Saturday, January 30, 2010

Multi-Tasking Ain't Easy!

This afternoon while I was outside the phone rang and Carlton took Sheryl Eddins message for me. Ten minutes later I came inside the trailer and listened to Sheryl's message. "Hello, Nancy. I am leaving Kerrville now and I should be there in about thirty minutes with my finished edits for your book."

I was thrilled that Sheryl was coming out and had finished editing my book but the thought of knowing that I would have to spend at least another six or seven hours making her corrections made me yawn, so I decided to take a mini-nap with my fur family before she arrived.

Twenty-five minutes later, I had almost fallen to sleep when they started barking. Sure that Sheryl was here I jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to put on my new (the second pair) bifocals and cap at the same time, a multi-task that didn't seem to be all that difficult to do, but somehow it was for me.

As I put my white, Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, cap on my head—I stabbed myself in the left eye with the earpiece! Talk about hurt! I felt so stupid as my eye began to water and throb with pain so I said a few cuss words to make me feel better. Thankfully, Hank, Little Girl and Thunder are deaf so they just wagged their tails as they looked at me.

When I went outside to greet Sheryl no one was here except for the two young wild hogs that have been digging up the rescue ranch. When they saw me standing on the porch holding my hand over my eye they that ran off into the woods. Then Sheryl arrived.

When I told her about my stupid eye-stabbing-accident, which of course I totally blamed on being under the influence of the full moon, she laughed and told me to flush it with cold water. Then we came inside the trailer.

After I had flushed my eye with cold water we sat down to discuss my book and her final edits and then Sheryl and I had a fun visit before she had to take off for Kerrville.

While I was outside thanking Sheryl for editing my book for free and saying goodbye to her, Carlton was busy inside taking a message from Kinky: "Call me, Nance. I am back at the ranch."

Five minutes later, after I had called Kinky—Tony and I were over at the Lodge, sitting at his kitchen table with him and catching up with each others news. Kinky has been gone for ten days and I was so glad to see him and so was Tone.

When I told him about my multi-tasking eye accident, which fortunately isn't near as sore as it was, Kinky laughed and told me that he thought it was pretty funny.

Tonight, before posting this blog I want to do a big shout out to Sheryl Eddins for helping me not look so stupid in my book: Thank, You, Sheryl! You're, The, Best, Editor, In, Texas,,,,,,!

Y'all have a great evening!

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