Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kate Smith!

This morning after walking six miles I asked Tony if it would be okay if I took the day off so I could edit my book. My friend Sheryl has given me the first seventy-six pages that she has edited and I am proud to say that by seven o'clock tonight I have made all of her suggested corrections and I am completely exhausted! My index finger has a blister on it from hitting the delete key so many times!

Bless Sheryl for helping me because I know I must have removed over one million unnecessary commas in those first seventy-six pages thanks to my public education teacher in Fort Worth who was from Russia with love. (I'm sure it was some kind of a Communistic plot.) And there were quite a few spelling corrections I had to make also. No offense to y'all but how can you read my blog with all of the punctuation mistakes I make. I am so embarrassed about it and feel like an idiot.

I've already decided on my future books that I am not going to use any commas at all, if I can get Sheryl to edit for me again. I know that Sheryl would appreciate it and the editing process would be so much smoother and go so much faster because all I would have to do is add a couple of commas to each page. I want to do a giant shout out to Sheryl for editing my book for me for free! She has definitely made me not look so stupid if that is possible.


Today Tony told me during an editing break that Lisa and Sara are going to sign up for the drum class and take the two and a half hour course with me! Yeah! During another comma-removal break I called Wolfmuellers and spoke to Jon about the drumming course. He and Sandy won't be taking the drum education course. Dang! It's now two up and two down—rump-a-pump-pum...!

Garnet my friend over in Utopia called today while I was busy deleting commas on page forty-three and left this message: "Hello Nancy, this is Garnet. I've been reading your blog about Miss Moose and I think you should name her Kate Smith. Bye." Her phone call pulled me out of my self-induced comma-coma and made me laugh out loud! Thanks for making me laugh, Garnet. Oops! I just used another comma.

Kinky called me late this afternoon. He is in Lubbock and he laughed hard when I told him that I was going to feng shui commas out of my writing and never use them again. "Nance, don't worry about it. That is why there are editors. Keep writing! Don't worry about it!"

I am fixin' to go to bed right now even though it is eight-thirty-three. God Bless Kate Smith.

Y'all have a great evening!

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