Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Had Bad News For Her!

This morning, after drinking our breakfast smoothies—I walked another eight miles with the Sansone squad! I had only planned on walking five miles today, but after walking the fifth mile—I couldn't resist, so I walked the other three miles with them. Then I literally cleaned up.

I showered, dressed, and then I cleaned up the trailer, with the help of Hazel, my lavender colored 'Animal' Dyson. Then I cranked up my iPod and returned many e-mails. Then I muted my iPod and returned several phone calls, to people wanting to bring us there dogs. I dislike that the most, about my job—having to say no to people, because we are full out here—who no longer want, or can take care of their dogs. It is very depressing for me.

Around ten-thirty, while June and Todd walked dogs, and Aaron and Ellen clipped our dogs nails—I started preparing our lunch, when it started thundering outside! As you know, I am scared of thunder storms, so I put down the celery stalk, that I was chopping on—and unplugged everything inside the trailer. Then I went back to work in the kitchen, making homemade organic chicken and vegetable soup, and chicken salad sandwiches for Tony, Aaron and me.

Just before lunch was ready, right after another loud thunder clap, it started raining! Ellen and June left, and so did Todd. Aaron came up to the trailer for lunch, and then my dogs started barking inside. "Are y'all expecting someone in a maroon colored car?" Aaron asked. We told him that we weren't. "I'll go see who it is," Aaron offered, then he left the trailer. A few minutes later, Aaron returned, and told us that two women wanted to see the rescue ranch, and said they would wait for the rain to stop. Then he told us that he needed to go over to the Lodge, and would be right back.

Tony and I started eating our lunch, but it bothered me that two women, were outside sitting in their car, while we ate our lunch. Halfway through our meal, I went outside to the maroon car. "Hi, I'm Nancy. Welcome to the rescue ranch. We are eating lunch, and just about through. Would y'all like to come up to the porch and sit out the rain, in our screened in porch?" They told me they were fine, and for me to go finish my lunch. I did as i was told.

Ten minutes later, we were through eating our lunch. As I piled our dishes into the kitchen sink, Tony told me that it was the best chicken salad and soup that I have ever made! I was glad that he liked it, and I must brag, that it was pretty good. Then I did something that I never do—I left the dirty dishes on the drain board, and sink, and went outside and invited the women to join me in Outer Space, for a visit—while it rained.

They got out of their car. "Hi, I am Peggy, and this is Patty. I live in Kerrville and Patty lives in Florida." We quickly shook hands, and then race-walked to the front porch, to get out of the pouring rain! After we went into Outer Space, our conversation flowed! I quickly realized, that we were kindred spirits, with so much in common! I liked that. They were my kind of people.

After about thirty minutes of getting to know each other, another car pulled up to the trailer, and a woman got out of the car and came up to the gate, "Do your dogs bite?" She asked, as the rain soaked her.

"No," I half-hollered. "Come on up and join us!" At first, I didn't recognize the woman, because I am blind as a bat, but when she walked into Outer Space—I recognized her immediately! It was Shirley, Desiree's mom! "Hi Shirley! This is Peggy and Patty. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. Is the new Labrador here? My husband, David, drove me out here, so we could meet her!" I had bad news for her.

"No, Shirley. The man can't get her here until Tuesday," I said. "I'm really sorry that y'all made the trip out here." Shirley told me that it was no problem. "Y'all, Shirley's daughter, Desiree and her husband, David, have just opened up the coolest bed and breakfast in Kerrville! It's called the 'Trails End Guest House,' and last Wednesday, Tony and I went to their Open House, and we were blown away with their adorable cabins and gourmet food! And, they are fixin' to also open a restaurant that is absolutely—five star cuisine—called Peasants! Y'all have got to go over there and check it out!..." When I finally closed my pie-hole, Shirley told me that they would be back on Tuesday, then she left.

Peggy, Patty and I continued to visit, as the rain poured from the sky, and then Tony showed up and joined the fun. It turns out that Peggy knew Ben's parents—Rob and Karen Welch! Oh my gosh—we had so much in common! I loved it! Before leaving, Patty asked where she could buy my book, and I told her Wolfmueller's. "I love Wolfmueller's Books," Patty said. "Every time that I come to Kerrville, I go to Wolfmuellers to buy the books that they recommend for me to read. As soon as we leave here, we're going to Wolfmuellers to get your book." I liked that, too.

Before leaving the rescue ranch, Tony and I invited P & P to come into the Space Ship with us. They did as they were told—and they absolutely loved it, and could not believe how cute it was! That made me smile. I am so proud of it.

After they left, I called Wolfmuellers. "Hello Jon, this is Nancy."

"I know. What's going on?"

"These two, really nice women were just here, Patty and Peggy. They are headed your way, to buy my book. When they get there, would you please tell them that I am blogging about them tonight." Jon laughed, and told me that he would.

Ten minutes later, at 3:00, after I had cleaned up my messy kitchen, Tone and I closed the rescue ranch, and went over to check on Kinky's dogs— The Friedmans, and thank goodness that we did!

Mr. Magoo, Brownie and Perky met us at the gate, with tails wagging! We went inside to drop off Kinky's mail, then we started looking for Chumley and could not find him anywhere! I then went into the bathroom, and found Chum sitting next to the shower stall—with his tail wagging, but something wasn't right.

"Hi Chumley," I said. Chumley then, using his front legs pulled himself to me—dragging his back legs! "Tony, something's wrong with Chum! His back legs aren't working!" Tony came into the bathroom and watched Chum pull himself towards him. "I think he has been hit by a car!" I said. "We've got to get him to Hoegemeyers." I then went into Kinky's office, and called the clinic, and got their answering service. I told the woman about Chumley, and needing to bring him in, and she told me that Dr. Rydberg would call me back in just a few minutes.

While we waited, Tony brought a crate into the Lodge. We put a towel inside it, and then Tony picked up Chum and put him into it. Then Dr. Rydberg called and I took the call. Two minutes later, we were on our way to Kerrville, with precious cargo on board.

When our cell phone started working, I called Kinky, got his machine, and left him a message about taking Chumley to Kerrville. When we arrived at the clinic, Dr. Rydberg, met us outside, as Tony and I carried the crate inside. Ten minutes later, we were relieved to find that Chumley had not been run over, and that he was going to be okay! The vet, was concerned about neurological damage from a possible blood clot, and wanted to x-ray him, and keep him overnight. So we left, but before heading home, we went to Wolfmueller's Books to see Jon and Sandy.

"Hi Nancy and Tony," Jon said. "You just missed your friends—Patty and Peggy. They just left a few minutes ago. We told them that you were going to blog about them tonight." I was disappointed that we had missed P & P. We visited with Sandy and Jon for about twenty minutes, and then Buttermilk took us home.

When we got home, I checked our answering machine—Dr. Rydberg had called and left a message—Chum was going to be fine! Before I could call Kinky—he called me. I told him what all had happened, and Kinky was relieved to know that Chumley was going to be okay.

Y'all have a great evening!

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