Friday, January 22, 2010

The Hood!

Today has been really fun. This morning our super dog-walking volunteers: Lisa, Kevin, Melody, Steve, Ellen, Eileen and Jim came out and walked our dogs! After I had walked "my dogs" six miles inside the trailer with Leslie, I went outside to thank and visit with all of the volunteers.

Ellen told me that she is thinking about adopting "Miss Moose" if she is good with cats. Eileen told me that she loves her sports car even though young men are constantly trying to catch up with her car. She said when they catch up to her it makes her laugh at the young men's disappointed expressions on their faces, when they discover that she isn't a young, hot chick, but an older woman with gray hair.

While our dogs were coming in and going out of the rescue ranch Lisa, Steve and Melody helped Tony move Miss Moose and Toby Keith over to one of our giant pens, and then they put Buddy and Sparky back into their old pen after Lisa removed a really large tree branch about five foot long (Miss Moose's  favorite stick toy.) and put it into Miss Moose's new pen. As soon as Lisa heaved "the giant stick" into Miss Moose's pen, she came running up and picked it up in her mouth and happily trotted off with her stick in tow. It made all of us laugh.

As we watched Miss Moose and Toby happily running up and down their new giant pen we talked about what name we should give Miss Moose. We came up with Tinkerbell, but Tony didn't like it. Lisa and I then came up with Twinkle Feet, Twinkie, Maybelline but we really didn't think the names were all that great for such a wonderful dog like her.

After lunch Buttermilk took us to Kerrville so we could run a few errands. Before going to H.E.B., our final destination, Tony asked me if it would be okay with me if he got his hair cut.

When we arrived at his favorite hair cutting place it was packed full with people with various hair problems. After T. signed in at the desk we sat down, and I started people watching as Tony read an old sports magazine. During our one hour wait as Tone occasionally growled about it taking so long, I was having a blast because people are so interesting to me.

There was this balding man sitting in a chair, who was probably in his late forties, flirting with a pretty, young hair dresser who kept smiling at him so she could get a big tip, even though he was acting so obnoxious. Every time when she thought she was done with his hair cut, and raised his chair up so he could check out his new doo, he would ask her to cut a little more hair off. That lasted over twenty minutes and he was almost completely bald when he paid up and gave her a tip.

A woman much older than me, probably in her late seventies, sat two chairs down from him. She was getting a permanent and a little blue tint done to her thinning gray hair. After getting her pale blue tint applied to her short hair, which exactly matched the color of my eyes, the talkative hairdresser wound up the woman's hair tightly using about forty plus spoolies, and then she made her sit down next to me to get her hair dried under "the hood." The elderly woman read an outdated issue of Time magazine as her blue hair baked on high.

Then there was this young teenage girl getting her short brown hair blown dried for over twenty minutes by an oversized hair stylist wearing way too much makeup on her face, with three watches on each wrist, and wearing Spandex pants that were so tight on her I knew they were fixin' to pop if she drank one more sodie water and bent over, while the only male barber calmly trimmed off Tony's cute curls five chairs down. I was getting nervous about the the stylists pants exploding right in front of me, and I could not wait to get out of there.

As soon as Tone's ears were lowered an inch I ran out of the beauty shop so I wouldn't get hurt. And y'all, that is why I have long hair. Beauty shops scare me to death.

P.S. I have just now come up with Miss Mooses' new name. It's going to be Betty Boop and Tony likes it!

Y'all have a great evening!

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