Saturday, February 10, 2024

Twins? or Is It Memorex?

 Today I was looking at some old photos and I burst out laughing when I saw these two photos of us accidentally dressed alike, which we still accidentally find ourselves doing. 

It never really bothered me when this would happen, but Tony would more or less—be totally horrified especially if some one commented on it—like at the grocery store or at the the Medina Cider Mill, or Wolfmueller's Books. For example: This picture of us was taken at the Cider Mill, 2017 after we enjoyed lunch with our fabulous dog-walking volunteers.

And this" twins photo" (except for our caps) was taken of us, at Sandy & Jon's famous Wolfmueller's Books store, in 2018. And please notice Tony isn't smiling in either photo, because that is how he looks when he is horrified or embarrassed.

Anyway, tomorrow when I do the super-fun podcast with Eileen & Dean I am going to try to trick Tony and dress alike again and get Gerry to take a picture of us as long as he doesn't make me look fat. 

Now that I've gone down memory lane with y'all I have to ask,  "Are Tony and I twins or is it Memorex? Or is it just old age."

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!

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