Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The past few days have almost been great. As y'all already know this is my most busiest time of the year and the last thing that I need to happen during this holiday season is to add one more thing for me to do each day.

First, let me make it perfectly clear that I do love the holiday season even though I know that it is and always will be stressful. Anyway this last Sunday, when Tony and I went to, Kerrville, to run a few errands he discovered that we had accidentally dressed alike, again.

No, we were not wearing our favorite blue, plaid, flannel shirts—we were wearing our matching red, blue and green plaid, flannel shirts that we had bought at Walmart. I thought it was pretty funny and it made me laugh out loud, but Tony didn't see it my way.

In fact, he was so embarrassed about us dressing alike, he suggested that we keep a safe distance between us, in case we ran into any of our friends. "Let's turn our iPhones on and use them to find each other when we're done shopping," he suggested. "And from now on until Spring arrives I think it would be a good idea for us to check with each other, first thing in the mornings, to make sure that we're not dressed alike. And, I hope that we don't run into Jim (The Mineral Man"), at H-E-B."

I knew that Tony was serious about this, so I turned my head and pretended to be looking out the window, so he couldn't see me silently laughing. Anyway, because I could not resist it, I said (joked) in my most serious voice, "Okay, Tone. But it would be much easier if we just start dressing alike all of the time. Then we could become famous, in Kerrville." Then I heard the uncomfortable sound of silence for several seconds.

"Yeah," he sort of growled. "We could become the town's joke. Just like that crazy, old woman that runs around H-E-B wearing that big red hat, black leotards and a red sweater that shows her butt every time that she bends over."

"It would be fun," I egged him on."Or that woman that rides that bicycle, all over town, singing at the top of her lungs, Bring In The Clowns. Tony, people love her and they stop and take pictures of her. I think the Kerrverts would love it if we always dressed alike. They would think that we are that cute, old, odd couple that always wear matching outfits. And, I am sure that they would stop and take selfies with us."

Tony said nothing. So I added, "Tony, I am just teasing you. I'm fine," I lied. "About us, during the Fall and Winter months, color-coordinating our wardrobes to make fashion statements, in Kerrville."

And the bottom line to this story is: Thanks to Tony, I now have one more thing for me to do every morning. Anyway, since then, Tony is now leaving me a note, on the breakfast bar, before going to the Old Timer, in Medina, just to let me know which flannel shirt he is wearing, so I won't be dressing like him.

And to change the subject, last Friday afternoon, I had So Fast Printing, make me two posters of that painting that I did for my sister Cindy's 70th birthday. And they did a fabulous job and so did River Oaks Framing. And later that afternoon, Tony hung it up for me, above our entertainment center, in the big room. And please note that River Oaks Framing were temporarily out of that red metal frame and the matte color, I chose for Cindy and this is my Plan B.

And to change the subject one more time, before I finish writing this and post it tonight, our friend  Aaron came out to help Tony this morning and he only worked a few hours. Anyway after working, we invited him to stay and eat lunch with us. 

After lunch, I was joking with him about the downsides of being my age, because I am about twenty-four-years-older than him. And to make a point, I told him about me recently discovering that I am Moccasin-Challenged and the difficult time that I've had trying to understand the directions. 

Then I showed Aaron my moccasin kit and the chewed up, piece of leather, compliments of Little Debbie and Big Al(ice). And the next thing you know, Aaron had volunteered to make my moccasins for me. And it only took him about forty-five minutes to finish them.  

The whole time that Aaron was working on my moccasins we laughed and joked about Tony and me spending over an hour trying to remove the glued on comfort cushion, it had recommended for kids 3+ in age and the choking warning. And them being one-of-a-kind moccasins, because of Little Debbie and Big Al(ice)'s contributions

And please notice that the one flawed moccasin below, in the background, has about two inches of the upper leather strap missing, because it should have gone all of the way to the top of the tongue piece. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sticky Situation!

The last few days have been more than hectic for me, because we are now officially in "The Holiday Mode." I love these holidays, but things really rev up at the rescue ranch, around the week before Thanksgiving and they remain that way until about the middle of January, when everything finally returns to normal, if there is such a thing.

As for example, the past few days I've received over 200 e-mails each day and that can cause me more stress. Anyway, today when we were, in Kerrville, before we went to go pick up sweet Lori Darlin,' after getting her spayed, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, Tony told me that he wanted to go to, Wild Birds Unlimited, to purchase more bird food. And on our way over there, I told Tony that I wanted him to drop me off, at Hometown Crafts, before going to Wild Birds Unlimited, because I wanted to shop for something to make that might help me de-stress, after today.

"Sure," Tony said. "But why don't you just make another pot holder? You've still got all of those loopers."

"Tone, trying to make that stupid, pink, pot holder only added more stress to my life. Good grief, I couldn't even figure out how to finish it. And I am so embarrassed that I had to ask sweet Jean to help me do that. And that's why I framed it, in that shadow box, because I'm pretty sure that I won't be making pot holders anytime soon, because if I have to pay Jean—there's no big profit left for me. Nope, I'm going to look around for something easier to make that won't cause me to stress out."

After I had purchased my "new, exciting and fun to make project" along with fifteen, small bottles of acrylic paints, so I can repaint the rugs, in the kitchen and the big room, I skipped down, the parking lot, to hook up with Tony, at Wild Birds Unlimited. And I am thankful that I didn't trip or fall down.

Marguerite greeted me when I walked into one of our most favorite stores, in Kerrville. Then she asked, "So what's your new project going to be, now?" I was still a bit winded, because I had skipped, so it took me a few seconds to catch my breath and give Marguerite my answer.

"I'm going to make me some cool, leather moccasins! So I can wear them outside and get back to doing more Earthing. They are leather and leather is a very good conductor to help keep me grounded. Hardly anybody makes leather soled shoes nowadays and...."

After we returned, to the rescue ranch, with sweet, Lori Darlin' I could not wait to get started making my very first pair of homemade moccasins, because then I can add Cobbler to my resume. And speaking of resumes, I just realized that I can also add Weaver, because of the pink pot holder, to my list of achievements and Actress, Singer and Screen Writer too, because of the Longmire—Texas Style video skit.

Sorry I got off-track there, anyway, before I opened the moccasin kit box I took these two pictures of the box, because it made me laugh out loud.

I laughed, because it had "WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD" and also stated "Not for children under 3 years." While I was still laughing, I anxiously opened the box and my laughter came to a complete halt, because the moccasin leather soles had on some kind of glued on padding cushion, for comfort, which most people would totally appreciate, but to me it meant that I cannot wear them when I'm Earthing outside. 

So I took a deep breath and slowly began removing the padding. And Tony ended up helping me scrape off the padding too, because he didn't like seeing the upside down smile that I was wearing on my face.

Anyway, after us spending nearly one hour working on my moccasins, I was pleased enough with the sticky situation and put everything back into the box, for the night. And that's when I realized that I can also reverse the soles and put the gluey side down which should eventually wear off, in no time at all, because since ten days ago, I am now walking 4 fast miles everyday with Leslie Sansone, again. 

And as I finish writing this tonight, right now to add more insult to injury—Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) got into a short-lived quarrel over something and when I broke up their tiny, little fight, I sadly discovered that they were fighting over a moccasin, leather strip that they had chewed up. And all I can figure is that it must have not made it back inside the moc-box-kit and fallen, on the floor

So now, I just have to laugh or else cry, but I'll laugh, because now I'm thinking that tomorrow when I conclude my short-lived career as a professional cobbler, I might ought to include my moccasins, in the box, with my pretty, pink potholder, for my time capsule. Which will be buried by Tony, at an undisclosed location, on the rescue ranch. And I'll write this note that says, "2016, Made by an Elderly Earthling for Earthing. Enjoy ET!" Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Copper & Clovis! or Like A Rolling Stone!

Today has been one of those busy days where Tony and I didn't know if we were coming or going, but the bottom line is that today has been more than great, because Copper has officially adopted Clovis and she is more than thrilled about it. In fact, she is totally in love with him.

Earlier this evening Copper called to tell me that she thinks Clovis is the coolest, smartest dog and she raved and raved about how perfect a match he is for her. And I had to totally agree with her, because Clovis is definitely a super dog. And we are so happy that Copper & Clovis have found each other.

If you didn't already know this about our good friend, Copper Love, she is a famous artist and her beautiful paintings have been sold all over the world. So I was thrilled when she told me that she'll be taking Clovis everywhere that she goes to work on her paintings—like Terlingua, Texas and the Big Bend area, Texas Hill Country, etc. 

Now Copper Love didn't tell me this, but I know that Clovis will soon become a big time Rolling Stones fan, like she is, because Copper actually knows them, because she used to travel and hang out with them, when they were on their world tours. So I'm sure that Clovis is going to have so much fun traveling with Copper and becoming like a rolling stone with her, because Clovis is officially now Copper's new best friend!

And that's about it for tonight, because I am pooped and need to unwind tonight and watch some TV, because I already know that tomorrow is going to be another busy day for Tony and me.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Buttercup aka Butterball aka Butterbutt! or Little, Lucky Lucy!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day and of course, it all started early in the morning. Our friend Aaron volunteered to come out around 7:15 to help us prepare our rescued dogs their annual Thanksgiving (people) dinner. And here's a picture showing most of the food that we served our dogs that was sponsored by our good friends: sweet Eileen and sweet Karon.

By 8:45, our great friends/volunteers, Kay, Jim & Kris, Eileen and Dawn, arrived to help us serve the dogs their delicious, annual, turkey dinner along with cooked mixed vegetables, stuffing, eggs, cheese, garlic, olive oil  and warmed dinner rolls. And here's a picture of Louis Lane running to go eat her delicious Thanksgiving dinner. And her reaction was just like all of the rest of our super dogs. So it is needless to say, "They loved it!" But I did, anyway.

Earlier this week, Kinky's sweet sister Marcie had invited Tony and me to come over to Kinky's Lodge to eat her Thanksgiving dinner with our mutual great friends: Mario, Sage & Dylan, Copper and Max. So we went over to the Lodge and we had a great time visiting with everyone. And Marcie's Thanksgiving Dinner was more than delicious, along with Copper's mouth-watering, homemade pies. And because we ate our Thanksgiving dinner over there—Copper is now going to adopt cool Clovis, on Monday and Max is seriously thinking about adopting Gus, because he has recently retired. 

Then last night Tony and I watched the Cowboys win another great football game. And that's why we had a more than great Thanksgiving Day and night.

This morning, Kay, Jim, June and Sarah, our great friends/volunteers, came out and walked our dogs for us. Which was great, because the dogs definitely needed walking and some exercising, after they had stuffed themselves with yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner.

And the nice couple, in Borne, that were very interested in adopting Buttercup aka Butterball aka Butternut, did not come out at 11:00, as promised, because they arrived at 10:00, because they could not wait to meet Ms. Butter-whatever. And as soon as they saw her, from a distance, they got excited and they each told me, "She is exactly what we wanted!" So, after a short, but fun visit with Butter-insert name here and us they adopted her. And from the looks of this picture, that I took of them before they took her to her new forever home, I can't tell who was the happiest about this wonderful adoption.

When we ate lunch with our friends, this afternoon, I told everyone about this  3 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix that we've rescued, sight unseen, because she is at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic and I asked them to please help me find her a great home. 

And Sarah took it literally, because as soon as got back home from eating lunch with our friends, Sarah called me, and said, "Nancy, I think my friend wants to adopt the Chi-weenie, but she has to make sure she will get along with her other dog...."

So, after being home for less than five minutes, we jumped into Trigger and immediately took off for Hoegemeyer's, so we could pick up this sweet, little, dog and take her to her "maybe" new forever home. 

Before we left the animal clinic, Susan gave me all of her paperwork and told us that her name was Lucille, but the woman called her Lucy. And here is a picture I took of sweet Lucy, in the lobby. It isn't a great picture of her, because she was nervous and not sure what was going on.

But by the time we delivered her to Sarah's good friend, Lucy was relaxed and kissing me non-stop. So now it is just a matter of time to wait and find out if this adoption will work. So, y'all please keep your fingers crossed that this will be little, lucky Lucy's new forever home. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

An Old, Cute, Goofy Couple!

Today has been great, except for one thing and it upset Tony more than it did me. Actually, I thought it was totally hilarious and was bound to happen to us sooner than later. To keep it simple we'll call it a "Wardrobe Malfunction" sort of. Anyway, I am still laughing about it and that is why I am writing about it tonight.

You see, about a month ago or so, Tony and I were at Walmart for some reason that I can't remember now. Anyway, while we were there we saw these pretty, men's button-down collar, flannel shirts that were on sale for only $8.00.

We love to wear flannel shirts and because I really love button-down collar shirts we decided to buy 3 for each one of us. And after we wore them a few times and I had washed them we decided to go back to Walmart and buy a few more if they were still on sale. Bottom line—we each bought 3 more flannel shirts, again.

Well, it turns out that Tony's favorite flannel shirt is this dark blue plaid and it is also my favorite, too. So by now you must have figured out where this story is headed. Seriously, without either one of us knowing or paying attention to the fact that we were wearing the same dark, blue, plaid shirts when we took off for Kerrville, to eat lunch, at the Cracker Barrel, because I wanted to eat there, so I could eat a turkey, Thanksgiving dinner.

When we were about ten miles from the Kerrville City Limits, Tony said, "Omg! I knew this was going to happen. We are dressed alike." I laughed about it, but he didn't.

"Good grief, Tony," I remarked. "Who cares? It is no big deal if you ask me. Besides that, people will just laugh and think that we are a cute, old couple that likes to dress alike." Tony said nothing.

So, when we got our table, at the Cracker Barrel, in the middle room, this sweet, perky waitress walks up to our table, and she says, "That is so cute that y'all are both wearing matching outfits." And I nodded yes, as she handed us our menus, while Tone turned as red as his next favorite, new, buttoned-down flannel, red plaid shirt that he bought, which thank goodness I hadn't bought, because red is not my color—pink is.

And to make a long story short, we enjoyed eating our lunch, even though we both ordered the exact same thing—their Chicken Pot Pie Special. Because I sadly found out from our waitress that they weren't serving turkey dinners until tomorrow. And I am betting that our attentive waitress is still laughing about us being an old, cute, goofy couple that dresses alike and also orders the same thing, at restaurants.

Before going back home, we went to the big H-E-B to pick up a few more groceries, even though we had sworn not to do that, because we knew it would be packed with people, again, because tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. And we survived that, even though several people stared at us for wearing matching clothes.

And in hopes of ending tonight's post on a good note, when we got back home, from Kerrville, we rescued a 3-4 year old, sweet, female Chihuahua mix, from Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic, because Kathy had called us and left a message about them trying to help find a home for this sweet, lovable Chi-mix, that their elderly client could no longer keep, because of some health related issues.

We are planning to pick her up on Friday or Saturday. So, if any of y'all know someone wanting to adopt a small, sweet companion dog, please ask them to call us, so we can get her into a forever-loving home. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Wild Hogs & Flying Pig!

I've been busy doing rescue ranch paperwork, etc. and having a lot of fun. Yesterday, Tony and I met our good friends Karon and Karen for lunch, before going to the big H-E-B to buy our dogs their annual Thanksgiving Dinner that sweet Eileen was going to sponsor, but those plans sort of changed during lunch, but change is good. You'll see.

Karon's baby sister Ronda sadly lost her battle with cancer, earlier this month and while we were eating lunch and talking about Karon's lost, she opened up her purse, and said, "Ronda loved all animals and she loved hearing about y'all's rescue ranch. Before Ronda passed she asked that in lieu of flowers being sent, she requested that donations be made to our favorite animal shelters. So, I want to donate this to you, in loving memory of Ronda to sponsor your Thanksgiving Dinner for the dogs, because I know Ronda would love it..." Then she handed me a folded $100.00 bill. And I almost teared up, but thank goodness I remembered to look up to keep the tears away.

So when we finished eating our lunch and were ready to pay our separate bills, when the waitress walked up to our table, and said, "All of y'all's lunch has already been paid for by a gentleman that was sitting over there. Karon and Karen looked at each other and then chuckled, because they knew it was their dear friend Troy, who had treated us to lunch. So she called him and thanked him for all of us.

Omg, the H-E-B parking lot was full and it was packed inside with "early birds" shopping for their Thanksgiving dinners. First, we went in with separate carts, so Tony could buy dog food for our rescue dogs and I could buy our groceries. And our plan was to meet back up, at Trigger, to unload the dog food and our groceries and then go back inside with one cart to buy the dog's Thanksgiving Dinner. And when we paid for their dinner, I handed the cashier Karon's hundred dollar bill and then wrote a check for $38.14 to cover the difference. And I want to thank Karon and Eileen for sponsoring our dog's turkey dinner.

When we left the store we ran into our good friend Jim aka The Mineral Man, in the parking lot. "It's a mad house in there," I warned Jim. And then we had a fun visit before coming home.

When we got back home, I decided to mow our front yard and back yard, to get some more exercise. When I finished I came back inside The Cabin and listened to Carlton's messages. And ten minutes later, we were over at Bill & Carol's ranch, visiting with them and Lori & Jeff, who were spending Thanksgiving with them. We had a lot of fun catching up with our friends and we made it home just in time for Tony to lock up Rooster Cogburn for the night, inside The Egg Palace.

Early this morning, our good friends Carol & Bill and Lori & Jeff came over, because they wanted to see the wild hogs that always show up, every morning, when Tony feeds the deer, Maya and our donkeys. So we got to have another fun visit with them, before all of us went over, to the Lodge, to visit with Kinky. And that's about it for today, but I do want to show you some pictures I took, last night, of our dog's strange sleeping habits. And yes, Little Debbie is venting in one of them.

And this one of Henry makes me laugh out loud, because he looks like he is giving my flying pig the evil eye.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!