Friday, July 10, 2020

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar! or But Then Looks Can Be Deceiving!

At last I have something humorous to write about and I am still laughing! But to tell you why let me tell you this first.

Last month Tony and I met our dear friends Stephen K. Morris & Eva Robinett for a fun picnic in the park. Tone and I had a wonderful time with this awesome, talented couple, from Fred-Town. And before we adios-ed them Eva gave us a loaf of zucchini bread that she had baked.

Long story short—it was the most delicious zucchini bread that we have ever eaten, so I sent her an e-mail and begged her for the recipe—so I could steal it. Bottom___Line: Eva got this Zucchini With Pineapple recipe @ Simply Recipes and here is the link to this recipe.

And a few days later after our picnic I made my first two loaves of this mouth-watering zucchini bread.

Anyway, I was so excited about this tasty recipe I called my sweet sister Cindy and raved about the delicious bread and e-mailed her the link to this recipe. And, a few days later she promised me that she would make this  fabulous recipe soon. Then Cindy bought all of the extra ingredients that she didn't have to make this recipe. 

Yesterday Cindy and I talked about our new boring lifestyles—solving jigsaw puzzles, playing Scrabble, walking the dog(s,) (me working), watching reruns of our favorite television comedies, etc.

Now as Paul Harvey would say, "Here is the rest of the story..."

This morning I phoned my sister and I got her machine, and I left her this message, "Cindy, I've decided to make zucchini bread this morning and I want to challenge you to make some, too.. Because we've got nothing better to do in our busy lifestyle."

Then I made two loaves of this fabulous bread and when Tony came home for lunch we ate it for lunch, but before we ate it I took this picture of my two beautiful loaves, so I could send the picture to Cindy.

Later this afternoon around 4:30, I was passing the time by solving another jigsaw puzzle , on my iPad, when sweet Cindy called me.

And this is a close version of what I can remember was said during our conversation:


"Nance," Cindy said, followed by a lot of laughing, which made me start laughing even though I had no idea why I was laughing. "I wanted to let you know that I made the zucchini bread today—sort of." Then Cindy began laughing, again.

"What happened?" I asked my older sister, as she continued to laugh.

"Well, I had just started making the recipe when I realized that I did not have enough flour. I only had 1 cup—not 3. So, I decided to cut the recipe in half even though I was still a half a cup short of flour."


"I put in the adjusted amounts of baking powder, soda and salt. But then I forgot about cutting the recipe in half and I added 3 eggs—not one and a half." She immediately burst out laughing, and said, "Like you can add 1 1/2 eggs."

"Did it turn out okay?" Cindy started laughing, again.

"I'm not finished, yet. I grated up the right amount of the zucchini, then I forgot again and went back to the original recipe and added the full can of crushed pineapple, instead of half of the can. Then when I was going to add the1 teaspoon of vanilla extract—it had dried up and there was only one drop left inside the bottle, so I used almond extract instead." And by this time I was laughing so hard my back was beginning to ache.

"Don't worry about the almond extract. I once used lemon extract  instead of vanilla extract in a chocolate cake, because I was out of vanilla extract. Did you just throw out the ingredients?" I asked.

"No. I went ahead and baked it."

"How did it turn out?"

"It was horrible, but it looks really good," Cindy said. 

"But then looks can be deceiving," I teased. "I want to see a picture of it. I'll send you a picture of my loaves and please send me a picture of yours, so I can blog about it tonight."

"Okay, but it wouldn't come out of the pan. I had to dig it out....." After that we continued to laugh about our cooking skills. 

Then as a joke, I suggested that she wrap up her loaf, in Saran Wrap and tie it up in ribbon and give it to Ronnie (her younger brother/my older brother) tomorrow, for his 70th birthday present. "You could brag about how delicious it is and that you made it especially for him. And then ask him to try it." Then we burst out laughing as I got off of the floor, with the help of the chair, and sat back down in it.

"That would be cruel," Cindy joked. "You know that Ronnie & Nita are gourmet cooks and this would just prove to them that I lack cooking/baking skills. Let's face it—I am not good in the kitchen and never have been."

"No, it will just be a preview for Ronnie to see what to look forward to in his 70's."

"I know what you can do with the bread!"


"Put it in the freezer with a note attached that says "If I run out of food—Eat this!"

As I finish writing this, I am still hoping that Cindy will play the joke on Ronnie tomorrow. And I am thinking about mailing Cindy one of my loaves. Here are the pictures that Cindy sent to me of her zucchini bread catastrophe that is still stuck inside the loaf pan. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Time Marches On! or The Clock Is Ticking!

As time marches on with this pandemic I am trying to stay upbeat, but it seems to be getting the better of me today. So better said—I am depressed. But not to worry—I always bounce back sooner than later.

My friend Mari sent me this cool video about clocks and what I didn't know about clock numbers—totally blew me away and Tony, too. And I am betting that you don't know this about clocks.

So I dare you to watch and learn about clocks in this fascinating video, which is less that a minute long. I promise you will be shocked like we were and learn something, too.

The clock is ticking!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Rabbit Ears!

Today, like almost all other days, nothing is going on here. Tony and I work, then we stay home and watch tv, read, solve jigsaw puzzles, etc. And not to complain about the crazy world that we are living in—I want to share what Mari sent to me this morning, because it made me laugh and it is true.

This afternoon I started watching the Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught On Camera Marathon and within thirty minutes I was totally hooked on this show. And I am still watching it as I write this.

I plan to continue watching this paranormal marathon tonight and now I am seriously considering buying myself a ghost-hunters kit for beginners. And that is about it for today/tonight.

Stay safe and sane!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Oil Slick!

Early yesterday evening ,after Tony went to work for a few hours, I was doing a jigsaw puzzle when our dear friend Gerry Olert dropped by for a short, fun visit, before heading back home to San Antone. And I am so grateful that Gerry came by.

When Gerry arrived I put Henry Standing Bear in the side yard, so Gerry could come inside The Cabin without him being jumped on and kissed by Henry.

While Gerry was showing me some of his awesome video clips that he had taken last week, we heard Little Debbie, who was outside in the front yard with Big Al(ice), yelp—then scream bloody murder!

Gerry ran and I skipped outside to see what was the matter. "Omg!" I half-hollered, because Little Debbie had her head stuck between the side gate and gate post!!

As Little Debbie struggled and screamed, Gerry lifted her off of her feet to help calm her and to keep her from hurting herself, while I race-walked back inside The Cabin to get oil.

When I returned LD had calmed down, but she was still stuck, so I poured about a half of a bottle of olive oil around her head and neck to help slide her head out. And seconds later, Gerry lowered Little Debbie and quickly slid her out, as Henry stood on the other side of the gate watching us.

And yes, please note we could have just opened the gate to free Little Debbie's head, but with Henry standing right there and ready to greet Gerry—it wasn't an option.

Anyway, needless to say, Little Debbie was "greasy" and Gerry and my hands were covered in olive oil, so he and I went  back inside The Cabin to wash our hands, while Big Al(ice) stayed outside—  as she non-stop licked Little Debbie's coat to help remove the massive amount of olive oil.

After my hands were oil-free I went back outside and brought Little Debbie inside, so I could give her a bath in the kitchen sink. And thank goodness that I had Dawn dishwashing soap on hand. Because in that Dawn commercial where it shows wildlife rescuers removing oil from ducks feathers, because of an oil slick—I knew it would certainly remove H-E-B's olive oil off of Debbie's coat. Even though Big Al(ice) had already done a pretty good job of it.

After giving Little Debbie her bath which embarrassed her, because Gerry was watching us, I dried her off and put her back outside to air dry. Then I thanked Gerry for saving Little Debbie's life.

Several minutes later, I brought LD and Big Al(ice) back inside The Cabin, so they could thank Gerry, too.  

After The Girls had kissed and thanked Gerry for rescuing our little friend he asked me to take a picture of him holding Little Debbie. So after he put on his old Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch cap and his autographed Willie Nelson mask (😷) I shot him and Little Debbie, in the kitchen.

Gerry left a few minutes later after the photo-shoot. And when Tony came home about an hour later he was thrilled about Gerry rescuing Little Debbie, too.

So, I want to thank Gerry Olert, but I do have one complaint about his life-saving event, because sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Big Al(ice) left two gigantic "oil slick" 💩💩piles, on the bathroom floor for me to find. And to say the least, it was not fun for me, in the middle of the night, trying to wash my feet. 😨

Y'all have a great day and please stay safe and healthy!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

You've Been Notified!

My dear friend Mari sent me this important news today—so you've been notified or warned.

Y'all have a great evening even though it is M.I.R. time!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Enjoy Every Sandwich...!

Since my Roy passed, I've been so depressed about so many things and I've not felt like writing. So since my best friend, Roy Rogers, stepped on the Rainbow Bridge and is hopefully waiting for me, I've plunged myself into working, so not to go into a tailspin of  total depression, because of him and all of the things that have been going on in our world.

If I was not officially working to make money, I worked on the property and painted the outside of The Cabin with Tony's much needed help. Then we trimmed the windows. Then we painted his Tuff Shed. Here are a few before and after pictures of our ongoing "Keep Nancy Sane" project.

I love what we've done and I have more to tell about our many home improvements, but I will write about it later, since I am feeling somewhat better for now. 

Anyway, this morning while I was avoiding watching the news or even thinking about it, I decided to write a post about how I am feeling during these difficult times, but before I began writing I checked out Ronnie Namour's, latest weekly music column that he writes for The Island Moon Newspaper in Port Aransas.

Well, our dear friend Ronnie—beat me to the punchline today, because when I read what he had written I decided that Ronnie had nailed my feelings and probably many of yours. So since his thoughts are better said than mine, I want to share a portion of Ronnie Namour's thoughts. And please check out The Island Moon Newspaper to read Ronnie's entire column.

June 11, 2020                 
Three Chords And The Truth
by Ronnie Namour for The Island Moon Newspaper

Enjoy every sandwich…

In the immortal words of Warren Zevon, enjoy every sandwich. I couldn’t agree more. With the way 2020 has been treating us, simple pleasures are becoming harder and harder to enjoy. The
smaller nuances are being passed over and our collective stress levels are palpable. You can
cut it with a knife. 

And just when it seems life can’t get much more demanding, along comes another disaster piling on. My mermaid gal has had a pain in her neck for a month now. I know it’s from all the stress generated by watching the news on TV. Between bad politics, the pandemic, protests, riots, hurricanes brewing and triple digit temperatures… I’m not sure life as we know it will ever be the same. That’s why we have to enjoy every sandwich.

Take time to smell the proverbial roses. Simple pleasures are getting swept by the wayside and it’s time to reclaim them. Savor those long walks on the beach and those beautiful bike rides in the nature preserve. Take note of every conversation with every friend. And above all, tell the people that you love, that you love them every day. Don’t take anything for granted. Life is short and getting shorter.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort expressing love and gratitude; it’s good for the soul. This perpetuation of hate has got to stop. I’m as guilty as anyone. I’m doing my best to stop using the word “hate”. It rolls off my tongue way too easily. How can I expect you to stop hating if I don’t? I do know that when it’s that time for Maxwell’s silver hammer to come down on my head, I want it to happen with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

Something’s gotta change folks. There’s a mean vibe out there right now and it gets worse by the
day. Let’s all take a collective breath, step back and work on a fix. There were a whole bunch
of people in this world that just expressed their concerns since George Floyd died and we need
to listen to them and fix it. It’s time for fear and hate to take a hike. 

Right now, I’m going to go make another beautiful sandwich and enjoy every bite of it. Now go wash your hands and put that mask on and register to vote and go call your mama and tell her you love her. I love you all… well, most of you… well, actually just some of you, but hey, I don’t know all you but in the words of Will Rogers, ‘A stranger is a friend I’ve yet to meet.”

I want to thank Ronnie Namour and The Island Moon Newspaper for allowing me to share this.

Y'all take care and may peace and love fill your hearts!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


I worked today and it was hot and I am tired, so once again, all I've got to offer tonight is this. "Thank you Mari, for making me laugh, again."

Monday, June 8, 2020

What's Next!

My dear friend Mari sent me this and I am still laughing. And I hope it happens!

Have a great day!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Reason To Laugh!

Sorry for not writing much lately. I've been very busy working, reading, writing, doing jigsaw puzzles, etc.

I have not written, because I've been depressed about losing Roy, upset with the sad shape our country is in, politics in general, the pandemic, etc. And because of all of the horrible events and things going on, there just hasn't been much reason to laugh or to try to make you laugh.

I am off this weekend and I do have plans to do some work outside and rest. But I am hoping to post something positive on my blog.

Take care and I hope you find something to laugh about.

Monday, May 18, 2020


Today my best friend, Roy Rogers, stepped on a rainbow and my heart is more than broken. I could write volumes about what a wonderful friend Roy was, but I just can't do it today. Roy was either 16 or 17 years old and he blessed me for almost nine years.

This is a picture that Tony took the day Roy came home, on December 11, 2011 and it was one of the happiest days of my life. Roy was my joy and my faithful companion.

I love you, Roy. Rest In Peace. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Cheers! or Daisy! or All You Need Is Love!

Tony and I have had a fun weekend. Friday afternoon we did a video chat/happy hour with our dear friends Fay & Ian, that live up in Toronto.

We did a lot of laughing and let's just say our happy hour lasted more than two hours. And the best thing about it was we didn't wear masks, have to sit ten feet apart or have a designated driver! 

Saturday morning was a lot of fun too, because our dear friend Gerry Olert came out early to spend the day with us. (FYI: In my book The Cowgirl Sisterhood: The Terlingua Treasure Map, I made Gerry the sheriff of Brewster County.)

We hung out outside and visited for a few hours. We laughed about my book and his character and then I debuted and put on the costume that I made for me to wear in Jay Pennington's & his upcoming Short Western movie—Vinegar To Honey.  Then by committee vote—we went and ate a delicious breakfast, at Randy's & Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant, in Kerrville.

When we got back to Big Foot Ranch I suggested that we do some target practice outside using my pink Daisy Red Ryder BB Air rifle and Tony's air-pump rifle.

We set up our targets on a garbage bag packed full of leaves that have not made its way to Tony's garden area, yet. 

When the shooting match began Gerry and I took turns using my pink rifle, so Tony could get a good workout using his air-pump rifle. 

And needless to say the men had fun hitting their targets and blowing up a few exploding beer cans of Tony's Keystone Light beers that were intended to be put inside the refrigerator. And I had fun too, even though I never once hit my target or a can.

Here are pictures of our targets and please note that when our shooting match ended, while I went inside the house to get something, Tony secretly fired several rounds of BB's into my target and I just discovered this when I went outside to take pictures of our targets. And I know Tony did it, because he just confessed to doing it. Here is Gerry's target:

Here is Tony's target:

And here is my target:

As I finish writing this tonight, I do want to brag on Tony's green thumb, because this afternoon he brought me this beautiful squash. And he told me that we already have a bumper crop of squash and tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapeños!

And before I finish this post and go enjoy a happy hour with Tony I want you to know that Gerry sent me this e-mail this morning. Gerry wrote:

"So much fun! Thank you both for making me a sheriff who is a sharpshooter with a pink Daisy! G"

And lastly, my friend Nancy, in Chicago sent me this beautiful animal video. And I absolutely love it!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

My 1st Pod Cast! or Where Is Gerry Olert When I Need Him!

Today has been so much fun. This morning Tony and I video chatted with our dear friends Marita & Hans, in Bergen, Norway and it was so great to see their smiling faces.

After the four of us caught up with each others latest news they asked me about my new book The Cowgirl Sisterhood: The Terlingua Treasure Map, because they are hilarious characters in it.

I mailed them a copy of my book last week, but it won't arrive for at least 10 more days—hopefully.
Anyway, we did a lot of laughing and when all was said and done, I told them that I was going to start pod casting, and said, "I've been thinking about me reading the first two chapters of my new book—wearing my alien-attracting helmet and standing in front of my mural outside and they loved the idea.

So, later this afternoon, Tony helped me make my first podcast and it was fun even though it is rough and unpolished, so to speak.

Anyway, I think it is funny, because of the loud traffic going down the highway, Henry Standing Bear barking in the background, Tony's finger sliding over the camera for a short time and me trying to read my own writing, etc.

And when I was trying to edit it I could not quit thinking "Where's Gerry Olert when I need him?" Because he is an expert videographer.

So if you want a good laugh please check it out on YouTube. And if you liked watching it please give me a thumbs up. And I do hope that it makes you laugh. And please note that I have added a link to it on the side bar Cousin Nancy's 1st Podcast - Chapters 1 & 2.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Barking Dogs!

First thing this morning Tony asked me to watch this hilarious video about a cockatoo that barks, because it grew up with dogs. I am still laughing about it and if you have not already seen this video please click here to check it out.

I have already solved five jigsaw puzzles and it is still early. I will write more later today.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Welcome To My World!

Well, it is official—I am truly addicted to solving jigsaw puzzles on my iPad. I absolutely and highly recommend this totally free, awesome app Free Jigsaw (Boy Howdy) and it looks like this.

I recommend it, because this afternoon I made and solved jigsaw puzzles using my own favorite photos. Because they give you the option to use their photos or to use your own photos. And it was so easy to do. Here are the ones I solved using my pictures and it only took me less than an hour.

Little Debbie

The Last Resort

The Cabin's Kitchen

Henry Standing Bear On Bear

Henry Standing Bear

Yes, I know I am a jigsaw puzzle addict and I've already admitted that several times, but I had so much fun using my own photos—I can't stop!

So that is about it for today, because I need to get back to solving more jigsaw puzzles. Or better said, "Welcome to my world!"

Y'all have a great day/evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Beep, Beep! 7/95!!! or Stephen K. Morris Live Tonight on Facebook!!

The last few days Tony and I have been painting the outside of The Cabin. The cabin is now painted, but we still need to paint the trim boards and put them up, along with the shutters that we made. Anyway, it is a work in progress and the hardest part has been accomplished.

The other day while we were waiting for the paint to dry, on once side of The Cabin, our dear talented artist friend, Steve Pietzsch came over to visit us and he brought me an incredibly great, beautiful present that he had made/painted. And please note that we stayed ten feet apart, because of social distancing.

I about fell over when Steve gave me a signed and numbered, limited edition, framed, print, of one of his most recent paintings. My print is number 7/95.

It is a beautiful painting of a roadrunner racing across the desert and Steve put "his own unique funny twist" on it, because the dust that he painted behind the roadrunner is similar to the artwork they used in the hilarious Wylie Coyote cartoons. And I absolutely love it!

It is titled "Beep, Beep!" And here is a picture of the back of the framed print.

After Steve's fun visit, I took it inside to take pictures, but because of the sunlight's glare it does not do it justice. So I suggest to view Steve Pietzsch's "Beep, Beep!" please click here to check it out on his website. It is the first picture on the bottom row. Anyway, here is my print of "Beep, Beep!

Well, tonight Tony and I have exciting plans to watch another great, live performance of Stephen K. Morris playing his awesome music on Facebook, at 7:30! And now like solving jigsaw puzzles and playing solitaire my latest addiction is watching and listening to Stephen K. Morris' Another Stir Crazy Wednesday! And I hope that y'all will join Tony and me for another great Wednesday evening.

And that is about it for tonight, because I want to solve a few more jigsaw puzzles, before tuning in to  watch Stephen's show.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. Mari has just sent me this great video about Kerrville's restaurants helping restaurants in Kerrville and it was so much fun to watch.  So Enjoy! (Thanks Mari!)

Friday, May 1, 2020

Empty Glass!

I'm sorry for not writing for so long, but I have an excuse—I've been pretty depressed. But knock-on-wood I am started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am feeling much better. But then again—it is early.

Also my other excuse for not writing lately is that I've become addicted to solving jigsaw puzzles, on my iPad and I am blaming my sweet sister Cindy for that new habit.

I've been trying to curb my addiction to these fun puzzles by playing solitaire, on my lap top, so now I have two addictions, jigsaw puzzles and solitaire, that I never had before all of this mess with that horrible virus.

Anyway, I am seriously thinking about starting a program that I've named JPSA (Jigsaw Puzzle Solvers Anonymous) and I will let y'all know when I open the first JPSA chapter in Medina. But remember it is anonymous, so I will not be able to reveal names or the secret location.

A few days ago while I was sewing my costume for me to wear in Jay Pennington's & Gerry Olert's upcoming Short Western—Vinegar To Honey, Tony came inside The Cabin and he was mad, and he said, "Last night something happened to all of my hummingbird feeders. They were emptied and completely dry this morning and I filled them up last night, before dark....I am going to move our game cameras and hope to find out what happened or who did it...."

While Tony was outside moving the cameras—I finished sewing my outfit for the movie. Knowing  that I had to make my costume look old, ragged and dirty-looking, because of the character that I am playing I pondered how to distress my outfit.

I thought about spilling coffee on it, making a mud puddle outside and soaking it in the mud, etc., but I wasn't wild about either one of these ideas, so I pondered a little longer.

Then I had a light bulb moment and I knew exactly how to make my costume look old and tattered—I would drag the garments on the floor, because it is always dusty and covered in dog hair! And it worked!

Anyway, as I was dragging my skirt around the big room's floor Tony walked inside, and he asked, "What are you doing! Is Hazle dead?" And after I explained to him why I was dragging my clothes around on the floor Tony thought I was brilliant. I think?

Yesterday Tony downloaded the pictures from his game cameras and he found out why his hummingbird feeders were emptied and who had done it. Here are four game pictures and I've titled them—An Empty Glass. Because I love Gary Stewart's song Empty Glass.

FYI: The night before Tony "set his trap" and he intentionally emptied his feeders, and hung them back up, so later when Mr. R showed up it explains why he looks confounded as to why they were already empty.

Before I finish writing this tonight, so I can get back to solving another jigsaw puzzle, The Mineral Man sent me this YouTube link to enjoy and to refresh my memory. It is one of Gerry Olert's fabulous videos that he filmed at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch and at our last fundraiser held in April 2014. And I enjoyed watching it. So, please click here to enjoy it.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Watch Stephen K. Morris Perform Live, Tonight at 7:30!

Today has been great. I walked for over an hour this morning, made us sandwiches for lunch, took a short nap with our five, four-leggers and  I solved ten jigsaw puzzles!  And right now I am still laughing at what my friend Mari sent to me, so I am going to share it with y'all.

This afternoon Tony told me about our dear (incredibly talented musician) friend, Stephen K. Morris, from Fredericksburg, doing live performances every Wednesday night @ 7:30 and you can watch him perform live, here on Facebook Stephen K. Morris.

I also found out from Tony that Stephen has been doing his awesome "Stir Crazy" series for several weeks and he told me that it is a lot of fun to watch, because Stephen's & Eva's friends  and fans make comments, etc. during his show and Stephen responds to these comments in between his songs. And I cannot wait to watch Stephen's show tonight, because I plan to send Stephen a comment.

I want to invite everyone to join me tonight to watch Stephen K. Morris' live show on his Facebook page, because I promise that you'll love his show, because he is an awesome entertainer, talented songwriter, singer, one fine musician and one very dear friend.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Can You Hear Me Now!

Today has been great. Tony and I went to Kerrville this afternoon and we bought groceries.

When we got back home after cleaning our groceries, etc. I noticed that my sweet sister Cindy had called, so I called her back.

I love talking to Cindy, because she is always positive and tries to stay upbeat and she never discusses the latest virus news. Thank goodness.

Anyway, in minutes after we had reported our latest adventures, how many jigsaw puzzles we had solved, visiting with family and friends while staying at least 20 feet away from them, etc.

During a pause in our conversation I recommended that she watch Outer Banks, a great new series on Netflix, "Tony and I loved it and we could not help binge-watching it..." And then I joked, "Outer Banks. O-U-T-E-R B-A-N-K-S, to make sure that you heard me right..." Then we laughed about she, Ronnie and me being hard of hearing and sometimes us not hearing things right—like Bandits.

Before we adios-ed each other she read me this funny e-mail that a friend had sent to her about the virus and senior citizens. Well, I laughed so hard I asked her to please send it on to me, so I could write about it tonight.

After she and I had quit laughing, a cartoon popped into my head, so I told her about it, "I want to do a cartoon of two senior citizens or maybe you and me as stick figures sitting 20 feet apart and wearing masks, trying to visit and we can't hear each other, because we are hard of hearing." Cindy thought it was funny and she suggested that I do it. 

So after we adios-ed each other I got out my art supplies and I sort of went overboard, because the stick figures turned into this picture of Cindy and me, in her backyard, wearing our masks, for a safe  20 foot visit. 

FYI: I am the one standing up screaming, "Can You Hear Me? Now?" and wearing the pink boots.) And I hope this makes you laugh. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Trailer!

Today has been great as long as I keep ignoring what's going on in our world. This morning I called my sweet, older brother, Ronnie aka Little Foot to see if he and Nita had finished watching Bandits, on Netflix. This fun, highly underrated movie stars Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Kate Blanchett.

A few days ago when I was talking to Ronnie on the phone I had told him how fun Bandits was to watch. He told me that he had watched half of it, but wasn't that crazy about it. Anyway, before he and I adios-ed each other he had promised me that he would make himself finish watching Bandits.

Anyway, when I called Ronnie & Nita this morning he told me that he had finished watching Bandits, but he didn't understand why I thought it was so great. "Nance, I kept waiting for the funny parts, the twists and turns and the credits....I'm sorry, but I didn't think it was all that great...."

I was confused and didn't understand why they didn't like it as much as I did, so I asked, "Y'all watched Bandits?" Then I slowly spelled it out, "B-a-n-d-i-t-s."

And Ronnie started laughing, and then he said, "Nance, I misunderstood you the other day. I thought you said Badland, on Netflix..." Then we both started laughing about him forcing himself to finish watching Badland instead of Bandits.

Anyway, after he understood it was Bandits he promised me that he would watch it. And after we got off of the phone I sent him the trailer for Bandits just to make sure. Then I also e-mailed the trailer to my sweet sister Cindy, just in case she didn't hear me correctly, too.

Y'all have a great afternoon. Watch Bandits and keep on laughing!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Between A Rock & A Hard Place! or Not-To-Push-It!

Before I tell you about my day, I want to tell you something about yesterday. My dear friend Gerry Olert sent me a picture of him wearing his survivor mask and I totally loved it, especially because he was wearing one our old Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch caps.

And that got to me thinking about a mask for myself, because the protective masks that we have are way too big for me. In fact, the other day when I wore it into a grocery store it kept sliding up on my face, fogging up my glasses and rubbing against my eyes. Even with the metal ^ pinched above my nose.

Then I got distracted when I sent my friend an e-mail asking him if it would be okay for me to drop off some paperwork at this home. "K" shot me back an e-mail suggesting I leave it on the bench, on their porch "....Yes, just find a rock to sit on top of it, so they don't blow away...."

So, I jokingly shot him back an e-mail "....I'll just bring one of my rocks to use..." Then I went outside and looked around for the perfect rock paperweight and I found this one. And before Tony and I took off to drop off the papers I grabbed a Sharpie pen and wrote on the rock. This is the rock that I left on the bench with my papers. Or better said, "between a rock and a hard place."

When K found it later on, he thought it was funny and by the time we got back home he had sent me a hilarious e-mail. Bottom    Line: I am going to bring him a brick and a cedar branch in trade for getting to touch a gigantic pine cone that he found underneath the world's largest tree in the world. 

I like bartering and K obviously does, too. So I am now looking forward to some future, funny transactions. And the best thing about it there isn't any sales tax.

Today has been great with the exception of what is going on in our crazy world. This morning I walked for over an hour outside and it was such a beautiful morning when I got back home I wanted to do some mowing, but because my back is finally back to normal—I decided not-to-push-it and just let my back rest a little bit longer.

So instead of mowing and working outside, after lunch, I decided to make a protective mask for myself, because my sweet sister had told me about her friends making her masks and told me that their were YouTube videos on how to make masks.

After I watched a couple of YouTube videos about how to make masks I decided to skip those diy projects and make up my own design. Then I went and grabbed a favorite bandana and my sewing machine.

Then I ironed my bandana and folded it into a triangle and tied it to my head—like a scarf. Then I went outside with a piece of paper and Sharpie to find Tony. 

Tone laughed when he saw me wearing a head scarf and then after I explained to him that I needed for him to mark lines on the paper that I held over my nose and mouth ,and also mark the scarf—he reluctantly did it and suggested that I just wear the giant masks that we already have. Then he teased me, "Nance, you know people will think you are crazy wearing a scarf-mask...." 

He was still advising me, as I walked off, but I could not hear him, because I was wearing my scarf that was covering my ears.

Thirty minutes later I had finished sewing my first scarf-mask and it fit perfectly and it was so much more comfortable than our surgical grade masks that had to have been custom made for Big Foot to wear.

Before I show you my awesome mask I do want to thank my friends Kris & The Mineral Man for sending me an e-mail with a picture of my book—to let me know that my paperback book had arrived at their house this morning.

I think there needs to be a drum roll here as you scroll down leading up to me posing in my pretty, custom made mask. And please note that my mask has four layers of cotton fabric, with an opening at the top, so I can slip coffee filters inside it for a little extra protection.  Okay, here goes! (Drum Roll!)

Y'all have a great evening, stay safe & healthy and keep on laughing!

6:10 Update: Just use bandana and velcro! Here is a pattern on how to make this easy to make mask: