Friday, January 8, 2010

Hank Update!

Last night Kinky, Frank and Ben drove all over the ranch looking for Hank. Early this morning I called our neighbor to tell them about Hank. Susan told me that her dogs heard him bark last night on the mountain between us! So Tony and I took off for their ranch.

We spent close to an hour driving around their ranch calling for Hank, while Susan and her children bundled up and went looking for him on foot. When we got back to the rescue ranch Kinky called just as we were walking inside the trailer. "Nance! We just saw Hank! He was standing in the front yard, twenty feet from the Lodge and he looked fine, but when he saw Frank and the dogs come outside he took off. They scared him. He's headed your way!" Tony and I ran out the front door and took off in Buttermilk!

We caught Kinky at the turn in and then Frank drove up! We made a quick plan and we went off in different directions looking for Hank. Forty minutes later, Kinky spotted Hank over by the barn, just about the time that we caught up with Kinky. "Kinky, I think that we are scaring Hank. We need to back off," Tony said. "We need to let him rest. I think he will come back to the rescue ranch on his own."

Kinky agreed with him, then he said, "I am going to put down some dry dog food over by the barn. If you see Frank tell him to stop driving around looking for him." We drove off. When we reached our gate, Tony stopped so I could put a pan of dry food near the gate. I was so disappointed that we had not caught him. When I came inside the trailer I called Russ to give him the latest update on Hank.

This afternoon I made quesadillas for our dogs for two reasons. One, I wanted to give them to our dogs because they love them so much and two, in hopes that Hank would catch a whiff of them and come home. Our dogs loved eating their warm treats, but unfortunately Hank never showed up. I took this short video clip of Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee being served their treats by Tony. Quesadilla's For R & D!

This evening Tony and I drove around the ranch looking for Hank, but to no avail. Before coming inside tonight I spotted Hank up on the hill behind our trailer, but he wouldn't come down. I am praying that tomorrow Hank will return to the rescue ranch. I am so thankful that Hank is on the ranch where he will be safe. Please put him in your prayers tonight.


Roger said...

Hi Nancy Tony and Kinky
I know how tough it is to not be able to get Hank, but at least he's staying around so that tells me that he feels a connection to the Ranch. I wonder if it would help to leave a gate open to a pen with some of Nancy's famous Quesadillias in it so he could come in and eat but not feel trapped. If you could get him to come in at night, and then keep moving the time up to the morning hours, with no threat of trying to restrain him, he might get more at ease. Tony and Nancy, I can't tell you how greatful we are to you, Tony and Kinky for taking Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee to the next stage of their lives, just loved that video!

Roger said...

I've watched this video about ten times, and laugh every time, those are two happy dogs! The three of you, keep up the good work.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Roger! Thank you for your kind words. We love Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee! They are such a cute couple! Everyone who comes out here thinks they are absolutely adorable. Thank you and Mary for rescuing dogs off of the streets in Wichita, Kansas.