Friday, August 2, 2019

Good Sport!

Today started out great, but then it went south real fast, when I met up with Darlene, in Escondido's awesome kitchen.

She was busy cooking a fabulous breakfast for the guests, so after putting on an apron, I asked Darlene a question that I already knew the answer to. "So how many steps did you take yesterday?" Already knowing that I had out-stepped her by a long shot.

Darlene got this big grin on her face, and she replied, "10,856!" And I guess that you should have been there to watch my smile turn upside down. "I can't believe it!" Darlene said. "How many did you walk?" Darlene asked, as she kneaded some dough.

I was speechless for a few seconds, because I had realized that sweet Darlene had out-walked me and she's five years older than me. Still stunned with the news about her winning yesterday's competition and that I had actually lost to her, I finally forced myself to say, "54 steps less than you did. 10,802."

Darlene tried to fake how excited she was about out-walking me, but I saw through her even though she was glowing with the thrill of victory, as she punched the dough down, again.

I congratulated Darlene on out-walking me and I was happy for her, even though I wanted to kick myself in the pants for removing my pedometer, at 5:20, right after I had updated my blog last night with a picture showing my 10,802 steps.

But wanting to be a good sport about losing and knowing that all is fair in love and walking, so to speak, I blew off my loss and took off for the dining room, so I could quickly add more steps to my pedometer and to turn on the lights in the dining room. 

Then I found every excuse I could find to walk more steps this morning, because Darlene already was over 1,000 steps ahead of me for the day and it was still early.

As I finish writing this for tonight, because Tony and I will be working tonight, I have walked  a total of 6672 steps so far. And all I have to do now is dance for an hour (Like that will really  happen.) and take a shower before going to work. Life is good and Losing sucks. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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