Thursday, January 29, 2015

Packin' It!

Today has been great. It has been a quiet day. A week ago today Little Debbie had her eye surgery and she is doing great. In fact, she took her last meds this evening.

Earlier this evening I received another funny comment on my blog and it was from Nancy J. Bailey, the fabulous author of The North Side Of Down: A True Story Of Two Sisters. And like the other comments it made me laugh out loud. So, since there isn't much to write about tonight I'm posting these comments in case you haven't read them. Then I will write another short version of my day.

 Mari of the NoMads said...
Nancy, my feet are blistering from walking the Appalachian Trail vicariously with you and your sister! (You can tell which version I have to believe, right?)

Obviously I didn't buy the $$$ hiking boots. :(

How much further are 'we' going to walk? My 'dogs' are 'barking'!

 cousin nancy said...
LOL, Mari! Not to worry. Before we started hiking I had secretly arranged for your sweet husband David to fly his helicopter in and pick us up, on top of the mountain, first thing in the morning. So hang in there. Your "dogs" will be fine, because they are Heelers.

And don't forget that next Saturday we will most likely be hiking the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail)!

P.S. Buy stock in M&M's!

 Eileen said...
Wow, Nancy, we actually stopped at the only place on the Appalachian Trail that has a dog pen on it! I can tell by my fat cheeks that the pic was taken when I had my mouth full of M&Ms!
cousin nancy said...
So you're the one who ate all of our M&M's!

 Nancy Bailey said...
I'm jealous. *I* want to walk the Appalachian Trail. *I* want new hiking boots. *I* want a mouthful of M&Ms. *I* want to astonish all the other hikers by being the oldest person out there. .............Okay. Maybe not the last part.

 cousin nancy said...
Hi Nancy! I am still laughing about you being jealous. I love your book so much and I am jealous of your fabulous writing skills, so I guess that makes us even? 
Until my new green, long sleeve Appalachian Trail Hiker t-shirt gets delivered to me! Keep writing and laughing.

P.S. My new Appalachian Trail Hiker t-shirt should arrive by next week and I can't wait! Then I guess you'll be "green" with envy...


Today has been great even though my back is aching. Early this afternoon Mari and David picked me up, in one of their helicopters and flew me back to the Appalachian Trail, so I could climb another mountain, but this time wearing my new "45lbs." backpack. In other words, "I was packin' it."

It took me less than an hour to climb up to the summit and then walk back down and I am so glad that I took my hiking stick with me, that Tony custom made for me, because it kept me from slipping, sliding and falling down. 

Before my good friends flew me back home to Tony tonight they had taken these two pictures of me taking off on the famous trail and when I had returned. 

And to say the least—its been a long day. And that is about it for tonight, because I am fixin' to lean back and rest my back on Mari's pretty, pink, sheepskin, that she gave to me several years ago and read more of Nancy's great book.

Y'all have a great evening!


Eileen said...

Those big cypress trees you're standing & waving in front of seem vaguely familiar to me. Do you know why? Will you be flown back here by Mari's husband in his helicopter for lunch tomorrow at Koyote Grill, by any chance?

cousin nancy said...

I'm already home and will be at Koyote tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you and telling you "the rest of the story!"