to remove Kinky’s new rain gauge! We went outside, and quickly took it from Roy, and then Kinky remounted it in stump of wood.

Before leaving, Kinky told me that he was doing Fox and Friends, tomorrow morning at 7:15 am in Austin. Then he is doing Fox and Friends again on Tuesday, September 2nd at 7:15 am and then doing Imus live with Ratso and Little Jewford—right after he does Fox and Friends!

I just received a call that has made my day! My Spirit mattress and bedding is going to be delivered late this afternoon! Yee Haw! I can’t wait! It will definitely be a Kodak (Sony) moment and will post pictures on its arrival!

Kinky just called, and he is cooking boneless chicken thighs—for Toto! He is coming over in just a few minutes to have a picnic in Outer Space with Toto and my gang!

Here is an update on Kinky’s latest upcoming events:
Kinky & Co. Head East!

Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere
.Start: Aug. 28 2008 - 7:30 pm
Join Kinky and special guests Little Jewford and Washington Ratso on August 28 for a night of classic Kinky Friedman songs at one of the DC area’s finest listening rooms, the Birchmere.

Kinky’s new book, What Would Kinky Do? How to Unscrew a Screwed Up World, will also be available. With gas prices on the rise, an election on the horizon, and global warming making the summer hotter than ever, this country is in dire need of Kinky's notorious humor and wit this season.

The Birchmere is located at 3701 Mount Vernon Ave. in Alexandria, VA. For tickets and more information, call 703-549-7500 or visit

Woodstock, NY - The Midnight Ramble
Start: Aug. 30 2008 - 8:00 pm
Kinky is joining Levon Helm (The Band) on August 30 for his legendary Midnight Ramble Sessions.

This show is one of the hottest tickets anywhere on the east coast. Held at Helm’s intimate home studio in the Catskill Mountains, the Sessions are known for their festival atmosphere and the great show Levon and his band put on.

Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live
Start: Aug. 31 2008 - 8:00 pm
Join Kinky and special guests Little Jewford and Washington Ratso on August 31 for a night of classic Kinky Friedman songs at one of Philly’s best venues, World Café Live. The small room upstairs is where it's at in this venue, and that's where Kinky and the boys will be presiding.    
New York, NY - B.B. King Blues Club
Start: Sept. 1 2008 - 8:00 pm
Join Kinky and special guests Little Jewford and Washington Ratso on September 1 for a night of classic Kinky Friedman songs at the legendary B.B. King Blues Club. Kinky hasn't played a full show in New York in so long, you'll definitely want to book your tickets early. The Village Irregulars and Kinkophiles will be haunting this show—a do not miss event!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Space Ship Update!

Guess what? Today was a wonderful day! This morning, after breakfast,Tony, Aaron and I worked on my Space Ship! ‘Mission Impossible’ is now nearly complete and it looks absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to show y’all the pictures once it is finished and decorated. Sad news—still no Spirit mattress, but it should be landing here this week—I hope. When Kinky gets back from his East Coast Tour, next week, he will be shocked when he sees it all decorated!

Around 12:30 today, we wrapped things up outside and came inside the trailer, to find that Drew had called and he and Renee were thinking about coming out to see the Space Ship, and go into Outer Space, for the very first time, with us, since moving back to Kerrville. Tony immediately called them back. In less than two minutes, it was decided that we would meet at Luby’s to start the countdown celebration to Drew’s birthday on Wednesday the 27th! Drew will be seven-ish in dog years!

Having lunch with Renee and Drew, was just what the doctor had ordered for me! We laughed and laughed, throughout our entire meal and then some more—out in the parking lot! And, that was exactly what I had needed, since being so upset and depressed about Danny dying. Renee and Drew had cured me! I am now back in the saddle, again and ready to enjoy life, again, and I am counting every blessing that I have!

Following our super fun lunch, Tony and I went to Home Depot, then we went to the craft store, so I could buy some material for the big cushion, that I am making for the Space Ship’s ‘big room.’ Then we came home.

When we arrived, it had just started to rain, thank goodness, and we came inside. We received about a half inch of rain and then the sun came out. I then went out to the Space Ship and began working on tiling my kitchen countertop!

My good friend, Cindy Pickard, who has just been nominated for her and her son, Andy’s—documentary— “The Eighth Fire” by Native American Music Awards—had given me her leftover tile to use on my countertop! And, I am nearly finished with it! I ran out of tile and will get more at Lowes. Congrats to Cindy and Andy! I love ‘The Eighth Fire!” It is awesome!

Well, it is starting to thunder here and I need to wind this blog up, so I can unplug everything.

P.S. Last Thursday, we rescued a new dog from Kerrville, which I have named Hannah Montana! She is 19 months old, spayed, all shots and the cutest, sweetest little wannabe dachshund! Everyone please meet Hannah Montana!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh, Danny Roy!

Yesterday afternoon, my dear friend, Sandy Wolfmueller, called to ask if she and her brother, could come out and go into Outer Space with us, and she also wanted to see my Space Ship! I said, “Come on! The countdown has begun!”

I couldn’t wait to show off Outer Space and the Space Ship—I love them, and am so proud of them! Ten minutes before Sandy and her brother showed up—Kinky called!

“Hello, Nance,” Kinky said, and then there was a long pause. “I’m sorry to call, but I have some sad news to tell you.”

“Oh no,” I said. I was scared to hear it and hoping that Perky hadn’t died.

“Our good friend, Danny Young—died yesterday from a heart attack in Austin.”

“No, Kinky,” I said, with tears filling my eyes. “No not Danny. God, I loved that man, Kinky. He was as good as it gets. Always happy, always smiling and always positive—Danny had no negative side to him. I can’t believe Danny is gone. Poor Lu. Listen, Sandy is fixing to be here. I’ve got to go now.” As soon as I hung up the phone, I went to the bathroom, grabbed a washcloth, ran cold water on it, and put it up to my eyes to stop the tears. I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself—I told myself that I would cry later. Little did I know how much.

Sandy and her brother showed up—wearing grins. It was show time for me—smile and don’t think about Danny—try to act happy. I went outside to find Sandy and her brother inside the Space Ship talking to Tony and Aaron. “Nancy, I love this!” Sandy said. “I cannot believe what you have done to this—it was a wreck from the pictures that I saw. This is beautiful!” Her kind words cheered me up. Then Sandy introduced me to her brother.

After spending about ten minutes in the Space Ship with them, I invited them to follow me into Outer Space. They could not wait to go! When we entered Outer Space, Sandy once again was full of compliments. That cheered me up, again. She is such a special lady. Jon is lucky to have her. Kinky, Tony and I adore her.

We sat in Outer Space for about thirty minutes, enjoying the view and visiting. I let Sandy and her brother sit in the best seats, and we rocked away, as Tony showed Sandy his portable Bose iDock. When Allison Kraus started singing, Sandy said, “I love Allison Kraus—crank it up, Tony!” Four of my favorite words.

And, Tony did. Sandy was impressed with the Bose sound system and I am pretty sure that she is going to buy one for her new iPhone, which she is absolutely crazy about.

When it was time for Sandy and her brother, to go over the river and through the woods to see the Kinkster, we said our goodbyes, hugged and then they drove away. When they were out of sight, I told Tony the bad news about Danny Roy Young. Tony shook his head and then he hugged me and the tears flowed again. He knew how much I had loved Danny, and he had heard the many funny stories I had told him about Danny. He had met Danny, eaten at his and Lu’s Texicalli Grill, and had also seen him a couple of other times, and Tony had really liked him, too. Heck, everyone that met or knew Danny loved him—he was like a family member to everyone who met him. He was officially known as the “Mayor of South Austin,” and his motto was—Be Nice! He was and will always be remembered as an Austin treasure!

Before my husband, Jim died back in 1995, Danny used to come to our embroidery shop to place orders for jackets or hats for his great restaurant at least once a month. Whenever he would show up, Jim and I would automatically turn off our embroidery equipment, no matter what deadlines we faced, just so we could visit with Danny! He was funny and the kind of guy, that when he walked into a room—it would light up!

When Lonesome Dove first aired on TV, Danny would come over everyday after an episode to discuss the book and the movie with us! He was so much fun!

One day, Danny showed up at our shop in Westlake, to show Jim and me his latest purchase. It was a stainless steel stomach Steinway! He had had it custom made for him—with a star on it, near the top! A stomach Steinway is a washboard basically, that hangs from your neck and shoulders, and you rub car keys or coins across it to make rhythm. When we saw it, I knew I had to have one, too!

When Jim went into the restroom, I asked Danny— “How much?” Danny told me that he had gotten this guy to make his for $125.00. He told me that if I wanted one he could make it happen! I told Danny that I wanted one just like his—star and all. I quickly wrote him a check for $125.00 and asked him not to discuss the price with Jim.

A few weeks later, Danny came to our shop to deliver my stomach Steinway—star and all! I hung it over my shoulders and grabbed my keys and tried to play it! I wasn’t good, so Danny took it and hung it from his shoulder and began playing the best rhythms. I hated when he quit playing it. After Danny left our shop, I lied and told Jim that it had only cost me $25.00. Even though I knew that Jim wouldn’t care—I lied. Big mistake! Karma caught up with me quickly!

A few weeks later, a customer of ours was inquiring about my stomach Steinway over in the corner of our shop, and Jim said, “We can get you one made for you for only $25.00! They’re really cheap!”

I had to do the right thing. “No Jim,” I said. “They really cost $125.00, I lied, sorry. They cost $125.00.” Jim laughed out loud! The customer did not order one.

Last night, I received an e-mail from Debora, Little Jewford’s better half, about Danny Roy Young. When I went to Danny’s site, I cried and cried as I read the posted stories that Danny’s friends had posted about him. And, that is why I didn’t post a blog last night. Please say a prayer for his wife, Lu. Here is Danny’s site:

Danny, I will never forget you. Please tell Jim hello for me. I love you and Lu, and always will. Rest in peace and thank you for being my friend. You will live in my heart forever!l Real Love to you and Lu, Cousin Nancy

Danny Roy Young, The Only Mayor of South Austin! God Bless!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here's To You, Mrs. Simons!

This morning, I woke up in a fine mood, surrounded in bed, with my six dogs and Lucky, the cat! Who could ask for more? I was surrounded with love, so I just stayed in bed, enjoying the moment, until Mama, my faithful, rescued Great Pyrenees, jumped up, barking, as she pounced on my stomach, before leaping off of the bed—followed by everyone else, except the cat!

I quickly got out of bed, and went to the front door, to let them out. As soon as I opened the door, the dogs rushed outside barking, and I knew exactly what it was, without having to step out onto the porch—skunk. Ah, that recognizable ‘Eau de Toilet smell,’ so unique, filled the air, but there was no skunk in sight or to be found. The dogs were disappointed. I was disappointed, as I closed the door, now wearing a frown.

Trying to blow it off, I grabbed my organic spray bottle of orange scent, and squirted it above my head. The air immediately smelled of fresh squeezed oranges, and I inhaled. Yes, I inhaled to get that foul odor out of my nose and it worked—thank goodness!

As I filled the dogs and Lucky’s dishes with food, I wondered if the skunk was an omen or a sign for how my day was going to be. After getting the pets fed, I did my other morning chores. Then Tony came home and then Kinky called.

I pulled out the Vita-mix machine and quickly filled it with, organic pomegranate juice, soy milk, flaxseed, soy protein powder, an apple, orange, banana, blueberries, bell pepper, ginger, carrots, cantaloupe, avocado, organic maple syrup from Canada and ice cubes. I then flipped the switch, and in four seconds, breakfast was nearly ready.

Then I grabbed a couple of eggs from the fridge, an onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, jalapeno and garlic and some sharp organic cheddar cheese and made Tony an organic omelet. I took one of his heirloom organic tomatoes and sliced it up, and placed them on his plate, beside the omelet. “Breakfast is ready!” I announced. Tony and the dogs came running!

Following breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen and Tony went outside to work. After taking care of some paperwork and phone calls, I decided to track my Spirit mattress and the bedding that I had ordered from J.C. Penneys. Since I placed that order on Sunday, I was hoping that it might arrive today, because I can’t wait! So, I went online to get my purchase order and then I called their customer service number.

I was very impressed with how nice, friendly and efficient there customer service was—I was actually talking to a representative in less than fifteen seconds! “Let’s see, Mrs. Simons. Your order has been picked up by the trucking company and you should be receiving it within the next seven to ten days.”

My spirit instantly sank. I wanted my Spirit mattress! But, I did the right thing. I didn’t complain and I thanked the woman for her help, before hanging up the phone. Then I fell apart—not really. I’m just kidding.

I decided to not let it get me down, so I turned on my iPod, found the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and clicked play. It worked! I was happy! Thank you Bobby McFerrin!

I am determined to have a great day no matter what! “I will survive!” just like Donna Summers is now singing! Gotta go, someone is driving in!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mind Your Own Business!

This morning Kinky called, to invite me to join him and two friends of ours, for breakfast, around 9:00 in Kerrville. “I’d love to go,” I said. “Wait. Not that restaurant you took me to for huevos rancheros?”

Kinky laughed. “Yes, Nancy. You need to give them another try.”

There were a couple of moments of silence, then I reluctantly agreed to go.

When I arrived at Kinky's dreaded designated eatery, there were no cars in the parking lot, again—which was not a good sign, again. I decided to sit in Trigger, and listen to my iPod, until Kinky and our friends arrived. Then Beth and Sue walked outside of the restaurant and waved at me. “Hi Cousin Nancy,” they said, in unison.

“Hi, girls, I said. “Where is y'all's car?”

“We took a taxi,” Beth said. “And, it was expensive—$14.00. Come on in, and sit down with us.”

When I walked in—nothing had changed. The place was empty, except for us, and the two unhappy waitresses. The ceiling mounted television, was broadcasting a soap opera in Spanish, and the volume was so loud, you couldn’t hear a plate drop. Sue and Beth were drinking coffee and we started visiting. Ten minutes had passed, and neither waitress had bothered to come over to give me a menu or to ask me if I wanted something to drink. So finally, I hollered over to them and asked to see a menu, and to please bring me a glass of tea. That was a mistake.

One waitress got up, shot me an angry look, and then she brought me a menu and my tea. Kinky was running late, but he finally showed up fifteen minutes later. As soon as he walked in, the waitress perked up—she knew who Kinky was! We then gave her our order. Before she left the table, Kinky tried to talk me into trying their huevos rancheros again, but I refused—I knew better.

Ten minutes later, we were eating our breakfast—after Sue and Beth requested aluminum ware. I have to admit—my meal wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t bad. As soon as we finished our meals, we went outside, so Beth, Sue and Kinky could smoke. Kinky told us that he was going to Wolfmuellers and invited us to come, too. Beth rode with Kinky, and Sue and I rode together.

When we arrived at Wolfmuellers, we quickly introduced Sue and Beth to Jon and Sandy. Kinky had a huge amount of books to sign, so Beth and Sue went outside to smoke. “Nance, I can’t smoke in here anymore,” Kinky teased. “Because, Sandy won’t let me.”

“No,” Sandy shot back. “That's not fair—It’s the law—not me. I could care less if you smoked in here until now. In fact, this morning there is an article in the Kerrville Daily Times, about Gloria’s Flower Shop, that has decided to close, after ten years of doing business here, because an irate woman, turned her in for smoking in her own shop. Here, let me print it out for you to read.” Sandy then went online and printed out the story by Alyson Chapman. “Here read this.”

“I can’t,” Kinky said. “I’m signing books.”

Sandy then handed me the story. “I’ll read it out loud,” I declared, and then I began to read it to Kinky. To read the full story, go to:

This is my "put it on a bumper sticker" version of the story. The owner said the city of Kerrville’s smoking ordinance was responsible for her decision to close her store. The owner said, that a woman had come into her flower shop complaining that the owner’s car was blocking her view at the intersection. The owner, then went outside and moved her car, hoping to solve the problem. Then the woman gets mad and leaves the shop.

The reason that Gloria had parked there, is because her husband, who is wheelchair bound, can only get out of their van—parked on level ground.

In less than thirty minutes, after the lady had left her flower shop—a city code compliance officer shows up, about a complaint for smoking inside her own shop! Gloria was told she could not smoke inside her store. Thankfully, the officer, who was only trying to do his job, only gave her a notice of violation—not a ticket, which could have cost her $100 to $500.

Quoting her, from the Kerrville Daily Times, Gloria said, “I’m not hurting anybody. I wish I could quit smoking. I’ve been smoking since I was 13, and now I am 56. I hate the fact that I am 56,” (Me, too!) “and now have to find a way to support me and my invalid husband.”

She then says “I am in here in my own building. I tell all my customers that if they don’t like smoking, there are other flower shops that they can patronize. I can’t go outside to smoke. I can’t just leave my invalid husband in here by himself. That’s like leaving a child or a dog in a vehicle alone. I have no choice, but to shut down. It just really sucks. I am not a wealthy woman, but I do what I can to help this community. I send free flowers to the VA and to the senior center every week. Now, I’m closed up.”

When I had finished reading the story to Kinky, we both shook our heads in disbelief. “I can’t believe this,” I said. “Smoking laws have become ridiculous from the get-go. I think, if you own a store and want to smoke in it—it is your right. If people don’t like it, then they should go somewhere else. No one is making them go inside. I’m going to blog about this. Our rights are going away faster than we can blink an eye.”

The four of us then had a brief discussion concerning smoking laws, and then Sue and Beth walked back into the store. We hung out for a few more minutes, and then we all went outside, so Kinky could light up, with Beth and Sue. When it was time to leave, Kinky volunteered to drive Beth home, and I volunteered to drive Sue home, to save them money on a taxi.

“Cousin Nancy,” Sue said, as we drove away. “I know that you are married to Tony, and he is good looking, but I think you and Kinky make a really cute couple.”

I slammed on the brakes, so as not to run a changing yellow to red light, because I knew that cameras were watching and taking pictures, from up above—ready to hand out a ticket. “Now, that’s real sweet, Sue, but you see, Kinky is too O.L.D. for me, and I am too F.A.T. for him, and besides—I love Tony.”

After dropping Sue off at her apartment, I ran a few errands and then I drove back to the ranch. When I arrived, I told Tony all about the fun breakfast with Beth and Sue, and going over to Wolfmueller’s. Then he says, “I need to go to Kerrville. Will you come with me? I’ll treat you to lunch.”

Thirty minutes later, when we arrived at Luby’s cafeteria, we went inside. Fortunately, we had missed the lunch crowd. It was now Senior Citizen time—blue plate special! About twenty gray / blue hairs were in there eating with friends or by themselves. On our way to a table, I saw one cute, old man, sitting alone, at a table near the cash register—reading the white pages, of a telephone book, with great enthusiasm! He was having fun.

During lunch, Tony and I talked about the flower shop, and when I told him about eating at that certain restaurant, and getting annoyed about having to listen to a blarring soap opera in Spanish—he laughed! “Nance, that’s their right. It’s their restaurant. And, you don’t have to go in there, and that’s your right. And, that’s the way it ought to be, period. It’s that simple. It has worked out fine, for all of these years—up until now—when our government stepped in, and decided to make our business—their business.

I could not have agreed more with Tony. As we were leaving to go pay our check, I noticed a small elderly woman, all dressed up, over by the wall, sitting in a booth, having one funny, laugh out loud, conversation with no one—she was sitting alone. It made me smile. I sure hope that I’m still laughing, if and when I get that old.

P.S. Sorry, for getting on a soap box today. I promise I will lighten up on tomorrow’s blog, or maybe not—it’s my right! Have a great evening or not—that’s your right! Am I right?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rain Check!

This evening, we are lucky to be getting rain, along with severe thunderstorms! Unfortunately, we unplug everything when it is thundering and lightning outside. I will write more tomorrow. Thank goodness it is raining—we need it so badly.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Spirit Mattress!

This has been a “too many weekend.” Too many visitors, too many phone calls, too many e-mails, too many things to do. I know that we all have them, but I am blaming mine on ‘full moon time’ or that eclipse. All in all, it has been a good weekend—just too manys— ‘I’ve had to do.’

Yesterday, we had many visitors, but no adoptions. At three o’clock, after we closed the gates to the rescue ranch, I went—online to shop for the Space Ship. I first went to Cabellas to look for an air bed. I found one for $49.00. When I put it in my cart, there was a notice posted. If I would spend $150.00, I would get free shipping. I went all over their bedding department. They had some great quilts, etc. but the ones I liked were way too expensive for me, or they were camo designs—sorry, no hunting here. Not wanting to pay shipping on the heavy air bed, I decided to check out J.C. Penney’s online to shop.

Two hours later, I purchased a quilt with a matching doggie bed, two pillow shams, sheets (that were on sale) and a real mattress, that is pink with white clouds, which J.C. called—the ‘Spirit Mattress.’ I thought the name was odd, but I went ahead and ordered a double sized one for the Space Ship.

When I told Tony about buying my pretty pink ‘Spirit Mattress’ he laughed out loud. “Nance, you are the only person on this planet, that could find a pink ‘spirit mattress’, with white clouds. I want to know, is it a spiritual mattress or does it come with ghosts?”

Later that evening, after being in Outer Space with Tony, I decided that I needed to design a logo, of sorts, for my Space Ship. I went outside, grabbed a board, and brought it inside the trailer. I grabbed my paints and went to work, and that is why I didn’t post a blog last night. I was on a Space mission.

By ten-thirty, I had designed and hand painted my official signature logo for my Space Ship! Here is a picture of it! I’m hanging it above the kitchen sink. I love it! Not great artwork, but it works for me.

Today, Tony and I took off for Kerrville to pick up a dog, buy some more boards, and to eat breakfast. We went to Randy and Lisa’s Save Inn Restaurant, and had a great breakfast. Then we ventured over to Wal Mart to buy some canned dog food, because we were nearly out!

Lucky for us, Wal Mart was fixing to put up there Christmas decorations, and they had all of their ‘End of Summer’ stuff on sale! Their organic dirt was on sale, half price, so Tony took advantage of the sale and bought forty dollars of dirt, for next year’s garden. He was so excited—it was organic and dirt cheap! I’m sorry, but paying for dirt, is weirder—than buying a pink ‘Spirit’ mattress—even if it comes with ghosts.

When we arrived back at the rescue ranch, Tony went outside to the Space Ship, to put the rest of the flooring boards down. I wanted to help him, but since he was playing his music on his iPod Bose iDock, I declined, because—my music is better!

An hour later, I went outside to check on Tony and the Space Ship. The flooring was complete and it looked awesome. I then asked him to show me how to put the magnets on the cabinet doors, to keep them closed. That was a hoot!

Since Ben had nailed the cabintets shut for Cindy’s visit, we first had to pull all of the nails out. Then he and I, one by one, installed the cabinet magnets. There was a lot of dropped screws and realigning of the magnets. I am proud to say, the Space Ship is now nearing completion and ready for take off! It requires only two to three more hours of work! And, I guarantee that it will knock your socks off! I cannot wait for Kinky to see it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Best Wishes To Woody and Rose!

This evening, our great friend, Woody is getting married to Rose! We love you and send you our best! We wish that we could be there! Enjoy Cabo!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon...!

Yes, you’re right—today has been another great day for me! As soon as Tony, Aaron, Ben and I were done with our chores—we worked on the Space Ship! My close friend, Cindy P. called to tell me that she was coming over to see the Space Ship later this afternoon, and we worked hard and fast to get as much done as we could before her visit! We weren’t no rocket scientists, but we came mighty close to it. When we finally ran out of wood, we nailed the newly cut cabinet doors shut, so it would look nearly done. Tomorrow, I have to get magnets to put on the doors so they will stay shut. I can't wait for Kinky to see it! Here are the before and after picts of the Space Ship as of today!

When Cindy arrived, she showed up with two early birthday and Space Ship warming gifts for me—a string of bright white blinking solar star lights, and a solar dragonfly on a stick, that constantly changes colors! They are fantastic! I love them! And, to say the least—Cindy was blown away when she entered the Space Ship—she thought it was out of this world!

Here is a picture of Mama and Abbie looking at the colorful dragonrfly.

I was so excited about her presents, I gave her one of my backup ‘Eternal Squirrels,’ that arrived today from Target—for her trailer. Cindy was thrilled! After that, Cindy and I drank a glass of my fine boxed wine—in Outer Space. This has been a great day!

P.S. Tony just caught and released fifteen bass and came inside to tell me that the solar stars and dragonfly are awesome! I've got to go check them out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Zucchini Has Left The Trailer!

Today, I made Fay's recipe for Zucchini Casserole for lunch! We invited Aaron to join us for lunch. When it came out of the oven, it smelled heavenly! The three of us ate the entire casserole! Then two hours later, we all became very sick! Aaron went home immediately! And, all that I can say, "Is thank goodness the trailer has two restrooms!"

Not really, just teasing—Fay! Today I did prepare your recipe and it was absolutely delicious! We all loved it, and of course no one got sick, but me. I was sick because it was all gone—no leftovers and like I always do—I have stolen your delicious recipe from you! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Here is my newest recipe: Cousin Nancy's Zucchini Casserole—Texas Style! And, Kinky loves it!


2 tablespoons olive oil              

2 large zucchini

1 cup brown rice, cooked

1 yellow onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1 egg, beaten

* cup of breadcrumbs

2 cups tomato sauce, canned

3 tablespoons fresh dill weed, chopped

1 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped

1 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped

2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese


Preheat oven to 350°.

1. Split zucchini lengthwise, scoop out seeds and flesh, leaving about *” flesh in the zucchini.

2. Sauté the scooped out zucchini flesh, onion, garlic, dill, and parsley in olive oil.

Remove from heat and pour into a large bowl.

3. Add cooked rice, beaten egg and bread crumbs to the sautéed ingredients in bowl. Mix well.

4. Fill hollowed out zucchini with rice mixture and place in a baking dish. Cover with tomato sauce, and sprinkle cheese on top.

5. Cover and bake at 350° for approximately 45 minutes.

I promise that y'all will love it! Just ask Fay or Kinky!

Today, we worked on the Space Ship! Tomorrow I will post the latest pictures! And, thank you Fay, for sending me your great recipe! We truly loved it! Everyone have a great evening!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And, She's Stupid, Too!

This morning, I went over to Kinky’s to pick up the letter that Judy Green had written to me, which I really enjoyed reading. Kinky and I visited for a few minutes, and then I came home because he had an interview to do. Before leaving, he told me that he was doing Imus, on Thursday morning, at 7:30 Texas time.

Later in the day, we met up with Kinky at Wolfmueller’s Books. When we arrived Donna S. was there along with Cathy B. and Jim S.! Tony and I already knew Donna, a good friend of Jon and Sandy’s.

We met Donna, last August, when Jon and Sandy brought her out to Echo Hill ranch for an outdoor picnic with Kinky, Marcie, Copper and us. It was a lot of fun and laughs.

During that particular picnic, I told them a funny story about a dumb thing I did back in 1993. I was living in Austin at the time, and owned a very successful embroidery business. One day I received a very important, or so I thought, letter, from the Who’s Who people, telling me that I had been chosen to be in their upcoming South and Southwest 1993-1994 edition! My ego kicked in.

All that I had to do was to fill out their form about myself. So, after work, I went home and filled out the form. (Excuse me, so I can get the book, so I can remember what I told them. It’s on page 616.)

I bragged about: I had been a secretary for one year, for the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show in Fort Worth, a secretary for the TCU Football team, a freelance embroiderer for the movies: Heartbreak Hotel, Hot Spot, Two Aces, country music acts: The Geezinslaw Brothers, Asleep at the Wheel, the Bellamy Brothers, Desert Rose, Willie Nelson, and the world famous golfer—Ben Crenshaw. I also mentioned that I was a member of the Austin Volkswagen Club, etc. The next morning I mailed the form back to them.

A few months later, I received a letter from them, asking me to please edit my form, because it was fixin’ to go into print! There were no changes to make, so I mailed it back. Then a couple of months later, I received a letter inviting me to purchase an advanced copy of the book, at a discount, since I was in it.

Now the stupid kicks in. I decided to buy one copy, even though they encouraged me to buy multiple copies for my friends and family to enjoy. Then I wrote a check for over a hundred dollars and then mailed my order back to them. I was excited and could not wait for the book to arrive! I was officially fixin’ to be somebody—I’m in the Who’s Who book!

The day my book arrived, I stopped what I was doing and quickly opened up my package! I then quickly found my name at the bottom of the page with all of my information that I had sent to them. Then I stood back, examined the book with all of the many names and realized I had wasted a lot of money—thanks to my ego. I felt stupid. I thought to myself, thank goodness, I didn’t buy copies for my friends and family, I could just hear them teasing me and saying things like, “I really loved reading that book. It was so very interesting.” And, I know for sure, that they would have never let me live it down, too.

Then when I opened up the envelope, enclosed with my Who Cares book, I found a certificate—officially announcing me as a subject of biographical record. Wow! I now, had a certificate to prove how dumb I was. Here are the pictures that prove that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. And yes, feel free to laugh your head off, because I still do!

Now, back to today’s story. Donna runs up to me and jokes, “I know you! You’re in that Who’s Who Book!” Then she starts laughing, and told me that she couldn’t resist. After that Donna introduced Tony and me to Jim and Cathy. “Cousin Nancy and Tony run the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch with Kinky!”

Cathy, who was standing right beside me, sorta froze up, putting her hands to her mouth with excitement! She was acting star-struck, and I’m thinking, maybe she overheard Donna and thinks I am somebody. I then made an announcement. “I think somebody is having a meltdown here. And, it ain’t me.” Everyone laughed, including Cathy.

Cathy was very excited about getting to meet Tony and me and we were honored. She shook our hands, and gave us many compliments about the work that we do, and she told me that she had loved reading my book, too! Then when Sandy announced that they had Tony’s postcards for sale. They grabbed several of them, and bought them up. They are super nice people. I joked to Sandy and Jon, “Gosh, I wish I had something to sell, inside here, besides my book.”

When I announced that Kinky was meeting us there, they really got excited! I told them that I had my camera with me, and would be glad to take pictures of them with Kinky (for my blog).

Two minutes later, Kinky strolls into the bookstore, and he was immediately surrounded by three fans! He visited with them for quite a while, and he gladly let them get their pictures taken with him. It was all a lot of fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Got A Hang Up!

Today has been great! Kinky started it off, by calling me at 7:35 this morning. “Nance, your zucchini bread is absolutely delicious! I can’t believe that you made it!”

Laugh out loud! Kinky invited me over for some coffee, but before we hung up the phones, he asked me to please bring more zucchini bread, if there was any leftover. I showed up at the Lodge, with two servings of my bread in a baggie. Kinky was delighted!

We drank our coffees outside, near the Friedman Family Bone Orchard. At one point in our conversation, Kinky became serious and said, “Nance, is there anything that you can think of, that we could do for our older dogs—the ones that probably will never be adopted? Like Pryor? I love that dog.”

“I don’t know. I guess I could get a plaque made or plant a tree? I don’t know.”

“What in the world are you talking about? Nance, I was thinking about maybe giving him better food, or the nicest pen, something like that. Not a plaque for goodness sakes.”

Kinky, Pryor ain’t here anymore. He’s dead.”

“What? Pryor’s dead? When did this happen?”

“Back in April, Kinky. I am sure that I told you about it. Grandma died right around that same time, too. It was a really sad day for all of us. Tony and John buried him. You must have been out of town or something.”

“That’s right. Yes, I do remember now. I guess I just forgot. Pryor was one of my favorites.”

“I know. I’m hoping that Richard met him at the Rainbow Bridge, and they are together right now.”

“Yes, those two were very special spirits,” Kinky said, and then there was a long pause. “Nance, these Senior moments, seem to be happening more frequently to me. I bet you thought that I was crazy, sitting here, asking you what you could do for Pryor. That’s really pretty funny! Maybe you should blog about it?”

Later this afternoon, Kinky called to tell me, that there was a package just delivered, for me, over at the Lodge. Tony and I drove over to the Lodge in Kermit. When we walked into the kitchen, Kinky handed me a small box, addressed to me from—Judy Green, out in Las Vegas!

When I opened up the box, I fell in love with Judy’s gift! She sent me a personalized metal art hanging—a metal short story—of a Flying Gabrielle with little dogs and a crystal attached! It is a reproduction made by Silvestri of Karen Rossi’s famous magical designs, that signatures your hobby or profession. I love it and Tony and Kinky thought it was pretty cool, too!

“Where are you going to hang it?” Kinky asked.

“I know exactly where I am going to hang it. The label here, on the gift box reads: “Fanciful Flights,” so I think it should go into the Space Ship! That is the perfect place for it.”

Kinky then challenged Tony to a game of pool. The game was short. The Hummingbird Man—1. The Medina Bulldog—0. Kinky was thrilled to finally win back the title and Tony didn't have much to say.

P.S. Thank you Judy, I love your gift. I promise it t will be the first thing I hang from the ceiling in the Space Ship!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Something's Missing!

Yesterday, we almost finished the kitchen in the Space Ship! I still need to make cabinet doors and tile the counter, which hopefully I can do this week. And, thanks to Tony and Aaron, the front wall is now completely done. Here are some pictures of the front wall and almost finished kitchen.

As you can well see, I have fallen in love with the Space Ship! I love being inside it and its vibes are fantastic!

This morning, Tony and Aaron drove up to Buchanan Dam, to pick up Tony’s boat, that David Berry repaired for him. To refresh your memory, Catherine and David Berry own a boat repair business, and they are also a satellite for our rescue ranch dogs. They help us adopt out our dogs! They are great people and we love them!

Since Tony was going to be gone for a few hours, I decided to do some healthy cooking—which would involve using Tony’s giant zucchini! I decided to try out a recipe from my new Vita-Mix cookbook to make— Zucchini-Pineapple Bread, which would only take an hour to make and bake!

Before making the bread, I put a pot of pinto beans on the stove to cook. Then I grabbed some brown rice, threw it into a pan of boiling water, along with chopped organic mushrooms, onion and zucchini and then I put a lid—on it to cook.

Now I was ready to try the Zucchini-Pineapple Bread recipe. I had all of the ingredients, except for three—allspice, applesauce and pineapple. Minus only three ingredients didn’t stop me. I figured that I would replace the missing ingredients using more zucchini and an apple.

I placed my Vita-Mix machine on the counter, and followed the instructions. Into the Vita-Mix machine I tossed in—an egg, organic sugar, an organic apple, vanilla, organic zucchini chunks, organic wheat flour, baking soda, Alessi sea salt, baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, pecans and organic raisins. Within two minutes, I was pouring the bread dough into my bread pan. The oven was preheated to 350 degrees and I set the timer for 1 hour.

As the clock ticked, the bread baked, the beans boiled and the brown rice mixture simmered—the phone rang. It was Catherine. She called to tell me that Tony and Aaron had just left, and were heading back. Then we visited and caught up on things.

First we talked dogs, and then I told her about Tony’s heirloom organic garden, the giant zucchini, and my Vita-Mix machine, and what I was cooking. I found out that David and Catherine are health nuts, too, and our conversation flowed! By the time we said our goodbyes, Catherine had gone online and ordered a Vita-Mix machine! She ordered the same one we have, a 5200 model and she bought it much cheaper than what we had paid for ours! I can’t wait till they get theres—they will love it!

Ten minutes after I got off of the phone with Catherine, the timer went off and Tony walked into the trailer—perfect timing! In five minutes, we were enjoying the best Zucchini bread on the planet along with the beans and brown rice ensemble. Here is a picture of the bread and what is left of the giant zucchini.

After lunch, I drove over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. It was a fun visit. When I was about to leave I told him about my Zucchini bread, and he asked for me to bring him some. I know he’s gonna love it, too! I’m off to see the Kinkster!

P.S. I am looking for a good zucchini casserole recipe!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sam Got Adopted!

Thirty minutes ago, our little, handsome Sam, a Jack Russell, was adopted to Becky, a lovely woman with children! Sam was so excited to leave the rescue ranch, it was sorta embarrassing for Tony and me. He's found his true home! Please keep your fingers crossed that it works out for him! I'm calling Kinky!

Today, we got a lot of work done on the Space Ship! I will post pictures tomorrow. I hope that your Saturday night is as good as ours!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ghost Dog Returns!

Today was an uneventful day, until around six o’clock, when Carl and Debbie Naylor arrived! Carl is the incredibly, talented and often hilarious auctioneer, who does the auctioneering for us, at our Bonefits, to help raise money for the rescue ranch. As Kinky often says, “Carl Naylor is the best auctioneer in Texas!” And, everyone at the rescue ranch agrees with Kinky’s assessment of Carl. He’s simply the best! We are so lucky!

As soon as Debbie and Carl got out of their car, we shook hands and then hugged, then Carl says, “Nancy, we read your blog everyday. I wanted to show Debbie the rescue ranch, and we also want to see the Space Ship, and go into Outer Space with y’all. Will that be okay, with you guys?”

“Sounds great to me,” I said. “Why don’t y’all follow me over to the launch pad over there, and we’ll show y’all the Space Ship, first. I am really proud of it.” They followed.

When we reached the Space Ship, I invited them inside. Debbie and Carl were shocked at what they saw! “This is absolutely beautiful inside,” Carl remarked. “Debbie, don’t you love the wood?”

Debbie nodded with enthusiasm. “Carl and I have been wanting to find an older recreational vehicle to fix up. Carl we need to look harder, when we get home—I want one just like this.”

We visited for a few minutes inside the Space Ship, and then Tony and I took them into Outer Space with us. They have never been in Outer Space before, and they were blown away when they sat down, and saw the view! Not to brag, but everyone who has gone into Outer Space with us, has had the same reaction, when they see our beautiful view. I just love it!

We hung out in Outer Space, for a while, and it was a blast! If Carl wasn’t making us laugh with one of his stories—Debbie was! When they told us about their two aged Schnauzers, my back started hurting from laughing so hard. Here is my Reader’s Digest version:

Their Schnauzers were both rescues. One claims Debbie and the older blind one, claims Carl. Carl told us that whenever he tries to give a kiss to Debbie, her Schnauzer starts growling at him to quit. Then when Carl’s Schnauzer hears Debbie’s dog growling, he then runs into the room and starts barking wildly at Debbie’s growling dog. “It’s a shame,” Carl said. “We have to sneak around, so I can kiss my wife.”

“Maybe,” I suggested. “Y’all need to think about meeting somewhere in town, once a week.” Everyone laughed.

Tony and I had so much fun in Outer Space with Debbie and Carl, I was sad when we left it. Tony invited Carl to go with him to feed and water the cows, so they left. Debbie wanted a tour of the rescue ranch, so I gave her a tour—starting with my writing cabin. She loved my carved wooden bear, that I bought in Ruidosa, New Mexico!

Now this story gets weird. As soon as Debbie and I had completed the tour, a big white Ford pulls into the rescue ranch. “That must be the guys,” I said, as I looked towards the truck.” I was wrong, it wasn’t Carl and Tony.

It was Lorri from Dallas! She was returning her friend’s dog—Nash aka Ghost Dog! Earlier this week, Malea had sent me an e-mail—Nash was not working out, and she wanted to return him to us. Her friend, Lorri, who was coming down, for a visit to see Carol, our super volunteer, asked if it would be okay for Lorri to bring him down. Of course, I said yes. So, Lorri gets Nash out of her truck, and then she gives me Nash’s leash, and then she gave me a great report about how well Sierra, the dog that she adopted from us, was doing. Then she leaves the ranch to go see Carol.

Ghost Dog, seemed fine about returning to us, but I had to wait for Tony and Carl to get back, so Tony could put Ghost Dog in a pen. Now it gets weirder!

Back in March, before we had captured Ghost Dog, after he had escaped from his pen, Kinky had called to tell me that Carl and Steven Fromholz were coming down for a visit, and he thought it would be a great idea, if Carl, Steven, Angie, Steven’s sister, Tony, him and me try to catch Ghost Dog, because he was so worried about him running loose on the ranch.

I told Kinky absolutely no way, because Ghost Dog would be scared to death, watching six senior citizens, falling down and running around, chasing after him—that we would never be able to catch him. Kinky took my advice.

So now, Tony and Carl drive up to see Debbie and me, standing by the pig pen, with Ghost Dog. Carl remembered Ghost Dog! “That’s the dog that Kinky wanted all of us to catch!” Carl said.

Ghost Dog, seemed a little timid with Carl and Tony, so I led him into the alley pen, that Tony had chosen—the one right next to Alfie, whose roommate, Red Sky, had been adopted out. “We’ll keep Ghost Dog in here for a few days, and then I’ll move him into Alfie’s pen,” Tony said.

After that was done, we visited with Debbie and Carl some more, near my writing cabin, until they needed to leave.

As soon as they had left, Tony took Kermit, and went to close our gate. Then he went out to our organic heirloom garden, to water the plants. He just walked in with our first zucchini! It is (h)uge! (I thought you might like that (H)erb—’Erb.) Here is a picture of it with Willie Nelson! We’re talkin’ Texas sized Zucchini! And, I am bragging! We will be eating on it for several days!

P.S. Congratulations go out to Debbie Naylor for winning the “Teacher of the Year” award at her school this year! It is not a surprise to me—Debbie Naylor Rocks! Y’all have a great evening!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Man In The Moon!

About an hour ago, after I had worked on the Space Ship, Tony and I took off to visit with Kinky, over at the Lodge. When we reached our gate, a very large package was waiting for us! It was addressed to Kinky, care of me. So, Tony put it inside Buttermilk, and we went over the river and through the woods, to Kinky’s Lodge.

When we arrived, Kinky greeted us at the gate. “What?” Kinky said. “You’ve got a package for me?” Then Tony carried it into the kitchen of the Lodge. "Who is it from?”

“I bet it is another guitar for you to sign, Kinky,” I said. Kinky looked at the mystery box, and then he saw a letter taped to the front. He opened the letter and began reading it aloud.

“Please forgive this bulky delivery....This box has a couple books, two cigar ashtray stands, one cigar ash tray liner and two ashtrays that can be used with the metal, “man in the moon” stand. I’ve put arrows showing where the stands at the bottom, cut the box open...These items came from Smedley Butler’s estate. Do you know about him? Very cool guy who stopped a take over of the White House in Roosevelt’s time...I follow your blog...adore your husband’s photos... What? Nance, this letter is for you. Tony will you help me open this box?”

Kinky handed me my letter, and I began reading it, as Tony opened the box carefully, and then he and Kinky began carefully unpacking it. “Kinky, these ashtrays are way too cool, especially the ‘man in the moon,’” I said, then I picked up the books. “Kinky, can I borrow these after you have read them? It says on the jacket, that Smedley was a Brigadier General and there are rave reviews about this book.”

Kinky finished reading the letter addressed to him, from Deborah D. up in E. Chatham, New York. “Sure, Nance,” Kinky said, as he and Tony admired the interesting ashtrays. “I like these ashtrays and the books sound very interesting, too.”

We helped Kinky find places for the ashtrays and then we came home. I can’t wait to read those books! Gotta go, Tony and I are going into Outer Space!

P.S. Deborah D., Kinky asked me to thank you, and he sends you his best. And, I am glad that you love the Space Ship and your 200 year old barn sounds fantastic!

Space Ship Update!

Today, we got a lot of work done on the Space Ship! We first did some demolition. Here is what we accomplished today! Kinky loves it! Please click on the picture to enlarge it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tony Simons!

Today, Tony turned 54 years old! He is the love of my life and my rock! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Tony—I love You! You're the Best and thank you for putting up with me!

P.S. Tony's address is:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Deck Is Stacked!

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:30, fed the dogs and the cat and then did paperwork for more than two hours. Then I made Super Smoothies for Tony, Ben, Aaron and me. After drinking breakfast, the guys went to work outside.

I went over to the Lodge and Kinky and I had a short meeting and then I came back to the rescue ranch. When the men were finished feeding the dogs and cleaning their pens—Tony took off for Kerrville, to get three tires fixed. Yes, three tires.

Last Thursday night, Buttermilk had a rear flat tire, Friday morning, Buttermilk had a front flat tire, and our van, Van Morrison, had a flat—when John arrived to work his last (hopefully not) day.

Since Tony was gone, I asked Ben and Aaron to please help me set up the sawhorses, get a table for the chop saw, bring the chop saw, air compressor, extension cords, etc. And, they did.

When I was ready to go to work, I saw them watching me, so I invited them to help me—if they wanted to. Suddenly, I was without a job! Aaron jumped into the Space Ship to measure and use the nail gun, and Ben then became the official ‘wood chopper’ and they went to work fast! I wanted to help, so I became their official ‘gopher girl’—go get this, go get that. It was fun.

In no time flat, one wall after another, went from ugly to beautiful! I wanted the Space Ship to look like a cabin inside, so I bought 1x4’ s and asked them to stack them, so as to sorta look like logs. Ben and Aaron, both being Aquarians (Cardinal signs, too) thought I was crazy, because each of them, had their own ideas, as how it should be done. Here are a few before pictures I took of them—doing it my way.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Tired Of This!

Yesterday, Tony and I were over at the Lodge, and I challenged Kinky to a game of pool. And, it was a short one. The Hummingbird Man—1 Cousin Nancy—0! It didn’t bother me—I always lose.

Kinky then challenged Tony to a game. And, it was a short one, too. The Medina Bulldog—1. The Hummingbird Man—0! I love it! The Medina Bulldog rules!

Yesterday afternoon, I showed Ben the Vita-Mix video and their cook book. After looking at the recipe book, Ben and I decided to try their recipe for blueberry ice cream, which only takes two minutes to make. We used organic blueberries, organic sugar, organic vanilla extract and organic 2% milk! In less than two minutes, we were eating the best ice cream on this planet! It blew Ben away—he's going to buy one!

This morning, Kinky called and he left this message on our machine, “Nance, I’ve got a flat tire on the Navigator. Could you please find Ben, and bring him over here, to help me change it, before it gets too hot? Brian Kanof is here, and he said he would help, too. Call me, please. Thank you, very much.”

In ten minutes, Ben, Tony and I were over at the Lodge. Brian and Kinky were outside staring at the dead, deflated tire. “Kinky’s jack is broken,” Brian stated. “Do y’all have one?”

“Yes,” Ben said, as he pulled the jack out of the back of Trigger. It took Ben less than five minutes to remove the airless tire, and replace it with a donut! Mission accomplished. Before leaving the Lodge, Tony and I volunteered to take Kinky’s tire to Kerrville with us, to get it fixed at WalMart—while we shopped.

After we had dropped the tire off at WalMart’s Tire department, we pulled out our cell phones and turned them on, so that we could call each other, after we were through shopping—so we could meet up. Then we grabbed our carts, and took off in different directions.

I filled my cart up with charmingly cheap stuff for The Space Ship, which will soon be completely solar and off the grid! I piled these items into my basket: a complete service for four blue stoneware dishes (made in China—that were on sale for only $9.00—which I'll now refer to as—my fine china), flatware, that left me flat, an olive green Coleman camp stove, which doesn’t go with my color scheme at all, two solar lanterns, blue-striped dish towels, blue cloth napkins, an enameled blue camp coffee pot, blue pot holders, blue can opener, off white dish drainer, a pack of two dark green propane bottles, and four cobalt blue drinking glasses, a small wooden cutting board and a box of my favorite wine—Chillable Red! I then called Tony to tell him that I was done shopping, so we met up at the checkout counter, to check out our many priceless treasures!

After we loaded up the back end of Trigger, Tony went back inside the store to get Kinky’s tire. I didn’t go, because I was too tired. As Tony was putting the tire into to the back of the truck, I phoned Kinky and got his machine. “Kinky, we got your tire fixed. It only cost nine dollars and fifty cents.”

“It cost fifty dollars!” Tony said.

“What? Fifty dollars?” I asked, in shock! "Oh my gosh!"

Tony started laughing. “I’m just kidding you, Nance.” Then he started laughing, again.

“Tony was kidding me,” I said to Kinky’s answering machine. “It’s only nine dollars and fifty cents.” Then I hung up.

We then went to Home Depot, so I could charge some lumber and nails to my account—for the Space Ship. Then we came home.

After unpacking Trigger, we drove over to the Lodge, and the three of us watched, as Ben tirelessly replaced the donut tire with Kinky’s now air-filled tire. Kinky then invited us in for a visit, but we declined, because we were too tired.

P.S. Tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot, I plan to start renovating my Space Ship! I know how to use our chop saw and nail gun, and I can't wait! I will write more, tomorrow—I'm too tired to blog one more word.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Never Say Goodbye!

Yesterday was a blast, even though it was a bit crazy! At one o’clock, John and Aaron arrived with my newest toy—a 1984 Nomad travel trailer, that a friend of ours, in Medina, had given to me! I have always wanted a guest (house) trailer, and now I have one!

I love that it is a Nomad, too! I told Ben, John, Aaron and Tony, “I know what the word nomad means, but my, soon to be beautiful, travel trailer, the word Nomad will stand for—no mad people are welcome to stay in it—only happy people are welcomed—No Mad.

It is in pretty good shape, and I plan on fixing it up, in my spare time—this Fall! I plan to paint it, redo the walls and floor, etc. I love decorating, and my new / old travel trailer, which I have named The Space Ship—will be a blast to fix up! I can’t wait to get started!

After The Space Ship arrived, I decided to give John Kemmerly an official going away party—even though we are sick about him leaving us. On July 1st, John told us that he was moving on—to Port Aransas. I could just kick myself now, for taking him down there, on Halloween last year!

Tony and I took him, as a bribe to stay with us longer, but it back fired. He fell in love with the town, and made fast friends, with our great friends, Rick, Pete and Kelly!

John’s going away party was planned to start at 5:30, at Jazz, in Kerrville, and I had made reservations. We invited our friends, Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller, Maribeth, Drew and Renee, Ben and Cindy, who all think the world of John.

Around, two o’clock, Ben B. showed up to officially adopt Princess! A few days ago, he had come over with his friends, Ben and Stevie, to check out our dogs, and by the end of his visit, he had picked Princess to be his dog! She is a wonderfully, sweet dog, and she couldn’t wait to jump inside Ben’s truck to start her new life. Yeah, another great adoption!

At 4:50, Ben Welch arrived out here, and the three of us took off for Kerrville, allowing us plenty of time to get there. After driving about seven miles, there was a road block—a big eighteen wheeler was stuck on top of the pass, and it had also run out of diesel! So, we had to turn Buttermilk around, and took another route, which added an additional twenty miles to our trip!

At 5:30, still twenty something miles away, Tony suggested that I call Drew to let everyone know that we were running late. So, I did. “I love throwing a party and not being there,” I said to Tony and Ben, as Tony drove faster than he has ever driven—which was actually the speed limit—65 mph!

We arrived at Jazz, at ten minutes till six, the party had already started without us! Everyone was there, having a great time, except Cindy, who was unable to make the party, because she was working on a deadline, for her upcoming documentary. As soon as we sat down, the appetizers were served and the laughter was non-stop!

At one point, Drew told us a funny, personal story, and he had everyone rolling on the floor with laughter! Our meals were delicious, but it was extremely hard to eat them, because of the constant laughing. Our waiter, Steve, was great, too.

The going away party for John was so much fun! Everyone seemed to have had a great time. The only sad part about it was—John is going away. We love him so much—he will be greatly missed—he is family. There is so much more, that I could say about what a great man John is, but I can’t because it will make me cry. And today, I am not going to say goodbye to John, because Tony, Ben, Aaron, Carol, June, Ellen, Charlie and Ellen, Maribeth, Kinky, Jon and Sandy, Cindy, Goat, Brian, Drew and Renee and I are all hoping that John will eventually come back home.

Here is a picture of The Space Ship, before I start renovating it, and turn it into—an out of this world—piece of art. And, yes—pink paint will be included on the pallet!