Friday, February 12, 2016

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid!

The last few days have been great. I took Wednesday off and Trigger and I went up to Fredericksburg to meet my sweet sister for lunch. And so I could meet Sophie, her new, precious Boston Terrier.

We first ate lunch, at Hilda's, that several friends of ours have highly recommended we try. I am glad that we ate at Hilda's too, because their Mexican food was absolutely delicious, the staff was super friendly and Cindy and I got to eat lunch, outside on their porch, with Sophie beside us.

After that we went over to a nearby park and went for a walk around the park several times and then we had a fun visit, sitting inside the shaded gazebo, across the street from the jail.

While we were catching up with each others news I told my sister about the book that I'm reading, that I recently purchased at Wolfmueller's Books. "Cindy, this is one of the funniest books that I've ever read. Seriously, all I do is read a paragraph and then I laugh out loud. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" A Memoir by Bill Bryson is an unbelievably great read. Bryson was born in 1951, in Des Moines, Iowa and it is about him growing up in the Fifties. You've got to read it as soon as you can, because it reminds me of us growing up in Fort Worth...."

Today has been a lot of fun, too. This morning I went outside, about 9:00, to greet Kay, Janet, and Paul, three of our super friends/volunteers that showed up first. When I caught up with Janet, who was returning Layla to her and Little Girl's pen, I asked where Paul was. And when I went for a walk, down to the creek, with Janet and Jack Black I found out that Paul and his sweet, old dog, Bessie, had already taken off to Colorado. "Have a safe trip Paul!"

A little later, the rest of our dear friends/volunteers started arriving. When Eileen showed up she was carrying a blue, paper sack. After greetings, Eileen said, "Nancy, I got a little something for you and Tony's Valentines presents. It's not much." Then she handed me the pretty sack.

I looked inside and burst out laughing. "Oh my goodness! I love it, Eileen! Y'all look at Eileen's presents!" Then I held it up for all to see and they all started laughing with us.

"The Valentine candy is for Tony," Eileen said, with a chuckle. "And when I saw this stuff toy I had to buy it, because it looks just like Little Debbie."

"Did it come with the eye-patch?" I asked.

Eileen laughed. "No, I made that."

"Thank you, Eileen. I love it," I said. "I'm going to have Little Debbie wear this eye-patch when we shoot the final scenes of Longmire—Texas Style! And I love that pretty, little, pink bow, too..." 

Then a few minutes later when Tony and Kermit drove up I showed him his candy from Eileen and the adorable, stuffed toy and like us he laughed out loud, too. "Tony, will you please drive up to the house and get Henry, so Kris and I can take him for a walk, down to the creek?" Tony and Kermit took off and a minute later, Kris and I took off with Henry.

Henry did great on his hike with us. When we arrived at Big Foot Wallace Creek, Henry waded into the water and then he came back out and walked over to Kris, who was sitting on a huge rock. "Henry," Kris said. "Sit." Henry immediately sat down for her and as she gave him a doggie treat, she said, "Good sit, Henry. Good sit."

A little while later, I realized that we hadn't seen anyone walking dogs around us. "Maybe we need to head back, because it might be time for lunch," I said. So we took off with Henry and seconds later I heard Kermit. "I bet Tony is coming to pick us up, so we can go to lunch." I was right and I was wrong—it was Tony and June coming to get us. And it ended up that Tony and June took Henry, with his wet feet, back to the rescue ranch and Kris and I walked back.

As always, lunch was delicious, at the Koyote Grill, and we had a total blast with our dear friends. When I told them about reading Bill Bryson's hilarious, laugh out loud, book The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir we all agreed that we love Bill Bryson's books and then we started reminiscing about growing up in the Fifties. We laughed and laughed about all of the black & white television shows back then, when our families got their first color televisions and all of the crazy things that we did and those TV dinners, etc.

When Tony and I got back home I took Eileen's sweet, Valentine's gifts out of the pretty sack and then I placed them on top of our breakfast bar and took this picture.

And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening! And as soon as you can read Bill Bryson's hilarious The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thank You, Daneshu! We Loved Your Class!

Today has been great and a lot of fun. This afternoon, Tony and I jumped into Trigger and took off for Kerrville, because we wanted to attend our dear friend, Daneshu Clarke's, class on "Texas Hill Country Native Plants Medicinal & Edible Resources," held at the super, great Riverside Nature Center. One of the coolest places to visit in Kerrville.

We arrived about fifteen minutes before the class started, so we got to visit with our dear friends: Lisa, Jim & Kris and Daneshu & Jim for a few minutes. And I am glad that we got there early, because it ended up being standing room only.

Daneshu is a fabulous speaker and she made it fun and interesting to learn about the abundance of the native Hill Country plants all around us that can be to used for medicinal or edible resources. And to say the least, "Tony and I learned a lot and took several pictures of her recommended book list and her interesting exhibit table."

When Daneshu's class ended she got a huge applause and it seemed like everyone wanted to speak to her, either to thank her for teaching the class or to ask her questions or to get her advice. So we hung around and visited some more with Lisa, Kris & Jim and Daneshu & Jim. Then we came back home.

And that's about it for now.

Y'all have a great evening!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Henry's Big Adventure Continues! or That Pink Thing!

Today has been great. Just in case y'all still haven't read Paul's humorous, great story about his dog Bessie I hope that you will, because my dear friend Mari posted this comment about it. And Mari, who I also consider to be a fabulous writer left this comment:

"Mari of the NoMads said...

What a great read this story is! I am sharing the link to your blog with like a gazillion people I know, especially those who own Labs (ok, two of them have Labs.) And I don't do social media or there would be several gazillion people to forward your link to!

Thanks for sharing!"

Henry had so much fun today and he also learned a lot. Henry's big adventure started around 3:00 this afternoon, when the nice kids, from the children's home came out to walk our dogs for us. Two girls asked Tony if they could please take Henry on a walk down to the creek.

About an hour later, I decided to take a break from cleaning up The Cabin and I walked down to the creek to say hi to Karon and to see how Henry was doing.

The girls and Henry met me on the path and Henry looked really happy. "How's Henry doing?" I asked.

"Great! We've already taught Henry how to sit on command by using the dog treats that Tony gave to us. Watch this, Nancy. Henry. Henry look at me! Okay. Sit." Henry looked up at her and sat. Then she immediately gave him a treat, and said, "Good boy, Henry."

"Thank you," I said. "Y'all are great dog trainers." Then they told me that Henry also went into the creek and that he definitely loves to be in the water. Then I asked if it was okay for me to take their picture, before they took off with Henry.

A few minutes later, I was visiting with Karon and Tony, near the creek, when the girls returned with Henry and he who was carrying a small log in his mouth. "We just taught Henry how to fetch! Watch this. Henry. Henry look at me." Henry sat down and looked at her. "Okay. Fetch!"

Karon, Tony and me watched in amazement as Henry took off to go fetch his little log. And this is him carrying his prized log.

Then the girls took Henry to the creek and he immediately went into the water, up to his belly and then he started slapping the water and playing in the "it's too cold for me" creek. And then I took this picture and I love that pink thing. (Yes, I know it is probably caused from the glare of the sun, but I prefer to think it might be friendly Orbs or a pink Being.)

And that's about it for tonight, because I'm getting ready to watch Super Bowl 50's Half Time show.

P.S. I just realized the pink thing is also in the first picture, too!

Y'all have a great evening and don't forget to check out Paul's cool story about Bessie.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

First Light!

Today has been great. Our new friends/volunteers, Paul & Janet, are now hooked on Longmire, as much as all of us are, because recently I had loaned them my first three seasons of Longmire DVDs to watch.

Anyway, Paul sent me a beautiful, humorous story today that he had written about his sweet dog Bessie. And I totally enjoyed reading it. He is definitely a very talented and gifted writer. And he suggested that I might put it up on my blog, so here it is to enjoy, with a picture of him and of Bessie.

 Paul Wuellner wrote:

"First Light

She usually wanted to sleep late so I was surprised when I heard a "woof." As I ignored her, I rolled over and went back to hitting home runs for the Cardinals as my adoring fans gave me standing ovations. But there it was again, "woof." Okay, I guess you really have to go. As I shook the webs from my head, I heard that familiar rat-a-tat-tat on the was raining.  Are you sure, I said. "Woof, woof" was her answer. After putting on raingear and a pair of shoes, I noticed it was four in the morning and was the coldest night so far at 35 degrees! As we moseyed along at a pace that the proverbial tortoise would admire, she finally found an area that interested her. But wait a minute, there was another spot across the street that was even more inviting.  As we meandered across the asphalt, a wild fox appeared in the distance and all bodily functions were put on hold.  She lunged and barked as Mr. Fox just stood there and seemed to be amused. "Another tourist" he appeared to be smirking.  Slowly he walked across an open field and flicked his tail as if to say, catch me if you can. Always up for a challenge, she lunged and pulled and barked until the fox was out of sight.  At that point, I was thoroughly soaked and my bare fingers were turning blue.  Of course, now she had to start the search for the perfect spot all over again.  As she sniffed and looked, the rain intensified.  Finally she espied a grassy area and took dead aim on it.  Once on the deposit-worthy ground, the ritual of smelling and half-fanny-down began.  After several false alarms, she let her fly! Now it was my job to retrieve this "gift" and dutifully place it in a designated receptacle.  And then it occurred to me, I had forgotten to bring the necessary wrap and bow. In other words, I had no bag. What should I do, take a chance that the neighbors were either deaf or blind (or both) and just ignore it or somehow mark its location and return with a bag?  About then the training from St Nell and the nuns kicked in and I knew that I would obey the rules.  As we slowly walked back home, the rain turned to wet snow and the wind picked up.  I finally got home, snagged a couple of bags (it was a particularly generous gift this morning) and started to retrace my steps.  It was then that my flashlight decided to take a rest. But enough light, I thought, to be able to see.  I finally found the big black rock that marked the sacred ground and commenced to scan the area with the precision of a laser.  Ah, found false alarm. Look..., look..., left foot found it!  Did what I could with dim light and wet plastic bags while uttering epithets about ancestors and female dogs!  Finally, I was back home, out of the snow and ready for return to dreamland. But she had another idea. After I do my business, she said, I always eat. NO, not this time, I said firmly.  As she turned on the charm and looked at me with those big brown puppy eyes...I gave in.  Got the kibble, her supper pan, filled the water pan, and placed both in front of her.  She looked up at me and said, but I always get my special food in the morning.  It was a canine conundrum....experience dictated that I get the meat and properly place it on the kibble.  As she watched with breathtaking anticipation, I finally got her food prepared "just right" and she began to eat.  Wide awake and starting to get hungry myself, I decided to make it a party and fix some pancakes.  Being the gourmet cook, I only use Aunt Jemima pancake mix! But, alas, her cupboard was empty, so I decided to make a little omelet.  I took the egg carton from Amana but noticed that I was out of orange juice and what is an omelet without juice? Okay, forget the juice I thought, just brew some coffee.  Got out the omelet pan (or more accurately the only skillet I own), melted the butter and started to break the eggs. Wait, what's the matter with these eggs?  They wouldn't break. After much high-level analysis and critical thinking, concluded they were frozen!  "Oh for crying-out-loud, what else can go wrong?" I said.  Maybe the altitude affects the frig temperature and a setting of low was required or its contents freeze, I thought. And, yes, the carrots and onions were frozen too.  "Yep, that must be it," I said as I turned the frig knob to low. At this point, Bessie was sound asleep on my bed, stretched crossways so that the only unoccupied space were corners which could only comfortably be used by a contortionist.  After more special words and ancestral references, I washed the lonely skillet and took out the cereal.  So three hours after the initial woof, I ate my flakes and prepared for the day.  As I looked to my left, out of the window, I saw the sun low on the horizon.  It was beautiful. A big, orange, glowing ball offering warmth and light for the day.  It was then that I realized she really had given me a gift that morning. Without her I would have missed this little glimpse of god and his wonder.  Thanks, Bess, I said.  Hearing her name, she sleepily lifted her head and then immediately went back to sleep."

Y'all have a great day!

Friday, February 5, 2016


Today has been a total blast and super great. This morning, around 11:30, after all of our great friends/volunteers had walked our dogs, we went up to the Medina Highpoint's Koyote Grill to celebrate Eileen's birthday and to eat lunch together.

June and Ellen brought the cutest "Bat Cake" made by Creative Cakes By Sharon, in Kerrville and it was delicious. June and Ellen chose to use a Bat theme, because Eileen loves bats and she volunteers regularly, at the Old Tunnel State Park, a popular place to learn about Bats and view them. And Lisa also baked a chocolate, pecan-pie-cake for Eileen and it was totally delicious, too.

When we started eating lunch Eileen opened up her birthday cards and then we passed them around the table so we could all read them. Her birthday cards were so hilarious, it sounded like we were doing a laughing wave around the table over and over again. And her Bangkok/Charade card was my favorite card and I am still laughing about it and that's all that I can say about it.

After we all sang Happy Birthday to Eileen, she made a wish and blew out the flaming candles, spinning around on Lisa's pecan-pie cake. 

Before I ate my slice of Lisa's mouth-watering, chocolate, pecan-pie cake I took this picture to show  the pecan pie inside of the chocolate cake.

On our way back home Tony and I were still laughing about how much fun Eileen's birthday was and I didn't think my day could get any better. But it did—just a few minutes later!

When we stopped to pick up our mail, before going home, there was a box addressed to my from my sweet friend Jo, who also lives in Northern New Mexico, near Cindy. I had known that Jo was sending me something that she had made especially for me, since last weekend, because she had asked me for our address.

I totally love Jo's beautiful Cousin Nancy flags and here are a few pictures of the ribbon, connected flags, to show off her creative talent. And I think that I am going to have Tony help me hang it, in my pretty, pink, writing cabin, because it is over six feet long when strung out.

After I took the pictures of Jo's beautiful flags, I am thinking that today could not get any better and then the phone rang—it was Claudia, the sweet woman that came out last Tuesday morning and adopted Bonnie Raitt from us.

"Nancy, I just want to give you an update on Bonnie. She is working out beautifully and she and I are best friends. I take Bonnie on a long walk every morning around 7:30 and every afternoon she and I take a nap together. She's perfect and she loves to ride in my car with me...I cannot thank you and Tony enough for Bonnie and for what y'all do...." And to the least, her great news made me tear up, because I was so happy for Bonnie and for Claudia. 

So, Happy Birthday Eileen! Thank you Jo! And best wishes for Bonnie and Claudia! And that is about it for tonight, because Tony and I are fixin' to go take Henry on his first adventure—a hike in the woods and down to the creek.

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I've Got Mail!

After I posted not being able to get my mail, I tried one more time and it worked! And the important note from the foundation was there, too. So, once again I am a happy camper.

Yesterday, my dear friend Fay sent me this e-mail about Sassy, who is now named Miss Moneypenny and I want to share it with y'all. Fay wrote:

"Hi Nancy,
It's been a busy couple of weeks since Miss Moneypenny's arrival so I took a minute on my lunch to write this wee note and include some photos.
She has settled into our pack so well! Ranger is in love with her and she plays and cuddles with him every waking and sleeping moment. Wee Lassie, our grand old matriarch, is teaching her good manners and doggy respect and they've been playing together more and more as time goes on.
She has grown so much in the last two weeks, she's up to 17 lbs from the 14lbs that were listed on her adoption papers! At this rate, she'll be caught up with Ranger in no time.
We have a wonderful dog walker, Dana, who has a rescue dog of her own, and she comes and picks up our three dogs in the mid morning while we are at work and takes all four on a doggy walk! They love it and she shares awesome pictures with us every day. Miss Moneypenny has so many new dog friends, she loves it here in Canada. I've included a photo of our pack and her pup, Ice, out on their 1st walk. 
We are so grateful you let us adopt her, she is such a smart, healthy and beautiful puppy. We are in love with her!! Ian has yet to choose a song for her, but when he does, I will be sure to share with y'all!
Much love and tail wags,
Clan Maclachlan"

I love her pretty, pink dog collar and leash, so now I am wondering if Tony and Henry will let me put a pink collar on Henry. 

Y'all have a great evening!

Site Unseen!

Today was almost great. This afternoon after doing some paperwork I decided to check my e-mail, but Yahoo had a problem. It didn't recognize my device which is the device I've always used and it asked me to prove who I am. For the past week this has happened often.

Basically, I tell it to call me and the phone will ring instantly ring and a robot gives me a code to verify I am who I am. It's simple. Right?

Well it was until today, because it always calls me, but nope not today. I've tried several times and each time when it "calls me" our phone doesn't ring, so I can't type in the code to get to my mail. I am frustrated with this, because I can't check my e-mail, because I am expecting an important e-mail, from a foundation, that I must respond to."

So I have decided that this weekend I plan to close my Yahoo accounts "site unseen." So, if any of you have sent me an e-mail after noon today, I can't respond.