Monday, July 1, 2024

Thanks For The Memories, Kink!

 Here are several of my favorite pictures of Kinky. And after these photos I added two more short videos of Kinky. 

After hiking with his dear friends: Will Wallace, Dylan Ferrero, Kinky and Ben Welch

Kinky on set with Jimmy LaFave for movie Palo Pinto Gold

Kinky outside on his porch

Kinky holding Stella a rescued dog from hurricane Katrina

Kinky signing a guitar on his pool table

Kinky posing next to my writing cabin at our rescue ranch

Sandy Wolfmueller, Tony and me having a fun lunch with Kinky @ Cracker Barrel

Kinky posing with Mama, my rescued Great Pyrenees

Tony took this picture of Kinky and Sophie, his rescued dog

Kinky taking a walking break with David Beckham, our rescued wild hog that plays soccer.

Tony, Kinky, me and U.S. Representative Lamar Smith @ our rescue ranch

Kinky posing with Little Jewford

Bob, Kinky, me and Jay Pennington outside of the Lodge

Kinky signed his cigar poster to Tony & me

9 years ago Tony took this video of Kinky & me doing a video for an upcoming tribute to our dear friend Ruth Buzzi

Kinky's kind words 

Thanks for the memories, Kink!


Mary Sanders said...

Dear Nancy, My condolences to you and Tony and all the critters. I found Utopia Ranch after I found Kinky's books in a Canton, GA thrift store and looked him up. I now have most of his books and music and think he was a remarkable person. You all were so fortunate to have shared so much in helping animals, people and the good times you had are enviable. Hugs to you all. M

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! Gosh it has been a long time since hearing from you. In 2018, Kinky, Tony & I closed the doors of our beloved Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.

Kinky was definitely a remarkable person and he will definitely be missed by many people and animals that loved him.

Thank you for your kind words or as Kinky would say, "Thank you very much!!!"