Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tum Tum—In The—Dum-Dum!

Today was a great day! After walking five miles with 'you know who,' I showered, dressed and then Kinky called me! He and I talked about the rescue ranch, as I pushed Hazel around the trailer floor—hoping to catch that renegade scorpion—that bit Tony behind the ear.

After disconnecting with Kinky, Hazel went back into the closet. Then Ben and Aaron came into the trailer to discuss what needed to get done today. We went into Outer Space, to discuss it, as the much needed rain pounded the rescue ranch! After our discussion and a fun visit, just as Ben and Aaron were leaving to go back to work, a cute, black and white, Mini Cooper pulled up to the trailer.

Aaron and Ben introduced themselves to the couple, and suggested they come up to the trailer to talk to Tone and me. "Hi, I'm Fran, and this is my son, David." We shook hands with them, and then invited them to go into Outer Space with us. While we visited with them, Linda T. showed up—ready to walk our dogs with Aaron! Since it was pouring cats and dogs, Linda went to the barn with Aaron and Ben, to wait out the rain. When it quit raining, she and Aaron started walking our dogs! Thank you Linda T. and Aaron!

Tony and I enjoyed our visit with Fran and David! They left a little before noon, to return to Austin. Then Kinky called to tell me that Stephen, from Houston, a big time animal lover, who wanted to see our rescue ranch, and talk some business with Kinky—had called, and would be arriving soon. Then I quickly fixed Tone, Ben and me lunch—which later turned out to be a big mistake for me!

Around two o'clock, Kinky brought Stephen over to the rescue ranch for a visit and a tour. We first went into Outer Space and had a great visit! I really liked Stephen! Then the three of us gave Stephen a 'Grand Tour,' after we had gone into the Space Ship—which seemed to really impress Stephen!

I think the highlight of Stephen's rescue ranch tour was meeting David Beckham! He fell in love with our little soccer playing—wild hog! Stephen also liked meeting Paul McCartney, in person, and our precious little L.T.! We finished up the ranch tour at Kinky's truck—Mr. Green Jeans, where we hung out and visited for another thirty minutes. Then Kinky and Stephen left the rescue ranch, to discuss some more business, over at the Lodge.

After they had left, I was feeling a little puny—my stomach wasn't happy with the lunch that I had prepared, so I layed down, for a short nap. I never fell to sleep, and forty minutes later, at five-thirty, I ended my sleepless nap with our dogs. My dogs were upset, but not as much as my stomach was! I took a couple of Tony's Rolaids, and then I got dressed, so T. and I could go over to Carol's for her Costa Rican dinner—with Lorri, Malea, John, Brenda and Carol! I knew it was going to be a fun evening, and we could not wait to get over to Carol's ranch!

When Tony and I arrived at Carols, her great dogs Scout, Paladin and Jake were the first to greet us! I loved it! Her dogs are way too cool! Tone and I were disappointed when we learned that Brenda had to get back to San Antone, and wasn't going to be there—she is a really funny person and her laughter is contagious! "John is on his way," Carol announced, as we went down and sat down by her lake. Then we caught up with each other's news.

When a mild cold front blew in, we moved the party, up to Carol's deck—to continue our fun visit. Then John and his dog, Dexter showed up! Oh my gosh, I love Dexter! He is part Rottweiler and is so lucky—to be John's best friend!

Carol's dinner was absolutely delicious—everyone cleaned their plates! Unfortunately, I couldn't eat much food, because my tum-tum was in the dum-dum, so to speak.

During dinner, I told everyone about a certain, super cool, famous celebrity—musician, who was coming to Kinky's Ranch Round Up event on June 13th—and it blew everyone away! "He is coming with friends, from Houston, and he is not going to perform, but I hope that he does. I love him and his band, and cannot wait to meet him!" I said.

I wish that I could tell y'all his name, but I am sworn to secrecy—and Kinky would kill me, if I leaked it on the internet. Sorry.

My upset stomach is finally starting to calm down—thank goodness! I think it was caused by the fried scallops that I made for lunch. I haven't eaten anything fried in over two years. I'm fixin' to go to bed and sleep in late.

Y'all have a great evening!


DY_Goddess said...

Your Ranch Roundup sounds like it's getting even better all the time! I just know it's going to be a howling success.

Glad you're feeling better Nancy, that's no fun to have an upset stomach.

It's a long weekend here in Canada so I'm just enjoying the sunshine today. Kris and I went on a long walk this morning and he kept looking at me as if saying, "REALLY? Can we keeping going?!!" Usually we're rushed for his morning walk on weekdays, so I make it up after work. He's my pride and joy for sure.

Have a great week everybody!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Please give Kris a hug from me! Thanks for the comment!