Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day O!

At six-thirty this evening before sitting down at the kitchen table to write tonight's blog, I turned off 'Wheel of Fortune' and turned on my Himalayan salt lamp and lit some pinion pine incense to set the mood. Then I turned on my Bose iDock and cranked it up a few notches. Neil Young started singing, Sugar Mountain, one of my favorite songs and I was ready to write! Unfortunately, Neil is not one of Tony's favorite singers, because he only likes country music, so he went back to his office to harvest a strawberry crop.

Today has been absolutely wonderful! I woke up at six o'clock and fed our dogs and Lucky. By nine-thirty the sun was shining outside and I had made breakfast for T. and me, washed and dried a load of clothes and had walked eight miles with Leslie Sansone! As I write this Harry Belafonte is now singing, Day O! I love him and that song.

After getting cleaned up, I checked my e-mail. My good friend Mari, of the famous NoMads, sent me a video to watch and she warned me to grab some kleenex because it would make me cry. I heeded her advice sort of. Since I didn't have any kleenex tissues in the trailer, I grabbed a roll of Scott toilet paper and then sat down at the kitchen table and watched the video Just One Dog and I cried as I watched it. It is a beautiful video about shelter dogs and I hope that y'all will check it out, because it is not depressing but heartwarming.

As I was wiping away my tears, Tony came inside the trailer and said, "Lobo has just been adopted to a nice young couple! You need to get his adoption papers ready. Why are you crying, Nance?" I told him about the touching video that I had just watched and he gave me a big bear hug, then he went back outside.

As soon as I had filled out Lobo's adoption papers, I went outside to meet the people adopting Lobo. (Paul McCartney is now singing Hey Jude from his live Back in the USA CD! It is so fantastic! He now has the men in the audience singing a verse, and now it is the women's turn! It is definitely one of his best albums ever! ) 

As I walked down to Lobo's pen, I saw Jim, our great dog walking volunteer, coming in with Lucy and Ashley Judd! I could see that the dogs were really happy, because their tails were wagging high! When I reached Lobo's and Layla's pen Lisa was inside their pen getting goodbye kisses from Lobo! He was all over her and so happy! "Nancy, I am so happy for Lobo getting adopted, but I am also sad, because I wanted to adopt him. I love this dog." Here is a picture of  Lobo kissing Lisa goodbye!

Matt, Lisa, Tony and I visited with Jill and her husband as Jill filled out Lobo's adoption papers. We all felt good about the adoption even though Lisa and I teared up as they drove away with Lobo. Good luck Lobo! We love you! Have a great life!

After Lobo left, I went over to the Lodge to tell Kinky about our first great adoption for 2010! Kink was thrilled with the news, and then he teased me relentlessly about our "Will Bark For Food" bet. Saying things like: "Make sure I see the fabrics before you reupholster the sofa and chairs," and "Nance, when are you going to going to start cleaning up the Lodge? I hope that you will do it while I am on the road..."

My response to his kidding remarks were, "Kinky, I promise you that I am going to win this bet! If you want to borrow one of my vacuum cleaners, Hazel or Witch Hazel just let me know..." Here is the artwork I made for our "Will Bark For Food" campaign. I used Toto and Blue's picture!

Tony treated Lisa, Matt and me to lunch today! We went to the Apple Store in Medina and laughed throughout our entire lunch! Lisa and Matt are two very funny and witty people, and Tony and I really enjoyed our lunch with them!

When we got back to the rescue ranch, Lisa and Matt visited with our precious pigs, and then they started walking our dogs again! 

This evening before setting the mood to write this blog, I checked out the latest comments made on my blog and burst out laughing when I read them! Enjoy!

 Mari of the NoMads said...
Now Nancy, I'm not saying that I'm betting on Kinky to win, but let's just say that I recommend that you ask for donations not only to Utopia Animal Rescue, but also to the expense of reupholstering certain chairs and a sofa.....
January 4, 2010 9:30 PM

 cousin nancy said...
Good morning, Mari! I bet you that I win!
January 5, 2010 5:52 AM

Anonymous said...
bet you both win:)
January 5, 2010 7:31 AM
Anonymous said...
ok you all. let's help the winners win :) my 5 bucks in the mail today...
January 5, 2010 8:18 AM

 DY_Goddess said...
Sounds like a win/win situation to me ; ))
January 5, 2010 9:17 AM

Mari of the NoMads said...
OMG - does that mean I'd have to go to the Old Timer with Tony and scoop even MORE poop than I do around here with OUR dogs if you win? And surely not the walk with Leslie Sansone - YOU already do that for me!YIKES!
January 5, 2010 11:23 AM

cousin nancy said...
Hi everyone! Thank y'all for the comments they have made me smile and laugh out loud!

Anon, I hope that I really do win, because I really don't want to clean the Lodge or reupholster Kinky's couch and chairs, again! I'm too old for that kind of stuff and I might get thread poisioning! If I do lose the bet, I have already decided that I will go to the Salvation Army store in Kerrville and just buy Kinky some new used furniture! And, instead of cleaning the Lodge, I have decided that I will just give Kinky my beloved Space Ship and suggest that he move into it. He could use the newly built breakfast nook that I built as his office/kitchen table, and he could call it his "Portable Lodge On Wheels!" Thank you for sending the $5.00 for our "Will Bark For Food Campaign!"

Fay, I hope that it is a win/win situation too, but honestly I would love to win so I could shoot video clips of Kinky hanging out with the old timers in Medina, talking about the weather, etc., then showing Kinky actually working with Tone in the dog pens, and him doing some serious farm work chores with T. on Tony's computer, but the best video would be the one with Kinky 'walking the walk' with Leslie and me! That video would be priceless! Trust me, Kinky would be huffing and puffing the entire time and I would be chasing him around the 'big room' with an ashtray!

And Yes, Mari, you would have to do it all! The Old Timer would be fun, the poop scooping with Tony would be a breeze for you, too since you already have your hands full with all of your dogs, and the virtual farming would be easy since it is make believe and there's no heavy lifting involved! And I would love for you to meet Leslie! She's a kick!
January 5, 2010 7:23 PM

Y'all have a great evening and wish me luck on my bet with Kinky! If I win the bet, I promise that you will love the video clips! It is now nine fifteen and Sting is singing, If You Love Somebody! Good Night.


Roger said...

Nancy, could you please explain to me what virtual farming is? Computer farming???

cousin nancy said...

Hi Roger! On Facebook they have a farm game, where you plant pretend seeds and then pretend to harvest them, etc. Tony is addicted to it and that is about all I know about it. Ben is to blame for teaching Tone how to play the game.

Roger said...

All this time I thougth Tony had a big garden or a small farm.
I just finished watching the video of Stanley, that poor guy got a well deserved break. I'm sure you know how it feels to see that first little tail wag. Great story, dogs have that amazing ability to forgive us humans!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Roger! Tony really does have a green thumb, but now really. It isn't green, but he is great with plants. Every year he has a big organic garden, just beyond the trailer, that he truly plants and harvests. His vegetables are so delicious!

I am so glad that you watched the video on Stanley! It was hard to watch and it made me cry and I am so happy for him. That beautiful dog deserves to have the greatest life ever!

When I showed it to Kinky he teared up, too.

Roger said...

I don't know how anybody could watch all those dogs on death row without showing some emotion, and Stanley he was beyond caring. Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee didn't look as bad as Stanley, but had the same defeated look. Mary and I would always be asking each other,"do you think that was a wagg?". Tony is probably a pretty frustrated farmer during winter. Thursday or Friday we are supposed to have wind chill in the minus 10 to 15 below zero range.