Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Party?

I know this is the Memorial Day Weekend, but I single handedly turned it into Labor Day for me! This morning, after drinking breakfast—I walked four fast miles, then the phone rang. My good friend, Larry P. called, to tell me that Rich, my late husband's son, my step son, had passed away. He had been in a motorcycle accident. He was forty-three. My heart sank with Larry's sad news, and tears filled my eyes, as we talked about Richie.

Richie and I held each other together after Jim's passing, over fourteen years ago, but over time, we lost contact with each other. I just want to say that Richie was a good man—God bless you, Rich Parker.

After crying and telling Tony, I said a few prayers, wiped my eyes dry, and then walked another fast four miles with Leslie, as I thought about the good times that I had shared with Rich.

At ten minutes till eleven, Dr. Rydberg called and left a message on the machine about Chumley. "...He's going to be fine, but I want to keep him for a few more days." Seconds later, Kinky called me to check on Chum Bum.

After telling him about Chumley, he was relieved, and then he told me that he had talked on the phone to Val Kilmer last night! "He's running for governor in New Mexico, Nance."

"What party?" I asked.

"Democratic," Kinky said. We talked for a few minutes, and then we said our goodbyes. A few minutes later, I fixed lunch. Tone and I had leftovers for lunch—chicken salad and soup, again, and it was still delicious! Following lunch, after cleaning up the kitchen, I went out to my writing cabin to refinish the floor and Tony took off for Medina, to get some things from the storage unit. It seems when I am down, I either decorate or do physical work—I opted for physical today.

I took a break from sanding the floor, about an hour later, and came inside the trailer to check the answering machine. Joe had called, and had asked me to call him. He and his friend, Lori had come out to the ranch, last Monday, to visit with Kinky, and to also see our rescue ranch. I liked both of them.

"Joe, this is Nancy, from the rescue ranch. How are you, and what can I do for you?"

"I want to adopt Mr. Ziffle," Joe said. "I have dreamed about him every night, since I was out there."

I instantly went from down to up! I was thrilled that Joe wanted Ziff, and I told him so! Joe and I visited for a few more minutes, then I called Kink and got his machine. "Kinky, this is Nancy. I have some exciting news to tell you, but I want to tell you in person. A dog is fixin' to get adopted! Call me. Bye." Then I went back outside to the cabin, to continue sanding the floor.

Ten minutes later, I turned off the sander, and went back to the trailer and called Kinky, again. This time I got him. "Kinky! Guess who is getting adopted!"

"Who?" he asked.

"Mr. Ziffle! Your friend Joe, wants to adopt him! He called earlier. He has two sweet Labs and wants Z-Man!"

Kinky was thrilled with my good news! Then he said, "Opie needs to get adopted next, Nance. He is one great dog, and I might adopt him soon, if no one adopts him. He needs a home, now." I agreed with Kinky, then we disconnected, Then Tony calls me.

"Nance, first off, I am okay. I am at the mailboxes. I just almost ran into a motorcycle and it really scared me!"

"Tony are you okay?" I asked. "What happened? Was it your fault?"

"Nance,I was about three miles away from our turnoff, when I rounded this curve, and a man on one of those crotch-rockets was in my lane going about ninety miles an hour. I had to swerve to miss him, and landed in a ditch! I didn't hit him, and he just kept on going. I think he was drunk. If I hadn't swerved, we would have had—a head on collision! I will be home in about five minutes."

When Tony came home, he was pretty shook up, but was okay—thank goodness. And y'all, that is why Tone and I don't get out on the roads during the holidays—because the tourists and motorcycle people come to the Hill Country, to party, and some of them drive like maniacs! Needless to say—T. and I aren't going anywhere tomorrow. We're staying put at the ranch.

After Tone and I talked, and I knew that he was okay, I went back out to my cabin, and resumed sanding the floor, while my iPod played my favorite music!

Twenty minutes till seven, I turned off the sander—I was done for the day. I came inside and checked my messages. I had one new one. "Hi Nancy and Tony—this is P & P in Kerrville. We tried to send you an e-mail, but we had a problem. We loved your blog, and we have never been blogged before..."

I called Peggy and Patty, and we had a short, but fun conversation. It appears that I now have two more friends, to add to my list of friends! They told me that they are coming back to see us in July, and they were very excited about being blogged! P & P—Y'all Rock!

Y'all have a great evening! And please drive careful.

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DY_Goddess said...

Nancy, I am so sorry to hear about Rich's passing, he was so young. Godspeed Rich!

It's always strange how things all happen at the same time, and I am so relieved that Tony was able to avoid that motorcycle. That would have shaken him up, but hope he's feeling better about it today. He has good reflexes!

Enjoy your holiday Monday whatever you do!