Friday, April 20, 2018


Today has been great. This morning our dear friends Denise & Mark came back for another fun visit.

We talked and laughed about how much fun we had with them and Irene and Dave, last week. "Nancy, Mark & I are still laughing about that hilarious Longmire—Texas Style video spoof that you did with your friends—to make Little Debbie more famous.

"We were going to put these on our heads, right before we got here, but it was too windy." Then she showed me their two, homemade, aluminum, alien-attracting helmets (tin pie pans tied with string) that they had made and the two, cute, little alien-attracting helmets they had made for their two, adorable dogs to wear.

After we had quit laughing about it Denise went to their truck and brought back this framed picture to show us. "Mark is famous for an alien prank he did, when he was 18 years old. He and his friends pulled this hilarious, Halloween prank, in Xenia, Ohio. And Newsweek magazine ran the story and Walter Cronkite commented about it on the national news."

Then Denise spun the picture around and showed us this framed newspaper article about Mark and his friends' famous alien incident.

Tony and I read the article and we were laughing the entire time that we were reading it. 

(Please Note: The article was professionally framed, so I could not remove it from the frame. I tried scanning it, but that did not work, because of the glass glare. So, I ended up taking several pictures of the article and ended up having to cut it up in bits & pieces, so y'all would be able to read about this fantastic, funny prank.)

After reading this article, Mark told me that when the policemen took his friends to the police station, the policemen played along with the kid's prank and when they took took them inside, for a few seconds the unsuspecting police officers on duty nearly fell out of their chairs. And Mark said, "It literally put my small town, on the map. And for several weeks reporters were combing the town interviewing residents." 

And I love it. Do we have cool friends or what!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Illustrations From The Last Century by Steve Pietzsch, May 28th Reception!

Today has been great. Rick left this morning and we really enjoyed seeing him.

Last night, during Happy Hour, Rick and Tony urged me to take a picture of our Made In Texas plumbing lamp and put it on eBay or Etsy to see if it would sell.

I balked at their suggestion, and said, "Our one-of-a-kind plumbing lamp, that I truly love, cost me over $50.00 to make."

"Then put a $100.00 price tag on it," Rick pressed on. "Then see if anyone will buy it."

After we had quit laughing about it, I said, "No, because it is not cost effective. I can't afford the labor."

"Nancy," Rick teased. "Come on. If someone buys it—Tony and I will stay up until midnight making them."

"I think you should do it too, Nance," Tony said.

"Okay, let me think about it," I lied. And I left it at that.

Here is some great news about another dear friend Steve Pietzsch. On Saturday, April 28th, from 2 PM until 4 PM, the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, in Kerrville, will be hosting a reception for some of Steve's awesome 70s, 80s and 90s painting assignments, various commercial projects, magazine and book illustrations, etc.

Steve's Illustrations From The Last Century art show runs from April 26th until May 20th, so please mark your calendars to be at this fun event.

Steve Pietzsch is one of our all-time favorite artists, so Tony and I will definitely be going to his reception. And we will be promptly be there, at 2:00, so we can hopefully be one of the first people to get inside and purchase a piece of Steve's art.

Speaking of Steve's fabulous art, on March 4th, when Steve was over here helping Andy put up our rain gutters, before adios-ing us Steve had roughed-out a quick sketch to help Tony and me understand how we should go about hooking up our rain harvesting system.

Anyway, when Steve handed me his 30 - 45 second sketch—I immediately asked Steve to please sign and date it for me, so I could frame it and then brag to our friends about us being proud owners of some of his fabulous art.

Steve thought it was hilarious and he laughed at my request, before he quickly scribbled his name and dated the sheet of paper aka our first piece of Steve's art.

Since then I have framed it myself, but I still have not decided where we should hang it, until now. So it now proudly hangs, on the big room's wall, below the picture of Big Foot Wallace, that Steve framed and gave to Tony, many years ago.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Plumbing Problems!

Today has been great. This morning I painted the picnic table that Rick and Tony built for me yesterday. And this is a picture of it before I painted it blue, because Tony asked me to paint blue.

I totally love my new, custom, Made In Texas, hanging "plumbing parts" lamp, that Rick, Tony and I built. 

You see, last week I bought this cute, battery operated, made in China lamp for under $20.00. But after we hung it up I was a little disappointed with it, because the light bulb was yellow instead of white and it was not a very bright light at all. And even though it looked like it was made with metal parts it was made of plastic. 

Yesterday, after telling Rick that I wasn't real pleased with my Made In China hanging lamp, because it was all plastic, I had another one of my light bulb moments,

So the three of us, hopped in Roy and went to the Home Depot, so the men could help me make a look-a-like lamp.

Well, it took the three of us and a friendly, helpful Home Depot employee and about thirty-minutes, for us to find all of the parts we needed to construct our Made In Texas metal lamp. And here is a picture of all of the plumbing parts it took for us to put this thing together. And please note that we have the lamp already partially assembled and that it is Rick's hand resting on the kitchen island, while we were debating over plumbing problems.

It should have been easy for us to make this lamp, but the three of us all had our own ideas on how to put this thing together. And we probably wasted about thirty minutes debating on what went where and why it should go there.

Near the end of our "You Light Up My Life" project we had a few wiring problems, so Tony volunteered to go to the Medina Ace Hardware, so he could buy a new wall plug. And after he got back to Big Foot Ranch—he and Rick finished connecting the cord to the wall plug and then they hung it up for me. So now it is a perfect reading lamp.

I know you can't see the lamp very well from the picture above, but here are two close ups of it. 

Now our one-of-a-kind Made In Texas lamp, matches the fixture, in our kitchen, because it also came out of our trailer, when we moved over here. And we would not have used it if I had not been lucky enough to find it, packed away, inside one of our moving boxes, still stored in the barn.

I was so thrilled about having found this light fixture with it's lamp shade, but Tony and Rick were not as thrilled about it as I was, because they had one heck of a time disassembling it and trying to remove the bolted-on shade— and then having to take the time to rethread our custom made lamp, one more time. But as far as I'm concerned it was well worth it, even though Tony and Rick may disagree with me.

Anyway that is about it for today, but I want to show you how our painted blue picnic table turned out. I love it, but not as much as I love our new lamp.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

One Scoop!

Well, Rick arrived about five minutes after I had finished doing our 2017 taxes, so after howdies and hugs we decided to celebrate him being up here with us and for me finally getting our taxes done.

So we sat out on the front porch and declared it—Happy Hour and it was so much fun catching up with Rick's latest news about him leaving Nicaragua and moving back to Port A. Omg, we talked non-stop and Happy Hour ended up lasting two hours or drinking two beers each.

Then like old folks we stopped drinking and ate a pizza, out on the front porch. And during dinner I started feeling guilty about hiding the ice cream from Rick, so after they finished-off the pizza, I came inside, grabbed three bowls, three spoons, an ice cream scoop and our last, precious tub of H-E-B's Limited Edition, Creamy Creations Mexican Hot Chocolate and took everything outside.

After Tony and I told Rick about this delicious ice cream, he served himself one scoop. And moments later, Rick took a second helping of the ice cream. "This is the best ice cream that I've ever eaten!" Rick stated, as he served himself scoop #3.

I was thrilled that Rick loved our ice cream as much as we did, but in the back of my head I was thinking, "Gosh, I hope he doesn't eat anymore." And he must have read my thoughts, because after he ate the third scoop he announced that he was full and could eat no more.

I was so thrilled about Rick not eating anymore of our treasured ice cream, I grabbed the tub, went into the kitchen and took this picture of it, before trying to hide it again, inside the freezer.

I took this picture to show you how much ice cream was left, but I also took this picture to document the amount leftover, so I can prove if Rick eats anymore of it.

Late last night Carol sent me this email:

"I just read your blog. Hide it in the freezer in my barn until Rick Leaves."

Today has been great. Rick helped Tony build a picnic table this morning and this afternoon the three of us went to Home Depot, to buy a lamp kit, so Rick could help me build a lamp. And that is about it for tonight, because Rick just made a lame excuse and went inside The Cabin, so I am fixin' to go over to Carol's ranch pronto and hide the tub of ice cream in her barn.

And if Rick happens to ask me where is the ice cream, I'm going to tell him, "I ate it."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!  

Monday, April 16, 2018

What Would Rick Do"

The last few days have been a little bit hectic. You know the old saying, "When it rains it pours" well let's just say it's been pouring here.

We had some major problems with the Airstream's plumbing/electricity and now that has been fixed, or better said—we put a band-aid on it—it is usable. Which is good, because late this afternoon our dear friend, Rick, the former "Friendly Lighthouse Keeper," in Port Aransas, is coming to see us and that is where he will be camping out.

Other than that we are still working on getting our water supply up and running. Our rain harvesting system is ready to go and all that we need now is rain to fill up our 4,000 gallon water tanks.

We've also been working on our shallow well, that went dry last week, for a few hours. So last Friday we purchased another 2,500 gallon water tank, from Home Depot, and it got delivered Saturday afternoon and hopefully, in the near very future, we will get that plumbed, so it can help out our well from going dry again.

This past Thursday while Tony was, at the Willow City Loop, taking beautiful photos of the beautiful Blue Bonnets with his sweet sister Annie and Sam's sweet wife, Stacie, I went to the Office Max, in Kerrville and purchased turbotax software, so I could figure out how to do our taxes, because our dear friend/CPA that has been doing our taxes, for over 30 years, has recently retired.

Anyway, I was going to work on our taxes this past weekend, but one thing after another kept popping up after another. And it was exhausting.

So this morning the first thing I did, after drinking two cups of coffee, I did our taxes and the good news about that is I loved working with the easy to use turbotax software and I got our taxes done for 2017, except now I am waiting for them to send me the filled out tax forms, so we can sign them and get them mailed.

As Tony and I are waiting for Rick to arrive, I am getting a little bit nervous, because we only have one tub left of that super-delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream.

Yesterday afternoon I removed the tub, from the Airstream and put it inside our freezer, so Rick wouldn't find it and decide to eat it all up, because I know how much he loves ice cream.

But my problem now is "What Would Rick Do?" when I open our freezer door and he sees the Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream and this is driving me crazy.

It is embarrassing for me to have to admit that I don't want to share our last tub of limited edition, ice cream with Rick, but sadly it is true. So a few minutes ago, I pulled the priceless tub out of our freezer and slipped it inside a plastic bag to disguise it.

But now my problem is "What Would Rick Do?" when he sees a Home Depot plastic bag, in our freezer. Knowing Rick, I am sure that when he spots it he will ask, "Why is there a Home Depot bag, in your freezer?..."

So, just a few minutes ago, I removed the ice cream tub, again and I took this picture of it.

Then I took it out of the plastic Home Depot sack and I threw the plastic bag away.

So now with little time left, before Rick arrives, I am going to try to hide the ice cream tub once again, but this time I am going to hide it, behind several frozen vegetables bags. So please wish me luck that Rick never finds it while he visits us.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Best of Times! or Jack's Jacket!

Yesterday and today have been so much fun and also exciting. Tuesday afternoon our great friends Denise & Mark came to see us and they brought their dear friends, Irene & Dave, who had come all of the way, from Florida, to visit them.

These two, fabulous couples have been best friends for over 40 years and they came down to see us, on their way-too-cool Harleys.

It was so great to see Denise & Mark and both Tony and I instantly became best friends with Irene & Dave, because we all had so much in common.

We had a blast visiting with them yesterday. And this morning before they headed back, to Austin, they came back for another fun-filled visit. But I believe Little Debbie had the best of times, because if Denise wasn't holding her or Irene wasn't gushing over her—Mark was carrying her around like a little baby.

Little Debbie was eating up all of the attention she was getting and she was starting to get a big head about it, until she learned that Mark & Denise were missing their little, precious Ouzie, another adorable Chihuahua that they had rescued a few years ago. And when Irene showed me cute pictures of Ouzie, Denise laughed and said, "I think Ouzie is adorable, but Mark tells people she looks like a loaf of bread with a head and a tail."

And after we had quit laughing about how Mark described their Chihuahua, Irene said, "She is cute, but she has an armadillo tail." Then Irene quickly showed me a picture of Ouzie's rear-end and I did have to agree with her that Ouzie's tail looks exactly like an armadillo.

This afternoon after we adios-ed our great friends Tony and I took off for Kerrville, so we could run a few errands. And our first stop was at, Wolfmueller's Books, which is one of our favorite places in Kerr County and the best bookstore in Texas.

When we walked inside Wolfmueller's Books, Sandy & Jon and Jean (Jon's sister) greeted us. Then they invited us to sit down for a fun visit. Omg, Tony and I had so much fun visiting with them and I laughed for so long, my back was aching, before I even got to tell them about Jack's jacket. And here is a condensed version on that topic.

"Y'all know how much I love Heartland," I said. "The show is so awesome. It takes place in Alberta, Canada and has been on television for over eleven years, in Canada and is popular all over the world.

"Netflix has 9 seasons of Heartland and each season has 18 episodes that are each 42 minutes long. Seriously, I am addicted to that wholesome show."

"I love Heartland too," Jean replied.

"Nancy loves it so much she has watched the 9 Seasons three times," Tony added.

"It's true. And after watching the nine Season's twice, I broke down and bought Heartland's Season 10. And I loaned my Season 10 to Ronnie & Nita, when I went up for Katelyn's wedding. And Ronnie & Nita were so thrilled about it you would have thought I had loaned them a million dollars...and then Ronnie & Nita bought a subscription on UP TV and ...."

"....Well, Ronnie & Nita are addicted to Heartland too. And last week Ronnie called to tell me that he had done some research, on Heartland, and he found our that Jack's (Shaun Johnston, the awesome actor who plays Jack Bartlett, the cowboy, rancher and the grandfather that everyone adores) barn jacket that he wears often, in the show. And it is not a canvas Carhartt coat like I thought it was. The jacket Jack wears is made by LL Bean and it is called a barn chore jacket..." And here is a picture of Jack wearing this great-looking, famous jacket.

"So Ronnie starts laughing and tells me that he had just bought a used Jack's jacket, on Ebay." Sandy, Jean, Jon and Tony started laughing. "I was so green with envy I ended up buying one, too—on Ebay and I got it cheaper than Ronnie paid for his. And my Jack's jacket came today, even though it was scheduled to arrive this Friday! Omg, I love it so much and then Ronnie...."

Late this afternoon before coming home, Tony and I dropped by Jim & Joan's beautiful ranch for a fun visit, because we could not wait to see it. Now remember, Jon's twin sisters are Joan & Jean and this is Joan's & Jim's ranch. 

Anyway, their beautiful ranch is totally awesome. Jim & Joan's ranch house is also totally awesome and Tony and I loved how she had decorated it, with Jim's help of course. So Tony and I had a really fun visit with our super-nice neighbors, up on the pass and then we came home. And guess what I did?

Yes, as soon as I had hugged all of our dogs, I grabbed my Jack's jacket, my cowboy hat, bandana and then locked myself, inside the restroom—while hoping and praying that Tony would not knock on the door, because he needed to rest.

Luckily for me Tony was well rested and he never knocked. So three minutes later, after putting on my "outfit" I came out, grabbed my camera and then asked Tony to come outside and take this picture of me—wearing Jack's jacket, so I could e-mail it to Ronnie and get a laugh out of him & Nita.

Tony chuckled about me wearing Jack's jacket, because it was about 80 degrees outside and he knew that soon I would be sweating bullets inside, so to  speak. So my poser-photo-shoot only took us about 1 minute outside. And this is the best picture, out of the fifteen, that Tony took of me wearing my Jack's jacket.

And that is about it for tonight, because I am going to watch Heartland's Season 7: Episodes 10, 11 and maybe 12.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Wonderful Wolfmuellers!

Saturday we had a cold front blow in and I totally loved it, because Tony and I built a fire in the wooden stove—making The Cabin so cozy. And here is a picture of Henry Standing Bear and Belle Starr-Simons relaxing or better said—sleeping and snoring.

I'm so glad that the cold front blew in, because it is probably going to be the last time for us to get to use the wood burning stove until Fall arrives.

Today has been great. This morning Tony and I went to visit Carol and we did a lot of laughing as always.  

After adios-ing Carol we took off to go visit Tony's brother Sam and his sweet wife Stacie. But first we made an intentional, fun pit stop, at the famous Old Timer, which is and always will be The official Heartbeat (Or The Pulse) of Medina, Texas—where everybody knows your name and the latest on what's going on, in Medina. 

I love The Old Timer so much, because it has the best vibes and you can always count on being greeted by Debbie Martin or her friendly, upbeat employees. 

Anyway, I could not wait to see all of the new changes/renovations that sweet Debbie has made to The Old Timer. And get this—when we pulled up, at The Old Timer and got out of Roy (our 2012 Dodge Ram truck) Debbie actually came outside and waved for us to come inside.

When we walked inside the store, Debbie and Melinda greeted us and after hugs and howdies I looked around and I loved what I saw. So I said, "Debbie, I love what you've done to your store. I mean, I have always loved the way it looked inside, but now you've outdone yourself....In fact, I am going to blog about this...."

Then I walked around and started taking pictures of the awesome-looking store, as Tony sat down at a table and visited with Melinda and Debbie. I loved the way Debbie had rearranged the store, with the longer, wider isles and her knack for decorating. And here are a just a few of the pictures that I took.

This is the Old Timer's Wall or as I like to call it— The Wall of Fame and Tony is such a morning regular there, he gets to keep his very own coffee mug, on the shelf, beside the big window.

And when I was at the back of The Old Timer, I took this picture of Debbie talking to Tony, but it is hard to see her, because The Old Timer is so big inside. Anyway, that is Debbie standing in front of the counter and Tony with his back to me, sitting on a bench.

Tone and I had a nice visit with Sam & Stacie and after we adios-ed them my day just kept getting better and better.

When we got back home, Carlton was flashing, on top of my desk. So I pushed his button to hear the message and then I punched in the number to return the call. "Hi Sandy! We just got back home and we would absolutely love for you & Jon to come see us...."

About forty-five minutes later, the wonderful Wolfmuellers arrived and we could not wait to show Sandy & Jon all that we've done to, the inside, of The Cabin, our water catchment system and Tony's keyhole garden area that he is still working on. 

Omg, Sandy & Jon made me feel so great. They loved our finished front porch, the painted red door and "the mud room" that we built last weekend, which is immediately on your left, as you enter The Cabin. They thought our kitchen was too cute and they assured me that they thought that there was no reason whatsoever for me not to have my electric stove, because of the microwave, counter top oven and my Instant Pot. 

When Tony and I started to brag about how much we love our Instant Pot, they laughed, and Sandy said, "Jon's sister Joan just got an Instant Pot and her twin, Jean, wants to get one, too. But I told Jean to just wait awhile, because Joan will probably use hers once and then give it to her...." 

After we gave Jon & Sandy a tour outside, showing them our water harvesting system and Tony's keyhole gardens we returned to the front porch and had a fun visit. And during our conversation I asked them if they had ever eaten, at the Wild Ass Hey Barn. "Yes, we've been there and we love it, too," Sandy said.

"There food there is so delicious," Jon added. And then they told us about the restaurant's super-cool deck, that overlooks the Guadalupe River. "Their Friday Night Catfish Dinner is fabulous, and it is also open Mic night, so you get to listen to some really good music while enjoying the best fried catfish...." 

And that is about it for tonight, because I am going to watch a movie. I don't know which movie I will watch on Netflix of Amazon, but you can be sure it will either be a comedy or a romance movie.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!