Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spaced-Out! or Mr.& Mrs. Jones!

Today has been great but also a little weird, because at one point this afternoon, I felt like I was suddenly cast and co-starring in one of those scary Rod Serling Twilight Zone episodes.

This morning I walked four miles inside the trailer with Leslie Sansone and then I returned several phone calls while Tony was outside doing his morning chores.

Around noon today, T. excitedly took off for his first-paying-photo-gig, over in Pipe Creek. Mildred, a good friend of his in Medina, was having a baby shower for her daughter-in-law and she had hired Tony to come and please shoot the guests and family, for her.

After Tone left the ranch, Aaron showed up with a couple of his friends, so they could dip all of our dogs for fleas and ticks, and then treat the dog pens.

Four minutes past one o'clock Mama and Abbie started barking outside to let me know that Jim and Sean had arrived to possibly adopt one of our super dogs, but unfortunately that is also when the rest of the cast of the Twilight Zone also arrived—to my dismay.

Fortunately for me when I came outside, Aaron was busy meeting the cast, from outer space, so I happily went and greeted Jim and Sean and then suggested that we take off immediately to go look at our dogs, because of the heavy, weird vibes I was getting from the castaways.

When we reached Princess' and Marlin's pen I asked Jim to tell me what kind of dog he was looking for. After he told me that he didn't care if it was a male or female and that they had a cat I smiled and then I started telling them all about Chloe and what a great dog she was—they were interested and wanted to see her. And it was love at first sight, but they wanted to meet all of our dogs, so we took off and that's when the aliens or strangers from a strange land, caught up with us and starting asking me really dumb questions about dogs and making very odd remarks about dogs—darn it.

And that is when I said a silent prayer that Serling's reject Twilight Zone cast wouldn't abduct us and immediately take us off to a land far, far away. And I was pretty sure that Jim and Sean were probably thinking the same thing as me as they tried talking to the clueless aliens.

Fortunately, halfway through the rescue ranch tour with Jim and Sean—the spaced out people went back to their mini-craft and blasted out of here—thank goodness. Thirty minutes later after taking Chloe, then Harley and then Enzo Swift for a short walk—it was hands down—they definitely wanted to adopt Chloe! And I was more than thrilled for this super dog and so were they, but not as much as Chloe was!

After we gave her a few treats we went up to the trailer and went into Outer Space and had a really fun time visiting, before I filled out Chloe's adoption papers. After Jim signed on the dotted line to make Chloe's adoption final we went to get her, so they could take her to her new forever home. And here are a few pictures that I took of them with Chloe, one very happy dog, before going to her new home.

After Jim and Sean drove away with our / their precious cargo, I came inside the trailer and called Jimmie, the former owner of Chloe, to tell him the great news about Chloe getting adopted and he was happier than I was and he could not quit thanking Kinky, Tony and me for finding her a super home. Then he told me that  he was in the book (The Art of Racing In The Rain) where Eve... And that he loved the book and then I told him that we had rescued a big, black dog and named him Enzo and he loved it. "As soon as I finish reading this incredibly great book I am going to send it out to our friend Keith O., in California, because he can't wait to read it. Thank you so much for helping me out and finding Chloe such a great home..."

Five minutes after talking to Jimmie—T. walked inside the trailer and I told him the great news about Chloe and he was so happy for her and then I told him about my not-so-favorite-martians invasion and he had a good laugh about it. Then he showed me a couple hundred of great photos of the people that he had shot at the baby shower and then we got dressed up, so we could go to our good friend Ruth's daughter's wedding. Then we took off in Trigger.

I must say that "Stephanie and David Jones wedding was one of the best, most beautiful and fun weddings that I have ever attended," because it was a country-themed wedding. The bride and groom made for a handsome couple and Stephanie's dress was so beautiful—Kate Middleton, over in England, might ought to re-think about using Stephanie's dress designer and I am serious.

Tonight I want to end tonight's post with best wishes to Stephanie and David Jones new life together. May love always fill your hearts and may all of your dreams come true. And may the Dog of your choice bless you!

Y'all have a great evening!


Sean and Jim said...

Chloe has turned out to be the perfect addition to our family. She is well-behaved and mindful, but she's also playful and silly. We took her to a leash-free dog park today and she played well with every other dog there. She's such a lover-dog, wanting to nuzzle under your arm or roll around on the floor and lick everything. I told you I knew she was the one as soon as she appeared on your website and I was not mistaken. It was total kismet. Thank you for making our visit such a treat, martians notwithstanding, and for knowing, as I did, it would be love at first sight.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Sean and Jim! Thank you for making my day!