Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Budget Recording Studio!

Today has been fun, because Ben Welch was here.

This afternoon while I was outside, in my writing cabin or The No Budget Recording Studio, doing sound checks before recording some more of my book, I invited Ben and Tony to come inside and help me. After recording the first story, Tony played it back and we laughed. Then Ben suggested that I add some sound effects like a loud thud noise, when T. dropped the shop vac in my story, Flour Power, so I asked Ben if he would make the loud thud sound for me and he agreed to do it for free, since my No Budget Recording Studio, which Ben and T. came up with the name for—never, ever pays.

Since Ben and Tone were donating their time to my project I gave them titles, "My Sound Engineers," to make them feel better, since they weren't being compensated. Before we started recording Tony took this picture of me and then I took this one of them.

When I started reading, Ben forgot to make the loud noise, so I burst out laughing. Here's a funny, short, one minute video clip, of our first attempt of me recording my book in the No Budget Recording Studio. Since I could not upload the mp3 to YouTube I made a video of my computer playing it back.

Tonight's blog was short because of possible thunderstorms.

Y'all have a great evening!


Eileen said...

You all remind me of Tim Conway and Harvey Corman in one of their skits with Carol Burnett! Once you and your Sound Engineers get tickled, you can't stop! This audio book recording may take longer than you thought!

Mari of the NoMads said...

I speak fluent Texan, of course, being a native and all. Thus I was able to 'translate' your words, "FLAR PAR" into "flour power". Yours is easily the best Texan I can remember since the tomes of the 1960s called The Texas Dictionary of the English Language! Kudos to you for keeping our Texan "language" alive!

cousin nancy said...

Thank y'all!