Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Dress!

Today has been great. For the record, please note that our wood floors, inside The Cabin, were spic and span, before the heavy thunderstorms and hail arrived this afternoon. Now I have a dress story to tell you.

Years ago I finally feng shui-ed the only dress I owned, because I am not comfortable in dresses. And as you know I dress very simple. In fact, I basically wear the same kind of clothes/uniform everyday. My uniform for fall and winter months is 501 Levi's, navy blue, colored turtlenecks and boots. And it's 501 Levi's, denim work shirts and boots, for the spring and summer months.

For the past six or seven years I've know that I should go buy a dress to wear for funerals, weddings or special occasions, but I didn't, until last week, because Tony and I have several upcoming events to attend, that I should wear a dress at, in the next couple of months.

Before I purchased The Dress I talked to my dear friends, Kris & Jim, about wanting and needing to buy a dress and they suggested that I buy a simple black dress, because they are good for any occasion. That was good advice, but I didn't heed it, because I don't look good in black.

On Tuesday, April 7th, I did not dress up to go buy a dress and neither did Tony. We wore our uniforms and went to the mall, in Kerrville. We checked out dresses, in several department stores, but I didn't see anything that I really liked. Which makes sense, because I don't like dresses to begin with, because they make me look frumpier than I already am.

Anyway, after the third store, Tony started grumbling and was starting to make those kinds of noises that you do when you roll your eyes. So I decided to go to Cross Cultures, my favorite store, in the entire mall, because I knew they would have the perfect dress for me to wear. (Over my jeans. I wish.)

I love Cross Cultures for several reasons and the main ones are: The good vibes are incredibly great inside the store, it always smells fabulous, because of their huge selection of quality incense and the storeowners are incredibly nice, friendly, helpful people. Plus they have super cool stuff to sell.

Well, I was right about finding the perfect dress there and Tony was so happy watching the man fold up The Dress and slip it inside a plastic bag, because he knew that we were finally done shopping and could go back home.

In fact, Tony was so glad that I had finally purchased The Dress to wear, he tied the sack handles, into a tight knot, I guess, so it wouldn't fly out of the bag or something like that, which would then cause us to have to make another day spent, at the mall.

Anyway, a few days later, I realized that it might be smart for me to try on The Dress just to make sure that it would fit me. So, when Tony went outside to mow, I went into the bedroom to try on The Dress for most occasions.

The Dress was still folded up, inside the tied up bag, on our dresser, where I had left it. When I untied Tony's knot and pulled The Dress out of the bag, I instantly smelled that store's sweet fragrant incense, on The Dress. The aroma filled the air, in our bedroom, so I went into the kitchen and wrote down, "buy incense," on my "To Do" list. Then I took The Dress off and got back into my uniform.

An hour later, Tony, who, let's just say "Isn't real fond of incense," walked inside The Cabin, sniffed the air, and asked, "What's that smell?"

"It's The Dress!" I said, proudly. "And it fits, thank goodness."

"Where's The Dress?"

"In our closet," I said. "Why?"

"It's all of the way back there? And I can smell it all of the way from here?" Then he chuckled.

"I love the way it smells and I'm going to buy that same kind of incense, the next time we go to the mall," I said, defensively. "And for your information, it will make it easier for you to find me, at events, too."

"Don't worry about that," Tony joked. "They're going to smell us coming from a mile away." And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Steaming Mad!

Today has been great. I was very busy all day and I got a ton done. As of today I am temporarily all caught up, so I am celebrating tonight, by playing with my new Bissell POWERFRESH steam mop.

Sweet Tony bought it for me this afternoon, at Penneys, because my old steam mop was so undependable. It seemed that every other time that I wanted to use it, it wouldn't work or it would get clogged up, even though I always used distilled water in it and that always made me steaming mad.

And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fall Trail Ride! or Nancy J. Bailey Rules!

Today has been great. This afternoon, my new friend, Nancy J. Bailey, an extremely talented author, who wrote the fabulous book The North Side Of Down: A True Story Of Two Sisters sent me a package.

After I asked Tony to please open up the box for me, because I was checking our other mail, he asked, "What do you think it is?"

"It's that great book that Eileen gave to me. I enjoyed reading the book so much, Eileen gave me Nancy's address, so I could send it back to Nancy, for her to sign to me."

When Tony opened up the box, there was my book or should I say Nancy's fabulous book "that you can't put down."

As I looked to the page to see what Nancy had written, Tony says, "There's more." Then he pulled out this beautiful 11"x15" watercolor that she had painted and I loved it, because when I had first checked out Nancy J. Bailey's beautiful art, months ago—this watercolor was titled, "Fall Trail Ride" and it was instantly my very favorite painting. In fact, this painting spoke to me so much that I had even blogged about how much I loved her "Fall Trail Ride" watercolor.

When Tony first showed it to me, still wrapped inside its protective cover, I assumed that it was a signed print and I was absolutely thrilled about receiving it and I could not wait to get it framed. But when I removed it from the protective cover to admire it some more— I almost fainted, because it was not a signed print. It was her signed, original watercolor! "Omg, Tony! I can't believe that Nancy gave her beautiful painting to me!" Then I started to tear up, because I was so touched by this awesome watercolor and her kindness to me. To check out more of Nancy J. Bailey's beautiful artwork please click here.

"It really is beautiful, Nance and there's a more thing she sent." Then he pulled out a sample package of Wysong Biscuits dog treats. So I took this picture of it and then Tony opened up the sample package and fed the dog treats to our four legged family and they absolutely loved them. So, we plan to order them some more, because our dogs loved them and they are MADE IN USA, family owned and operated organization. And Nancy J. Bailey recommends them.

Before I finish writing this tonight I want to do a big shout out to one very multi-talented woman. "Thank you so very much, Nancy! I love what you wrote to me in the book, too! Nancy J. Bailey Rules!"

Y'all have a great evening!

Monday, April 13, 2015

We've Got Twins!

Yesterday was more than great. Sam Kindrick's Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary blowout celebration, at the Texas Pride BBQ, in Adkins, Texas was so much fun and the $8,300.00 raised, at the gate, that Kinky, Tony and I worked, at $10.00 per person tickets, was certainly a financial pleasure for our rescue ranch, too!

Texas Pride BBQ was one of the coolest places to be in Texas yesterday, to listen to the very best of Texas musicians. Tony, the nice Texas Pride BBQ owner and his super friendly, fun staff were so easy to work with, because they were so organized. It was obviously not their first rodeo dealing with a huge, friendly crowd. If you weren't up front dancing or inside eating tasty BBQ food, every bench and chair, in the super cool place, was occupied and it didn't seem to bother any of the many standing room only folks.

The huge crowd came out to celebrate this blowout event, to show their love, respect and appreciation for Sam Kindrick and his super popular Action magazine. He and his awesome magazine are considered legendary. And after I got to meet him, in person, I got to have a very fun visit with him and then I understood why everyone knows and loves Sam and Action magazine.

Our dear friend and popular radio host, Roy Holley and the great folks, that he works with, over at KKYX, were also at the event, because they love Sam and Action magazine, so much. In fact, for months in advance, they have been plugging this event non-stop to make sure that everyone knew about it so they wouldn't miss out on the fabulous music and fun. Here are a few pictures that Tony and I took during the celebration.

That's Tony, sitting down, on the bench, up front and to the right.

Our dear friends, Little Jewford, Sage & Dylan Ferrero and Jay & Sara Pennington also showed up to celebrate with everyone and they kept Kinky, Tony and me laughing non-stop. In fact, at one point, Jay asked his sweet wife to please shoot him and me. 

And this morning, after sleeping in, because we didn't get back home until after 10:30 last night, I discovered that Jay had doctored and then posted our picture, on his Facebook page, so I tagged it and put it on my Facebook page. I've titled Sara's pictures that she took of us We've Got Twins!

And he wrote under this picture: "The very sweet "Cousin" Nancy Parker-Simons who runs Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch - proceeds from Sam Kindrick's Action Mag 40th anniversary music event last Sunday will go to help Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch."

Well, I plan to spend the rest of this evening working on my third novella, because I am having a blast with it and that's about it for tonight. 

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Congratulations To Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary! We Love Y'all!

Today has been great, but it was uneventful due to drizzling or misting rain, so I spent most of my day inside The Bunkhouse, my pretty, pink writing cabin, having a blast writing on my 3rd hilarious novella.

Tomorrow, Kinky, Tony and I will be at the famous Texas Pride BBQ, in Adkins, Texas celebrating Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary with all of the gate's proceeds benefiting our rescue ranch, thanks to the kindness of Sam Kindrick, Roy Holley at KKYX, Texas Pride BBQ and all of the fabulous musicians that will be performing tomorrow.

It is going to be a total blast and I can't wait to see and hear all of our musician friends: Augie Meyers, Johnny Bush, Johnny Rodriguez, Joe King Carrasco, Darryl McCall, etc. If you're in the vicinity, please drop by, because it is going to be so much fun with totally delicious food and the tickets are only $10.00 per person to see the show. Congratulations to Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary! We love y'all and that's about it for tonight. Action Magazine Rules And So Do Dogs!

Y'all have a great evening!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Greater Tuna!

Today has been great, but nothing really exciting happened. Tony and I spent most of our day mowing down grass and weeds and then I baked us a tuna pot pie for our lunch.

We've never eaten a tuna pot pie or even heard of one and the reason why I made the pot pie using tuna is because I forgot to buy chicken yesterday. Anyway, it was delicious and Tony loved the fish pot pie and even got seconds. I've named my new recipe Cousin Nancy's Greater Tuna. And he wants me to make it again and that's about it for tonight.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Weirdo!

Today has been great even though I overslept this morning. While I was drinking my first cup of coffee the phone rang—it was Kinky. "Good morning, Nance. When you have a chance please come over, because...."

Twenty minutes later, I walked inside the Lodge and was greeted by Kinky, Chet O'Keefe and The Friedmans. Chet was cooking on the stove top, and said, "I'm fixing Kinky and me some spaghetti for breakfast. Would you like some?"Then Chet and I started laughing when Kinky started defending why eating spaghetti for breakfast is no big deal.

"Thanks, but no thanks," I said. "We just ate some homemade lasagna for breakfast." Kinky and Chet looked shocked. "Not really. I'm just kidding..."

While Chet and Kink ate their spaghetti breakfast, Kinky told us that a good friend of ours hates puns. "No seriously he can't stand them," Kinky said, followed by a chuckle. "So, I told Sean, "These two antennae decide to get married and they sent out invitations to their friends asking them to RSVP if they would be attending their reception."

We all laughed and then I told them the pun that I had heard on The Ellen Show, the other day. "Do you know what you call a bear without teeth? A gummy bear."

So now it was Chet's turn. "Do you know what you call a line of rabbits walking backwards? A receding hare line."

This afternoon Chet, Tony and I carpooled or truckpooled to Kerrville, because we all needed to go to Home Depot, H-E-B and the Post Office. Our first stop was at the Post Office, because I needed to mail Chet's music Cd's to my dear friend Cindy, in Northern New Mexico and Chet needed to mail a few letters.

Then we went to Home Depot and then we all went our separate ways, because we all needed stuff. Chet ended up purchasing some paint and 4" plastic pipe, for his Chet Pack. Tony purchased more dirt and seeds and I bought a gallon of pink paint, a small can of black Rustoleum, a paint brush and these beautiful flowers.

Then we went to H-E-B and I am so glad that we did, because we saw our good friend, Ellen, who had a gift, sent to her from her cousin Pam, to give to me and it was out in Ellen's car. So while Tony went outside with Ellen, to her car, to get my package, Chet and I took off in different directions, in the store. And that's when I  ran into our dear friend Marguerite.

Ed Helms' sweet mother, Pam, sent me an REI, beautiful, blue, tie-dye bandana, just like the one that she had worn the last time that we saw her, because I had admired it. So when we got back home, I tied the bandana around my neck and then I asked Tony to please come outside and take a picture of me wearing Pam's beautiful gift. 

When we went outside, I picked up Little Debbie and then I sat down on the porch, so Tony could shoot me and this is what happened and it is the first picture Tony took of me. It's a funny picture, because I look like a weirdo, because our dogs were drowning me in kisses and you can't even see the beautiful bandana at all.

After Tony showed me my goofy-looking picture I asked him to please take another one with just Little Debbie, Roy and me.

I want to thank Pam for my beautiful, blue bandana gift that I love and will wear often. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!