Thursday, April 28, 2016

Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons! or Coyote In The Kitchen!

Today has been great thanks to Julia Child and my dear friend Cindy, who lives in Northern New Mexico.

The other day when I was on the phone talking to Cindy Pickard, she told me that she had just watched the movie Julie & Julia and she absolutely loved it. So later, I watched it again, because it was 2009 since I last watched it. And I loved watching it again and that's why the next day I went straight to Wolfmueller's Books, in Kerrville and bought the Anniversary Edition of The Art of Mastering French Cooking by Julie Child.

The next time that I spoke to Cindy we talked about the movie and how delicious all of the food looked and especially how tasty the Chicken Breasts with Mushroom and Cream recipe looked when Julie cooked it in the movie.

So later that evening Cindy e-mailed me Julia Child's Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons (Chicken Breasts with Mushroom and Cream), which of course I can't pronounce. And Cindy also suggested that I try making it. (This recipe is on page 269 in Julia's cookbook.)

So today I made Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons for Tony and me and believe it or not it was a very easy meal to prepare and it was absolutely the very best chicken with mushrooms that we have ever eaten. Here's a picture of the ingredients needed to make this recipe: dry vermouth, chicken breasts cut into strips, onion, salt, pepper, butter and mushrooms.

And I forgot to put the parsley, chicken broth and whipping cream in the picture above.

And this is how it looked, before we ate all of it and licked the gravy off of our plates. Seriously, I hope that all of you will try this recipe, because it is so easy to prepare and your friends and family will rave about how delicious it is.

Julie Child's delicious recipe for Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons is all over the Internet and can easily be found. And here's a link that I found to get Julie's delicious recipe.

Speaking of delicious recipes, last night Cindy told me that her dear friend Anita Rodriguez, a very famous Taos artist and writer, has a new cookbook coming out this Spring published by UNM press! 

I am so excited about it, because last year when Chet and I drove out to New Mexico and went to Cindy's event, in Taos, I had the opportunity to meet this fabulous woman of so many talents. Here's a link to Anita Rodriguez and here's a link about Anita Rodriguez Coyote In the Kitchen: A Memoir of New and Old Mexico cookbook. And the great news is that Cindy is going to get Anita to sign our copies! And rumor has it that I might just be with Cindy, at Anita Rodriguez's book signing, on May 21st, at The Stakeout, in Ranchos de Taos! Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Today has been great. This morning after I did paperwork, returned e-mails and phone calls I started cooking our lunch.

The other day I found this delicious-looking recipe, inside the March issue of the H-E-B TexasLife recipes and fresh ideas. So I wrote down all of the ingredients needed to make their Mushroom And Sweet Onion Tart and then I purchased them.

Like I always do when I try a new recipe I made a few changes. Basically, all I did was add some chicken breast strips and spinach.

And when it was finished baking I removed it from the oven and this is what  mine looked like.

And to say the least, Tony loved it and so did I.

After I cleaned up the kitchen all of our dogs, except for Henry Standing Bear, were sleeping either in the kitchen or the big room. So I went looking for Henry and I found him sleeping, underneath our bed and how he got himself under there is beyond me. Then I went and grabbed my camera in hopes not to wake him up.

Henry stayed under our bed and slept for over an hour and I bet he would have slept there longer if Little Debbie and Alice hadn't started barking at a squirrel outside.

And that is about it for tonight, because I plan to do some more writing on my third novella and then I'm going to re-watch Paul one of my new favorite movies that was made in 2011. Paul is a funny, quirky, adult movie, only because of some of the adult language, which of course did not bother me at all.

Anyway, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost wrote it and they also star in it along with Sigourney Weaver and Blythe Danner. In this funny, sci-fi, action-packed, comedy, insane adventure, Paul, the cute alien, is voiced by Seth Rogen. It's a comedy about two British comic-book geeks traveling across the U.S., in a motor home and they encounter and try to help Paul, an escaped alien, outside Area 51. So click on Paul if you would like to watch the trailer. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

His New Favorite Place! or Rest In Peace!

Today has been great, even though I stayed up too late visiting with our good friends. This morning after drinking coffee with some of our favorite guests Tony and I went outside, while our friends took showers and started packing up their gear.

Tony started feeding the dogs and our other critters while I dragged our push mower into Aggie's pen and started mowing down the tall, thick weeds and grass. Then I moved over one pen and mowed the grass in Louis Lane's pen, before Tony had even started cleaning the dog pens.

And before our friends had adios-ed us and driven off to another fun adventure, Zach arrived—ready to help us out with all of the rest of the mowing and weed-eating.

Around 12:30, after having push-mowed four addition pens and two large alleys—I called it quits, so I could come inside and take a shower and then cook us something to eat for lunch.

I decided to make us meatloaf, mashed potatoes and spinach and after shoving the meatloaf, into the hot oven and with the potatoes boiling in chicken broth, on the stovetop—I looked up and saw Henry Standing Bear staring at me, underneath our cedar coffee table, that Tony made for us over nineteen years ago.

The exact same coffee table that Belle had put her teeth marks in and chewed on when she was a teething puppy, over five or six years ago. That I later had to remove by sanding off her toothy graffiti, using my little, yellow Dewalt, electric sander.

Because Henry has never been under the coffee table before I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures while I finished cooking our lunch.

And as I finish writing this tonight, because the mowing I did earlier has worn me out, Henry has once again returned to his new, favorite place, in The Cabin. And I will bet you that he is dreaming about how much fun he had, tearing up and chewing off one end of my new pillowcase, earlier today, while we were outside mowing. 

So all I have to say about that is, "Rest In Peace, Henry."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

This is an update since posting this. My good friend Mari just sent me the most beautiful video about a baby elephant being reunited with it's mother after three years. Please click here to check it out. I promise that you will love it.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Something To Talk About!

Today has been great. Once again, we got a bunch more rain this morning and we still haven't been able to start mowing or weed-eating the tall grass and weeds. So I spent the morning and early afternoon returning phone calls, e-mails, etc. And the good news is that I'm all caught up with rescue ranch business.

All of us at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch had so much fun making our Longmire—Texas Style video, so this afternoon I decided to make a Longmire—Texas Style Behind The Scenes slideshow and I used Bonnie Raitt's great song Something To Talk About. Longmire Rules!

And that's about it for today, because I am going to go outside and start mowing.

Update: I forgot to put my guitar case in the slideshow to show off my Longmire and Red Pony bumper stickers!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Longmire—Texas Style!

Today has been so much fun, because so many people that I know have been either calling or e-mailing me about how much they love our Longmire—Texas Style video spoof.

Our great friend Fay McLachlan sent me this e-mail early this morning and to say the least it started my day out right.

"Hi Nance,
Your Longmire video is done SO well and is an absolute hoot! Love it!! I tweeted it to all the Longmire actor, author, fan accounts I could find on Twitter this morning.
The official @LongmirePosse twitter account absolutely loved it and not only liked and retweeted, they responded! Here's a screen capture, you might just get your set visit after all! Well done, esp Little Debbie in her debut onscreen role as her fine self. 
Fay xx"

This afternoon I also received an e-mail from Chet O'Keefe  telling me that he really liked the way our Longmire—Texas Style video turned out.

In just a few minutes, I have to leave, because I am taking Henry Standing Bear to his/our Clicker-Training Class with Scout and Marguerite and he seems to be excited about going, because he and I have spent everyday doing our Clicker-Training homework. Personally, I think he just wants to go to class just to show off and impress sweet Scout.

I'll write more later, if it isn't storming outside.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Watch Longmire—Texas Style NOW!

Today has been more than great, because Gerry Olert finished our Longmire—Texas Style video and I have just posted it on YouTube. Please click here to watch it and please cross post it and like it for us.

This is what I earlier wrote and posted on our Longmire—Texas Style YouTube video:

Tony and I and all of our great Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch volunteers love Longmire. In fact, we are hooked on the show and we can't wait to watch the new Season 5 on Netflix.

Because we love the author, Craig Johnson, and the fabulous cast and crew, we decided to do a video spoof of Longmire—Texas Style, in hopes that we might get invited to come to New Mexico to watch them shoot a scene and we have our fingers crossed.

My dear friends Eileen and Lisa helped me write the script, but when it came time to shoot our video—we ended up ad-libbing almost all of it and that is why we cracked-up and you could sometimes hear laughing in the background.

Most of the scenes were shot at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch by Lisa and Tony and then we waited for our dear friend, Chet O'Keefe, to return to our rescue ranch, after touring, so Gerry Olert could finish shooting the final scenes at Big Jim & Lady Liz's Grey Goose Saloon.

I want to thank our wonderful cast & crew for their outstanding performances and Little Debbie. And I especially want to thank Chet O'Keefe, Big Jim & Lady Liz and Gerry Olert for helping us to make our video so much fun.

I hope that you enjoy watching our Longmire—Texas Style video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Please note: Our unedited version will go up in the next few days and we thank you in advance for cross posting this for us, in hopes that we get to be on a Longmire set, while they film, in New Mexico.

Longmire Rules! And we have all of the books, hats, mugs,  bumper stickers, etc. to prove it!

Y'all have a great evening, keep on laughing and thank you for helping us!