Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Head Was Spinning!

Last night I re-watched that great movie A Street Cat Named Bob and I enjoyed watching it as much as I had the first time I watched it.

Then I surfed around, on Netflix, to watch something funny and I found Jim Gaffigan: Cinco and he was so hilarious it caused my back to start aching, because I was laughing so much. But I kept on watching the King of Clean Comedy.

In one part of his brilliant comic routine he made an observation about people never talking when they are inside an elevator and it hit so close to home—I laughed so hard that Henry Standing Bear barked and then came running, into the big room, to see if I was okay and that made me laugh even harder.

And the reason that I found Jim Gaffigan's remark about no one ever talking on elevators to be so funny was because Kinky had just done that to me when I had called him, yesterday morning, to let him know that Fay & Ian and their daughter and boyfriend were coming to his show that night. And our conversation went something like this:

"Hi Kinky!"

"Hello Nance! Is everything okay?"

"Yes. I've called, because I have two things to tell you."

"Wait a minute, Nance. Can you please hold on for just a minute?" Kinky asked, sounding a little bit agitated. "I can't talk, because I'm in an elevator right now. Hold on."


After I had waited for at least a half a minute, Kinky finally says, "Okay, I can talk now. Are The Friedmans doing okay?"


"How are Sophie and Mr. Pee doing?...."Then I told him about Fay & Ian coming to his show, in Buffalo and that they were bringing their daughter and her boyfriend.

Today has been great. This morning while I was drinking a cup of coffee I returned a few e-mails and phone calls. Then I decided to check out the cost of spinning wheels and it literally through me for a loop, because even the cheapest ones are pretty pricey.

And during my exhausting, intense, five-minute research, on the cost of spinning wheels, this adorable potholder, popped up on Amazon and I immediately knew that it was meant as a sign for me and I took it seriously.

First, I wondered if it was warning me that I would look exactly like that old woman spinning yarn, while I spun our dog's hair together. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning—that maybe I should consider making Carol a pretty potholder instead of a bun, for her Christmas present. It certainly would be less expensive and I already have the expensive equipment (A $10.00 loom) and a bag over 300 loopers, that is collecting dust, on a shelf in my office.

I felt confused and my head was spinning. Because since going out, to Terlingua, I've had my heart set on making Carol a little bun to wear, on the top of her head. So not wanting to give up so easily on my idea of making Carol a small bun, out of our dog's hair, I chose to dig a little deeper. 

And I am so glad that I did, because I watched this great YouTube video on how to use a spinning wheel. And after watching it and paying very close attention to all of the details to the art of spinning yarn—it was pretty clear to me that Carol ain't getting a homemade bun, from me, for Christmas. 

Feeling so relieved with my decision to save money and just get Jean to help me make another pretty potholder for Carol's Christmas present I poured myself another delicious cup of Donut Shop Coffee and then our dogs and I went, into Outer Space, to enjoy the beautiful, Spring morning. 

While I was in Outer Space enjoying the weather with my best friends a bad thought came into my head and I nearly choked on my coffee. "Omg!" I said to our dogs. What if Jon's sister tries to charge me an arm and a  leg to make Carol's stupid Christmas gift? She might hold me hostage, because she knows that I can't make a potholder by myself."

With Henry giving me that familiar puzzled look, on his face, like "Are you totally crazy or what?" 

I wiped away my spilled coffee on my shirt and then I smiled at Henry, and said, "I think I'll just give Carol one of my used Carl Hiaasen books for Christmas. She'll never know if it's a new or a used copy. Problem solved. Let's go back inside."

 Y'all have a great day and evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Yesterday afternoon I worked tirelessly on my quilt and then I went over to Carol's ranch for a fun visit. We talked about last weeks fun trip to Terlingua and how much fun we had out there. While we were talking about music and some of our favorite musicians such as: Willie Nelson, Neil Young, David Crosby, the Knotting Hillbillies, Gary P. Nunn, Chet O'Keefe, Jim Keaveny and Jimmy LaFave , etc. I asked Carol if she had heard the sad news about Jimmy LaFave's battle with cancer. "Yes," Carol replied. "I heard about it a few days ago and I was going to tell you about it if you hadn't already heard. I love Jimmy LaFave and his music."

"The other day my friend, Cindy, told me about it and she sent me the Austin Chronicle's article interview with Jimmy talking about his cancer and a link to a YouTube video of a Jimmy LaFave performing, on April 21st, at Threadgill's, in Austin. Where at the end of his song, Jimmy talks to the audience about his long battle with cancer. It was very emotional and it made me tear up. His music is so great and can you imagine how many hearts, all around this world, that his music has touched?...."

Before Carol and I adios-ed each other we started talking about how much we have enjoyed reading Marie Bostwick's Texas novels, so that gave me the opportunity to brag to her about the quilt that I am making.

Which ended up being a being a huge mistake for me, because I should've known better to have bragged without knocking-on-wood afterwards. Anyway when I got back home I spent about two more hours working on my quilt. And after I had ironed it—it didn't look right, because a lot of the seams were not lining up. So I sadly folded it up and put it back inside "my pink, quilt bag."

Then I poured myself a glass of my fine, red-boxed-wine with added water and four ice cubes and then I went, into Outer Space, with our dogs, to think about my crummy-looking wanna-be quilt. And by the time I finished drinking my red-medicine I was no longer sad, because I had decided that I would use my unevenly, pieced-together, stupid-looking quilt to make throw pillow covers. Sort of like when life gives you lemons—make lemonade.

So friends beware, because for Christmas you just might be getting an original Cousin Nancy Quilted Throw Pillow. Of course, except for Carol, because I'm giving her a small, hair-piece bun to wear on the top of her head—hand-made by me, from our dog's hair. But first, I will need to get a spinning wheel and learn how to spin dog hair into thread. So wish me luck there, even though Christmas is only eight months away.

Today has been great. This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to get groceries, at the big H-E-B and after our expensive, boring shopping spree, we decided to eat lunch, at Hippie Chicks Bakery & Bistro. And as you can guess—we ordered the exact same thing—Meatball Subs and iced tea. But Tony did have a side order of sweet potato fries while I ate their delicious coleslaw.

Before leaving this super, cool place we decided to split a dessert and eat it on our way home. So we chose one of their delicious-looking, fresh, out-of-the-oven Brownies. And while Sarita was wrapping up our Brownie-to-go, I visited with her sweet mom, Karly Ann. And she told me a great big secret about a certain kind of specialty sandwich that they will be offering soon, that sadly I cannot divulge what kind it is, until a week after this Friday, when it will first be appearing on their daily menu.

Anyway, I told Karly Ann that I wanted to blog about their upcoming secret sandwich, tonight and she suggested that we follow them on their Facebook page Hippie Chicks Bakery & Bistro, because they will be announcing when this awesome, secret sandwich will be added to their menu.

And that is about it for tonight, because I need to go vacuum up some more dog hair and wash it and dry it, so I can add it to my growing pile of cleaned-dog-hair, for Carol's upcoming Christmas present.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. This morning I called Kinky to let him know that our great Canadian friends, Fay & Ian, plus their daughter and her boyfriend will be at his show tonight, in Buffalo, New York. And he was thrilled that they will be there. And late this afternoon, when I told Carol about Fay & Ian going to Kinky's show tonight, in Buffalo, I said, "I bet Ian will be wearing his cowboy hat."

And Carol said, "I bet he will, too. Because when he wear his cowboy hat he looks just like an authentic cowboy, from Texas."

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Love Copper Love!

Yesterday, Tony and I spent most of the day mowing and I am proud to say that our rescue ranch looks beautiful—until it rains again. : (

Last night Little Debbie, Big Al(ice) and me and the rest of our dogs watched the movie A Street Cat Named BobAnd How He Saved My Life by James Bowen and we absolutely loved it.

This fabulous movie is based on a true story and it is a feel-good, heart-warming movie that I highly recommend you watch. But don't be surprised when your dogs jump up and run, to the television screen, when they hear Bob meow or dogs barking.

Today has been great. This morning when I did the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch's segment, on Big G's show, sweet, eleven-year-old, Baxter Black was his Pet of the Week.

While Big G (Gordon Ames) and I were talking about Terlingua and West Texas I asked him if I could make an announcement about our dear friend, Copper Love, who was in a fatal car accident, on March 28th. "Sure Nancy. Go right ahead. Copper was a friend of mine."

And instead of telling you about Copper Love's Celebration of Life party—I am going to show you the invitation that was sent out about the event, which Tony and I will definitely be attending.

This morning I plan to do a little more mowing. Then take care of some rescue ranch paperwork and phone calls, etc. Then after I've cooked us lunch and cleaned up the kitchen—I plan to spend a few hours working on my pretty, patchwork quilt that so far is coming along nicely.

Y'all have a great day and keep on laughing!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

October 19, 2009! or And The Winner Is!

Yesterday evening I watched this fabulous documentary on Netflix. The name of the documentary is Bruce Springsteen & 1. Mixing fan shot videos with some awesome Springsteen and the E Street Band performance clips. The documentary is about how important Bruce Springsteen has been to his worldwide fans. And I totally loved it. In fact, after watching this wonderful documentary—I am now an even bigger fan of him than I already was.

One of my favorite clips of all, in this entertaining documentary, is when this nice couple is being interviewed about the night, October 19, 2009, when they attended a Bruce Springsteen Concert, at the Spectrum, in Philly, in hopes that the husband, an incredibly great Elvis impersonator, could fulfill his lifelong dream of being on stage, as Elvis, with The Boss. And Bruce knew absolutely nothing about it until he saw their hand-made sign, in the audience, that they had held up.

I highly recommend watching this documentary, even if you're not a big Springsteen fan, because it will warm your heart and show you what a great musician Springsteen is and how big his heart is.

If you can't watch the Springsteen & 1 documentary, it is too bad, but I have found this unedited video clip, from the documentary, on YouTube, of the couple's interview along with video of Nick, as Elvis, joining The Boss,on stage.

And if you don't want to watch the entire length of The Philly Elvis Story, I suggest that you start watching it around the 2 minute marker, where Nick and his sweet wife, Dottie, are sitting together, on a park bench, telling their famous story The Philly Elvis Story.

Today has been great. Tony and I started mowing early this morning and we mowed for nearly three hours, before running to Kerrville, to eat lunch and to buy groceries, at the little H-E-B store.

We made it a quick trip to town this afternoon, because we needed to get back, to the rescue ranch, as soon as possible, so we could adopt out one of our super, great dogs, to our friends Jennifer & Robert.

A little before 4:30, Robert and his friend arrived to adopt this lucky, winning dog. "And now, may I have the envelope, please. And the winner is..."

"Miss Hollywood!" Yes, our super sweet Hollywood has been adopted!" And when Robert opened the backseat door, of his fancy black pickup—Hollywood jumped inside faster than the blink of an eye and it made us all laugh, because it was obvious to all that she could not wait to get out of here and go to her new, loving, forever home, in Kerrville. And to say the least, "We are more than thrilled about her long awaited and much deserved adoption."

And as I wind up tonight's post, so I can re-watch that great Springsteen & 1 documentary again, all I have to say is, "Elvis has left the building and so has Hollywood!" Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Between Heaven and Texas/From Here to Home! or Cale/Kale!

Last night after blogging, I finally found the perfect places to display my beautiful, little, hand-carved, wooden bear and the Made-In-Mexico, turquoise, stained glass cross with the cobalt blue center, that I purchased when Carol, Lorri and I were shopping, at the Terlingua Trading Company. While our three husbands were outside drinking beers, on the famous front porch, listening to Chet O'Keefe jam with Marc Utter.

Anyway, I put my adorable, little bear, on the top shelf, next to the two cows candle holder that don't have candles in them. And I hung the pretty cross, from the top shelf, too—above my kitchen sink. Because I do spend a lot of time, in that area.

Then I spent the rest of the evening reading and savoring the last few pages of Marie Bostwick's fabulous book Between Heaven and Texas.

If you'll remember, a while back, my good friend Kris gave me her copy of Marie Bostwick's awesome book From Here to Home and I could not put it down, because I loved reading it and it touched my heart in several  ways.

And not knowing that it was actually the second book of Bostwick's Texas novels—I read them out of sequence. But it actually didn't matter at all, because these two books can each stand alone, because they are such great reads. And I know that Carol will agree with me on this.

Today has been great. After our great friends/dog-walking-volunteers had walked our dogs for us we all decided to eat lunch, at the Medina Highpoint Resort's Koyote Grill. And to say the least, "Our meals were absolutely delicious." Eileen and I both ordered their delicious Steak Salad and we highly recommend it, too.

When we were about to adios each other and leave in different directions, we asked our friend, Craig Newton, the great General Manager, "Who is playing tonight, during y'all's delicious All You Can Eat Catfish Dinner?"

"Paul Hilliard," he answered. And then Eileen asked him who would be playing there, in May, because she has some musician friends, from Nashville, coming to visit. And when he told us that Hogan & Moss would be performing twice, in May, I interrupted him and started telling Eileen about how great those two musicians were. 

And after I had quit raving about how great Jon Hogan's and Maria Moss' music was—Eileen could not wait to hear them. "I'm definitely coming to see them!" Eileen stated. "And I think we should get all of our volunteers to meet up here when they play. Wouldn't that be fun, Nancy?" I was so tired from talking so much about how great Hogan & Moss were—I just nodded my head. 

This afternoon when we got back to the rescue ranch, I told Tony, "Tony, last night I finished reading Between Heaven and Texas and I am just sick about it, because I love both of those books. Now, I don't have anything good to read, so I'm going to go to the Little Cottage Quilt Shop, in Medina and buy a few more yards of fabric, so I can work on my quilt."

The quilt shop was busy with friendly, quilting customers, so I strolled around the shop looking for more fabrics that would compliment the Crazy Quilt that I am already working on. And I found four more fabrics and I purchased them. And then I came back home.

A little while ago, I watched the most upbeat music, YouTube video of Eric Clapton performing, on stage, with JJ Cale, my rock 'n roll hero, playing that great song Call Me The Breeze, that JJ Cale wrote and Lynrd Skynrd made famous. It has had over 3 million views and it is totally awesome and here's the link to it

And while I was watching that video and enjoying the music, with the volume cranked up high, it reminded me that I had planned to fix us this new salad recipe I had found for our lunch today, but as you already know I didn't, because we ate lunch, at the Koyote Grill. 

Anyway, I think it is kind of weird that I was, sitting here, listening to JJ Cale and thinking about that Brussels Sprouts With Kale salad recipe, that is served with a Maple Syrup vinaigrette—at the exact same time. Get it? Cale/Kale. 

And tonight before I finish writing this I want to let you know that Tony and I won the race back to Medina, because Carol & Bill had to make a pit stop, at a roadside rest area, for their dogs: Scout and Pepper to exercise and for them to take care of "business." And all that I have to say about that is S*&% Happens!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's A Small World!

We had so much fun in Terlingua, but our fun actually started when our good friends, Carol & Bill met us for lunch, at The Smokin' Cuban food truck, in Alpine. Before we took off and sort of caravanned to the Terlingua Ranch Lodge, where Tony and I were staying.

Omg! The Cuban food was absolutely delicious and we ate our lunch, sitting under a shaded patio. And this is a picture I took of the top of Carol's head while we ate our lunch. And not to start any rumors, please note that Carol does not have a little, round bun, on the top of her head or a big bump—it's the woman's hair, who was standing behind her. But it does look cute, so I'm now thinking that I might surprise Carol and buy her a little hair-piece-bun to wear on the top of her head for Christmas.

When we arrived at the Lodge, after Tony & I checked-in, we gave Carol & Bill a quick tour of the Lodge, which included the beautiful swimming pool, the corral & barn, the Bad Rabbit Cafe and our cozy #54 Cabin.

Because the four of us were a little road weary and ready to rest, we then took off to go show them our property, but that didn't actually happen, because I got us lost and couldn't find our land. 

So finally at one point, on this pretty dusty road surrounded by rocks and cactus and then more rocks and cactus, I asked Tony to please stop, so we could tell Bill & Carol to turn around and just go ahead and go on to the Terlingua Ghost Town, where they were staying, at Lorri & Jess' super cool, off-grid vacation home. (Please note that Jess & Lorri live in Bandera, which is only 22 miles from here.)

After I had confessed to them that I had gotten us lost and that I didn't know where we were or where our land was—like Tony, they had the exact same reaction. Sort of like "So what's new? We know that you always get lost. We're not surprised at all and it is no big deal."

So after we had quit laughing about me getting us lost-in-space—they took off for Lorri & Jess' place, in the Terlingua Ghost town. And we went back to our cute cabin and relaxed for a little bit, before Chet O'Keefe met us for a delicious dinner, at the Bad Rabbit. And before I poured myself a delicious, plastic cup of my favorite Chillable Red box wine, with some added ice cubes, here's a picture that I took from inside our cabin, of the remaining sunset.

Early Tuesday morning, Chet met us for a delicious breakfast, at the Bad Rabbit and Tony and I ate too much, because "We're on vacation!" And that is why I didn't eat much today.

After breakfast we went to talk to Chet's friend Ron, who sells these cute, cabin shells. And while we were visiting with him, a friendly man walks up to us, and says, "Hi Tony," and then Tony recognized him and they shook hands and started talking. Come to find out, Tony's friend, Steve, who also lives, in Medina, drinks coffee with Tony, at the Old Timer and he also owns property out there, too. So while they were visiting I'm thinking to myself, "It's a small world. We should have all carpooled."

A little while later, we adios-ed Ron and then Chet carefully explained to us how to find our land without getting lost, as I wrote it down and Tony drove us to our property.

We only spent about an hour there, but we found the perfect location for our off the grid, cabin-to-be and here is a picture that Tony took of "my favorite mountain" in our 360 degree beautiful view. It will be the mountain that looking out our front porch will face as we cozy up to our wood-burning stove.

After we left our property, we went to see Ronda, our friend and nearby neighbor out there, because she had invited us to come over to check out her newest Airbnb additions for her Tin Valley Retro Rentals, which is already famous and has a TripAdvisor rating of 5-stars. 

We had a blast visiting with Ronda and she gave us a grand tour of her vintage, RV rentals. She has tee pees camp grounds, adorable RV's and now she's added a "land yacht" and a awesome outdoor shower. And to say the least, we were totally impressed with all of it, especially her "Willie" vintage, refurbished Greyhound bus that is just like Willie's old touring bus. That she had an artist friend come over and spray-paint Willie's face, on the side of it. And when she told us that it only took the artist fifteen minutes to do it—our jaws dropped. Here are just a few pictures that Tony took at her place.

Later in the day, after I took a short nap, at the cabin, I finally got a signal and I text Carol to let her know that all of us would be at "the front porch" in the ghost town around 4:30, so we could all meet up. 

Chet, Tony and I arrived there first and we got to visit with our friends Jeff Haislip and Marc Utter, who were already sitting, on the porch, visiting and playing music. And a few minutes later, Carol & Bill and Lorri & Jess arrived, so we all hung out for a little while, on that famous porch, that is in front of the general store and the famous Starlight Theatre.

Then we went to Jess & Lorri's incredibly beautiful, off-grid home. We sat around and visited for about an hour and then we jumped into the trucks and drove to the La Kiva bar and grill, where Jess & Lorri treated us to a round of drinks. And while we sat around a picnic table outside on the porch, we hardly ever quit laughing, because we shared some hilarious stories about our pasts and younger days. And Lorri's, Jess' and Carol's stories were absolutely the best. 

Wednesday morning, we had planned to leave around 7:00 and Carol & Bill had planned on leaving a little later. Well, Tony's and my earlier plans changed, because we decided to stay a little bit longer, so we could eat breakfast with Chet, at the Bad Rabbit Cafe.

Anyway, when we packed and then took off, we had no idea if we were ahead of or behind Carol & Bill, because there were no cells. But we found out about an hour later, when we pulled into the Valero, in Alpine, to fill up on gas, because Carol's SUV was the only other car parked, at the pumps. And when we saw each other we burst out laughing, because there was no way that we could have timed it any better.

Ater a fun, but brief visit with our friends, they adios-ed us and took off first, because we needed to pay for our gas. Then the race was on as to who would get back home first. We doubted it would be us, because we had to make a stop, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to pick up Lori Darlin' and Henry Standing Bear, before coming home. 

To Be Continued...

Will Carol & Bill be the winners of our race to get home first or will it be us? Find out tomorrow night. (Sorry, Mari!)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Viva Terlingua!

We had a total blast in Terlingua and we had so much fun being with our friends: Chet, Carol & Bill, Lori & Jess, Ronda, Hailslip and several other friends. We got back late this afternoon, around 3:30 and I am so happy to be back home with Roy, Belle, Beau, Little Debbie, Big Al(ice) and Henry Standing Bear.

Tomorrow night I will write some more about our fun-filled mini-vacation, because I am a little pooped and am planning to hopefully hit-the-hay early. Viva Terlingua!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!