Monday, January 25, 2010

Being Grounded!

This morning I did not walk with Leslie, because I was tired and needed a day off. I spent my morning returning phone calls and catching up on the paperwork while Matt, Meghan, Nicole, Bethany and John walked our dogs and helped Tony with his chores. Unfortunately, Lisa didn't get to come out because she had some business to take care of. Thank y'all for coming out!

After lunch Tony and I had to go to Kerrville to buy dog food. On our way to Kerrville, Tony started laughing and he told me why. "As of today Matt is an official Ranch Wrangler. As I was driving up to the trailer I saw Matt laying down on the ground in Nellybelle and Hank's pen. I stopped Kermit and asked him what he was doing and Matt started laughing as he stood up. He told me that he had just hit the hot-wire with his head as he was leaving their pen. He said he was fine and he started laughing about it." Tony and I started laughing.

We have a long ongoing joke out here about you're not part of the rescue ranch until you have been zapped at least once by our low voltage hot wires. I've been zapped, and so have Tony, Ben, John, Aaron and Kinky. It really doesn't hurt you, it just sort of jars you for a second because you weren't expecting it. Fortunately, because I am short I've only been shocked once when I reached up to toss a ball into a pen and touched the wire.

Kinky's 'number one hit' and only hit is the funniest of all of ours. Four or five years ago some reporters were out here interviewing Kinky as he gave them a tour of our rescue ranch. When he stopped at Randy Travis', Mandy's and Moe Bandy's pen, which was hot because they are jumpers, he reached up and grabbed the hot wire and yelled a cuss word as he let go and jumped back. The reporters didn't know if they should laugh but Kinky, Tony and I did. It was hilarious and Kinky has never been zapped since! It only takes one time and that's why we use them because once one of 'our jumpers' hits the wire they learn to never try to jump out again and that makes them very adoptable.

"After Matt had quit laughing about not being grounded," Tone said, "he told me that he had been sitting in Hank's and Nelly's pen to visit with them so they could get to know him. He said that Nellybelle had laid down beside him, rested her head on his leg and then she fell to sleep, and Hank let him pet him and Hank seemed to enjoy Matt's company."

"That's great news about Nellybelle and Hank," I said. "They are such great dogs."

"I know. By the way this morning Nancy and Peggy, my friends on Facebook, read your blog last night  and they asked me if I liked your cheese souffle..."

"You did like it didn't you?"

"Nance, it was good but I am not really a souffle -kind-of-a-man. I mean it was good, but  I've never eaten anything like that with that kind of texture."

When we arrived at Walmart Tony and I turned on our cell phones and then we went off in different directions. While T. filled his cart with fifty pound sacks of dog food I was over in the arts & craft section buying this and that, so I could decorate and customize my new drumsticks and drum pad for my beginners drum class on February twenty-eighth because I want to have the coolest and prettiest drum sticks and drum pad in the class! We're talkin' Bling!

Y'all have a great evening!

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