Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The past few days have almost been great. As y'all already know this is my most busiest time of the year and the last thing that I need to happen during this holiday season is to add one more thing for me to do each day.

First, let me make it perfectly clear that I do love the holiday season even though I know that it is and always will be stressful. Anyway this last Sunday, when Tony and I went to, Kerrville, to run a few errands he discovered that we had accidentally dressed alike, again.

No, we were not wearing our favorite blue, plaid, flannel shirts—we were wearing our matching red, blue and green plaid, flannel shirts that we had bought at Walmart. I thought it was pretty funny and it made me laugh out loud, but Tony didn't see it my way.

In fact, he was so embarrassed about us dressing alike, he suggested that we keep a safe distance between us, in case we ran into any of our friends. "Let's turn our iPhones on and use them to find each other when we're done shopping," he suggested. "And from now on until Spring arrives I think it would be a good idea for us to check with each other, first thing in the mornings, to make sure that we're not dressed alike. And, I hope that we don't run into Jim (The Mineral Man"), at H-E-B."

I knew that Tony was serious about this, so I turned my head and pretended to be looking out the window, so he couldn't see me silently laughing. Anyway, because I could not resist it, I said (joked) in my most serious voice, "Okay, Tone. But it would be much easier if we just start dressing alike all of the time. Then we could become famous, in Kerrville." Then I heard the uncomfortable sound of silence for several seconds.

"Yeah," he sort of growled. "We could become the town's joke. Just like that crazy, old woman that runs around H-E-B wearing that big red hat, black leotards and a red sweater that shows her butt every time that she bends over."

"It would be fun," I egged him on."Or that woman that rides that bicycle, all over town, singing at the top of her lungs, Bring In The Clowns. Tony, people love her and they stop and take pictures of her. I think the Kerrverts would love it if we always dressed alike. They would think that we are that cute, old, odd couple that always wear matching outfits. And, I am sure that they would stop and take selfies with us."

Tony said nothing. So I added, "Tony, I am just teasing you. I'm fine," I lied. "About us, during the Fall and Winter months, color-coordinating our wardrobes to make fashion statements, in Kerrville."

And the bottom line to this story is: Thanks to Tony, I now have one more thing for me to do every morning. Anyway, since then, Tony is now leaving me a note, on the breakfast bar, before going to the Old Timer, in Medina, just to let me know which flannel shirt he is wearing, so I won't be dressing like him.

And to change the subject, last Friday afternoon, I had So Fast Printing, make me two posters of that painting that I did for my sister Cindy's 70th birthday. And they did a fabulous job and so did River Oaks Framing. And later that afternoon, Tony hung it up for me, above our entertainment center, in the big room. And please note that River Oaks Framing were temporarily out of that red metal frame and the matte color, I chose for Cindy and this is my Plan B.

And to change the subject one more time, before I finish writing this and post it tonight, our friend  Aaron came out to help Tony this morning and he only worked a few hours. Anyway after working, we invited him to stay and eat lunch with us. 

After lunch, I was joking with him about the downsides of being my age, because I am about twenty-four-years-older than him. And to make a point, I told him about me recently discovering that I am Moccasin-Challenged and the difficult time that I've had trying to understand the directions. 

Then I showed Aaron my moccasin kit and the chewed up, piece of leather, compliments of Little Debbie and Big Al(ice). And the next thing you know, Aaron had volunteered to make my moccasins for me. And it only took him about forty-five minutes to finish them.  

The whole time that Aaron was working on my moccasins we laughed and joked about Tony and me spending over an hour trying to remove the glued on comfort cushion, it had recommended for kids 3+ in age and the choking warning. And them being one-of-a-kind moccasins, because of Little Debbie and Big Al(ice)'s contributions

And please notice that the one flawed moccasin below, in the background, has about two inches of the upper leather strap missing, because it should have gone all of the way to the top of the tongue piece. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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