Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Arts & Entertainment Channel!

Warning! This is another long one!

Tony and I arrived at the Cowboy Steak House, around a quarter till seven. Kinky was standing outside, talking to Rambam. We visited with them for a few minutes, and then the four of us went inside—to the bar, to visit with Sage and Dylan Ferrero, Copper Love, and to meet John Mankieiwicz!

After the handshakes, hugs and howdy doody's, I went back to the bar to visit with Copper. "Hello, Cousin Nancy," a woman said, sitting next to Copper. I knew the face, but I couldn't remember her name, then the man sitting next to the woman greeted me, too!

I said hello to them, and then Copper and I visited for a few minutes. Then I went back over to Tony, tugged on his sleeve and whispered, "Tony, who are those two people sitting next to Copper? They said hello to me, and I know we know them. And, they called me Cousin Nancy, too."

Tony looked over to see. "That's Randy and Lisa, Nance." I was so embarrassed! I love those two people. I then went back to where they were seated, and apologized to them for not recognizing them. They laughed about it, and we had a short visit.

Then John enters the bar, and Kinky introduces me to his friend, John! After handshakes, Kinky says, "John, Cousin Nancy is a writer, too, and she has a very popular blog, with a ton of fans."

"I know," John said. "I have read it." Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe my ears, and I was scared that my head was fixin' to swell, because this famous, great writer actually had read my blog! I was on cloud nine! I couldn't wait to tell Tone, so I took off!

"Tony! John Mankieiwicz has read my blog! He told me so! He was a writer for the popular television series, 'House,' during its first two years on the air! He has also written tons of articles for big named magazines, Playboy, Rolling Stone, and newspapers, etc.—that man knows how to write! I can't believe he has read my blog!" Tone was thrilled for me.

Then Abel, Rosie and Laura entered the bar, and there were more handshakes, hugs and howdy doody's. After a brief visit with them, Linda, another famous NoMad, enters the bar, and walks right up to T. and me, and catches us up on the NoMads latest dog agility victories! Then she left us, because she had to get back to work at the steak house. Then Kinky walks over to Tony and me.

"Nance, everyone has arrived. Linda told me that our table is ready. Would you and Tony go check it out in advance, while I roundup everybody?" Tony and I left the bar. Linda saw us, and showed us to our table.

Tony and I couldn't figure out where we should sit, so we finally sat down near the middle of the table—across from each other. In no time at all, everyone was seated at the table, and the fun began! The food was great, and so were the conversations!

My favorite part was listening to Kinky, John and Dylan talk about the past they had shared. They were backstage at 'The Last Waltz' concert at Winterland, and they told us some hilarious backstage stories, about their friends Mike Bloomfield, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Dr. John, Neil Young, etc.! I didn't want the evening to end, but unfortunately it did, and Trigger took Tony and me home.

This morning, I changed things up! While Aaron fed the dogs and cleaned their pens, Tony and I went to Randy and Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant for breakfast! And, yes it was delicious, too!

When we returned to the rescue ranch, I called Kinky to let him know we were back at the ranch, because John had wanted to come over to see our rescue ranch—he loves dogs, too! Needless to say—we gave him 'The Grand Tour!' John wanted to see our dogs first, so we took him to every pen to meet our dogs. He petted them and took many pictures of them. When he met David Beckham, our soccer playing wild hog, he must have shot him at least fifty times!

After the meet and greet with our dogs and pig, we took John into The Space Ship, and then went into Outer Space! Kinky and John swapped more old stories about their famous friends, and there was much laughter. Before they left, I gave John a tour of the trailer and my writing cabin! John liked them—especially my plastic garden tub!

After lunch, Kinky called to invite us to come over to the Lodge. "Nance, tell Tone, that last night, John beat me twice in pool. I want Tony to win back the title." Seven minutes later, Tony and I were at the Lodge—Copper, Sage and Dylan were there! "John," Kinky said. "I want you to play a game of pool with The Medina Bulldog."

Before the game commenced, John was given the pool playing name, 'The California Kid.' As John and Tony took turns sinking balls into the pockets, Copper and Kinky came up with a new name for John—The California Wussie, because of his finese with each of his shots. John liked it, and laughed, and then he added Mr. to his new moniker, and then sank the eight ball. Mr. California Wussie -1, Medina Bulldog -0.

After Tone's tragic loss, Kinky got out of his chair, went to the bookcase and grabbed something. "I want to give Mr. California Wussie a trophy for beating Tony and me in pool. Nance, grab your camera and let's all go outside for the award presentation." As we left the Lodge, everyone was laughing at the 'pool' trophy that Kinky had chosen.

Once outside, we decided to shoot a video of the event, for my blog. When everyone had taken their positions over by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard—I turned on the camera and the rest is history!

Before you watch the video clip, I need to tell you that John came to visit Kinky, because he is the writer for a new A & E television series—about Kinky's mystery novels! I can't wait for it to air! And, I wonder what actor is going to play the Kinkster! Here is a picture of John, after receiving his 'pool' trophy! I have posted 'The Pool Award' on the side bar and below, and I must apologize in advance for the shakiness in the video clip— I was laughing way too hard!

The Pool Award

Happy Birthday, again Fay! Y'all have a great evening!

Happy Birthday—Fay!

I want to wish my dear friend, Fay, who I have not yet met in person, who lives up in Toronto, and who adopted one of our biggest dogs—Kris Kristofferson—a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Fay! Happy Birthday to you! You're what makes Canada Rock!

I hope that you have the best birthday ever! We love you!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guess Who Came To Dinner!

Today was a great day! I walked another eight fast miles this morning! Linda T. came down, and she and Aaron walked our dogs all day long! Thank you Linda and Aaron—our dogs loved it and so do we!

This evening, Trigger took Tone and me to Kerrville, so we could have dinner, at the Cowboy Steak House, with his great friends, and a very famous writer from Hollywood, California—that he wanted all of us to meet! I got to sit next to him!

It's pretty late now, and past my bedtime, so I will write about it tomorrow! Sorry Mari, but congratulations to all of the NoMads—who have been driving cross country, with their super agility trained dogs—and winning big time events! Y'all Really Rock! Linda told me all about it tonight, as we waited for our table for eleven!

Y'all have a great evening! I did!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, At Least I Am Consistent!

This morning I walked eight fast miles! After returning e-mails and phone calls—I made lunch We had homemade chicken salad, and zucchini with mushrooms soup—and it was delicious!

This afternoon, around four o'clock, I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. Tony dropped me off, at the Lodge, because he needed to use Trigger. Unfortunately, Buttermilk is still in a semi-coma, because she needs a new fuel filter.

Kinky, Ben and I visited in the kitchen, and we did a lot of laughing! Then Ben needed to leave, so he and Valerie and Penny, his two rescued Pit Bulls, loaded up, and they took off to go visit his parents—Karen and Rob, in Mason. Kinky was waiting to do a telephone interview, so he invited me to play a game of pool with him. It was a fast game. Hummingbird Man - 1, Cousin Nancy -0. Then Tony arrived at the Lodge, and Kinky took off to go answer his phone in his office.

While Kinky did his interview, Tone and I played a game of pool. It was a fast game, too. Medina Bulldog - 1, Cousin Nancy-0. I was defintely on a roll—a losing roll, to be exact. "Well, at least I am consistent," I said, in defense, after Tony had teased me.

When Kinky finished his phone interview, he challenged Tony to a game of pool, while we all waited for Rambam to arrive at the ranch. Steve was coming out with his girlfriend—to visit Kinky, and we were all looking forward to seeing them.

Tony grabbed a pool stick, broke the balls, and then sank three solids in a row. Kinky sank one stripe and then he missed. Tony then sank another solid. "I'm going to so something that most people wouldn't ever do," Kinky said, as he hit the cue ball really hard into the cluster of brightly colored balls, resting down at the end of the pool table. The balls took off in many directions, but not a one of them sank into a pocket—except, at the very last moment, after the balls had stilled—the eight ball slowly rolled and dropped into the side poctket! Medina Bulldog-1, The Hummingbird Man-Zip! I loved it, and the three of us had a good laugh about it!

Rambam was running late, so Kinky, T. and I went out to the picnic table to visit with The Friedmans. Twenty minutes later, Tony and I said goodbye to Kinky, and then left the Lodge. Over the river and through the woods—we saw Steve and his girlfriend swimming, and wildly waving at us! We drove over to them, and invited them to come over to the rescue ranch.

Five minutes later, the four of us were in Outer Space catching up with each other's news, and it was a fun time. An hour and a half later, they left the rescue ranch to go see Kinky.

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cousin Nancy Unplugged!

Tonight's blog is going to be short, because it is raining, and thundering outside! And as y'all know—I unplug during storms.

This morning, I only walked five fast miles with Leslie, because I had a lot of paperwork to do, and several phone calls to return—and that is my excuse! Today, Ben came down from Austin to work at the rescue ranch, and he brought me two presents— a brick of Miles of Chocolate, and a new Miles of Chocolate cap! I told him that I would only wear it for special occasions! Thank you, Ben, I really love my new cap, and I can never get enough of y'all's chocolate!

I saw Kinky this morning and we had a short vistit. He is all pumped up about our upcoming event out here.

It just thundered, and four seconds later—one one hundred, two one hundred, three one hundred and four one hundred—it just lightened, again! Yikes!

Today was a great day for me, until Tony informed me about a news cast that he caught, that said—Texas is the number one state, in the nation— for fat people! And that really depressed me, even though I am no longer bigger than a barn, and now the size of a trailer closet.

Okay, it just thundered again, so I must go unplug! I'm outta here!

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Animals Rule And People Drool!

Yesterday, my good friend, Garnet called me. She wanted to know if she, and her husband, Sandy, could come out today, with their granddaughter, Erin—to show them our rescue ranch, and to hand out dog biscuits. Of course, my answer was yes!

This morning around ten-fifteen, as I was finishing up my eight mile walk with Les—Garnet and Sandy arrived with their granddaughter! Tony went out to greet them, as I did the closing stretching exercises with Leslie. Then I jumped into the shower! Fifteen minutes later, I went out to my writing cabin, where they were visiting with Tony, to welcome them to the rescue ranch! I love Sandy and Garnet—they are good people!

After introductions, I invited everyone to go into Outer Space with Tone and me, so I could visit with them. "Erin is eleven years old, and she wants to be a veterinarian," Garnet bragged. "Her mom is a people doctor, and Erin wants to be an animal doctor!"

"Erin, that is fantastic!" I said. "Personally, I think Animals Rule and People Drool! Don't you?" Erin smiled. I had a great time visiting with Sandy and his better half, and there was much to laugh about. We talked about the joys of getting old, digital cameras, their dogs, the friends that we share, and the importance of backing up our computers regularly.

Sandy told me that after he had accidentally deleted, and lost some of Garnet's favorite pictures, and her Christmas card list with addresses—he now has three external hard drives, on his computer, and a flash drive—with all of Garnet's stuff on it—just in case! I couldn't help but laugh, because I know what it is like losing your Christmas card list! Been there, done that and I no longer send out cards.

While we visited, Erin played with our old timers, and our dogs were in love with her! Then Lucky meowed, and our dogs were history! He was on our porch, and Erin left Outer Space to go pet him. Luck-a-Luck is not much of a people person, and I was shocked when he let her pick him up, and carry him into Outer Space! And, I could tell that he really liked her and all of the attention that she was giving him. Erin Rocks, and she will definitely be a great vet someday soon!

I was so impressed with Erin, I gave her a signed copy of my book. Then when Garnet told me that she loved Kinky's book, "The Christmas Pig"— I gave her a copy of the German artwork for the cover, for the German version of 'The Christmas Pig.' Garnet was delighted, and loved the artwork!

After a fun visit, we went over to the Lodge, so Erin could meet Kinky, and get her picture taken with him, and Garnet could get him to sign her artwork. As always, Kinky was gracious, he signed the artwork, and then let them shoot him—several times! Then I shot all of them! I love shooting people! Here are a few of my better shots:

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Need To Talk To You!

I hope that all of y'all had a great weekend! Yesterday, after walking another eight fast miles, with Leslie, I spent most of my day off— working inside my writing cabin. I finished refinishing the floor, and then I feng shuied it, and it looks so beautiful! I love my writing cabin—it's a feel good place for me!

This morning, after walking another eight fast miles—Kinky called. He invited me to come over, but I couldn't because I had business to take care of. Then Tony comes inside the trailer, to tell me that Buttermilk is sick, again! "She won't start up. It's not the battery, it comes on when I turn the key. She tries to start, but the engine won't kick in. It's like she is not getting any gas. We just filled her up a few days ago. I don't know what's the matter with her." That was news—that I didn't want to hear.

"She's just old, like you and me," I said, trying to be positive. Then I went back to doing my paperwork. At eleven-forty-six, the phone rang, and I let Carlton take the call—I was busy. "Nancy, this is Sandy. Y'all need to come see us. And, tell Tony that we are glad that he didn't get hit by that crazy motorcyclist. Bye."

At one fifteen, Trigger, Tony and I left the rescue ranch—headed to Wolfmuellers Books. When we walked inside the bookstore, Sandy greeted us! Their store was filled with customers. We had a fun visit, and just as we were leaving, Sandy picked up a brochure and handed it to me. "Have y'all been to the Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show, across the street, at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center?"

"No," I said. "A gourd show?"

"Yes, it is unbelievable!" Sandy replied. "Y'all have got to go see it! Go check it out now." Tony and I did as we were told. We left Wolfmueller's Books, crossed the street and entered the building hosting the gourd show.

Oh my gosh—I was blown away with the beautiful gourds and so was Tony! I couldn't believe they were gourds! We're talkin' beautiful pots and whimsical art! By the time Tone and I had admired every piece—I was in love with gourds, and wanted to try my hand, at making one! Then we left. "Tony, I wonder if I can use a watermelon or one of our future pumpkins?" I said, as we crossed the street. Tone just looked at me and smiled.

"Hi Sandy and Jon!" I said, as we walked inside. "We loved that gourd show, and thank you for telling us about it! Those gourds were awesome! I want to make one. Do y'all have any books on gourd making?"

"Follow me," Sandy said. I did as I was told. We went into their office, and Sandy handed me a copy of, 'The Gourd Book." Here, we just got these in. Take it." I took it, after Sandy had shown me some very interesting pictures of gourds.

Then we went back to the front of the store, where Jon and Tony were visiting at the checkout counter. And, that's when I saw some J. Frank Dobie books on sale! I couldn't resist! I love J. Frank! I grabbed all three of his books, plus another book that Sandy recommended for us to read, about Big Foot Wallace, who T. is related to! After a fun, but short visit, because they were busy with customers, we left their store and came back home.

Kinky had called twice, when I checked the answering machine, so I called him. "Nance, can you come over? I need to talk to you!"

Three minutes later, after going over the river and through the woods—I was at the Lodge. Kinky greeted me at the gate, along with the Friedmans. I was so glad to see Chumley back at the ranch. Kinky had picked him up early this morning, and his tail was wagging wildly! He was glad to be home!

Kinky and I had a fun visit. We talked about the upcoming event with Jerry Jeff and Ramblin Jack, some ranch business, self publishing, and a few other current topics. Two and a half hours later, Trigger returned me to the rescue ranch.

Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Party?

I know this is the Memorial Day Weekend, but I single handedly turned it into Labor Day for me! This morning, after drinking breakfast—I walked four fast miles, then the phone rang. My good friend, Larry P. called, to tell me that Rich, my late husband's son, my step son, had passed away. He had been in a motorcycle accident. He was forty-three. My heart sank with Larry's sad news, and tears filled my eyes, as we talked about Richie.

Richie and I held each other together after Jim's passing, over fourteen years ago, but over time, we lost contact with each other. I just want to say that Richie was a good man—God bless you, Rich Parker.

After crying and telling Tony, I said a few prayers, wiped my eyes dry, and then walked another fast four miles with Leslie, as I thought about the good times that I had shared with Rich.

At ten minutes till eleven, Dr. Rydberg called and left a message on the machine about Chumley. "...He's going to be fine, but I want to keep him for a few more days." Seconds later, Kinky called me to check on Chum Bum.

After telling him about Chumley, he was relieved, and then he told me that he had talked on the phone to Val Kilmer last night! "He's running for governor in New Mexico, Nance."

"What party?" I asked.

"Democratic," Kinky said. We talked for a few minutes, and then we said our goodbyes. A few minutes later, I fixed lunch. Tone and I had leftovers for lunch—chicken salad and soup, again, and it was still delicious! Following lunch, after cleaning up the kitchen, I went out to my writing cabin to refinish the floor and Tony took off for Medina, to get some things from the storage unit. It seems when I am down, I either decorate or do physical work—I opted for physical today.

I took a break from sanding the floor, about an hour later, and came inside the trailer to check the answering machine. Joe had called, and had asked me to call him. He and his friend, Lori had come out to the ranch, last Monday, to visit with Kinky, and to also see our rescue ranch. I liked both of them.

"Joe, this is Nancy, from the rescue ranch. How are you, and what can I do for you?"

"I want to adopt Mr. Ziffle," Joe said. "I have dreamed about him every night, since I was out there."

I instantly went from down to up! I was thrilled that Joe wanted Ziff, and I told him so! Joe and I visited for a few more minutes, then I called Kink and got his machine. "Kinky, this is Nancy. I have some exciting news to tell you, but I want to tell you in person. A dog is fixin' to get adopted! Call me. Bye." Then I went back outside to the cabin, to continue sanding the floor.

Ten minutes later, I turned off the sander, and went back to the trailer and called Kinky, again. This time I got him. "Kinky! Guess who is getting adopted!"

"Who?" he asked.

"Mr. Ziffle! Your friend Joe, wants to adopt him! He called earlier. He has two sweet Labs and wants Z-Man!"

Kinky was thrilled with my good news! Then he said, "Opie needs to get adopted next, Nance. He is one great dog, and I might adopt him soon, if no one adopts him. He needs a home, now." I agreed with Kinky, then we disconnected, Then Tony calls me.

"Nance, first off, I am okay. I am at the mailboxes. I just almost ran into a motorcycle and it really scared me!"

"Tony are you okay?" I asked. "What happened? Was it your fault?"

"Nance,I was about three miles away from our turnoff, when I rounded this curve, and a man on one of those crotch-rockets was in my lane going about ninety miles an hour. I had to swerve to miss him, and landed in a ditch! I didn't hit him, and he just kept on going. I think he was drunk. If I hadn't swerved, we would have had—a head on collision! I will be home in about five minutes."

When Tony came home, he was pretty shook up, but was okay—thank goodness. And y'all, that is why Tone and I don't get out on the roads during the holidays—because the tourists and motorcycle people come to the Hill Country, to party, and some of them drive like maniacs! Needless to say—T. and I aren't going anywhere tomorrow. We're staying put at the ranch.

After Tone and I talked, and I knew that he was okay, I went back out to my cabin, and resumed sanding the floor, while my iPod played my favorite music!

Twenty minutes till seven, I turned off the sander—I was done for the day. I came inside and checked my messages. I had one new one. "Hi Nancy and Tony—this is P & P in Kerrville. We tried to send you an e-mail, but we had a problem. We loved your blog, and we have never been blogged before..."

I called Peggy and Patty, and we had a short, but fun conversation. It appears that I now have two more friends, to add to my list of friends! They told me that they are coming back to see us in July, and they were very excited about being blogged! P & P—Y'all Rock!

Y'all have a great evening! And please drive careful.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Had Bad News For Her!

This morning, after drinking our breakfast smoothies—I walked another eight miles with the Sansone squad! I had only planned on walking five miles today, but after walking the fifth mile—I couldn't resist, so I walked the other three miles with them. Then I literally cleaned up.

I showered, dressed, and then I cleaned up the trailer, with the help of Hazel, my lavender colored 'Animal' Dyson. Then I cranked up my iPod and returned many e-mails. Then I muted my iPod and returned several phone calls, to people wanting to bring us there dogs. I dislike that the most, about my job—having to say no to people, because we are full out here—who no longer want, or can take care of their dogs. It is very depressing for me.

Around ten-thirty, while June and Todd walked dogs, and Aaron and Ellen clipped our dogs nails—I started preparing our lunch, when it started thundering outside! As you know, I am scared of thunder storms, so I put down the celery stalk, that I was chopping on—and unplugged everything inside the trailer. Then I went back to work in the kitchen, making homemade organic chicken and vegetable soup, and chicken salad sandwiches for Tony, Aaron and me.

Just before lunch was ready, right after another loud thunder clap, it started raining! Ellen and June left, and so did Todd. Aaron came up to the trailer for lunch, and then my dogs started barking inside. "Are y'all expecting someone in a maroon colored car?" Aaron asked. We told him that we weren't. "I'll go see who it is," Aaron offered, then he left the trailer. A few minutes later, Aaron returned, and told us that two women wanted to see the rescue ranch, and said they would wait for the rain to stop. Then he told us that he needed to go over to the Lodge, and would be right back.

Tony and I started eating our lunch, but it bothered me that two women, were outside sitting in their car, while we ate our lunch. Halfway through our meal, I went outside to the maroon car. "Hi, I'm Nancy. Welcome to the rescue ranch. We are eating lunch, and just about through. Would y'all like to come up to the porch and sit out the rain, in our screened in porch?" They told me they were fine, and for me to go finish my lunch. I did as i was told.

Ten minutes later, we were through eating our lunch. As I piled our dishes into the kitchen sink, Tony told me that it was the best chicken salad and soup that I have ever made! I was glad that he liked it, and I must brag, that it was pretty good. Then I did something that I never do—I left the dirty dishes on the drain board, and sink, and went outside and invited the women to join me in Outer Space, for a visit—while it rained.

They got out of their car. "Hi, I am Peggy, and this is Patty. I live in Kerrville and Patty lives in Florida." We quickly shook hands, and then race-walked to the front porch, to get out of the pouring rain! After we went into Outer Space, our conversation flowed! I quickly realized, that we were kindred spirits, with so much in common! I liked that. They were my kind of people.

After about thirty minutes of getting to know each other, another car pulled up to the trailer, and a woman got out of the car and came up to the gate, "Do your dogs bite?" She asked, as the rain soaked her.

"No," I half-hollered. "Come on up and join us!" At first, I didn't recognize the woman, because I am blind as a bat, but when she walked into Outer Space—I recognized her immediately! It was Shirley, Desiree's mom! "Hi Shirley! This is Peggy and Patty. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. Is the new Labrador here? My husband, David, drove me out here, so we could meet her!" I had bad news for her.

"No, Shirley. The man can't get her here until Tuesday," I said. "I'm really sorry that y'all made the trip out here." Shirley told me that it was no problem. "Y'all, Shirley's daughter, Desiree and her husband, David, have just opened up the coolest bed and breakfast in Kerrville! It's called the 'Trails End Guest House,' and last Wednesday, Tony and I went to their Open House, and we were blown away with their adorable cabins and gourmet food! And, they are fixin' to also open a restaurant that is absolutely—five star cuisine—called Peasants! Y'all have got to go over there and check it out!..." When I finally closed my pie-hole, Shirley told me that they would be back on Tuesday, then she left.

Peggy, Patty and I continued to visit, as the rain poured from the sky, and then Tony showed up and joined the fun. It turns out that Peggy knew Ben's parents—Rob and Karen Welch! Oh my gosh—we had so much in common! I loved it! Before leaving, Patty asked where she could buy my book, and I told her Wolfmueller's. "I love Wolfmueller's Books," Patty said. "Every time that I come to Kerrville, I go to Wolfmuellers to buy the books that they recommend for me to read. As soon as we leave here, we're going to Wolfmuellers to get your book." I liked that, too.

Before leaving the rescue ranch, Tony and I invited P & P to come into the Space Ship with us. They did as they were told—and they absolutely loved it, and could not believe how cute it was! That made me smile. I am so proud of it.

After they left, I called Wolfmuellers. "Hello Jon, this is Nancy."

"I know. What's going on?"

"These two, really nice women were just here, Patty and Peggy. They are headed your way, to buy my book. When they get there, would you please tell them that I am blogging about them tonight." Jon laughed, and told me that he would.

Ten minutes later, at 3:00, after I had cleaned up my messy kitchen, Tone and I closed the rescue ranch, and went over to check on Kinky's dogs— The Friedmans, and thank goodness that we did!

Mr. Magoo, Brownie and Perky met us at the gate, with tails wagging! We went inside to drop off Kinky's mail, then we started looking for Chumley and could not find him anywhere! I then went into the bathroom, and found Chum sitting next to the shower stall—with his tail wagging, but something wasn't right.

"Hi Chumley," I said. Chumley then, using his front legs pulled himself to me—dragging his back legs! "Tony, something's wrong with Chum! His back legs aren't working!" Tony came into the bathroom and watched Chum pull himself towards him. "I think he has been hit by a car!" I said. "We've got to get him to Hoegemeyers." I then went into Kinky's office, and called the clinic, and got their answering service. I told the woman about Chumley, and needing to bring him in, and she told me that Dr. Rydberg would call me back in just a few minutes.

While we waited, Tony brought a crate into the Lodge. We put a towel inside it, and then Tony picked up Chum and put him into it. Then Dr. Rydberg called and I took the call. Two minutes later, we were on our way to Kerrville, with precious cargo on board.

When our cell phone started working, I called Kinky, got his machine, and left him a message about taking Chumley to Kerrville. When we arrived at the clinic, Dr. Rydberg, met us outside, as Tony and I carried the crate inside. Ten minutes later, we were relieved to find that Chumley had not been run over, and that he was going to be okay! The vet, was concerned about neurological damage from a possible blood clot, and wanted to x-ray him, and keep him overnight. So we left, but before heading home, we went to Wolfmueller's Books to see Jon and Sandy.

"Hi Nancy and Tony," Jon said. "You just missed your friends—Patty and Peggy. They just left a few minutes ago. We told them that you were going to blog about them tonight." I was disappointed that we had missed P & P. We visited with Sandy and Jon for about twenty minutes, and then Buttermilk took us home.

When we got home, I checked our answering machine—Dr. Rydberg had called and left a message—Chum was going to be fine! Before I could call Kinky—he called me. I told him what all had happened, and Kinky was relieved to know that Chumley was going to be okay.

Y'all have a great evening!

Happy 56th Birthday—Karen Cares!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Karen! Happy Birthday to you! Karen, I wish that we could all be up there, to celebrate with you and 'Erb! We love you and 'Erb!

P.S. I got another compliment today, on the beautiful necklace that you made for me! It was from a complete stranger, in the electronics department, at Wal Mart! Have the best birthday—ever!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Martha Stewart Showed Up, Again!

I have been a little down lately, because my best friend, Cindy P. is moving to New Mexico, and I am really going to miss her. Cindy and I go way back. We've been there for each other in the best and the worst of times. The other reason, I'm sad, is because I love Susan, Tom and Ben Price. Tom has fought cancer for over a year, and his time is now short. It just makes me want to cry everytime I think about it. I'm sure that many of you have had great friends move away, and you have also dealt with someone close to you, who is fighting cancer. As my dear friend, Dr. Harry Barnard, up in Missouri, once told me, "Getting old ain't for sissies." How true. I guess that you could say, that I am one big sissie. It's true that I am, but I wish that I wasn't. Oh well.

Yesterday, Cindy called me—she was back from New Mexico, and she wanted to come over to see me! While I waited for Cindy to arrive, I watched Oprah, and thank goodness I did! Oprah's show was about Skyping. I already knew a little bit about Skyping, but I learned a lot more about it, yesterday! Just as the show was ending—Cindy arrived!

"Hi Cindy!" I said. "I am so excited! I just watched Oprah, and her show was about Skyping—that's how we can stay in touch, when you move to New Mexico—we can Skype!" I told Cindy everything that I had learned about Skyping and she was all for it! She and I then went into Outer Space and caught up with each other's news, and she showed me pictures of her solar powered home! I was so happy for her, but more happy for me—since I knew that we could Skype!

This morning, after walking eight fast miles, Martha Stewart showed up at my front door with Jim, our great dog walking volunteer, and my dogs went to barking! "Hi Jim, I half-hollered, between the glass door. Please take Martha out of our front yard—then I will come outside." Jim and Martha walked away.

After they left the yard, I went outside and visited with Jim and Martha. Martha, an adorable Beagle, was returned to us, after a year and a half, because her caregivers could no longer keep her. They knew Jim, and they had asked him to bring her back to us. Jim and I had a fun visit. Martha is now L. T.'s roommate, and they seem to really like each other! Here is a picture of Martha! She is a great dog and she needs a 'Forever Home' now! Please help us get her adopted!

After lunch, Tone and I had to go to Kerrville to stock up on groceries for the weekend, because we don't want to be on the roads during the Memorial Day Weekend—it is too dangerous. We decided to go to Wal Mart first, because I wanted to buy a web cam, so I could start learning how to Skype, before Cindy permanently moves to the 'Land of Enchantment!'

Just as we were entering the store, we heard a familiar voice, "Hi Tony and Nancy," Les said! Tone and I said hello, and then we all started laughing! "Les, this is a first for us! We always run into you at H.E.B. and now—Wally World!" We visited for about a minute, and then Les took off, and we headed to the electronics department.

We found a web cam by Logic-something, and put it into our cart, then we filled our cart with our weekend necessities and checked out. Buttermilk returned us to the rescue ranch before two o'clock. After putting up our groceries, I quickly balanced my checkbook, then I opened up the web cam box!

Fifteen minutes later, after reading the manual, and setting up the web cam, above my lap top, I shoved the software CD into my computer. I double clicked the CD—and nothing happened! I tried again, and again, then I looked at the box, to discover it was for Windows—not Macs! Talk about a downer! "Tony," I hollered from the kitchen. "It doesn't work! It's for Windows."

Tony came down the hall to the kitchen. "I'm sorry, Nance. I should have checked the box. Keep the receipt, so we can return it on Tuesday."

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Was The Best Of Times!

"Tony? Are you ready to go?" I asked.

"Nance, it's five-thirty. We don't have to leave for ten minutes."

"I'll bet you, that Carol will be down at the road waiting for us, if we leave now."

Tone shook my hand, "You're on. Let's go."

When we arrived at Highway 16—Carol was parked, and waiting for us! "Look, Tone—I win," I said, as we got out of Buttermilk. Tony said nothing, as he locked up the Explorer. Then we went over to Carol's giant truck. I climbed into the back seat, so T. could ride shotgun. After greetings, Carol asked us if we knew how to find the Trail's End Guest House.

"Yes, we do, and we brought Garmin—just in case we need her help," I said, as I unzipped my purse, and pulled Tony's GPS out, and handed it to him.

"I've got a present for you, Nancy!" Carol said, wearing a big grin on her face. She reached into a sack, and then handed me an old, over ripe banana—I guessed for our compost pile. Before I could say thank you, she said, "It's a Plantain, for you to cook for you and Tony! They had them at Wal Mart! I couldn't believe they had them!" Then I thanked her.

Last Saturday night, Carol had cooked Plantain, for all of us, and that was the very first time that I had ever eaten one—it was delicious! I just didn't know what they looked like.

Thirty minutes later, with the help of Garmin—we arrived, fashionably late, at the coolest bed & breakfast in Kerrville, Texas! Oh my gosh, David and Desiree's place was absolutely beautiful, charming, and it had the best of vibes! I loved it! Jon and Sandy saw us, and waved for us to come join them. "Nancy," Carol said. "I love this place!" Tony and I agreed with her.

After meeting up with Sandy and Jon, Tony and I took Carol and introduced her to Desiree and David. It was all hugs and handshakes. "David and Desiree, I love y'all's place. Can I come live here," I asked, trying to sound serious. In less than five minutes, D & D had introduced us to Desiree's sweet parents, David and Shirley, their friend and employee, Sheila, and then our friends, Betty and Lloyd walked up to greet us, as Sheila poured Carol and me, a glass of some of their fine house wine! It was a mellow wine, and really delicious! "David, I love y'all's wine, it's almost as good as my boxed wine," I teased.

I would guess that there were over a hundred people there, and everywhere that I looked, all I saw were friendly people, all wearing smiles, and enjoying the evening. Then Carol took off to visit with Lloyd and Betty. "Claudia," Sandy said. "I want you to meet Cousin Nancy. Nancy, Claudia and I went to school together. We've known each other since we were kids." I reached out my hand and shook hands with Claudia.

"So you're Sandy's cousin?" Claudia said. "It's nice to meet you! Sandy, I didin't know you had a cousin Nancy."

Sandy and I chuckled. "She's not my cousin—she's everyone's cousin." Claudia looked a little confused. She and I had a fun visit talking about animal rescue. She rescues animals, too! Then Carol joined us over by the pool, as we visited and stared at the beautiful view. It was awesome!

After visiting with Claudia, Tony, Carol and I went over to the restaurant, to sample some of Chef David's food. Oh my gosh—we're talkin' five star cuisine! Seriously, the three of us could not quit sampling David's mouth watering food, that he continuously kept replacing with new side dishes that he had prepared! I didn't feel self-conscience about stuffing myself, because everyone else in the restuarant was, too.

But, when my Levi's got a little too snug, in the waist line—I quit eating, and so did Carol and Tony. We left the restaurant, and I am proud to say, that I didn't ask for a doggie bag, even though I wanted to.

When we returned to the wine bar for seconds. Sandy and Claudia were sitting at a table chatting, so Jon, Carol, Tony and I, took D & D's advice, and went to check out their many cozy cabins.

The cabins were all adorable. ! I especially loved the 'Writer's Cabin' and I was ready to move in! "Tone, we need to come back here, and spend a night in that 'Writer's Cabin," I said. T. agreed with me.

After leaving 'my cabin,' we followed a trail, that led us to their goat pen! We petted the goats for several minutes, and then we wandered off, and found 'The Retreat!" The four of us could not believe how big it was, and how cozy it was—it felt like home! "Y'all," I said. "We need to get Rick and Leisa, John, Lorri, and Pete and Kelly to come up here, and spend a weekend with all of us! Wouldn't that be fun!" The three all agreed with me! I think we are going to try to do it this fall!

We left the Trail's End Guest House about dark-thirty, and talked non-stop about how much fun that we had had. It was the best of times! I wish y'all could have been there! Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. I walked eight miles this morning with Leslie! I had to, because I pigged out last night! And, I almost forgot to tell you that, D & D told us that Beckham's pen has been built! They have poured a slab for his pig house—and it is going to be ready in a few weeks and it will be air conditoned! David Beckham is going to love it there, and be in 'hog heaven!' Not bad for a wild hog!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad Timing!

Today has been great! This morning I walked five fast miles with Leslie, and then I decided to try out, one of Carol's loaned Pilates DVDs, to see if i liked doing Pilates.

I paused the DVD, right after it started, because I realized that I needed a mat to sit or lay on. I don't have a mat, so I borrowed a blue, and a red mat from our dogs, since they never use them, because they always sleep on our chairs. I put them on the floor and then hit the play button—to continue my first Pilates workout! Here is a picture of my layout:

The instructor then introduces herself, and tells me what I am in for, for the next twenty-two minutes, and then she asks me to sit down on my mat(s) with her. So far—so good! As she is explaining some of the techniques and positions, my dogs jumped out of the chairs and started sniffing me—to make sure I was all right. Then I hear Kermit pull up outside, and looked out the window, while I was trying to make that 'C' position.

Tony and Aaron were getting out of Kermit, then I heard the gate open! Great, that's the last thing I needed to happen! I didn't want them walking in, and seeing me sprawled out on the floor. Why? Because, first off, Tone would think that I had died, from walking all of those miles, and then probably have a heart attack, right then and there, and secondly, I didn't want Aaron seeing me in my workout sweats. It was bad timing all around.

Fortunately, the guys didn't come inside the trailer—they went to the garden, instead! Trying to concentrate on my breathing, etc. was difficult for me, because suddenly I thought of a scorpion—attacking me, while I was down, and it terrified me! So, I grabbed the clicker—and clicked. I was done.

I know that Pilates is a great form of exercise, but unfortunately it is not for me. My dogs seemed relieved when i got up from the floor, because they went back to their chairs to nap, and I hit the shower.

I did paperwork most of the morning and returned some phone calls and e-mails. Carol had sent me two e's about what time we should leave to go the open house at Desiree and David Farrar's—Trail's End Guest House. After about five funny e-mail exhanges with her, we decided on 5:45! And that, will make us 'fashionably late!' I like that.

Around eleven-thirty, just as I had finished making lunch, Kinky showed up at the trailer! "Nance, I am fixin' to head out now..."

We visited for a few minutes, out on the porch, and then I invited him to join us for lunch.

"What's for lunch and how soon?"

"Chicken Salad sandwiches, homemade chicken vegetable soup—and right now," I answered.

"Sounds good," Kinky said, as he stepped inside the trailer, "I'll just have half of a sandwich. No soup. And it better be all organic," he teased. Kinky loves to tease me about eating organically.

Needless to say, Kinky loved his half sandwich, and he told me that it was really delicious. Then he excused himself, and headed out.

Before washing the dishes, I called Wolfmueller's Books. "Hi Jon, this is Nancy. Carol, Tony and I are going to the Trail's End party tonight and I was wondering if y'all were going to go?"

"No," Jon said. "We're going tomorrow night. We got an invitation from them, and they invited us for the twenty-first."

"What?" I asked. "I've got their invitation right here, and it says for May 20th—tonight. I guess they must be doing it, two nights in a row, because of so many people. Why don't y'all go tonight with us? David and Desiree told me that I could bring as many guests as I want. I'm sure that they wouldn't mind, if y'all came a day early."

"Sandy's at home. Let me call her. Bye," Jon said.

Two minutes later, the phone rang—the Caller I.D. showed it was Jon, so I picked up the handset. "Hi Jon. Are y'all going tonight?" All I heard was Jon—laughing!

"Yes, Nancy," Jon said, in between laughs. Sandy checked our invitation, and it is for tonight, too." Then we both started laughing!

"Thank goodness I called you, Jon," I said. "I can just see it now. You and Sandy showing up tomorrow night, at sixish, with Desiree and David being totally exhausted, from tonight's party, and them wondering why the heck y'all are standing on their front porch—ready to party!" Then we both started laughing, again.

"I know," Jon said. "When are y'all getting there?"

"We decided to be fashionably late, so we should be there around six-fifteen. Carol, Tony and I can't wait to go see their place! I know that it will be lots of fun, too!"

"Okay, we'll see y'all tonight," Jon said. "Bye."

I wrote this blog this afternoon, and scheduled it to post at 9:00 tonight, right about the time when Tony and I will be getting home and going to bed early, because i am doing the Harley Show in the morning. This is where the party was. I'll blog about the party tomorrow.

We're fixin' to have a wonderful evening with friends! Y'all have a great evening, too!

Happy 30th Anniversary—Tom And Susan Price!

I want to wish my dear friends, Tom and Susan Price, from Jackson, Tennessee—the greatest 30th wedding anniversary ever! Tony and I love Susan and Tom, and their beautiful son, Ben! I know this anniversary is very special for them, and I want to send them our love, all of the way from Texas! We Love You and are thinking about y'all!

P.S. I just talked to Kinky, and he sends y'all his best!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Was A Gracious Loser, Again!

This morning I walked eight fast miles! Yeah! I did eight miles, because yesterday I ate a piece of carrot cake and a couple of cookies. I guess I was needing some comfort food yesterday. As soon as I had cleaned up after my workout—I spent my morning doing paper work and returning many phone calls.

For lunch, I made homemade chicken vegetable soup, and chicken salad. This time, I hand chopped the celery, apple and nuts and, I am proud to say, that our meal was delicious and healthy, and Tony loved it! Kinky called while I was washing the dishes, "Nance, are you there? Who's getting the mail today? Call me." Click.

A few minutes later, I returned Kinky's phone call. "Kinky, I will get the mail, and bring it over. Tony's gone to Medina to get some hog feed," I said. "I'll be over there in about fifteen minutes." Once again—I lied, but not on purpose. Then Buttermilk and I took off to go get the mail.

As we were on our way back to the ranch, with the mail, I saw Lana, the super nice woman, who adopted Muffy and Max—our two adorable, but somewhat lunatic poodles! We visited for about ten or fifteen minutes—talking about her 'Dynamic Duo' and their latest escapades! There was much laughing, as Muffy and Max took turns barking at me, and then wagging their tails wildly! They are still a handful, and are truly, two of the luckiest poodles in Texas! Thank you Lana—you're definitely going to heaven for adopting those two little, rowdy rascals!

After giving Kinky his mail, he and I talked about the upcoming June 13th event. Then he challenged me to another game of pool! Our game was fast—and I lost, with five balls still remaining on the table. And, please note—I was a gracious loser, too. Then Buttermilk took me home. When T. got home, I told him about Kinky beating me in pool.

A couple of hours later—Kinky called, again. "Nance, Perky is scratching like crazy. Can you come over and help me put some drops on her?" Six minutes later, while Kinky was in the middle of an important conference call—I put the preventative flea and tick drops on Perk's back. Then I went outside and played with the Friedmans, until Kinky came outside. He and I had a short visit by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, and then I came back home, again.

When I returned home, I answered more e-mails and returned more phone calls. Around four-thirty, Kinky called, again! "Nance, FedEx just delivered the jacket artwork for the 'Pet Files' book, and it is absolutely beautiful! I know that I have asked you to come over twice today—but I can't wait for you to see this! Can you come over?"

"Tony, Kinky just called me. He wants me to come over there, so he can show me the jacket artwork for 'Kinky Friedman's Celebrity Pet Files,' book, okay? I'll be right back."

"Wait a minute. I want to go, too, Nance," Tone said. Four minutes later, Tony and I were admiring the beautiful jacket cover artwork—in Kinky's kitchen. It was totally awesome!

"Kinky, this is the best jacket cover—that you have ever had! I love it!" I said. "You look great, and their's Goo, Brownie, Chum, Perk, and David Beckham, too! You know that Beck is leaving this week, to go live at the Trails End Guest House, bed and breakfast?"

"I know. I'm really going to miss Beck," Kinky said. "Are we going to be able to visit him?" My answer was yes, then I was interrupted.

"Kinky, let's play a game of pool," Tony said, as he was racking up the pool balls.

"Sure, Tone. You want me to beat you, too?" Kinky teased. "I beat Nance earlier today. I'm on a roll..."

It was a fast, exciting game! As Tony and I were fixin' to leave the Lodge, Kinky said, "Nance, be sure to blog, that I was a gracious loser, again." I promised Kinky that I would. Tony Rules!

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Today, I received an e-mail from my good friend, Pat S.! She is the multi-talented woman, who is our web master for the—web site! She told me that Ghost Dog, aka Nash—now Bernie, and Kahlua—who is now Brandi, are doing fantastic and they get along great with Taylor (Taylor, aka Jane Fonda, that she adopted from us last year)! Pat and Harold have had the dogs teeth cleaned, and they had Kahlua, I mean Brandi, tested for thyroid, because she is so fat. Fortunately, Brandi is just fat, and she is now on a diet! Pat told me that Kahlua is now up to walking two miles a day, before tiring, and Bernie is doing fabulous, but they are having to watch him around their kitty. And, Pat told me that Brandi loves the kitten, and gives her big sloppy kisses! I am so glad that y'all have our dogs! You and Harold Rock—Big Time!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Was A Gracious Loser!

I am sorry for not blogging yesterday, I was exhausted, because I had walked eight fast miles, in the morning, and had not slept well, the night before, because of my upset stomach. So, yesterday afternoon, I took a nap with my dogs, and slept two hours! I've never taken a two hour nap! Then me and my dogs watched the movie, 'Last Chance Harvey,' and I loved it! After that I went to bed, and had some really odd dreams.

This morning I overslept! I didn't wake up until eight o'clock—and that threw me into first gear! After swallowing two baby aspirins, I quickly fed our six hungry dogs and Lucky, the cat. As soon as they had eaten, I started preparing our morning smoothie in our Vita- Mix machine. The ingredients were an apple, banana, a chunk of raw ginger, kale, a carrot, wheat germ, flaxseed, orange juice, blueberries, honey, cinnamon, and a radish—and it was delicious! Tone and I drank all of it.

Following breakfast, while Queen Bee was busy washing our dirty laundry—I walked five fast miles with Leslie! Just as I had finished huffing and puffing—Kinky called! "Nance, we're fixing to come over there."

"That sounds great, Kink!" I said. "But, you need to give me fifteen minutes, so I can shower and get cleaned up. I just finished walking five miles. Okay?" Kinky laughed, and then we said our goodbyes.

Fifteen minutes later, or eleven seconds after I had walked out of the bathroom—clean and fully dressed—Kinky arrived with his friends Lori and Joe! After introductions, Kinky, Tony and I took them on a tour of the rescue ranch. Lori fell in love with L.T. and she and Kinky went into the pen and played with her. L.T. loved it!

When the tour was completed, I invited everyone to go into Outer Space, and we had a really fun time! Thirty minutes later, after I had given Lori, my last copy of my book—it was time for them to leave. Kinky had talked them into going to Kerrville, to eat at that restaurant, with half of its sign still on the ground! I cringed at the thought, and because I really like these two people, I suggested that they eat Rolaids before and after eating their meals. Then Kinky jokingly argued with me about it being a great restaurant. Again, he was talking to deaf ears. My last comment to him was, "Fine Kinky. You are what you eat."

As we walked to Mr. Green Jeans, Tony invited Joe and Lori to come into the Space Ship—and they thought it was pretty cool! Then they loaded up in Green Jeans with Kinky—and left the rescue ranch. I then came inside the trailer, and returned some phone calls, and then Buttermilk took T. and me to Kerrville to run some errands.

As Tony and I were leaving H.E.B., I saw a magazine rack, and saw Harley's picture on the cover of it! I had seen the magazine, last week, on Harley's live web cam, with him on the cover—so I grabbed a copy of the Kerr County People—The premier magazine celebrating the people and life of Kerr County!

As T. steered Buttermilk homeward, I read out loud, the great article about Harley Belew, written by Larry Arnold! Tony and I loved it! Y'all can check it out at: It is a great magazine, and I wish it all of the success!

Early this evening, Kinky called. "Nance, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine Kinky."

"Copper is over here. You want to come over and visit with us?" Ten minutes later, I was parking Buttermilk over at the Lodge. Copper, Kinky and I had a really nice visit inside the Lodge! And, Copper and I caught up with each other's news, in between Kinky's constant phone calls.

After his last phone call, "How about a game of pool, Nance?" Kinky asked. "It will give you something to blog about tonight." The three of us laughed, and then Kinky racked up the balls. Kinky broke up the rack of balls—sinking a stripe, and the cue ball in different pockets! I then realized that I actually had a chance to win! The game was short and sweet.

"I won! I can't believe it! It has been over six months since I beat Kinky in a game of pool!" I said, with joy, and in disbelief. "Look Copper, Kinky still has three balls left on the table!"

Kinky laughed. "Yeah, and two of them are mine. Congratulations, Cousin Nancy. Be sure to tell your readers that I was a gracious loser, too." After Copper and I had quit laughing, I promised him that I would.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tum Tum—In The—Dum-Dum!

Today was a great day! After walking five miles with 'you know who,' I showered, dressed and then Kinky called me! He and I talked about the rescue ranch, as I pushed Hazel around the trailer floor—hoping to catch that renegade scorpion—that bit Tony behind the ear.

After disconnecting with Kinky, Hazel went back into the closet. Then Ben and Aaron came into the trailer to discuss what needed to get done today. We went into Outer Space, to discuss it, as the much needed rain pounded the rescue ranch! After our discussion and a fun visit, just as Ben and Aaron were leaving to go back to work, a cute, black and white, Mini Cooper pulled up to the trailer.

Aaron and Ben introduced themselves to the couple, and suggested they come up to the trailer to talk to Tone and me. "Hi, I'm Fran, and this is my son, David." We shook hands with them, and then invited them to go into Outer Space with us. While we visited with them, Linda T. showed up—ready to walk our dogs with Aaron! Since it was pouring cats and dogs, Linda went to the barn with Aaron and Ben, to wait out the rain. When it quit raining, she and Aaron started walking our dogs! Thank you Linda T. and Aaron!

Tony and I enjoyed our visit with Fran and David! They left a little before noon, to return to Austin. Then Kinky called to tell me that Stephen, from Houston, a big time animal lover, who wanted to see our rescue ranch, and talk some business with Kinky—had called, and would be arriving soon. Then I quickly fixed Tone, Ben and me lunch—which later turned out to be a big mistake for me!

Around two o'clock, Kinky brought Stephen over to the rescue ranch for a visit and a tour. We first went into Outer Space and had a great visit! I really liked Stephen! Then the three of us gave Stephen a 'Grand Tour,' after we had gone into the Space Ship—which seemed to really impress Stephen!

I think the highlight of Stephen's rescue ranch tour was meeting David Beckham! He fell in love with our little soccer playing—wild hog! Stephen also liked meeting Paul McCartney, in person, and our precious little L.T.! We finished up the ranch tour at Kinky's truck—Mr. Green Jeans, where we hung out and visited for another thirty minutes. Then Kinky and Stephen left the rescue ranch, to discuss some more business, over at the Lodge.

After they had left, I was feeling a little puny—my stomach wasn't happy with the lunch that I had prepared, so I layed down, for a short nap. I never fell to sleep, and forty minutes later, at five-thirty, I ended my sleepless nap with our dogs. My dogs were upset, but not as much as my stomach was! I took a couple of Tony's Rolaids, and then I got dressed, so T. and I could go over to Carol's for her Costa Rican dinner—with Lorri, Malea, John, Brenda and Carol! I knew it was going to be a fun evening, and we could not wait to get over to Carol's ranch!

When Tony and I arrived at Carols, her great dogs Scout, Paladin and Jake were the first to greet us! I loved it! Her dogs are way too cool! Tone and I were disappointed when we learned that Brenda had to get back to San Antone, and wasn't going to be there—she is a really funny person and her laughter is contagious! "John is on his way," Carol announced, as we went down and sat down by her lake. Then we caught up with each other's news.

When a mild cold front blew in, we moved the party, up to Carol's deck—to continue our fun visit. Then John and his dog, Dexter showed up! Oh my gosh, I love Dexter! He is part Rottweiler and is so lucky—to be John's best friend!

Carol's dinner was absolutely delicious—everyone cleaned their plates! Unfortunately, I couldn't eat much food, because my tum-tum was in the dum-dum, so to speak.

During dinner, I told everyone about a certain, super cool, famous celebrity—musician, who was coming to Kinky's Ranch Round Up event on June 13th—and it blew everyone away! "He is coming with friends, from Houston, and he is not going to perform, but I hope that he does. I love him and his band, and cannot wait to meet him!" I said.

I wish that I could tell y'all his name, but I am sworn to secrecy—and Kinky would kill me, if I leaked it on the internet. Sorry.

My upset stomach is finally starting to calm down—thank goodness! I think it was caused by the fried scallops that I made for lunch. I haven't eaten anything fried in over two years. I'm fixin' to go to bed and sleep in late.

Y'all have a great evening!

Friday, May 15, 2009

It Only Takes One Bad Apple...!

First off, I apologize for not blogging yesterday. I walked five fast miles, got cleaned up, and then Kinky showed up with some visitors—Kari, a reporter and her partner, Bobby. They were real nice people and after giving them a tour of the rescue ranch, we went into Outer Space and had a really fun visit. After that, I went outside, to take some pictures of Paul McCartney, the dog we rescued a few days ago, so I could get Pat, to post him up on our web site.

Our good friend, Carol, came over around five-thirty, and we had Happy Hour in Outer Space! After we had caught up with each other's news, I told her about 'Playing For Change.' She seemed really interested in watching it, so we came inside the trailer, and the three of us watched it! Needless to say, Carol loved watching 'Stand By Me,' and the three of us all got goose bumps, as we watched it—it touched our hearts! Before going home, Carol told us that she couldn't wait to share it with all of her friends around the world!

This morning, Tony nearly scared me to death, when he came home from the Old Timer! "Morning, Tone," I said, as he walked inside our trailer.

"Good morning, Babe," He said, as he put away his camera. "I almost woke you up last night."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Last night, around two in the morning—a scorpion bit me behind my right ear."

"Oh my gosh!" I said, feeling sick at the thought of scorpions. "Are you okay? What happened to the scorpion?"

"I'm okay, now, but last night my tongue got thick, and my nodes swelled up on my neck. I took some antihistimine, and then I
stayed up for the rest of the night, because the pain was killing me."

"T., I am so sorry. You should have woken me up." I said, as I cringed at the thought of a scorpion in our bed last night. And, I hate to admit it, but I also thought—better him than me. "What did you do with the scorpion?" I asked, again.

"I threw him against the wall, it was a gut reaction, and I couldn't find him this morning."

"You mean he is still somewhere in our bedroom?" I said softly, feeling sick and more than a little bit scared.

"Sorry, Nance. I was in too much pain. He must have fallen from the ceiling, and landed on my pillow and bit me. That's all that I can figure."

"Don't apologize, Tone. I'm just glad that you are okay. And please, if that ever happens again—wake me up!" Tony then showed me his spider bite. There was a big red, puffy ring around the bite, and it really grossed me out, and gave me bad goose bumps.

After breakfast, I walked five miles, again. Then I had to work on some artwork, for a new sign that we are fixing to have made for our rescue ranch, while Ben, Aaron and Tony put up some new fencing outside.

This afternoon, Buttermilk, Tony and I went to Kerrville to get groceries at H.E.B. Tony and I turned on our cell phones, then he dropped me off at the store's front door, and then he went to fill Buttermilk up with gas.

After speed shopping through the store, my last isle was the fruit section. I grabbed bananas, lemons and then I went over to the apple area. I pulled a plastic shopping bag from the roller, and then, one by one, added four apples. I decided to add one more apple, to the see through sack, and that's when the bottom fell out! Yes, five apples fell to the floor, and started rolling away from me, as I stood there in disbelief!

I was so embarrassed, so I did the only thing that I could do—I laughed out loud, as the runaway apples slowed their pace! I looked up, and this sweet, young couple with a darling little baby—smiled as they stared at me! "Looks like it only takes one bad apple..." I joked. They and several other people, started laughing with me, while the nice young man—helped me gather up my MacIntosh crop!

After thanking the kind, wannabe, Johnny Appleseed, for his help, I went to check out my groceries. As the friendly checker scanned my items, I called Tone to find out where they had parked.

As Tony loaded up our canvas bags, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, I told him about my 'Bad Apple' accident on isle one.

Tone must had found it pretty funny, because he wouldn't quit laughing. "Did you find all of the apples?" T. asked.

"Nope. We only found four of them. I think 'number five' must have rolled under the bin and was hiding." Then we returned to the rescue ranch.

"Nance, this is Kinky—call me." That was the only message on the answering machine. I called Kinky, and then went over to the Lodge, for a short business meeting with him, then we went outside, and visited by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard.

I was back home by seven o'clock. Before writing this blog, I downloaded my pictures of Paul McCartney and out of ten shots, I picked this one to send to Pat to post on The other photo, tongue-in-cheek, is too cute, and it made me laugh out loud, so here it is, too!.

Y'all have a great evening! I'm going to bed early, because I've got a busy day planned for tomorrow!
P.S. Paul McCartney is approximately one year old, and one super, fine dog! I wish that one of y'all would adopt him! He is well trained and ready to be someone's best dog ever!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stuck In A Pot Of Dirt!

Earlier today, I posted my latest video clip of Kinky playing fetch with Mr. Magoo. I was in a hurry to post it and I left out a few things. So, here goes!

Last night, I watched 'I Love Huckabees,' starring two of my favorite actors—Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman! They were great in it, and I really enjoyed watching it.

This morning, after walking eight fast miles 'Sansone Style,' I've decided to cut back and just walk four or five miles a day from here on out, and every once in a while do an eight-miler. I made this decision, after I had showered this morning, after I got a sharp pain in my left ankle, when I was putting on my pink, Justin Gypsy cowboy boots! I don't want to injure myself, and then not be able to do my daily walks—and eight miles a day, just might be pushing it, at my age. And, the reason I always write about how many miles I walk each day, is because it helps me stay motivated, and makes me want to do more!

While I was over at Kinky's this morning, after shooting him and Gooie, we had a fun visit, right next to the Friedman Family Bone Orchard. Kinky could not wait to show me his Plumeria plant—it had two leaves on it, which it had sprouted since yesterday. I was somewhat jealous, because he had given me a Plumeria plant, and we had planted them at the same time. Mine still looks like one of Kinky's giant cigars—stuck in a pot of dirt—surrounded by a couple of friendly weeds. Here's a picture of mine.

Before leaving the Lodge, Kinky invited Tone and me to join him for lunch in Kerrville. Fortunately, we didn't have that same old conversation about which restaurant. "Today's Wednesday, let's go to Del Norte, and eat their Mexican food buffet?"

I had no problem with that and said yes. Then we had that same old conversation about what time to meet. Kinky first suggested one o'clock. Then I suggested twelve-thirty, and then he suggested twelve-forty-five. We decided on one o'clock, by the time I jumped into Trigger, to leave.

Well, it was five till one, after we had parked Trigger, and gone inside the restaurant to find a table. Kinky showed up about ten minutes later. "Has Max gotten here, yet?" Kinky asked. T. and I shook our heads—no. "He said that he was going to try to make it."

A waitress then walks up to our table and says, "Hey, Kinky! You made the front page of the Kerrville Daily Times today! Congratulations!" Then she served us our drinks. Kinky knew about being on the front page from me. I had told him this morning, while over at the Lodge, because Beth had called me, early in the morning, and had told me about it, but she didn't tell me what the article was about. We were all clueless.

After the three of us had paid our bills, we went outside to buy a copy of today's paper, but the box was empty. As we headed for our vehicles, a man stepped outside and introduced himself to Kinky and then told him a funny story. Then another man came outside to meet Kinky, when his phone rang. "We're standing outside. Okay," Kinky said. Then the second man, shook hands with Kinky and then reminded him of how they had met years ago. Then Kinky started talking politics with them, and that's when Max appeared!

Tony and I started up a three-way conversation with Max, as Kinky continued his three-way political discussion. Sooner than later, the two gentlemen went back inside Del Norte, and the four us had an hilarious visit! Fifteen minutes later, Kinky and Mr. Green Jeans, Buttermilk and us, were headed back to the ranch, and Max took off in his anonymous auto.

I'm going to bed early, because I am doing Harley's show in the morning! Y'all have a great evening!

Mr. Magoo And Kinky!

This morning, after doing my eight miles, I went over to the Lodge and took this video of Kinky playing with Gooie! The toy is Goo's favorite toy and plays this funny music. I have also posted it on the side bar. I've got to go now, because we are meeting Kinky for lunch in Kerrville!

Kinky and Magoo

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fay And Garnet Rock!

This morning, I walked eight miles! Yeah! I know that that sounds like a lot, but it took an hour and forty minutes. After getting cleaned up, I checked my blog and e-mails. My blog had one new comment, from Fay and it made me smile. I had eleven e-mails, but the one that made me smile, too, was from my friend, Garnet S., who lives in Utopia, Texas! Fay adopted Kris Kristofferson from us and Garnet and her husband, Sandy adopted Reba McIntyre from us years ago! Why they made me smile, was because they both have started walking with Leslie Sansone—and they love her walking DVDs, too! Fay and Garnet Rock and y'all keep on walking!

After lunch, Kinky brought over his friend, Jason, from Austin, who in 2004 had adopted Sponge Bob from us! We gave Jason a tour of the ranch, and then the four of us went into Outer Space for a fun visit! Jason told me that Sponge Bob, who they renamed Echo—is the greatest dog his family has ever had! He told us that Sponge weighs eighty-seven pounds and they love him!

"Jason, Sponge Bob was one of twelve pupplies born here," I said. "In fact, I wrote a story about him in my book, that I titled: 'Oh Crappy Day!' Do you have a copy of my book?"

"No, I didn't know you wrote one."

"I'll be right back, let me go get you a copy." I then left Outer Space, came inside the trailer and went to my office, down the hall, to get a copy of my book. Before returning to Outer Space, I inscribed the book: 'For Jason, Sponge Bob's story is on page 184. Thank you for adopting Echo from us!' Then I went back into Outer Space and gave him the book.

We visited for over forty minutes, mainly talking about Echo, the rescue ranch, and self publishing. Then they left to go discuss some business. over at the Lodge.

It was basically a quiet afternoon, and I took care of some new paperwork and returned phone calls until I was caught up.

Y'all have a great evening!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Can't Wait!

Part II. Continued... Well, I Lied, Again!

This morning, I decided to not exercise today, because I have walked over twenty-four miles, in the last three days, with my friend, Leslie Sansone and her buddies. Actually, I don't know Leslie, but after spending so much time with her—I feel like I know her.

This morning, I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky, and he had lots to tell me. First off, he told me that the tickets for the June 13th Ranch Round Up—were selling faster than hot cakes, and he is really excited about it! I can't wait to hear the great legendary Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Jeff Jeff Walker perform! They are two of Texas' favorite songwriters and musicians! I really hope that y'all can make this event, because it is going to be one fantastic concert, and a lot of fun! I can't wait!

Kinky and I then had a business meeting, and then we went outside to the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, and discussed his book that he is going to self publish, and my book that I am going to self publish! Since he is going to self publish and so am I, we talked about the possible names for his publishing company, and some possible names for my publishing company. Unfortunately, I can't tell y'all the names that we've come up with, yet, because they are still not set in stone.

When I returned to the rescue ranch, I did some paperwork and returned phone calls. Then I entered an Ellen Degeneres contest online! I entered the contest for two reasons. One, because of what my fortune cookie had predicted about me fixin' to be real lucky, and secondly because I am trying to raise the money, that it is going to cost me to publish my book! I really hope that I win! Wouldn't that be too cool!

Right after I had officially entered the contest, the phone rang—it was Kinky! "Nance, what are you and Tony doing for lunch? I've got to go to Kerrville, soon."

"Kinky, we were going to eat here, but lunch sounds like fun!" I said. Then we got into a friendly argument. "Wait, you're not wanting us to eat at that Mexican food place? I'm sorry, but I will not eat there—ever again."

"Nance," Kinky said. "There food is great!"

"No it's not!"

"How many times have you eaten there?"

"Two, too many," I answered, then we started laughing.

"Okay. We could eat at La Fours?" Kinky suggested.

"Sorry, they're closed on Mondays."

Kinky suggested two other restaurants, but I refused them both. "No Kinky, I don't care for their food, and the other place, because I don't like their waiter. He always tells us disgusting jokes, and then he invites himself to sit with us at our table, as we try to eat our meal and ignore him. Sorry."

"How about Luby's, Nance?" Kinky suggested. "Or do you have something against them, too?" Then he started laughing.

"Luby's is fine. What time?"

"Two o'clock, okay?"

"That's fine with me. See you in a little while. Bye."

Tone then walks into the 'Big Room' and says, "I'm hungry. Where and when are we going to meet Kinky for lunch?"

I told him, as his stomach loudly growled at me. "Here eat a banana," I suggested. Then I wrote the previous blog, before leaving for Kerrville.

"Kinky, it's Nance," I said. "We're running early. We just passed Albertsons."

"Me, too," Kinky said. "I'm heading to Luby's right now. Bye."

We were the first to get to Luby's, so we sat inside Trigger and listened to my iPod for a few minutes. Then we went inside and went through the serving line and then found us a table. I had just taken my first bite, when I saw Copper Love heading to our table. She put her purse down on a chair, and then she went to get her a plate of food, after we had said our hellos. Then Kinky arrived!

The four of us had a fun lunch—filled with laughter and many wisecracks! As soon as we were done eating, we paid our bills, and went outside for a short visit. Then it was time for us to depart. Here is a picture that I took inside Trigger, of Kinky and Mr. Green Jeans leaving the parking lot, followed by Copper and Ruby Tuesday!

Tony and I then went to Walmart for a few items. I found some adorable placemats and bought two of them for Outer Space. One for our new cabinet and one for the bench between our two captain chairs—with the best view.

When we got home, after we unpacked Trigger, I took the placemats into Outer Space, and made a few changes. I really like my Buddhapug there—it's perfect!

Y'all have a great evening!

Well, I Lied, Again!

I have a lot to blog about! I was too tired yesterday to write and here's why! Yesterday morning—I walked eight miles with Leslie Sansone, again! Then I called Kinky and wished him a Happy Mother's Day. He was on the road, just outside of Kerrville, on his way back to the ranch. He told me that he had much to tell me, and we agreed to talk later at the ranch.

After getting cleaned up, Trigger took Tony and me to Kerrville, so I could purchase a few more of those great towels, go to lunch and then get some more groceries at H.E.B. We first went to Penney's, and bought the towels! Then we went to China Town, right next to the mall. Our meals were great, and my fortune cookie was even greater! It basically said that I was fixin' to get really lucky! Yeah! I can't wait! Unfortunately, Tony wasn't real happy with his fortune cookie, because it told him that he needed to be cautious around food.

Before going to H.E.B.—we went to Home Depot, because during our Chinese Mother's Day lunch, I had decided that I wanted to build a cabinet, after we got back to the ranch—for Outer Space! After purchasing the boards and some hinges, we took off for our friendly neighborhood grocery store.

On our way, we decided that Tony would drop me off at the front door, then go get gas, while I speed shopped inside. Before getting out of Trigger—we turned on our cell phones, so I could find him in the parking lot. I grabbed a cart and entered the store—heading to the dog food isle. I loaded up the case of canned dog food, and then took off! I was nearly to the milk section, when I hear a man laughing, I looked up and it was our dear friend, Les Ferguson, who we always seem to run into, when we are shopping at H.E.B.! I started laughing with him! "I can't believe it, Les!" I said. "We meet again!" Les shook his head and kept on laughing! "I am going to blog about this tonight!" I lied to him, but not intentionally.

While checking out, I called Tony and got directions to where they were parked. Ten feet away from Trigger, I hear, "Hello, Cousin Nancy!" It was Richard and his wife, Jane, who are our friends and neighbors—who live fifteen miles away! We started talking, and then Tony climbed out of Trig and joined our conversation. We mainly talked about birds, bird feeders, and the high cost of thistle and the varmits that it attracts. "Then we started getting all of these squirrels, and then wheat and corn start growing in our front yard!" I stated. "We have two pole systems—if you want them?" They declined.

When we got home, after putting up the groceries, Tony rounded up the chop saw, drill and an extension cord, and then unloaded the lumber for me! I was ready to build my cabinet! I had all kinds of problems with it, and bless T., he helped me undo my mess, several times! Kinky called me about five o'clock wanting me to come over to the Lodge. "I can't right now, because I am trying to build a cabinet," I said. "I should be finished in about an hour, and then I will come over to see you." Well, I lied, again, for the second time yesterday, but not intentionally.

"Kinky," I said. "This is Nancy. I'm sorry for not getting over there, we finally just finished the cabinet and I am fixin' to go to bed. I'll come over tomorrow morning and drink some coffee with you, and you can tell me all of your good news." And, that wasn't a lie!

Here is a picture of the boards, that finally turned into this, just a little before eight o'clock last night! Thank you, Tony—I love you!

Tony and I have to take off for Kerrville now, because we are meeting Kinky for lunch at Luby's! Sorry, Mari!
To Be Continued...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Full Moon Time, Again!

It's Full Moon Time, again! This morning I woke up around four o'clock, and it was so bright outside—I didn't have to turn on any lights inside the trailer! Tony got up around five, and we went into Outer Space and drank some coffee, as we talked about my new book, and Tony's pictures that I want to use. I'm planning on using some of mine and some of his, and he is excited about it! I am seriously considering using Tony's picture of Bosco and Bunny—running, with the tire in their mouths, for the front cover. I love that picture so much!

By ten o'clock, I was caught up with returning phone calls, e-mails, and I had walked another four fast miles—twice! Yes, we're talking eight miles, again! Tomorrow I plan on just walking five miles—I don't want to over do it and I don't want T. upset with me.

I am sad to report, that Mr. Ziffle did not get adopted today, because the man was a 'no-show.' That was really disappointing, even though Mr. Ziffle didn't seem to care, because Todd and his wife, came out this morning, and they walked our dogs today! Thank you Mr. and Mrs.Todd! (I apologize for forgetting Todd's wife's name, but I can tell you that she was a really nice lady.)

Today, I washed my newly purchased, J.C. Penney's 'green-for-the-enviroment' waffle bath towels. They are fantastic towels, and require less dryer time, and I love their colors! Ours are off white, terra cotta and a pretty grayish-blue, and they are so soft! After folding them and putting them up, I removed all of our old towels—and donated them to the rescue ranch. We never seem to have enough towels for our dogs.

This evening, after it had cooled down to a melting ninety-three degrees, I went out to the garden with Tone. The plants are all thriving and growing faster than fast! I loved it!

Tony's potatoes, which are intentionally grown inside old, used tires, for recycling purposes—had grown another foot! Our Fairy Tale pumpkins are taking over the 'Pumpkin Patch!' And, Carol's grapevine has grown over four inches, since we planted it earlier this week! I can't wait for Kinky to see it tomorrow! Y'all have a great evening, even though we are under a full moon!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Unbeknownst To Tony!

Today has been a very productive day for me! I am not going to bore you with the details, but I am now totally caught up with all of my rescue ranch work! Yeah!

By nine-thirty this morning—I had walked eight fast miles, with Leslie and her smiling team of walkers! I had only planned on walking five miles, but I was feeling strong, so I did her four fast miles DVD—twice! When I told Tony, he gave me one of those looks, again—that is the opposite of the happy face. "Nance, please don't go over doing it, now," Tone said, and then he hugged me. "I'm just worried that you are going to hurt yourself, and I don't want you getting hurt. Okay?" He's so sweet!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am happy to report that our super volunteers, June, and her friend, Jim, came out this morning! While Jim walked many of our dogs—June was busy grooming, and handing out treats to them! Our dogs love those two, and so do we! Thank you, June and Jim, for taking the time, to come out and work with our dogs, and make them more adoptable!

This afternoon, while T. was painting his office, inside our trailer, I took Maggie, and then Happy—for a walk—unbeknownst to Tony. It's another one of my secrets. I'm sure if he had known what I was up to outside, while he was brush stroking the walls—he would have gotten upset with me, again.

Well, fingers crossed—it looks like Mr. Ziffle is getting adopted tomorrow! A man called me this early this evening, to ask if we still had Zifferman. He told me that he was friends with Ingrid and George, the couple, who adopted Ziff's sister, Biscuit, and he wanted to adopt Mr. Z.—if we still had him. The man is driving down from Austin tomorrow, with his other dog. He told me, if Mr. Ziffle and his dog get along—he will adopt Ziff! Please keep your fingers crossed for Z-Dog! And, I am not going to tell Kinky about Mr. Ziffle—until it is a done deal.

That is about all of the news here. I am fixin' to watch a movie with Tony. Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heard It Through The Grapevine!

Part 2. of 'Here Comes The Judge!' (Dedicated to Mari!)

After Carol, Tony and I had our serious discussion, it was time to change the subject, so I told a joke, that Fay had e-mailed to me, last week. "You, know how when people go to their high school reunion—everyone thinks that everybody has really aged, except for them. Okay, well there's this old woman, that is my age—57, and it is her first time to go to her new dentist. While she is waiting on the 'Keeper of the Tooth,' she starts reading the diplomas on the wall, and quickly realizes that she and her dentist attended the same high school—at the same time! When the dentist enters the room—she is shocked at what she saw! The man was pudgy, wrinkled, bald and looked really old—we're talking ancient. The dentist says, 'Do you have any questions before we begin?' The woman clears her throat and says, "I was just reading your diplomas on the wall, and realized that you and I were at the same high school—at the same time.' The dentist then takes a step backwards, and then studies his patient closely, and then says, 'What subject did you teach?'" Carol and Tony laughed!

We then went into Outer Space for a visit. Carol told us about her fun trip, last week, to Costa Rica, along with some very funny incidents. Then we talked about horses, and by the time we were done with that—it looks like we are going to go camping this Fall, for eighteen hours or less, and she is going to bring her horses for us to ride! I can't wait to do it, and Tony was excited about cooking for us—using his dutch ovens—while Carol and I were off riding the range, and trading stories.

Carol thought Tony cooking for us sounded really neat, but she doesn't know that the only thing that Tony cooks really well, so far, in his dutch ovens—is beans and biscuits! And, they are truly delicious, but I can just see it now, Carol and me up on her horses, at sunrise, blazing a trail to somewhere, as we continually blame her horses for being overly gaseous!

Our last conversation, before Carol had to leave, was about making wine! "I know that wine making is a fine art," I stated. "But I have no clue on how to make it—even though I am pretty artistic."

Tony then tells us that he has an old friend, who is an expert at it, and he was going to give him a call! Even though none of us knew a thing about the wine making process, it didn't really matter, because we were already too busy thinking up names and logo designs for our private labels, and what we are going to name our vineyards! I don't know if it was the wine talking—but I know that we sure did a lot of laughing!

As we walked Carol out to her car, we came up with a secret sign for us, too! It is a 'W' using three fingers, like the peace sign, but with an extra finger—meaning Wine!

Yesterday, Tony helped me plant my grapevine in the garden! And, then my friend Cindy, came over for a visit. She loved the Playing For Change, too, and couldn't wait to share it with her friends!

Y'all have a great evening—especially Mari!

P.S. I've definitely decided to make boxed wine. I'm going to save my empty boxes, and funnel my wine into them and then seal it up with duct tape! And, thank you Fay for the joke! Kinky loved it, too!