Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year's Resolution For 2010!

This morning as I was feeding the dogs and Lucky, Tony walked inside the trailer. "The Old Timer was closed and is not opening until eight-thirty. Happy New Year." Then he went down the hall to his office / TV room to plant some virtual crops.

After breakfast I started a load of clothes washing in Queen Bee, made up the bed, started a pot of coffee and then I started walking with Leslie Sansone and her friends. It was an interesting workout.

After walking two miles around the big room and the kitchen, while I was kicking up to high heaven, I decided to make a New Year's resolution which I never do! To help keep me motivated, I've decided to walk 1,825 miles this year. That's an average of five miles per day and should be easy since I usually walk six miles a day with Leslie. And, I plan to also count the miles that I walk with Kinky! I am really excited about it! I really think I can do it! It will definitely be something for me to strive for!
FYI: I have put a walking counter on the sidebar for y'all to keep up with my mileage.

Right after I had reached the three mile marker, Mr. Blue Jeans came into the big room looking exhausted. "I have just planted six new crops," T. wearily announced, then he went outside to do his real chores, while  Lisa, Matt, Meghan and Melody walked our dogs. Thank you Lisa, Matt, Meghan and Melody!

Twenty minutes before I had completed walking the six miles, I started crying, because Thunder, one of the greatest dogs that I have ever known, died in her sleep on her blanket in front of the entertainment center. As I walked circles around the trailer, I had noticed that Thunder didn't look like she was breathing and each time that I made a round I checked to see if she was breathing, but she wasn't.

I was so depressed but kept on walking. I figured that I would let her rest in peace until Tony came inside, so he could carry her outside to bury her. Even though she was deaf and now dead, I told her what a great dog she had been and how much I had loved her. "Thunder, you never did one thing bad..." By the time I had finished the six miles I had cried a ton of tears. Even though she was over fourteen years old and she had definitely been going downhill for quite some time, her death had really upset me.

When I finished my six mile walk, I grabbed a towel out of the bathroom and covered her with it, then I went to take a bath. As I was washing away my tears and thinking that this was the worse New Year Day that I had ever had, Thunder appeared in the bathroom, wearing the towel and wagging her tail at me! She wasn't dead! I had been wrong! I was so happy I cried another ton of tears as I hugged and kissed her.

Thirty minutes later when Tone came inside the trailer, he asked me what was wrong and why I had been crying. After I told him what all had happened he burst out laughing and then he gave me a big bear hug and made me promise to get him the next time I think that one of our old timers has died!

After lunch, I returned my sister, Cindy's phone call. When I told her about what all had happened with Thunder this morning she, too burst out laughing! "Nance, Ray gave me a Garmin GPS for Christmas!" Then she told me about going to the last day of school Christmas party at a teacher's home in Austin and getting lost, and never making it to the party, which caused us both to laugh out loud because we have both been there or should I say never been there. "Christmas morning Ray told me that he wished that he had given the GPS to me sooner so I could have made it to the party!" Then we talked about how nice Nancy and David Lemon, Tom's girlfriend, Nicki's, parents were. "Nance, they are great people and Ray and I really enjoyed meeting them!..."

This afternoon Kinky invited Tony and me over to the Lodge for a visit. After I told him about Thunder's almost demise, he laughed and said, "I'm glad that Thunder didn't die. And Nance, New Year's Day is a great day to die! Hank Williams died on New Years Day and so did..."

Today has been a great New Year's Day for me since Thunder is still with us! I hope that y'all have the best year ever! Happy New Year!

Y'all have a great evening!


lori said...

I am happy for you that you have another day with your precious Thunder!

Roger Peach said...

Nancy you were killing me, I was thinking about what to say as I read. I met Thunder when Mary and I brought Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee to the ranch, indeed a very sweet dog. I can't imagine how you must have felt when that towel came walking in. Happy New Year and give Thunder a hug for me!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Lori and Roger! Thank you for your comments. I love Thunder so much! Today I took time out of my schedule to spend a lot of time with her. I don't know who enjoyed it more.

'Erb said...

Cousin Nancy---

Along with all the other terrifying hazards (snakes, stickers, floods)remind me next time we visit not to take a little snooze. I don't want to wake up with the undertaker putting an embalming needle in my carotid artery.


cousin nancy said...

Hi "Erb! Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Don't worry we don't have any needles, I just use my Egyptian cotton towels that I bought from J. C. Penneys! I wonder if they used Egyptian towels on King Tut when they mumified him?

kozzymom said...

That sounds like something that I would do with Kozmo. Sometimes I get up and night and I don't see her move and check her! I am so glad that Thunder is still around. She is a very nice dog!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Kozzymom! Thank you for the comment. I love the name Kozmo! When I was a kid, our family adopted a black and white stray cat and I named him Cosmo, after Cosmo Topper. I just checked on Thunder and she is sleeping peacefully in front of the entertainment center—thank goodness!