Friday, February 27, 2015


We all know that saying, "When life throws you a lemon—make lemonade." Well, because of our crazy weather patterns that we've been having lately, with one or two days being warm to hot and then followed with three or four cold weather (the lemon) days, I've decided to try to make lemonade tonight as I write this post, because I can't wait for Spring to come. So here goes.

Yesterday was great until Rick got here. When our dear friend pulled up in his miniature rental car it was sixty degrees outside and the sun was shining brightly. Life was good for about one hour and a half—then the sky suddenly clouded up, the winds became stronger and the temperature outside dropped eight degrees within five minutes, causing my smile to turn upside down. Not a pretty sight.

As the outside temperature continued to steadily drop outside, Rick, Tony and I had fun, inside The Cabin, catching up with each other's news. While Rick was telling us a funny story about Leisa and him, in Nicaragua, our dogs started barking, because of an incoming FedEx delivery truck. "Are you expecting a delivery?" Tony asked me.

"Yeah, but not until March 2nd," I said. Then Tony went outside to go greet the friendly driver. "Rick, this past Sunday I went on eBay and bought a mini-portable amp similar to one of Chet's many amps. It's a Roland Micro Cube and it is AC/DC and it has two watts of power. Chet's portable Roland AC/DC amp has 5 watts of power. His is much cooler and more expensive than mine. Mine is supposed to be delivered on Monday and I can't wait."

Then Tony came back inside, The Cabin, carrying an overly taped up package. "It's for you, Nancy." I looked at the label and I didn't know what it could be or who it was from. Then I grabbed our kitchen scissors and started trying to open the box and I was having trouble trying to cut through the many layers of tape.

"Hey, Cousin Nancy," Rick said, as he pulled out his pocketknife. "Let me open it up for you. It will take you all day to open it with those dull scissors." I stood back and watched Rick quickly cut through all of the red tape.

When Rick pulled it, out of the box, it was covered with layers and layers of bubble-wrap and it was also overly taped, to secure the protective bubble-wrap. As we laughed and made jokes about whoever had packed and shipped it, Rick cut away at the "stress relieving bubbles" that made popping sounds.

When Rick finally removed the last layer of bubble-wrap, he said, "It's your amp, Nancy! Plug it in and play something for us." And that put a smile back on my face.

As I was plugging in my new/used mini, portable amp, into B.B. King, my telecaster guitar, I said, "Rick, two days ago, while I was listening to Pandora I heard this great, live version of one of my most favorite songs, so I immediately went to iTunes and purchased the song. You'll recognize it immediately and you'll love it, too. I'm going to play it on my sound dock with me playing my guitar, in the background." 

Then I found the song on my iPod and tapped the play button. Then I cranked up the volume on my Roland Micro Cube amp to match the Bose's volume and I started playing, For What It's Worth, on my electric guitar, with the Buffalo Springfield band. 

This jazzed-up version of For What It's Worth was recorded live, at the 1967 Monterrey Pop Festival. And according to Pandora's notes, it was also the very first time that David Crosby sang this famous song, because he had just joined Buffalo Springfield, that very day, after leaving The Byrds, earlier that day, at the music festival. 

Anyway it made Rick's jaw drop when he heard the first few notes and that made me smile even more. "Nancy, you sound fantastic!" Rick said. "I never knew there was a live version of this song. I like the live version better than the...."

Today has been great. Early this morning I cooked breakfast for the three of us, before Tony went outside to do our chores. While Tony was outside working hard, Rick and I drank coffee while we watched The Weather Channel, because Rick was leaving, in an hour, to drive up to Fort Worth. And even though North Texas was being hit hard with ice, snow and twenty degree weather—Rick adios-ed us around 11:00 and took off.

This afternoon we invited Chet O'Keefe and Brian Kanof to eat lunch with us. They arrived around 1:00, ten minutes before lunch was ready to eat. When I showed Chet my new/used Roland amp he thought it was cool, so I asked him to try it out. 

I handed him B.B. Then he slipped my sparkling pink guitar strap over his head and started playing some cool jazz and blues. Omg, Chet sounded so good that he immediately mesmerized Brian, Tony and me. We all quit talking and just listened to Chet make music.

After lunch, Chet picked up B.B. again and this time he sat down, next to Little Debbie, in Roy's chair and once again, he started playing some more great music for us. And it mesmerized Little Debbie, too.

Late this afternoon I walked back into the kitchen and caught Alice and Little Debbie venting, again. So, I grabbed my camera to capture the precious moment.

And this is my version of making lemonade. I hope you liked it and that it made you smile

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Digging Up Bones!

Today has been great, because we have had blue skies and much warmer weather. Because the past two days were so dreary and cold so all I did was do paperwork and play my guitar. And that is the reason that I haven't posted anything, because there was basically nothing to write about.

This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville. We met our dear friend Jim "The Mineral Man" for lunch and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, his sweet wife Kris was a no-show today, because she is currently out of town, for a few days, digging up bones, etc., at a very famous archeology site, in Southwest Texas.

When we got back home this afternoon Hazel and I deep cleaned our trailer, because our good friend Rick is coming to visit us tomorrow and spend the night. I am so glad that I did it too, because it really looks like we don't live here. But trust me, by Friday, I'll be pulling Hazel back out of the closet, to remove a new layer of dog hair, because our dogs are shedding their coats, even though I keep warning them, "Y'all, winter isn't over yet. Keep your hair to yourselves."

Like Tony, they have selective hearing, too and they have ignored my winter warnings, so when our next cold front comes in tomorrow night they'll wish that they had listened to me and they will be begging me to empty Hazel's canister, full of their hair, so they get it back on them.

Early this evening, after admiring Hazel's and my handy-work, I brought my step stool, into the kitchen. Then I went and found our drill and two long screws. Then I pulled our kitchen table away from the wall and half-hollered, "Tony! I need your help!"

Because Tony sometimes has selective hearing, he could tell that it wasn't another one of my emergencies, so he said, "Okay, I'll be there in just a minute." And five minutes later, he grabbed the drill and screws and attached my new Appalachian Trl. sign to the wall, above our kitchen table and I was thrilled.

I love the way it looks on the wall and I like that the Appalachian Logo is above the curtain that I made, almost twenty years ago, that shows my registered brand, that I embroidered on it. The RT with the circle around it I designed and it stands for Rolling Thunder Ranch, which was the name I gave to my beautiful mini-ranch, in Utopia, Texas. Here are two pictures of the newly improved kitchen wall and that's Roy shedding more of his coat, as he sleeps and dreams about spring weather.

And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Valentine Day!

Today has been great. Tony's horrible cedar fever coughing and congestion has finally gone away, thanks to Carol, for telling us about Mucinex-DM. My back is back the way it is supposed to be—feeling no pain and I no longer have cedar fever. And it has been a beautiful sunshiny day, too. So, life is once again good, at the rescue ranch.

This morning our new neighbor/friend Brad came over to sign adoption papers, because he and April, his sweet wife and sons have fallen head-over-heels in love with The Mystery Dog, that I wrote about, last Wednesday

Before Brad signed the adoption papers we visited with him and The Mystery Dog for awhile. After Brad signed his name and made the adoption official I asked him if I could take a picture of him and Valentine. Yes Valentine, that cute, low-rider version of a dog, was The Mystery Dog. And here is the picture I took to prove it. 

Early this afternoon Kinky called me from Germany and he left us a message on Carlton, because I was outside, in our front yard, mowing down the tall, rescue grass again, while Tony was busy weed-eating Lois Lane's dog pen. I was sick that I didn't get to talk to him, but Kinky sounded great and he said that he is enjoying his fast-paced tour of Germany and having a really good time with the German people and that he will be back at the ranch on March 4th. We have missed Kinky and it was so good to hear his voice and I am so glad that he called.

A few hours later, our dear friend, Rick, called me from Nicaragua, to tell me that he will be seeing us this coming Thursday. We are looking forward to seeing him and have him spend the night with us. Rick told me that Friday morning he wants to help us with our morning chores, before he drives up to Fort Worth. And it was good to hear his voice, too.

Then late this afternoon my sweet sister, Cindy, called me. I always love talking to Cindy, because when we get together all we do is laugh about life, because we both have the same kind of sense of humor. When I told her about my Secret Project that I am working on she burst out laughing which made me laugh so hard I was scared that my back would go out again. And before we changed the subject, Cindy gave me a great idea for my Secret Project, when she said,"Nance, I think you should have Little Debbie wearing pink clothes."

After we quit laughing Cindy told me about joining a cool, senior citizen drumming group and how much fun it was. "Nance, I love it. You know how I've always joked about me not having any musical talent. Well, I've finally found an instrument that I can actually play. I'm a drummer!" 

When Cindy tried describing the kind of drum that she drums on to me I realized that it was the same kind of drum that I had played on, at The Yoga Place, in Kerrville and that was several years ago. "Does it look like the kind of drum that Ricky Ricardo played?"

"Yes!" Cindy said. "Exactly, but I don't wear it and carry it around with me." Then we started laughing again.

"Okay, now you need a nickname," I said. "Instead of being Little Ricky, you can be Little Cindy!"
We must have laughed for over a minute and then I added, "Little Debbie will like it, too...."

With all of the laughing and mowing that I did today it has been a true test for my back and I am thrilled to say that my back is fine. (Knock-on-wood). And that we are so happy that Valentine has found her a fabulous forever home today. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Mystery! or Here's One Clue!

Today has been great. This morning, the sun was shining brightly and I finally got to go outside and help Tony do our morning chores.  I totally enjoyed getting to visit with our super rescued dogs and they made my spirit soar. Dogs are so awesome.

This afternoon a very nice couple came out to check out our dogs and they ended up taking one of them home to see if she would fit in with their other dogs. I spoke with the wife early this evening and so far she seems to be fitting in as they are falling in love with her! If all continues to go well for the next few days they are planning to adopt her, so until they officially adopt her from us I am going to keep this dog's identity a mystery for you to try to figure out.

Late this afternoon I started working on my secret project, that now involves several of my friends. Hopefully, it will make everyone laugh out loud and that is exactly why I am doing it. I made this large sign for my project today and here's one clue.

And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Life Is Good!

Today has been great and I am celebrating tonight, because Tony and I are finally doing much better health wise! It was one week ago today, with Mercury in retrograde, when my back went out on me and Tony and I were suffering from severe cases of cedar fever.

We stocked up and went through 8 boxes of Kleenex, cough syrups, heat wraps, etc. and we didn't get any better until yesterday, after we went to Kerrville to buy Tony some maximum strength Mucinex DM, that Carol had highly recommended we get for his horrible chest congestion.

Fortunately, I didn't need to use the over-the-counter Mucinex DM pills, because my cedar fever symptoms had pretty much gone away, early Sunday evening.

Yesterday afternoon, as Tony's constant coughing began to slow down, I rested on our bed, with our dogs and used our heating pad twice, for one hour heat treatments and it did the trick.

When I woke up this morning to do the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment with Big G, on the radio, Tony was no longer coughing and my back hardly ached at all! So the only exciting news I have to tell you is life is good, once again. And I am so thankful to Carol for suggesting Tony use Mucinex DM, because he has only coughed ten times today.

Wait! I have lied. There is a really exciting thing that did happen today. I got a phone message from Janette, the super, sweet woman that adopted Katee Sackhoff from us. She said, "Katee is the sweetest dog and she is working out great with our older dog. We love her...." And hearing the great news about Katee made my day and that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Birthdays To Carol and Denise!

Today has been great, even though Tony is still pretty congested and my back is still out, but is not hurting as much.  First off, I want to wish our dear friends Carol and Denise Happy Birthdays. And I also want to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day! Then I want to thank our dear friend, Gerry Olert, for doing a fabulous job on making our update Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch Winter 2015 video. Please click here to view it.

Yesterday, our dear friend Jim gave me a copy of his newest meat loaf recipe, that both he and Kris were raving about it. They told me that it was totally delicious and was the best meat loaf that they have ever eaten. So today I made it for Tony's and my lunch, along with servings of couscous and spinach.

The meat loaf was totally delicious and easy to make. All you have to do is preheat the oven to 375 degrees, mix all of these ingredients in a bowl and put it into a baking dish. Then you make the topping and completely cover the meat loaf before baking it for 1 hour. And I hope that you make it.

1 pound ground beef                                                    
1/2 cup of yellow onion                                                                                                  
1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper                                
1 egg lightly beaten                                                        
1/2 cup quick cooking oats
1 cup of canned diced tomatoes with juice
1 1/4 teaspoons salt
1/4 teaspoon of black pepper

1/2 cup of ketchup
2 tablespoons of light brown sugar
1 tablespoon yellow mustard

This afternoon Little Jewford came over to see us before he does his show tonight, at The Hunt Store. We had so much fun visiting with him, even though every time that that he made us laugh—Tony would cough and my lower back would ache. But it was worth the coughing and pain, because we love L.J. so much.

Tonight, Kinky and Brian Molnar are going to Little Jewford's Valentine's Day show, but unfortunately, because we're temporarily damaged goods—we can't make it, because Little Jewford doesn't need to have us, standing around and coughing non-stop. So, if you haven't already made plans for tonight—go see Little Jewford's Valentine's Day show, in Hunt, because I promise that you'll have a great time and be glad that you went.

Early tomorrow morning, Kinky is leaving the ranch for his tour of shows, in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do! or I Need Heat!

Today has been great. This morning our fabulous friends/volunteers came out to walk our dogs. Even though my back was killing me I went outside to visit with them, because I knew that they would cheer me up, because I have been depressed because of my ongoing cedar fever allergy, my back going out on me and Tony's severe chest congestion due to his cedar fever. In other words, "I was sick and tired of us being sick and my back causing Tony to work overtime waiting on me hand and foot, because I cannot bend over, etc. And I am secretly thinking that he is getting tired of doing all of those little things that I do everyday.   : )

This afternoon after enjoying a fun lunch with our great friends/volunteers we returned home. Fifteen minutes later, after talking to Tony about how much worse his chest congestion was getting and him not being able to get rid of it, I made a decision and said, "Tony, we need to go to the little H-E-B now, because I need heat and I want you to talk to the pharmacist about what you need to buy to get rid of your horrible chest congestion."

An hour and a half later, after going to buy our meds, Tony drank a dose of H-E-B's generic brand of Mucinex. Then he helped apply a Salonpas heat patch to my lower back. After the heat was on we both coughed and sneezed some more.

As I finish writing this tonight, I am thrilled that we went to Kerrville this afternoon, because my back is feeling 100 times better than it did earlier this morning and Tony's "Mucinex" expectorant is already breaking up his severe chest congestion. He is already feeling and sounding so much better. And rumor has it, thanks to the heat I'm currently packing, that I am finally going to be able to go outside to help Tony do our morning chores—starting as early as tomorrow. 

Y'all have a great evening!