Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Episode 16: Never Tell A Lie (To Jean Weber)! or Knit-Wit!

 Today has been great. This afternoon I did a super fun podcast with Tony's and my dear friend Jean Weber.

We first met Jean on November 14, 2016, when Tony and I walked into Wolfmueller's Books looking for Sandy to help me finish tying off my unfinished, pink potholder. Needless to say Sandy and Jon were gone and Jon's sister, Jean, an accomplished knitter, was "holding down the fort for them" and she tied it off for me instead.

Long story short, to refresh your memory, you can read all about that famous potholder that I wrote about in my November 14th, 2016 blog post, "The One And Only!" Here.

Jean told us some great stories about her beloved cat Tiger and here are a few pictures of her beautiful feline companion who keeps things interesting for her.

And here is a link to the famous Paul Bunyan Land amusement park which now resides in Brainerd, Minnesota, so you can see this famous, 26 foot tall, talking Paul Bunyan who mysteriously knew my brothers' and my sister's and my name, and knew where we had come from, when we first entered this popular park. 
Here's Paul!

This 20 minute podcast episode was so much fun to do with Jean and I hope that it will make you laugh as much as I did. 

To listen to the podcast please click here or click onThe Cousin Nancy Show near the top of the sidebar on this page.

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!

P.S. Sandy & Jon—Happy 49th Anniversary tomorrow!


Jean said...

Nancy, that was lots of fun! Tiger was totally impressed with himself when I showed him all the pictures and let him listen to the podcast. Just hope he doesn't get a big head knowing that he is now famous on Cousin Nancy's podcast!

cousin nancy said...

Howdy Jean! I had an absolute blast doing a podcast with you and I had so much fun doing the show my back aches today from so much laughing!

Kinky has often told me that he thinks "next to our dear friend Ruth Buzzi—I come in second as being the funniest woman that he knows." And those are words that I am very proud of.

The reason that I told you this is because I know for a fact that if Kinky were to ever spend time talking to you he would say, "Next to Ruth Buzzi being the funniest woman I know. And Cousin Nancy being the second funniest woman that I know. Jean Weber would come right after Cousin Nancy as being the third funniest woman that I know."

And I am sure that he, like Tony and me, would be awed by Tiger if he were to meet him.

So, coming from the second funniest person Kinky knows to the third funniest woman that we know—thank you so much for doing the podcast with me. You knit-Wit!!!!