Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, At Least I Am Consistent!

This morning I walked eight fast miles! After returning e-mails and phone calls—I made lunch We had homemade chicken salad, and zucchini with mushrooms soup—and it was delicious!

This afternoon, around four o'clock, I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. Tony dropped me off, at the Lodge, because he needed to use Trigger. Unfortunately, Buttermilk is still in a semi-coma, because she needs a new fuel filter.

Kinky, Ben and I visited in the kitchen, and we did a lot of laughing! Then Ben needed to leave, so he and Valerie and Penny, his two rescued Pit Bulls, loaded up, and they took off to go visit his parents—Karen and Rob, in Mason. Kinky was waiting to do a telephone interview, so he invited me to play a game of pool with him. It was a fast game. Hummingbird Man - 1, Cousin Nancy -0. Then Tony arrived at the Lodge, and Kinky took off to go answer his phone in his office.

While Kinky did his interview, Tone and I played a game of pool. It was a fast game, too. Medina Bulldog - 1, Cousin Nancy-0. I was defintely on a roll—a losing roll, to be exact. "Well, at least I am consistent," I said, in defense, after Tony had teased me.

When Kinky finished his phone interview, he challenged Tony to a game of pool, while we all waited for Rambam to arrive at the ranch. Steve was coming out with his girlfriend—to visit Kinky, and we were all looking forward to seeing them.

Tony grabbed a pool stick, broke the balls, and then sank three solids in a row. Kinky sank one stripe and then he missed. Tony then sank another solid. "I'm going to so something that most people wouldn't ever do," Kinky said, as he hit the cue ball really hard into the cluster of brightly colored balls, resting down at the end of the pool table. The balls took off in many directions, but not a one of them sank into a pocket—except, at the very last moment, after the balls had stilled—the eight ball slowly rolled and dropped into the side poctket! Medina Bulldog-1, The Hummingbird Man-Zip! I loved it, and the three of us had a good laugh about it!

Rambam was running late, so Kinky, T. and I went out to the picnic table to visit with The Friedmans. Twenty minutes later, Tony and I said goodbye to Kinky, and then left the Lodge. Over the river and through the woods—we saw Steve and his girlfriend swimming, and wildly waving at us! We drove over to them, and invited them to come over to the rescue ranch.

Five minutes later, the four of us were in Outer Space catching up with each other's news, and it was a fun time. An hour and a half later, they left the rescue ranch to go see Kinky.

Y'all have a great evening!

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