Sunday, March 26, 2017

Home Alone—Drones—Martian Watch— Wild Birds! Oh My!

Today has been great, but first I want to finish writing what I had planned to write yesterday, on my blog.

Several days ago (March 15th to be exact), I was doing some ranch paperwork while listening to The Talk, on the television. Anyway, near the end of the show "The Girls" introduced a new sponsor: So I stopped what I was doing and watched it. And I was instantly hooked on their products for sale. So to say the least "I immediately went to and purchased three of those items.

Anyway, last week my orders started arriving and Tony was just as excited as me about getting them. And if you click on this link you can watch The Talk segment on these super cool products and then you'll know why I could not resist purchasing them.

I bought the ION Home Network Camera, so I can watch what our dogs do when they are home alone and I can talk to them. The retail price is $129.00 and I purchased it for $39.00!

Then I purchased Pulse Massager for Tony's bad back and shoulder. The retail price was $425.00 and it cost me only $29.00! And the best news is that Tony LOVES it.

And then I bought the Mota JETJAT ULTRA Drone. And its sales price was $130.00 and it only cost me $59.00. 

And this is just a picture of my drone and the home network camera so you can compare their sizes to my laptop and Bic pen.

Then I told Tony all about what I had bought and the big savings and then I went back to work: returning phone calls, e-mails, etc.

Two days ago, my brother Ronnie called me just to see how we were doing. While we were talking and laughing about life I told him about Morning Save. "Ronnie, the three things I bought would have cost me $684.00 retail and they only cost me $127.00 total!" And I knew that he was impressed even though he didn't say so.

Then Ronnie asked me, "How do you like the home network camera and the drone?" And there was an awkward moment of silence for me and then I laughed.

"Tony loves his pulse massager, but we haven't used the camera or the drone, yet."

"Why not, Nance?" I started chuckling again.

"Because I'm not that hi-tech-savvy anymore." Then we both started laughing. "I know it is not all that hard to do, but I'm just not ready to sit down and try to figure them all out." Then I hear him and Nita laughing, because he had put me on their Speakerphone. So I joined them in laughter.

"So when are you going to do it?" Ron asked, as sweet Nita listened and continued to chuckle, in the background.

"Soon. Ronnie. First I have to register my drone with the FCC to make it legal, before we can launch it and you know how much I hate filling out forms and doing paperwork." 

"Do it!" Nita remarked. "Do it, Nance!" Which then made Ron and me burst out laughing, because the three of us having a long running joke about Nita saying, "Do it! Do it!" 

"I think that I am going to wait until Chet comes visit us. He's a lot more smarter than Tony and me when it comes to these hi-tech gadgets and he should be visiting us in about ten days or so...." And this concludes my fascinating shopping spree story—sort of.

At lunch last Friday, after telling our good friends/dog-walking-volunteers all about my three super cool purchases and the incredible savings—I got all excited again. So when we got back home I went back Online to and made one more purchase. : )

I just had to have it and it was 78% off the retail price. So with the click of one button I purchased a MARTIAN Watch. Regular retail price on it was $129.99 and I got it for only $29.00. And I cannot wait for it to arrive.

I know that my beautiful red & black MARTIAN watch reads, "John Hello" on the dial, but I am sure that Chet will be able to set it up for me, so it will say "Nancy Hello." And now this really does conclude my spending spree story.

Now before I finish writing this tonight I have an important announcement to make. I want to let everyone know that next Saturday, April 1st, our rescue ranch will be closed all day, because Tony and I are going to be attending a very special book signing event, at the Wild Birds Unlimited store, in Kerrville.

A few days ago while we were shopping and visiting with our friends, Linda & Kevin Pillow, the Wild Birds Unlimited store owners, they told us that they were excited about hosting a book signing for their good friend, Jim Carpenter, founder of Wild Birds Unlimited. "We'll definitely be here for that!" I declared. Then they showed me Jim's book The Joy of Bird Feeding: The Essential Guide To Attracting And Feeding Our Backyard Birds. And we bought ourselves a copy, so we can meet Jim Carpenter and get him to sign our copy.

Then I noticed their life-size cardboard cutout of Jim Carpenter display with his new book, so I asked Tony to please take a picture of me standing next to Jim to make it look like we've been good friends for a long time. 

Then I stood next to Jim, who is paper thin, and said, "Now Tony, please don't make me look fat." Then I turned to Linda & Kevin and Tricia", and admitted, "I've gained some weight and I am trying to lose it. Wait Tony, let me turn sideways, next to Jim, because hopefully it will make me look a little slimmer." Click—it didn't work.

So, next Saturday from 9AM - Noon we will be, at the Wild Birds Unlimited store and our rescue ranch will be closed all day, because we're going to get to meet Jim Carpenter and get his awesome book signed. 

For more information about attending this awesome book signing event please click on Jim Carpenter Book Signing at Wild Birds Unlimited, in Kerrville. And I hope that y'all will all be there too, so I can stand behind y'all, to hide my enlarged muffin top, when I suggest that we all get a group picture taken with Jim.

And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bad News! or Stick With Me!

I have some good news and some bad news, so I will start with the bad news first. Last night, around 8:00, I had the phone turned off, while enjoying watching Netflix's Grace & Frankie third episode of Season 3 and the young woman, the former owner of Copper called and she left me a message that I was unaware of. Bottom Line    she was unable to locate the former owners. So, it looks like Copper is here to stay with us until we can find him a better forever home.

This morning I told Copper the bad news and he seemed to be fine with it, because he was wagging his tail. Then I told him that yes, I understand why he is named Copper, because of his color, but I explained to him that his name does not roll easily off of my tongue and that I have to stop and think every time that I call him his name.

The good news is he was still wagging his tail and he seemed interested in what I had to say to him. So, I continued on, "I know that your name is not your problem, but mine. Anyway, since you are starting a new life here, at the rescue ranch, I am changing your name to Topper."

Copper sat down, in front of me and he was still wagging his tail and staring at me, which I think is always a good sign. Then he stood up, with his tail still wagging and he smiled at me like dogs often do when they laugh. And I have a sign, hanging out on our front porch to prove this theory.

And to prove it even further, that dogs do laugh with their tails, a couple of weeks ago, after my good friend, Carol, showed me her new beautiful, canvas print that she had purchased, I begged her to please tell me where she bought it, because I had to have one, too. 

The reason that I love this canvas print so much was because it immediately put a big smile on my face and it warmed my heart, because it reminded me so much of sweet Mama. My late, great, rescued Great Pyrenees. And it also reminds me of my beloved Roy Rogers, because whenever I look at him he is always smiling at me. 

This beautiful, awesome painting is by Pat Saunders-White, an extremely, talented, famous pet artist and the name of her painting is Stick With Me. I bought my 14"x14" canvas print, on Amazon, but her art is so popular, loved and well known that I am sure that buying a copy for yourself will not be difficult to find. But I do recommend going to her website first:, because Artist Pat Saunders-White Rules!

Last night I binge-watched Grace & Frankie Season 3 and watched all of the episodes. Omg, it is more than great, so tonight I think I will watch a movie.

 Tonight I planned planned on writing about several other subjects, but I think that this is plenty for now. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Her Phone Number!


Since this woman and I didn't know each the Twitter instructions suggested that I click Follow and then leave her a message. So I wrote: "We rescued Copper. Please call Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. 830-589-7544."

An hour and a half later, at 7:49—she called me. She told me that she loves Copper, but she and her husband re-homed Copper 8 months ago, because they could no longer keep him. I told her about rescuing Copper and Susan, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, trying to contact her, but all of the contact information, on the micro-chip, had not been updated, etc. I told her how happy I was that she had contacted me and I thanked her for that.

She told me all about Copper being a wonderful dog and that it would take her a few days to contact her friend, who had helped them re-home Copper to a nice family that she knew. She promised to call me as soon as she knew anything. And before we adios-ed each other she gave me her phone number.
So that is where we're at for now—still waiting.

Today has been great. We spent most of our day mowing outside. And the weather was perfect, except for the high winds that kept trying to blow my cap off my head. And then after wards having the pleasure of removing freshly, clipped grass from my ears. The good news is that we got all of the dog pens and alleys mowed including most of the rescue ranch.

And that's about it for tonight, because I am planning to spend the rest of my evening, binge-watching Netflix's Season 3 of Grace & Frankie. I've just checked to see if it is available to watch and it appears they have not yet launched it. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can watch it tonight and that Copper's previous owner calls me back.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Update: I just realized that Grace & Frankie airs tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Put It Together!

The last few days have almost been great. And the reason that I used the word "almost" is because we could not find Copper's family, even though he's micro-chipped, so we could let them know that we rescued him. And it drove me crazy knowing that we had this super dog that has a home, but we could not contact Copper's family, because his micro-chip information had not been updated.

Sunday evening our good friend Jim Keaveny came to visit us. Like Chet O'Keefe, he too is an incredibly great musician who also lives, in Terlingua.

When Jim arrived the first thing he did, after hugging us, was give Tony and me advanced copies of his new fabulous CD—Put It Together, which will be available for purchase before months end. So the next thing that we did was thank Jim for the CDs and then we listened to Put It Together over and over, because it is now one of our favorite CDs. And another cool thing about Jim Keaveny's new CD being so great is Jim had our good friend Chet O'Keefe come out to the recording studio, Frogville Studios, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to play lead guitar on it.

Monday morning I cooked pancakes for Tony, Jim, Kinky and our good friend, Simone DeVries, who is in Texas, filming and working on another one of her awesome documentaries. We had also invited our good friend Carol to eat breakfast with us, but she couldn't make it, because she had to go out of town for the day. But Carol did invite us to come over later on in the evening for happy hour.

Anyway, while we ate breakfast we visited while enjoying Jim's new CD. And before we adios-ed Kinky and Simone we all agreed to meet later for lunch, in Kerrville and to invite Dylan to join us.

Eating lunch with our friends was a total blast. Simone told us about the documentary that she is working on. Dylan kept us entertained and laughing with his incredibly interesting rock 'n roll tales. 

And the funniest story that Dylan told, with Kinky's help, was when he and Kinky and the famous band The Texas Jewboys, were in California. Kinky and his band got stuck, inside an elevator, with Dennis Hopper when Dylan arrived. With the elevator doors closed tightly, Dylan stood outside the door and carried on a conversation with them while they waited for the repairman to arrive. And when the elevator repairman finally arrived he first got the doors open first and it was stuck between two floors and all that Dylan could see was them from their knees down, so Dylan stood there and talked to their feet. Anyway, it was totally hilarious and my version of Kinky's and Dylan's story isn't near as funny as they told it.

Jim, Tony and I went over to Carol's ranch, around 5:30, for happy hour. And it turned out to be a really fun happy hour that lasted for one and a half hours. 

Tuesday afternoon before Jim Keaveny left for Austin, Kinky, Jim, Tony and I ate lunch, in Kerrville again and it was fun, too.

After another fun lunch with our friends, Tony and I went to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, so we could pick up Copper and to also meet up with Mike, the nice man that was helping his recently widowed neighbor/friend with his two dogs that he could no longer could keep. Mike was bringing "The Girls" to the clinic, so we could meet him and pick up Misty and Cindy from him and take these two, adorable, sweet, 6 year-old to our rescue ranch. And we instantly fell in love with "The Girls."

Last night, early in the evening, I was on my computer trying everything I knew to contact Copper's owners and I got no where. And right before I gave up Googling this woman I found her on Twitter. 

To Be Continued... 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, March 17, 2017

We Rescued St. Patrick!

Today has been great. Our fabulous friends/dog-walking-volunteers came out this morning and walked our dogs for us and we loved it, but our dogs LOVED it more.

After walking our dogs for us all of us decided to eat lunch together, at the Thai O'Cha restaurant, in Kerrville. So, on our way to Kerrville, on Highway 16, before Quiet Valley Ranch ( Home of the Kerrville Folk Festival) we spotted a small dog running south.

So Tony immediately stopped and pulled off to the side of the road and so did Andy & Judy, who were following us to the restaurant. We jumped out of our trucks and hollered, "Hey, little buddy! Come here. Here boy..."

The dog heard us and he stopped in his tracks and then he turned around to look at us—then he came running towards us, while we waved frantically at an oncoming pickup to slow down, because the dog was close to the highway.

This cute dog ran to Andy and let him pick him up. Then Andy handed him over to Tony, so Tone could put him inside, Trigger's backseat. And before we adios-ed our good friends, I said, "We're taking him to Hoegemeyers, so please tell everyone that we will be a few minutes late."

On our way to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, I turned in my seat and took this picture of a very lucky dog, who seemed happy and perfectly comfortable riding in the truck. And that's when I named him St. Patrick.

As soon as we walked inside Hoegemeyer's lobby, I took this picture of St. Patrick, before we handed him over to Susan, as I told her, "We've just rescued St. Patrick.... Please scan him and give him a check up. We'll check back with you later."

Lunch was a lot of fun and of course our food was totally delicious. But let's get back to St. Patrick.

When we got back home Susan, at Hoegemeyers called to tell me, "I've got good news and sort of bad news. The dog has a micro-chip, but one of the phone numbers has been disconnected and the other phone number isn't accepting calls right now...."

Forty minutes later, Susan called me again, while I was writing this. "Nancy, I have a little more news. I've located his records. He's been neutered, his shots are current and his name is Copper. I've been on the phone non-stop trying to track down his owners..."

After Susan and I adios-ed each other, Tony suggested that I call the pound, so I did. I told the nice gentleman about us rescuing Copper, on 16 and everything that I knew about the friendly dog. Then I asked him if anyone had called them about missing him. "No, ma'am, but if anyone calls I will tell them to call you or Hoegemeyers. Good luck..."

So now it is a little before 4:00 and I am fixin' to call the radio stations where Harley and Big G work, to see if they can help get the word out about Copper. And then I am going to call Quiet Valley Ranch. So please keep your fingers crossed for Copper. I will update when I get some more news.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Today Tomorrow!

The past few days have been great and they have flown by so fast—I can't believe that it is already Wednesday. Here his what we've been up to, at the rescue ranch.

Late last Friday afternoon, Tony and I ran several errands and our last stop was, at Home Depot, so we could purchase a Club Cadet Walk Behind Trimmer that my brother Ron had told us about, when we had visited with him, in Dripping Springs.

Ronnie had bragged and told us about how much he loves this trimmer, because it can easily get in and out of small, cramped in spaces, rolls over rocks and stumps easily while whacking down the tall grass and weeds around it—unlike our push-mowers that seem to last only about a year for us. Because, we go through many mower blades several times during the mowing season, because I am accidentally hitting hidden rocks and stumps, etc. when I push mow the grass in our dog pens.

After we purchased this "miracle machine" we went straight home so we could "test drive" it. Omg, after I "trimmed down the thick, tall grass and weeds, in our front and backyards, easily, in record time, without my back aching—it was Tony's turn and he could not wait to try it.

Bottom Line    We love this Cub Cadet Walk Behind Trimmer and it is the best piece of lawn equipment, on the rescue ranch. We joyfully spent Saturday and Sunday outside, taking turns "plowing" down the weeds, thistle and grass, in every dog pen while no longer caring if we hit rocks, roots, stumps, fencing, etc.

And we did all of this in record time too, because it is much smaller and lighter than our push-mowers and it has a 22" cutting range. And we know that it will pay for itself, in less than a month, because we usually have to hire someone to come help us with all of the mowing and weed-eating.

Anyway, we are very thrilled to have this new piece of lawn equipment, because what used to take us at least 30 minutes to push mow a dog pen—now takes only about 10 minutes or less!

Monday morning our good friend Rick came to visit us and we had a lot of fun with him, even though he adios-ed us Tuesday morning, because he had a long list of things to do, before his return to Nicaragua.

I spent yesterday morning and the early part of the afternoon doing rescue ranch paperwork and then later in the day, we went to Kerrville to run a few errands, before going to TNJ Engraving Company, on Water Street, to have those friendly people put on our new rescue ranch signs, on Trigger's and Buttermilk's front doors, because our old rescue ranch signs, which they had put on our vehicles, in 2010, were finally starting to crack from age and the elements.

TNJ Engraving Company has always been one of our favorite businesses, in Kerrville, because they are great people and they do such great work. We've used them since 2010 to make all kinds of ranch signs for our rescue ranch and funny, personal signs too, like "Tony's No Whiner Diner" for his outdoor chuck wagon kitchen.

And while we were waiting, in their lobby, for Patrick and Garrett to remove our old signs and replace them with our new rescue ranch signs, we visited with their friendly staff. And while we were in their lobby, we looked around and noticed that several businesses that we love also use them, too. Like Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic and Herring Printing just to name a few.

Well today has been great. While I was taking care of some rescue ranch paperwork, a nice man  called and he left a message for me and it went something like this. "Hello Nancy. This is Mike. I need to talk to you about a couple of sweet, small, 6 year-old female, litter mates that need rescuing. They are spayed and are house broken as sweet as they can be. My neighbor's wife recently passed away. My friend is having to move soon and I am trying to help him find homes for his precious, little dogs. Nancy, please call me as soon as possible, so we can discuss this...."

This afternoon I called Mike back. "Hello Mike. This is Nancy, at the rescue ranch."

"Hi Nancy," he said. "Thank you for calling me back."

"Mike, do I know you?" I asked, because I was curious.

Mike chuckled, and said, "Not really, but I sort of feel like I know you, because I hear you on Harley's show...." Before Mike and I had adios-ed each other I had told him that we could help and would take in his neighbor's small dogs and Mike told me that he would e-mail me pictures of them. And he did just that. This is Cindy and she only weighs about 12 - 14 pounds.

This is Cindy's sweet, little sister, Misty and she only weighs about 6 pounds. So if you can, please help us spread the news about these two, sweet, adorable, little girls needing loving homes, to all of your friends. And if they are interested please ask them to call me for more information. 

I have a little more news to tell you, but I am running out of time, so I will write more about today tomorrow.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Christmas Stockings! or Wishing!

Things have been great here. This past Tuesday, my new Breville Juicer arrived and I was totally thrilled about it, because Tony and I love juicing and we have decided to do it everyday along with eating healthy food. NO MORE DIETING!

We've been juicing for many, many years and the only reason that I purchased a new juicer, is because I wanted to upgrade to the kind of juicer that Joe Cross recommends, because he is the man who made the great, inspiring documentaries Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2.

Our new juicer has two speed controls and it is much larger than our old one, so after making our first totally juice with it, I had to rearrange the kitchen to make room for it, on the shelf next to and above our refrigerator.

Wednesday morning Tony & I went up to Dripping Springs to visit my brother Ronnie and sister Cindy and to see Ron & Nita's new/used Class C RV. Cindy and us loved Ron & Nita's RV. And as we sat inside it we had a wonderful visit with each other. And before we left their ranch, to come back home, I gave Ronnie our old juicer, so they could pass it on to one of their daughters to use.

Wednesday night I finally finished reading John Steinbeck's nonfiction book Travels with Charley: In Search of America. 

And I enjoyed reading it, but near the end I thought that John had sort of dropped the ball, on his readers. Seriously it is a good read, but I doubt that, this year, I will be slipping copies of this book into my family's and friend's Christmas stockings. 

Anyway, after I read the book I decided to Google it and the more that I researched Steinbeck's book I couldn't stop myself, because the more I probed, deeper and deeper into it, I found a whole lot of evidence and professional opinions from scholars and researchers with the same  conclusion that it might have been more fiction than nonfiction. So if you are interested in what I discovered please check out this link especially:

Today has been great. This morning our wonderful, dedicated friends/dog-walking-volunteers came out and they walked our dogs and some of our super dogs even went skinny-dipping in the creek, because of their love for the water. So, I guess Spring is here.

This morning sweet Red Foxx's name came up several times, because our friends could not quit talking about what a great dog he is and how sad they were for him that his best friend had passed away. They were all wishing that Red would get adopted sooner than later, because he is such a fine, happy dog and we whole-heartedly agreed with them. 

Well, I want to end tonight's post on a positive note, before I start watching the Jonathan Winters DVD, that Kay loaned to me this morning. And the great news that I have for you is that early this evening we got a phone call from Red's owner's grand daughter and she and her husband didn't know about Red coming back here. They love Red and they can't wait to come and pick him up and take him to their forever, loving home. And before she hung up the phone she told Tony that they are going to adopt him, the first part of May, when they visit the Hill Country! We love it and once again this proves to me that wishes really do come true.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!