Friday, July 31, 2015

Blast From The Past!

Today has been great. This afternoon I was trying to de-clutter my computer and I found this old, blast from the past video that I had made about us and our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, back in January 2007. I watched it and it made me smile and also tear up, because it brought back so many fond memories of some of our past rescues.

I was just learning how to make movies back then, so there are no fancy lead ins or lead outs, like I use now when making my videos. 

I have loved the Rolling Stones, so I chose to use one of their most popular songs Gimme Shelter and I used Tony's and my photos in this video.

My video also includes a photo of Kinky and me, in Austin, in 2006, doing the Texas Book Festival together, my awesome, 2006 first book signing for my first book The Road To Utopia, at Sandy & Jon's famous, Wolfmueller's Books store, Ben kissing his sweet Valerie, that he had adopted from us and several of Tony's beautiful nature shots. 

One of my favorite pictures, in this video is Tony's incredible photo he took of Bosco, his Boston Terrier, jumping out of the wading pool. To view my blast from the past video, please click on Gimme Shelter. I hope that you will enjoy watching it as much as I did today. And I bet that some of y'all might recognize your dog that you have adopted from us.

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sweeter Than Honey!

Today has been great. Ten days ago a sweet woman called me to tell me that she and her son and his wife wanted to come out, because they were thinking about adopting sweet Honey. After I told her everything about Honey, I told her that they were welcome to come out anytime, but to please call me first, so we would make sure to have the gate opened for them.

Well, this morning Linda called me, asking me if it would be alright if they came out around 1:30. "Yes! We'll have our gate opened for y'all," I said.

They arrived out here around 1:40 and Tony and I liked them instantly. We showed them Honey and then we walked her down to the creek to let her swim. When we returned Danny asked us if we could show them the rest of our dogs.

And after we gave them a tour, Danny, who owns Ark Plumbing, in Ingram, asked his wife and mom to name their three favorite dogs.

After they had told each other that Lois Lane, Dale Evans and Honey were their favorites, Tony and I excused ourselves, for about ten minutes, so they could talk privately about it.

When we returned they asked us if they could take Dale Evans for a stroll down to the creek, so this time Tony went with them, so I could go up to The Cabin, to cool off and drink some water.

Twenty minutes later, Tony walked inside The Cabin and said, "They want to adopt Dale Evans." And we were absolutely thrilled about them picking Dale, because she, like Lois and Honey, are three of the sweetest dogs we have, at the rescue ranch.

After they signed Dale's adoption papers I asked them if it would be okay for me to take their picture with Dale, so I could post it on my blog tonight.

Before leaving with Dale, they told us that Dale will be an indoor dog and that one of them would always be home with her and their little, old Chi-weenie! So everyone please keep your fingers crossed for Dale that her adoption sticks. And that is about it for tonight, because I plan to spend my evening writing.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Real Pain In The Back! or Tony's Traveling, Musical, Fishing, Blue Chair! or A Giant!

Today has been great. This morning Chet O'Keefe came out to see us and he brought along his Blaze Foley DVD, Duct Tape Messiah: The Documentary Movie, so Tony and I could watch it, because we were interested in watching the documentary.

For lunch today, Chet, Tony and me went to Medina, to eat a delicious BBQ lunch, at our friend's new Williams Creek Trading Company food wagon/cabin and so did everyone else, in Medina. Jo & Rick's  weekends BBQ business is located right next door to Debbie's world famous, The Old Timer store.

Of course, Tony and I ordered the exact same thing and Chet ordered a two meat plate with sides of coleslaw and beans. And needless to say, "We all thought our lunch today was absolutely delicious and I am so glad that we went to eat early, because when it was time for us to leave everybody in town had shown up to eat some of their mouth-watering BBQ."

When we pulled out of the parking lot, we drove about 200 feet, before Tony pulled off to the side of the road and parked Trigger, because we wanted to check out a garage sale. I ended up buying a pair of bar stools, because for a long time, I've been wanting to replace our bar stools, because they are a real pain in the back, because anyone who sits on one of our bar stools, their jeans or belts usually get caught in the decorative metal chair backs, causing them to walk away, with a stool attached to them.

When we arrived back at the ranch, Tony's famous, blue, folding, musical, fishing chair, that I gave away that night, at the Kerrville Folk Festival, was leaning up, against the gate. Tony was thrilled to see it, and he said, "Oh no. We've missed seeing Donna Hatch." But he was wrong.

As soon as we walked inside The Cabin, Tony called Kinky, at the Lodge, to see if Donna was still over there and she was, so Tony asked Kinky to please tell Donna that we were back, from eating lunch and that we hoped that she would have the time to come by for a visit.

One hour later, after we had just finished watching an extremely interesting Hangar 1: The UFO Files episode about Presidential encounters, when our good friend Donna arrived. Then we had a really fun visit with her.

We talked about everything under the sun and beyond. While Donna took turns holding Little Debbie or Big Al(ice) we discussed Tony's blue chair, books, writing, aliens, concerts, Terlingua, our dogs, our travels, Tony's upcoming photography coffee table book and the great article that she had written, in today's Kerrville Daily Times, about our mutual friend, Stan Morris, the friendly owner of, The Melody Corner, music store.

And that prompted Donna to ask Chet if he would please play his new mandolin for us. After Chet fetched his mandolin, from his van, he played it for about thirty minutes and his skill and talent totally blew us away.

Early this evening, I went outside to take a picture of Tony's beloved traveling, musical, fishing, blue chair that has two little speakers, embedded in the armrests, behind the cup holders and the two bar stools that I had purchased, at the garage sale.

Then I dragged one of the stools, inside The Cabin, to see how it would look, next to our breakfast bar and I was surprised and disappointed by how much shorter the new/used bar stool was compared to our old stools that hook people's clothes. 

Then I pulled it up to the bar and sat down on the new/used bar stool, next to the breakfast bar, to see if it was at all usable. And the answer is, "Nope," because my chin was level with the breakfast bar and it would have to take a giant to be able to sit at the breakfast bar. 

So, as I finish writing this, the next thing that I plan to do is drag the bar stool back outside and put both of the bar stools, inside our storage unit. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

#26, #27, L-Guac, 2-ts! or Musical Chairs!

Today has been great. This afternoon Tony and I went back to El Sol de Mexico Restaurant, to eat lunch with our good friends: Steve Pietzsch, the incredibly talented artist, Chet O'Keefe, the super talented singer, songwriter, musician and Donna Gable Hatch, a fabulous author and the best Features Editor that The Kerrville Daily Times has ever had.

Tony and I got their twenty minutes early and Beto greeted us at the door. "We're going to need a table for five today. And we don't need a menu, because we want the #26, #27, L-guac and two teas," Tony said. Then we followed Beto to our table for six, near the cash register and then we sat down.

To fill our time waiting, Tony and I made bets as to who we thought would show up first, second and last. And I won the bet! Steve was first, Chet was second and Donna was last and they were only minutes apart.

After Beto had taken our friend's orders, we got to talking and laughing and it never stopped. We talked about Steve's upcoming art show, in late August, at the Kerrville Arts & Cultural Center and Donna writing an article about Steve and his art, how much we all love Stan Morris, the super nice, friendly musician that owns The Melody Corner, music store, on Junction Highway, Tony's upcoming photography coffee table book, the movie Foxcatcher, Nova Scotia, Chet's music and about him buying a mandolin, and the Kerrville Folk Festival and David Crosby's awesome performance, at the festival.

Then Donna started laughing. She told us that she had read my funny blog, back in June, about that night, at Crosby's concert, and me giving away Tony's favorite fishing, musical, blue chair, that was equipped with small speakers and a jack, so Tony could plug his iPod into it, while he was fishing. "After reading your blog I contacted my girlfriend that you gave Tony's blue chair to and she has no problem returning it to you. I'm coming out to the ranch, this Saturday, to visit with Kinky and I'll bring it with me." To say the least, Tony was more than thrilled with her good news.

After a super fun time, at El Sol de Mexico, eating a delicious lunch with our dear friends, we hugged everyone and then everyone adios-ed each other and went our separate ways.

Our first way was going to The Kerrville Daily Times office, so I could renew our yearly subscription to the newspaper and our next way was at Hastings, so I could hopefully buy the 2012 Academy Award winning documentary, Searching For Sugar Man and our last way was a quick stop, at the little H-E-B, to buy a gallon of 2% milk for Tony, deodorant and toilet paper. Then Trigger took us home. And that's about it for today, because I am fixin' to go watch Searching For Sugar Man, the awesome documentary that many of my friends have been raving about.

P.S. My dear friend Mari sent me this awesome story about a man in Brazil that has unusual pets, a Golden Retriever named Bob, several birds and a hamster. I loved reading the short story and the photos that he has taken of his pets are more than awesome. If you want to instantly put a smile on your face please click here. I love his pet pictures so much that I keep going back to look at them, because they warm my heart. "Mari, thank you for sending this to me!"

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Breakdown!

Today has been great—until three hours ago when I tried to hook-up a new ink jet printer, because six days ago, the old one totally lost its mind and had a total breakdown. Even though everyday since its total breakdown, I have wasted many frustrating hours trying to revive it, I finally gave up yesterday afternoon and pronounced it dead.

My exact words, before Tony removed it from my office, were, "Good riddance. Rest in peace. And maybe the next time that you come back around, the printer gods will have given you a better unit than this one."

So late yesterday afternoon, Tony drove me to Office Max and I purchased a new, less expensive all-in-one model, figuring that keeping it simple would be the better choice. Well I was wrong about that, because today I have spent/wasted three frustrating hours trying to install the printer.

I finally gave up about thirty minutes ago, so I wouldn't have a total breakdown, caused by a stupid printer, because for one that would be too embarrassing for me. With people and friends saying things like, "Omg! Did you hear that Cousin Nancy had a breakdown?" And then when asked what caused it, they'd laugh and answer, "Printing problems."

Anyway, enough said about my personal, printing problems, because I am sure that all of us have had at least one, from time to time. So tomorrow will be a new day and after I finish helping Tony with the morning chores outside, I plan to call a printer tech to help walk me through the printing problem process. And I am sorry for dumping on y'all tonight, but I had to get it off of my chest.

Now let me tell you about the earlier part of my day, which was a total blast. Tony and I met our dear friend Marguerite, for lunch, at El Sol de Mexico, because we all love Mexican food and Marguerite had never eaten there!

Tony and I were the first to arrive at our favorite Mexican food restaurant and Beto, our favorite waiter, immediately greeted us and took us to one of his tables. Seconds later, he served us iced teas, because he knows that we always order iced teas. After we told him that there would be three of us, he wrote something down, on his order pad and then he smiled and showed it to us:

L-bowl guac

"Am I right?" Beto asked. Tony and I nodded our heads up and down and then we all started laughing, because Tony always orders their #27 and I always order their #26, with a large side dish of freshly made guacamole. 

A few minutes later Marguerite arrived and the fun began. First off, we introduced her to Beto and when he went to get her iced tea, we told her that he is our favorite waiter and that everything on the menu was delicious. So after checking out the menu, Marguerite decided to order the Combo Plate, which Beto had highly recommended.  

During our fun, delicious lunch, we talked non-stop about our dogs and told funny stories about their quirky habits, etc. And when lunch ended, Marguerite invited us to follow her over to her house, so we could see her place and meet all of her cats and dogs , including the four lucky dogs that she has adopted from our rescue ranch: Enzo, Odi, Mini and Scout, the lucky pup.

Even though Tony jokingly remarked that Marguerite had a lead foot—he and Trigger did a fine job keeping pace with her and when we arrived at her ranch, both of our jaws dropped to the floorboard, because she has one of the coolest ranches, in the Hill Country.

The good vibes were everywhere and it was obviously a place of peace and quiet, until Marguerite let her dogs come outside to meet us. Only for a few minutes, Enzo, her German Shepherd, stood back to show that he was being protective and watching us, while Odie, Mini, Scout and her other adorable dogs sniffed and licked us, while wagging their tails. 

When her dogs settled down and went their separate ways, Marguerite gave us a grand tour of her home and it totally blew us away. Tony and I loved the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture home that her father had built and I was blown away with her creativeness and how she had decorated her home. "Tony, I would love to have a home just like this," I remarked, several times and I came close to asking her if she would come and decorate The Cabin for us.

Marguerite's gardens were also awesome and the yard art that she had created, in each area, nearly caused me to start drooling and the good thing was I had taken the napkin, from El Sol de Mexico, just in case. 

Her lovely home and beautiful gardens are a sanctuary and is filled with super cool bird feeders, solar lights of all kinds, beautiful statues, that she had made, and the whimsical yard art, has totally inspired me to get busy and make something. Anyway, we had a wonderful time today being with Marguerite. And that's about it for tonight. Please wish me luck with the printer.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

We'll Be Back! or The Chow Hound Awaits!

Today has been great. Late this morning, while Tony was outside finishing up his chores, I cooked us lunch or so I had thought, because when Tony came inside The Cabin and I told him, "Lunch is ready and we're having steamed zucchini, my homemade pinto beans with cornbread."

He said, "Nance, it all sounds good, but I think that you've forgotten about us going to Medina for lunch, to eat at Rick & Jo's new BBQ place, in the parking lot, next door to The Old Timer. I'm starving, so can we eat your lunch tomorrow?"

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at our good friend's new BBQ food trailer and I instantly loved what I saw, because their Williams Creek Trading Company was a cute, log cabin food trailer and you know how much I love log cabins. So I took this picture of it.

When we arrived, the BBQ place was packed with Medina people and tourists sitting outside, on the big, shaded, picnic tables, enjoying Rick's famous, delicious, smoked BBQ. 

In some circles, Tony and I are known as, "The Cute Couple," because we always order the exact same thing when we go out to eat and this time was no exception. We both ordered double meat (Brisket & Sausage) plates with potato salad and beans, instead of coleslaw. It was a hard decision to make, because there was all kinds of BBQ and they also serve sandwiches, sliders and wraps.

After we gave Jo, Rick's super sweet wife, our order we found a shady place to sit down. And I am glad that we got there when we did, because more and more people kept showing up and the parking lot got full. 

In fact, famous Mikey, who writes a humorous, weekly column for the Bandera County Courier, was there and she said hi to us, before going over to visit with a coupe of the Bandera County Constables, who before leaving, told Rick, "Rick, we'll be back for some more of your BBQ." And our dear friend Debbie, the friendly owner of the famous Old Timer store, next door, came over to our table and we had a really fun visit with her, as we always do.

To say the least, "Rick Anderson's mouth-watering BBQ has been famous, in the Texas Hill Country, for over twenty some odd years, long before he and Jo ever decided to buy a food cabin, on wheels and sell BBQ on Saturdays and Sundays. And by their customers reactions today, it was totally obvious that the whole town, the tourists and us are more than thrilled about them being there, on weekends." 

And I loved their Open Hours sign:

Saturday 11 -7
Sunday   11 -3, or until we run out of our fresh BBQ

Here are a few more pictures that I took of the Williams Creek Trading Company BBQ Cabin, on wheels.

And since I am writing about food tonight, I want to show you another cute picture, that Marguerite took of Scout and sent to me. In her note, she wrote, "Scout always keeps her food dish, inside her crate, until it is close to her feeding time." She's a chow hound and Tony and I can't believe how much she has already grown! 

Y'all have a great evening!