Monday, July 28, 2014

Today has been great and so was last night, because I decided to put the Outlaw Blues movie into my laptop and I got to see the last fifteen minutes of the movie! I am so glad, because the ending had a cool twist that I never expected.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Have The Outlaw Blues!

Today has been great. As I write this, it is about 4:00, in the afternoon. Tony and Karon are outside supervising the kids that are walking our dogs for us and I just put a pot of pinto beans, on the stove, to cook for a few hours.

This morning, after we did our chores, Tony and I replaced a few wading pools that the dogs had put holes in and then we cleaned and refilled them with fresh water. But it is very frustrating to me when we do this, because usually within a couple of hours, the dogs wading pools look dirty, again, because our dogs get dirt in them, due to our ongoing drought situation. In the past, most of our dog pens, that were once full of thick, green grass, are grass less now and those wading pools always looked clean.

Anyway, I've discussed this with our volunteers and they have told me not to worry about how they look, because the dogs enjoy being able to get wet and cooled-off anytime, by either standing, sitting or laying down in them and besides that the dogs could care less, because they love to play in mud.

Now, I want to tell you about yesterday afternoon when our dear friend Jennifer came out to see Kinky, Tony and me and she brought us lunch, too. When she arrived, at the rescue ranch, Tony helped her unload ten, new plastic wading pools and treats for our dogs. Then she came inside The Cabin with Tony.

After hugs, our dogs would not leave Jennifer alone and kept licking her legs. Tony and I kept trying to make our dogs stop licking her legs, but it was to no avail. They would stop when we told them to, but seconds later they would return to Jennifer and start licking her again. "Jennifer," I said. "I'm sorry that our dogs won't leave you alone."

Jennifer laughed and said, "It's okay. I really don't mind. This morning when I put Ginger lotion on my legs my dogs started licking my legs immediately. My dogs love it, too." A few minutes later, Tony put our dogs outside, so we could have a nice, peaceful visit with our friend.

"Oh, I have a gift for y'all. My mom and I found these, in Austin and we loved them so much—we bought everyone they had. I think we bought six or seven. I brought one for you and Tony and one for Kinky to have." Then Jennifer reached down into her carry-all bag and pulled this out. "Isn't it cool!"

"Yes," Tony said and then he chuckled. "Nancy is scared to death of snakes."

Jennifer laughed. "Touch it, Tony," Jennifer said. "It feels just like a real snake, but it is made with rosin or whatever they call that stuff."

"Thank you, Jennifer," I said. "It is a lovely gift and I think we'll probably keep it in Tony's office, because it looks so real." Then she and Tony talked about snakes while I called Kinky, to let him know that Jennifer was here. "Jennifer has brought us lunch. Do you want to eat it here or over at the Lodge.

"Here," Kinky said. "Come on over..."

A few minutes later, the three of us climbed out of Buttermilk as Kinky and The Friedmans came out to greet us. While we ate Jennifer's delicious lunch,  that she picked up, in Johnson City, she gave Kinky his rattlesnake and a DVD. "Kinky, I think you will love this movie, Outlaw Blues, starring Peter Fonda and Susan Saint James, because it was mainly filmed in Austin, in 1977. And even though it was a sleeper—it's a great movie."

After a fun visit at Kinky's we came back over to The Cabin, so we could visit some more. When she told us that she was very sorry about missing Chet O'Keefe's In Dining Hall Concert, I showed her Gerry Olert's video, on YouTube, of Chet singing Ode to Cousin Nancy and to say the least—she loved it, too and I teared up, again. We talked about her art, her latest studio renovations, and book publishing, etc. until it was time for her to get back on the road and drive home. All in all it was a fun time filled with laughter.

Around 6:00, Tony and I decided to go to the little H-E-B, in Kerrville, to get groceries, so we wouldn't have to go to anywhere today. And I am glad that we did, because we got to have a fun visit, in the H-E-B parking lot, with our dear friends Becky & Harley Belew.

When we got back home, I called Kinky, "Kink, did you go to town to get your Claritin?"

"Not yet," Kinky said. "But I really need some."

"Good, because we went to town and I bought generic Claritin for you and for us. I'll bring it over right now."

Minutes later, I went over to the Lodge to deliver the generic Claritin to him and while I was there, I asked Kink, "Can I borrow that movie that Jennifer gave to you? I would love to watch it tonight."

When I came back home, I watched the comedy adventure Outlaw Blues and I was really into it and enjoying it, when it suddenly froze up, with only about ten minutes left to go. I was sick about it and tried a few times to unfreeze it, but nothing worked. So if any of you have watched Outlaw Blues, please let me know how it ends, because I have the Outlaw Blues. I have also left a message with Jennifer to please call me back to tell me how it ends. So wish me luck. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crazy, Old Lady! or Tony Got Gas!

This evening when my dear friends, Sandy & Jon Wolfmueller, called me and asked me how my day had been, I laughed and said, "Today has been a weird one...."

Today was great until Tony and I took off for Kerrville, in Trigger and Buttermilk. The reason we left in both vehicles was because we needed to drop Buttermilk off, at The Alignment Shop, to get her realigned.

After we dropped her off, halfway between here and Kerrville, we jumped inside Trigger and took off, again, for Kerrville, so I could pick up some glass that I had ordered, earlier this morning, at Thad Zeigler Glass, so I could replace a broken window pane, in The Spaceship. And on our way there, I laughed out loud and said, "You know The Alignment Shop would be a great name for a chiropractor clinic...."

When we arrived at Thad Ziegler Glass, Tony parked Trigger and said, "I'll wait for you in the truck." Which wasn't a good decision. When I walked inside the glass store, I was immediately greeted by the friendly employees, who were all wearing smiles on their faces.

When I told the sweet, young woman that I was there to pick up my order, she handed me my invoice and took off to go get my glass. As I was finishing up writing my check, that was under $8.00, she returned and said, "Here's your glass," as she laid it down on the counter.

When I handed her my check, I guess my purse hit something, because suddenly we heard the loud sound of glass breaking right next to me. I was so startled by it, I said, "I'm so sorry. What did I break?"  The nice people at the counter just smiled at me and told me it was alright. So, I turned around and asked a friendly-looking old man, about my age, sitting in a chair, "Do you know what I broke?"

"Glass," he mumbled, because I guess he had forgotten to put his dentures in. Then it dawned on me that I had broken my glass—not theirs. That made me feel relieved, but I was still embarrassed. The kind woman said, "Don't worry about it, it will only take us a few minutes to cut you another piece of glass, since y'all live in Medina.

"Oh my goodness, I feel like such a fool. I will gladly pay again for the new piece of glass. It is no problem." She smiled and then left the lobby, as two smiling young men came into the lobby with a shovel and broom to sweep up my shattered glass.

Three minutes later, the woman returned and said, "Here's your glass, ma'am and there is no extra cost." I thanked her and the men for being so nice to me and then I left the building, with glass in hand.

As I was carefully putting my glass in the backseat, Tony asked, "Is everything okay?"

"Yes. I love Thad Ziegler Glass. They are the best." And I told him the story of me breaking my glass, as we drove to H-E-B to get gas and pick up a few groceries. Before he dropped me off, at the front door, I told him, "If we ever have to get glass again, would you please go in with me, because I'll bet you that those nice folks, at Thad Ziegler Glass, probably think I am one crazy, old lady."

After Tony got gas and I got our groceries, we picked up Buttermilk and came back home. When I walked inside The Cabin I was shocked, for the second time today, because Tony's dog Beau Bridges had torn off the cover to my new Cowboys & Indians magazine and shredded pieces of the magazine covered the floor. And then I discovered that wasn't all. Beau had put teeth marks and chewed on our coffee table's corners, too! But actually, I wasn't mad at Beau, because it was our fault for not crating him and fixing the coffee table would be easy to do.

I took these pictures in sequence of Beau's destruction and lousy carpentry work.

This is what it says on Beau's sign:




My sander.

Please note that Beau or Belle, both Tony dogs, chewed off the screwdriver handle.

The refinished coffee table

Repairing Beau's damage only took me about twenty minutes to accomplish and our coffee table looks great, once again. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nineteen Years!

The last two days have been great, even though there wasn't anything exciting going on out here to write about, unless you find us mowing all day yesterday and most of today interesting news. I guess you could say that we are going through the dog days of summer out here.  

Today around 11:30, I cooked Tony, Kinky and me another one of my delicious zucchini and portobello mushroom frittata, with scallops, garlic, eggs and Parmesan cheese, because Kinky, Tony and I love it so much.

As soon as the frittata came out of the oven, I covered it with homemade salsa and then topped it off with some large avocado slices and then I served it to Tony and Kinky. While we were eating Kinky said, "I am really not a frittata type of a guy, but for some reason I love this zucchini and mushroom frittata. It's my favorite one that you make." Then he chuckled and took another bite. And before he left to go, back over to the Lodge, I sent him home with the leftover frittata.

Around 12:30, I jumped into Trigger and went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky, because he wanted to tell me a story that McGovern had just told him.

McGovern is a dear friend of Kinky's that, over the years, has become a dear friend to Tony and me, too. He lives in New York City and has appeared often in many of Kinky's popular, fictional, mystery novels.

Anyway, when I got over to the Lodge, Kinky and I sat down, at the kitchen table and he immediately starts to tell me McGovern's story, "It's about a rescue dog, in Texas, that gets adopted and a few years later goes blind. The dog's family,"

"Hi y'all, our dear friend Nelda says, as she walks inside the kitchen.

After we howdy-ed her back, Kinky looks at me and asks, "Do you mind if I start over, because I want Nelda to hear this great story, too?"

"That's fine with me," I said.

Then Kinky starts over telling McGovern's story. "....This dog's family kept him, because they loved him so much. So, they took him everywhere they went. One day the woman had this dog on a leash and was walking him on a Texas beach. When suddenly they heard a girl, out in the ocean, screaming for help. She was drowning. This blind dog immediately jerks his leash away from the woman and runs into the ocean, to go rescue the girl. As the girl is screaming for help, this blind dog is swimming towards her—until the girl stops screaming, from exhaustion. The dog then starts swimming in circles, because the drowning girl is silent. The woman hollers to the girl the dog's name and tells her to keep calling him. When the girl starts calling the dog's name and the dog swims to her and rescues her. Now that is one great dog."

"I love animals," Nelda said. "They are so much smarter than us stupid humans."

"I know," I said. "And they are so much kinder, too. That's a great story, Kinky...." We sat around the kitchen table visiting for about fifteen more minutes, when suddenly I noticed that none of us were talking anymore and it made me remember all of the good old times, that the three of us had spent, in those chairs, drinking Kinky's delicious kona coffee together and laughing while trying to solve the world's problems.

"Why is nobody talking?" Nelda asked, followed by a laugh.

"I know," I said, as the three of us started chuckling about it. "I was just wondering about that, too."

Then Nelda says, "It's because we've just gotten old. That's all. Heck, I've known Kinky and his family for over thirty years and I've known you for at least twenty years."

"Nineteen years to be exact," I added. Then the three of us started reminiscing, making jokes and laughing about the good ole days that we've shared, around Kinky's kitchen table.

And that's about it for tonight, because Tony and I are fixin' to go back outside to do some more boring mowing. "Come on Fall!"

Y'all have a great evening!

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Little Rescue!

Today has been great. We did a little rescue this morning, while we were outside doing our chores. When I was feeding Lois Lane, I noticed the water was moving, in her yellow, plastic, swimming pool. Which didn't make sense to me, because there was no breeze. When I went over to her pool, I saw the cutest, little, frog swimming around and then desperately trying to get a grip on the side of the pool, so it could jump out. So, of course, I hollered, "Tony!"

"What?" he hollered back, because he was way down, at the other end of the rescue ranch, feeding Springsteen.

"We need to save a frog! Hurry!" Seconds later, I heard Kermit The Frog start up and then I watched them head my way. When Tony walked inside Lois' pen, I distracted Lois, who still didn't know that she had a guest frog, in her private pool, while Tony safely picked up the exhausted the little fella and remove him from Lois' pen.

And that was the most excitement we've had out here today, because I spent most of my afternoon just doing reports and then having to drive to Medina, to mail them out.

Wait!  There's more. My dear friend Judy, in Hutto, sent me a short video to watch and I have to agree with her that everyone needs to watch this video. Judy wrote:

Now this is a message that needs to be on all movie screens.

A movie theater in Hong Kong encourages its patrons to leave their mobile phones switched on so it can teach a lesson. And well done Volkswagen. What a clever way to communicate how risky it is to use mobile phones while driving. Here's the link.

Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Saturday and today have been great. Yesterday afternoon, Carol and Bill came over for a very fun visit. While we were visiting we started talking about our love for kitchen gadgets and some of our favorite cookbooks and we all agreed that we loved the recipes found in Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman Cooks and Grady Spears and Robb Walsh's A Cowboy in the Kitchen: Recipes from Reata and Texas West of the Pecos cookbooks.

When I told them that, last week, I had cooked five, different, delicious recipes found in Grady's and Robb's cookbook, Tony spoke up and said, "The recipes were really tasty, but Nancy cooked two different soup recipes, two days in a row. I like soup, but I like something in it, that you can chew." And Bill quickly agreed with him.

Then Carol laughed and said, "Tony, you mean that you want something to eat that makes you have to put your dentures in." And that made me laugh so hard—my dentures almost fell out of my mouth.

After we had quit laughing I went back to the bathroom, to add some Poligrip. And when I returned to the big room, I picked up my copy of Cowboys & Indians August/September 2014  magazine and told them about wanting to try Lisa Fain's recipe that I had found in the magazine which I bet is included in her new cookbook The Homesick Texan Family Table. Click here if you want to see the the recipe.

Before we adios-ed each other, Carol invited me to go with her to The Apple Store, at La Cantera, in San Antonio today. When I heard her say San Antonio, I said, "Let me think about it. Tony and I have been to that Apple Store several times and I know that I will instantly fall in love and want to buy their latest products—that I can't afford. Let me call you in the morning."

This morning when I called Carol, I felt a lot better after telling her, "I can't go with you, Carol. Tony and I have to go to Kerrville today to get groceries and the ingredients needed for that recipe, in Cowboys & Indians, because I am want to cook it for our lunch...."

This afternoon after going to the big H-E-B, on Main Street, I cooked Lisa Fain's Tuna With Avocado and Red Pepper Baked in Parchment recipe. It was very easy to make and Tony and I loved her delicious recipe. And now I'm so glad that I didn't go to San Antone, because Tony and I now have a new, favorite recipe.

Y'all have a great evening!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hog Wild!

Today has been great, because our fabulous friends/volunteers came out and walked our dogs for us. We loved it and our dogs loved it more.

Our  great volunteer/friend Dawn, who adopted Sissy from us, last Saturday, brought Sissy with her today, so she could play with our giant dogs, officially sign-off on Sissy's adoption papers and walk our dogs for us. Dawn told us that Sissy has fit right in with her and Shane's old cat. That Sissy has stolen her husband Shane's heart and they have spoiled her rotten! So thank y'all for keeping your fingers crossed for Carol aka Sissy.

When all of us went to eat lunch together, in Kerrville, we got to kidding one of the volunteers, (Name withheld on purpose.). We'll call this kind-hearted person—Hog Wild.

Hog Wild has a wonderful sense of humor, except when it comes to her bacon. Hog Wild loves bacon more than any person I know and in the past, all of us have had a lot of fun teasing her about it.

While we were eating lunch, she noticed that her chef salad didn't have any bacon in it, "It says on the menu that it comes with bacon and..." When she frowned, that was all we needed to start teasing her.

"Oh dear," I whispered. "This is not good. Look, she's turning into the The Bacon B*&^% right before our eyes."

After we had quit laughing and a volunteer had suggested that Hog Wild ask the friendly waiter about it. Hog Wild asked the waiter. "Yes, it does come with bacon and I'm sorry," the friendly waiter replied. I guess our cook must have forgotten the bacon. I'll bring you some in just a few minutes." Then the waiter took off for the kitchen, to get Hog Wild some bacon.

While Hog Wild waited for her bacon, we took turns teasing her and saying things like. "Your headstone should have The Bacon The Bacon B*&^% on it. And now we can call you BB for short!"and "It's not smart to withhold bacon from Wild Hog." and "I think you should change it to The Bacon Babe.".... Seconds later Wild Hog was served her bacon. Then the cook came out and apologized for forgetting. After that life was good once again and lunch was a total blast with our friends.

Everyone please mark your calendars for Monday, August 4th, 10:00/9:00C, because Kinky's, Tony's and my friend Steven Rambam, an international private investigator, has informed us that his new television series about his investigations, Nowhere To Hide, on the Investigation Discovery channel, will premier on August 4th. Click Nowhere To Hide to watch a preview of it. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!