Saturday, November 10, 2018

Becky Crouch Patterson! or Zooming! or The Mineral Man!

Today has been a lot of fun. I spent about four hours this morning writing on my upcoming third novella The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Riders In The Sand, but I had to stop writing for two reasons.

Reason one—my neck and shoulders were aching. Reason two—I was laughing so much writing the scene, my back was aching worse than my neck and shoulders put together, because I was laughing so much.

Knowing that I must take a writing break Tony and I decided to go to Kerrville to get some groceries, at the big H-E-B.

But before we went grocery shopping, a chore Tony never enjoys doing, we decided to drop by Wolfmueller Books, so we could visit with Sandy & Jon and catch up with each others latest news.

When we walked inside the world's greatest bookstore Jon & Sandy greeted us. Then I immediately was drawn to this book display near the front counter.

"I love this book," I said. Then I picked it up to admire the intriguing front cover.

"This is a great book and it just arrived," Sandy told us. "In fact, Becky Crouch Patterson just delivered them to us and she signed all of these first editions for us. Do you know Becky?"

"No, but I wish I did."

"She's a fabulous author and a good friend of ours. She is Hondo Couch's daughter and she has also written several other great books...."

And a few minutes later, I said, "I love Luckenbach, Texas and I want to buy this book."

As I was paying for Luckenbach Texas: The Center of the Universe Sandy said, "You are the very first one to buy this book from us..."

Then Jon says, "Looks like the parade is about to start."

So Tony and I followed Sandy outside, so we could join all of the other onlookers watching the Veterans' Day Parade, come down Earl Garrett Street. And it was a lot of fun. Here are just a few pictures of the parade that I took using my iPhone.

In this photo, a man inside the pickup saw me and as he passed by us, he hollered, "Are you zooming?"

Then the people around me turned to look at me, and I half-hollered, "Yes!" And after The Ranch truck and trailer passed by us, two nice women, standing beside Sandy turned around and asked me, "What does zooming mean?"

"Heck if I know," I replied. "I've never heard of it either." 

After several other floats and parade entries passed by us I heard a familiar voice holler from the street, "Hey, Nancy! Tony! Sandy!" And as we waved back to The Mineral Man, and while Sandy was thanking a very friendly WWII Veteran, I snapped this picture of our dear friend riding on the Hill Country Shrine Club of Kerrville, Texas float.

When the parade ended, the three of us went back inside Sandy & Jon's bookstore to find Jon covered up with customers. So we quietly adios-ed our friends and left them to help their customers find books.

Our shopping spree at the big H-E-B was uneventful, unless you think us forgetting that we had accidentally parked in the designated "Curb Service Only" parking spaces. We parked in the "H" space.

And we did not realize that we had done that until we returned to the pickup with a grocery cart full of groceries. "Oh my gosh," Tony said. "I bet people are hating us for doing this."

"Don't worry about it," I remarked, casually. "They'll just laugh and call us two, old, stupid, senior citizens. I can live with that...."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Roadhouse Troubadour!

We've still been busy. So you might be asking, "Doing What?" Well, for starters we've been working on my new writing cabin.

Which has been a chore and a half, because we had to move some of "my stuff" in my shed and "Tony's stuff" in his shed back and forth. You see Tony's shed was full of a lot of insulation to be used for our sheds, my saddle and saddle stand, several unpacked boxes, etc. And my shed was full of tools, more unpacked boxes, tools, furniture, etc.

The weather played an important role in completing this task, because it could not be raining when we transferred our stuff. So we spent 8 hours, four days ago, on a beautiful sun shiny day completing this project. And the good news is my shed/writing cabin is now totally insulated except for the ceiling and we wired it for electricity.

So all we have to do now is connect the electricity, put up the drywall and decorate it. And Tony's shed is now organized with a lot of our stuff still needing to be unpacked and it should be a breeze for us to fix his man-cave.

Yesterday, another beautiful sun shiny day, we painted our other shed that is located across from our circular driveway. The painting went fast, but we had to stop and go to the Home Depot in Kerrville to buy the trim boards for it. And by 4:30, yesterday afternoon, we had painted the trim boards and put them up. Then we celebrated our accomplishment with a couple of Lone Star beers.

We still need to get a few more 1"X4"s to finish trimming the door and window, but that will just have to wait for a few days, until we get another beautiful day to paint the remaining trim boards and put them up. Anyway here is a picture of Henry being caught watching Tony work on the shed.

And here is a picture of our newly painted bistro table, in our front yard, with the almost finished shed, in the background.

Please note that our enlarged front yard took us a whole day also, because we had to move the fence, paint the table and chairs and then bring in gravel and spread it around. And that's why I've been too busy to blog or work on my novella lately, because we've spent our days outside improving our Big Foot Ranch.

And now with our weather turning to rain and much cooler days beginning tonight, I plan to stay inside, cozy up to our awesome, wood-burning stove and start writing again.

Last week, when Tony and I were working next door, at Escondida, the beautiful resort owned by the much loved Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips and his lovely wife Kelli, our dear friend Sarah Robinson introduced us to Dan White "The Roadhouse Troubadour."

Dan White, a very talented singer/songwriter/musician was over at the resort setting up his equipment, because last Saturday night, he preformed his awesome country music for Kelli's & Bob's guests. 

And to say the least—Dan's fabulous music and his humorous stories made it a wonderful evening never to be forgotten. So I hope that you will check out Dan White "The Roadhouse Troubadour," because we love him and his music. And please click here to watch and listen to Dan White performing.

After we visited with Dan the other day he gave Tony and me this album, I Haven't Been Everywhere Yet...But It Is On My List, and we love his songs so much—we can't quit listening to Dan's CD.

Before I finished writing this I went into the bedroom to put on a sweatshirt and I found Henry Standing Bear sleeping on the bed. He looked so peaceful, in La-La-Land, I had to grab my camera and take this picture of him, before I go take a short, cozy nap with him and the rest of our dogs (My Best Friends).

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. Gaby, we received your sweet note from Germany and we miss you more!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Cosmos! or Fall Headgear!

Today has been great. This morning our dear friends Jonell & Roy came over to deliver us our very first cord of wood. So now we are truly ready for the cold weather months. I was so thrilled to get the oak wood. So after Roy & Jonell left Big Foot Ranch I took a picture of it.

But Henry Standing Bear was not as excited about it as I was, because we stacked the wood, along the fence line, in front of his side yard, blocking his view of the wildlife.

After taking this picture I stepped back to admire the tall, beautiful Cosmos that Tony had planted, months ago, along the fence line to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Then I took this picture of this beautiful Cosmo flower.

Before returning to The Cabin I decided to take another picture of our delicious, climbing Malabar spinach plant that is growing so fast, we can't eat it fast enough. 

Earlier this afternoon we met our dear friends Kris & Jim, in Kerrville, for two reasons. The first reason was to enjoy a fun lunch with them and catch up with each others news, at the Cracker Barrel. 

And the second reason, so I could hand off a copy of the first chapter (Wednesday), of my 3rd novella The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Ghost Riders in the Sand, so they could help me edit it. And here is a peak of page one.

Since it may be hard to read, here are those first, three paragraphs: And yes, this is a teaser  : )


After we had eaten my delicious tuna fish salad for our lunch, another recipe that I have stolen from my best friend Carol Vail and took credit for, I washed and dried the dishes and put them away. Then I went back to the bedroom, sat down at my ancient sewing machine again and got back to sewing some cute, tiny eye patches for Little Debbie to wear. Because her old ones were starting to fray. 
I had just finished sewing this darling, pink, camouflage eye patch when Tony walked into the bedroom, and said, "Hey. Here come the Waxlers." Then the phone rang. "I'll get the phone. Don't let them leave until I get back."
"Okay," I said, as I carefully trimmed away the top and bobbin threads for Little Debbie's newest, adorable, Fall, headgear collection. Then I went outside to greet our dear friends, "Good afternoon, Alison and Blake. I hope y'all slept okay, last night, during that thunderstorm.""


Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, October 26, 2018

More Cow Bell! or Ooze Control Tip!

Today has been great. This morning Tony and I went to Kerrville to wash and dry a couple of loads of clothes. And while our clothes were washing we went and voted. And during the drying cycle we went to Home Depot, so I could buy some yellow and purple spray paint. Then we came home and ate lunch. Then I went to work.

First of all, after Tony took my cow bell down, that is next to our front door of The Cabin.
Then I started spray painting it.

While that paint was drying, Tony and I put up the shutters that I designed and had painted, but there was one little problem. When I first put a set of hinges on a shutter, we realized that I had put them on the wrong side of the shutter. And that left six small screw holes. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

Anyway, after Tony corrected my mistake he installed the shutters hinges correctly. Then we went outside and hung them up. And I love how they "popped" my soon to be, super-cool writing cabin.

After I did some more spray painting on the cow bell, I went to look for some caulk, so I could fill the holes in the shutter and then paint over it.

Well, I could not find any caulk. And like many folks that choose to live in the country, I was determined not to make another trip back to the Home Depot, in Kerrville.

Then I had a brilliant idea or at least I think so. I went into our bathroom and found my tube of Poligrip.

 Then I went back outside, and while the mosquitos were eating me up, I easily filled the screw holes, because Poligrip has an ooze control tip. Now life was good, again.

While the denture adhesive dried, I went back to painting the cow bell. And while it was drying again, I went and painted over the Poligrip and I am thrilled how it turned out. And you cannot even see the pink goo. So I highly recommend using Poligrip for dentures and filling in holes to cover mistakes.

After I took this picture of the shutters and downloaded it, I was more than thrilled to see the two orbs that my camera captured. And whatever that thing is above the shutters, I refuse to think it is just sun reflections.

Then I went and finished spray painting my cow bell. Then Tony put it back where it belonged. And that is it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Felix! or Einstein?!

Today has been great, even though it is still raining. But the good news is the cold, gray, rainy weather is going to improve starting as early as tomorrow. And it looks like we are in for several days of beautiful weather.

I am one of those people who must have sunshine 99% of the time or my mood goes down rapidly and doing without sunshine for so long—I cannot wait to see the sun tomorrow.

Okay, I know I've told you about being busy these past few weeks and because I am feeling guilty for not blogging much I am going to show you one of the projects we did and the progress that we've made on my "she-shed" aka soon to be writing cabin/guest house.

A few weeks ago, we had two, consecutive, beautiful days with plenty of sunshine, so because of my need for sunshine I spent the majority of my time outside, with Tony, putting windows in my shed, painting it South Western colors, and then decorating the exterior.

But the sad news is we've not been able to finish out the inside, because we cannot move the storage boxes that are inside it, due to all of the rain. But the good news is starting tomorrow afternoon we should be able to start working on it again.

Anyway, here are before and after pictures of my upcoming writing cabin and I hope that you like it. The shed had no windows and I forgot to take a picture of it before we put in the windows.

After we painted the shed, I recycled some old, used wood and made the window flower box with Tony's help. I wasn't clever enough to come up with the flower box design, so I we copied this flower box from a picture that was in one of my tiny house books. And they look exactly alike except for the colors.

I really love this flower box, because it only has two legs and it was so easy to make. (Thanks to Tony)  

Then Tony and I put flat stones down to make sort of a patio and then we used two old, wash tubs, an old milk can that I spray painted yellow and several of my flower pots to decorate the exterior.

I was so thrilled with the way it all looked, I then decided to change the front of The Cabin, too. If you'll remember we first stained The Cabin's siding with cedar stain. Then several months later, after building the front porch I painted it white. (With Tony's help.)

On the second day of sunshine, we literally only had five hours to repaint the front of The Cabin, before the rain returned and the sunshine disappeared. So here are before and after pictures of it.

Please note that the tall pile of cut oak, to use in our wood burning stove, is hiding a lot of the color.
And after a few weeks, once we've gone through that wood pile, I promise to take another picture, because the wood pile sort of makes it look cruddy.

Four hours after repainting the front of The Cabin the rain returned, so I feel that we got very lucky to accomplish so much before the cold, damp, rainy weather.

Before the rain came that day I took this weird picture of the sun shining on our front door. When you look at it long enough I think it looks like two different silhouettes of a man. One is dark on the right and the other is light, in the middle of the door. 

The silhouettes don't look like anyone that I know. But I think that the one on the left corner might be Einstein? And the other one looks like he ran into a door. Anyway, I thought it was pretty interesting.

I now feel better letting you know what we've been up to and just to prove we've really been busy here I want you to know that a week ago Tuesday, I drove myself up to Dripping Springs, and spent the evening with my sweet sister Cindy, Ronnie & Nita and so we could all visit with Felix, our dear, old family friend, who came to Austin, from Las Vegas, to play golf and to see us.

I had a wonderful time and I spent the night at Ronnie & Nita's Ronderosa Ranch and drove back the next morning. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Am Writing Up A Storm!

I apologize for not writing since the 6th of October. We have been very busy and I've spent most of spare time writing on my 3rd novella. Which I am very thrilled with, because I think it is the funniest one I've written so far.

So please be patient and hang in there with my few blog posts, because right now I am writing up a storm or at least I'm writing until another storm comes our way.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

An Empty Glass! or Purple Mountain!

Today has been great. This morning after cooking Tony and I breakfast I took a shower and while I was washing my hair I decided that I would take a day off from writing.

I decided to paint. Not paint a wall or something like that, but paint a picture for the possible cover of my upcoming third novella. Then I rounded up my art supplies and set up "shop" on the kitchen island.

With Henry Standing Bear, Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) intensely watching me, I then started playing some of my favorite music, in hopes to be inspired, because a desert scene mainly consists of: cactus, sandy dirt, rock mountains, etc.

When Gary Stewart, one of my all-time, favorite singer/songwriter/musicians started singing one of his Classic hits An Empty Glass, I love that song, so I started trying to dance the two-step with Henry, while also holding Little Debbie, in my arms, while Big Al(ice) jumped up on the couch to watch us. And needless to say, "Henry needs some serious dance lessons."

Anyway, An Empty Glass was the perfect song to inspire my desert painting. And I just might use this painting for my upcoming, third novella The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Ghost Riders In the Sand. But please know that, I do have a few more ideas for the book cover that I want to try painting. So nothing is set in stone, so to speak. Here's my "Purple Mountain" that I painted earlier today.

If I choose to use this painting I plan to put the title up near the top, above the moon. And if you noticed the turquoise rocks, there is a reason for them being there, but I can't tell you why, because you will have to read the book.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I Sure Didn't! or Whistler's Mother!

The past few days have been great. Yesterday we ate lunch with our dear friends: Denise & Les and Kris & Jim, at Bella Sera, in Kerrville.

As always meeting our lunch club was so much fun and the food was delicious, too. And yes, Tony and I ordered the exact same thing—Lasagne.

While we were catching up with each others news, Denise told us about The Good Cop, this great show on Netflix, starring Tony Danza.

After Denise reassured me that it was fun to watch and not too violent, etc. I decided to watch it. And omg, I loved it, because trying to solve the murder mysteries was fun. I also loved the father-son humor along with the great cast of characters.

Only one thing bothered me while watching the first episode—how much Tony Danza had aged, because I thought I was much older than him when I used to watch him in the sitcom, Friends.

In fact, I could not quit thinking about it, so I paused the show and Googled Tony Danza to find out just how old he is, even though I thought he looked great for his age. Or better said, "He's still a hunk to me."

When I read that Tony Danza is 67, the same age that I'm fixin' to be in less than 2 weeks, my jaw dropped to the floor. And after I picked up my jaw, I read that Tony, not my Tony, starred in the hilarious sitcom—Taxi.

Then it hit me that I was confusing Tony Danza with the great actor Matt LeBlanc. So I Googled Matt LeBlanc and discovered that he is only 51 years old and like Tony, my Tony, he is also a Leo. And Tony Danza is a Taurus.

Then I binge-watched the first season of The Good Cop and after telling Tony, my Tony, about it—he binge-watched it, too. Bottom    Line: It is a great show and we cannot wait for The God Cop: Season 2 to be released.

This morning my dear friend Mari sent me this e-mail with a short, 2 minute video attached. Mari wrote:

"Betcha didn't know about this - I sure didn't! I am in awe."

Knowing Mari as well as I do, I thought to myself, "Well, if Mari is in awe of this video, then I bet I will be, too. I just hope that it doesn't star Tony Danza or Matt LeBlanc, because then I might get them confused all over again."

The name of this IN THE NOW awesome video, is Bird Language. So I immediately went and got Tony, my Tony, to come watch the video with me, because he loves birds so much and he is always taking beautiful pictures of them.

First off, let me say that it wasn't exactly about birds like I thought it was. But Tony and I loved watching this video anyway and like Mari—we were in awe too and we never knew anything about this.

This video was filmed in a remote Turkish village, with more than 10,000 people using bird language (whistling) to communicate to one another. And their whistling can be heard from miles away, in the mountains. But that is all that I am going to say about it, so you will be just as amazed as us and awed by it, too. Here's the Bird Language video.

Late this afternoon, I decided to re-watch this incredible video and after watching it again, I went to go to the bathroom, but on my way there, I stopped when I entered the bedroom, and then went back and grabbed my camera. 

And fortunately for me, Nature wasn't yelling, so I had the time to take this picture of a homemade, framed picture, that I had Photo shopped of my beloved Yoda, back in 1994. Its title is Whistler's Mother (Because whistling is the theme of tonight's post). 

Anyway Whistler's Mother and my Photo shopped, Yoda Lisa pictures, that hang, on the walls, in the bedroom, always make me laugh whenever I see them. And I hope that they will make you laugh, too. Because I believe that no one can laugh enough and it is good for our hearts and soul.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Not Cereal!

Yesterday was an unexpected blast. I slept in Sunday morning and got up around 8:00. Tony had already fed our dogs their homemade breakfast, so our dogs were already outside, leaving calling cards and watering the weeds for us.

But before I go any further, I want to explain about "our dogs homemade breakfast." Since early August, I decided to quit feeding our dogs—name-brand, manufactured dog food. So after spending several hours researching (Googling) high quality dog foods, it dawned on me that I could, and would love to, cook healthy meals for our dogs instead of feeding them bags of dog food that are full of fillers, etc.

The good news is it is not anymore expensive than buying name brand dog food, our dogs love it and I know exactly what they are being fed.

So every evening, while sipping my one glass of Franzia Chillable Red Wine, I precook breakfast for our dogs and I really enjoy doing it.

And thank goodness I have my faithful Instant Pot, because every evening I use it to cook 3 cups of long grain brown rice, in just a matter of minutes. And while the rice is being pressured cooked, I drink a few more sips of delicious, cheap, boxed wine, while listening to some of my favorite music.

After the rice is cooked, and my wine is doing its thing, our dogs become my personal audience, with their eyes glued on me as I add either raw meat or chicken or fish or scrambled eggs or diced up hot dogs with some raw, home grown, organic spinach leaves. Then they really start drooling as I dump in a can of Veg-All, Parmesan cheese, that comes in the green jar, and I top it off with Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning. So now you know and I hope that you will try doing this.

Now back to my story. As I was sipping my coffee, Tony comes into the big room and says, "I've got great news. Jim Keaveny and Rachel are coming to see us today. They just got back to Austin yesterday, from Jim's Netherlands tour and they will be here later this afternoon...."

Tony and I were thrilled about Jim & Rachel coming to see us and spending the night with us, before they headed back home, to Terlingua.

Around noon, Tony and I took off for Kerrville to run a few errands. He dropped me off at the Country Clean laundry, so I could wash and dry a load of dirty clothes, while he went to Walmart to get a slow-leaking tire fixed.

We normally only use Wagoner's Tires, on Sidney Baker, to buy tires or to fix a tire leak, but because it is family owned. And because we love the family, because they are good people and because years ago, on November 12, 2013, they adopted sweet Bee Spears from us.

But because it was Sunday our only option was Walmart. Here is the link to my April 5, 2015 post, about Bee Spears' fabulous adoption. And here is a picture of this magnificent dog that once lived, at our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. And lastly, here is the link my blog post on the day Bee Spears came to the rescue ranch.

Rachel & Jim arrived around 5:00, and we enjoyed a happy hour with them, while I cooked up our dog's breakfast. We talked about Jim's tour and how much fun they had, we caught up with each other's news and we did a lot of laughing, too. They also told us about them getting a Vita-Mix machine and loving it as much as we love Jaws (our Vita-Mix machine). So we started trading smoothie and soup recipes, etc.

Then Jim excused himself and he went out to his truck and came back inside with presents that he & Rachel had bought for us and Kinky. And he was wearing these beautiful, hand-carved, wooden shoes (clogs) that he had bought while touring, in Holland.

After admiring Jim's awesome, wooden shoes, he & Rachel gave us this cute pair of miniature clogs, made in Holland.

And before I put them on the window sill, I put them on Little Debbie's front paws and she loved them even though they were a size or two too big for her dainty feet.

Then there was more. Jim got out his pocket knife and cut open a bag of tulip bulbs, from Holland and he gave us four (pink, yellow, blue and red) bulbs and one yellow bulb for us to give to Kinky.

Because Jim & Rachel were tired last night and dealing with jet-lag, we didn't stay up late like we usually do when they visit. And I had a hard time falling to sleep, because I kept laughing about the fun time that we had had earlier.

This morning, I got up at 8:00 and Rachel & Jim were already up, drinking coffee and packing up their things. When I was making a cup of coffee for myself, I noticed two bowls of delicious cereal, sitting on the counter top, so I said, "Your cereal looks delicious. What's in it?"

They started laughing with Tony, and Tone said, "Nance, it's our dog's breakfast—not cereal. I haven't fed the dogs, yet." And that made me laugh, too.

Around 9:00 this morning, we sadly adios-ed our dear friends and bid them a safe trip back home. And that is about it for today, because I plan to spend the rest of my day writing up a storm, until it starts thundering, because I will have to unplug everything.

Y'all have a great day/evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Foreign Friends! or Pot!

Tony and I have had so much fun these past few weeks, visiting with all of our foreign friends and Texas friends, is the main reason why I have not blogged. I would apologize for not blogging, but I can't, because we simply had too much fun getting to spend quality time with each and everyone of them.

During these past few weeks our foreign dignitaries represented their countries. Big Foot Ranch has hosted Marita & Hans from Bergen, Norway, Fay from Toronto, Canada, Liz from Mexico/Texas and Gaby from Germany. Also including our Texas friends: Stephen K. Morris & Eva Robinett from Fredericksburg, Chet O'Keefe from Terlingua, Xenia from Pleasanton, and our two mystery guests that unexpectedly showed up later today.

To put it on a bumper sticker—It Was A Busy Schedule, But We Had A Wonderful Time Seeing Everyone. Hmm...Somehow I don't think all of that would actually fit on a bumper sticker, but that's okay. And to say the least, "We would gladly do it all over again, because it was so nice to be with so many of our dear friends."

Yes, I know I could write volumes about each one of our friends visits, but time is of the essence here, because I need and want to spend this evening writing on my third novella, because lately it has been put, on the back burner so to speak. So I am only going to write about today.

Early this afternoon Gaby and her lovely daughter Xenia came to see us. Gaby (from Germany) has been spending a few weeks with Xenia and her family and today they drove up from Pleasanton to spend the day with us. Tony and I were thrilled about it and so was Kinky, because like us he loves her too and overtime that he tours Germany, she is always put on his German guest list.

After howdies and hugs today, we invited our sweet guests, inside The Cabin, so we could drink some coffee and munch on some fresh, homemade beignets, that I had cooked up earlier. But after serving delicious coffee, Gaby wanted to give us her gifts she had brought for Tony and me.

So while the beignets cooled, on the kitchen island, Gaby handed her gift for me to open, so I opened it. Omg! I about fell off of the couch when I saw her, six, beautiful, hand crocheted pot holders.

Then all four of us burst out laughing, and Gaby said, "I read about your famous, pink pot holder, on your blog and you needing your friend, Jean, to help you finish it off, so I decided to make you six, cotton yarn, pot holders that are machine washable."

"After I thanked her, I turned around and pointed upwards, and said, "There is that famous pot holder!" And all of us started laughing again.

Bottom   Line: We spent the next several hours catching up with each other and doing a lot of laughing. And the best part about it for me was that I got to tell Gaby and Xenia my off-colored joke, because I think they are the last two people that we know on the Planet, that I've not told it to! Xenia burst out loud when I told the punchline, but it took Gaby a few seconds longer to get it, because she is from Germany. Anyway, they loved my joke and I enjoyed making them laugh.

Around 3:30, Kinky called to let us know he was back from town and he invited us to come over. And ten minutes later, we were having fun visiting with Kinky, Rick, Zoie and The Friedmans.

About an hour or so later, our dear friends Kent Perkins and his beautiful wife, Ruth Buzzi, arrived to complete the festive party. Gaby and Xenia were so excited to meet Ruthie and soon after visiting with her, Ruthie posed for pictures with them.

About another hour later, it was time for us to return home and when I adios-ed Kinky and Kent, in Kinky's office, Kent asked me if he and Ruthie could come over to see The Cabin, because the last time they had seen it—we had just bought it and had not started our renovations.

So, we caravan-ed over to Big Foot Ranch. Tony and I led the way, Ruthie & Kent followed us in one of their Rolls Royce and Xenia and Gaby followed them.

When Kent & Ruthie walked inside The Cabin their jaws dropped, and Ruthie said, "I love it!..." So after we gave them the grand tour all of us were back in the kitchen, and Kent said, "Are these what I think they are?"

"Yes!" I said, followed by a chuckle. "Help yourselves to the beignets. I made them earlier...." So everyone grabbed a tasty beignet and the powder sugar started flying (out of our mouths). And after accepting several compliments on the delicious beignets, I said, "Thank y'all, but they are not as good as Ruthie's beignets. Hers are to die for. In fact, several years ago, Ruthie taught me how to make them and just about every time that Kent & Ruthie have come down for a visit with Kinky and us—we usually cook up a batch of beignets...." And after another fun visit our dear friends we adios-ed them.

As soon as everyone had left Big Foot Ranch I grabbed Gaby's pretty pot holders and laid them out, so I could take a better picture of them. So you could see how beautiful they are.

And if you look closely at the picture above, you can see part of the blue handle casserole dish that I had put the over-a-dozen beignets in. And this is what was left of my beignets, after all of us had eaten our fair share of them.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Prize!

Unfortunately, today and yesterday we did not get to work, at The Old Timer's Rusty Dawg food truck, because we are getting so much rain. We haven't been able to work, because of the rain, because when it rains hardly anybody gets out in the rain to go to a food truck or anywhere else for that matter. So to help keep costs down and not waste our time—we don't work when it is raining.

But please know that I am not complaining about all of this much needed rain that we've been blessed with, because by staying home the past two days I got to and get to write, write, write.

I love writing, even though I do miss having so much fun with Tony, at the Rusty Dawg and our great customers. And hopefully tomorrow it won't be raining all day, so we can get back to working at the Rusty Dawg. Here's a great picture of the Rusty Dawg that Tony took last week, when the sun was shining and we were taking a break from cooking up some delicious hot dogs and Frito-pies.

This past week has flown by and it was a whole lot of fun. Besides having fun with Chet O'Keefe, Stephen & Eva, Hans & Marita—I had a total blast going over to Carol's ranch for a super fun visit with her, Debbie and Vicki.

Debbie and Vicki are two of the nicest women and of course, Carol is too. Anyway, over the years Tony and I have become good friends with Carol's dear friends, Vicki and Debbie, from Dallas. In fact, Tony and I love them so much I've made them two of the main characters in my upcoming, soon to be published novella The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Part III, Ghost Riders In The Sand.

Anyway, last Saturday afternoon I went over to visit with Carol, Debbie and Vicki and to talk to them about the quirky characters that I've turned them into for my book. And while we were talking and laughing about their characters, Vicki mentioned that she thought it would be fun for me to do a contest, like one of her favorite authors had recently done.

Vicki told us that this author announced on her blog that anyone wanting to have their name, in her mystery book, should write her and tell her why their name (possibly made into a character) deserved to be in her upcoming book. 

Well that got all of us excited and after two minutes of listing the pros and cons of having this contest I decided that I should do a contest too, because it would be so much fun. But we figured out that I would have to limit the requests to just one paragraph, because otherwise I would be bombarded with reading for hours and not be able to write.

So I am now inviting all of you that would like to see your name in print, in my third novella to please enter this contest by writing no more than 1 paragraph telling me why your name deserves to be in my book. 

To enter the "I Want To Be In Your Book" contest please post it as a comment on my blog, because that way it will be confidential—I can read it and no one else will ever see it. 

The Rules:
1. You may not be eligible if your name has been in my previous books.

2. The contest starts today and it will end one week from today—Saturday, September 15th @ midnight.

3. And at the end of your paragraph please include your full name and the best way that I may contact you in the event you win. (e-mail, phone, snail mail, etc.) 

4. Please note that all contestants will be considered, but please know that I do not have the time to personally respond to each contestant individually and to send out rejection letters. So if you are picked the winner, I will notify you and only you and then I will announce it on my blog and post the paragraph that you have written to me for all to read.

5. But before I can announce the contest winner, I will need a consent form giving me full permission to use your name anyway I want to, in my book and it must be signed and dated. (Who knows? You just might become another quirky character in my third novella.)

6. The prize for this contest will be a signed, first edition copy of my third novella. 

7. The last rule is to have fun with this.

And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. Great news! Our dear friend Fay, in Toronto, is coming to see us on the 17th and we cannot wait to see her!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I've Got Cabin Fever!

A while ago, I was feeling restless and I guess you could say that I had cabin fever. So, I took out my art supply box and grabbed a few paints, brushes, etc. And then I quickly painted what I've now titled: Cabin Fever. And after painting it I felt so much better. And here it is.

It is starting to thunder outside and that's it for tonight, because I need to put Big Al(ice)'s thunder jacket on, give her tiny doggie downer and then unplug everything.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Stephen K. Morris' Outsider Songwriter Spotlighter's Series Featuring Chet O'Keefe! or Horrible Host!

Tony and I had a wonderful time going to Stephen K. Morris' awesome Outsider Songwriter Spotlighted Series, live show with Chet O'Keefe, at the Western Edge Cellars, in Fredville.

Several times during the show I actually got goosebumps, because the music flowed and was so awesome.

Anyway, if you were not lucky enough to go to this show here is the link, so you can listen to Chet's and Stephen's fabulous music. And please note that Chet's performance is the 2nd one down on Stephen's play list of artists.

Last night Chet, Tony and I watched this great documentary about cigar box guitars—Strung Together, because I actually have a super cool, cigar box guitar that Kinky gave to me many, many years ago.

After watching this fun documentary we got out my amps and Chet plugged in the cigar box guitar and started playing it. And to say the least, "Chet sounded so good that Henry Standing Bear and I started dancing to Chet's awesome music. And here is a short video that Tony made of Chet playing it for the very first time.

And needless to say, "Chet and I have both vowed that we are going to make us custom cigar box guitars, because they are such a cool instrument."

Yesterday our dear friends Hans & Marita and Stephen K. Morris came over for a super fun visit. Being the horrible host that I am known for, I cooked two, cheap, frozen supreme pizzas for our lunch. And to my amazement our friends ate all of it and even complimented me on the delicious late lunch that I had prepared for them. And all that I can say about that is—they must have been starving.

Of course, Tony and I didn't eat any pizza, because we are sticking to our Keto Diet. So while they gobbled up the wanna-be supreme pizzas—we just sat there, knowing that we were burning up fat calories, as we watched them. 

But I must admit that Tony and I were definitely tempted to eat a slice of pizza, even though we know by experience it tastes like tomato and cardboard, with these colorful, tiny objects that represented pepperoni, cheese, bell pepper, onion and cheese.

Y'all have a great day/evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Western Edge Cellars! Be Square or Be There!

This afternoon @ 4:00 our dear friends Chet O'Keefe will be playing with Stephen K. Morris @Western Edge Cellars, in Fredericksburg, and Tony and I will definitely be there to enjoy Stephen's and Chet's awesome music. So be square or be there. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We Got It, Gaby!

Wednesday Evening Update:

Tony and I had a wonderful time eating lunch with Marita & Hans and our laughter was pretty much non-stop for almost two hours. So I am sure Tony and I must have burned-up a ton of calories.

After we adios-ed our dear Norwegian friends, from Bergen, we went to the big H-E-B to pick up some groceries.

When we finally got back home and had put up our healthy-keto friendly groceries, Tony went out to get our mail and our dear friend Gaby, from Germany, sent us the cutest, sweetest card.

In Gaby's kind note to us she told us that she will definitely be visiting Texas, beginning September 8th and we are so looking forward to seeing her and her lovely daughter, Xenia. "So Gaby, when you are reading this please know that we cannot wait to see you and Xenia! And maybe y'all will get to meet Hans & Marita?"

And here is a picture of the front of Gaby's cute card, just so she'll know that we actually did get it.

Second Hand News! or We're Off! or Mug Shots! or Foreign Friends!

Yesterday was so much fun. I actually got up early and I was thrilled about it, because I've been trying to change my body clock, so getting up early will become second nature to me. And it's working like clockwork.

Anyway, after getting up and drinking a delicious cup of coffee, Hazel came out of the closet and she and I got removed all of the dog hair, from the floor, behind things and underneath furniture. Then I walked 4 Fast Miles with Leslie Sansone.

After that I decided to check my e-mail. Mari had sent me some funny notes and Chet O'Keefe had sent me an e-mail that was written in three phases. What I mean he wrote some on Sunday night during a thunderstorm, Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Sunday's news was about him coming up to visit us on Friday and planning on playing a fun gig with Stephen K. Morris, at the Western Edge Cellars, in Fredericksburg @ 4:00. And we can't wait, because we love Chet and Stephen's awesome music and the Western Edge Cellars is way too cool a place to listen to great music.

On the Monday part of his e-mail, Chet added news about his new, custom-made guitar and the last part of it was exciting, because he was looking forward to staying with us over the weekend and seeing all of our dear friends Stephen K. Morris & Eva Robinett and Hans & Marita, who are here once again, visiting all of us. Marita and Hans are from Norway and they will be staying in Fredericksburg, for the next month.

Tuesday morning the last part of Chet's note was a short note—Chet told me that he had talked to Hans & Marita and he knew that they were coming to see us "today."

As soon as I read that Marita & Hans were coming to see us "today" I asked Tony to please check his messages, to see if they had contacted him.

A minute later, Tony came into the big room, and said, "They sent me a note. They said that they are coming to the Old Timer's Rusty Dawg food truck to eat lunch and get a visit in with us.

I went into a panic mode, and said, "Oh my goodness! We won't be there." Then I clicked the remote to open our gate outside. "Try to send them a note telling them we're off today and to please come to The Cabin instead."

While Tony was writing them a message, I jumped into the shower and took the fastest shower that I've ever taken in my life. And forty minutes later our dear friends, Marita & Hans arrived!

After howdies and hugs outside, we came inside The Cabin and the real fun began. But before we started catching up with each others news they gave Tony and me gifts. "These are our favorite coffee mugs and they are made in Norway and...."

Tony and I loved our new Norwegian-made coffee mugs and I claimed the blue one and he got the white one.

To say the least, since this post is growing by the minute, "We had a wonderful time with Hans & Marita and we hated to see them go back to Fredericksburg. Not because we don't like Fredville, because we were having such a great time with our foreign friends.

This morning while I was cooking us breakfast, Tony was outside taking pictures. When he came back inside The Cabin, he was carrying a gift wrapped package. "I found this by the gate. Fay has sent you something."

Since I was busy cooking I asked Tony to please open it for me.

When I saw the cute box, I said, "Let me open it. Will you stir the eggs for me? They are almost ready." Tony took my spatula and began stirring my scrambled egg concoction (sausage, onion, mushrooms, garlic, eggs, parmesan cheese, heavy whipping cream and power greens) for me.

When I opened the box and saw the hilarious mug's message, I laughed out loud, because those were mostly my thoughts for the most part of August, because of Mercury doing its thing. It could not have been more perfect, because it said it all. Then I read Fay's sweet note. So right here, I want to say, "Thank you, Fay! I LOVE this mug! I Can't Even—"

Then I cut up a ripe avocado and halved it. Then I smashed it, on our awesome restaurant plates, they sweet Liz & Jim gave to me. Then I dumped my scrambled egg concoction, on top of the smushed avocado and we ate another Keto-friendly-low carb breakfast. And in four days, we've been eating delicious salads, burger without buns, etc. And Tony has already lost five unwanted pounds and I can almost button the top button on my 501 Levis!

Here are our mug shots. 

As I finish writing this post this morning, Tony and I are fixin' to take off for Kerrville, because we are meeting Marita & Hans for a super fun lunch, even though neither one of us is hungry. Then we're going back to the big H-E-B, so we can stock up on more Keto-friendly food, because we are loving this amazing, healthy diet. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great day and evening! And keep on laughing!