Friday, February 9, 2024

A Wise Doctor Once Wrote!

Today has been great. This past few days Tony and I have been cleaning house, because this Sunday afternoon, our good friends Eileen, Dean, Lisa and Gerry Olert are coming over for my podcast that I will be doing with Eileen and her sister Dean. And to say the least, "I can't wait to do this podcast with two of the funniest women that I know.

Because when our friends come over I do not want our cabin to look like Tony and I live here. So, I started deep-cleaning our little house and it sort of got out of control for me. While Tony did what he could to help me clean, it was a slow go for him, because of his two crutches getting in his way.

Anyway, besides cleaning the bathroom, the floors, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. I decided that I needed to spruce things up a little bit, so I totally repainted our countertops and black & white checkerboard floor, by the front door, and I must admit that I love the results. And to celebrate our really clean house I put a new quote on the chalkboard, that our friends Jim & Liz Cravotta made for us.  

And please note the stack of four, pretty, custom-hand-made potholders that Jean recently made for me.

And that is about it for today. Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 

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