Wednesday, June 13, 2018

So Life Is Good!

This past week has been one great week for Tony and me and I am totally amazed how it all happened, because it just proves, once again, to me that wishes do come true. And finally now I can tell y'all how the stars lined up for my wish to come true.

As I look back, I realize that the first star lined up, a week ago Sunday, when Tony and I were, over at Carol's ranch, having fun visiting with her and her sweet sister Carla and their dear friends Julie and Sugar. We were sitting out on the deck and talking about life and all kinds of things.

Some where in our conversation, one of them (not Tony) mentioned food trucks, and I immediately said, "Omg, I love food trucks so much. I wish I had a food truck...." And after I had quit blabbing like a babbling brook out of its bank, I made a mental note about saying that and then I got back into the conversation which was now about Willie Nelson's beautiful, new song Something You Get Through. Which is now one of my most favorite songs.

That Sunday night I decided to re-watch the great movie Chef starring Jon Favreau and it is one of my all-time favorite movies. Jon Favreau wrote it, directed it, produced it and he also starred in it. And ever since I watched that uplifting movie, several years ago—I've wanted a food truck.

Monday morning, while drinking my first cup of coffee, I Googled Airstream trailers, on Craig's List and the first picture to pop up almost made me fall out of my chair, because it showed this older Airstream and the caption above it read: "Top 10 Food Trucks" by Southern Living magazine.

And that is when I realized that Tony and I could maybe convert our vintage, 1977 Airstream and possibly turn it into a food truck, instead of using it as an Airbnb. 

My mind was racing, so then I started looking at food trucks for sale on Craig's list and to my surprise there are many affordable food trucks for sale.

I bet by now you are thinking that I bought a food truck, but you are wrong. So please continue reading.

Late Tuesday morning Tony and I went to Bandera and it takes us thirty-minutes to get there, so that is when I decided to talk to Tony about food trucks, because I knew I had a captive audience, when he wasn't tuning me out.

Anyway when we drove through Medina, I noticed that Debbie Martin's food truck was not open for business as usual. Debbie is our dear friend who owns and operates The Old Timer, which is famous and should be declared an historical landmark, because it is "the pulse" of Medina. And not because Tony goes there every morning to drink coffee with his friends. 

When I asked Tony about why the food truck was closed he told me that two days before Debbie's employees had quit running it, because they were moving.... So, I said, "Tony, on our way back I want to stop and talk to Debbie about her food truck and watch out! Someone is crossing the road...."

Long story short—On our way back home Tony and I stopped, at The Old Timer.

And I talked to Debbie about her food truck. And we talked for over an hour and we came up with a plan that suits us both. And that's when the wheels were set in motion—the sky is the limit!

So Friday morning, I went Online and started taking this eight hour course to get my Texas Food Safety Manager Certification that is required. The Online course was fabulous, but totally exhausting and because of taking notes, etc. I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday, over 18 hours in total time studying, so I could pass the exam. 

And my backache, many sleepless hours and the pinched nerve, in my neck, was all worth it, because Tuesday morning, I nervously took the exam and I passed it with flying colors! And Carol was the first person I called to tell about passing the course. 

Then Tony and I went to Kerrville to pick up a refill of Roy's arthritis pills. But before we did that Tony and I went to Wolfmueller's Books to tell our good friends Sandy & Jon about what Tony and I are fixin' to do. And yes, they thought it was cool and were thrilled for us, too.

Then we went down their alley, jaywalked across Main Street, to Little Joe Restaurant, to celebrate me passing the exam and us getting to work part-time, in Debbie's food truck—The Old Timer's Rusty Dawg: Weenie Wagon. Because it is a win-win situation for Debbie and us.

And Tony and I did not order the exact same thing to eat, but we did order what we ate the last time we were there. "Margarita, I'll have the #1," I said. And Tony ordered their #5 Carne Guisada. And of course it was totally delicious. And we both drank their mouth-watering, homemade lemonade.

And since then, Tony and I have been regulars at, The Old Timer, discussing details and what all is involved with us running Debbie's Rusty Dawg. Here is a picture of the food truck.

There is still much to do, before we start serving food, hopefully by next week and of course, Tony still has to take his Texas Food Handlers course, so he can be certified to work in the kitchen with me. And the only thing bad (kind of funny) about all of our exciting news is—Tony has to wear a beard cover and he is not real thrilled about it. So life is good and dreams really do come true.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Big Secret!

I'm alive and kickin' but I 've simply been too busy to write anything on my blog. And I have good excuses, too. And here they are:

First off, Tony and I have an exciting, big secret that we are not ready to divulge yet, in case "it" goes South. But here is one hint—I've spent most of Friday, Saturday and this morning "studying." And hopefully by tomorrow, if all goes as planned—I will be able to tell you a little more about our secret.

Secondly, when I was not "studying" I was writing as fast as I could type on my 3rd novella. But the bad news is—I have a terrible back ache and a nagging, pinched nerve in my neck from too much sitting in front of the computer.

So Tony and I are trying to figure out or how find a table that is a perfect height for me to sit in front of my lap top, so I can write, write, write.

This morning was more "studying" until we had to leave to go a relatives memorial service, in Kerrville. Steve's service was beautiful, even though Tony and I both teared up.

When we got back home I cooked us a late lunch, cleaned up the kitchen and then spent the past hour "studying" some more. And yes, my back is still aching, but my neck seems to be getting better. But the bad news is Tony now has a pinched nerve in his neck, too. And he told me that he thinks he "caught it" from me. And I told him, "No way are you blaming it on me...."

So, I guess that is about it for right now and hopefully tomorrow will be a fabulous day.

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!

Monday, June 4, 2018

My Neck!

My excuse for not posting anything for a few days is because I've been busy. Busy writing my 3rd novella, busy having fun with Carol. Busy getting to know and enjoying Carol's dear friends: Sugar, Julie and Randy. And having fun catching up with Carol's sweet sister Carla.

So I apologize for taking a few days off here, but I'm not sorry for having so much fun being with Carol, her awesome sister Carla and her dear friends that she grew up with.

I was planning on blogging last night, but I've gotten this pinched nerve in my neck, from writing so much on my The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Riders In The Sand, Part III.

Seriously, last night I could hardly sleep, because my back and neck were hurting so much and I didn't fall asleep until 3:00 in the morning. And when I got up at 8:30, Tony told me to go back to bed, so I could catch a few more hours of sleep.

So I did, but now I'm worried about my sleep rhythm being all messed up.

Today has been a totally awesome day too, but due to sworn secrecy—I can't tell y'all about it until it gets set in stone. And I am hoping it gets "nailed down" asap, because I am so excited about it and cannot wait to do it.

This evening I've been over at Carol's and she is so sweet that she loaned me a chair, that is much lower than my regular "writing chair" in hopes it will help cure the problem with my neck. So I guess that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Little Joe And Margarita!

The last few days have been great and today has been no exception. This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to run a few errands.

Our first stop was at So Fast Printing, so I could pick up my order. You see yesterday morning, while I was on my computer I found a few pictures that wanted printed on her heaviest card stock. So I had e-mailed them to Rose, at So Fast Printing, so they could print them out for me.

I love working with Rose, because she is true professional when it comes to printing things right. Over many years our rescue ranch, Tony and myself have used her printing shop for quality printing. And Rose had made it so easy to work with her, because all I would have to do is e-mail her what we wanted printed, with instructions and then go pick up the order.

Yesterday when I had sent her the photos at the end of my instructions I had told her that Tony and I would be coming to Kerrville later in the day and it would be perfect if I could pick them up. But I finished my note by saying, "But if you do not have the time today—no worries."

Anyway, yesterday afternoon got away from us and we did not make it to Kerrville as we had planned. So I felt bad about coming in today to pick up my order, because she had told me yesterday that they would be ready when we came to town.

So when I walked inside So Fast Printing today, my guilt immediately flew right out the window, when Rose, who was wearing a big smile, greeted me and then handed me my order. The photos looked fabulous printed on the heavy card stock, as I had requested and Rose charged me next to nothing for printing them for me.

Our next errand to run was, at the big H-E-B, to get groceries and we were out of there within twenty minutes. And our last planned stop was at Wolfmueller's Books, so we could see our good friends Sandy & Jon.

When we arrived Sandy greeted us from the back of the bookstore and waved for us to come back there. "Hi y'all. Please sit down," Sandy said. "Jon went to run an errand and he will be right back..."

We had a fun, short visit with Sandy before Jon returned and then we had a fun, hilarious visit with the two of them.

During our entertaining talk-a-thon/laugh-a-thon Sandy handed me this folded pamphlet to look at.

Then she and Jon enthusiastically took turns telling us about how delicious their food was, at this new Mexican Restaurant, where Conchita's used to be located. "...Y'all are going to love Little Joe's." Jon said. "Their food is excellent and it is Tex-Mex at its very best. They've only been open a week or so and oh my gosh their homemade lemonade is to die's now our favorite Mexican food restaurant."

They had convinced us to give it a try right then, even though we had groceries, melting inside Roy, and had planned to eat sandwiches when we got back home. "Go over there with them Jon, and introduce them to Joe and his sweet daughter Margarita. It is just the two of them. Joe does all of the cooking and Margarita is the waitress/cashier. And they are the nicest people. I love their #1 and #4 and y'all should order that. And Jon, please bring me back some more lemonade," Sandy said.

So Jon, Tony and I adios-ed Sandy, went out their backdoor and shuffled across Main Street and then went inside Little Joe Restaurant. And Margarita, was wearing as big a smile as Rose had, at So Fast Printing, greeted us before we even sat down at our table. 

Within a minute we were all sipping the delicious lemonades that Sandy had raved about. Well, their menu was huge and it was filled with so many delicious choices. But in the end Tony and I did not order the exact same thing as we usually do. (You can enlarge this menu and on the backside of this flyer is their breakfast menu, but I did not have enough space available to put it in this blog post.)
Well, I ordered their #1 Enchiladas, as Sandy had suggested. And Tony order their #5 Guisada Plate and Jon ordered a lemonade to go, which made Margarita chuckle, because she knew how much Sandy loves their lemonade.

A few minutes later Jon adios-ed us and he took off with his and Sandy's lemonades and that's when Tony and I got to visiting with Margarita while we waited on our food. She told us that she and her dad have owned several Mexican food restaurants over the past years and that she and Joe were excited about opening this one. "We are open all week from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM and we serve breakfast all day." Then Margarita took off to go get our orders.

Well, let me tell you what Tony said to me once he took a bite of his guisada, "This is the best guisada in town. Seriously, it is the best that I've ever eaten."

I smiled, and whispered, "Tony, don't talk with your mouth full." Then I took my first bite of the cheese enchiladas.

"Omg!" I said. "These enchiladas are to die for."

Tony chuckled, and with more guisada, in his mouth, said, "Don't talk with your mouth full." And his words nearly made me choke, because I started laughing.

When Margarita returned to our table and served us Joe's homemade flour tortillas, definitely not coming out of a machine like other Mexican food restaurants use—Tony's and my eyes grew really big, because they looked so delicious and because we could not wait to try them. 

After we had enjoyed eating our delicious lunch and the mouth-watering, homemade flour tortillas, I told Margarita that I was going to blog about their new, family-owned restaurant and I asked if I could please take a picture of her with her dad, Little Joe. And two minutes later—I shot them using my iPhone. It was painless.

Bottom    Line: Little Joe Restaurant is now the best Mexican food restaurant, in Kerrville, Kerr County and the Hill Country. And we told that to Sandy & Jon, as soon as we returned to their awesome bookstore.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Christmas Trees!

Yesterday I got back to Big Foot Ranch, at 2:00. And yes, I would have gotten back here sooner, but when adios-ing Alpine, after topping-off Roy's tank, I got behind a huge hay-hauling truck and I had to follow it all of the way to the first rest stop, on the other side of Fort Stockton.

It was great to be back home and after hugging all of our dogs and Tony. I made me a quick sandwich and then I went over to Carol's ranch to tell her all about my "research trip" and fact gathering mission, for my third novella—The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Ghost Riders In The Sand, Part III.

We were sitting out on her beautiful deck, watching the big fish swimming around her lake, when I told her, "I loved my cabin, at the Terlingua Ranch Lodge and I was lucky to get it, because they only had three vacancies left. Because there was this Christmas Tree convention staying there and the place was packed with friendly Christmas tree people..."

"What?" Carol asked me, followed by a chuckle. "Why would there be a Christmas tree convention, in the desert?"

"I don't know. I thought it was sort of weird too. Anyway, Jim Keaveny asked me to please tell you hi and he and...."

An hour later, Scout barked and he stood up on the deck. Scout is Carol's old, sweet, lovable black Lab that has the gigantic paws. And he and my Roy are famous, because our two, old Labs are in my Cowgirl Sisterhood novellas.

Anyway, Scout barked because he saw Tony driving up the driveway. So when Tony arrived, Bill came out on the deck to join us. And we had a fun visit. We talked about our awesome keyhole gardens, how much we love the hilarious Duck Dynasty show and then we changed the topic to fire ants and then to bees.

Tony and I took turns telling Bill (Carol already knew the hilarious story) about Tony's and Chet O'Keefe's over night trip to Port Aransas, many years ago, when they went down there to spend the night with Rick, at the lighthouse, on the island.

They went down there so they could bring back Rick's bees and bee equipment, because Rick was moving to Nicaragua. Rick was giving away all of this to Tony, so Tone could take over Rick's hobby and become a beekeeper too. And to say the least, "We were all laughing so hard my back began to ache, so we came home.

And speaking of Rick, our mutual friend Ronnie Namour, the music scene writer for the Island Moon, who came up with Rick, last Friday, to visit us, sent me the article that he wrote for the  Island Moon newspaper's May 24th Edition.

I loved reading his humorous story about his and Rick's Hill Country adventure and Ronnie even mentioned Tony and me and Kinky's CD release party, in his fun to read article. Here's the article, but I think that you will have to enlarge it to be able to easily read it:

Well today has been great. I slept like a log last night and I didn't crawl out of bed until 9:00 this morning, because the dream I was dreaming involved Christmas trees. And once again, the first thing that I did when I got out of bed was to hug our dogs and Tony, because I was so glad to be back home. Then I drank two cups of delicious Donut Shop Coffee.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. I just got off the phone with Carol. Tomorrow night our dear friend Stephen K. Morris will be playing, at the Medina Highpoint Resort. Carol & Bill and Tony and I are going. So y'all come on out, too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Road Trip!

Today has been great, but don't be shocked that I am in Terlingua tonight as I write this post. It was sort of spur-of-the-moment decision, but I needed to come out here to do a little more research for my third novella. And I think the title is going to be: The Cowgirl Sisterhood: Ghost Riders, Part III. But it is not written in stone, so that may change.

Anyway, I left Medina around 8:00 this morning and got to the Terlingua Lodge around 3:30. I would have gotten here around 3:00, but I got behind a slow moving truck between Alpine and the Terlingua Ranch Road and that is why it took me thirty minutes longer than it should have.

You may be asking yourself, "Well, why didn't she pass the truck?" And if you knew me well enough the answer is—I never pass anything when I'm driving.

I love the Cabin 32 that I'm staying in tonight and I have a beautiful view of the mountains from my front porch and both big windows.

Late this afternoon our dear musician friend, Jim Keaveny, came out to the Lodge to check on me and he wanted to treat me to dinner, but I told him no, because I wasn't hungry. But I did go down to the Bad Rabbit Cafe, for him to eat dinner there and we had a really fun visit. 

The only bad thing about this trip is I do not have any cell phone reception, so before I wrote this post I wrote Tony an e-mail and then sent Carol a note asking her to please call Tony to tell him to check his e-mail. "So thank you Carol!"

This evening I plan to hunker down, in Cabin 32, and write more of my third novella. Then I plan to go to bed early, because I plan to leave early, in the morning and drive back home. And I'm hoping to be back home around 2:00, unless of course, I get behind another slow moving vehicle. And other than me missing Tony and our dogs—life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rick's Gone Again! or Island Moon!

Yesterday Rick and his good friend Ronnie Narmour arrived, right after Hazel went back, into the closet, to rest.

Tony and I already knew Ronnie, but not very well. Because Rick and Ronnie came out to the rescue ranch, several years ago, for a short visit, before taking off for Leakey, to spend the weekend with friends.

By the way, if you're not from Texas, for some reason the small, beautiful, Hill Country town of Leakey is pronounced—Lake-y. Not leaky like in a leaking faucet.

And yes, I agree it is a little weird, but that's how we say things in Texas. In fact, I could write an entire post about how we Texans talk. But not tonight.

Anyway, we also met Ronnie a few times when we went, to Port Aransas, to visit Rick aka "The Friendly Lighthouse Keeper." We liked Ronnie, but basically all we knew about him was he wrote a weekly column, about the music scene, for the local Island Moon newspaper. And here is a copy of Ronnie's article that he wrote in last week's Island Moon.

After Rick and Ronnie unloaded their stuff, in the Airstream, we got to visiting, on the front porch. And in no time flat, we discovered that music was our common thread amongst us and that we knew many of the same musician friends.

So last night, when my entertaining skills were dipping, I told them about Mike Judge Presents Tales From the Tour Bus. "It is this super cool, music series where famous musicians and their friends are interviewed and it is animated....I love it and have never seen anything like it."

"My dear friend Carol told me about it several weeks ago and she had strongly suggested that we watch it. So last week, I finally watched the thirty-minute, Billy Joe Shaver episode. And it blew me out of the saddle. In fact, I asked Tony to watch just a few minutes of it and he ended up watching the entire episode, too."

"In the Billy Joe Shaver episode which is totally awesome, Kinky, Bobby Bare, Connie Nelson, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), to name just a few of the famous people interviewed. And that famous lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, is in it too. Where he talks about Billy's famous trial, in Waco...."

"Kinky is great in it, too. He did his interview, in his office, and talks about Billy Joe adopting Mama from us and Billy's trial...."

Well I had said enough to peak their interest, so we sat down and watched the entire Billy Joe Shaver episode. And Rick and Ronnie totally loved it like I knew they would.

My entertaining skills were now on a roll, so to speak, because they were hooked. So we then watched the two episodes about Waylon Jennings and then the two episodes about Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

By now all of us were speechless after watching these episodes. So it was a good time for me to say, "Good night, y'all. See you in the morning."

After Ronnie and Rick marched off to the Airstream, Tony went to bed and I stayed up and watched a couple of episodes of Heartland, on Netflix.

This morning I cooked Blueberry Belgian Waffles for everyone and Rick ate two of them.

Tony adios-ed us, around 9:15, and he took off to go with friends to another Medina baseball game, in San Antone, so I told them about,

"The Wrecking Crew is an amazing documentary, on Netflix, about these hand-picked, incredibly talented, unknown musicians, who played on just about every hit record during the 50's and 60's. And some of them were Leon Russell and Glen Campbell. So Ronnie, Rick and I ended up watching that, before they took off for Austin, around 11:00.

And the rest of my day has been great, except for when Tony got back home, a little while go, and told me that Medina had lost the baseball game.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!