Sunday, January 10, 2010

Six Hot Dogs!

Yesterday afternoon around four o'clock Sharon and her husband along with their daughters, Rose and Hannah, drove out from Dripping Springs, to deliver dog food and toys for our dogs! It was like Christmas in January, at no cost to us ! They are also the wonderful family that adopted (Brooks &) Dunn from us, many years ago and who delivered three pretty dog houses that the Girl Scouts in Troop 619 built for us last year!

When they arrived it was handshakes and hugs. I love this family, but because I am old I could not remember Sharon's husband name, so I asked Sharon while he was talking to Tony, "Sharon, I am going to blog about this and I want to spell everyone's name right and I am writing them down. How does Eric spell Eric? I forgot."

"It's Kevin!" Sharon, said followed by a laugh. Then Kevin walked up to their mini van and opened up the rear hatch so they could unload the dog food, that Sharon had donated to us. She told us that instead of Christmas presents, she had asked her family to give her dog food, so she could give it to our dogs! Wow! Then I told her about our "Will Bark For Food" drive. Thank you, Sharon! We can sure use it!

We had a fun visit with Sharon and what's his name, as we walked around the pens so Rose and Hannah could handout the toys to our dogs! Tony and I were amazed at how much our dogs loved the toys. They were all running around their pens slinging them this way and that! The dogs made us all laugh as we watched them playing with them.

Tony took short videos of Tom Landry enjoying his new "Super Toy!"

Tom Landry With Toy

Tom Landry Part II

And, here are a few more pictures of our dogs enjoying their toys. This is Miss Dee. I wanted to get Mr. Rogers in the picture, but he ran off with his behind their doghouse.

The next one is of Maggie.

This one is of Pearl in action.

This picture is of Hannah giving Hank a toy. I would bet that it was his very first toy.

After all of the dogs had received their toys, Tony took this picture of us all trying to keep warm.

Left to right is me, Sharon, Hannah, Kevin and Rose

Before these friends of Utopia left the rescue ranch, they promised to return soon with more goodies for our dogs! I cannot wait for their next visit and I hope they bring Dunn, who is now affectionately called Boo. Some of their stories about him were hilarious, especially the one about his many costumes. And Rose, I really think you should think about going into the dog toy business. I can't believe that you are only twelve years old!

This morning after walking with Leslie, I decided to cook a hot breakfast for Hank, because his ribs are still showing and he didn't eat much yesterday. Normally, I take a shower after my workouts, but I couldn't today because of busted pipes. We had no water to the trailer.

So, while T. was outside fixin' busted pipes, I put some olive oil in a skillet, then added three eggs, a half of a pound of cooked ground turkey and then heavily seasoned it with garlic, because garlic is known for reducing stress in dogs. When it was cooked and ready to be served, I put my scrambled concoction into a pan and then went outside to find Tony working in the pump house. He was trying to prime the pump, but was not having much luck. "Tony, can you go with me down to Hank's pen. I made him some scrambled eggs with ground turkey and garlic, because I am worried about him not eating much yesterday."

"I just fed him six hot dogs, Nance and he cleaned his bowl from yesterday," T. said, and then he started laughing. "Let's go. I need a break from this. My back is really killing me." Because of Tony's chronic back pain we drove down to Hank's pen in Trigger. When we got out of Trigger, Hank smelled his brunch and wagged his tail a little. When Tony set the warm food pan down for him to eat—Hank quickly ate it up and licked the pan clean! Then Tony petted him and we talked to him for a few minutes.

Just in case y'all are worried, late this afternoon I finally got to take a shower, because we had water to the trailer! Thank you, Tone!

I want to send out my sympathies to our friends, Nancy and David Lemon. Today they had to put their best friend, their beloved old dog, Louie, to rest. Tony and I send y'all our love. And please remember that the only fault of a dog is that they don't live long enough. And, it's not fair.

If any of y'all know somebody that wants to rescue a four year old, female Malamute, there is one at the pound in Kerrville. Her name is Coda and she is beautiful.  You can check her out at the Kerr County Animal Control web site. Unfortunately, I don't have their web address.

Y'all have a great evening!


Roger said...

Thanks for the food and toys! Look at Hank, too cool, this guy knew where he was safe, just took some time and effort. In the begining Mr. rogers and Miss Dee had no personality, it was there but they were so beat down, toys and even big bones didn't interest them, they were in the most basic survival mode. Those 88 cent hot dogs was what finally won Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee over. Had to laugh when we brought them to the ranch, the first food these two got was a package of 88 cent hot dogs! I knew they were going to be OK. Tony, Nancy and Kinky keep up the good work, hope to visit this summer. Roger, Mary and Dogs

kozzymom said...

I am so glad that these nice people brought you food and toys. Does that mean you won the bet yet?I used your recipe and made our dogs some quesadillas. Thanks for being so nice to Miss Dee and Mr Rogers. Miss Dee is so cute with her new toy!

Roger said...

I watched the Tom Landry videos just now, he looks like a really fun dog, not lacking on enthusiasim at all! Mary made our dogs some of Nancys world famous K-9 Quesadillas, they sure go nuts over them.