Thursday, January 21, 2010


So far, today has been really fun and filled with surprises. This morning I got up early so I could do the Harley Show. When I got on my laptop to watch and listen to Harley before I called in, I was surprised to see Rick doing the show. At seven-forty-five when I called the station Rick answered the phone and told me off air that Harley was over at the stock show.

When the song that was playing stopped playing that's when we went live on the air. "We have Cousin Nancy on the phone from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. How are you doing?"

"Good morning Rick! I'm doin' just fine."

"That's good," Rick said. "Who is Harley's Pet of the Week?"

"Well, since Harley isn't there, Rick's Pet of the Week is Miss Moose and she is a wonderful four year old black Lab."

"Tell us some more about Miss Moose."

"She is like a doublewide Labrador. She weighs over a hundred and twenty pounds. She's not tall just real wide..." We talked about the rescue ranch for a few minutes then my segment of the show was over. I had fun doing the show with Rick.

After I walked six miles I cleaned up, and then I cleaned up the trailer. At ten-thirty my friend, Sheryl arrived right on time. Sheryl is the kind heart who is helping me edit my book. When she came inside the trailer with my edited pages of the book she surprised me with a gift. She gave me a first edition copy of Two Guys Four Corners by Don Imus & Fred Imus! "Sheryl, you didn't need to bring me a present, heck, your help with the editing is the biggest gift I could ever want or ask for. You are too sweet. Thank you so much."

Sheryl and I spent the morning talking about her edits and the book in general. Even though there are a lot of red marks on every page for me to correct, most of the corrections are to delete  all of the unnecessary commas that I used after every two breaths. I plan to start the editing tonight! Sheryl left around one o'clock. Thank you, Sheryl!

After Tony and I ate lunch I found the Club Ed classes catalog to get the phone number for registration. "Club Ed. This is Bill. How can I help you?" (I think he said Bill, but because I am hard of hearing he might have said Phil.)

"Hi. I'm Nancy Parker-Simons and I want to sign up for a course."

"Great! Which one?"

"The drum course," I said. "Can I sign up for it now on the phone?" After I gave Bill / Phil my name, address, phone number and credit card information he asked me for my e-mail address. "It's Cousin Nancy..."

"Cousin Nancy! You're Cousin Nancy! I listen to you everyday on Harley."

"Well, thank you. I love Harley."

"I'm doing the Harley Show tomorrow morning about Club Ed," the friendly man said. Then we talked about Harley for a few minutes and how much he has done to help the Kerrville community. Then Bill / Phil surprised me and said, "Would you like to teach a course for Club Ed?"

What? I didn't know what to say, so there was a moment of silence, because his question had blown me out of the sadde, so to speak. "Sure. I guess I could teach a writing course as long as it doesn't have anything to do with punctuation, or I could teach a course on how to write a book or something."

"What if you did a course about animal rescue. People could sign up and take a bus down there one day and spend two to three hours."

"Yes, Tony and I could give them a tour, explain what we do and how they can help."

"I like that idea," Bill / Phil said. "We will send you a teacher application. Cousin Nancy, there are still a few openings left to fill for the drum class, so please invite all of your friends to take the course with you." I told him that I would and then we said goodbye to each other.

The first people I thought of who are fun and might want to take the course with me were Mari and The NoMads, Lisa, Matt, Jon & Sandy at Wolfmueller's Books, Donna S., Trisha at Copies Plus, Randy & Lisa at The Save Inn, Carol V., Rick & Leisa, Pete & Kelly and David & Desiree at the Trails End Guest House!

I think it would be a blast to take the drum course with all of them! It would be just like a party, but sadly it would be without Tony, because he hates drumming. Who knows, maybe I could talk the instructor into letting Tony come to the class for just a few minutes so he could take a few videos of us banging our drums slowly on Sunday, February twenty-eighth.

This afternoon Lisa and Kevin came out to the rescue ranch to help Tony replace a water pump and to walk a few dogs for us. T. wanted me to go with them so I went with them. I had a fun visit with everyone even though Tone teased me relentlessly about being scared of the cows and he kept honking the horn trying to get the cows to chase us.

"I am not scared of cows y'all," I said, in self defense. "What I am scared of is when Tony goes to feed them and they chase us to where he feeds them, and they run right beside the window that I am sitting next to! If one of them stumbled, they could fall over and crush me."

"So, how many cows have you seen stumble and fall and crush someone inside a car?" Lisa asked.

"None," I said. Then we all broke out laughing. It took us about thirty minutes to get the pump running and Tony was soaking wet by the time we were done, because he actually did most of the work.

Y'all have a great evening!


Roger said...

When you find out about those commas let me know! I'm looking forward to the video.......I'm sure Tony is too.

kozzymom said...

That sounds like a good idea for you to teach a course on animal rescue. I wish I lived there so I could take your course and help walk Utopia dogs!