Monday, January 21, 2019

Henry Standing Bear!

Yesterday and today have been great. Sunday afternoon our dear, sweet friend Ann came to visit us. I've known Ann since I was eight years old. She and my awesome sister Cindy have been best friends since they attended junior high together, in Fort Worth.

Anyway, Ann came to see us and Tony and I had a blast seeing her and catching up with her latest news. Of course the time flew by for me, as we reminisced about the good ole days when we were young, lucky and carefree. And it seemed like we never quit laughing, because my back is still a little sore today. And just so you'll know—In my daily prayers, Ann is in the New Mexico region.

Last night, while I was watching reruns of Jonathan Winters, on the Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, on YouTube, Tony went outside to take pictures of the lunar eclipse. And when he came back inside he was all excited and he showed me some of his awesome shots of the full moon.

A little while later, Tony went back outside to photograph the moon turning red, so I paused the Tonight Show, grabbed my camera and went outside to join him in the fun. And needless to say Tony's pictures turned out incredibly great as usual and my pictures—were lacking in the awesome department.

This morning Tony and I went to Kerrville fairly early, so we could do some laundry, because we wanted to get back home, so we could finish his man-cave do-over.

While our clothes were in the washing machines—we were the next block over getting groceries and gas.

After our clothes began tumbling in the dryers—we drove down to the Louise Hays Park again, because last week we had so much fun there with Mari.

This time we had decided to go there, so I could walk from the Sidney Baker bridge to the Lemos Street bridge and back, while Tony stayed behind and captured more fabulous pictures with his camera. And here are two of the pictures that I took while strolling through the park, which is sad to say are not all that interesting.

My first picture is of a duck resting with a nearby squirrel hiding in the shadow. And the squirrel is directly to the left of the duck, but all you can really see of him is his tail. And I've titled it: Duck—Squirrel Tail! And yes, I know that it is lame, but what can I say, "It's boring?"

Okay, my second picture is much better than the one above and yes, I am totally aware that it wouldn't take much to be better than Duck—Squirrel Tail! And the title to this one is Mystery Squirrel. Or maybe it should be Rocky Standing Squirrel. Like Henry Standing Bear?

Anyway, as far as I am concerned these two, pathetic, park photos, only prove that my camera (I was using my iPhone camera instead of my trusty, little Canon automatic) is the only reason that my photos are not as good as they could have been.

This afternoon Tony and I finished renovating Tony's man-cave and the only thing left for us to do now is for me to do a little more decorating—sew him some manly curtains, etc.

As I finish writing this post tonight, in self-defense of my camera skills, I want to share my awesome, incredibly great photo of last night's red moon. And please note that this time I was using my regular camera. 

And I am sure that you'll agree with me that cameras  do make all of the difference in the world. My red moon is centered, about a quarter away from the top and I did that on purpose for special effects.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

I Came Close!

Today has been great. Last night I stayed up late watching the hilarious Season 5 of Grace & Frankie, on Netflix. I didn't finish watching all of Season 5, but I came close.

This morning while I was pressure cooking my new delicious beans with zucchini recipe for our lunch, I helped Tony clean-up and rearrange his man-cave. And I didn't finish that either, but I came close enough that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel/cave.

After we ate lunch and I had cleaned up the kitchen, I sat down in my chair, with Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) on my lap and watched this fabulous, highly entertaining documentary—The Bill Murray Stories, on Netflix.

And it was so good and so much fun for me to watch that I am still thinking about this awesome documentary. In fact, I am planning on re-watching it with Tony, after we finish working on his room. Here is a link to watch the trailer for The Bill Murray Stories.

Well, Mari has done it again. Yes, she sent me this hilarious video and I must share it with you. It is on YouTube and I am still laughing about it. It is Tommy Smothers, on the Tonight Show, doing the best-ever imitation of Johnny Carson and it happened in 1991. So if you are needing or wanting to laugh it is a must see. So click here: Tommy Smothers Does Johnny Carson.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, January 18, 2019

All Aboard—For Today!

Today has been great, again. But because it is F.M.T. (Full Moon Time), which actually occurs on Sunday—I'm tired and just feel like being lazy and watching TV tonight. And to be more specific—I plan to binge-watch the newly released Grace & Frankie Season 5, on Netflix.

FYI: Early this evening Tony took this gorgeous picture of the almost full moon and I want to share it with you.

Because I am feeling a little bit guilty for not writing much tonight I am going to share two things that Mari sent to me today. "So thank you, Mari! I hope you and The NoMads win the agility trials this weekend!"

The first e-mail that Mari sent to me is a short, lovely video and it touched my heart and I hope that you will enjoy watching it as much as I did. It is titled: The Train of Life.

And to end my post on a lighter note, Mari sent me this hilarious quote and it made me laugh out loud which in turn startled our dogs. So, now my dogs are staring at me like I am some kind of crazy woman. But like I often say, "So what's new?"

And the only thing that I would add to this quote if I had come up with it is "Don't forget to put your dentures in before leaving home."

Unfortunately, I do not know who made the heartwarming Train of Life video or who came up with that funny sign, so I want to apologize for not giving credit where credit is due.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tex! or Kathy! or Quacking!

Today has been great. This morning after doing my habit, that freaked -out our dogs again, taking a shower, etc. Tony and I went next door to work for a few hours. And it was fun as always, because we love each and everyone of Escondida's friendly employees, because everyone is so nice and they all have such positive attitudes.

So when you combine a beautiful resort, similar to a Shangdi-La and then add a fabulous staff, who we now consider to good friends—it's a win, win situation for all.

Early this afternoon, Tony and I went to Kerrville, so I could meet sweet Mari and walk with her, at Louise Hayes Park, at 1:30, while Tony kindly did our laundry, at the Country Clean laundromat, while he took photo opportunities, at the park, in-between the washing and the drying cycles.

Tony and I showed up early and we were the first to arrive at Kerrville's favorite park, so I took this picture of the gorgeous Guadalupe River, before Mari and Tex arrived five minutes later at 1:25. So they were five minutes early.

Tex is Mari's adorable, six-month-old Australian Cattle Dog that she has begun training for future agility trials, that she and the NoMads compete their dogs in. 

Mari brought Tex along, to help socialize him some more, etc. and during our super fun walk-a-thon around this lovely park—I fell totally in love with this awesome pup.

Seriously, Tex is the coolest pup I've ever seen. His manners are impeccable and he was great about ignoring new distractions such as: other dogs, bicyclist racing past us and children laughing, playing and running around us.

Tex was so completely focused on Mari—I admit that I got a little jealous, because the only way for me to get anyone of our sweet, four-leggers to focus on me is when I'm eating popcorn, handing out doggie treats or doing my new morning habit. 

But actually my habit really shouldn't count, because it still freaks them out especially when I loudly clap my hands together and then jump out of bed like I was—shot out of a cannon.

After Mari, Tex and I strolled around the park for about an hour, we went and sat down on a big slab of concrete, so we could visit some more, while waiting for Tony to arrive.

When Mari started telling me this very interesting story that had happened to her last year, I had been all-ears and she had my total attention, until I saw these beautiful ducks down by the river. 

And unlike Tex, who was totally focused on Mari and was patiently sitting by her side—I didn't mean to, but I completely tuned Mari out, because I love ducks so much. And these pretty ducks made me think about Kathy. 

Tony and I loved Kathy. She was the coolest duck that I've ever known. Tony and I rescued her and Harry, in 1996, two years before Kinky, Tony and I decided to start our rescue ranch on my Rolling Thunder Ranch, in Utopia, Texas.  

Anyway, I hate to admit it, but Harry was much smarter than Kathy, his girlfriend duck. But Kathy didn't seem to care, because she spent most of her quacking-hours swimming with our dogs in my big stock tank or else sleeping around with Thunder in broad daylight for the whole world to see. FYI: Thunder was our super sweet Black Lab, that Tony and I also rescued in 1996. And here is an old picture of them sleeping it off, at Rolling Thunder Ranch.

Harry-Kathy-Thunder were a love triangle. And Harry & Kathy's love-hate relationship with Thunder is another long story. So I will write about it someday, but not now, because I need to wrap this post up for tonight.

Long story-short—I loved Kathy so much that after she died an untimely death, (she was impacted) I found this picture that I had taken of her.

And to honor this much loved and feared duck, I turned the above picture of Kathy into the one below, because Harry, all of our dogs and our two cats were all scared to death of her. (Because Kathy was a you-know-what.) And here is that picture of "Kathy— The Toughest Duck In Texas 1996 - 1999" that we've had on our refrigerator door since 1999. 

And please don't ask me, "What Would Buddha Do?" because I don't know.

So, as Mari was finishing up telling me her exciting story, I snapped back to the present and pretended to be really interested in what she was saying, even though I had no clue about what she was talking about or had been talking about. Thanks to Kathy.

So before Tony and I adios-ed our dear friend, Mari and I agreed to meet again next week, at the park. And maybe then she will re-tell me that same story again, because at our age, I'm sure that she and I will have forgotten about it anyway.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Yesterday when Tony and I went to Kerrville to replace our broken water transfer pump that we use with our water collection system, we ran into our dear friend Tom. (FYI: He and his family are in my daily prayer's Kerr County region.)

Anyway, many years ago Tom was forced to surrender their young, female Dalmatian to us and I renamed her Annie Oakley. So when we were visiting with Tom he mentioned that he had recently talked to Gail, the sweet woman who had ended up adopting Annie from us. But that was all that I could remember.

After our fun visit with Tom, we exchanged the broken pump for a new one, because it was still under its one year warranty—thank goodness. Then we headed back home.

On our way back to Big Foot Ranch, Tony and I talked about Annie Oakley, but we could not remember her getting adopted to Gail. But I did remember that the sweet woman (Gail) who adopted Annie from us, at the very last minute before her departure, she decided to also adopt Annie's sweet roommate—George Clooney. (Over the years we had rescued several George Clooneys, at the rescue ranch, and most of them were Black Labs.) I guess because I love George Clooney and because I love Labs of any color.

And please note that this George Clooney was not our semi-famous water diving George. That Eileen and all of us loved—even though he pulled Suzanne into the creek and got her soaking wet with him.

So when we got back home I decided to search for Annie Oakley's story. First, I checked my photos, but came up empty. I would have searched my rescue ranch records, but they are safely packed away, in a box—probably somewhere in the barn.

Not wanting to give up on Annie's story, I then Googled Annie Oakley/rescue ranch/Cousin Nancy and within a few minutes I found Annie's adoption story written on October 12, 2012 by Judith Pannebaker, for the Bandera County Courier titled How Jed Clamped Became Jethro Tull , and also on my blog, dated September 15, 2012!

On that September 15th Saturday Blog post titled: Jake Spoon! or Have Y'all Died! I had a blast re-reading/reliving it. It was entertaining and pretty funny too, even if I do say so. And I could not believe that much time had passed by so quickly.

After reading Judith's fun article and then my Blog post—I remembered it all like it was yesterday, but you must read my post Jake Spoon! or Have Y'all Died! for all of those details. And I have to admit that re-reading Sandy Wolfmueller's hilarious phone message—made me laugh out loud and just writing about it just made me laugh out loud, again.

Then I found another one of my Blog posts dated September 21st titled Goldie Hawn & Jed Clampett which has pictures of Annie Oakley enjoying her new home with Gail and George. And after reading it and looking at the pictures—it made my heart soar, because Tom told us that both dogs are still loving Gail and their lives.

And that is about it for tonight. Life is good—thank goodness and for people like Gail. (So, I'll add her name in my Kerr County region, too.)

P.S. Today has been great, too.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Our Future Looks Bright!

Today has sort of been great, because I still have Cedar Fever, but not as bad as it was yesterday. Okay, now I am done complaining.

Anyway, because I've been somewhat under the weather as they say, life as I know it has not been all that exciting around here. Which is good and sad.

It is kind of sad, because the last few days have been so uneventful they have been beyond boring and I've spent most of my time in my pajamas. But on the other hand uneventful can be good too, because  I've spent most of time in my pajamas.

This afternoon my good friend Mari sent me these two e-mails and the first one she sent made me green with envy, because I want this super-cool sidecar. And the only thing that I would change about it is the color.

If it were my sidecar I would paint the VW body maroon and the top white.

The other e-mail Mari sent to me made me laugh out loud. But before you get to see that e-mail, I want to tell you that Tony and I are very lucky people, because we have so many friends. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I am, because it is so true.

Seriously, every night and sometimes during the day I pray. At night when I first go to bed, I usually fall to sleep, before I can finish my nightly prayers.

The reason that I usually fall to sleep before I am able to finish my prayers, is because I ask God to please bless everyone that Tony and I know—including their families. 

I am guessing that Tony and I probably have at least 100 - 200 friends that I try to say prayers for every night and it is not easy, because I am more forgetful nowadays.

But last year I developed a new strategy to make saying my prayers much easier and more efficient. 

Originally, I alphabetized everyone that I said prayers for and their family and if your first name comes before the P's trust me you can bet that you were in my nightly prayers, before I fell asleep with Henry Standing Bear snoring in my face. 

And in the morning long before I started doing my new habit ("Today is going to be a great day!" Clap my hands together loudly and then jump out of bed.) I would feel horrible wondering if I forgot the Q's - Z's.

That bugged me a lot and I felt it was unfair, so I then I tried doing the alphabet backwards, which I am not good at and I soon realized that I was in the Alpha state—snoring, long before I even got to the V's or the U's. So the rest of my friends and family got screwed too, so to speak.

Anyway, since those mind-boggling spelling B nights I started saying my prayers for my friends and family—geographically. And that worked sort of, because I would start with friends in Utopia, Austin, Germany, Medina, Norway, Terlingua, etc.

This was my best method until I decided I needed to alphabetize the locations, so I wouldn't forget anyone. Alpine was first, Austin, Australia, Austria—to (New) Zealand. And that is how I do it every night and I highly recommend this method—especially if you have insomnia.

The reason that I have told you this is because Tony and I have so many friends and most of them are much more intelligent than me on just about any subject, except when it comes to dogs, etc.

So, several weeks ago when we were visiting with our dear friends (Costa Rica) they told me about doing research on electrical and self-driving cars and the oil and gas industry. They told us that within a couple of years or sooner life as we know it will change for the better.

In this fascinating conversation about all of us will soon be driving electrical cars and charging them for free on our little solar pads and the gas and oil industry going down the tubes—they proved it. "The reason Ford, Chevy, etc. are shutting down plants right now and will start producing only one to five gas-fueled cars is because these companies see the future—solar! They are gearing up to produce electrical cars that will be affordable to everyone. This is happening right now, so do not buy any gas-fueled cars, because they are on the way out....It will end all oil and gas wars and it will help heal the Planet in so many ways. So our future looks bright!..."  

Needless to say, they proved their point over and over again, to us. And just a few days ago I was watching the nightly news and listened to this reporter saying the exact same things about electrical and self-driving cars being our new future and I can't wait. 

As I finish writing this post for tonight, I want to share Mari's other e-mail that she sent to me today that made me laugh out loud, even though I am a big Country music fan. (And I regret and apologize that I don't know where this originated from, so I can't give credit to whom it belongs.)

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!