Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Episode 21: Garrison Mulemanship & Training! or Mules Rule!

 Today has been great and I absolutely loved interviewing Paul & Alejandra Garrison

In this fun episode I had a wonderful time interviewing this famous couple, Paul Garrison and his beautiful wife, Alejandra, who work as individuals or as a team training mules and their people. In other words, or their words to be exact:

"Mule school for the mule and his/her human. Offering training for the mule and the human in order for them to have a more harmonious relationship!"

Tony has known his good friend, Paul Garrison, since they were kids going to school, in Medina. Paul & Alejandra are professional mule/people trainers and they are known worldwide for their outstanding skills and knowledge of training mules and teaching "mule-people" everything that there is to know concerning mules.

Paul and Alejandra have and will travel worldwide doing clinics for groups of mule lovers and by appointment only people can bring this couple their mules for some one-on-one instructions and Alejandra & Paul will also travel to help individuals learn mulemanship and the art of training these magnificent animals.

For more information please check them out on Garrison Mulemanship & Training on FaceBook.

Or watch them on the Texas Country Reporter here.

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After doing the super fun and interesting podcast we went outside before they left and posed for Tony.

Before I go I want to thank the Garrison's for doing the podcast with me today. And lastly, please never forget my favorite quote: Life is short and so am I!

Y'all take care and keep on laughing! Mules Rule!