Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Am Sick!

Today has not been good and I am very depressed. This morning when Kinky and I returned to the ranch after doing The Harley Show, Tony told me that when he got back from Medina this morning Hank was gone! He told me he knew that Hank had jumped out of his pen, because his harness had caught on the fence, and Hank must have wiggled out of it and run off. I was sick about it and so was everyone else.

We have spent the entire day trying to find Hank, and I am praying that he will show up by morning or someone will call. We have placed dry dog food all over the ranch in hopes that he might find it and we have called the neighbors.

This afternoon I phoned Russ to tell him the bad news about Hank running off. Russ was sick about it, too. I told him that we usually get a phone call if someone finds a stray dog around here, and that I was thankful that Hank had been micro - chipped. Hopefully, someone has found Hank and taken him in.

In eleven years we have had no more than six dogs run off, but they have all always come back to us within a couple of hours. Hopefully Hank will come back. I can't believe that this has happened and I am so depressed about it. Tonight, please say a prayer for Hank.


Roger said...

I sure hope he comes back. Probably don't have a tracking dog handy? If we're lucky he's just checking out the territory and will be back when he gets hungry.

Eileen said...

Sending up Hank prayers,
and hoping to walk him soon!