Saturday, April 24, 2021

Back To Normal!

 This week has been great even though my back went out on me. It happened on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty rough days for me, but the good news is yesterday my back was hurting less and today I am almost back to normal, so to speak.

I do have some good news to report. Late this afternoon Tony co-hosted my podcast and he was great. He and I told a few jokes and this Podcast Episode 2 is only about 5 minutes long. 

So, if you want to listen to it click this link:

Or at the top of this page click: cousin and from their click on Podcast at the top or at the bottom of the page.

Lastly, the rest of my good news is The Cousin Nancy Show podcast is now available on Google, Apple, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc.

Anyway, I hope you will give Episode 2 a listen and I hope that it makes you laugh.

Y'all take care and keep on laughin

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