Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm A T.—Totaler!

I'm writing this blog tonight, much later than I usually do. Why? Because I have spent the evening in Outer Space, watching the sunset, and playing 'name that song' with Tony! I've had two glasses of my 'fine red boxed wine,' too. So here goes!

This morning, I overslept, but by seven-thirty, our dogs and cat had been fed, and I was pulling healthy vegetables, and fruits out of the refrigerator—for our morning smoothie, as Queen Bee was washing our dirty laundry. When Tony arrived at eight—we drank our breakfast! It was delicious, too—I used up the rest of that cantaloupe.

"Tony, I feel so stupid," I confessed. "When I woke up this morning, I was thinking it was Friday, for some reason. While the dogs and Lucky were eating, I looked at the calendar and nearly had a heart attack, because I thought I had messed up our 2009 Utopia calendar—May to be exact! I thought I had numbered the days wrong. I was thinking that today was Friday and should be the second, because Thursday was the first." Tony started laughing. "I realized it was Saturday, when I turned on the TV, and cartoons were airing. Then, to make doubly sure, I checked our Caller I.D." Tony choked on his smoothie, because he was laughing so hard!

"Nance, today is definitely Saturday the 2nd—the calendar is fine. You're just getting old." T. was right, I had to agree with him, but I didn't—instead I laughed.

"Tony my grandparents used to do that kind of stuff, all of the time. I remember my grandmother, used to call me on Saturday mornings, wanting to know if we had gotten our Sunday paper, because she hadn't. Good grief, that was over forty years ago! How sad—I've turned into my grandmother!"

After breakfast, Tony went outside to check on his garden, while I cleaned up the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later, he returned to the trailer, and I was already walking fast with Leslie! After putting on his work clothes—T. went outside to work with Aaron, while I continued to workout.

When my four fast miles workout was done, I decided to walk the fifth mile using the same DVD. I started her DVD over and started marching, kicking, etc. When I reached the one mile marker, I decided to go ahead and do another mile with her and her friends. I was having so much fun—I ended up walking the full four miles, again. Yes, this morning, I walked eight fast miles, inside the trailer!

When Tony came inside, after doing his morning chores, he was shocked that I had walked eight miles! "Nance, I don't want you overdoing it, now," Tone said. "Eight miles is too much for you." I appreciated his concern, and told him so. Trust me, I don't plan on walking eight miles a day—I can't—I don't have the time! (Even though it only takes an hour and thirty-six minutes to do the eight miles.)

After I had showered, I tried to get on Facebook, again. (I know that you're thinking—And, she's stupid, too!) Yes, I am stupid. As soon as all of these people started joining my Facebook—I knew that I had made my second mistake for the day! After watching my wall expand, for about two hours—I deactivated it, again. It's just not for me.

Kinky called around one-thirty. I was feeling down about getting off of Facebook, my Uncle Robert's passing, and my friend, Tom Price, who is losing his battle with cancer. Kinky tried to cheer me up. "Nance, last night, I was at the Petroleum Club, in Houston. I met seven or eight people who told me that they love reading your blog, and they said that they read it everyday!" That cheered me up. Kink and I talked for about ten minutes, and then we said our goodbyes.

This afternoon, it heated up outside, and to make matters worse—it was really humid, too. And, that's when our central air conditioning unit decided to play dead, but I hope it can be revived! We quickly opened up all of the windows, and then Tone called our air conditioning man, and left a message about needing a service call, as soon as possible.

When I heard that, Hazel came out of the closet, and she quickly went to work cleaning up the dirt and hair from our floors, then I returned her to the closet.

It's nearly nine-thirty, and I have got to go to bed—I'm tired. Today has been interesting and fun. I loved being in Outer Space with Tony tonight! As he went from one song to another on his iPod, seeing if I could guess the songs and singers—he sang the songs! Tone has a beautiful voice. I guess you could say that I'm a T.—totaler! I love him so much!

Y'all have a great evening! Good night!


Texasmore said...

Cousin Nancy - I too read your blog everyday and I have to tell you something that Im sure will cheer you up!! Some great man(Kinky) once said when you die and go to heaven all the animals you had love you in life will come running to meet you! Just think of all the great animals that are waiting on you!!!
Wow what a greeting you will have!!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning Texasmore! That is an awesome thought and I hope that it is true. Thank you for your comment.