Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Today has been great. This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville. Our first stop was at Randy's & Lisa's Save Inn restaurant. Tony and I ordered the same thing, too. We had The Daily Special, which was totally delicious. It included a trip to the soup & salad bar, roast beef, mashed potatoes and okra and iced tea.

Then we drove across Sidney Baker Street, to go to the Home Depot, because I wanted to look at their gas-powered generators.

Then we went to the liquor store, that is about five doors down from Tractor Supply, so I could buy a small bottle of bourbon to add to the egg nog. Not sure what to buy, I ended up purchasing a bottle of JIM BEAM, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, because it was on sale.

Our last stop was at the big H-E-B. While Tony was outside filling up Trigger, I was inside speed-shopping. And on my way out of the grocery store, June and I spotted each other. She was pulling a grocery cart out. We waved to each other and then she half-hollered, "Tony's parked over there! Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Thanks! Have a happy Thanksgiving, too!" I hollered back.

When we got back home, Tony helped me put up the groceries. Then I decided to make an egg nog for myself. I added about a half a jigger of bourbon, to my favorite coffee mug and then I filled it with egg nog and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

After I stirred it, I took a big sip of it, with Tony watching me. "Yuk!" I said.

Tony started laughing, and asked, "What?"

"Omg, this tastes horrible! It tastes fine, just like it's suppose to taste, but it's been so long since I drank bourbon or had an egg nog. I can't believe I actually used to like this stuff." Tony continued to laugh. "Here Tony, you try it."

"No thanks. I'm not an egg nog man, even with bourbon. You drink it."

"I can't," I said, as I poured my nostalgic, holiday drink down the drain and rinsed out my mug. "I guess we can give Kinky the bottle of bourbon."

"No save it," Tony said. "You can use it when you make Peach Whiskey Chicken...."

Y'all have a great evening!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Busted! or A Star Is Born!

Today has been really great. This morning I was sitting around, in my sweatshirt and sweatpants drinking coffee with Tony when our dogs started barking outside and inside. So Tony went outside to see what was going on.

A few minutes later, Tony walked back inside The Cabin, and said, "Gerry's here!" Then Gerry walked inside our trailer, too.

After howdies and hugs and giving our dear friend some delicious Donut Shop coffee, I confessed, "Gerry, you'll have to forgive me, because I totally forgot about you coming out this morning and us making a holiday video for our rescue ranch. I remember setting the date and I even have it written on my calendar. This is what happens when you get my age."

That made Gerry laugh. "You're busted," Gerry joked and then he and Tony teased me about me being forgetful.

Our dear friend, Gerry Olert, is the very best videographer, editor and producer, in Texas and we've been best friends since 2005 and he is the only videographer that our rescue ranch uses.

We had a fun visit until we ran out of coffee. Then Tony and Gerry went outside, so Tony could finish doing the morning chores and Gerry could get his cameras, etc. while I quickly took a shower and dressed, in my uniform: navy turtleneck, 501 Levis, navy, zipped-up hoodie sweatshirt, pink Justin Gypsy boots and my white, Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch cap.

When Gerry was ready to shoot me, outside, for the holiday video, I asked him if it would be okay if I held Little Debbie, because Little Debbie is already well known and this would make her even more famous. Gerry had no problem with her being the star, in the video. And Little Debbie couldn't wait.

So fifteen minutes later, Little Debbie and I stood back, in front of the fence, Gerry took aim, adjusted the sound quality and then he shot us. I did all of the talking and Little Debbie didn't. And when Gerry had finished shooting/filming us, I thanked him and then I joked, Thanks to you a star is born! Little Debbie is fixin' to become even more well known than she already is. In fact, right now I'm appointing her our official Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch mascot."

Before we left to go eat lunch together, at the Medina Apple Store, I started to write Gerry Olert a check for making us a holiday video, but he told me not to, "This one is on me. Seriously, no charge..."

So, on behalf of Kinky, Tony, our rescued dogs and me I want to thank our dear friend, Gerry Olert, for being one of the first to help make our rescue ranch's 2015 holiday season great. "We love you, Gerry!" 

And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Queen Anne!

Today has been great. Late this morning, Tony and I went to Kerrville to buy dog food and for me to pick up a few groceries.

While we were at the big H-E-B, Tony was over on the dog food isle, filling up a grocery cart and I was a few isles down, putting a gallon of 2% milk, into my grocery cart, I saw a woman putting a couple of egg nog cartons into her shopping basket and it brought back fond memories. The last time I drank egg nog, was in 1989, at my parents home, in Fort Worth and it was on Christmas Eve.

Mom and Dad never drank hard liquor, except on Christmas Eves. Every year, the day before Christmas Eve, Dad would go to the liquor store and purchase a medium sized bottle of bourbon, a few cartons of ready-made egg nog and a couple of boxes of Queen Anne Cordial Cherries, in dark chocolate.

None of my family was all that wild about those chocolate covered cherries, but we would always eat them, because it was my father's most favorite Christmas treat.

Feeling nostalgic about those wonderful Christmas' I spent with my family, I put a quart of egg nog, into my cart and then I back tracked a few isles and found the Queen Anne Cordial Cherries display and put a box of them into my grocery cart, too. Then I continued shopping.

Fifteen minutes later, I met Tony at the truck and he loaded up our groceries. As we were driving through the parking lot I told Tony that I needed to go to the liquor store. After he gave me one of those looks, I said, "I bought some egg nog and I need to buy a bottle of bourbon, because...."

When we arrived at the liquor store, it didn't look open to us, so I jumped out of Trigger and went up to the door, because I couldn't read the store's hours. Then I went back to the truck and climbed back inside. "It's not open on Sundays," I stated. "I thought liquor stores were open at noon, on Sundays"

So, Tony backed out of the parking space and drove us home, with the radio turned off, because I did not want to listen to anymore depressing world news.

When we got back home, Tony helped me put up our groceries and then we went outside to do some mowing, because the sun was shining brightly and the temperature outside was perfect, because I was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and he was wearing a light-weight jacket.

We ended up using the riding lawn mowers, and we mowed down the grass and weeds, in Baxter & Honey's pen and Dr. John's pen. And they look so beautiful. So, mission accomplished.

I have just finished eating two Queen Anne Cherry Cordials and to my amazement they were very tasty and they immediately brought back those fond memories, that I cherish. I've already put "Buy Bourbon," on the top of my shopping list, so the next time that we go to Kerrville I can buy some. And that is about it for tonight. Long live the Queen (Anne Cherry Cordials)!

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Truck Trouble!

Yesterday, after I wrote and posted on my blog, Tony and I went outside to put the blue tarps up, on the Egg Palace, because a cold front was due to arrive late Friday night. And while we were out there working a UPS truck arrived to our surprise.

The friendly driver had a gift to deliver to us sent from our friends, Karen and Terry C. It was a Honey Baked Ham for our Thanksgiving dinner! And to say the least, we were thrilled to get it, because for the past several years, these super nice people have sent us these delicious hams. "Thank you Karen and Terry for making another one of our Thanksgiving dinners great. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving. And please come visit us when you can."

After we had finished working, on the Egg Palace, I went over to Kinky's, because he had called me, while we were outside to invite me to come over and go on another hike with him and The Friedmans.

Yesterday, when I wrote that there hadn't been a lot to write about for the past few days, the only thing that I forgot to mention was that Kinky and I have been going, almost every day, on late afternoon hikes, with his four precious dogs aka The Friedmans.

When we finished our long hike around the ranch, Kinky invited me to come inside for a visit. After we had discussed his new idea for the title of his latest book, he told me another funny Willie Nelson quote. Then we matched wits trying to remember the names and dog breeds of U.S. Presidents. Then said, "Nance, I'm hungry. I don't feel like cooking and I don't want to drive to town."

"Let's go up to Koyote," I suggested. "Tonight's their all you can eat catfish buffet." And seconds later, I was on Kinky's phone calling Tony to see if he wanted to go eat catfish with us.

Twelve minutes later, we drove up and parked Trigger right next to Mr. Green Jeans, Kinky's green Chevy pickup. Then Kinky walked up and greeted us.

During our fun, delicious meal, we waved to Sarah, who was working behind the counter. "Happy Birthday, Sarah!" The three of us said. Then our good friend, Sarah, came over to our table to greet us, thank us for her birthday card and visit with us. And she brought with her three, big slices of her chocolate birthday cake to enjoy.

After we finished eating, sweet Sarah asked if Tony would please take a few pictures of her and Kinky and then get her husband to take a few pictures of her posing with Kinky, Tony and me. "It will cost you $10.00 a picture," Tony joked, as he focused her camera on them. Here are a couple of pictures that Sarah posted, on her FaceBook page:

Following the fun photo-shoot, Sarah asked Kinky if he minded her posting his picture with her, on her FaceBook page. "Do it!" Kinky said. Then Sarah asked me how Little Debbie was doing? I told her that she was fine and then Kinky started laughing, and said, "I don't believe this! Everywhere I go somebody is always asking me about how Little Debbie is doing."

"That's because Little Debbie is famous, Kinky!" Sarah said. "She's even got her own blog and I...."

And a few minutes later, we adios-ed Sarah. And as we went out the door, Irene, another one of our favorite employees there, half-hollered, "Y'all have a great night!"

"Good night, Irene," I half-hollered back to her.

Then Kinky chuckled, and joked, "Nance, that would be a great title for a Country song." Seconds later, we adios-ed each other and climbed into the trucks. Tony and I took off first.

When Tony and I were walking up to The Cabin, I heard the phone ring, then I heard Kinky's voice, "Tony, Nancy. Nancy, Tony. Pick up the phone! Nancy, Tony. Call me!" As soon as I picked up the phone, I heard click.

I immediately checked the Caller I.D. to discover that Kinky had called us from his cell phone. So, I immediately punched in his phone number, thinking that he must of had truck trouble and needed our help. But once again, I was wrong.

"Nance, do you know where @#$ Wallace Creek Road is? There's a woman, on Wallace Creek Road, who stopped me. She is lost and she can't find the address where she is supposed to meet up with her boyfriend...." Kinky adios-ed us after he had talked to me and then Tony, about the address, because we weren't any help at all, because we know our neighbors, but not their addresses. Bottom line: Her boyfriend found her and she was pretty mad.

As I finish writing this tonight, I plan to write for a few more hours and then I'll decide which television show to watch. And because, there isn't much to choose from, I've narrowed it down to:
Turkey Fried Easy or Best Christmas Lights Ever. But since sweet Karen and Terry have sent us another delicious Honey Baked Ham, I am going to watch Best Christmas Lights Ever.

Y'all have a great evening!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Rock Steady! or Double Whammy! or Drive Carefully!

This past week has been pretty uneventful, so I didn't really have much to write about, but today has been great.

This morning our dear friends/volunteers came out to walk our dogs and our dogs totally loved it. Kay, our newest friend/volunteer came out too, because she and I had planned, earlier this week, for her to get to know Miranda better, because she was interested in possibly adopting her.

Miranda Lambert is our beautiful, sweet, 2 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees mix. Miranda is an awesome dog. When our dear friend Fay, up in Toronto, adopted Miranda's brother, Blake Shelton, last year from us, Miranda's behavior began changing and she started becoming more and more shy with strangers and would bark at them.

Miranda had never been like that when she was with her brother, so we figured that Blake had been her rock steady. She would always follow his lead. If he was friendly, she was friendly. If he barked, she would back him up, etc.

Anyway, after Blake moved up to Canada and became known as Ranger, Miranda decided to pick out Tony, Jim M., a few others and me to  be her rock steady, because she trusted all of us.

When Kay arrived, she and I immediately went to Miranda's pen, so I could put a leash on Miranda so we could take her for a long walk, down to the creek. When I went into her pen, Miranda was all happy to see me and she easily let me leash her up, but she was acting a little unsure of Kay, who was outside of the pen watching all of this.

Within less than two minutes, I handed Miranda's leash over to Kay and we continued walking and talking. Miranda still seemed a little uneasy about Kay, so when we arrived down at the creek I suggested that Kay and I sit down on a giant rock together and let Miranda get used to her.

A couple of minutes later, Miranda let Kay start petting her. Kay and I petted Miranda for several minutes and talked to her and then I stood up and told Kay that I was going to go sit on a rock about twenty feet away from them, so Miranda wouldn't lean on me for support.

And it worked! In less than a minute Miranda totally relaxed with Kay and she started enjoying Kay's attention and affection. After about twenty minutes, Kay stood up and walked Miranda to the creek and Miranda went in as far as the leash would allow. Her wet tail was wagging non-stop the entire time and it was obvious to both of us that Miranda now liked and trusted Kay, too. They were buddies. Bottom line: Kay is very excited about adopting sweet Miranda, in the very near future. So please keep your fingers crossed for Miranda.

Lunch with our friends/volunteers was a blast. We ate at the Medina Highpoint's Koyote Grill and believe it or not—Tony and I didn't order the exact same thing.

While we were eating lunch, June asked #$#@^*, "How was your doctor's appointment this morning?"

#$#@^* started laughing and so did I, because #$#@^* had told me about her doctor's appointment while we were standing in line, waiting to give Kelly our orders. Every time that #$#@^* started to tell June, she and I would burst out laughing. So finally, #$#@^* says, "Nancy, you tell June."

"Okay. #$#@^* had made a list of things to ask her doctor after he examined her hips (In the past two years #$#@^* had both of her hips replaced.).

Then #$#@^* interrupted me. "Okay, I can tell it. After his examination I asked him to please check behind my scar, because there seemed to be some kind of swelling back there. I joked to him that it might be a fat pone." Then #$#@^* and I both started laughing, again.

"Please stop laughing and tell us," June begged.

"Okay," #$#@^* said. "He said, "Yes, it is a fat pone." Jim, Tony and June joined #$#@^* and me in laughter. "Wait there's more to tell," #$#@^* said. "I asked him to please check my other hip and it was a fat pone, too! But he said that it was much smaller!"

"A double whammy!" I interjected. June liked my comment and she nearly fell out of her chair, because she was laughing so hard. "Or you could call them bumpers for your hips," I teased. "With a bumper sticker, across her behind that reads, "Caution Wide Load..."

After we had all calmed down and quit teasing #$#@^*, Suzanne confessed about recently getting a warning ticket for speeding and then we started talking about who likes to drive fast and who likes to drive slow. And it was by a unanimous vote that Lisa, hands down, wins the award for driving way too fast, with Ellen, June and me tying for being the slowest drivers. And that's about it for today. Drive carefully.

Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank You, East Kerr 4-H Club! Y'all Rule!

The last few days have been great and so much fun. Friday, with the exception of two, all of our wonderful friends/volunteers showed up to walk our dogs for us.

Kris & Jim brought along, Kate, their beautiful daughter, who was down here visiting them, from Portland. And Kay, our newest friend/volunteer came out, too.

While our dogs were being walked Kris & Jim and Kate came up, to The Cabin, so we could meet her and visit. Roy, Belle, Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) were delighted to see them, too. Our dogs acted goofy for a few minutes and then they settled down. And while we had a fun visit Kris and Kate took turns holding Little Debbie and Big Al(ice).

When the dog-walking was done outside, all of us went up to the Koyote Grill to eat lunch together. Normally, Tony and I are the last to leave the rescue ranch, but because it was Kay's first time to come out, she followed us up to the Medina Highpoint Resort.

As always, Tony and I had a blast eating lunch with our dear friends and there was tons of laughter, to say the least. When Eileen retold her hilarious, story about going kayaking, with June, Ellen and Nyta  and accidentally snagging a fish, on her life jacket and thinking it was a snake attached to her life vest—everyone had to quit eating, because we were all laughing so hard. And I'm pretty sure that's when my back started aching.

This time Tony and I didn't order the exact same food. He ordered a hamburger, with no onions and fries and I ordered their Special, which was cheesy-potato soup and a BBQ slider and it only cost $5.00. Omg, the soup was absolutely delicious. I have never had cheesy-potato soup before, so I vowed to find a recipe for it, on the Internet and make it as soon as possible.

Before Tony and I adios-ed all of our good friends, Jim & Kris invited Tony and me to join them and Kate for a Saturday lunch, at the Thai O'Cha.

Saturday morning, while Tony was outside working I called Kris & Jim to ask them if it would be okay to invite Kinky to join us. Their response was a unanimous, "Yes. By all means! Invite him."

After we adios-ed each other, I called Kinky. "...By the way, Tony and I are going to eat lunch with Jim & Kris and Kate, at our favorite Thai restaurant. We would love for you to join us."

"It sounds good, but Nance I just woke up. Let's discuss it in a little while. Mr. P. stop it. Leave Sophie alone...." Right after we had adios-ed each other, our phone rang—it was Kinky. "Nance, my new coffee-maker, that I just purchased, two months ago, isn't working. I desperately need some coffee, now."

"I'll make you a cup and bring it right over," I said. "Wait, I can lend you my inexpensive, wannabe Keurig coffee machine, that I take with me on trips. I'll be over there in just a few minutes." Then I called Kris & Jim back. "Kinky thinks he wants to do lunch with us, but he is not sure, yet, because I just woke him up and right now I've got to take Kinky some coffee, because his new coffee maker is broken. I'll call you as soon as I know."

I made Kinky some Kona coffee and then I put it into a plastic container, so it wouldn't spill. Then I found my imitation Keurig, that was in the Mother Ship. Then I took off for the Lodge.

Let's just say that Kinky was more than thrilled to see me. He met me outside and took the hot coffee, in the container. While I was showing him how to use my little, traveling coffee-maker, he started teasing me about me going into my teaching mode. "Seriously Nance, I think I can figure it out...."

A few minutes later, before I left, I asked him he was going to eat lunch with us. "Nance, I think so, but I am so exhausted from being, on the road and having to go to all of these receptions. I mean the receptions were nice and fun, but I am sort of peopled-out..."

When I came back home, I immediately called Kris & Jim. "....Kinky is still not sure if he is going to eat lunch with us, but he told me that 1:30, would be the best time for him. He started joking with me about being tired of going to all of these receptions...."

After I adios-ed Kris, I went to my computer. And a few minutes later, I had made a sign, to tease Kink, if he showed up for lunch. These are the three words I put on my homemade sign that I was going to place on our table: 

Kinky Friedman

Tony and I arrived at the Thai O'cha, at 1:29 and we saw Buddy, Kris' truck and Mr. Green Jeans, Kinky's truck parked in the parking lot. "Dang it, now I can't surprise Kinky," I said, before entering our favorite Thai restaurant.

Right after howdies, we sat down, at the table. I sat next to Kinky and while he was telling our friends a funny story, I pulled the sign, out of my sack to show to everyone. Kinky immediately started laughing and so did everyone else.

Our lunch was totally delicious and as always, we were the loudest table, because Kinky kept us laughing, with jokes and hilarious tales from his recent tour. We spent over an hour and a half with our friends. When Jim asked Kinky to pose with Kate, for a picture, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped these pictures, too.

And you can see the Kinky Friedman Reception sign that I placed behind him.

When we laughed about the sign, Kinky grabbed it and posed, again.

Today has been great, even though it has been drizzling most of the day. This morning I found a cheesy-potato soup recipe and I made it for lunch. But, it was pretty bland taking, so I started adding all kinds of leftovers and it turned out great. Tony loved it and he ate two servings of it. "Nance, that is the best soup that you've ever made! You need to share your recipe. What's in it?"

"I started out with potatoes, celery, onion, garlic, organic chicken broth, bacon, milk, three kinds of cheese, pepper and salt. Then I added our leftover Cajun beans & rice, a jalapeƱo sausage, spinach and some pico de gallo. And the secret ingredient is cinnamon, because I was talking on the phone to Rick and when I thought I was adding pepper, I picked up the cinnamon instead...."

Tony laughed, and then said,"You need to call it Cousin Nancy's Kitchen Sink Soup."

It is now 4:30. Tony is still outside with Karon and the kids, walking our dogs for us. And Kinky has just called me, "Nance, are you still threatening to bring over your soup that Tony says is the best soup that you've ever made?"

So, I just put some of my delicious, leftover Kitchen Sink soup, in the same plastic container that I used to take Kinky some coffee yesterday morning.

I just got back from taking the soup over to Kinky's, He told me that he wasn't hungry right then, but he would heat it up later and give it a try. When he asked me what was in it, I named off all of the ingredients, but I intentionally left out that  cinnamon was the secret ingredient. Then he asked me to go on a short hike with him and The Friedmans, but I told him that I couldn't, because I was wearing my pink Crocs. Anyway, I hope he likes my soup as much as Tony does.

And lastly, I want to thank the great, East Kerr 4-H Club, our favorite 4-H Club, for the totally awesome dog house that they built for our dogs. It is green, huge and it has a shingled roof. For the past three weeks, Gayla and I have been trying to coordinate a Saturday that would work out for us and the club to come out to deliver their incredibly great dog house, but things kept coming up for each or us or the weather wasn't cooperating.

Anyway, Gayla & Scott, delivered it to us, Saturday morning. Scott and Tony unloaded the giant dog house, by Baxter and Honey's pen and this week, with some help, it will go into Honey's and Baxter's pen, so they can enjoy it. 

I wanted to take a picture of it, but they unloaded the front of the dog house facing the fence, so I am going to have to wait, until it is moved into the pen, so I can take a good picture of it. "We love the East Kerr 4-H Club and we thank them! The East Kerr 4-H Club Rules!"

Y'all have a great evening!

Friday, November 13, 2015

We're Celebrating!

Today has been more than great! I got my Wicked Good Slippers and I absolutely love them. And a few hours ago Tony and I have received some of the best news we could have gotten. So we're celebrating tonight! Life Is Good!!!!

Y'all have a great evening!