Monday, January 4, 2010

The Gambler!

This morning I only walked six miles, while Lisa, Matt and Meghan helped Tony with his chores, and then they walked our dogs! Little does Lisa and her friends know that they have spoiled our dogs rotten and we love it!

After my workout, the phone rang—it was Jerry Agiewich! I love Jerry and his sweet wife, Sue! Jerry is my good friend, as well as Tony's and Kinky's who makes the delicious salsa's for our rescue ranch! Jerry called just to say hello and to wish all of us a Happy New Year!

We talked about his rescued cats and dogs and our rescued cats and dogs. Then we talked about Tony, The Medina Bulldog, beating his son, A.J. in a pool tournament at the ranch last year. "Tell Tony, that I am going to come down there soon and show The Medina Bulldog how to really play pool!" Jerry joked.

"I will Jerry. You know that you are the only one that Tone has never been able to beat and it drives him crazy. Don't tell T. but I am putting my money on you!..." We had a great visit and laughed a lot! I am so glad that Jerry called. He made my day! I love people who make me laugh!

If y'all want to help out our rescue ranch by just eating, please check out: or call 1-866-327-2572 and order some of the best tasting salsas that you have ever eaten in your life! They are truly Texan and are also available at most H.E.B.s. The three salsas are: "Black Hat Edition," which is a black bean and corn salsa and my favorite, "Pickin' & Grinnin'," which is the best peach salsa that I have ever tasted in my fifty-eight years, and then there is the "Politically Correct" salsa and dip, which I promise that you will become addicted to. Why is my mouth starting to water?

Late this afternoon I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. Somehow within a few minutes our fun visit turned into a very interesting business meeting to say the least. "Kinky, I am fixin' to do a newsletter for the rescue ranch to raise some money for the rescue ranch since our free dog food source dried up last month and we are now having to buy dog food. Bless Paul Emerson. He still brings us free dog food when he can, but it just isn't enough. It is because of the upside down economy, Kink."

"Nance, how much money does it cost us for a year of dog food for our dogs?"

"Six thousand if we're talking good dog food." Then Frank came into the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table, as Kinky started cooking some chicken gizzards for Brownie and Chumley, the last two of The Friedmans.

"Let's make a bet on this, Cousin Nancy," Kinky said. "I bet you that I can find one of my rich friends to donate the $6,000.00 for a year's supply of high quality dog food, before you can find someone from your blog or the newsletter! You blog about it tonight and I will start making phone calls tonight. Let's shake hands on it. Frank is our witness." Frank nodded his head as Kinky and I shook hands in the kitchen. "If I win the bet you have to come over to the Lodge and give it a deep cleaning and reupholster the chairs and the couch." I shivered at the thought. "What do I have to do if I lose?" I thought for a second and then I started laughing out loud!

"Kink, if I win this bet you will have to go with Tony to the Old Timer for a week, at six-thirty every morning and drink coffee and visit with his friends. And, you will have to help T. with his morning chores  for a week. We're talkin' feeding the dogs and cleaning up their pens. And, this one is going to drive you absolutely crazy. You will have to sit with T. in his office and watch him do his virtual farming on Facebook! And if that is not enough, you will have to workout with me and walk at least six miles a day with Leslie Sansone for five days straight, inside my trailer." Frank started laughing as Kinky  shook hands with me, again! I hope that I win!

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Now Nancy, I'm not saying that I'm betting on Kinky to win, but let's just say that I recommend that you ask for donations not only to Utopia Animal Rescue, but also to the expense of reupholstering certain chairs and a sofa.....

cousin nancy said...

Good morning, Mari! I bet you that I win!

Anonymous said...

bet you both win:)

Anonymous said...

ok you all. let's help the winners win :) my 5 bucks in the mail today...

DY_Goddess said...

Sounds like a win/win situation to me ; ))

Mari of the NoMads said...

OMG - does that mean I'd have to go to the Old Timer with Tony and scoop even MORE poop than I do around here with OUR dogs if you win? And surely not the walk with Leslie Sansone - YOU already do that for me!YIKES!

cousin nancy said...

Hi everyone! Thank y'all for the comments they have made me smile and laugh out loud!

Anon, I hope that I really do win, because I really don't want to clean the Lodge or reupholster his couch and chairs, again! I'm too old for that kind of stuff and I might get thread poisioning! If I do lose the bet, I have already decided that I will go to the Salvation Army store in Kerrville and just buy Kinky some new used furniture! And, instead of cleaning the Lodge, I have decided that I will just give Kinky my beloved Space Ship and suggest that he move into it. He could use the newly built breakfast nook that I built as his office/kitchen table, and he could call it his "Portable Lodge On Wheels!" Thank you for sending the $5.00 for our "Will Bark For Food Campaign!"

Fay, I hope that it is a win/win situation too, but honestly I would love to win so I could shoot video clips of Kinky hanging out with the old timers in Medina talking about the weather, etc., then showing Kinky actually working with Tone in the dog pens, then doing some serious farm work chores with T. on Tony's computer, but the best video would be the one with Kinky 'walking the walk' with Leslie and me! That video would be priceless! Trust me, Kinky would be huffing and puffing the entire time and I would be chasing him around the 'big room' with an ashtray!

And Yes, Mari, you would have to do it all! The Old Timer would be fun, the poop scooping with Tony would be a breeze for you, too since you already have your hands full with all of your dogs, and the virtual farming would be easy since it is make believe and there's no heavy lifting involved! And I would love for you to meet Leslie! She's a kick!