Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Episode 19: Remembering The Alamo With Fourth Coates! or Duck And Cover!

Today has been a blast, because I was lucky enough to interview my and Tony's dear friend Fourth Coates. And you can see why we love Fourth so much by listening to this entertaining interview with Fourth telling one funny story after another. And with me often cutting in to tell a few jokes.

Fourth kept Tony and I laughing with his hilarious stories about growing up on a ranch, in South Texas.

To listen to my Episode 19th podcast: Remembering The Alamo With Fourth Coates please Click Here or up on the sidebar—The Cousin Nancy Show.

Thank y'all for listening and take care and keep on laughing!

9/4/2022 Update:

Here is a photo of Fourth's 4th grade class that "Saw the bomb and lived to tell about it!" And please note that Fourth is standing top row left of George.

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