Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 34th Birthday, Ben Welch! We Love You!

Today has been a really great day! First off, I want to wish Ben Welch, our dear friend, a Happy 34th Birthday! We love you Ben and we hope that you are having the best birthday ever! And as Kinky likes to often say, "Enjoy it. Trust me it only gets worse."

Early this morning I walked six more miles with Leslie Sansone in the big room and I am proud to say that I have walked over one-hundred and thirty miles since January 1st!

Around nine-thirty Lisa and Meghan came out to help Tony, and to walk our dogs. My good friend Sheryl came out around ten-thirty to bring me some more pages from my book that she has edited for me, then she went outside and helped walk our dogs! Thank you Lisa, Meghan and Sheryl! Our dogs love y'all as much as we do!

This afternoon after lunch Buttermilk took Tone, Kirby and me to Kerrville so we could get Kirby all of his shots. When we got back to the rescue ranch Carlton had five new messages for us to listen to and the last one literally made my day and made me smile! "Tony, Nancy, this is Carol. James and I wanted to invite y'all over to ride horses with us. Call me. Bye."

I picked up the phone and punched in Carol's phone number as fast as I could and told her that we couldn't wait to ride with them and that we would be over there in fifteen minutes because I needed two minutes to put on "my cowgirl outfit."

After I had put on my pink bandana and cowgirl hat, Tone grabbed our cameras and we took off in Buttermilk. I was so excited about seeing James and Carol and getting to go horseback riding with them! On our way over there T. told me that he wasn't going to ride because his back was aching but he volunteered to be the official photographer for the soon to be fun event. Here are a few of the pictures he took of us having fun. This one is of Carol and me visiting at the corral with her horse, Mya, as James saddled up the other horses in the barn.

This picture is of me on James' horse, Drifter. Isn't he a beautiful Buckskin! I instantly fell in love with him!

This is a picture of the three of us saddled up in the corral. Carol is on Mya, James is riding his horse, Chance without a bridle and I'm sittin' on Drifter! After Tony took this picture of us we left the corral to ride their horses.

This one is of me talking too much as usual and the big black dog is Carol's sweet Labrador, Scout. Please notice that James only has a rope slung around Chance's neck and there is no bridle. James has trained his horses so well that he can ride them without using bridles. I was impressed!

And this is a very short video clip that Tony took of us riding the range and having a fun time. 

We rode all over the ranch for about an hour and I had such a fun time, and I think they did, too. After we got off of the horses Carol and I went up to the house so she could check her email and I could read an article written about James and his horses, while James unsaddled the horses and brushed them down, while visiting with Tony. 

I was in shock after I read the article about James and his magnificent horses, Drifter and Chance. It was a great article and guess what? James and his horses are famous! And I had just ridden Drifter!

In 2000 James retired. He sold his house and all of his worldly possessions except for Drifter and Chase, the loves of his life. Then he bought a fancy horse trailer and then set out to live his dream. He spent over four years traveling to horse events all over Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California, with his horses and he slept in the horse trailer with them. 

His well equipped horse trailer provided James with a queen sized bed, kitchenette and a satellite dish so James could follow and keep up with the horse events on his computer. "Everyone that I met while traveling around were the best of people," James told me when he and Tone came up to the house. We had a long talk about it, and so I don't get it wrong I am going to ask Carol to please let me scan the article so y'all can read about him and his horses.

After we talked about James' travel adventures with Chance and Drifter, we downloaded Tony's camera and mine into Carol's computer so they could have the pictures and videos that Tone had taken, then while James and Tony talked about photography Carol and I visited in the kitchen. She told me that she has never been this happy in all of her life and I loved it. I am so happy for her and James. 

On our way back home I checked my camera to look at the pictures and videos that T. had taken and was disappointed that all of my pictures and videos had been accidentally deleted. When we got back to the rescue ranch, we stopped at the barn so I could take a couple of pictures of Tony's and my old saddles, because my brother, Ronnie, is going to make me two saddle stools, and then we came home. 

As soon as we came inside the trailer I called Carol and told her what had happened and I asked her to please email me the video so I could post it tonight and she said that she would do it immediately. Then I sat down at the kitchen table to download the pictures of our saddles into my laptop. When I opened up the door to pull out my memory stick it fell out. When I inserted it back into the camera I discovered that I had all of my pictures and videos that Tone had taken today! So I called Carol back and told her the good news and thanked her and James again for letting me go horseback riding with them today.

Y'all have a great evening!

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