Monday, January 18, 2010

We Love Toby Keith!

Today has been pretty interesting because Mercury is still in retrograde. Before I tell you about what all happened I want to share the comment that I just checked out made by Anon earlier today, about the drum course that I am signing up for in late February.

Anonymous said...
nance, you are going to drive the dawgs crazy with your new hobby : ) let alone tony...
January 18, 2010  3:21 PM

cousin nancy said...
Hi Anon! I already drive Tone crazy and I will only use a little drum pad with hardly any sound output. But, if it drives the dogs crazy I promise to stop and I will take my next course in Karate or Wine Appreciation for Beginners.
January 18, 2010 7:05 PM

Now back to the past. This morning I got up early, so I could get my six mile walk in before my good friend Ann, from New Mexico, came out for a visit along with her good friends Colette and David and their children. Right after my workout with Leslie, Kinky called. "Nance, I threw my back out last night. Do you have any Tylenol that I can boroorborrow?"

"No Kink, but I have some Aleve. That is what Tone uses for his back. I bet you threw your back out doing those twenty pushups that you do twice a day."
"I doubt if it was the forty pushups. Could you bring the Aleve over?"
When I showed up at the Lodge, Kinky was standing at the gate waiting for me. "Here's the Aleve and I brought you one of those heating pad patches. They really seem to help T." We went into the Lodge, had a short visit and then I returned to the rescue ranch.

Right after I walked inside the trailer the phone rang. I let Carlton take the call. "Hello Tony and Nancy, this is Mike. I adopted Toby from y'all over a year and half ago..." I picked up the phone to talk to Mike. Mike (which is not his real name) told me that he had been out of work this past year because of the economy. He had finally just found a job in East Texas, and he and his family were moving there, and the place that they were moving to would not let them have dogs. In other words he asked me if we would take Toby Keith back. I told him yes, of course. Then he asked me if Tony and I could please pick Toby up in Kerrville because they were on their way to East Texas. He gave me their old address and directions to their house where Toby was. I told him that we could not pick Toby up until this afternoon and he told me that it was no problem because the neighbors were watching out for him. Before hanging up I asked Mike what vet I should call to get Toby's shot records and Mike told me that Toby was due his shots now. Then Ann and her friends showed up!

I had a wonderful time visiting with Ann, David and Colette and their cute daughters! As usual I talked way too much, but they were polite and they never asked me to shut up so one of them could talk. I showed them the Space Ship, then we went into Outer Space followed by a meet and greet with all of our rescued dogs. Then we came into the trailer for a short visit and then we took off for the Lodge so they could meet Kinky. (Ann already knew Kinky. She has pet sitted for The Friedmans several times over the years.)

We had a really fun visit with Kinky even though his back was out. When Ann and her friends left to go to Medina to eat lunch, I told Tony that I loved David and Colette and their sweet girls and that I now consider them to be good friends. Of course, T. agreed with me about them being great people.

We met Kinky at one-thirty for lunch at the orange colored restaurant in Kerrville and it was fun and delicious. After lunch we went our separate ways. We went to get Toby Keith and Kink went to H.E.B. to get some groceries.

When we pulled into the driveway where Toby was, we found him sitting on a tarp beside the house looking lonely and he wasn't in the backyard or wearing a dog collar with dog identification tags! Yikes! I guess you could say that we were pretty shocked that they had just left him there. No, it was more like we were mad, but Toby wasn't mad at all thank goodness! When he saw us pull up he jumped off of the tarp covering something, and came running to us with his tail wagging! "Hi Toby," Tony said, as he opened the back seat door for him, "Come on Buddy! We're taking you home with us!" Which was a lie sort of, but Toby Keith didn't know that and he immediately jumped into the back seat!

As we headed for Hoegemeyers Animal Clinic so Toby could get all of his shots, he showered us with wet kisses and seemed glad to be reunited with us. On the way back to the rescue ranch he slept peacefully in the back seat. When we arrived at the rescue ranch Tony put him in Hank's old pen, the puppy pen, and tomorrow we are going to introduce him to Miss Moose. If they get along they will become roommates! I've got my fingers crossed and am pretty sure that these two great dogs will get along just fine. Here's an old picture of Toby Keith.

Toby Keith is approximately four years old and he is one great dog! He gets along great with other dogs and we hope that someone great will come out here and adopt him sooner than later. His first master died on him, and the last one deserted him and he deserves super people who will give him a forever loving home because he deserves it. We love Toby Keith!

Here are two pictures that I took yesterday of Hank with his new roommate, Nellybelle. They aren't great, but I love the last one with Nellybelle's head turned. They are great dogs and so beautiful!

Y'all have a great evening!


Roger said...

I'm really happy to see Toby Keith home and safe, can't see how a person could just pull out of the driveway and leave the dog sitting there, I would need to know he was safe before I left....amazing. Toby appears to be well taken care of, that's a plus for Mike, but a collar and tags wouldn't have taken a helluva lot of effort , you managed that on the way home. Hank sure has a cute girlfriend! I can sure sympathize on these back problems that haunt the three of you, I'm way too familiar with it! Hope Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee are doing well. While I'm typing this I'm looking right at Toby Keith, what a sweet boy, pisses me off, how could a person do that?

Anonymous said...

nance, last year you got me walking; this year your deligent dogsaving drumming sweetheart has got me thinking of building a vineyard to be appreciated by sweet souls like you. hobbys keep the heart alive. dogs keep them young.

Anonymous said...

Hank still looks a little thin, I've had success in resolving that problem by adding cornbread and a stick of real butter daily. Butter works better than margarine. I have a dog that eats as much as 4 of my others combined and that is the only way I can keep any meat on his bones.