Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Episode 24: Down Under! or Digging Up Bones!

In this entertaining podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing our dear friends, Lyle & Roxanne,  who are retired gave diggers. Grave digging is a very serious subject for this couple, so I tried to keep it light with their best upbeat stories only.

During this podcast Lyle & his beautiful wife traded some funny jokes with me and we also talked about their mutual love of dogs, love of all animals, Roxanne's & Lyle's beloved dog Cooper, who they had rescued from a shelter, then fostered and then adopted. Seriously Cooper now has it made in the shade.

So pop a top off of your favorite beer or favorite beverage and then kick back and enjoy listening to another fun interview.

Here are pictures of Lyle & Roxanne doing the podcast with me that Tony took and a before and after pictures of sweet, beautiful Cooper.

To listen to this podcast please click here.

Thank y'all for listening and keep on laughing!

Friday, October 14, 2022

Episode 22: Full Of Gas! or One Amazing Man!

I have had a blast doing this podcast: Full of Gas that was filmed entirely at Ben Silva's gas station in Staples, Texas! This super entertaining film was written and directed by my new, dear friend Dave Crowe

It was produced by Dean Reading and Tony's and my good friend, Gerry Olert, was the director of photography. And I do want to thank Gerry for showing me Full of Gas and for recommending that I do a podcast with Dave Crowe to discuss the making of his fabulous movie.

The talented principle actors in this humorous film are:
Dave Crowe
George Streib
Jeff Hardwick 
Andy Andersen

And the also talented supporting actors are:
Weldon Oliver
Karlin Clark
Ron Clark

Music by:
Rodney Joe Smith
Chris Burns

Catering by Brick And Blossom

Location Manager
Paul Castillo

Horse Wrangler
George Streib

Gerry Olert

Left to right: Dave Crowe and Weldon Oliver

The pict above ↑ and below↓ shows Gerry Olert setting up his cameras.

In 2000, Dave Crowe was in the famous movie Jericho which was filmed at Alamo Village, Brackettville, Texas. He had seven minutes on screen and had over 20 lines. And here are a few pictures of him in this film.

And here is a more recent photo of Dave Crowe.

And here is a photo of "Marshall" Dave Crowe taken at the Alamo Village, Brackettville, Texas.

Dave Crowe is one extremely interesting character. In fact, I could have spent a few more hours interviewing Dave Crowe about his life. So Dave has promised me to do another podcast with me when he releases his latest film Full Of Gas.

Besides being a film actor in many, many movies, a cowboy poet, an author of 9 books with more to come, he is a real ordained minister, animal lover, screenplay writer, story teller, film producer, a film director, speaker, etc., because his long list of his accomplishments never ends. Seriously, Dave is one highly intelligent, super talented or better said—"One amazing man!

After Tony took this photo of me with Dave Crowe and Gerry Olert—Dave gave me a signed copy of his book Cowboyin': Cowboy Poetry, Short Stories and a lot of other stuff.

And you can find his books on Amazon and at our dear friend, Nancy Harvey's storeSpirits Of Texas, at 1107 Cypress Street, in Bandera, Texas. And here are a few more titles of his awesome books to look for:

Ridin' Life's Many Trails
A Tale of Early Texas: Chanlers Crossing
Texas Hill Country Sage: Hank
The Adventure of Billy Joe McLister

If you would like to listen to this podcast please click here or click on the sidebar near the top of this page. And before I go please always Remember The Alamo! And please always remember my favorite quote that I came up with: "Life is short and so am I."

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Episode 21: Garrison Mulemanship & Training! or Mules Rule!

 Today has been great and I absolutely loved interviewing Paul & Alejandra Garrison

In this fun episode I had a wonderful time interviewing this famous couple, Paul Garrison and his beautiful wife, Alejandra, who work as individuals or as a team training mules and their people. In other words, or their words to be exact:

"Mule school for the mule and his/her human. Offering training for the mule and the human in order for them to have a more harmonious relationship!"

Tony has known his good friend, Paul Garrison, since they were kids going to school, in Medina. Paul & Alejandra are professional mule/people trainers and they are known worldwide for their outstanding skills and knowledge of training mules and teaching "mule-people" everything that there is to know concerning mules.

Paul and Alejandra have and will travel worldwide doing clinics for groups of mule lovers and by appointment only people can bring this couple their mules for some one-on-one instructions and Alejandra & Paul will also travel to help individuals learn mulemanship and the art of training these magnificent animals.

For more information please check them out on Garrison Mulemanship & Training on FaceBook.

Or watch them on the Texas Country Reporter here.

To listen to this podcast please CLICK HERE or on The Cousin Nancy Show located near the top of the sidebar.

After doing the super fun and interesting podcast we went outside before they left and posed for Tony.

Before I go I want to thank the Garrison's for doing the podcast with me today. And lastly, please never forget my favorite quote: Life is short and so am I!

Y'all take care and keep on laughing! Mules Rule!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Episode: 20: Heart Cycles!

I had a blast doing this podcast yesterday. In this super fun and interesting podcast I interviewed Tony's and my dear friends Jay Pennington and Gerry Olert of Olert & Pennington Productions about their latest award-winning feature film Heart Cycles. And please note Gerry is on the left and Jay is on the right side of the photo.

Jay and Gerry are known for making fabulous films on shoestring budgets that are high quality films that win many awards. In fact, last year I actually played a small part acting like a crazy, old woman who spends most of her time stacking rocks when not worrying about her outlaw son— in Vinegar To Honey soon to be released.

In this episode, between my corny jokes, my friends discuss their backgrounds, how they met and how they work so well together. And they also talked about the multi-talented actors/actresses and the awesome music score that has made Heart Cycles a must-see feature film.

Also after I told a corny joke about a pony I reminded Jay about the two of us both getting pictures taken of us on the same pony even though Jay's photo was taken in his front yard, in San Antonio and mine was taken in my front yard, in Fort Worth. I guess you could say at the time, "It was a small world for a small pony."

To listen to this podcast please CLICK HERE or near the top of the sidebar on the left. And please always remember my favorite quote, "Life is short and so am I!" 

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!

P.S. Please check out Jay and Gerry on Facebook, too! And please give Heart Cycles a review on Instagram and Twitter, etc.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Episode 19: Remembering The Alamo With Fourth Coates! or Duck And Cover!

Today has been a blast, because I was lucky enough to interview my and Tony's dear friend Fourth Coates. And you can see why we love Fourth so much by listening to this entertaining interview with Fourth telling one funny story after another. And with me often cutting in to tell a few jokes.

Fourth kept Tony and I laughing with his hilarious stories about growing up on a ranch, in South Texas.

To listen to my Episode 19th podcast: Remembering The Alamo With Fourth Coates please Click Here or up on the sidebar—The Cousin Nancy Show.

Thank y'all for listening and take care and keep on laughing!

9/4/2022 Update:

Here is a photo of Fourth's 4th grade class that "Saw the bomb and lived to tell about it!" And please note that Fourth is standing top row left of George.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Episode 18: The Phill Brush Interview!

I had such a great time doing my 18th podcast with Tony's and my dear friend, singer/songwriter Phill Brush. Tony and I have known Phill for over 20 years and he is one super talented man.

In this fun to listen to podcast Phill and I talked about many subjects including his valuable work volunteering, at Kinky Friedman's and his sister Marcie Friedman's Echo Hill Gold Star Camp.  And I gave a Cousin Boomer update and Phill and I traded a few good jokes.

Phill sang us three beautiful songs that he has written and he talked about the Western Express Band's new CD that is being released next week. And to find out more about Phill Brush and the Western Express band please click here.

To listen to The Cousin Nancy Show's 18th podcast please click here or on the upper left sidebar.

Here are some upcoming August play dates for the Western Express Band:

July 31  Austin TX  Guero's Taco Bar

August 3  Bertram, TX  The Globe Theatre

August 4  Austin, TX   Broken Spoke

August 5  Austin, TX  Sam's Town Point

August 6  Kerrville, TX  Trailhead Beer Garden

August 7  Helotes, TX  John T. Floore's Country Store

August 17  Austin, TX   Broken Spoke

And Bluegrass every Saturday (in the summer) Jester King in Dripping Springs, TX

To find out more information on Phill Brush and his music please check him out on Facebook and Spotify!

Thank y'all for listening to my podcasts. Take care and keep on laughing!

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Episode 17: Boone Holding! or Whosboone.com!

Omg, last Tuesday was more than a blast for me, because I did a super-fun podcast with our dear friend, Boone Holding. And we recorded the podcast live at, The Last Resort (aka my kitchen) studio, located on Big Foot Ranch. And Tony & Henry Standing Bear (our awesome Lab/Great Pyrenees mix) were our attentive audience.

During the interview we talked about Boone's popular podcast "More Than The Music," which he has done over 100 podcasts compared to my 17 podcasts. 

In his "More Than The Music" podcast, Boone Holding explores being a Hippie Cowboy in the Texas Hill Country. He also interviews Texas artist and discusses being a growing artist himself. And his "More Than The Music" podcast is available on Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

Boone played his guitar and sang us three of his songs that he has written and we loved each and everyone of them. Boone told us that his latest song Cornfield High, which is one of our favorites, is now available to listen to on Spotify! So please check it out and give it a thumbs up.

Boone Holding loves writing songs and performing them and he told me that he is already playing over 100 gigs a year all over the country. And I love Boone's quote, "I'd die on my feet, before I'd live on my knees. I guess that's the Hippie half of the cowboy in me."

During the podcast I did a Cousin Boomer update and we told a few jokes. Then we talked about Boone performing regularly, at the River Oaks Court and Escondida Resort & Spa, both located in Medina. 

Then we talked about him being a radio host and performing for KFAN Texas Rebel Radio 107.9 FM and other radio shows. And here are a couple of pictures that Tony took a few weeks ago of Boone playing, at Medina's popular River Oaks Court's Social Club. And needless to say—"Boone owned that audience and no one wanted him to quit singing."

Boone and I also talked about his beautiful family and the benefits about him and his lovely wife Liz home-schooling their super-cool kids. And their garden, chickens, etc.

Anyway, Tony and I love Boone Holding and his family. And to find out more about this talented singer/songwriter, musician, podcaster, family man, radio host, gardner, chicken farmer etc. this is his website:
(Where you can also check out his podcast and his fabulous music, etc.)

And to listen to Boone Holding, on The Cousin Nancy Show click here or click on the sidebar, 2nd from the top—The Cousin Nancy Show.

Before I go I want to thank Boone for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do the podcast with me. And to also thank Henry Standing Bear for not barking once during the interview even though he kept passing gas.

And lastly, please always remember my favorite quote: "Life is short and so am I!"

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!