Monday, November 14, 2016

The One And Only!

Today has been great. This morning after doing some ranch paperwork, returning phone calls and e-mails I walked four miles with Leslie Samson. Then I cooked lunch for us.

After we ate lunch and I had cleaned up the kitchen Tony and I talked about going to Kerrville to run a few errands and to go Wolfmueller's Books. And before we left The Cabin, I grabbed my unfinished potholder and metal hook and the framed painting that I had done, because I wanted to show it to Sandy & Jon before I gave my painting away and to also see if Sandy or Jon could possibly help me finish my pink potholder, because after I read and then reread the potholder's tie-off instructions—I could not figure it out.

A little while later after running a couple of errands, Tony and I walked inside, Wolfmueller's Books, and I was carrying my potholder loom and metal hook and Tony was carrying my painting. Jean greeted us from behind the counter and she told us that she was holding down the fort for Jon & Sandy. today "Hmm," I replied. "We came by to visit with them and I wanted to show them my painting and to see if they could help me figure out how to finish my potholder. The instructions are for ages 5+ and they should have included a warning, And under 60 years old. I'm sixty-five. I used to make these things, all of the time as a kid, but making this pink potholder has been" a real challenge for me. I guess the politically correct thing to say is, I'm potholder challenged instead of labeling me stupid." Then a friendly, woman customer, about my age, who was in earshot, chuckled.

Then Tony and Jean chuckled too. Then Jean said, "Let me take a look at it. I bet I can help you with that, because I am a knitter and I knitted this sweater that I'm wearing." Tony and I were very impressed with her knitting skills, because her sweater was absolutely beautiful and it had all kinds of fancy knitting patterns. But before I shoved the potholder loom and metal hook towards Jean, she took out her phone and took a picture of my painting.

Jean figured it out real quick and she started tying off the loose loops real fast and when she stopped and showed me how to do it and suggested that I finish it— I backed-off. "No, thank you. I'll pay you five dollars to finish it off."

They laughed, and then Tony said, "You ought to pay Jean $20.00 for tying it off for you." Jean laughed and so did that nice woman who had chuckled earlier.

While we stood back and watched Jean do her magic potholder moves, I said, "Be careful Jean, the warning label, on the box, has the hazard warning label—CHOKE. So please don't put the loops in your mouth. You've been warned."

As Jean was coming down the finish line/loop, with only a few more loops to do, I said, "You know, this loom kit and loops would be a hilarious Christmas gift to give to all of our over-sixty friends. They would all laugh about making these potholders as a kid and remember how easy it was. And then it would drive them totally crazy trying to correctly weave the loops and then try to tie it off...."

"There, I'm finished," Jean remarked, proudly. "Now you know how to do it and you can make more of these."

I laughed, and said, "No way, I'm done making these things. This potholder is going to be the one and only potholder I'll ever make. Jean, do you want my loom and metal hook?" 

"No, thanks,"she immediately replied, followed by a chuckle, before I could even offer her my jumbo bag of loops.

So tonight as I finish writing this, with my pretty, pink potholder, only inches away from my laptop, I took this picture of it, because now I am seriously thinking about framing this one-of-a-kind, beautiful potholder, instead of using it. Because I have no doubt that it's only a matter of time, before Henry finds our pretty potholder and destroys it, too. "Thank you, Jean for helping me today. We did it and it's a work of art!"
Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


jwolf said...

Nancy, looks good but you left your premium metal hook at the store! You really should make more...I really don't want to see you choke on the bag of loops! Jean

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jean! Thank you for letting me know that I left my premium hook, at Wolfmueller's Books store, because I thought that I had lost that valuable tool and I probably would not have been able to sleep tonight, because of it.

I'll make more if you will tie them off for me. Who knows? Maybe we could corner the market on these one-of-a-kind,hand-woven, beautiful potholders and even sign them to make them even more valuable. I'm seeing big $$$ signs—partner! We could call them Jean (k)nit-ae!

Thank you for being concerned about me possibly choking on the loops too, because I think we both need to purchase protective eye goggles, before we go in to mass production, so we don't accidentally poke our eyes out.